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We have an independent design team with many years of design experience, and can design foison metal labels, metal logos, nameplates, panels, metal cards, etc. suitable for customers’ products according to customer needs. Including screen printing, UV printing, laser equipment including laser cutting machines and laser marking machines. Stamping equipment. Etching equipment, gluing equipment, etc.

Wonderful Metal, Wonderful Life!

We are one of the most advanced surface treatment tech and complete manufacturers in China’s signs & Metalcraft industry

Processing workshop
CNC workshop
Polishing workshop
Backing Workshop
Electroplating workshop
Stamping workshop
Sandblasting workshop
Assambling Line
Packing & QC Lines

Why Fortune 500 Companies Choose Foison Metal

1. Perfect production workshop

Invest in the construction of imported mold room equipment, die-casting, drawing, batching, CNC, machining, polishing, fuel injection, silk screen, pad printing workshops, complete supporting quality is guaranteed, high efficiency, and faster delivery!

2. Standard production process and QC

Professional product pre-assessment analysis and mold flow plan, project follow-up responsibility to the engineer, production process strictly according to SIP/SOP implementation of production, subdivision management, full process inspection, comprehensive quality supervision, and control.

3 . Fine exterior light and high precision

Advanced equipment to ensure the precision of castings. Die-casting materials are carefully selected for the production process, with stable quality, less batching, polishing and fine grinding, no dead corners, clear edges, and stable dimensions.

4 . Diversified materials, multiple services

Rich production experience, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc, aluminum-magnesium alloys that are rare in the industry can be done, and diversified supporting for many processes, and the product application field covers a wide range.

Partner with Foison Metal to find the right product solution

We believe that our metal products can make a huge impact on your business and personal life.

Discover why thousands trust Foismet for their branding and metal needs, You would hope to have it many years ago. 

Main Production Processing

Mold Improve

Polished, stable dimensions and stable quality

Surface Coloring

Standard process, bright colors, high satisfaction

Mold Making

Precision, clear edges, and Finely carved.

Surface Painting

Full coverage, high gloss, smooth surface.

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