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Why Foison Metal is a Top-notch Brand and Manufacturer in the World

With the many benefits of labeling tools and equipment, the majority of companies practice this. Such benefits include generation of data, staying operational, and storage of information.

Foison Metal wants you to easily access your database right within your system. Additionally, our extremely durable asset tags aluminum are fully compliant with U.S. standards.

Different kinds of materials such as aluminum, polyimide, and polyester are offered for different labeling solutions. We provide high-quality durable asset labels that are ideal for ensuring all equipment and other assets are tracked properly for inventory purposes.

About Our Service


Black graphics on silver background; color options for you asset tags aluminum are available here at Foison Metal


We shipped in sequential order, inboxes. 100% no missing numbers. All asset tags aluminum are checked before delivery.


A wide range of asset tags are available including code 3 of 9, 12 of 5, 128, data matrix, and QR codes.


From the received date of the order and approval of the design 10-15 working days is the standard shipment. Additional charge is required for expedited shipment.


Pressure-sensitive adhesive and/holes for mechanical attachment is available.


Different font types, elements, and colors are available in asset tags production.

Raw Materials

To manufacture asset tags we provide .020″ anodized aluminum face stock (optional thicknesses from .008″ to .063″).


We offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors for your asset aluminum tags. Our standard and custom sizes are most requested.

our Featured Products

Foison Metal Asset Tags Aluminum is Manufactured Based on Your Specification and Requirements

Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags

Inside an anodized aluminum is the durability of the material which provides resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and harsh chemicals

Custom Aluminum Labels

Different symbols, data matrix, and QR code are available for customization of asset tags, making them versatile for tracking high-value assets

Engravable Aluminum Asset Tags

A durable asset tag is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with easy to read labels that doesn’t badge or fade with time

Aluminum Asset Labels

Metal asset tags are actually used on a wide variety of items. Permanent and deeply engraved numbers or barcodes makes the asset labels indelible

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Nothing is worse than unexpected costs. At Foison Metal you will receive your orders for a flat fee, as we make sure that you have the best asset tags aluminum for your equipment and high-value assets.

We offer asset tags that serve as the foundation for the tracking process, essential for monitoring equipment usage, maintenance, and repairs and optimizing overall performance. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Optimal workloads are maintained with consistent preventative maintenance to extend the life span of your assets.

Service Standard

We maintain 5 star rating customer service and delivery standards with deep analysis for your productive assets.


Improves accuracy on asset documentation reducing human error from manual documentation.

High Value

With greater label readability while minimizing material loss improves company productivity.

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Foison Metal is The Ultimate Manufacturer of Asset Tags Aluminum in China

Choosing the right asset tags are essential for tracking your assets in today’s day and age. For the longevity of your system, choosing the right asset tags is crucial and considered as an investment. Foison Metal assures you that you are in the right place in manufacturing high-quality tags based on your unique specifications and needs. 

The Asset Tags Aluminum Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is an Asset Tag Aluminum?

Example of Asset Tags Aluminum
Figure 1 Example of Asset Tags Aluminum

 These are asset tags that have an enhanced feature of aluminum metal that helps fast track assets in different environments.

The design of this asset tags aluminum is used for. They are very strong, are durable, and can hardly be removed once applied.

Normally, there are no restrictions on the size and color options to use on asset tags aluminum. This means there is a wide variety of different sizes and colors from 1 color to 6 colors can be printed on asset tags aluminum.

1.2 How are Asset Tags Aluminum Different from Other Asset Tags?

Distinctive Features of Asset Tags Aluminum.
Figure 2 Distinctive Features of Asset Tags Aluminum.

We are determined in giving our clients unique and distinctive asset tags aluminum as compared to the normal asset tags. These distinctive features are visible to you and you can be able to tell the difference between them.

Some of these features include:

  • Long durability period. Our concern while designing these asset tags aluminum is the service, they provide to you and the duration. Long durability means saving on the cost of constantly purchasing asset tags aluminum over some time.
  • High resistance rates to chemical reactions, UV rays, abrasion, and high temperatures.
  • They are highly readable due to the crisp graphics on a silver background.
  • The use of high-performance adhesives/holes enhances mechanical fixing thus making them unremovable.

1.3 What Are the Common Uses of Asset Tags Aluminum?

Asset tags aluminum can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes due to the capability of withstanding adverse environmental conditions. Some of these conditions have been discussed above. 

When we talk about uses it is generally the applications of asset tags aluminum. Below are some common places where asset tags aluminum can be applied;

  • Chemical processing industries
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Telcom and cabling organization
  • Other fields that require high resistance to these environmental conditions, abrasion among others.

1.4 What Are the Benefits of Asset Tags Aluminum?

It is important to always consider what benefits the asset tags aluminum pose if they are of high quality. It not only builds trust but also builds and improves the brand image of our company. Good quality comes with a lot of advantages such as;

  • Asset tags aluminum is long-lasting and can serve you over years.
  • They are not easily removable due to the adhesives/holes used which results in a permanent bond after installing it.
  • They are very strong. They hardly break because they are made of aluminum which is an extremely strong metal.
  • Asset tags aluminum are easy to apply because there is no much procedure if you have made the right choice of sticking the asset tags aluminum. This means you can use adhesive or drill holes.

1.5 Can I Fully Depend on Asset Tags Aluminum for Long-Term Services?

Asset tags aluminum is highly durable and can last up to 20 years. They are designed with enhanced features such as chemical resistance, resistance to harsh environmental conditions such as abrasion and solvents.

Asset tags aluminum is the best way to go if you want long-term services.

1.6 What Information is Included on an Asset Tags Aluminum?

Asset Tags Aluminum Information
figure 3 Asset Tags Aluminum Information

The main aim of designing and the production of asset tags aluminum is to fast-track assets. To achieve this, you need information that will guide you in the tracking process. This information includes;

  • Property name.
  • Serial number.
  • Telephone or email address.
  • Logo of the company.

1.7 Why Do We Consider Asset Tags Aluminum to be More Secure?

We will provide you with asset tags aluminum that is a feature enhanced with adhesives that provide a permanent bond on the surface you are using. Sticking the asset tags aluminum on the surface makes it impossible to remove.

Any force applied to remove the asset tags aluminum leads to breakage, thus resulting in reduced theft cases.

We also use high-quality printing options such as deep lase engraving that prevents any alteration of information.

1.8 What Specifications Should I Consider While Choosing Asset Tags Aluminum?

It is important to research and have an overview of the asset tags aluminum. This allows you to have a specific description of the asset tags aluminum before approaching our company.

Additionally, it’s easy to determine the capability of asset tags aluminum to adapt to different environmental conditions.

The following are some specifications you should be keen on before choosing the asset tags aluminum;

  • The attachment features; achieved by using pressure adhesives or holes.
  • Materials used.
  • Standard sizes of asset tags aluminum.
  • Colors.
  • Type of packaging.
  • Shipping and delivery.
  • Symbology.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Do You Provide Free Samples of Asset Tags Aluminum?

Asset Tags Aluminum Samples
Figure 4 Asset Tags Aluminum Samples

We do provide free samples of asset tags aluminum. To view these samples, visit our website, we have an interface for the samples that are free to all our clients.

These samples are meant to provide an idea of how we accomplish different designs. Additionally, you can pick the design you want from these samples and send it to our team while placing an order.

You can also enhance our provided samples with an additional feature to obtain customized asset tags aluminum.

You can inquire from our team if all the samples are achievable within the timeframe you want them done. This is because some of these asset tags aluminum will take considering the information being engraved.

2.2 To Achieve a Permanent Bond, You Require the Use of Adhesives, What Adhesive Options Do You Provide?

The most important thing to know with adhesives do they can provide a permanent bond for the entire period you will need these asset tags aluminum. There is a need to select the best adhesives for the asset tags aluminum.

While choosing adhesives for asset tags aluminum you should consider the following factors;

  • Environmental surroundings. This can either be indoors or outdoors environment.
  • The different surfaces you will apply asset tags aluminum onto. They range from metal surfaces to plastic surfaces. Different surfaces have different surface energy that allows the attraction of the adhesive and the surface molecules.

We use different adhesives for asset tags aluminum depending on what you want. Some of these adhesives include;

  • Self-adhesive
  • Acetone adhesives
  • 4-Hole

2.3 Is it Possible to Make Adjustments/Changes on Asset Tags Aluminum?

Any adjustments required on asset tags aluminum are not achievable. We have high-quality printing techniques for printing the content on the asset tags aluminum.

Normally, we use deep laser engraving that cannot be deleted neither can they be altered. While submitting the samples ensure you are sure of the content to be engraved on the asset tags aluminum.

Secondly, you can alert us for changes before we begin the production of asset tags aluminum.

2.4 Can I Provide My Free Sample of Asset Tags Aluminum?

We are open to suggestions and diverse growth from the different ideas we receive from our clients. You can send the samples to our team and we can guarantee the production of similar asset tags aluminum as the samples provided to us.

2.5 How Do You Achieve Numbering on Asset Tags Aluminum?

A Sample of Numbering Used On Asset Tags Aluminum
Figure 5 Shows A Sample of Numbering Used On Asset Tags Aluminum

Numbering is a sequence of activities during the printing process which allows you to print the desired information on the asset tags aluminum. We have two numbering techniques that can be used to print out the information on the asset tags aluminum.

These techniques include;

  • Stamped numbering

To indent numbers on asset tags aluminum, we use hot stamp-press. The numbers are stamped into the asset tags aluminum. This makes it impossible to delete or carry out any alterations on the asset tags aluminum.

Although it is considered a traditional technique, we still have the equipment in our company. Therefore, if you need to be stamped numbering on the asset tags aluminum, let us know in advance.

Note, the painting on the intended numbers is prone to washing off. This does not mean the disappearance of the information.

  • Anodized numbering

To understand anodizing numbering, we need to understand the term anodizing.

Anodizing involves integrating the content information deep within the aluminum layer.

With anodized numbering, we seal the information into the anodic layer of the asset tags aluminum. This information cannot be peeled or washed off.

This is the main distinctive feature between stamped numbering and anodized numbering.

Example of Asset Tags Aluminum with Anodized Numbering
Figure 6 Example of Asset Tags Aluminum with Anodized Numbering

2.6 How Many Characters Can I Use on Asset Tags Aluminum?

It’s essential to be aware of the number of characters you want on the asset tags aluminum. The following are the consideration you should factor in while deciding on the number of characters;

  • The size of the asset tags aluminum. For smaller sizes, the number of characters is minimal due to limited space on asset tags aluminum. The large size of asset tags aluminum holds more characters.
  • If the design you want is double-sided. This type of asset tags aluminum tent to hold more characters compared to a one-side asset tags aluminum.

We design and manufacture all sizes, including double-sided asset tags aluminum. Therefore, you should specify the size of the asset tags aluminum you require while presenting the information to our team.

2.7 Can You Design Customized Asset Tags Aluminum of My Own Choice?

Customized Asset Tags Aluminum
Figure 7 Customized Asset Tags Aluminum

Yes, we do customization of asset tags aluminum. Quality and meeting our client’s needs is our number one priority. We require you to provide all the specifications you require added on the asset tags aluminum.

We require you to specify;

  • The size of asset tags aluminum
  • Preferred number options
  • Color
  • Any other additional information you need such as logos.

To check on samples of our customized asset tags aluminum contact us, we will provide these samples to you.

2.8 Is There a Standard Size for Asset Tags Aluminum?

Sizes of Asset Tags Aluminum
Figure 8 Sizes of Asset Tags Aluminum

We accommodate all our clients regardless of their needs to ensure we provide quality and effective asset tags aluminum. Our sizes for asset tags aluminum vary depending on the request you make to our team.

Our designs range from;

  • Small asset tags aluminum.
  • Medium asset tags aluminum.
  • Large asset tags aluminum.
  • For customized asset tags aluminum designs, we take the size specification from our clients.

2.9 What Color Options Do You Provide for Asset Tags Aluminum?

Color Combinations of the Asset Tags Aluminum
Figure 9 Color Combinations of the Asset Tags Aluminum

To achieve printing of colors on the asset tags aluminum, we use the 1 color to 6 color artworks. This means you can use one or several colors on the asset tags aluminum.

The following are the different color options we provide for asset tags aluminum;

  • 1 color (black on silver aluminum)
  • 2 colors (black+ other colors on silver aluminum)
  • 3 colors (black+ 2 other colors on silver aluminum)
  • 4 colors (black +3 other colors on silver aluminum).
  • 5 colors (black+4 others on silver aluminum)
  • 6 colors (black+5 other colors on silver aluminum)
  • 1 color (black on black aluminum)

2.10 Can I Use Asset Tags Aluminum for Outdoor Tracking Purposes?

We design asset tags aluminum that can be able to withstand harsh external environmental conditions. These asset tags can be able to withstand Ultraviolet rays, heat, and extreme cold.

Additionally, they are chemical resistant if exposed to such an environment, there is no need to panic.

2.11 Are Asset Tags Aluminum Removable?

The aluminum metal used on asset tags aluminum is rigid and with an enhancement of adhesive, you cannot remove asset tags aluminum on asset surfaces.

We also enhance the asset tags aluminum with a smooth finish making it hard to grasp the ends of the asset tags aluminum. Any attempts to remove the asset tags aluminum manually will result in breakage of the asset tags aluminum into fragments

  • On one side, it prevents phishing of information by unknown persons.
  • Secondly, will fail in the tracking process.

Note, for semi-permanent assets such as laptops we use removable asset tags aluminum.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 How Do I Place My Order for Asset Tags Aluminum?

Step by Step Ordering Process
Figure 10 Step by Step Ordering Process

We have a very friendly company platform that provides all the instructions on how to place an order for asset tags aluminum. To place asset tags aluminum order, visit our platform, we have order filling forms under the order interface.

We require you to accurately fill in all the requested information to allow better services from our team.

In case, you are using our design sample, select a preferable design that you want. If you have your samples upload them on the order form.

Upon selection of the designs, fill in the shipment detail. This includes mode of shipment, address location, in case you are using a third party to ship indicate on the optional shipper’s section.

Lastly, choose the mode of payments for asset tags aluminum and submit the order.

For clarification of what is required while placing the asset tags aluminum order, contact us.

3.2 Do You Confirm for Successful Placement of Order for Asset Tags Aluminum?

Successful Placement of Asset Tag Aluminum
Figure 11 Successful Placement of Asset Tag Aluminum

Yes, we send a notification to confirm a successful order placement for the asset tags aluminum. We send this notification to the email address you provided to us.

This notification is sent after you completely verify and make payments for the asset tags aluminum. A down payment is mandatory to facilitate the production process of the asset tags aluminum. The remaining amount can be paid during delivery of the asset tags aluminum.

We normally send this notification within 24 hours, ensure to constantly check on the email. If you do not get the mail within the specified time, contact us. We will help trace the asset tags aluminum order for you.

3.3 What Mode of Payments Do You Accept for Asset Tags Aluminum?

We have clients from all over the world which have led our company into adopting an online mode of payments. This accommodates and allows clients to order and purchase asset tags aluminum from all over the world.

Online mode of payments has been proven to be the safest method. This means you can make payments without fear of theft or fraud. Below are the payments methods we accept;

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Western Union
  • PayPal
  • Amazon

3.4 What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Asset Tags Aluminum?

The minimum order quantity is the minimum number of pieces of asset tags aluminum you can request in one order. We conduct massive production of the asset tags aluminum.

Normally, we produce for corporates and large business firms. Therefore, the minimum number you can order is 1000 pieces of asset tags aluminum.

In special cases, clients with less order than our set standard will incur more costs to cater to produce the asset tags aluminum

3.5 Can I Track the Status of My Asset Tags Aluminum Order?

Yes, we allow our clients to track the processing of the asset tags aluminum order at every stage. At the initial stages, when you contact us to enquire about the asset tags aluminum, we provide an account to you.

 This account allows you to view all our services including the status of the current order. At every stage, the account is updated, and you review the status for updates. For instance, if the order is in the processing stage of post-production and it is ready for shipping.

3.6 What Information Should I Include on my Asset Tags Aluminum order form?

Providing accurate information is essential while placing asset tags aluminum order. This allows our team to arrange accordingly on delivering quality asset tags aluminum to you.

While making an order we require you to provide the following information;

  • Full names
  • Address location
  • The email address that allows us to communicate back to you.
  • Payment’s methods

3.7 Is It Possible to Make Additional Changes to the Order After I Submit It?

If the asset tags aluminum order is in the initial stages of processing, it is possible to make changes. To make these changes we allow you to cancel the order after sending a cancellation request. 

We will validate the cancellation and allow you to reorder for the same asset tags aluminum.

If the order has reached the production process, you cannot make any adjustments. This mostly results in clients seeking asset tags aluminum replacements.

3.8 Is There a Possibility of Failure of Transactions While Making Payments for Asset Tags Aluminum?

This mostly is a result of technical hitches. When a transaction fails does not mean the amount has been transferred to us rather the money is retained on your account.

If you experience this error, notify our team. We will resolve the issue and send a response as soon as we can.

3.9 Do You Provide a Warranty for Asset Tags Aluminum?

Warranty is among the additional elements we provide for asset tags aluminum. Asset tags aluminum has high durability and can last up to 10 years while offering quality services.

In case of any damages or defects on the asset tags aluminum as a result of unavoidable accidents. the warranty will cover these damages if it’s within the given warranty period.

To get more information on the warranty policy, visit our page, we have provided all the necessary information.

3.10 On Average, How Much Do Asset Tags Aluminum Cost?

To determine the cost of the asset tags aluminum, we consider different factors such as;

  • Size of the asset tags aluminum.
  • Materials used during the production of the asset tags aluminum.
  • Choice of color you want for asset tags aluminum.

To get the right cost quotation to reach out to our term. We will factor in all these factors and give you the final accost of the asset tags aluminum.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Free Shipping Services
Figure 12 Free Shipping Services

4.1 Under What Conditions Do You Provide Free Shipping and Delivery of Asset Tags Aluminum?

At Foison Metal, has been growing immensely and as result, we love promoting our clients on an occasional basis. This includes free shipping of asset tags to the different address locations.

  • If you are within closer proximity to our company, our team will deliver asset tags aluminum to your doorstep.
  • Secondly, if you order and purchase asset tags aluminum frequently from our company, we would love to appreciate you for trusting our products. We cover the shipping expenses no matter the distance location.
  • Lastly, if you are ordering for asset tags aluminum worth $ 35 and above, we will cover the shipping expenses. This will act as a motivation to allow frequent purchases of our asset tags aluminum.

To learn more about the free shipping criteria, visit our page to view the information.

4.2 Can I Use Another Party to Receive My Shipment in Case of My Absentia?

We do not recommend you to use another party to receive the asset tags aluminum delivery. Our delivery team will leave a delivery notice on the address location but will not hand over the asset tags aluminum to someone else other than you.

This is our policy as it is for the shipping agents. Below are some dangers that can occur if we hand over asset tags aluminum to another party;

  • It may lead to loss of asset tags aluminum shipment.
  • It is not possible to claim refunds if you did not receive the asset tags aluminum shipment.
  • Reduces the identity theft where someone will claim to have been assigned to receive the asset tags aluminum.

You should always confirm availability 4 days before the delivery of the asset tags aluminum. This allows the shippers to plan accordingly in case of absentia.

4.3 How Long Do I Have to Wait for the Shipping of Asset Tags Aluminum Shipment?

The Shipping process begins when our company dispatches the asset tags aluminum to the shipping agents. The shipping agents must inspect before loading the asset tags aluminum to the desirable mode of shipping.

The shipping process itself from the shipper’s warehouse to the address location will take 10 days. Therefore, to sum the whole shipping process, it will take 14 days for you to receive the asset tags aluminum.

In emergency cases, we can take 4 to 5 days to deliver asset tags aluminum.

4.4 Do You Guarantee Safe Shipping of My Asset Tags Aluminum?

We value positive feedback from our clients as a result of the good services provided by our team. Shipping has been among the few services we provide, though, we do not direct shipping but rather use shipping agents.

We guarantee the safety of the asset tags aluminum as we provide the best packaging options that will hold these asset tags aluminum into place. This prevents breakage/damages.

Secondly, we have the best shipping agents who handle the asset tags aluminum with the best care. Therefore, you do not need to panic over the safety of asset tags aluminum.

We also provide a warranty on our asset tags aluminum.

4.5 Is the Total Order Payment Inclusive of The Shipping Fee of Asset Tags Aluminum?

While charging for the total amount of purchasing asset tags aluminum, we include the shipping fee. To determine the actual amount, we factor in the distant location. This enables us to estimate the cost of shipping the asset tags aluminum to the address location.

While doing the estimations, we consult with the shipping agents to avoid giving the wrong quotation. This brings the aspect of transparency between shippers, our client, and our own company.

We will send the final quotation of the amount you should pay. We forward the shipping fee to the shipping agents.

For more clarification contact us.

4.6 Can I Track My Asset Tags Aluminum Shipment During the Shipping Process?

Asset Tags Aluminum Tracking Process
Figure 13 Asset Tags Aluminum Tracking Process

Yes, you can track every step of the shipping process of the asset tags aluminum. We will send you a tracking number and allow activation of the tracking gadget on the asset tags aluminum shipment. 

This allows you to constantly check the status of the shipment directly without necessarily involving our team. We also issue the shipper’s details, which allows you to reach out to them in case of arising issues.

In case of failure of the tracking device, contact us, we will fix the issue.

4.7 I have received damaged Asset Tags Aluminum, what should I do?

When you encounter such a scenario, it’s normally a mistake from our team. Contact us immediately if you find damages on the asset tags aluminum. Our team will need you to indicate or explain the nature of the damaged asset tags aluminum before providing a possible solution.

Our team will contact you immediately to evaluate the possible causes and the amicable solution.

4.8 What is the Best Shipping Courier You Work with During Shipping And Delivery of Asset Tags Aluminum?

Best Shipping Courier We Partner With
Figure 14 Best Shipping Courier We Partner With

To guarantee safety and fast shipping and delivery process, we have partnered with some of the best shipping couriers in the world. They include;

  • FedEx
  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Shipping easy
  • UPS
  • eBay 
  • Etsy

4.9 Do You Allow Reordering of Asset Tags Aluminum?

You are welcome to place a new order with us after which is a result of wrong entry choice on the first order. We do not have any restrictions on this but we always recommend you to be keen to follow the given procedures.

If you need an assistant to take you through the ordering process, we will provide one of our team members.

4.10 Can I Pay Through Installments for Asset Tags Aluminum?

No, we do not accept installments payments on asset tags aluminum. We require you to pay the quoted amount after successful order payment. This facilitates the start of the asset tags aluminum production.

If that’s not the case, you can pay a down payment which amounts to three-quarters of the quoted amount and the rest should be paid after delivery.

Note, we do not consider the down payment as an installment.

5.0 Return and Replacement

5.1 What Return Policy Do You Have as a company?

Our Company Return Policy
Figure 15 Our Company Return Policy

A return policy shows clear agreement between the client and our company on the rules governing the return of asset tags aluminum. We have a return to company policies in which you should include all the receipts issued while ordering and during the delivery of asset tags aluminum.

The return policy entails;

  • The stipulated duration in which you can return the asset tags aluminum.
  • The condition of the acceptable returned asset tags aluminum.
  • Mode of refunds in case you do not need a replacement.
  • The refundability criteria we use. for instance, if the damages are on our side, we will refund the full amount. Otherwise, there are deductible charges if you make any mistakes thus the amount refunded is not the initial amount.

5.2 Do You Allow the Return of Customized Asset Tags Aluminum?

No, we do not allow returning of customized asset tags aluminum. Unless it’s a mistake /error from our production side. Customization normally requires you to provide the specifications of your ideal asset tags aluminum should look like.

We follow all the specifications given to us to prevent errors. Before production begins, we work on a sample that needs to be approved by you.

All other non-customized asset tags aluminum can be returned only if they’re in the original conditions. That is, there should be no damages or any defects.

5.3 Do You Notify after a Successful Return of Asset Tags Aluminum?

We will send a notification via mail to inform you of the successful return of the asset tags aluminum. This notification is sent within 2 days to allow inspection of returned asset tags aluminum.

If you don’t get a notification within this period, you can contact us for inquiries.

5.4 Do you have a timeframe on which am supposed to return the Asset Tags Aluminum?

Return Timeframe for Asset Tags Aluminum
Figure 16 Return Timeframe for Asset Tags Aluminum

We have stated the stipulated duration within which you can return asset tags aluminum. Normally, the duration given is 7 working days.

Our company policy allows the rejection of asset tags aluminum that are returned past the stipulated time.

5.5 Who Is Liable for the Returning Fee of the Asset Tags Aluminum?

The liability of the returning charges depends on who is at fault. We can look at this in a two-way perspective;

  • If the mistake is on our side for all asset tags aluminum including the customized ones. We will pay for all the expenses while returning the asset tags aluminum.
  • If you want a replacement or are unsatisfied with the asset tags aluminum and you want them returned. Then you will be liable for the expenses.

5.6 Is It Possible to Get a Replacement of Asset Tags Aluminum Once I Receive the Shipment?

Yes, you can get the replacement of the asset tags aluminum. Although there are conditions for replacement. The asset tags aluminum should be in the right condition, do damages or lost items on the package.

5.7 Can I Use My Packaging Options to Return Asset Tags Aluminum?

Normally, we recommend the use of the same package we used while packaging the asset tags aluminum. Mostly we use boxes that are partitioned on the inside to hold assets tags aluminum firmly.

Our team will guide how to open the boxes to allow continuous use in case you want to return asset tags aluminum.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 17 Shows The Cancellation Of An Order

6.1 Under What Circumstances Do You Allow Cancellation of Asset Tags Aluminum?

Cancellation of orders does not necessarily mean that our client found a better deal elsewhere. There are a few incidences that will result in the cancellation of orders.

They include;

  • We allow cancellation of asset tags aluminum order if you have made a wrong entry choice on the order form.
  • If the asset tags aluminum products are out of stock. This is a failure on our side to update the availability of the asset tags aluminum.

To get our cancellation policy, visit our page under the refund category you will be able to view our cancellation policy.

6.2 If an Accident Occurs on My Side Resulting in Damages of Asset Tags Aluminum, Do You Refund For Such Scenario?

After delivery, our team will help in inspecting the condition of the asset tags aluminum, if there are any damages, report back to us immediately. Out team will refund for the damages.

On the other hand, if damages are a result of your faults, we do not refund the damages at all. You will be liable for all expenses including the returning charges and the shipping fee.

It’s advisable to handle the asset tags aluminum shipment with care to prevent such scenarios that are avoidable. This saves you from incurring additional costs.

6.3 How Long Should I Wait to Get My Refunds on Asset Tags Aluminum?

The refund process must undergo some process before our teams conclude the settled refund amount. Additionally, other factors will also affect how long it takes for you to receive the refund. These factors include;

  • Condition of the returned asset tags aluminum.
  • What mode of payment did you use to make the payments? For instance, if you use PayPal, there is a mandatory period of waiting before the refund reflects on the bank.

If there are no underlying conditions on the asset tags aluminum shipment, we will process the refund immediately. This means the refund will reflect on the bank within 7 working days, then you can withdraw the money.

6.4 What Should I Do If the Ordered Asset Tags Aluminum That Is Not in Stock?

This Is a rare incidence that may be a result of a failure of a system update. In case it occurs, you should not panic.

This can be resolved in two ways;

  • You can write to us requesting for cancellation of the asset tags aluminum since the stock is unavailable.
  • Request refunds for asset tags aluminum. Since there is no production, we will refund the full amount made during the order payment process.

Our team will give you more information on how to handle the incident.

6.5 Do You Refund If I Cancel My Order During the Shipping of Asset Tags Aluminum?

We will give a refund for the asset tags aluminum even after the cancellation of the order during the shipping process. 

We do not refund immediately since we must request the return of goods from the shippers. An overall inspection must be carried to ensure the asset tags aluminum are in good condition.

NOTE, we do not refund the full amount but rather we make deductions for the production costs and labor.

To get more information on our refunding criteria contact us, our team is always ready to respond.

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