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Foison Metal is the Best Designer of Eye-Catching Anodized Aluminum Card Blanks

Foison Metal is one of the best factories in China that serves millions of customers around the world. We produce only the finest aluminum cards with inspiring designs at an affordable price.

You can make an order for our anodized aluminum blanks in less than five minutes. All our products are posted on our website so you can access them conveniently.

Foison Metal treats you as our family. And as a team, we constantly aim for the improvement of our product quality and services to serve you better. We believe that our items could significantly improve your business.

About Our Service


Foison Metal produces products that can be used as signage or decoration for your company.

Fast Production

If you need anodized aluminum blank cards within a week, Foison Metal can make them for you.


All the anodized aluminum blanks you ordered in Foison Metal will be shipped within seven days.

Professional Designers

If you are looking for customized aluminum blanks for your shop, Foison Metal’s professional designers can help you.

Same Day Production

After receiving your orders, Foison Metal will immediately start generating the designs of anodized aluminum blanks to avoid late shipments.

Safe Delivery

Foison Metal has couriers around the world that will deliver your anodized aluminum blanks safe and sound.


Foison Metal’s anodized aluminum blanks are crafted using long-lasting and corrosion-resistant materials.

Smooth Finish

Foison Metal ensures that our anodized aluminum blanks have a smooth and shiny surface.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal is the Well-Liked Professional Manufacturer of Refined and Sophisticated Quality Anodized Aluminum Blanks

Brushed Anodized Aluminum Blank Card

This product is ideal to have a more customized business card.

Anodized Aluminum Blanks for Engraving

These products are ideal to achieve permanent marks on your cards.

Anodized Aluminum Blanks for Laser Engraving

Our laser-engraved aluminum blanks are durable and resistant to extreme conditions.

Anodized Aluminum Card Blanks

These card blanks are made with high-grade aluminum with a protective coating.


Foison Advanced METAL CARDS Manufacturing technology

0000 Metal Cards Productioon Process
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Foison Metal has a legacy in producing anodized aluminum blanks to market your company effectively. We aim to provide clients with the easiest and most convenient transaction experience.

Our company has a quality control team that thoroughly checks the quality of our items before the shipment. Our products and services are patronized by several customers throughout the world, ranging from retailers to big-time entrepreneurs.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


We ensure that your orders will be shipped in less than seven business days.

Crisp Designs

Our team releases fresh designs that will satisfy your needs.

High-End Machines

We use up-to-date equipment in preparing your orders.


We produce products that will match the theme and mission of your company.

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Foison Metal is the Remarkable Provider of Anodized Aluminum Blanks Worldwide

Foison Metal has a great passion and dedication to generating professional-looking anodized aluminum blanks. We accept requests and suggestions from our clients to make our services even better. Partnering with us will guarantee that your cards will create an instant and unforgettable impression.

Anodized Aluminum Blanks FAQs & Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What are anodized aluminum blanks?

Figure 1. Anodized Aluminum Blanks

Anodized aluminum blanks are metals gone through an electrochemical procedure with color finishes. The electrochemical process makes the metal surface durable, corrosion-resistant, and beautiful.

The anodized aluminum blanks become peeling resistant, not prone to scratches, and can’t be affected by the ultraviolet rays. During anodizing process acids like chromic acids and sulphuric acids are used to enhance durability.

1.2 What other materials are used to make anodized blanks apart from aluminum?

Although aluminum is considered the best for anodizing, other materials can be anodized. Among them being; steel and copper.

1.3 Apart from anodizing aluminum blanks how else can aluminum blanks be finished or coated?

If aluminum is not taken care of, it corrodes and becomes ugly. To avoid corrosion, aluminum requires proper coatings or finishes. At Foison Metal we offer various aluminum finishes to enhance durability. Besides anodizing our aluminum blanks we can also do the following finishes or coatings


These are physical processes that change surfaces through polishing and grinding. Types of mechanical finishes include;

  •         Patterned finishes-they can either be coined or embossed.
  •         Buffing finishes-this is the most bright mechanical finish because it  creates mirror reflectance
  •         directional textured finishes –it  creates limited reflectance with a smooth satin polish
  •         Non-directional textured finishes-generates a matt finish of different levels of roughness via blasting.

Blasting is a method that includes: shot blasting, sandblasting, and glass bead blasting


Through chemical finishes, aluminum surfaces are modified through one or different solutions. Aluminum metal is cleaned and made dirt-free. This is to prepare the metal to avoid interruption of reaction during the finishing procedure. The chemical finishes include anodizing and etching,

Etched aluminum blanks finish include,

  •         Conversion coating-this is used as a base on aluminum in preparation for painting. Although, conversion finishes  are used on another plating as post-treatment
  •         Bright finish –bright finishes are achieved by electropolishing. Through chemical brightening treatments, a fresh shiny experience is achieved
  •         Matte finish-matte finishes are categorized into coarse matt, medium matte, and fine matte. The etching treatment produces a different level of degrees of matte.

Organic coatings

The organic coating has several ways in which it can be applied. Among them being; spraying, flow coating, brushing, and dipping

1.4 How is anodizing done on anodized aluminum blanks?

There are various steps to be followed to achieve coming up with an anodized aluminum blank. The steps are as follows:

  •         Cleaning of the metal. This is to ensure that the metal has no dirt molecules. The metal should be freed from scratches, dirt, or pollutions that might be destructors during the anodizing process.
  •         After the cleansing process is done, the metal is put into an electrolyte mixture. A current is involved in this mixture resulting in a negative and a positive charge. The reaction between the two charges results in an electrochemical reaction that makes up aluminum oxide.

The oxide is the protective layer that makes the anodized aluminum blank durable.

1.5 How do I clean my anodized aluminum blanks?

Anodized aluminum blanks are of high quality hence very low maintenance costs are required. You can use a wet wipe to clean the surfaces of anodized aluminum blanks. This is to do away with dirt particles on the surfaces making them bright and shiny.

1.6 Where can I get anodized aluminum blanks?

Figure 2. Where to get Anodized Aluminum Blanks

At foison metal, we produce anodized aluminum blanks. We are the number one company in producing high quality anodized aluminum blanks

We, therefore, encourage you to purchase from us to enjoy the best services at the comfort of your disposal.

1.7 How durable are anodized aluminum blanks?

Anodized aluminum blanks can last for over 20 years. The durability depends on how the aluminum blank was anodized and the thickness of the product. They have high corrosion, abrasion resistance. They are not prone to wear and tear neither can the surfaces peel off nor get scratched. 

The above reasons make the anodized aluminum blanks last for a longer period. 

1.8 What are the benefits of anodized aluminum blanks?

      Make the aluminum retain its color due to the oxide layer, the metal retains its color and does not peel or wear off.

  • It’s pocket friendly-they are not as expensive as you may think, they are affordable.
  •    Its environmentally friendly-anodized aluminum blanks are non-toxic. They, therefore, don’t portray any risk
  • They are highly durable-anodized alumi8num blanks that can serve you for a longer time; they can last up to more than 20years.
  •    Attracts minimal maintenance-since they are highly durable, you are assured of saving on maintenance costs
  •   They are very attractive-due to different finishing methods, the anodized aluminum blanks become appealing to one’s eye thus very outstanding.

1.9 What is the purpose of anodizing aluminum blanks?

The importance of anodizing aluminum blanks is to secure the aluminum under them. The oxide above the aluminum is corrosive and abrasive resistant

1.10 Where can anodized aluminum blanks be used?

Anodized aluminum blanks have a wide range of uses and thus can be used anywhere. These places include:

  •         Jewelry
  •         Furniture
  •         Kitchen appliances
  •         Architectural work
  •         Artworks
  •         Vehicles among others

1.12 Is anodized aluminum blank hazardous to the environment and human health?

No, they are neither a threat to the environment nor human health and therefore they are environmentally friendly.

1.13 How should anodized aluminum blank be disposed of?

In case you don’t want the anodized aluminum card anymore disposing of it is not the best alternative that you can think of. You can choose other innovative alternatives that do not overwhelm the environment.

You are recommended to recycle the anodized aluminum blanks to reduce litter in the environment. Instead of throwing you can embrace the following:

  •         Recycle the anodized aluminum blanks
  •         Returning the anodized aluminum blank to our company
  •         You can reuse the anodized aluminum blanks

1.14 How can I know if my aluminum blank is anodized?

The well-known way of determining if your aluminum is anodized is by the use of a digital Multimeter. The tool is used in testing the conductivity of the surface of the aluminum blank. if a part is not anodized, it may conduct and produce a low resistance. If it gives a high resistance you will then know that the aluminum blank is anodized.

1.15 Is there a difference between aluminum and anodized aluminum?

Anodized aluminum blanks have outstanding look that makes them different from aluminum blank. Anodized aluminum blank is oxidized on its surface to avoid reacting. Although it is still conducted, its surface is very hard and much more durable

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 3. Design and Customization of Anodized Aluminum Blanks

2.1 Can anodized aluminum blanks be customized?

Yes, anodized aluminum blanks can be customized. We are also willing to make new designs thus making us more unique than any other company. Always share your thoughts and we shall come to an agreement that will suit your preferences.

2.2 Do you have various designs that a client can choose from?

Yes, we have a variety of designs that you can choose from. We also give you room to forward the design of your choice upon which we will strive to ensure you get the best that fulfills your urge. You will have to notify us through our website or contact us via phone calls.

We have all the information you need that will help you in choosing the best design. Before deciding on a certain design you should bear in mind the purpose of the anodized aluminum blanks

2.3 Any key factors put into consideration when choosing anodized aluminum blanks designs?

You should put the following factors into consideration before deciding on which design you should choose

  •         Functionality- what is the purpose of the anodized aluminum blank, you will pick the design considering its function
  •         The uniqueness-your anodized aluminum blank should be unique
  •         How the anodized aluminum blanks are finished
  •         The cost of the design

2.4 What are the preferred methods used to submit custom designs of anodized aluminum blanks?

Any communication between our clients is done through our website or email address. You will be needed to sign an account on our website. Through this, you will be able to send your preferable designs

Immediately after you forward the design template, we will reach you to give feedback on whether we will be able to produce the same

2.5 is there a list of standard sizes and shape for the anodized aluminum blanks?

Our website is the answer to your questions, and yes all the information needed is always available on our website. Therefore, we have a list of standard sizes and shapes for the anodized aluminum blanks. the  sizes come in small, medium, or large while shaps are as follows:

  •         Circular anodized  aluminum blanks
  •         Rectangular anodized  aluminum blanks
  •         Trapezium anodized  aluminum blanks
  •         Square anodized  aluminum blanks
  •         Bon shaped anodized  aluminum blanks
  •         Heart-shaped anodized  aluminum blanks

But remember, you are not limited to the above shapes and sizes of anodized aluminum blanks. You can always customize your preferred blanks according to sizes and shapes

2.6 Do you provide digital samples of anodized aluminum blanks before the production process?

Figure 4. Samples for Anodized Aluminum Blanks

Yes, all orders for anodized aluminum blanks digital samples are provided through your email address. You will be needed to give us an affirmation of satisfaction before we commence the production process. If you are contented with the digital proof samples, your order will be made.

2.7 do you have specific colors for anodized aluminum blanks?

No, we don’t have a specific color for anodized aluminum blanks. There is a chart showing colors with the respective prices. In a case that you prefer a color that is not on the chart, we shall make the production at an extra fee.

2.8 How long does it take to complete my order?

After we have approved your order we immediately start the production process. Time taken to complete your order depends on the design chosen. Simple designs need less time than complicated designs. For ordinary and simple anodized aluminum blanks we take 2-3 days while for the complicated ones we can be done after a week.

For more clarification visit our website and communicate to our customer care service team. We are always available to be at your service.

2.9 Do you offer samples of anodized aluminum blanks?

Yes, we offer freer samples of anodized aluminum blanks to our customers. For us to proceed with the production process of your order, we seek your consent. after confirming with us that the samples are ideal and that they meet your specification we will go ahead with the production process.

2.10 What are the determining factors for anodized aluminum blanks prices?

Anodized aluminum blanks have different prices depending on the following:

  •         Quantity of the anodized aluminum blanks
  •         Thickness anodized aluminum blanks
  •         The size of anodized aluminum blanks
  •         The type of finishing used on the anodized aluminum blanks
  •         How urgently do you want your anodized aluminum blanks

2.11 What should I consider when choosing materials for anodized aluminum blanks?

Before deciding on the material to be used on your anodized aluminum blanks you have to put some considerations into place. They include:

  •         the function of the blank
  •         how much do you want to spend
  •         how available is the material
  •         your type of design
  •         how thick you want your blanks to be
  •         how you want your blank to be finished

2.12 Is there room for modification of anodized aluminum blanks after making an order?

Yes, we modify anodized aluminum blanks to suit your preferences. You have the liberty to choose the color or shape of your choice on your anodized aluminum blank.

2.13 Does anodized aluminum blank wear off?

No, anodized aluminum blanks do not wear off. Unless you use acid to wipe or wash it on purpose it will wear off. The metal has a thick layer of oxide protecting it from peeling off. The anodizing process. 

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 5. Order and Payment

3.1 Why should I purchase anodized aluminum blanks from your company?

You should consider purchasing anodized aluminum blanks from us because we have the best customer service. You are free to contact us because we are always flexible to serve our customers.

At Foison Metal, we honor our promises. In case of faults on the order made we ensure it is solved to make you comfortable.

3.2 What is your ordering procedure?

For you to order from us you should follow the following procedure:

  •         Contact us either through our website or phone call
  •         Make a specification of your order by choosing from our website
  •         Make approval of the digital proof forward to your mail address
  •         Make a payment of the purchase

3.3 Do you have a price list for the customized anodized aluminum blanks?

Yes, we do have a price list of anodized aluminum blanks on our website. The charges depend on the design, type of material, and quantity of the anodized aluminum blanks ordered

3.4 Do you provide your customers with details of the order before you receive payment?

Yes, we provide you with details of your order after making an order.  We will mail you all the information concerning your order upon which you will approve if they satisfy you. Then you will make payment after which we will start production of your order. 

3.5 After how long can I place an order after payment of another order?

You are not limited on the number of anodized aluminum blanks that you should order. As long as you have done payment of the previous order. But you should confirm that the previous order is approved before proceeding to order another product. 

3.6 Do you have a limitation on quantities of anodized aluminum blanks that I should order?

 We don’t have a maximum limitation on the purchase of anodized aluminum blanks, but we have a minimum limitation on any order.  Locally we offer 100 pieces as a minimum order while internationally, you will need to order not less than 2000 pieces.

3.7 For how long should I wait to receive my order after production?

Figure 6. Ordering period for Anodized Aluminum Blanks

Tim for delivery depends on where the package is to be delivered. If it is to be delivered locally, it takes 2-3 days. If it is to b delivered internationally, it takes 1-2weeks for the package to be delivered.

3.8 What form of payment do you accept?

We have various forms upon which you can make payments. Among them being, PayPal, western union, bank transfers, or even the use of credit cards just to mention a few.

3.9 After how long do you issue payment receipts of the placed order?

We immediately issue a payment receipt upon receiving the payment notification. We can only delay in case we experience network failure but you are assured of immediate feedback as soon as it gets back.

3.10 Can I change the order of anodized aluminum blanks after payment?

You have to be very vigilant and quick to communicate with us about your choices. You are given a day to in case you and to make changes. After the production is in the process there is no room to make changes

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 7. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Do you have information on the shipping prices of anodized aluminum blanks?

Any details concerning the shipping prices are on our social media handles. Feel at ease on contacting us for more information. You will be able to inquire and get instant feedback from us.

4.2 What options do you have on modes of shipping and delivery of anodized aluminum blanks?

Our shipping modes and options depend on how far is the place. The options include;

  •         Delivery to the warehouse in your locality where you will collect the package by yourself
  •         Delivery at the doorstep
  •         International shipment
  •         Express delivery

In case of an international order, w advise our customers to opt for Aliexpress or DHL among others. If the orders are local, we use tracks from insured companies to deliver your orders at your disposal.

Before you decide on shipment companies you have to bear the following in mind:

  •         The type of courier
  •         How large is the package of anodized aluminum blanks
  •         Where the order should b delivered
  •         The time frame  for the delivery

4.3 Do you possess warehouses for the anodized aluminum blanks?

Yes, we have large warehouses for anodized aluminum blanks. In addition, we have extra storage spaces in case of more orders. If you need more information always contact us for clarifications.

4.4 How do you ensure delivery datelines are met?

At Foison Metal, we have a well-structured delivery system. Our delivery services are don globally. In case of emergency, we involve other shipping options. Our system is very flexible to ensure we offer the best services to our clients. For this reason, the ordered anodized aluminum blanks are delivered on time.

Our scheduling system is flexible and adequate which makes it effective to account for all our orders without overlaps. This ensures that the aluminum business card is delivered within the specified period.

4.5 After how long should I receive my anodized aluminum blanks?

 The time to receive your anodized aluminum blanks depends on where you come from. If you reside within the company’s locality, it will take about 3-4 days. In cash you art from a different country, it will take about one week to two weeks

4.6 What do you put into consideration when pricing for shipping charges of anodized aluminum blanks?

Figure 8. Price charges for Anodized Aluminum Blanks

We have consideration put in place when charging delivery and shipping of anodized aluminum blanks. The following factors should be considered.

  •         The location to which the anodized aluminum blanks should be delivered.
  •         The courier for shipment
  •         How bulky the package of anodized aluminum blanks is
  •         Taxation  according to the country in which the package is delivered
  •         The number of anodized aluminum blanks

4.7 What measures have you put in place in ensuring the safety of my parcel?

We have measures put in place to ensure the safety of your package from shipment till delivery. Our safety measures are as follows:

  •         Clear labeling of the package-this entails the code number and how the package should be handled
  •         Recording of the package at checkpoints while on transit-this enables tracking in case of delays or theft you can track the package is. During check-ups, the packages are thoroughly done to ensure the quantity and quality are fine.

4.8 What kind of documents do I have to show before collecting my parcel?

Before you are allowed to collect your package, you will have to produce documents confirming that you own the package. They include;

  •         An original identification card or a passport
  •         An original  and full payment receipt of the goods ordered
  •         A copy of the invoice and delivery note  of what you ordered

4.9 How is the quality of anodized aluminum blanks ensured?

At Foison Metal, we work so hard to ensure we meet the quality standards of our anodized aluminum blanks. We use a high-quality packing system for the package to be secure. During shipment, we also conduct thorough check-ups to ensure availability and that they are in perfect condition

4.10 What details are included in the parcel to be delivered?

The package should contain some information for it to be traced easily. The details entail;

  •         Recipients of the package
  •         The delivery address
  •         The provider of the delivery service

·         A package of anodized aluminum blanks well-sealed  and having foison’s logo

4.11 What policies do you have on the non-delivery of anodized aluminum blanks?

In case the stipulated time of delivery elapses and you have not received your package, you should immediately contact us. Upon contacting us we will work to ensure you get the necessary assistance required. You will therefore provide the following details that will help us trace your package.

  •         A national identification card or a passport
  •         The logo or the name of the manufacturer
  •         The media of delivery that you had chosen
  •         The date that you made your order
  •         The order number
  •         A receipt showing payment of the order

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 9. Return and Replacement of Anodized Aluminum Blanks

5.1 Do you have a replacement and return policy for anodized aluminum blanks?

Yes, we have policies on replacement and returns well-structured- on our website and other social media handles. Clients who receive defected anodized aluminum blanks are eligible for returns and replacement. 

If you also receive a package that isn’t yours you will have to return for a replacement. And if you are also willing to replace the package you will need to pay an extra cost. 

Visit our site and get to understand our policies on the anodized aluminum blanks. In case you don’t understand our customer service team is always ready to be at your service.

5.2 Which quality standards do you put in place to avoid replacement and returns of anodized aluminum blanks?

At Foison Metal, we have put in place measures that guide us to avoid replacement and returns of anodized aluminum blanks. They are as follows:

  •         Delivery is on time as scheduled 
  •         Anodized aluminum blanks should function effectively and meet client’s needs
  •         Be similar and match designs as approved on the ordered goods by the client
  •         Stick on the standards as stated by our company on our products
  •         Package to be delivered in fine quality

5.3 As a customer do I have rights in case a delivery has failed for anodized aluminum blanks?

Yes, our clients have rights to be adhered to and be respected in case there is a failure in the delivery of anodized aluminum blanks. The rights include:

  •         Receive discount in case you buy our products in bulk
  •         Replacements and refunds
  •         You should be compensated in case of faults and losses of your package
  •         Making returns and canceling the orders made
  •         Repairing damaged anodized aluminum blanks

5.4 When do I request a replacement or a return?

Figure 10. Requesting replacement for Anodized Aluminum Blanks

You are eligible to request a replacement when;

  •         Anodized aluminum blanks are damaged while on transit
  •         Anodized aluminum blanks delivered are not similar to what you ordered
  •         The customized  products ordered don’t match the design you request for

Always follow procedures on our website if you need a replacement or a return. Make sure you understand before making a choice 

5.5How should I request a replacement or a return?

To request a replacement or a return, there are steps to follow as stated below:

  •         Inform us through our customer care service
  •         Request replacement or return, but bear in mind that international shipment is not responsible for the returns
  •         Wait for the replacement or return approval
  •         In this case, you will be informed of the condition in which the products should b returned in
  •         Make the return as you have been advised
  •         Inspection  of the goods will be conducted 
  •         If the return and replacement is approved, then a replacement will be initiated 

5.6 What is done in case I receive a package that I did not order?

In a case where you receive a wrong package that you didn’t order we bear the responsibility of all costs on return and replacement. You will have to inform us via a phone call or through an email on our website. Upon the return of the package, we will inspect it to ensure the quality of the package.

After confirming the status of the package is in perfect condition, we will start processing the replacement of anodized aluminum blanks. we will ensure the process is well done and that you receive your correct package.

5.7 When do you verify complaints raised? And when do you do approve of the replacements and returns?

We take less than a week to verify complaints and make approve the claims. Before approvals are made, our quality assurance team does a thorough inspection to check the status of the package. For the replacement to be done, the following steps are followed before replacement is done:

  •         After your replacement has been approved you will be notified through your email account
  •         You will make returns of the earlier package, upon which will be inspected
  •         You will then forward the replacement details of your order
  •         Then the process will be initiated
  •         Dispatch of replaced anodized aluminum blanks
  •         Delivery of anodized aluminum blanks will be done within the stipulated time

5.8 What time frame do you give for returns and replacements of anodized aluminum blanks ordered? Who pays for the cost?

After you request for a return and it’s approved, you are given 1 week to make returns of anodized aluminum case the return time elapses before the package is received; we will conclude that you have decided to retain the anodized aluminum blanks.

The payment of replacement and returns will be taken care of by the party responsible for the damages.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 11. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 When do you make cancellations of anodized aluminum blanks?

At Foison Metal can make cancellations of your package in case the following happens:

  •         When the ordered anodized aluminum blanks are not paid for
  •         When we don’t have machines to customize the designs of your order
  •         In case materials to be used in making the anodized aluminum blanks are not in stock
  •         If we are unable to meet your stipulated time for the production and delivery  of your order
  •         In case you demand that we use toxic materials and that are not recommended to make your order

We will inform you of the cancellation of your order through your email. Our customer care service team will inform you of why we had to do the cancellation. Thereafter you will be in a position to either re-order or request a replacement. in case you neither want a replacement nor another order, you can opt for a refund.

6.2 What happens when there is a non-delivery of anodized aluminum blanks after the due date?

There are various steps to be followed under different circumstances in case of a non-delivery after the due date. The steps include:

If it’s a past time of delivery and you haven’t claimed your package

  •         You will be given some more time off around 7-10 days to collect the parcel.
  •         In case you don’t get the parcel after the two weeks there will be a need of you to get a refund. Though the refund will bear some deductions.
  •         The refund will be half of the initial cost exclusive of delivery and shipping costs

If the package is found or when we have a delay

  •         You will request an update of where the package should be sent
  •         Your package will be tracked and traced for dispatch
  •         In case the package is not in transit we will organize for the dispatch
  •         After the dispatch, you will be notified of the delivery date.

When the dispatched parcel can’t be found at all.

  •         You have the right to get a re-delivery of the package
  •         In case you are denied the redelivery, you have the right to cancel the order and terminate it
  •         You can also ask for a refund or a replacement, whichever works for you and makes you comfortable

If we don’t’ accept to refund you in case there is a non-delivery

  •         For this case, you will have to notify  our union through a written report
  •         You can use an authorized lawyer  for advice seek more information

6.3 When can I cancel my order?

You are eligible to cancel your order under the following circumstances:

  •         When you want to change the design of anodized aluminum blanks that you initially ordered
  •         In case you don’t get your package within the stipulated time
  •         Amid anodized aluminum blanks production, you can cancel the order. But you will be responsible for the production cost up to that level.
  •         When you lose interest in the ordered anodized aluminum blanks
  •         If you cancel within the day you ordered the anodized aluminum blanks before production.

6.4 What can a client be assured of on your anodized aluminum blanks?

Figure 12. Assurance for Anodized Aluminum Blanks

At Foison Metal, we make sure that our promises to clients are fulfilled to the latter. Upon working with us you are guaranteed the following:

  •         The package in this case anodized aluminum blanks are durable and meet the client’s expectations.
  •         The safety of the product-the products is non-hazardous to the environment and humans.
  •         Functional-the products function effectively.
  •         The anodized aluminum blanks’ specification meet the client’s interests
  •         The products bear the initial quoted charges and there are no extra costs
  •         The liability on s delivery and shipping is fully taken care of by us
  •         Delivery must be done within the stipulated time and handled with care to avoid faults
  •         A refund is to be received within 3 days after a request for a refund is approved

6.5 What do you do in case you fail to honor your assurance on delivery on anodized aluminum blanks?

 In a scenario when we fail to honor our assurances on the delivery of anodized aluminum blanks our clients have rights that should be fulfilled. The client’s rights are as follows:

  •         Anodized aluminum blanks’  repairs are free
  •         Right to have a replacement of faulty  anodized aluminum blanks
  •         Losses to be fully refunded
  •         Can cancel the delivery services and the anodized aluminum blanks ordered earlier
  •         Have a right to be compensated for losses and faults caused on the parcel
  •         In case of an exchange of the products, we take full responsibility for the charges. Although this takes place when the exchanged products bear the same cost  and are of the same type
  •         After inspection of returned products, you can request a refund.
  •         Upon return of the products in a perfect condition without an exchange refund, we will share the return cost. It may be 50% each.
  •       In case the products are returned in a bad condition you take full responsibility

6.6 Can I make an order immediately after I receive my refund?

Yes, you are allowed to order as many anodized aluminum blanks as you can, only if you are sure that the refund was successful to avoid inconveniences. In case of delays, always feel free to contact us for assistance. In this case, you will get detailed information.

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