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All the things we made, we create them with you in our minds. From the designs to productions, our team ensures that you will receive products of exceptional quality.

At Foison Metal, we treat our anodized aluminum black as part of ourselves. All products we offer are 100% customizable, which means that you can turn them in any shape, design, size, and color you want.

Beyond that, we only use solid and sturdy materials in processing your orders to keep them aligned with your specifications and styles. Moreover, our team of couriers will deliver your orders in just a matter of days.

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Foison Metal ensures to maintain a 24/7 customer service to accommodate your orders and queries.


Foison Metal produces 100% authentic and brand-new products to surpass your standards.


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You can make anything out of the anodized aluminum black provided by Foison Metal.


Foison Metal ensures that our anodized aluminum black won’t have negative effects on the environment.


Foison Metal’s anodized aluminum black is durable and long-lasting, which is perfect for long-term use.


Compared to steel, Foison Metal’s anodized aluminum black is one-third lighter.


Get the right worth of your money by ordering the anodized aluminum black by Foison Metal.

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Foison Metal supplies anodized aluminum black around the world that are highly resistant to solvents and chemicals. All our products are perfect to meet your personal needs and business requirements.

Despite a continuous increase in our product quality, we keep their prices at a bare minimum, which allows all business owners to avail and try what we have.

If you need high-grade products for your shop, Foison Metal is the best option!

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Foison Metal is a Reputable Brand of Anodized Aluminum Black

Foison Metal has established its reputation for several years in the service. We create items that catch the interest of our partners and clients. Our main goal as a team is to constantly produce products with exceptional value and quality at the lowest price range.

Anodized Aluminum Black FAQs & Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is Anodized Aluminum Black?

Black Steel Credit Card​

Anodized aluminum black refers to a metal that has undergone an electrochemical process with a black color finish. The surface metal is made into an embellished, durable, and anodic finish. 

The process also makes the aluminum black to be resistant to peeling, UV rays, scratches, and chipping. The ultimate color used is black made from various metals.

 It is applied to enhance the thickness of the natural oxide coating on the exterior part of the metal. It should not be used with salt, lime, or other building materials to evade slow corrosion.

The process is done with the use of various anodizing acids like sulphuric acids and chromic acids. 

Also, the anodized aluminum metal can be dyed under regulated temperatures to avoid bristling to give it a metallic sheen.

 The anodized aluminum black can be used in aerospace, automotive industry, and architecture.

1.2 What are The Advantages of Anodized Aluminum Black?

Just like any other substance, the anodized aluminum black has its benefits.

 It is used to enhance material properties by adding corrosion resistance, UV rays’ resistance, scratches, and harsh weather conditions.

 This also means that the metal that has been coated will not peel due to the resistant layer added to it. It is advantageous since it does not require regular cleaning and upgrading.

 In addition, it has an insulating property where the electrical conductivity of the metals will be relatively low.

 Also, it has aesthetic features and metallic shine that are brought about by the use of different finishing methods. They are appealing to the eye making it stand out.

 Anodizing your aluminum will make it last longer and become more durable. This will end up saving maintenance costs as opposed to paintings that have to be done within a given time frame.

Furthermore, it does not pose any health risks to the clients. It is non-toxic and does not decay with time. It is resistant to heat even when subjected to the melting point of metals.

1.3 What Are the Tips I Should Consider When Choosing Anodized Aluminum Black?

As a client, you should know basic tips when choosing the anodized aluminum black to get the best out of the market.

 Look for tolerances since this process adds an extra layer for protection to the aluminum.  Also, check for edges and corners to avoid heat concentration at one place leading to burns.

 The corners and edges need to have a radius of 0. 5mm. Remember to add a finishing option of your choice to the anodized aluminum black for a smooth surface.

 In addition, choose to work with batches of anodized aluminum black to increase color concentration to the products and enhance consistency.

1.4 How Is Anodizing Done On Anodized Aluminum Black?

Getting your aluminum black anodized is a simple process. There are different steps involved to achieve the final look.

 Firstly, the aluminum metal has to be cleaned thoroughly to remove and dirt particles and debris. The metal has to be free from any dents, roughness, and pollutions that can prevent the process. The aluminum pieces are placed into an electrolytic solution where a direct current is involved. It then results in a positive electric charge in the aluminum and a negative charge in the mixture’s electrolyte sheets. 

The reaction leads to an electrochemical reaction that bonds the components creating an aluminum oxide.

 This is the protective layer that covers the anodized aluminum black making it durable and resistant to many factors.

1.5 Where Can I Get Anodized Aluminum Black?

 You can get the anodized aluminum black from our company. We have specialized in the manufacture of quality and durable products. 

We also have a free lifetime consultation for our clients where we can offer after-sales services. Our prices are friendly and the lead time is reasonable. 

We have a variety of designs and types for anodized aluminum black. In addition, our company is certified by the regulatory body to fulfill the requests of our clients.

1.6 Where Is the Anodized Aluminum Black Used?

Figure 2. Use of Anodized Aluminum Black

There are various places where anodized aluminum can be used.

 It includes metal appliances, jewelry, structures, motor vehicles elements, architectures, artworks, and even furniture. Anything can be coated to enhance durability and resistance. 

1.7 Which Finishing Options Are Applied On Anodized Aluminum Black?

The finishing styles applied on anodized aluminum black can be divided into three major categories. It includes mechanical, chemical and coatings.

 In addition, we have specific types that are used to bring out a smooth and clear finish. They include:

  • Electroplating: here the chemicals are mixed to form a layer of protection to the anodized aluminum black.
  • Hot blackening: it is where heat is used to produce a coating to the anodized aluminum black. 

The color used is black which is mostly applied on firearms or heavy-duty metals. The main advantage is to increase the scratch resistance of the metal.

  • Sandblasting: it gives the metal a glossy and matte finish. It is mostly used on softer metals and the artwork designers must use protective gears for safety.
  •  Metal plating: here a metal coat is mixed with salts to make a durable substance that is then applied to the anodized aluminum black.

1.7 Which Are the Different Types of Anodized Aluminum Black Processes?

As a client, you should be able to know the different types of anodized aluminum black and their advantages. 

Each of them has different properties that end up giving different results to the aluminum. They include:

  • Chromic acid anodizes: it is also known as type 1 anodize. This is used to make a very light anodizing layer on the metal.

 It achieves the main goal of adding resistance but has reduced color inclusion when it undergoes the dying process.

  • Sulphuric acid anodizes: it is referred to as type 2 anodize. Here we use Sulphur instead of chromic acid to make the anodizing layer.

 It has a thickness of 0.0002 that is added on the aluminum black. When it comes to dying, it gives the best results due to its weight.

  • Hardcoat anodizes: it can be called type 3 anodize. In this process, we still use sulphuric acid that brings out a thicker layer compared to type 2 anodize. 

This coating is added on anodized aluminum black to enhance abrasion resistance and hardness.

1.8 What Is the Major Difference Between the Types of Anodized Aluminum Black?

Deciding which type of anodized aluminum black to use is an important decision to our clients at large. Look at the different properties they have and their effectiveness.

 You have to make comparisons based on their properties like applications, corrosion resistance, coating thickness, wear resistance, porosity, and appearance.

 Type 1 uses chromic acid to make the coating layer on the anodized aluminum black to increase resistance. Due to its thickness size, it is ideal for making aerospace products. 

Type 2 uses sulphuric acid to make the coating layer for anodized aluminum black. It is commonly used in making kitchenware and architectural parts.

Type 3 is similar to type two except in thickness size. It is mostly used in products that need to endure harsh conditions like weather, heat, and chemicals.

 It is preferred by the military due to its heavy metals.

1.9 Which Metals Are Used in Making Anodized Aluminum Black?

The anodized aluminum black is made from aluminum metals. This is due to their ability to get anodized and their abrasion resistance nature. 

They have good anodizing properties as compared to other metals.

1.10 How Durable Are the Metals Used in Production of Aluminum Black?

We chose aluminum to make the anodized aluminum black due to its durable properties. They have high abrasion resistance, wear and tear, no peeling or chipping of the surfaces. 

They also have a long time guarantee.

1.11 1What Are the Unique Properties of Metals Used in Making Anodized Aluminum Black?

The metal used in making the anodized aluminum black is cost-effective to be able to be used by all the business people.

 The metals are readily available to ensure a continuous supply for making different products. Also, they add an aesthetic value to products that are eye-catchy with unique designs.

 The metals can be recycled to save costs and to reduce the wastes in the environment.

 In addition, they have a high resistance to UV rays and can withstand all the harsh weather conditions.

 They offer high solar reflectivity that is corrosion resistant due to the anodized coating. Lastly, they have an aesthetic value that makes buildings stand out with cool finishing options.

1.12 Does Anodized Aluminum Black Need to Be Protected from Corrosion?

Figure 3. Corrossion-free Anodized Aluminum Black

One of the major benefits of anodized aluminum black is its high corrosion resistance ability. It does not rust due to the additional protective layer added to it.

 However, when exposed to things like salts, lime, concrete, and building materials it will lead to fading and staining due to the contaminant aspects. 

Ensure that you keep them far from the contaminants to achieve their maximum ability.

1.13 What Makes the Anodized Aluminum Black Have a Feature of Metallic Sheen?

The anodized aluminum black will have a metallic sheen look due to two reasons. It usually happens after the black color has been added to the metal. 

Firstly, it is due to the light arresting the exterior part of the metal intermingling with the black color making it shine.

 Secondly, due to the electrochemical process that took place during the anodization of the metal. The surfaces will remain shiny as long as they are stricken by any source of light.

1.14 What Are the Acids Used in Making Anodized Aluminum Black?

There are two main types of acids used in making the anodized aluminum black. We use chromic and sulphuric acids. 

The chromic acid is used on type 1 while the Sulphur is used on type 2 and type 3. This is greatly determined by the thickness of the metal coating.

1.15 Does Anodized Aluminum Black Need Any Cleaning?

  For starters, the anodized aluminum black has very high-quality properties. This means that the maintenance costs are very minimal.

 The client can wipe the surfaces with the use of a damp cloth or use mild alcohol to act as a sterilizer. 

This is just to remove any dirt and to sterilize the surfaces to keep them shiny.

1.16 Does Anodize On Anodized Aluminum Black Wear Off After some time?

The main purpose of anodized aluminum black is to keep it protected and to increase the resistance. This means that an anodized aluminum black should not wear off for decades. 

The black color cannot be peeled or chipped off for years. Also, note that the thickness of the layer affects the duration of the protection.

 Type 2 and 3 will last longer than type 1. In addition, dyed anodized black will last for more than 5 years.

1.17 How Do I Tell If the Process of Anodized Aluminum Black Was Successful?

There are various ways to help you check if the process of anodizing the anodized aluminum black was successful.

 Firstly, look for a matte finish look. When anodization has taken place, it will always create a matte look on the product. Also, you can use a scratch test to tell if it has been anodized.

 Use a coin to scratch the surface. If it is visible, then the surface has just been painted and not anodized. Check for the color spreading on the surface of the anodized aluminum black.

 It should result in uniform color and no patches achieved by painting. 

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 4. Design and Customization of Anodized Aluminum Black

2.1 Which Colors Do the Anodized Aluminum Black Come with?

The main color for anodized aluminum is black in color black. We chose black due to its great properties. It gives the metal a metallic shine and matte finish. It adds aesthetic value to products too. 

2.3 What Are the Available Sizes for Anodized Aluminum Black?

The anodized aluminum black re available in three main sizes namely small, medium, and large. The client can choose during order placement which size is best for them.

2.4 Which Thicknesses Are Allowed for Anodized Aluminum Black?

We have three types of anodized aluminum black each with its thickness size. Type 1 has 0.0001 inches, type 2 has between 0.0001 and 0.0002 inches while type 3 has more than 0.0002 inches.

2.5 Am I Allowed to Customize My Design for Anodized Aluminum Black?

Yes. We allow our clients to share their designs with us for a unique and perfect anodized aluminum black.

 It is a way of encouraging diversity and creating new ideas for the artwork designers and everyone at large.

2.6 What Are the Benefits of Customizing Anodized Aluminum Black?

Customizing your anodized aluminum black can make you an owner of the design. The client has a unique product that makes it stand out among the others. 

It will be noticeable and the message will also be clear.

2.7 Are The Materials Used in Making Anodized Aluminum Black Recyclable?

Figure 5. Materials used in making Anodized Aluminum Black

The metals that are used for making anodized aluminum black are recyclable. It leads to saving costs and protecting the environment from wastage.

2.8 Which Fonts Are Used On Anodized Aluminum Back?

We have some rules that we follow before deciding on a font to use on anodized aluminum black.

 Firstly, do not use two fonts that are similar because it will make it hard to differentiate the two. Do not use many fonts in one place to remove ambiguity.

 We use Arial, Helvetica, and times new roman. If you have any other selection, choose it when placing your order on our website for anodized aluminum black.

2.9 Will My Design for Anodized Aluminum Black Be Confidential?

As a company, we are led by the code of confidentiality and privacy of our clients’ particulars.

We are not in a position to share any details in regards to clients’ orders and information that is against our values and violation of privacy.

However, with the permission of the client, we share the designs on our website with his knowledge.

 It is a way of marketing and promoting personalized designs for anodized aluminum black.

2.10 Can You Mix More Than One Design for Anodized Aluminum Black to Come Up with A Unique Product?

Yes. We can mix different designs to make a unique anodized aluminum black.

 During order placement, select the designs or share your preferred designs for customization at no extra cost.

 After we have combined them, the client will have to preview and sign the agreement before we make the final product.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 6. Order and Payment

3.1 What Is the Average Cost of Anodized Aluminum Black?

The average price for anodized aluminum black is determined by many conditions. Firstly, the number of pieces ordered will have a huge impact on the price.

 When you order more than 100 pieces we consider it a bulk order meaning you are entitled to a reduced price. 

Also, the customization and design used, the delivery place and the type of delivery will have an influence. 

However, we will send you an invoice before we begin the production process for you to approve.

3.2 How Do I Place an Order for Anodized Aluminum Black?

Order placement on our platform for anodized aluminum black is efficient and simple. Ensure the design is in acceptable file format to give our artwork designers ample time.

 On the order form, fill the required fields with as many details as possible for a perfect design. There is a blank box for you to attach your preferred file in cases of customization.

 Click on submit the form and we will get back with an invoice of the total costs before we proceed to the next stage. 

3.3 What Is the Lead Time for Anodized Aluminum Black?

Generally, we take 7 working days to fulfill the production of anodized aluminum black. It has to undergo various stages and we need to ensure that we deliver quality products.

 In case of other arrangements, we can discuss them and change the agreement. We also have a rush production which is costly and is mostly during emergencies or crises.

3.4 What Are the Accepted Payment Methods for Anodized Aluminum Black?

We use universally accepted payment methods so that we can include everyone. The available payment methods are MasterCard, Credit card, and PayPal.

 In case of any difficulties, talk to our customer team for support.

3.5 Are Partial Payments Accepted for Anodized Aluminum Black?

Currently, we do not accept any partial payments for anodized aluminum black. We advise our clients to save with their banks until they have enough funds. 

Also, they can take loans that they can pay partially as per their agreement.

3.6 What Is the Minimum Number of Anodized Aluminum Black I Can Order at A Given Time?

Figure 7. MOQ for Anodized Aluminum Black

The minimum number of anodized aluminum black a client can order is 100 pieces. However, we can have negotiation as we are flexible enough on a need-to-need basis.

3.7 What Is Your Take On Bulk Orders for Anodized Aluminum Black?

We do not have any issue in regards to bulk orders as we can meet all the needs of our clients.

 We are fully equipped with the right machines and manpower to handle whatever comes our way.

3.8 Is Your Website for Anodized Aluminum Black Use Friendly?

Yes. Our website is simple and can be navigated by any person. The commands are direct with the use of simple language. 

A client can know all the details in regards to anodized aluminum black through our website.

 It is also available in different languages where the client can switch to their preferred language.

 Additionally, we have a voice command that can translate your details for better understanding.

3.9 Is It Possible to Preview My Order Before Making a Payment for Anodized Aluminum Black?

One of our rules is that a client should be able to preview their artwork for anodized aluminum black before the actual production is done.

 Here is where we make adjustments and any necessary changes to the design to fit the clients’ ideas. 

Thereafter, the agreement is signed and the payment is done then we begin the actual process of production.

3.10 How Do I Get the Samples of Anodized Aluminum Black?

Yes. We offer samples for anodized aluminum black to our clients. They need to see and feel the quality of our work and make the decision of buying from us. 

There are many samples uploaded on our library where clients can have a look at at no cost. 

We also accept walk-in clients who get the chance to visit and learn more about the anodized aluminum black.

 Lastly, we can have them sent to your address at a cost depending on your location. Refer to the sales agreement for further details.

3.11 When Is the Appropriate Time to Make a Payment for Anodized Aluminum Black?

Generally, we expect all payments to be done before any process is done for anodized aluminum black. This includes delivery fees, production costs, and any other related costs.

 However, we have contacts with other companies where they have different payment plans. They can make payments even after delivery has been done.

 The conditions are explained well in our agreement. Let us know if we can talk about having such a deal with you.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 8. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How Long Does It Take to Receive My Anodized Aluminum Black?

Generally, we take 3 working days to deliver the anodized aluminum black. It will depend on various elements experienced during delivery.

 It could be customs clearance challenges or any possible challenge. However, we will be in touch with the recipient about any developing problem. 

The client can also track the status of the delivery using the order number on our website.

4.2 Which Are the Shipping Companies Used for Anodized Aluminum Black?

There are different shipping companies that we use to deliver the anodized aluminum black. We choose a courier that is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. 

We can either use DHL, UPS, FedEx, or Shippo. If you have a particular preference, let us know during order placement.

4.3 How Is the Anodized Aluminum Black Packed for Transportation?

The anodized aluminum black is sealed during packaging to ensure they are safe for delivery. 

Sealing them reduces the wear resistance while increasing the corrosion resistance of the anodized aluminum black. It also prevents it from attracting dirt, oil, and impurities.

4.4 Who Is Responsible for Shipping Fees for Anodized Aluminum Black?

The shipping fees for anodized aluminum black are paid by the client mostly during order placement. It helps us in the essential and prior planning of our work.

 It will also show surety and commitment towards purchasing them. Let us know how we can move further together as per the agreement.

4.5 Do I Need to Be Present During Delivery of Anodized Aluminum Black?

Yes. It is crucial when the owner of the anodized aluminum black is present on delivery due to some important decisions. 

This is because they have all the needed documents and they can tell if we have packaged the correct products. 

Also, they are in a position to lodge a claim immediately to us for further assistance and follow-up. However, we allow a representative as long as they meet our conditions.

4.6 Are There Any Shipping Restrictions for Anodized Aluminum Black?

Figure 9. Shipping Restrictions for Anodized Aluminum Black

The good thing is that we do not have any limits concerning the delivery of anodized aluminum black. There are shipping companies that are ready to fulfill their job in all parts.

 However, we will communicate in case of changes due to security threats, covid 19 challenges, and anything that comes onboard.

4.7 What Are the Fundamentals for A Delivery of Anodized Aluminum Black to Be Successful?

There are basic components you should ensure to have to ensure that successful delivery is done for anodized aluminum black.

 A client should be able to place a request with all the required specifications and get an agreement from us.

 Then proceed to preview the design of the anodized aluminum black before making a payment.  

At this juncture, it will now depend on us to finalize the production process and deliver to your preferred destination.

4.8 Do I Need to Check the Anodized Aluminum Black On Delivery?

Yes. A client is allowed to check their anodized aluminum black on delivery to ensure it is in a good condition.

 Check for any signs of damages or dents that could have occurred during transportation. When fully satisfied, proceed to sign the delivery sheet for the driver.

4.9 Is It Possible to Track the Status of Anodized Aluminum Black?

As a company, we have embraced technology to ensure our clients are served right with utmost comfortability.

 For this reason, we have put in place trackers to help the clients know the status of their products.

 Using your order number, log into our website to see how far or when you are likely to receive your anodized aluminum black.

4.10 What Happens If I Receive a Defected Anodized Aluminum Black?

It will be quite ruinous for such to happen and we are greatly remorseful for that. The client is advised to fill the replacement form that is available on our website.

 Attach all the documents needed to facilitate the process of replacing the anodized aluminum black by our crew of experts. You can take pictures if possible too. 

Once we receive the claim, we will check the nature of the damage to know who was responsible and the cause.

 Depending on the reason, we will either take full responsibility or charge the shipping company for mishandling our package. 

The client will not be charged for the replacement whatsoever and we will work to replace the package as a priority.

4.11 What Are the Conditions for A Rush Delivery of Anodized Aluminum Black?

We have a rush program for the delivery of anodized aluminum black although the costs are quite high. The order placement should be done by 9 am on the same day.

 Although for international deliveries, it takes 2 working days without any clearance challenges at the customs.

4.12 What If I Experience Challenges During Delivery of Anodized Aluminum Black?

We have a team of experts who have knowledge and expertise on matters of anodized aluminum black.

 They work all the time to ensure all the challenges of the clients are solved as expected. Reach out at any time for our assistance and guidance for anodized aluminum black.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 10. Replacement and Return

5.1 What Is the Procedure of Making a Replacement Request for Anodized Aluminum Black?

The process of placing a request for anodized aluminum black is simple as long as the client has all the needed details.

 Firstly, open the replacement form found on our homepage and fill in the details. Ensure that you submit it 72 hours after delivery. We will retort with the outcome of our findings.

5.2 Who Qualifies for A Replacement for Anodized Aluminum Black?

A replacement of anodized aluminum black can be offered to clients who receive different products from their order. 

These clients again are not ready to undergo the replacement procedures due to various reasons. 

Also, those who receive defected anodized aluminum black are eligible for a replacement of the product. 

We also encounter clients who want to make changes to their products at a cost. It could be within the same price range or a bit higher.

5.3 What Are the Prerequisite for A Replacement of Anodized Aluminum Black to Take Place?

There are certain documents that we will need before processing the replacement for anodized aluminum black.

 The client should submit the transaction code, the payment receipt, shipping address, and the delivered package within 72 hours after delivery.

5.4 What Is the Average Time Taken for A Replacement of Anodized Aluminum to Be Completed?

We usually take 7 days to replace the anodized aluminum black. There are different stages that the replacement claim has to undergo before delivery.

 We will ensure that we work on it first to avoid inconveniencing the clients. However, we can negotiate on how to go about it with the client to achieve a balance between both parties. 

5.5 Do You Accept Returns?

Yes. We accept returns for anodized aluminum black that are not customized. It applies to clients who receive mistaken packages and are not willing to apply for a replacement.

 In this case, we refund 50% of the total cost if a refund claim is placed within 24hours. Ensure that all the documents are attached as per our agreement.

5.6 Who Is Charged for The Costs Involved in The Replacement Process for Anodized Aluminum Black?

The cost to be paid will be determined by the reason for conducting a replacement for anodized aluminum black.

 If it is because of a defect that occurred due to a manufacturing error, then we will assume full responsibility. Also, if we delivered mistaken products we will be liable for all the costs.

 If the defect occurred because of mishandling during transportation, then we will bill the shipping company directly.

 If the client decides to make changes to the delivered anodized aluminum black, they will be responsible for all the charges.

5.7 What Is the Maximum Number of Times Is a Client Entitled to Replacement of Anodized Aluminum Black?

Currently, there is no limit on the number of times a client qualifies for a replacement of anodized aluminum black.

 As long as the reasons are legit, we will always carry out a replacement for our valued customers.

5.8 During Replacements, Is The Whole Package Taken or Just the Damaged Anodized Aluminum Black?

Mostly, we will recall the whole batch that was delivered for anodized aluminum black. This is because they need to be scrutinized by our team of professionals to avoid any future anomalies. 

Hence the reason to replace the whole anodized aluminum black.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 11. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 How Long Before a Refund for Anodized Aluminum Black Is Done?

Normally, we take 30 days to process a refund for anodized aluminum black. This is due to the many departments that it undergoes for approval. 

We have to check the authenticity of the case and follow up with the insurance claims for a refund to be issued. The funds are then credited to your bank account.

6.2 What Are Particulars Needed to Carry Out a Refund for Anodized Aluminum Black?

For a refund of anodized aluminum black to be successful, we will require the client to fill the refund claim form within 24hours.

 Attach the identification card, payment receipt, order number, and bank details.

6.3 Who Qualifies for A Refund of Anodized Aluminum Black?

A refund for anodized aluminum black is used for anyone who cancels an order before production is made.

 Also, the clients who get mistaken products on delivery receive a refund claim if they cannot apply for a replacement.

6.4 When Can I Make a Cancelation for Anodized Aluminum Black?

The cancelations for anodized aluminum black can only be done before production or during delivery.

 Both stages are entitled to different percentages of the total costs incurred as mentioned above.

6.5 Is There a Limit On the Number of Times I Can Cancel an Order for Anodized Aluminum Black?

No.  A client can make multiple cancels for anodized aluminum black as he wishes. 

However, our system marks the notorious cases that are barred from making transactions with us because of the trust issues generated. If this happens, talk to our crew of experts for assistance.

6.6 How Will I Know If My Order Cancelation for Anodized Aluminum Black Has Been Successful?

After the cancelation of an order for anodized aluminum black, the client will receive a reply from us in 12 hours.

Whether it was successful or not, we will answer the client for them to understand why we took that particular decision.

Send us a free inquiry request