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Foison Metal Surpass Other Brands In Terms of Durability and Price

Foison Metal creates its huge name in the high-end market of metal products. Each employee’s vision is to meet your business demands and deliver unmatched quality products and service to guarantee satisfaction upon receiving orders.

Our Anodized Aluminum For Laser Engraving are made and designed perfectly by our team of professionals, motivated on rendering the fastest production process without quality downgrade to surpass your expectations and demands.

Our company’s top-rated raw materials form world-class outputs that are appreciated globally. Bid your goodbyes to the long order process and say hello to fast and stress-free transactions with Foison Metal!

About Our Service

Professional Designs

We have a team of skilled designers that create designs to exceed your expectations!

Trusted Delivery

Foison Metal highly values your orders so we always pack your orders securely and ship your products through trusted couriers.


The materials used are guaranteed to be strong and usable for a long time.

Wholesale Deals

Save more money on your Anodized Aluminum For Laser Engraving bulk orders.

Worldwide Shipping

Our Anodized Aluminum For Laser Engraving can be processed throughout the globe!

Sleek Prints

The prints made by Foison Metal are permanently attached to your product, that will add class for a long time!

Company Use

Impress a lot of clients with our Anodized Aluminum For Laser Engraving Nameplates!


Our metal nameplates can be used and designed in different functions by adding qr codes or additional security designs.


Foison Metal is the World-Class Distributor of the Top Anodized Aluminum For Laser Engraving in the Whole World

Anodized Aluminum Engraving

Add these long lasting nameplates to your product line and you’ll see the fast sales increase in a short span of time.

Laser Etching Aluminum

Intricate detailed etched through laser technology will surely impress your customers and leave a good brand name to the market

Embossed Aluminum Nameplates

Add some texture to your products by requesting an embossed design feature on your aluminum nameplates

Anodized Aluminum Blanks

Personalize your nameplates with your brand identity through our professional and skilled employees that are easy to transact with!

Know More About Us

Foison Metal is the award-winning manufacturer of  Anodized Aluminum For Laser Engraving. Each product comes with the highest standard of quality at the lowest price in the market. Your orders that we make are proven and tested to last a lifetime!

Our company caters to your demands and specifications in a short period of time. We make sure that your business products will reach you in perfect shape, the way you imagined. Your orders are guaranteed to surpass your expectations and help your business grow!

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Skilled Workforce

Foison Metal have skilled workers that visions to provide you the best products in just days!

Premium Quality

Premium doesn’t always mean expensive because we offer the lowest price in the high-end market.

Trusted Service

Our service is tried and tested by millions of clients, be one of them!

Sleek Designs

We manufacture and design products as classy as possible, making your brand impression good to the public.

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Foison Metal Trademarks in Making High Quality Anodized Aluminum For Laser Engraving

Through fruitful years of manufacturing metal products in the high-end market, Foison Metal is tried and tested to create products that will exceed your expectations. Foison Metal is continuously growing to serve your business different demands in Anodized Aluminum For Laser Engraving . Discover a bunch of good deals and premium quality products!

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