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Foison Metal is the Largest Company to Produce 4 Inch Metal Letters

Finding the most dependable company for making metal products? You are on the right website! With Foison Metal, your orders are all made to be the most perfect one to exist.

Our team ensures all the products we manufacture are defect-free and are of the best quality! Foison Metal’s 4 Inch Metal Letters are made to perfection to fit your business brand especially if you are looking for the medium sized ones! 

These fine and affordable products will surely elevate any place or signages you put them into! For restaurants, companies and houses? We have them all!

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Clean Cut Edges

Our 4 Inch Metal Letters are made carefully and all edges are polished by workers.

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Foison Metal ensures that your wallet won’t suffer but you will get quality products.

Available Worldwide

Our products at Foison Metal can be ordered by each and every client all over the world.

Understandable Prints

We make sure that 4 Inch Metal Letters are made well and carefully.

Variety of Fonts

Foison Metal offers you various fonts that you can choose from.

Cooperate with Professionals

If you are willing to have a touch of your own design, you can work with Foison Metal teams.

Safe Packaging

To ensure your 4 Inch Metal Letters are delivered safely, we pack them well.

Trackable Shipping

To avoid loss of your parcels, we always track them and give you updates.

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Do not spend a lot of business capital on something that is of low quality! Foison Metal creates exclusive design metal products for all types of clients like you, to help your business!

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If you order in bulk, we check every stage of your items for a smoother production!

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Foison Metal is the Undefeated Company Supplier of 4 Inch Metal Letters

With decades of service, Foison Metal’s clients put their trust into the quality of the products that we offer and sell. We assure the convenience of our customers, especially you, from ordering until the delivery of items! If you are looking for money-worth products that can help your business sales increase, come and have a deal with us!

The 4 inch Metal Letters FAQs Ultimate Guide

Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What are 4 Inch Metal Letters?

Figure 1. 4 Inch Metal Letters

The 4-inch metal letters are letters that are cut from sheets of brass, aluminum, or bronze medals. It’s not just the cutting that gives it the name but the shape in which they are cut. They are cut in shapes of letters with a length of 4 inches each. That’s where they derive their name from.

1.2 What are the importance of the 4 Inch Metal Letters?

There are a variety of major benefits of the 4-inch metal letters and they include:

  • Strength because of the materials it is made of.
  • Image, the impression it gives is of class and elegance, and for sure there is nothing that gives strength to your public more than attractive metal letters.
  • Durable, the 4-inch metal letters have a very long lifespan and can go for years without getting damaged.

Aesthetic me4 inch metal letters put on walls can be identified quickly at far and promotes brands and businesses.

1.3 What are the price ranges of the 4-inch metal letters?

It is a question of how affordable the product is. The raw product and pattern involved in making specific 4-inch metal letters vary in price. But the cheapest cost is about 10 US dollars a letter and they can go up to 50 US dollars apiece depending on the material used and labor injected.

1.4 How long do the 4-inch metal letters last?

It is not clear how long the 4-inch metal letters will last. But obviously, the products are made of materials that last a very long time. The raw products used mostly consist of;

  • Bronze
  •  Silver
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Steel

1.5 How are the 4-inch metal letters produced?

Precise cutting with water jet and high-pressure laser. The metal comes in a flat surface sheet and is placed on a leveled table and the computer-controlled water jet that accurately cuts each letter. Waterjet letters are made using a soft, high-pressure water jet carrying an abrasive mineral. This smooth flow cuts sharp corners and complex details on the 4-inch metal letters.

1.6 What are some of the places the 4-inch metal letters are found?

The 4-inch metal letters are mostly found on-premises or in buildings of businesses. They are also found in manufacturing companies for identification purposes. They are also installed on machinery for proper labeling. They are found on road signs to indicate various warnings of the roads. Also found in galleries for labeling and artifacts.

1.7 How Big Should the 4-inch metal letters be?

Figure 2. Size of 4 Inch Metal Letters

How big or how small a 4-inch metal letter is supposed to be cannot substitute the specifications of a client’s taste and preference.

4-inch metal letters are strictly supposed to be 4 inches tall and width just to put it in a nutshell it is supposed to be big for a clear view. Also, the average for legibility purposes but not too big to make it an obstruction to the scenery. 

Unless a client instructs otherwise those are the rules. But in thickness, different letters vary according to design and specifications.

1.8 What Is the Striking Difference Between Flat Cut letters from the cast letters?

The most important difference is that cast iron 4-inch metal letters are deeper than flat 4-inch metal letters. The drawn 4-inch metal letters are white so you don’t pay for all the material that remains to be seen. 

Drawn 4-inch metal letters are available in over fifty standard font styles and sizes, while straight cut metal has unlimited sizes and fonts. Otherwise, cast iron and flat-cut letters have the same mineral properties.

1.9 During Production What Are the Things Used to Attain a Finished Product of the 4-inch metal letters?

 A 4-inch metal letters pin is produced from a number of metals with high resistance to corrosion.

  • Copper is the main component in the making of 4-inch metal letters.
  • Bronze also is the common most used in the production of 4-inch metal letters, because of its resistance to corrosion and attractiveness.
  • Silver in most cases is always not used because of its expensive nature to buy and also is susceptible to theft.
  • Steel on the other hand is used widely because of its shiny nature that is very attractive and has very high corrosion resistance.
  • Aluminum also is a metal used widely and often because of its light density and ease of installation and is the mother of all when it comes to corrosion resistance.

1.10 How are the 4-inch metal letters installed?

The wall is lined with metal symbols with a mug. Aluminum and bronze letters are heavier than plastic, so they need to be fitted and tied. 

We present a characterization scheme for each character, between letters, and a mounting pattern that shows a hand-drilled hole where the pepper is drilled. Once glued to the wall, the holes are drilled and filled with glue.

1.11 Can logos and font style be made out of the 4-inch metal letters?

Figure 3. Logos on 4 Inch Metal Letters

We can make special logos, fonts, graphics with aluminum or bronze. Special fonts and logos are judged by the size and shape of shape. The same logo is armed with a shape that leaves a great impression. Cast iron can be available in a variety of colors and materials. Send us a vector image of your font or logo and you will quickly get a price on many colors and shades.

1.12 Are 4-inch metal letters only installed on walls?

They are not necessarily installed on walls alone but also in different places like trophies, cars, and lorries. They are mostly used in shipping companies and playgrounds. 

1.13 Does the thickness of the 4-inch metal letters matter?

As to the matter of thickness, it is not clear what should be the standard thickness of the 4-inch metal letters. Because most 4 inch metals come with variations according to the client’s customization. 

1.14 Is 4-inch metal letters Used for One Purpose?

The 4-inch metal letters are used for many reasons that include:

  • They are used on road signs.
  • They are used also in ports and on ships.
  • On lorries and cars branding.

1.15 What Purpose and Information Does the Metal Badge Pin Conveys?

Usually, a 4-inch metal letter sends a strong message to the outside world, this message includes:

The brand it represents.

This may not seem too important, but it may help the stranger in identifying the exact store in which the 4-inch metal letters were acquired. 

The organization they represent

Many organizations like the military and security agencies and fashion industries have customized 4-inch metal letters that are used as posters, branding, and titles of organization.

Events being attended

4-inch metal letters serve a very special purpose in events. There are different types of 4-inch metal letters graced on different occasions and many are unique in their own way and also depending on the client specifications. Mostly in weddings and bridal showers where they bring a stylish look to the event.

1.16 What Are the Rules That Govern the Production of 4-inch metal letters?

Figure 5. Production Rules for 4 Inch Metal Letters

The quality average according to the law for a 4-inch metal letter is the material used and the message it carries.

In the time of origin, these 4-inch metal letters follow specific arrangements and patterns, the design is the one that determines the look and it should be installed and with what.

1.17 Are There Specific Colors Required in Making the 4 Inch Metal Letters?

Often the colors in use for metal badge pins are the indigenous color that came with the material for making the 4-inch metal letters. Most 4-inch metal letters are made of many colors in specification with the client’s wants and desires. So no, there are no specific colors required in the making of the 4-inch metal letters.   

1.18 Does The 4-inch metal letters Found Locally?

The 4-inch metal letters are found locally especially in retail stores that sell a variety of metal works. But for people with taste and a unique sense of style for 4-inch metal letters they make orders according to their ideas and preference. 

To the industries and big companies, the 4-inch metal letters are not sold locally but rather ordered with specific instructions and design. because they adhere to strict rules of manufacture.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Is It Possible to Get Unique 4 Inch Metal Letters?

Figure 6. Unique 4 Inch Metal Letters

Customizing and designing 4-inch metal letters as per clients’ wants is very much possible because we normally make products according to the customization ideas.

Every 4-inch metal letter is made according to preference and taste. 

2.2 What Is Usually the Information Contained On the 4-inch metal letters?

The 4-inch metal letters of companies have a unique message that stands out from any other form of 4-inch metal letters. 

Every 4-inch metal letters gat unique messages according to the company in a quote for that order.

Every piece design stands out from the other but all rely on the audience being targeted in the market.

2.3 Are There Repairs in an Incidence of Damage?

4-inch metal letters mostly owned by the company and organization are for recognition reasons which makes it possible for repair to take place. 

Most of the time the 4-inch metal letters just need simple repairs in case of damage something like getting folded up or being blown out of their fixed areas. There are different ways of fixing the problem and one is by repair and the other is by just creating a new one.

But to the 4-inch metal letters designed to suit functions like weddings and bridal showers to conferences, once damaged must be made afresh because of the materials used to create them.

2.4 What Are the Factors That Rely On the Font Style of the 4-inch metal letters?

Font styles vary depending on the order and design made for 4-inch metal letters. Though there are many font styles we offer that one can choose from according to your taste. Others are crafted in design to the client’s ideas and customization.

2.5 What Are the Distinguishing Factors in 4-inch metal letters?

Figure 7. Distinguishing Factors for 4 Inch Metal Letters

The distinguishing factors in the metal badge pin are;

  • The event it represents.
  • The material used
  • The design
  • The size and shape.
  • The exposure of the brand being advertised.

2.6 Is Legibility a Factor That Counts During Inscription of Message On 4-inch metal letters?

The legibility of the message inscribed on 4-inch metal letters counts a big deal because of the purpose it holds as a form of outlook to the public and the name of the company or title. In the case of a function, it is easier to differentiate different places because of the message they indicate. 

In gigs, balls, or big events it is easier to categorize people in attendance based on the 4-inch metal letters as shown respectively. Thus clarity is everything when it comes to 4-inch metal letters.

2.7 Should I Give You My Ideas On How I Would Want My 4-inch metal letters Designed?

It is in our good hearts that we usually urge clients to share ideas of how they would wish their designs to look. It is very much understandable for a client to choose his taste and preference over what we make and that helps in achieving the perfect product. 

2.8 What Major Pattern Do You Use in 4-inch metal letters?

A common major pattern used in the production of the 4-inch metal letters is the advertisement letters used in public where they can be seen from afar.

The silver design is commonly used but the pattern is unique from the others for taste and class, unlike any other 4-inch metal letter. These 4-inch metal letters are normally used by corporates and banks because of their shiny nature and are stylish.

2.9 Are There Prototypes Made Before Production of the Final Product?

Figure 8. Prototypes for 4 Inch Metal Letters

For every perfect outcome, there must be a proper plan and procedure. We usually create the sample models of the real representation of the 4-inch metal letters before making the actual 4-inch metal letters. This usually happens for the reason of amending mistakes and filling in loopholes. 

The reason for making sample models is after correction it helps us achieve even perfect end products. This helps us to compete favorably with others and to remain afloat.

2.10 In The Event of an Order Do You Deliver the Same 4-inch metal letters as Seen in Picture?

The images you see online are the real representation of the actual products we sell. We can’t advertise images of goods that are not manufactured by us to attract clients, but we do post images of real things. We are staunch believers in the mantra of honesty and integrity.

2.11 Can We Put Pictures On 4-inch metal letters?

Most 4-inch metal letters do not contain pictures on them as required by the rules governing it. In the fashion and style industry, 4-inch metal letters will at least contain images for attraction and attention many are the customers who will give directions on specific designs.

2.12 Can You Choose a Material of Your Liking to Create 4-inch metal letters?

Yes, you can choose any material you desire and you are sure of getting a very beautiful 4-inch metal letter. 

But one thing is for sure, you will have to dig deeper into your pocket because most of these metals, especially silver, are very expensive. In fact, during customization of a design, it becomes double the price of the normal design.

2.13 Can Raw Products Used to Make 4-inch metal letters Stand Severe Conditions?

Figure 9. Materials for 4 Inch Metal Letters

In the early years 4-inch metal letters were made out of iron sheets, and alloys of other metals that couldn’t withstand corrosion, time went by and things evolved, people started using a few expensive metals like stainless steel, copper, brass, and gold. These metals are believed to have a very high resistance to corrosion and even fires or explosions. 

Of course, most of the 4-inch metal letters are used outside in the open maybe for exposure thus going through different environmental conditions. In the course of their purpose, they are required to withstand harsh conditions.      

2.14 Is There a Limit to Your Pattern and Customization?

There are no boundaries to this department. We make 4-inch metal letters in any color, shape, size, and design. Our goal is to reach the target audience. It usually takes 4 business days to come up with a unique pattern and style for a specific client’s instructions. Incompetency is a vice that no longer exists in our company.

2.16 What are the colors used during the production of the 4-inch metal letters?

As to the color and outlook of the 4-inch metal letters used during production, I can’t state there is a specific color used often. In most cases, it’s either client that gives direction on what color he would like the design to look. And sometimes it is the original color of the materials used that takes the day.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 10. Order and Payment

3.1 What Methods Do I Use to Make a Payment to Orders?

In an effort to reach out to as many as possible globally we came up with a variety of methods of payment. Through this method, they have helped us sail through the tides of the economic crisis.

The various methods of payment are; 

  • Money gram
  • Debit cards
  • E-wallets
  • Paypal                                       

The methods above have proven to be reliable all over the world where one can pay using any currency but standard rates of exchange apply.

3.2 What Are Your Order and Payment Policy?

It is clear that for you to pay for an order it must have gone through successfully.

You must receive an email of confirmation after every successful payment of an order

That you should reconfirm the order you are placing is the correct product you want to purchase.

3.3 Does Your Orders Vary with The Country Region?

We receive our orders globally. We are a known brand that’s why we don’t choose to whom we take orders or to who we sell. Clients of all races, ethnic classes, social statuses, corrosion resistance several and religions have equal rights here. So the variation comes in depending on the number of orders a day a country’s clients can order and that changes every day.

3.4 Can Someone Visit Your Offices Directly to Place an Order?

Yes, it is very much allowed for you to come to us directly and place your order and payment. But again we usually discourage that kind of norm because we have our website which handles almost everything at the comfort of your home.

And in case you find it difficult to understand or follow-through, there is the audio assist feature that helps even the blind navigate through our site. It is just one click away from making an order and paying for it.

3.5 What Is the Minimum Quantity I Can Order?

Figure 11. MOQ for 4 Inch Metal Letters

Every client has the power to purchase according to what he feels is enough. There are no boundaries as to the amount of Pisces of the 4-inch metal letters you can order. For large scale clients who are business people normally take the day by purchasing in bulk

3.6 Can I Get a Free Sample Test?

Yes, you can get a free sample test of the 4-inch metal letters, we usually give trials to potential clients who make orders and pay first. We do this to cut off the jokers’ type who only want the free goods and are not in a position to making any purchase

3.7 How Do I Place My Order?

Through our online flat, it is a simple process. You go to the order button on the top right of the window, click and follow the process through.

The other way is by calling our customer care agents where they will assist you in placing your order every step of the way.

You can make your order also by coming straight to our offices and doing the same.

3.8 What Is the Duration Taken for an Order to Go Through?

After confirming your order and paying for the same it only takes a minimum of a minute for your order to go through. This is followed by the confirmation email that your order has been successful will be updated when it is disbursed.

3.9 Are Payments Done Before Delivery or After I Receive My Product?

Figure 12. Payments for 4 Inch Metal Letters

As discussed earlier, all payments are done before delivery of goods and that includes the shipment fee. But for large-scale traders, their payment is done in form of invoices where they get to pay after their sales for them to receive the next shipment.

3.10 Do I Need to Provide Any Papers When Making an Order?

We require no documents during order placement. The only information we require for the process is:

  • Catalog codes and the amount of product you wish to get.
  • Your delivery address.
  • In case of an issue, we will need your mobile number or want to contact you fast.
  • Your email where your confirmation for a successful order has gone through.
  • The payment method you use is a debit card or MoneyGram for the completion of your payment.

3.11 How Do I Contact Customer Service?

Our hotline numbers are always open any time of the day or night. You can reach our help desk and get help. Again through our email you can write to us and will get back to you. You can also choose to chat with this and still be helped.

3.12 Solution for A Failed Order?

Clients are urged to make another order in case they get a failed may be because the order you placed may have contained the wrong information or mismatch of things. 

Again it can happen when we are having technical issues with online systems. Again you should check your internet connection because it may be down or has a low signal.

3.13 Are All Your Products in Stock?

We try to keep enough records to meet your wants. On rare occasions when we have run out of stock, we notify our clients. We will then make every effort to complete your orders in 15 working days. There are no charges until the shipment of your product.

3.14 Is Your Website Secure?

As for security matters we believe in our systems for protecting our data. Our security systems change secure codes every 24 hrs. making it the highest form of security system to be cracked with the addition of biometric authentication scanners that helps in proof of identity. And yes our website is heavily secured.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 13. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 If I Receive a Damaged 4-inch metal letter, How Do You Go About It?

In a case where a client receives a damaged product, it is always wise enough to return it. We as the company will take it back and replace the product soonest to our capability.

You just have to follow the protocols put in place for replacement and returns.

4.2 What is the time taken for successful shipping and delivery?

All orders that come in from Monday to Thursday are put on transit the very day. But as to all orders received past noon from Monday to Wednesday are shipped the following day, but the orders that are usually received afternoon from Thursday are shipped the following week on Monday.

4.3 Do You, Partner, with Intermediaries to Ship the 4-inch metal letters?

No company is self-sufficient and entirely stands on its own. We produce yes but when it comes to the shipment of goods we delegate the duties to our reliable partners to do the rest.

Intermediaries come in handy during the shipment of our goods to various destinations and are reliable for the safety of your goods. 

4.4 Do You Ship On Non-Working Days?

Weekends and holidays are excluded when it comes to shipping. So it is advised you make your orders during the 5 business days and get them in due time to avoid weekend delays.

4.5 What Security Measures Are in Place for Your Shipping and Delivery Process?

Figure 14. Shipping Security for 4 Inch Metal Letters

Before any shipping process is done there is proper documentation of the products with their addresses to avoid losing them.

Products on transit are always accompanied by security escorts to put thieves at bay. After delivery, a client must sign a form of confirmation you have received your product to avoid imposters.

4.6 What Are the Forms in Use for Shipment of the 4-inch metal letters?

Different forms of shipping are in play including intermediary agencies. International movers and forwarders agencies have been our main partners.

Local accessible places are normally accessed through the means of the road to economize on the transit charges.  Shipping agencies come into play in moving goods across the sea. The means of air transportation is used for fragile and quicker transportation to longer distances.

4.7 Why Was I Charged for Shipping?

The system works differently for every order one makes.  The reason you were charged for the shipment fee is that the product you ordered had no inclusion of the shipping fee.  It was the duty of the company responsible for your shipment to charge you.

Normally we usually include a shipment fee on every product so that you don’t have to pay for the same again. It has worked so well over overtime and spares one into the frustration of having to pay again.

4.8 What Happens When I Order the Wrong Product?

We shall consider taking back the product but you will have to pay 25% for shipping, as well as handling costs. The client is liable for the charges of shipping of the returned product and the new replacement product.

 All refunds must be received in advance from the client and must be sent to us within 7 business days of receipt of the item. The product must be returned in the same or equivalent package (e.g. seal not taken off) originally sent by us. Once we get the product, we will ship the product.

4.9 How Do I Know the Status of My Shipment?

Through our online services, it is easy to see and follow up on your shipment. Just click status and all the required information is displayed to you on where and when your cargo will be delivered.

4.10 What Are Your Shipping Partners?

We do business with the following shipping companies:

  • Emirates air.
  • Maersk.
  • DHL.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 15. Return and Replacement

5.1 Am I Entitled to A Replacement If I Received the Wrong Order?

The policy of replacement and returns is clear on the specifics and requirements of such a case. A client has the right to replace if he receives a product not ordered.

5.2 What Are the Conditions Required for Return and Replacement procedure?

The conditions are simple and easy to adhere to.

  • You need to return the goods at the stipulated time as our policy depicts.
  • Make sure goods are in the conditions they were delivered.
  • Finished payment of the goods.
  • Gave correct details as required.
  • Be the original goods with their serials as were delivered.

5.3 What Is Your Replacement Policy?

In a situation where the customer is not okay with the product it is returned and a replacement is done immediately.

It is only in an incident where the client fails to return the goods in due time that we do not replace the product assuming he was using it.

5.4 How Do I Track the Whole Process of Return and Replacement?

Figure 16. Tracking of 4 Inch Metal Letters

Through our customer care, you can ask and be told the status of your replacement. We usually update clients on our website and also send emails on the same.

You can’t contact our hotline numbers and ask for help knowing where the process has reached.

5.5 Do I Have to Pay Again for Shipping of the Replaced 4-inch metal letters?

Under no circumstance is a client required to pay again for the shipping cost of a good is against the work ethics and policy of our company. 

5.6 How Will I Know the Returned Goods Were Received?

Through our website during status checking, you will be notified on receiving the goods. Thereafter commencement of our replacement will start immediately. It is only wise that a client should be checking with us to know the status.

We got field agents who are available at your disposal and can always reach up to them and get help.

5.8 What Is the Duration Taken for Replacement and Return Process?

Normally the period varies from one product to the other and the distance taken during shipping. But the minimum time it can take is 10 days after return.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 17. Cancellation and Refund Policy

6.1 Is A Client Charged for Canceling a 4-inch metal letters Order While On Shipment?

Yes, a customer is incurring the cost used for transportation of goods while on transit. It is advisable that in case there is a change of mind it’s economical to switch it with another good instead of canceling and waiting for a refund.

6.2 What Is the Procedure of Cancellation of Product in Your Website?

On the far bottom right there’s the icon cancel order. After clicking the icon, a series of instructions are displayed where you are supposed to follow for a successful cancellation of your order.

6.3 Is There a Full Refund After a Cancellation Process Has Gone Through?

It has always been saying for companies and businesses, there will never be 100% compensation. A client must incur a little percentage from his previous payment. So no, there is no full refund of your money but 80% of the total cost.

6.4 Terms and Conditions for A Successful Cancellation and Refund?

Figure 18. Successful 4 Inch Metal Letters Cancellation

A client must have attained the following for him to qualify to cancel and get a refund of the goods ordered;

  • When goods are canceled while on transit the client will incur charges of the same.
  • When goods are canceled before shipment a client has the mandate to order for another product or be refunded his money with the exclusion of the transit cost.
  • But when a customer cancels an order before disbursement of goods she has full right to her full refund of the money but of course with the protocols that govern it.

6.5 What Shows That a Cancellation Process Has Been a Success?

An email is sent to you confirming the process of cancellation that you executed has been successful. After then you will be told the duration it takes before your refund matures.

6.6 What Is the Duration Taken for A Successful Refund?

Normally the duration taken for a successful refund is 10 working days from the day the refund process was authenticated. But for goods stolen while on transit the number of days it takes for a refund is slightly more.

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