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At Foison Metal, Expect to Receive Top-Notch Products at a Meager Cost

As the number one manufacturer of anodized aluminum sheet, Foison Metal ensures to pick raw materials with world-class quality. Our professional workers guarantee that you will receive items with the best performance.

Our company is composed of several teams, one of which works for inspecting the quality of the items before distributing them to the market. What made us apart from other companies is our premium workmanship.

We make use of advanced technology and machines to offer you best services and superior goods. All products prepared by Foison Metal are well-polished and feature smooth surfaces to avoid inconveniences to the customers.

About Our Service


At Foison Metal, our anodized aluminum sheet is competitively priced perfect for small entrepreneurs.


Our company is composed of highly skilled experts who generate aluminum sheets.

Bulk Orders

Foison Metal provides affordable rates to anyone who will order anodized aluminum sheet in bulk.

Quality Control

Before the shipment of our items, our team thoroughly inspects each of them to guarantee customer satisfaction.

One Call Away

Our hotline number is open 24/7 to accommodate your suggestions and requests for our anodized aluminum sheet.

Safe Transactions

Your personal information and order details are guaranteed safe and secure with us.

Customer Satisfaction

We produce the best anodized aluminum sheet with customer satisfaction in mind.


Foison Metal offers before- and after-sales benefits once you ordered our anodized aluminum sheet.

Our Featured Products

 Foison Metal Offers a Wide Selection of Anodized Aluminum Sheet to Meet Your Diverse Requirements

Anodized Aluminum Sheet for Laser Engraving

Our anodized aluminum sheet for laser engraving is perfect for a variety of uses.

Anodized Aluminum Sheet Suppliers

Foison Metal furnishes superior quality anodized aluminum sheet

Anodized Aluminum Sheet Metal

We have innovative technology to process precise anodized aluminum sheet metal.

Anodized Aluminum Sheet Colors

Our anodized aluminum sheets are available in a wide array of hues.


Foison Metal is a popular company developing different metal crafts for various purposes. Our items are patronized by the Chinese and other foreign business owners. With us, product quality is always guaranteed.

You can produce numerous projects, including cards and trophies, using our anodized aluminum sheet. We are passionate and dedicated professional teams that aim for continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and product safety.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Clients can choose different colors, shapes, and sizes of anodized aluminum sheets.


Our functional aluminum sheets are priced reasonably.

Safe Environment

We prepare our products in a place where our employees are safe and can work freely.

Made to Order

We can personalize your anodized aluminum sheet according to your instructions.

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Foison Metal is the Best Developer of Anodized Aluminum Sheet Globally

The vision of Foison Metal is to serve our clients with the best services and dependable anodized aluminum sheet. We constantly aim to innovate our product quality by investing in up-to-date machines. We are the ones you should trust for all your business needs.

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