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Foison Metal is the most renowned supplier of durable tags in China. Our products include Aluminum Tags, Blank Aluminum Tags, or Engraved Aluminum Tags.

We are working diligently to ensure your absolute satisfaction with our products and the services that we offer. Our team is consists of hard-working professionals with complete dedication to what we do to perfect our company’s core components, “Service, Accountability, and Craftsmanship.”

In case that you do not have a design available, we will provide a customized layout that is free of charge! What makes us stand out from our competitors is our made-to-order products for your company’s needs.

Things You Should Know About Us


We have a great aluminum transformation with huge output.


Our Aluminum Tags are treated with an electrochemical process.


Before the product is delivered rest assured that strict quality control is implemented.


We use the latest technology to manufacture high-quality products that shows the clear label.


High-quality tags can be used to show instructions and operating procedures.


Foison Metal Aluminum Tags are Durable indoors and outdoors.


Plates are available in 1” x 3”, 2”x 4”, 4” x 6”.

Visual output

Visible high contrast output for engraved and lasered tags.

High Quality Products

At Foison Metal, We Provide The Best Quality of Aluminum Tags with the Lowest Price Offers in China

Aluminum Tag Blanks

This aluminum tags can be  customized through stamping, embossing and engraving.

Anodized Aluminum Tags

Anodized aluminums is extremely lightweight that has superior durability, available in various shapes and colors.

Numbered Aluminum Tags

We offer aluminum tags that are dent, scratch and stains resistance.

Custom Aluminum Tags

Move your business one step forward, enhance your clothing line by adding a custom designed Brand Tags.

Know More About Us

Foison Metal ‘s Quality Management System maintains a large on hand inventory. We guarantee to minimize the production time of your tags with zero errors.

Foison Metal ‘s delivery process and service are award winning. We promise to meet short delivery time with high-quality products. Our company guarantees that we can perfectly meet your high deadlines and precise specifications.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Heat Resistant

It takes temperatures in excess of 1,220° Fahrenheit to melt aluminum.


Without rusting, aluminum tags can withstand harsh environment with rain, sleet,and humidity.

Super Handy

Aluminum weighs less than stainless steel.

Easily Shaped

Aluminum is easy to manipulate into different shapes.

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Foison Metal a Global Aluminum Tags Manufacturer & Supplier Base in China.

We’re Foison Metal, and we have been the leading creator and supplier of Aluminum Tags here in China since 1996. Our advanced equipment always finds the right solution way according to your needs. Our products are in-demand in China, US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Korea, and other countries. Order now!!

The Aluminum Tags FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1. What are aluminum tags?

Aluminium Tag
Figure 1 Aluminium Tag

These are tags made up of aluminum and are a low-cost alternative to brass and stainless steel tags. Aluminum tags are lightweight and offer strength, high durability, and versatility, which are the key reasons you should use them.

2. What are custom aluminum tags?

Custom aluminum tags can cater to almost any of your needs. You can either have them screen printed, acid etched, rotary engraved, or with a vinyl overlay. If you aren’t sure of the exact method you require, contact a top-tier aluminum tags manufacturer to determine it.

3. What are aluminum label tags?

You can use aluminum label tags for a wide range of purposes. However, they’re most frequently used in environments that need label tags to be extremely durable. 

Aluminum label tags offer extreme toughness and are best for identifying machinery, equipment, and other valuable things. The size and shape of these tags can be customized depending on how you want to use them.

4. What are blank aluminum tags?

You can utilize blank aluminum tags to meet many different identification requirements. These are ideal for design and decorative applications, variable information labels, equipment tags, and many other purposes. 

You can use these tags to apply adhesive-backed labels, mark using a tag marking machine, or stamp using hand stamps. You can also write on these tags with a permanent marker if need be.

5. What are engraved aluminum tags?

Engraved Aluminium Tags
Figure 2 Engraved Aluminium Tags

Engraved aluminum tags are ideal when you want the tags to have deep impressions. Manufacturers use an engraving machine to carve information or design into the tags. 

As the design or information is engraved into the tags, you won’t see any wear and tear for years. Engrave aluminum tags can easily survive harsh work environments and withstand adverse conditions.

6. What are embossed aluminum tags?

If you want your products to have permanent identification marks, using embossed aluminum tags would be your best option. Manufacturers use embossing techniques to mark aluminum to create raised characters. Since characters are raised on these tags, you can use them in conditions where they may go through rough handling. 

For the same reason, you can use them in situations where they may become subject to painting or powder coatings. This is because the raised text or design won’t fill in and will remain legible for a long-time.

7. What are aluminum tags for stamping?

You can use aluminum tags for stamping to fulfill all kinds of purposes. You can stamp these tags with any symbols, numerals, or lettering you want to have. They offer superb durability and sturdiness and are available in different shapes and colors to help you meet exact requirements.

8. What are aluminum tags for trees?

You can see trees with these tags in national and local parks, zoos, arboreta, vineyards, etc. Common purposes of using aluminum tags for trees include identification of trees to protect, genus and species names, among others. You can color these tags to have your trees color-coded or to match a particular color scheme.

9. What are the types of aluminum tags?

You can use aluminum tags in many different environments, thanks to their high strength and exceptional durability. The most popular types of aluminum tags include asset tags, barcode tags, floor tags, and blank tags. You can also customize aluminum tags based on your branding and technical requirements.

10. What are the standard sizes of aluminum tags?

Aluminum tags come in different shapes and sizes with square and rectangular shapes being the most common ones. You can usually find square aluminum tags in 15.7” x 15.7” with thickness varying from 0.3mm to 3.0 mm. 

Common sizes for rectangular aluminum tags include 20mm x 40mm and 30mm x 60mm with thickness between 0.3mm and 3.0mm. You can also get aluminum tags in fully custom sizes from some leading manufacturers.

11. What are the color options of aluminum tags?

The addition of colors to your aluminum tags is a fantastic way to make them stand out. Apart from aluminum’s natural silver hue, you can choose from gold, copper, green, red, blue, black, yellow, and clear colors. However, during the anodizing process, any solid color according to your preference can be added to aluminum tags.

12. What are aluminum tags used for?

You can use aluminum tags for a variety of purposes due to their lightweight and durable nature. From identifying assets and tagging merchandise to identifying serial code numbers and identifying trees – you can do almost anything.

13. What are the quality standards for aluminum tags?

ISO and ANSI are two major independent organizations that set standards for manufacturing processes, services, products, etc. Therefore, check if your chosen aluminum tags manufacturer has ISO certification and comply with ANSI standards. If it does, you can stay assured that it follows international quality standards for producing aluminum tags.

14. What are anodized aluminum tags for laser engraving?

Anodized Aluminum Engraving

Anodized aluminum tags offer corrosion resistance, increased durability, and the ability to add color. By performing laser engraving on these tags, you can create permanent marks for traceability and identification. Even if you plan to perform surface treatments, these tags will maintain their high readability.

15. What are colored aluminum tags?

When applying the anodizing process to aluminum, manufacturers can convert the material’s finish by adding your preferred color. This results in colored aluminum tags that you can use for a wide range of purposes.

16. What are the materials used for aluminum tags?

To create durable, strong yet relatively inexpensive aluminum tags, manufacturers use aluminum in alloy form. They combine aluminum with other materials such as zinc, manganese, and copper to improve its key qualities.

17. What are aluminum write-on tags?

You can use aluminum write-on tags to create long-lasting identification of equipment, nursery stock, trees, etc. You need to use a pen, pencil, or any other pointed object to mark the firm surface of these tags.

18. What are aluminum number tags?

Aluminum number tags are the perfect option for organizing your tools, equipment, or other physical assets. You can add variable numbers or serialized numbers to these tags depending on your requirements. Aluminum, being a lightweight material, doesn’t add bulk to your items.

19. What are anodized aluminum name tags?

If you want your name tags to be tarnish-resistant and corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum name tags would be your best option. You can also use a protective overlaminate to make them impervious to scratches and abrasions. Manufacturers can use etching, engraving, or embossing as marking methods based on your name tag design and requirements.

20. What are blank aluminum name tags?

Blank Alumium name tags
Figure 4 Blank Alumium name tags

You can engrave blank aluminum name tags yourself or use labels or stickers to add names, titles, etc to them. If you want to use these tags more frequently, simply use dry erase markers to write on them. These are the ideal low-cost solution for high turnover positions like short-term employees or volunteers.

21. What are aluminum tags with barcodes?

If you want to turn your machines or equipment into traceable assets, you should go for aluminum tags with barcodes. These tags have many different applications – from asset tracking and inventory management to warehouse, OEM product identification, and more. 

Thanks to the anodizing process, they will protect your barcodes from high temperatures, abrasion, and chemicals.

22. What are aluminum tags with a logo?

Aluminum tags with your logo on them tell people the name of your business and represent it visually. These tags offer some invaluable benefits including brand recognition, product branding, and professionalism. Depending on your manufacturer, you should be able to have them in different sizes and colors according to your requirements.

23. What are aluminum tags with a nameplate?

These aluminum tags appear with your or the name of your business marked on them. Manufacturers use a variety of methods including etching, engraving, embossing, stamping, and electroplating sensitizing to produce these tags. You can also mark these tags yourself using a ball-point pen or a sharp-tipped object.

24. What are aluminum metal tags?

Aluminum metal tags
Figure 5 Aluminum metal tags

These tags are made of aluminum and offer extreme toughness. Though you can use aluminum metal tags for different purposes, they are most commonly used for identifying machinery and equipment. These tags can easily withstand chemicals, abrasions, and high temperatures, making them a perfect choice for using in harsh conditions.

25. What are embossable aluminum tags?

You can emboss these tags to create permanently raised characters, graphics, and custom logos on them. Embossable aluminum tags are ideal for identifying items that need to withstand prolonged storage or harsh manufacturing processes. You can have these tags plain or color-coated depending on your requirements.

26. What are aluminum tags for computers?

If you want to track your computers easily, aluminum tags for computers can prove to be extremely useful. Just remember to use different tags for different parts of a computer. For instance, use one tag for the monitor and another for the CPU. You also need to put them in places where you can easily access and scan them using a handheld scanner.

27. What are aluminum tags for equipment?

Management, tracking, and regular monitoring of equipment inventory often become a labor-intensive and expensive process. But with aluminum tags for equipment, you can easily reduce the cost and time while eliminating workflow interruptions. These tags are extremely durable, can withstand severe environments, and offer readability throughout the entire life of the equipment.

28. What are aluminum tags for construction?

If you’re associated with the construction industry, you can use these tags for many different purposes. From monitoring equipment and maintaining safety standards to providing necessary information, and more – you can use them wherever you want. 

And since aluminum tags are exceptionally durable, they can withstand even the toughest environments, which are common in construction sites.

29. What are aluminum tags for outdoor equipment?

Aluminum tags for outdoor equipment
Figure 6 Aluminum tags for outdoor equipment

When your equipment or assets get considerable outdoor exposure, you cannot use just any material for their identification purposes. From weather and abrasion to dust and debris, pieces of outdoor equipment get exposed to almost everything. 

Aluminum tags for outdoor equipment offer incredible strength and durability. Manufacturers typically use a durable process such as stamping, embossing, etc to produce these tags.

30. What are aluminum tags for indoor equipment?

If you want to make your indoor asset tracking system efficient and flawless, you need to choose these aluminum tags. These are also ideal for using on pieces of indoor equipment that go through chemical processing or manufacturing environments. 

Whether you want to improve inventory control, monitor equipment, or maintain warranty service contracts – you can do everything using them.

31. What are aluminum property tags?

If your business owns lots of office equipment, aluminum property tags can help you track all your inventories efficiently. 

Though aluminum property tags are multipurpose products, their most common uses include inventory control, equipment tracking, and equipment maintenance schedule. The most popular aluminum property tags include barcode tags, RFID tags, and tags with QR codes.

32. What aluminum tags supplier near me?

These are aluminum tags suppliers located in your nearby area. To find them out, simply type “aluminum tags suppliers near me” as the keywords in your favorite search engine. The search engine will come up with relevant results along with the contact details of the suppliers.

33. What is the price range of aluminum tags?

The price of aluminum tags can be anything between a few cents per piece to above a dollar per piece. It depends on the type and customization of your aluminum tags. Remember to check the minimum order quantity (MOQ) placed by the manufacturers before placing an order. You may also get heavy discounts from some manufacturers by ordering a large number of tags.

34. What is the difference between embossed and engraved aluminum tags?

Manufacturers use a die set to produce raised designs or characters in embossed aluminum tags. When it comes to producing engraved aluminum tags, manufacturers use laser or engraving machines to cut designs in aluminum. 

While both the tags offer outstanding durability and high readability, they come with their fair share of disadvantages also. If you need embossed aluminum tags with different designs, you’d need different die sets for different designs. This marking process limits the scope of customization. But engraved aluminum tags can be highly customized. 

This is because you can have various designs marked on every tag. However, it takes significantly more time to produce engraved aluminum tags, which makes them relatively expensive. Therefore, they may not be ideal if you need them in large quantities.

35. What is the use of aluminum tags?

From identifying assets and trees to tagging merchandise and more – you can use aluminum tags for many different purposes. These tags are lightweight, highly durable, and significantly less expensive than brass or stainless steel tags. Using aluminum tags means they’ll most likely last for the entire life of the items they’re attached to.

36. What aluminum tags best for baggage?

You should choose reinforced aluminum tags for your baggage. This is because they are stronger, offer more wear resistance, and have more tensile strength than the actual material. By using them, you can stay assured that your baggage tags will survive even the most challenging adventures.

37. What aluminum tags best for pets?

You need to choose durable, anodized aluminum tags to ensure they won’t rust. You can also buy tags constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum if you want them to withstand whatever shenanigans your pet does. Depending on the manufacturer, you can have these tags in different colors and shapes to suit your pet’s personality.

38. What aluminum tags best for plants?

If you need to identify plants for inventory purposes or for removing/trimming, embossed or stamped aluminum tags are good options. Etched aluminum tags would be a good option if you want more customized designs. However, note that embossed or stamped tags will give you much more durability than etched ones.

39. What company that manufacture aluminum tags?

It refers to a company that manufactures finished aluminum tags by utilizing various tools and processes. It then sells the tags to consumers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, or other manufacturers that produce more complex tags. You can find aluminum tag manufacturers using search engines, online directories, local libraries, and referrals.

40.What countries best supply aluminum tags?

China, being the world’s leading aluminum-producing country, is by far the best supplier of aluminum tags. In 2020, it produced 37 million MT of aluminum followed by India (3.6 million MT) and Russia (3.6 million MT). Other leading aluminum-producing countries in 2020 were Canada, UAE, Australia, Bahrain, Norway, United States, and Iceland.

41. What is the purpose of the aluminum tag?

Use of Aluminum Tags
Figure 7 Use of Aluminum Tags

The key purpose of using aluminum tags is identification and you can use them for a wide range of reasons. For instance, you can use them for asset identification, baggage identification, tree identification, just to name a few.

42. Where can I find aluminum asset tag?

A wide range of industries across the globe commonly uses aluminum asset tags. You can easily find them in manufacturing, telecommunications, energy, defense, supply chain logistics, aerospace, etc along with government sectors.

43. Where to place aluminum tags?

Since the primary reason for using aluminum tags is identification, you must place them in a properly visible area. If you want to use these tags with barcodes, you also need to consider easy accessibility. It’ll help you access and scan them easily using a scanner.

44. Where to buy aluminum asset tag?

Today, a huge number of companies sell aluminum asset tags due to the products’ increasing demand. You can either buy these tags from brick-and-mortar stores or order online. Just be sure to check the experience and reputation of the seller before making any final decision.

45. Where to buy aluminum tags?

You can buy aluminum tags from their manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters. If you don’t have any such shop in your area, search online and you’ll get the names of nearby stores. Remember to use “aluminum tags shops near me” or “where to buy aluminum tags” as your keywords.

46. Where to buy bulk orders of aluminum tags?

Not every company that sells aluminum tags can take and process bulk orders. This is because processing bulk orders and delivering them in time require solid infrastructure and enough manpower. Therefore, you should choose either a wholesaler of aluminum tags or a large manufacturing house for the purpose. You can also place bulk orders online, where you might be able to get heavy discounts and free shipping.

47. Why are aluminum tags better than stainless steel?

While both aluminum tags and stainless steel tags offer exceptional durability and versatility, businesses prefer to use the former. The first reason is that aluminum tags are much lighter than tags made of stainless steel. Therefore, stainless steel tags add weight to your application in which you use them. 

The second reason is you can add any solid color to aluminum tags according to your preferences. Manufacturers use two processes namely anodizing and Metal electroplating that are unique to aluminum to improve the customizability of aluminum tags. In addition, aluminum tags are relatively cheaper than stainless steel ones.

48. Why is using aluminum tags the best in business?

Aluminum tags can withstand even the most challenging environmental conditions while offering high readability for many years. These characteristics have placed aluminum tags in the best performers’ league in the industry. Moreover, by using these tags instead of brass or stainless steel ones, you can keep your business cost relatively lower.

49. Why use aluminum tags?

Aluminum tags can help you fulfill almost all of your tagging requirements. These tags are easy to use, versatile, cost-effective, durable, tarnish-proof, and water- and heat-resistant. In addition, their metallic sheen helps you capture the attention of your target market, which strengthens your brand strategy.

50. Why choose aluminum tags?

Regardless of the application, if you want tags that are tough, durable yet decorative, aluminum tags are your best option. Additionally, if you’re on a tight budget but looking to fulfill tagging needs efficiently, you should choose these tags. Lastly, since aluminum tags are extremely lightweight, you can attach them to almost anything you want to.

51. Why are aluminum tags important?

Figure 8 Importance of Aluminum Tags

Aluminum tags offer robust protection against weather, chemicals, and several other conditions for many years. Among the most common metals that are used to produce tags, aluminum is the lightest in weight. 

Most importantly, aluminum tags offer maximum malleability among these metals. It means you can easily apply some inventive designs while producing them to make them stand out.

52. Who are aluminum tag suppliers?

The businesses or individuals, who supply you with aluminum tags for your business, referred to as aluminum tag suppliers. When looking for these suppliers, you get two options – domestic sourcing and international sourcing with both having advantages and disadvantages. 

For instance, while domestic sourcing may give you shorter lead times and better control, international sourcing could be more cost-effective. Therefore, you should review the pros and cons of both options before placing an order.

53. Who are aluminum tag manufacturers?

The individuals or companies, which produce finished aluminum tags, are considered aluminum tag manufacturers. Note that in some cases, an aluminum tag manufacturer can also be the supplier of those tags. 

Here also, you get the option of choosing between foreign and domestic manufacturers. Therefore, make sure that you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both options before making a final decision.

54. Who are aluminum tag providers?

Aluminum tag providers refer to businesses or individuals from whom you can buy aluminum tags. These providers can utilize their infrastructure and manpower to produce a wide range of aluminum tags to meet different needs.

55. Who is the best supplier of aluminum tags?

You need to consider several factors to identify the best supplier of aluminum tags. These include reliability, high-end processing equipment, motivated and trained employees, customization ability, quick turnaround time, and affordable pricing. You should also ensure that the supplier has got low rejection rates.

56. Who is the best supplier of aluminum tags in China?

You can consider Foison Metal as the best supplier of aluminum tags in China. The team fulfills all the qualities of being the leading aluminum tag supplier. From a world-class factory and a team of experienced professionals to affordable pricing, and fast turnaround time – they offer everything. 

They can produce any kind of customized aluminum tags and have an in-house design team to help in graphic designing. And you can request free samples from them before placing your order.

57. How much is an aluminum tag?

Cost of Aluminum Tags
Figure 9 Cost of Aluminum Tags

The price of an aluminum tag can be as low as $0.3/piece or can be as high as $2.50/piece.

58. How much is an engrave aluminum tag?

To get an engraved aluminum tag you may need to pay anything between $0.40/piece and $3.00/piece.

59. How much is an embossed aluminum tag?

The price of an embossed aluminum tag may vary from $0.3/piece to $2.80/piece.

60. How much is a custom aluminum tag?

You may need to pay anything between $0.5/piece and $3.00/piece depending on your order quantity and requirements.

61. How much is a blank aluminum tag?

The price of a blank aluminum tag may vary between $0.3/piece and $2.00.

62. How to find the aluminum tags reliable supplier?

First of all, you need to choose an aluminum tag supplier who knows the ins and outs of your industry. Secondly, you should see whether or not the supplier prioritizes your ideas and opinions when discussing your requirements. If it does, it’s a great sign of a customer-centric approach. In addition, you must ensure that the supplier has got a good reputation. You can do this by searching online and going through some of its past customer reviews.

63. How to pack aluminum tags?

You can provide your customers with a distinguished experience by choosing thoughtful packaging methods for aluminum tags. If you’re thinking of a sturdy option, upscale trifold carriers would be a good choice. High-end packaging boxes are a surefire way to create a solid first impression. With these boxes, you’ll also get some space for providing additional information.

64. How to inspect the aluminum tags quality?

Quality of Aluminum Tags
Figure 10 Quality of Aluminum Tags

You need to check the industry certifications of your aluminum tags manufacturer first. These certifications indicate that independent bodies have vetted it for metal quality, compliance, and production protocol. Secondly, you should check whether or not your metal nameplates need to adhere to certain standards. If they do, ensure that your manufacturer has got enough experience of producing similar products. Or at least, it has got proven ability to meet those production standards.

65. How to put wire on aluminum tags?

You need to pass the wire through the hole present at one end of the aluminum tags. Then attach the wire to the product or equipment that you want to have identified. If you plan to use the tags for outdoor purposes, you should go for UV stabilized cables for prolonged durability.

66. How to custom design aluminum tags?

There’re some essential steps that you need to follow to custom design aluminum tags. First of all, create an eye-catching design with crisp and clear colors. If you’ve got a logo, you may want to put that on your tags. 

Next, you need to focus on the manufacturing method of the tags. Manufacturers commonly use the etching method and electroplating sensitization to produce attractive and stunning aluminum tags. If you’re unsure of the method that will be the best for your requirements, consult a leading aluminum tag manufacturer.

67. How to use aluminum tags?

Due to their lightweight, high durability, and long lifespan, you can use aluminum tags for different purposes. Apart from their most common use of asset tagging, you can use color-coded tags for functional purposes like company branding. You can also consider aluminum barcode tags to fulfill equipment tracking purposes.

68. How to make aluminum tags?

You’ll need a sheet of aluminum, a metal cutting tool, hammer, metal letter punch kit, sandpaper, and tin snips. You’ll also need to keep a pencil, a ruler, and an electric drill handy. First, measure and mark the tags in a grid and cut the pieces. You may need to hammer the pieces to make them flat. 

After that, use the tin snips to create angles on your tags’ tops. Next, use sandpaper to soften the edges of your tags. Now, create holes at the tags’ tops using the electric drill. Finally, use the letter punch kit to add letters to your aluminum tags and you’ve done it!

69. How to order aluminum tags?

First, you need to identify the specific application for which you’re requiring the aluminum tags. Are you going to use the tags outdoors where they’ll be exposed to harsh conditions? Or, will you be using them in an indoor environment? Choosing the right kind of aluminum tags depends on your answers. 

For instance, Metal electroplating tags are ideal for outdoor environments whereas you can use screen printed tags for indoor use. After that, you need to decide on the information, design, and size of your tags. Once you’ve decided all these, simply visit your chosen aluminum tag manufacturer’s website and place your order online.

70. How to stamp metal tags?

Stamping Aluminum metal Tags
Figure 11 Stamping Aluminum metal Tags

There’re two methods that you can use to stamp your metal tags. The first one is stamping the tags manually and the second is using a metal tag stamping machine. If you do it manually, you’ll need tools including metal stamps, a stamping hammer, and a stamping tape. 

Note that this option is not only time-consuming but requires some expertise as well. On the contrary, a metal tag stamping machine makes your production cycle short and offers better process efficiency.

71. How fast aluminum tags can be shipped?

It depends on two factors – how soon do you need them and the capability of your chosen aluminum tag manufacturer. While manufacturers usually take a few weeks to ship your tags, you may choose faster shipping to expedite the process. However, you’ll most likely need to pay additional charges to avail that service.

72. Is aluminum tags durable?

Yes, aluminum tags can easily withstand harsh working conditions and can last for decades without losing their readability. However, the durability can change depending on your application and the process you choose to apply to the tags. For example, Metal electroplating, stamped, or embossed aluminum tags tend to last much longer than screen-printed tags.

73. Is aluminum tags flexible?

Yes, aluminum tags come with high flexibility. In fact, aluminum is one of those materials that you can use to produce extremely thin yet flexible tags. This is the key reason you can easily find them on curved equipment like cables and pipes, and uneven surfaces.

74. Is aluminum tags heat resistant?

Heat resistance is one of the key features that have made aluminum tags extremely popular. If you use Metal electroplating aluminum tags, they can withstand an impressive temperature limit of 6500F. You can apply an additional treatment process to these tags to extend the resistance up to 12000F. Therefore, you can easily use these tags in high-heat environments and industrial high-heat processes.

75. Is aluminum tags corrosion resistant?

Corrosive Resistant
Figure 12 Corrosive Resistant

Yes, aluminum tags are one of the best corrosion-resistant tags that you can use in a diverse range of conditions. In addition, you can strengthen this property by applying the anodizing process to your tags. This is one of the key reasons industries prefer to use aluminum tags as a long-lasting solution.

76. Are aluminum tags affordable?

Aluminum tags are much affordable compared to brass and stainless steel tags. This is because aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust. And manufacturers apply advanced technologies to make the process of producing pure aluminum from Bauxite ore easier. Moreover, aluminum can be recycled easily meaning you can get a high scrap value for your tags.

77. Are aluminum tags great in business?

Of course! By using aluminum tags for your tagging and branding purposes you can enjoy a multitude of benefits. Some of these include durability, versatility, cost-effectiveness, heat resistance, cold resistance, tarnish resistance, water resistance, and long lifespan. Additionally, these tags offer a great look, which automatically enhances the style quotient of the items they’re attached to.

78. Are aluminum number plates legal?

If you live in the UK, aluminum number plates can be completely legal providing your vehicle meets some regulations. First, if you registered your vehicle before 1980, it comes under the “classic” category of the DVLA. 

It makes you legally entitled to use aluminum number plates in your vehicle. You may also use aluminum number plates if they adhere to the British Standard BS AU 145e regulations. Note that in any case, you must buy the number plates from a legal supplier.

79. Are there double-sided aluminum tags?

You can use double-sided aluminum tags for different types of indoor and outdoor applications. Since markings don’t show through the other side, you can easily indent both sides of these tags. You need to use wires, nails, thumbtacks, or staples to attaché these tags to your items.

80. Can I get a sample of aluminum tags?

Samples of Aluminum Tags
Figure 13 Samples of Aluminum Tags

Some leading aluminum tag manufacturers and suppliers offer free samples to their potential customers. You need to either fill in a ‘Request Samples” form on their websites or email them.

 You’d need to provide some details including your name, your email address, and the application(s) where you’ll use the tags. You’d also need to enter a detailed delivery address where the manufacturer or supplier will ship the sample tags.

81. Can custom designs be double-sided?

Yes, you can purchase double-sided aluminum tags customized according to your requirements and preferences from some reputable manufacturers. Different sides of the tags can have different custom designs. 

For example, you can choose an image to be on one side and text on the other side. Just remember, since these tags are made to order, you won’t be able to return ordered items. Therefore, you must finalize the designs before the production process starts.

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