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Foison Metal Mass Produces Freshly Designed Aluminum Cards in the Market

Foison Metal is the leading developer of fully customizable anodized metal cards. Our company has a good name in this industry because of the best product grade and service we offer.

Our teams ensure that the raw materials are sturdy and of high quality. By doing so, we can ensure that all our items are produced with impeccable standards. Our anodized aluminum cards are sturdy and will last long.

Here at Foison Metal, our highly-trained designers will personally prepare your orders. We have innovative machines that produce items at the quickest production pace possible. Working with Foison Metal gives you satisfaction and peace of mind.

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On-Trend Designs

We ensure that our anodized aluminum cards have the most updated designs.

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Foison Metal prepares and delivers your orders in less than two weeks.

Best Raw Materials

Foison Metal uses the best quality materials and advanced machines to tailor your anodized aluminum cards.


We thrive to deliver anodized aluminum cards with your requests followed thoroughly.

Fast Customer Support

Foison Metal assists your questions and requests for our aluminum cards immediately.


Our staff will send you a wide choice of designs and styles you can choose for your anodized cards.

Wholesale Orders

We accept wholesale orders of anodized aluminum cards at the most affordable price.


Foison Metal uses hardwearing and solid materials in producing anodized aluminum cards.

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Foison Metal’s Anodized Aluminum Cards are Tailored According to the Diverse Requirements and Requests of our Clients

Anodized Metal Cards

Our anodized metal cards come in a super smooth finish and brushed surface.

Cheap Anodized Aluminum Cards

Check out our professional-looking cheap anodized aluminum cards.

Aluminum Custom Metal Cards

It comes with various designs, shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from.

Anodized Aluminum Card

We offer anodized aluminum cards open for personalized and bulk orders.


Foison Metal has a limitless on-hand supply of raw materials. Beyond that, we also have updated machines that create thousands of different card types in a day. That being said, we can deliver your orders on time.

For many years of producing anodized aluminum cards, we have received world-class awards and recognitions. With that in mind, our clients recognize us as the most reliable and trusted distributor of aluminum cards.  

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Foison Metal sends samples and quotations for free upon placing an order at our website.

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With our professional team of designers, our products are open for personalization.

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Foison Metal is the Best Producer of Anodized Aluminum Cards

With years of experience in the industry, Foison Metal already mastered the right techniques to create perfect and clean-cut anodized aluminum cards. We are a dedicated team of experts with the goal to give you incomparable products and services at a minimum cost.

Anodized Aluminum Cards FAQs & Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is Anodized Aluminum Cards?

Figure 1. Anodized Aluminum Cards

Anodized Aluminum cards are cards made using decorated aluminum. Aluminum is decorated through an electrochemical process. Anodizing occurs when aluminum is submerged into an acid electrolyte concentration and allowing electric current to flow through.  Anodized aluminum cards are therefore decorated cards that are resistant to corrosion and durable.

1.2 What features do Anodized Aluminum cards have?

Anodized Aluminum cards make bold impressions by just looking at them .this makes them stand out. Below are features of cards made using anodized aluminum

  • The thickness of the majority of Anodized Aluminum cards is 0.2 mm. the size of the cards is usually the standard size of a credit card.
  • They have Rounded corners. This protects the edges from being damaged.
  • Our cards allow Laser engraving
  • Anodized Aluminum cards contain the personal information of an individual or business.
  • Have an attractive appearance.
  • Anodic oxide finish
  • Matte finish

1.3 Can Anodized Aluminum cards be cleaned?

Yes you can clean your anodized aluminum cards but you have to avoid cleaning agents that contain the following:

  • Trisodium phosphate
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Fluorides or similar compounds.

1.4 What is the size of Anodized Aluminum cards?

Our anodized Aluminum Cards are made in different sizes. Size is mainly determined by the purpose of the card. Let’s say we want business cards that are made of Anodized Aluminum we shall make them the size of credit card which is usually length 3.3 inches, width 2.1 inches. The size of the cards varies but the thickness of Anodized Aluminum cards is always 0.22mm.

1.5 What type of cards are made using anodized aluminum?

Anodized Aluminum can be used to create different types of cards. These cards are applied at various places and fulfill different needs. Examples of cards made using Anodized Aluminum are:

  • Anodized Aluminum business cards
  • Anodized Aluminum gift cards
  • Anodized aluminum cardholders
  • Anodized aluminum membership cards.
  • Anodized Aluminum key cards.

1.6 Why should you go for Anodized Aluminum cards?

Figure 2. Why to choose Anodized Aluminum Cards

When choosing the materials to be used on your cards, go for the one that has high quality, durable, Cost friendly, and unique. Anodized Aluminum fits all those qualities. Anodized Aluminum cards are the best in the market. The following are benefits that you get when you choose Anodized Aluminum Cards

  • Long-lasting. Cards made using Anodized Aluminum are unbendable making them hard to break. They are resistant to corrosion. This gives them a long life span.
  • Cost is friendly. Making Anodized Aluminum cards is not expensive compared to the cost of making cards using other materials. Also since they are durable there will be no needed expenses in the future to replace them. This makes them a one-time investment thereby saving you money in the long run.
  • Unique and appealing. Anodized aluminum cards are very catchy to the eyes because of their sleekness and unique design. This will make a lot of people interested in seeing what’s on the card and by doing so bringing new clients to your business.
  • Variety of colors to choose from. Anodized Aluminum cards have different colors to choose from. There is black, blue, gold, orange, pink, brown, green, and silver just to name but a few you can choose from.
  • Customizability. The best part of using Anodized Aluminum cards is that you can customize them. From using designs that match company branding. To adding logo and symbols.

1.7 What is on the cover of Anodized Aluminum cards?

It depends on the purpose of the cards for business cards you will find the name of the business or person, physical address, email address, and website. For gift cards, you will find quotes or messages. You will also see images. For smart Anodized Cards, you will be able to see chips attached to the cards.

1.8 Can Anodized Aluminum Cards be compatible with NFC technology?

YES, we do have Anodized Aluminum cards that have NFC chips attached to them. If a client wants a smart card they can get them. The cards can be programmed to suit their needs.

1.9 Are Anodized Aluminum cards popular?

Yes, many people across the world are using anodized aluminum cards. This is because of how durable and cost-friendly the cards are. Anodized aluminum cards have revolutionized the cards industry from unique designs, colors, and sizes to making bold impressions.

1.10 Are Anodized Aluminum Cards Durable?

Yes. Anodize is fairly permanent because it comes from the base of aluminum material this makes cards made with anodized aluminum durable. Anodized aluminum cards do not corrode easily and are also rust-resistant.

Do not smudge in water. This shows you how hard it is for Anodized aluminum cards to get damaged compared to paper cards.

1.11 Is the cost of anodized aluminum cards expensive?

Anodized Aluminum cards are affordable. Compared to the cost of using other materials to make cards anodized aluminum cards are cost-friendly. The cost of production is affordable.

1.12 How resistant to corrosion are anodized aluminum cards?

Yes, the purpose of using Anodized Aluminum while making the cards is to protect the cards from corrosion. Corrosion is damage caused when aluminum is exposed. By anodizing the aluminum it is made safe from any form of chemical reaction. This minimizes the chances of corrosion on your cards making them long-lasting.

1.13 How long do anodized aluminum cards last?

Anodized aluminum cards have a life span of up to 20 years. The anodized layer deteriorates over time. The rate at which deterioration takes depends on the thickness of the anodized layer. The thicker the anodized layer the longer it takes for it to be corroded.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Can I Get Customized Anodized Aluminum Cards?

Figure 3. Customizing Anodized Aluminum Cards

Yes. It is possible to get customized anodized aluminum cards. Most people want unique cards. We have cards that are different in sizes and colors. You will find businesses and companies having cards with the same colors of their cooperate look.

2.2 Can I get different Colors of Anodized Aluminum Cards?

Anodized Aluminum Cards come with a different range of colors to choose from. There is black, blue, and yellow. Silver, red, and gold just to name a few. Different colors make our cards unique and attractive. They also give the client the choice to choose from. You can be able to get cards that go with a certain theme or even cooperate branding. This helps in boosting the overall brand image and that of the business.

Color will also make your Anodized Aluminum Cards stand out from ordinary cards and give a positive impression about your business.

2.3 Can Anodized Aluminum Cards Be Engraved?

Yes, with the level at which technology has advanced it is very much possible to engrave anodized aluminum cards. Engraving can be done using laser or mechanical.

We either use a fiber laser tube or a co2 laser. Normally co2 laser does not engrave plain aluminum material. Since we are using anodized aluminum it is possible to add engravings to your cards using the co2 laser.

We tend to mostly use fiber laser to make the engraving. This is because fiber laser doesn’t damage the material. Fiber laser only engraves the coating.

2.4 What can be engraved on Anodized Aluminum Cards?

Cards are used to provide more information about a business or individual. People add information that will make others understand more about their businesses. Anodized aluminum cards make this possible by allowing you to add personal details such as name, email address, mobile number, website, social media handles, and business logo. You can also have symbols engraved on the Anodized Aluminum Cards.

2.5 Can you use my Design?

Yes, we do allow our clients to bring artwork designs on anodized aluminum cards. We know that people have different tastes and preferences. Meeting our clients’ needs is what we aim for. For clients with no artwork design, you are covered. We have numerous designs that one can choose from. Our artwork designs and are cost-friendly.

We accommodate all ideas and give you the best Anodized Aluminum cards. Whether you need to:

  • add details,
  • have symbols engraved,
  • Adding your desired icon.

2.6 Can I engrave both sides of anodized aluminum cards?

Yes. It is possible to have both the front and backside of your anodized Aluminum cards engraved. Engraving on both sides gives you more space to add details. We offer both side engraving on orders that are less in quantity.

2.7 What Are The Processes Involved during the Customization of Anodized Aluminum Cards?

Customization is the act of modifying the cards to suit a particular task. During customization we allow you to come with your design artwork or you can choose from our design collection. We place the anodized aluminum cards on the laser machine that has been programmed.

The machine is fed with instructions and the customization process begins.

Using laser machine, designed anodized aluminum cards are customized with the information, logo, and symbols.

2.8 How are anodized aluminum cards made?

Figure 4. Making of Anodized Aluminum Cards

Our anodized aluminum cards are designed to be durable, unique, attractive, and impressionable. This is made possible by improving the quality of materials used and also using the right engraving technology that will add silkiness to the cards.

Anodized Aluminum cards are made from aluminum material. Aluminum on its own is not long-lasting so electrolytic passivation is done on the aluminum. This means adding a layer of protective coat making the aluminum durable and decorative. The anodized aluminum plate is then cut into different shapes and sizes then fine finishes are done. This is how we get Anodized Aluminum Cards.

On the positive side, they come in numerous colors and thickness may depend on the size of the cards.

2.9 What are the size anodized Aluminum cards be?

We have a variety of sizes of Anodized Aluminum cards. The size of the cards is determined by the clients. The majority of the cards are the size of credit cards and most of them perfectly fit in wallets.

2.10 Is the engraving on the Anodized Aluminum cards permanent?

We all look for high-quality and durable cards .since the engravings are done using laser they are resistant to fading and they last for so many years.

2.11 What shapes are there for Anodized Aluminum cards?

Our Anodized Aluminum cards are rectangular with round finishes on the corner. The reason for having round corners is so that the edges are not sharp and cannot be easily damaged. 

We can also design various shapes depending on what the client wants. We are not restricted to an exact shape. You can get square-shaped cards even oval.  The shape will be influenced by what the customer desires.

2.13 Do You Offer Design Templates of Anodized Aluminum Cards to choose from?

Yes, for clients who do not have a design in mind we have a variety of designs to work with. Request to see the variety of designs available. You will be capable of knowing the various shades, dimensions, and viscosities we offer.

2.14 How Long Does Customization of Anodized Aluminum cards take?

Customization may take one business day to 5 working days. The design of the customization determines how long it will take for the cards to be ready. If you have ready artwork it is easy and fast customization might take 10minute to one day. Our team is competent and will work very fast and still give you incredible designs.

2.15 Can anodize Aluminum cards engrave using color?

When engraving our cards we usually use fiber laser and co2 laser. Both of these two lasers do not allow colored engravings on the cards but after the engraving has been done it is very much possible and easy to add color to your engraved anodized Aluminum cards.

2.16 Can the color of anodized aluminum cards be changed?

The only way to change the color of sealed surface Anodized Aluminum cards will be by the use of chromic acid phosphoric acid stripper. You can dye the cards with different colors afterward.

2.17 Can you blacken anodized aluminum cards?

Yes. Anodized Aluminum cards are turned black by adding a black peroxide to the surface of aluminum before the closing stage of anodizing. We dye the oxide surface of a metal.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 5. Order and Payment of Anodized Aluminum Cards

3.1 How do I make payments for my order of Anodized Aluminum Cards?

We use online payment platforms such as pay pal, master card, venom just but to name a few. This payment offers excellent payment services and they are also safe. You can contact us in case you have any payment queries and we shall guide you accordingly.

3.2 How much do Anodized Aluminum cards Cost?

Our anodized Aluminum cards have different prices. The prices are influenced by the number of pieces one is purchasing. Card colors and also if a client is buying plain anodized aluminum cards or customized cards. The prices of customized cards will be higher compared to plain cards.

3.3 Is the cost of designing artwork charged separately?

We charge for artwork separately this is because some artwork designs are complicated and require a professional artwork designer. We also allow customers to come with their designs. This will guide them on how much to spend to avoid going off the budget. Our customized Anodized Aluminum cards are affordable.

3.4 Do you have discounts?

Yes, we have discounted prices on certain designs and color cards. We also give discounts when clients have ordered above certain set limits.

3.5 Do you allow bulk orders?

Yes, we do allow bulk orders. You can order as many Anodized Aluminum cards as you want. But most bulk orders are for non-customized cards. Feel free to contact us and find out the maximum pieces you can order at ago.

3.6 Do you have wholesale prices?

Figure 6. Wholesale purchases for Anodized Aluminum Cards

We do have both wholesale and retail prices. For you to buy under wholesale prices you have to meet certain standards. Contact us or visit our website to see our price catalog.

3.7 Can I pay in installments?

We do allow paying in installments. You can make a down payment of not less than 10 % of the production cost. The down payment enables us to begin with the production. You are expected to clear the balance after we finish production that is before shipment. This form of payment only applies to orders of plain anodized Aluminum cards.

3.8 What happens if I make an overpayment or underpayment?

In case of an overpayment on the order, the overdraft can be transferred to your shipping account. We can also request you to add on your order on we can reverse the amount paid in excess we encourage clients to be extra keen when making payments to avoid making such errors that will cost them time.

However, if underpayment for underpayment you will have to contact us and let us know when you intend to clear the outstanding balance. If the outstanding balance is a lot you will have to clear it before production of customized Anodized Aluminum cards. For plain Anodized cards, we can finish production and give you time to clear the balance before proceeding to shipment.

In the case of either of the above scenario, we request our clients to contact us so that we can guide them on what to do.

3.9 How long do I wait for a shipment to begin?

Production takes about 2 working days, this is because we need to send the design to the client for approval before we begin production. A client has the right to request proof of production and progress. Feel free to call us on the occasion you have any inquiries on production.

3.10 How will I know that my Anodized Aluminum Cards Order Have Been Successfully Submitted?

client has provided us with every detail of information required for production to start. When we are done confirming that nothing is missing from your order we send you an email. 

Our team will do a confirmation email and send it to you. The message shared via Email will be used as proof of successful submission. This normally takes 2 to 3 days, and therefore should constantly check your mail. 

In case you fail to get an email from us kindly contact us so that we can be able to follow up on the problem and have it resolved.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 7. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How much do you charge for shipping Anodized Aluminum Cards on behalf of the client?

Our shipping rates depend on:

  • The Magnitude of your purchase. For large orders, the price will be slightly higher compared to small ordered. Large orders tend to occupy more space on the cargo and also the weight of the order.  The heaviness of the parcel is used to define how much you will be charged for your order of Anodized Aluminum cards.
  • The site where the parcel will be delivered. For local orders, shipment will be less costly compared to international shipments. For deliveries near our warehouse or shops is normally free.

We do also have discounted shipping fees .always check our social media handles to see when we have offers and discounts on your shipping charges.

4.2 How will I know that shipment of my order has started?

After we are done with the production of our Anodized Aluminum Cards we do send our clients an attachment showing proof of production. We also inform our clients that their goods are ready for shipment. We do provide the date and time when the shipping process will commence and what to expect. Always check your email for our notification about the progress.

In case of anything, you can constantly call us and we shall be pleased to assist.

4.3 Can I use a third party for my shipment?

The best part of buying Anodized Aluminum cards from us is that we do not have rules that block you from exploring the different shipping options out there. You can therefore look for a more convenient and affordable shipping agent or company and we shall work in hand with them to ensure that your shipment is delivered undamaged and on time.

4.4 How long do I have to wait for my shipment to arrive?

We do ensure that our clients get their orders as soon as possible. For local orders shipment usually takes 1 to 2 days. For international deliveries, it normally takes 7 days to 10 working days. International orders tend to take longer because of logistics and clearance with the authority.

4.5 Can I track my shipment?

Figure 8. Tracking Shipment for Anodized Aluminum Cards

For all our orders, you can be able to track your shipment through the courier. We normally send our clients alerts when their orders get forwarded from our storeroom. The alerts are sent via email. We guarantee the safety of your order while in transit.

4.6 How will I get my order after the shipment is complete?

Once the shipment is complete we have collaborated with delivering agents. You can pick your parcel from them. You can also pay then and have your parcel delivered to your physical address. Call us in case you have more questions and we will be ready to assist you.

4.7 Do you offer a different combination of shipping methods?

We do.  A combination of shipping methods is done to ensure the straightaway to choose a storeroom ty of the goods on transit. Also using different methods tend to build our brand loyalty. We use the following methods:

  • 2- day ground shipping
  • On spot delivery
  • Speed up shipping.

The method used will be contingent on the conveyance process you have decided to use. Also, your physical location influences the method used. All methods are affordable and convenient.

4.8 How can I improve the shipping process?

The shipping process involves many things from storage, packaging, choosing the right carrier, picking, and shipping. You can decide to use our in-house shipping team to ensure that the process goes smoothly and efficiently. You can also consult logistic companies that cover the whole process.

4.9 Do you offer freight shipping?

Yes, we work closely with freight shipping companies when we have large shipments of your order. Their services are available locally and in other parts of the world. We use air, water and road to deliver.

4.10 How do I change delivery information?

Changing delivery information is easy. Sign in to your order account then go to delivery details and change the details.

4.11 How much will I pay for the delivery of Anodized Aluminum cards?

When it comes to charging for delivery of your anodized aluminum cards we do make consideration of the size of the parcel, delivery location, and even the means used to deliver. For local deliveries, the prices will be low compared to long distances.

We do ensure we use less expensive but safe means of delivery so that our clients can minimize shipment and delivery costs.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 9. Return and Replacement

5.1 Do you have a replacement policy for Anodized Aluminum cards?

Yes, we have terms and conditions that govern the process of return. Kindly go through the conditions stated before you return any order. You can also reach out to us via email or calling in case you need clarification on the same.

5.2 What process to follow when I want a replacement?

Replacement occurs when there is an issue with the order delivered. Therefore when you get your order and find something erroneous with it contact us straight away. You can also send us a photo showing the damaged part or error, we will then advise you on what to do. We shall send the replacement using the same shipment process used to deliver the order the first time.

If you opt to change the method of shipment you will cater for the excess charges that will be incurred

5.3 Do you offer a timeline for making returns?

We request our clients to send back the order as soon as possible. This is so that we can be able to do the replacement and ship it back. We would want to take the shortest time possible in satisfying our clients. 

5.4 Who pays For the Return Cost of Anodized Aluminum Cards?

If the reasons for return originates from an error made by us we shall cater for the returning costs and expenses. If the fault was completed by the client they pay for the return costs. We do advise our clients to recheck the information given on their order to avoid errors that can cause incurring costs in the future.

5.5 Do You Have Limitation for Replacement of Anodized Aluminum cards?

No, we provide replacements to all the damaged pieces. As long as there is proof that the damages happened by accident and during transit. And also if the damage is irreparable and requires replacement

5.6 Are Anodized Aluminum Cards have a Warranty?

Figure 10. Warranty for Anodized Aluminum Cards

Yes, all anodized aluminum cards come with a warranty. Check out our warranty terms on our website. We have confidence in the quality of our Anodized Aluminum and have favorable warranty terms and conditions.

5.7 How will I know that my return is successful?

Upon receiving your return we shall notify you that the returned orders are with us and we are working on the replacement. We shall notify you when the replacement is ready for shipment.

5.8 Can I monitor the replacement process?

Yes, by logging on to our website and going to your customer account you can be able to monitor the replacement process. call our dedicated customer service team for assistance.

5.9 What will happen if I don't get notified of a successful return?

If you receive no notification about having us receiving your return parcel then call us immediately so that we can do a follow-up. Failed returns are very minimal and also we ensure that we deliver safely what the client had ordered so you don’t have to worry about a failed return.

5.10 What Should I Do If My Anodized Aluminum Cards Shipment is damaged Upon Arrival?

If you realize your parcel is tampered with upon delivery, contact us immediately. Our team will enquire about the intensity of the damages and provide probable solutions. 

In case you are, experiencing delays and need to place another order, kindly reach out to our support staff for assistance.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 11. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Can I cancel my order of Anodized Aluminum Cards?

Yes, it is acceptable to withdraw your order. There is a timeline in which you can apply for cancellation on the order of Anodized Aluminum cards.

You will not be able to cancel the order for customized Anodized Aluminum Cards after production. The cause of this is we only customize what the client wants. Money paid for production is non-refundable.

If cancellation happens before production, your order will automatically be canceled. The only way is to choose a cash refund or making a new order. If you are having issues while placing new orders call us so that we can assist you.

If the shipping process is underway you will not be able to terminate your order. This is because by this time the parcel will have left our storeroom and is in transportation. In this case, there will be no reimbursement. For providing wrong details for shipment you will be charged.

Consult our customer service center before filling in your shipping and delivery details.

6.2 On What Occasions Will I be Refund Take Place?

A refund will occur if you have already made payment and production has not started. Where production is halfway complete, the refund given will be the amount that remains after calculating the total costs of production on the pieces already produced.

The other reason for you to be refunded is making an overpayment. We will either ask you to add your order or send back the amount you have paid in excess.

Contact us immediately you realize you have made an overpayment.

6.3 How Do I Get my Refund For Anodized Aluminum Cards?

We shall debit the account you used to pay for your order. You can also provide us with alternative bank details.

6.4 Will I Be Notified Of A Successful Cancellation Of Anodized Aluminum Cards?

Yes, you shall receive a successful cancellation process alert. In case you are experiencing delays, kindly call us. We shall be able to assist you.

6.5 Can I be fully refunded?

Figure 12. Full Refund for Anodized Aluminum Cards

Full refunds only happen under given specific conditions. In case of overpayment, we shall refund the overpayment fully. If production has not yet started you will get all your money back. Refunds on returned orders will be different. Contact us to get clarification and guidance.

6.6 Can I Make Another Order After Getting The Refund?

Yes, you are in the apposition to place as a way to numerous orders as possible. All you need to do is to make sure the previous refund procedure was successful.

If you are also experiencing delays and need to place another order, kindly reach out to our support staff.

6.7 Is the Cancellation of Anodized Aluminum Cards immediate?

As long as you have working internet, the invalidation process should take the shortest time possible. In case you experience any challenges contact us for assistance.

6.8 Can I Make Another Order After Cancellation?

Yes, you can make another order. After successful completion of cancellation, go back to the ordering platform and place another order.

Send us a free inquiry request