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Why Foison Aluminum Labels is the Number One Trusted Brand in China

Everything we do is about the growth of your business. From the core team conceptualizing each product to the delivery personnel  we prioritize what you need to get you on your way. 

At Foison Metal, the whole workforce treats the products as extensions of themselves. Our Aluminum Labels are custom-made with a variety of processes to meet your precise specifications and pricing needs. 

Moreover, the after-sales reviews and ratings prove the guaranteed exceptional results for your brand. We can assure you that your products will be made of high-graded materials with the touch of your style and specifications.

About Our Service


As a direct manufacturer, we offer affordable aluminum labels for wholesale orders.


We offer one stop solution for your manufacturing requirements. From concept to creation, you can rely on our team to delivery excellent metal labels.


Our team is commitment to meeting your unique needs. We tailor solutions to your specifications, ensuring that the final products aligns perfectly with your vision.


Our skilled designers bring your concepts to life with creativity and precision. Whether you have a clear vision or need an assistance, we've got you covered!


With our manufacturing equipment and technique we are able to produce bulk orders of the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Quality Control

We follow a rigorous quality control system that guarantees that every product meets industry standards and specific requirements.

Timely Delivery

If you have a tight deadline, it would be beneficial for you to work with us since we offer timely delivery that ensures your projects are always on schedule.

Within Reach

Foison Metal's customer service is reachable and will surely assist you across the globe

Our Featured Products

 Foison Metal Creates Effective and Custom Aluminum Labels Tailored to Your Precise Needs and Specifications

Anodized Aluminum Labels

Flexible, affordable labels, designed to conform to curved or uneven surfaces for true versatility.

Aluminum Label Plate

Rugged enough for rough environments, yet versatile to handle most applications

Adhesive Backed Aluminum Labels

The adhesive feature provides added security to items with decreasing the chances of loss labels

Aluminum Labels with Colorful Printing

Highly customizable to complex colors and shapes to meet your precise needs and specifications


Foison Metal’s Aluminum Labels are highly durable that outlast chemicals, solvents, and, even, scouring pads. Its uses extend to your business essentials. 

Moreover, our products’ price range remain competitive in the market, offering the best value for your money. Foison Metal’s well-trained experts process product requirements electronically while managing multiple shipments without mistake. 

Our products are also guaranteed quality service, making Foison the top aluminum label manufacturer.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Heat Resistant

It takes temperatures in excess of 1,220° Fahrenheit to melt aluminum.

Best Market Deals -

We offer the lowest price at the market without affecting the product quality

Super Handy

On average, aluminum weighs one-third less than steel.

Easily Shaped

Aluminum is a ductile metal that’s easy to bend and shape.

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Foison Metal is the Number One Trusted Brand of Aluminum Labels

Foison Metal has built its reputation that considers the best long-term interests of our customers and partners. Our philosophy is to provide exceptional value through premium quality standards.

Also, Foison Metal aims to maintain a strong commitment to service and to support a constant striving to be the low-cost producer in the design and fabrication of aluminum labels.

Frequently Asked Questions
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is an Aluminum Label?

Aluminum Labels
Figure 1. Aluminum Labels

Aluminum is a light silver-gray metal that is good and resistant to many conditions.

Aluminum labels are labels made from the metal aluminum when it is rolled thinly and highly compressed. The labels are normally used under harsh conditions for they are waterproof, heat, and cold-proof as well.

The aluminum label also takes a long time before rusting. 

1.2 What are the Uses of Aluminum Labels?

Aluminum labels can be used in so many ways both at the workplace and at home. The aluminum labels are used for:

  • Machine labeling is quite normal in factories, workshops, and construction sites. The aluminum label shows the name of the machine and the owner or the company the machine is from. 
  • It is used as a tag so that the machine cannot get lost.
  • Security of the equipment for it gives the name of the owner or the name of the company or organization the equipment belongs to.
  • The aluminum labels are commonly used for branding equipment or tools with the manufacturing companies’ logos.
  • Aluminum labels are also used in making costumed license plates and different decorative labels of vehicles and house decors.
  • Warning aluminum labels are commonly used in equipment that is a hazard to untrained personnel to warn them and inform them of the dangers of the tools when not used correctly.
  • The aluminum label is commonly placed on metal objects or equipment but can also be placed on other items like walls, tins, textiles, products including plastic.

1.3 What are the Qualities of Aluminum Labels?

  • Durability

Since aluminum labels are made from aluminum it is evident that the labels are to last long.  It has a low density and can withstand corrosion for a long time.

We highly recommend you use aluminum labels in areas that paper or other materials that are not so durable cannot be used.

  • Waterproof

The labels are made from aluminum which is known to be waterproof; these labels are better for applications where the equipment the label is attached to is exposed to harsh weather conditions.

It also works perfectly on items that are frequently washed as a way of maintenance.

  • Heat resistance

Aluminum labels are to be heat resistant as some of the equipment tend to overheat during use or are kept in the sun for a long time.

Some equipment is also exposed to direct heating from burners so it’s ideal to use aluminum labels as they can’t melt or catch fire.

  • Good looking

An aluminum label is commonly used to catch people’s eyes because of its silvery appearance. The inscription of the message makes it even more attractive to the eye.

  • Cheap in price

Compared to other metals aluminum is a bit cheap as it is commonly found and easily accessible. An aluminum label will have a long-time span and will not need regular repair reducing the cash spent on maintenance.

  • Accessibility

Aluminum labels can be easily manufactured and available because the material used, aluminum is abundant making it cheap as well.

1.4 What are the Industrial Applications for Aluminum Labels?

Industrial Application of Aluminum Labels
Figure 2. Industrial Application of Aluminum Labels

Aluminum labels come quite in handy in industries, this includes:

  • Aerospace

Due to safety standards and industrial regulations aerospace machinery must follow the safety standards of the company.

Aluminum labels are advised as they can withstand high temperatures and also chemicals.

  • Electrical industry

The person working with different electric wires has more details only if there is a label giving him a clear direction. The aluminum labels are used to show the voltage and mark cable connectors.

Some are wrapped around the wires to give more information.

  • Military and defense

Aluminum labels are commonly used as they are strong and will not fall off during harsh conditions and the encrypted message will not feed.

Some are also used to show hazardous equipment weapons.

1.5 What are the Important Functions of an Aluminum Label?

There are only 5 important functions of the aluminum label. These include:

  • Describe and specify the content of a product.

An aluminum label provides all the information about the product or equipment. It may include the following: 

  • Usage of the product or equipment 
  • Caution to take when using it
  •  How to care for and maintain
  • date of production
  • The number of the equipment
  • Product identification

Because of the aluminum label, it is quite easy to identify your equipment from others either brands or if it is individual equipment. 

For example, you want a certain company’s equipment for wood cutting. The task of finding the machine is easy as you will only have to look for the aluminum label with the company’s name.

When a product or equipment has different qualities yet is produced by the same company the aluminum label will show you which grade you can get according to your budget.

For example, a company might have grades A60, grade B60, and grade C60. They are from the same company, but the prices are different according to the work efficiency.

  • Product promotion

Customers get more attracted to buy products because of the aluminum labels as they look nice. One feels more confident with the product as well.

  • Providing information needed by the law.

This is very important. The law requires that various equipment is to be labeled with hazardous messages to keep the users safe. Same even give the proper guidance on how the equipment is to be used.

1.6 What Factors Are to be Considered When Choosing Aluminum Labels?

Some factors should be considered when selecting aluminum labels. These include the following;

  • It is crucial when selecting aluminum labels to go for the highest quality of aluminum not too thick that it would be heavy or not too thin as well.

The material should be of the advised size and well polished to get that shiny silvery look.

  • Specification- specification and features are very important. When selecting an aluminum label make sure that it has a high adhesive so that it can stick long on the equipment.
  • Features- there is a different feature that we offer pre-printed, permanent, removable, and repositionable for more information you can visit our website.

1.7 What are the Different Types of Aluminum Used in Label Making?

Kind of Aluminum used
Figure 3. Kind of Aluminum used

There are a few types of aluminum used to make aluminum labels, according to the customers’ preferences. This includes;

Hardest aluminum

This aluminum is classified under 2024-T351. It is very hard and brings difficulty when using it and can’t be used in welding.

  • Most flexible aluminum

This type of aluminum is very flexible in that it can be used to cover food. The machines compress the aluminum in a way that it becomes too thin.

  • Sheet aluminum

Sheet aluminum is made by stumping or spinning, alloy is used to make it stronger. This gives stronger durability.

  • Clad aluminum

In other words, we can say this is treated aluminum; it can be added zinc, copper, stainless steel, and other different materials making it more resistant to rust. It is regarded as the most durable aluminum.

  • Bare aluminum

This type of aluminum is not highly recommended as it oxidizes quickly making it prone to rust. Though it might be rusty on top when polished it can shine

  • Aluminum alloys 

This contains a series that uses different alloys during manufacture; they are named according to numbers 1 to 7. 

1.8 What are the Types of Aluminum Labels?

Types of Aluminum Labels
Figure 4. Types of Aluminum Labels

There are different types of aluminum labels, this includes;

  • Pallet barcode aluminum label

The barcodes are mostly meant for inventory during transportation. The pallet barcode aluminum can be easily attached as a part of the tracking program.

  • Warehouse floor aluminum label

This is created with Metal photo photosensitive anodized aluminum and can be placed in high traffic areas within a warehouse or also a factory.

It can be placed permanently or just for a short while.

  • Extra high-temperature aluminum label

These aluminum labels are meant for areas with very high temperatures. The standard temperature for aluminum is 650 degrees; the label goes through a treatment pushing the rates higher to 1200 degrees.

This makes it possible for the aluminum labels to be used in areas of high temperatures without melting.

  • Aluminum label tag 

These kinds of labels are commonly used to tag pets mostly placed around the neck like a tag to identify your pets. 

  • Laser markable aluminum labels

There are only three aluminum label plain sheets that are compatible for use with unique laser marking technologies. These label blanks can be used outdoors and have the perfect resistance to harsh conditions and other sources of destruction.

  • Teflon on barcode aluminum label


These labels are made with a Metal photo aluminum substrate that is covered with Teflon. This coating adds extra protection from acids or anything that may cause corrosion.

  • Foil asset aluminum label

These labels provide an easy and flexible installation option, yet they provide good durability. They can be installed permanently with proper adhesive.

  • Plant aluminum label

Plant aluminum label is used to give the names of different plants planted in a garden. The aluminum labels are used because they are more durable in harsh conditions.

1.9 How Long Does the Aluminum Label Last?

Aluminum is a type of metal thus we expect its life span to be a little longer than other materials used to make labels.

An aluminum label can last up to 7 to 10 years if it is placed outside while when indoor it can take you a lifetime. There is no maintenance cost after getting an aluminum label.

2.0 Design and Customization

Design and Customization of Aluminum Labels
Figure 5. Design and Customization of Aluminum Labels

2.1 Can You Design an Aluminum Label that I Need?

Yes, we offer design and customization services. We have various designs that you can choose from, or you can also come with your design and we’ll be able to produce it for you

For more information or samples, you can visit our warehouse or our website

2.2 How Long Does It Take to Design an Aluminum Label?

We aim to get all custom aluminum labels to our customers within 3 to 4 working days, due to the process for metal labels our lead time is 8 to 10 working days. 

For urgent inquiries, we can look at other processes and change our schedule to accommodate the urgent requests.

This is only possible when one has paid a down payment.

2.3 Are Machines Used in Making Aluminum Labels?

Yes, we use machines to make the aluminum labels, our laser etching machine is of the highest technology and improved aluminum labeling machine. 

It can handle many custom aluminum labels per day. We also have a Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine that we use in making circular-shaped aluminum label.

2.4 What Size is My Aluminum Label Supposed to be?

Size of Aluminum Labels
Figure 6. Size of Aluminum Labels

An aluminum label is not supposed to be too big because it is used on applicants or equipment that is not big for information.

Custom sizes are made according to the customers’ needs or want; it is allowed to go past the standards set to satisfy the customer.

The thickness is set to match your durability standard as required by the customer.

The customization also requires the selection of fronts for the aluminum label and a company label to the logo can be added.

You can select either to place adhesive or the aluminum label to be physically attached to the equipment.

Aluminum offers a large variety of customization options, so it is not difficult to get your preferred design.

2.5 What Writings Can I Encrypt on an Aluminum Label?

Using different processes which are taken by a trained and professional person, you will be able to have both text and image printed on your aluminum label. The images and text on the aluminum label are guaranteed to last for as long as you will have the label.

To get imagery on an aluminum label, it must go through various processes.

2.6 What Adhesive to Use on the Aluminum Label?

For your aluminum label to stick perfectly on the place you are supposed to place it, we advise you to get the best glue we offer. It might be a bit pricey, but we assure you it is worth it.

  •  steel-reinforced Epoxy.

This type of adhesive belongs to the cyanoacrylates glue family but is commonly known as super glue.

This category of glue is very strong and fast-acting adhesives, and it works when the molecules meet water. When they meet water, they form very strong chains, which in turn form what is essentially a plastic mesh. At this point we highly advise you to get the glue for your aluminum label, it is the best.

This type of glue is waterproof, resistant to heat chemicals and acid, works on many surfaces, has high tensile strength, and can also be manipulated after drying.

  • Epoxies

This type of glue is usually used with metal. This glue has two parts or content, one is the resin and the other hardened. This glue can cause a little mess because you must mix the two substances to get the final product that will work perfectly with the aluminum label.

However, this glue does not dry quickly and takes more than an hour but once dry it becomes so strong and resistant to many things. The strongest epoxy for metal has high strength and can last for years.

  • Adhesive sealant

3M marine adhesive sealant is normally used with objects that stay in water always. Aluminum labels that are placed on boats use 3M marine adhesive. It is 100% waterproof after it heals.

It has extremely high tension making it more ideal for water. The glue is made from polyurethane polymer which is resistant to salty water and harsh conditions as well.

This adhesive is to be kept away from sun or heat, though it does not need mixing. It takes too long to dry, more than 7 days. It is also easy to apply and not messy.

  • Alum bond

This glue is made with aluminum particles. It has two parts so two must mix two in the ratio of 1 to 1 they can be messy but get to form a very strong bond.

It is both non-magnetic and nonrusting but can be painted as well.

  • Permatex per Double-Sided epoxy

This glue does not need clamping and it cures very quickly 15 minutes tops. It can take in high temperatures after cure, and it has a syringe-like outlet for easy application.

The glue can also be used to fix cracks and stick two surfaces together.

  • Epoxy 

It contains two parts that must be mixed to get the strongest bond. Its bond is so strong that you might think it is welded together with your aluminum label.

The glue can be used to make small repairs and fill cracks as well. It cannot be destroyed by chemicals or water.

We have all the glues in stock, and you can get them at affordable prices. You can also order them online from our shops worldwide.

2.7 Can the Aluminum Label be Painted?

Painting of Aluminum Labels
Figure 7. Painting of Aluminum Labels

Yes, an aluminum label can be painted depending on the color you want. The aluminum itself is shiny grey making it the perfect eye-catching color. We have all the colors that you can choose from.

2.8 Can my Aluminum Label be Double-Sided?

Yes, an aluminum label can be double-sided as you can write a message on both sides. This is mostly used when one is trying to save on cash. The double-sided label is normally hung on equipment.

It can also be hinged into the equipment to write the information on both sides.

2.9 Are Payments Made Before Customization Starts?

Yes, a little down payment is needed before the start of any design and customization. This is because this task needs a lot of time from our workers, and we need your assurance to start the process.

This is also to ensure that they come up with the best designs.

3.0 Order and Payment

Order and Payment
Figure 8. Order and Payment

3.1 How Much is an Aluminum Label?

In different years aluminum label prices have been fluctuating. We go with the range in the market as the labels are sold depending on the price of the aluminum plate.

The more aluminum labels ordered the lower the price we advise you to order in bulk to save. One might cost 200 shillings to buy in bulk, one might cost only 30 to 40 shillings.

3.2 How do I Place an Order for my Aluminum Label?

Placing an order now is very easy. You can get your order applied when seated using your computer or phone. We have a website that gives you a platform to order online.

There are mandatory steps to follow when making an order online;

  • First, you must identify the type of aluminum label that you are interested in then click or select the aluminum label. Choose the size, width, and length of the aluminum label.
  • After getting all the labels needed you can go back to the cart and confirm that everything needed is checked this will show you the total price of the aluminum labels chosen as well.
  • You must keep in mind that this is only possible if you are a registered customer in our company. If not, you have to do the order physically or send someone on your behalf.
  • There is an option of signing up before placing your order. After that, all you need to do is do your payments and right away you will receive a message informing you that it was successful.

For additional information, you can visit our online page or call us.

3.3 What Payment methods do you Use for an Aluminum Label?

There are different ways you can do your payment to get your aluminum label in time.

You can also use a cheque to make the payments. This is common when large amounts of money are involved.

We also have mail transfers, our customers’ orders all you need to do is make payments at the bank and they will inform us before dispatching your order.

We also allow a promissory note. This will bind both the customer and us to a common agreement in which there are consequences in case, not meat.

All the digital ways of payment are also allowed the use of PayPal, credit cards, mobile money transfer, visa, googol pay, and any other you would see safer.

3.4 Is Payment on Delivery available for Aluminum Labels?

 No, we do not accept payment on delivery on aluminum labels, but the shipping fee can be paid after delivery.

3.5 Can I Get Samples Prior to Making an Order?

The only way to see the samples is by getting to our offices situated countywide. There are photos of every type of aluminum label that is available in our company.

You can visit our website to get more information on which type of aluminum label you need.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping of Labels
Figure 10. Shipping of Labels

4.1 What Modes of Shipping do you Use for an Aluminum Label?

There are many ways we can transport our aluminum label to you safe and sound. The safest method of shipping that we advise is by air as the labels will get to you faster and in perfect condition.

Through the road, it is also possible. This is mostly used when shipping goods in a near area or just across the border. It is not the fastest, but it is not slow as well.

This can either use railway transportation or vehicle both to get the work done on land.

Shipping through water bodies is the cheapest when it comes to long distances, but it is too slow. It takes months for your aluminum labels to arrive, but it is safe.

We use all the above methods depending on your geographical location and your budget is put into consideration as well.

4.2 How Long Does Shipping Take for an Aluminum Label?

The shipping process takes at least 3 to 4 days when the shipping is locally or around the borders, but overseas shipment takes 7 to 10 days.

4.3 How do you Ensure that the Aluminum Labels are Safe when Shipping?

During shipping a lot can happen so we make sure to use trained personnel who would handle the aluminum label with care.

We also ensure that your labels are insured so that you may not get losses in case of any damages during shipping.

We also follow up to get feedback from our customers so that we can improve on our packaging in case there is a complaint.

We always make sure that your package is well labeled and packed to avoid confusion during unloading or loading.

Lastly, we ensure that we keep in touch with our customers to inform them that the aluminum label has arrived, and they should pick them as soon as possible.

4.4 How is the Aluminum Label Packaged Before Shipping?

Because aluminum is a metal, shipping is done differently from other products. We always treat them with oil and wrap them in heavy paper.

We also polish it well so that in case of water spillage in the box it can’t settle on the aluminum label and cause rusting.

The oil used on the aluminum label can be cleaned by wiping using a dry rug.

We use boxes and containers during the packaging of aluminum labels. We ensure that everything is tight and well packed.

4.5 How is the Shipping Process of an Aluminum Label?

Once the goods are packed and ready for shipment, we transport them to a depot or port for export outside the country. This will either be arranged by us, the suppliers or you through a freight forwarder.

According to both countries, we always make sure that everything is done to avoid any violation of the shipping rules.

4.6 How can I Check the Progress of My Aluminum Order?

We have an application that helps you know where your order is. Our vehicles are chipped with tracking devices thus you can tell if it has arrived using our application.

You can also call us time and again to get information on the whereabouts of your aluminum label.

4.7 Do you Have a Common Pick-up Point for the Aluminum Label?

Pick-up Point for the Aluminum Label
Figure 11. Pick-up Point for the Aluminum Label

Yes, we do have a common pick-up station where you can get your aluminum labels when delivered. We use national delivery carrier offices.

But to offer the most effective services we normally do door delivery you will not have to worry as your aluminum label will get to your doorstep.

4.8 Do you Work with Different Shipping Companies?

Yes, we work with other different shipping companies according to the customer’s wants. Before this, we must do some evaluation to ensure that your labels will be safe.

We have to know who will handle your aluminum labels if they provide 100% insurance if they are working with a licensed freight forwarder, and most importantly which currency they use.

All this is only to make sure that your aluminum label will get to you on time and in good condition.

Though most shipping companies are professional, we advise you to us during the shipping of our products as we will keep track of your labels till the time you will receive them. 

In case of losses when using a different shipping company, we do not offer refunds.

4.9 Who is Accountable for Losses or Destruction During Shipping?

When our company is doing the shipping process, we will be held accountable for anything happening to your labels but once you use a different shipping company everything is on you.

5.0 Returns and Replacement

5.1 Can I get a Refund for a Replacement Aluminum Label?

Returns and Replacement
Figure 12. Returns and Replacement

In case of a major problem with your aluminum label, you can cancel the delivery and get a refund or compensation for power transportation in case of damage. The replaced aluminum label must be similar to the original ones from our company.

 We will offer refunds according to the amount you paid; this transaction will be the same as the one you used.

5.2 When Are You Supposed to Return an Aluminum Label?

You are advised to return an aluminum label once you see any problem. You are responsible for returning the label immediately to avoid deductions on your payment.

These returns might cost you some shipping fee, but it would be worth it. We will grant you a fee for shipping vulture in case you will need replacement.

5.3 Do you Have Replacement and Return Policies?

Yes, we have replacement and return policies that are to be followed by all customers. The policies are made to keep the customers aware of the penalties they can face in case they do not comply with the agreed policies.

These policies are agreed upon by the customer before any transaction takes place. They are normally under the terms and conditions of our company.

5.4 What’s the Time Limit for Returns of Aluminum Labels?

In case you receive aluminum labels that you did not order, we advise you to send them back immediately and notify us to organize how you will get a replacement.

The entire shipping fee will be our duty as well. If there are damages on your labels, you have only 4 days to sand them back for a full return.

In case you fail to send the aluminum label on time, we will not be able to fully refund you or replace your label. We will send the labels back immediately.

For more information, you can contact us.

5.5 Who Should You Contact in Case you Need to Return your Aluminum Label?

Once you notice that your aluminum label is damaged, we advise you to contact us as soon as possible through our hotline number for easy identification of the damaged aluminum label.

Afterward, you are supposed to send an email giving us the number code of your parcel.

The aluminum label being sent back should be sent through the same shipping company you used or deliver to us yourself.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 13. Order Cancellation

6.1 Can I Cancel my Aluminum Label Order?

Yes, it is possible to cancel your aluminum order. This is done by writing an email including all the details of the order. Also ensure that you include your name, phone number, order item, order number.

We would also want you to give us valid information on why you want your order to be canceled mostly when the aluminum labels were costumed.

Because phone calls are faster, we would recommend that you call us and send an email as well this will assure you that your cancellation was successful.

You will then have to check for a cancellation message or email in case there is none your aluminum label might not cancel.

The fastest way is to visit our offices and do the cancellation yourself. This way you will get back your money immediately and you will not have to wait for 30 days.

You can only cancel your order within 3 days after application. After that, it will be impossible as the labels will be shipped. 

If the order is canceled, then the aluminum labels are shipped. You will have to pay for the shipping charges and some money will be deducted from your payment.

6.2 What Period Does It Take to Get a Refund?

Getting a refund might take a lot of time depending on the mode of payment used. Like in case you use a debit card to do your payments it will take a long time for few parties to be involved in the transaction.

You will have to wait for 7 to 10 working days for the processor to receive and send back your money. This will not be advisable for those who need their money instantly.

When the payments are done using cash, the refunds will take only one day according to our company.

If you used PayPal, the refund will take at least 3 to 5 working days because of the online money transaction.

6.3 How Much Can I Be Refunded for the Cancelation of my Aluminum Label

Refund policy
Figure 14. Refund policy

We offer a 100% refund on orders canceled before shipping starts. Any cancellation done within 3 to 5 days will grant you a 100 % refund. Cancellation done within 7 to 10 days will give you a 70% refund and any cancellation done after 15 days will not get you a refund.

These policies are written on our website, and one must agree before any order is placed and confirmed.

6.4 Is it Possible to Track my Refund?

You do not have to worry about your refund as we will keep you updated. Our system will automatically send you an email to ensure that you receive your refund in time.

We will afterwards contact you when the refund has been successfully done. 

Send us a free inquiry request

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