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About Foison Metal 

The Best Manufacturer of Custom Metal Cards & Crafts in China

Welcome to Foison Metal. We offer you only the highest quality custom metal cards and metal products around. Our company fully absorbs and develops new processes. As a result, it improves the competitiveness of customers’ products and adds value.

As a leading Metal Crafts company, we believe that our custom metal cards, metal labels, metal logos,  dog tags, safety signs, pin & badges, and other products can make a huge impact on your business and personal life. 

Our Services

Custom Metal Crafts -Manufacturing Process

Do you have a specific idea? We have an extensive process flow and a professional team that can help you create custom metal cards, metal labels, metal logos,  metal name plates, pet tags, safety signs, pin & badges,  and components suitable for your application.

Why Are We The Leading Manufacturer Of Metal Craft


Our Principles

At Foison Metal, we are open to suggestions and improvement of our metalwork. That's why we are chosen to be the leading manufacturer of custom metal cards & crafts.


At Foison Metal, we want you to be the artist of your craft. That's why we allow you to choose different colors, shapes, and sizes of metal craft


Not only that we provide efficiency with our work. We assure you that our finest team will execute outstanding work, with an assurance of a hassle-free order


We offer a wide range of adorning & empirical accessories to help bring your projects to life with the help of our competent team


Foison Metal offers a highly distinctive range of hand-operated metal craft equipment for cutting, shaping, engraving, anodizing, die-casting, and other processes for metal works.


For several years of manufacturing metal crafts. Our clients trust the quality and process of our work, and never in a million years, we have disappointed them


Since we are the top brand and the world's best distributor of metal works. We always ensure to provide you with only high-end quality materials that last a lifetime

Foison Metal Production Lines

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Our Features that Speak Volume

Here at Foison Metal, we guarantee you a bright and successful project. Our integrity is to provide you with the best metal craft you will ever have.

Friendly Interactive

As we continue to grow and expand. We wanted to provide efficient access for you and our clients because we believe with great communication, comes with successful stories.

Business Analytics

Our history and standings only show the success rates of all our projects. At Foison Metal, we value the success of our clients, as it is also our success.

Creative Designs

Behind our success is our hard-working and dedicated team who ensures that we only provide you with 100% high-quality products.

Contact us and Start Your Custom Metal Cards & Crafts Journey

Our main goal is to provide you with high-end quality products based on your needs and specification. At Foison Metal, we believe that if we work together and with the help of our undeniably competent team, we will be able to come up with a great plan, design, and successful projects. If you are still in doubt about your project, we will be there all the way to help you with everything you need. Our team will assure you that all your concerns will be heard and taken care of. And not only we will address your concern & queries, but we will definitely provide you with the utmost customer experience. Let us hear your custom metal cards ideas and bring them to life!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our Custom metal cards let your imagination change with size and shape. If you can dream it, we can produce it. We can usually work in an area of 15.7 * 15.7″, thickness 0.3 -3.0 mm. Write a custom quote.
Below is the time-frame for delivery.
  • Sample Delivery within 5-7 days.
  • Mass production delivery within 12-15 days.
  • Shipping time within 4-5 working days.
Yes. Simply email us and tell us your requirements. We’ll send you generic samples for closer inspection. We also provide custom design samples.
Our top priority is service. You don’t need to pay for the design. We’ll work with you to design the card you like. It is only after your approval that we continue with the production.
No problem. Let our in-house art team design a card for you for free. We know how to make you look good-guaranteed! We provide free professional graphic design artwork services for custom metal cards design.
Yes! All orders will receive a digital certificate, and a real sample will be made for your confirmation after ordering. If it is a product that requires mold production, we will give you pre-production sample confirmation before starting mass production. We also could send you the samples by express. We won’t take your cards to production until you are 100% happy with the design.
Yes, we fully support variable data that can be added to each card. This would include individual numbers and/or names per card.
Are there important meetings or exhibitions that are held quickly and require metal business cards or labels? Our fast custom metal cards or labels can be shipped in 5 -7working days or less.

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