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Foison Metal’s credibility is carefully maintained through the improvements of our service to cater to clients’ precise needs. At our company, the whole workforce treats the products as extensions of themselves. As a result, the quality of the products created is beyond incomparable.

Our asset tracking tags serve as the foundation of a business or individual in securing and organizing assets. Each tag is made with premium quality materials and is also durable that will last for years. 

Moreover, the after-sales reviews and ratings prove the guaranteed exceptional results for your brand. 



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A tracking tag that steps up your organizing game by saving your time. Its durability and customizable features will surely give you satisfaction.

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Foison Metal’s Asset Tracking Tags make inventories easier and more organized. Also, these products are highly durable that withstand chemicals, solvents, and, even, scouring pads. Its uses can extend from personal use to business essentials. 

Also, Foison Metal’s well-trained workforce creates product requirements efficiently, while managing multiple deadlines without mistake. Our products are also guaranteed with premium quality service, making us the leading asset tracking tags in the whole market.

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Foison Metal adheres to its purpose of being the leading brand through premium service and products. We vision to deliver world-class customer service through our premium quality products.

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The Asset Tracking Tags Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is Asset Tracking Tags?

Asset Tracking Tags
Figure 1. Asset Tracking Tags

Asset Tracking Tags are commonly used in monitoring and tracking a company, business, or brand’s important physical assets, whether moveable or fixed. 

Foison asset tracking tags stand as the baseline in creating a seamless, and error-free repair process, inventories, and maintenance.

There are two most common types of physical assets: 

Moveable assets

Moveable assets are often furniture and equipment which doesn’t form any part of a  building or structure. Some good examples of these assets are laptops. Most companies and businesses own laptops, and these assets may be passed through different hands. In this situation, Asset Tracking Tags are most likely useful as it is used in controlling inventories, assignments, supplies, and also prevents loss or misplacement. 

Fixed Assets

Fixed Physical Assets are commonly known as infrastructure assets because they are essentially defined as physical properties controlled and attached to a fixed location through its lifespan. Some examples of these assets are bridges, tunnels, water systems, road signages, metal plaques, etc. 

These assets are attached to a building or structure, or a machine attached to the same. In the case of fixed assets, asset tracking tags are useful as they help identify the company’s assets for analysis and project plans.

1.2 Which Assets Require Tagging?

Not all asset tracking tags are placed in every asset type. However, because of its wide range of functions, some companies find asset tracking tags an essential and cost-effective way of organizing assets and keeping track of them. 

Assets require strict monitoring of its maintenance, location, handling, utilization planning, and that of course, should be tagged within it. Some assets strictly require verification regarding its ownership wherein there are high chances of them being lost, stolen, damaged, or mishandled.                          

1.3 When Do I Use Color Coding of Assets Tags?

One effective way of quick, and accurate visual identification of ownership or assigned departments’ responsibilities is using the color-coding method. Using this method, the assigned officer or personnel can easily identify specific items, whether it is according to its type, purpose, or record. The reason behind this is, sometimes, some assets resemble each other, or are of the same type. 

For example, company laptops are usually of the same brand or unit, so color-coded asset tracking tags will be a great help. An employee can easily identify which is the laptop for production, design, inventory, etc. Aside from that, color-coded asset tags reduce the work and effort and simplify the tasks with a low error possibility.

1.4 When Are Barcodes Necessary for Asset Tags?

Some companies prefer the use of barcodes in their asset tracking tags. Using barcode scanners, the errors caused by humans that happen in recording, and manual transcription will be highly avoided. Barcodes on asset tracking tags are almost error-free simplify, cost-efficient, and time-saver. 

Putting barcodes on asset tracking tags is the best value to large companies, or institutions, where large, diversified inventories of different assets should be monitored, maintained, tracked, or recorded.

The bar code scanners, whether a machine or a program, decode the information which they compare with a database for tracking and maintenance. In this way, the assets will surely provide secured access to confidential information only for essential team members or employees. 

The secured information will now be available and ready to share across organizations or departments that need to have a copy of these sensitive documents. In some organizations like vendors, suppliers of specific military or government institutions or organizations, bar codes are strictly required, and that these should be compliant with certain standards.

1.5 When should I use a numbering framework on my asset tracking tags?

Now and then, human-readable components can give an included layer of usefulness to a resource following a framework. Resources utilizing such a numbering framework may be deciphered without scanners, or at the slightest more promptly distinguished by staff for getting to more profound levels of information inside a database. 

The numbering of bar code names may be successive or non-sequential and may begin from any number or utilize any arrangement you specify.

1.6 Are the barcodes attached with my tags compatible with universal scanners?

Asset Tags with Scanners
Figure 2. Asset Tags with Scanners

The simple reply is yes. However, you need to guarantee you’ve got the correct type of scanner for your sort of bar code. Foison Metal can assist you to construct the correct symbols or numbers so that your barcode will work in any way you would prefer. Our bar code names are constructed to work with any barcode scanner, counting remote, laser, pocket-sized, and also cell phone barcode app scanners. 

However, please note that on the off chance that you’re checking a two-dimensional (2D) or Information Lattice code, you must utilize a scanner that’s prepared to handle these sorts of codes. Barcode scanners that were created as flat barcodes only will not be able to examine 2D codes.

1.7 Are there limits regarding the number of symbols allowed? How many then?

The number of characters you’ll put in a bar code depends on components and factors such as the estimated length of the name and the symbology you select. All bar codes must contain a calm zone, which is a blank or empty space on either side of the code. 

This would tell a standardized identification scanner when the symbology begins and stops. The calm zone ought to be around ten times the width of the tightest component of the bar code, which is known as the X measurement. The X measurement is utilized to decide the thickness of a barcode or the sum of data that can be captured in a bar code. 

In this manner, the more characters you get the denser the code. We will assist you to develop your bar code symbology to guarantee your names contain the information you require. Press the connect for more data on bar code symbologies.s.

1.8 What Will the do Labels Stick to?

Foison Metal essentially offers a wide selection of names to meet your needs. When choosing what sorts of resource names you would, like you must consider the surfaces and situations where the names will be set. What sort of environment will the names be set (inside or outside)? 

On what sort of surface will the name be put (smooth metals or rough plastics)? Replying to these questions can assist you to select the correct cement for your bar code label. The quality of a barcode label’s attachment depends on the material’s surface vitality. 

The higher the surface vitality, the superior the bond; the lower the surface vitality, the weaker the bond. Tall surface vitality materials incorporate metals and plastics such as PVC, polyester, epoxy, polycarbonate, fiberglass, and acrylic. 

Plastics like polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, and Teflon® are low surface vitality materials. Tap the connect for more data on how to choose the correct cement for barcode labels

2.0 Design and Customization

Asset Tracking Tags Customization
Figure 3. Asset Tracking Tags Customization

2.1 What is the process of creating asset tracking tags?

The process of asset tracking tags  production undergoes a series of stages that may include and is subject to certain conditions:

  • Client’s Initial Graphics Proposal: As the first and foremost step of the production process, you need to send or upload the proposed graphic design or elements that you wish for your tracking tags. Moreover, you should also give definite specifications for the size, shape, and material that you would want for your asset tracking tags.
  • Graphic Revision by Foison Expert Workforce: The professional graphics team of Foison Metal will reach out to assist you with your proposal, subject to both sides’ approval. Once the proposal is approved, the tracking will be already uploaded to your customer section.
  • Choosing the color of materials: After the second step mentioned, the asset tracking tags will already be available for checking out. Therefore, all you need to do is choose your preferred metal color.
  • Confirmation and Check-Out: After confirming certain design proposals, the asset tracking tags are already available for purchase. You should then finalize an order for your asset tracking tags.
  • Start of Production: The production team will then start working on your purchase immediately to be able to meet given deadlines.

2.2 Who would design my asset tracking tags? Can I provide my design?

Indeed. We have one of the best, most innovative asset tracking tags design specialists in the business. In situations where you provide copies of photos or graphics, we will then design your asset tags for you. Providing a hard sketch, online file, or any type of file that you need is a wise choice. 

We appreciate and accept any art files in the form of vector AI, EPS, or PDF format, wherein all fonts are converted to outlines. Also, you can include in your options of sending us your graphic design

2.3 How to choose my asset tracking tags color?

Choosing your background color for asset tracking tags is the primary gateway or main decision in making it beautiful and one of a kind. A large part of the asset tracking tags adopts common and standard colors as its background. 

Going a little more outside of the box of course would come a long way with your purpose. Some questions you should ponder are,” What if the person or group I am memorializing has loved red or black? Can I use these colors and incorporate them on the tags at least?” The answer would be, YES. 

Foison metal caters to more or less  45 standard and unique paint colors to choose from for your asset tracking tags’ background. Moreover, Foison Metal’s professional workforce can match any Pantone Color to fit your precise needs and specifications with these details.

Multi-Colored  and  Custom Colors

If you wish and prefer to highlight specific shapes or logos on your asset tracking tags, Foison Metal will gladly make this possible and render a multi-colored paint finish on your asset tracking tags order. Whether you desire to apply the metal finish on the raised embossed areas or if you want the whole asset tracking tags painted multiple colors, we Foison Metal can accommodate. 

Each ordered tag you purchase has one color computed together with the initial cost. If you wish for more colors, each additional color would constitute an extra price quote. Generally, we cannot render multiple colors in one area, but of course, everything can be furtherly discussed with our customer service. 

Some examples of these are,  if you desire a heart or diamond shape on your ordered asset tracking tags, we highly discourage you from painting one side pink and the other side in black color. 

Some Advice for Choosing a Background Color

Choosing a color can create an overwhelming feeling. This commonly happens when there is a wide selection of more than a few shades of hue to choose from. Several key factors you should consider in choosing colors should be opted, as it guides you and will help you decide with confidence and certainty.

Contrast and Clarity

In circumstances where you aren’t needing single-colored tags, always see to it that the metal you are using should contrast against the background enough for your words to be clear. 

One example lies in when you prefer a yellow-based-color text on a brass tag, the resulting contrast and clarity will be pretty low. However, if you replace brass with aluminum, the words will be more clearly visible and readable. This is one reason that tones like dark or earthy colors are picked regularly with all metals since they give the most difference and clarity.


Sometimes a good thing to consider in choosing an asset tracking tag’s background color is the surroundings or area of where the asset tracking tags will be installed. 

Some questions you should ponder are, “Are there specific colors or hues that you would aim for your asset tags to communicate or convey?” “Does the surface you are mounting the asset tracking tags to have a dark color, so you would prefer choosing something more vibrant, brighter or contrasting, that may help the asset tags stand out? 

After considering these questions, Foison Metal is always open for your requirements and assure you that you are always welcome to send us a photo of a file showing where the asset tags will be mounted or installed so that our professional workforce can help in advising you with the best options.

Request Samples

If you are still uncertain about the color you should choose, or a bit tore between choices, you can request samples from us to help you enlighten your choice. You can always reach out to customer service and Foison Metal will happily assist you and your concerns to come up with your desired asset tracking tags

2.4 What are the required file types, concerning portraits or photos that I want on my asset tags?

We need an HD photograph in JPG format. Most of the time, a phone or web picture won’t function well. The photos or files, if possible, should be of the highest quality you can give or send. 

If the original file is with you, please have it professionally scanned, or you may send it to us and we can scan it for you. If the original files can be extracted, kindly send us a scanned copy, or seek help from professionals to properly scan these for you.

2.5 I do not like how the asset tracking tags are designed. So, what now?

In case you’re not content and may wish to modify the plan for your asset tags, these can be re-planned by Foison’s designs group to best suit your precise needs.

2.6 To what extent is your return policy?

Every product we create and customize is one of its kind and is made exclusively for the concerned client. As a result, we are highly discouraged by the management to accept returns on any customized products. However, some factors like defects may fall into the exception where our customer service will happily guide you through.

Return Asset Tags
Figure 4. Return Asset Tags

2.7 Is it possible to check some latest updates or product results of my asset tracking tags before undergoing mass production?

Asset tracking tags and this would be sent to you in PDF format for free. Whenever you are happy with the example, the proposal will already be subject to approval, and production quantities are then built to meet your deadlines.

On the other hand, if you prefer asset tracking tags that require custom mold production, you will then be given a pre-production sample subject for your approval. These samples can also be sent to you quickly, and production of your desired asset tracking tags will commence once you are one hundred percent satisfied with the design proposal.

2.8 What available shapes can I have for my asset tracking tag designs?

Your asset tracking tags can be possibly designed and created in several different shapes. Some of the most common and popular shapes are squares, rectangles, triangles, curves, ovals, and circles. Smooth or round corners are recommended by the team because the asset tags can become sharp in their corners, but of course, it’s up to you.

In case you prefer more complex customized shapes, you can request a quote for free with our customer service.

2.9 Can custom asset tracking tags design use specific or ready-made templates?

No, Foison asset tracking tags do not use specific templates, standards, or ready-made designs because every business is different; hence, its specifications and requirements are distinct. A newly customized design is made each time for clients to suit each different business’s specifications and brand.

2.10 As a first-time customer, what do you think are some crucial points to consider in purchasing asset tracking tags?

Some of the factors to consider when designing asset tags include:

  • Durability and Lifespan: It is essential to choose durable and long-lasting materials like aluminum or stainless steel when designing custom asset tags. The usage of these products must be considered to determine what kind of raw material best suits your specifications and needs.
  • Graphics Design: The graphics design of your asset tracking tags is important as it will carry its purpose and your brand.
  • Aesthetic value: Always choose attractive and classy metals as metals create an appealing quality that serves them as decoratives. Always consider that you have achieved the overall effect and visibility you want to achieve in mind.
  • Shape and sizes: Vision and establish the appropriate size and shape you want for your asset tracking tags.
  • Versatility: Metals are known for their versatility because they can be shaped into any shape that you prefer. Therefore, when designing asset tags, you should see to it that this feature is properly observed and considered.
  • Purpose: It is essential to ensure that the asset tracking tags are designed to conform to your vision and purpose
  • Colors: Always determine and ascertain the color types that you want to be used on your asset tracking tag design.
  • Price: Always see to it that the total cost of designing your asset tags remains within your estimated budget.
  • Attachment: Consider and conduct a review of the options to be used to attach your asset tracking tags to your product, should it be sewn, hooked, or glued?
  • Environment: Create a list of the environmental requirements as factors that would affect the product specifications and purpose.

2.11 Why do the price asset tracking tags change over time?

Price of Asset Tracking Tags
Figure 5. Price of Asset Tracking Tags

The price asset tags are subject to changes depending on the supply, demand, and costs used in production. It is also important to conduct market research and understand clearly the trends of price changes for asset tags for you to utilize your budget efficiently.

2.12 Can holes, hooks, and adhesives be included in asset tracking tags?

Yes. These features are often included in asset tracking tags in the manufacturing process to eliminate alternative installment production and process. Our professional workforce can happily assist you with your needs and specifications for your asset tags customizing process.

2.13 What is the best size to cut asset tracking tags?

There is a wide range of options for standard sizes in which you can cut asset tracking tags. Any size from rectangle, square, circle, oval, and many others are among the options of cut for these asset tracking tags.  

For custom and more complex sizes of asset tracking tags, they can be made for you with custom tooling and procedure.

2.14 Do you offer a free quote and sample?

Yes, Foison Metal provides free price quotation and estimation which will, of course, be based on factors affecting the price such as material, quantity, and deadlines. On the other hand, free samples are given to clients if their required products do not need to have a special mold or plate.

Everything can be proposed with Foison Metal’s customer service assistants.

2.15 What is the smallest and biggest size your company can do with asset tracking tags?

Foison Metal always adheres to the specific needs of our clients. You can always raise concerns about the sizes with our customer service, to provide you free quote or design according to your specifications

2.16 Can you still cater to me if I want to involve other brands or people?

Foison Metal is focused on valuing confidentiality and exclusivity within clients. We highly discourage using another business custom design for your brand, or people without their/relatives’ consent. You can always reach us through our customer service where you will be happily assisted with your clarifications.

2.17 Do you adhere to copyright ethics?

Asset Tgas Copywright
Figure 6. Asset Tags Copywright

Yes, we always adhere to copyright policies. As mentioned earlier, Foison Metal greatly values the confidentiality and exclusivity of the designs. We tend not to share your information, especially regarding the design and pricing of your custom products. Your transactions will always be extra safe with us.

2.18 How long is the production date?

Your purchased custom asset tags are expected to be shipped in 1-3 business days, depending on your area. However, it is important to note that factors such as type of material, size, and customization required will affect the initial production time. Mostly, the production period ranges from 5 to 7 business days to meet deadlines. 

2.19 Do you have a factory? Where do you produce and create our ordered products?

As we aim to cater to you the fastest and highest service quality possible, Foison Metal has ventured out to create its own factor/plant, where we create and produce all processes of your orders. Every aspect of production is with care and focus regarding small details that you have provided to us. Our asset tracking tags are proudly made in one of China’s top factories and manufacturers.

2.20 Is the design free of charge?

Yes. Foison Metal offers free design to your asset tracking tags made by our professional workforce to cater to your needs and specifications. You can choose with a wide range of ideas that will surely make your purchase process a one-of-a-kind experience.

2.21 Do you also print double-sided asset tracking tags?

Yes, we also print double-sided asset tracking tags to ensure your design, needs, and specifications will be met accordingly.  You can always reach our customer service, connecting you with our graphics team to cater to your requests.

2.22 Will you keep my designs and/or record of my order?

As a standard of practice, we securely keep your designs and/or record of your order for our company inventory. However, our clients can also request for their purchase’s design and record to be deleted. It is a standard for the company that we deal with our clients’ transactions confidentially and ensure the exclusivity of their purchases/orders.

3.0 Order and Payment

Ordering Asset Tracking Tags
Figure 7. Ordering Asset Tracking Tags

3.1 Do you cater to rush deadlines? Will you meet them without sacrificing your products’ quality?

Yes. If you need asset tracking tags earlier than expected, they can be custom-made and shipped to you in five to seven business days or upon request and approval.

3.2 What are the inclusions in the provided price of my asset tracking tags purchase?

Some of the features which are already included in the price of asset tags include:

  • Design fee (if applicable)
  • Plate charge
  • First-time sample fee (if applicable)
  • Shipping and clearance fee

3.3 What payment methods do you use when importing asset tags from China?

Some of the payment methods to use when importing From China include:

  • PayPal
  • or Alibaba Trade Assurance.
  • Apple Pay
  • You may use a credit card
  • Use of western union
  • A broker can assist or help you make the payment.
  • Making a local transaction by opening an account in China
  • Wiring money straight to the manufacturer using an international transfer.
  • America Express

3.4 Is there standard pricing for asset tracking tags?

As mentioned earlier, there is no standard pricing schedule for asset tracking tags as they are customized to specific customer requirements and specifications.

3.5 How can I track my order?

You can track your asset tags order by simply contacting the salesperson who connected with you. This assigned person will assist you on how to track your purchase from time to time

3.6 What information should I provide when placing an order?

The information that you will need to provide when placing your asset tracking tags order should include the following:

  • Product information: mainly the quantity that you require.
  • Specification; material, size, logo, packing requirement, and color.
  • Design or sample the asset tracking tags that you require.
  • Delivery time required.
  • Shipping information; the name of the company, phone number, destination, and address.

3.7 How soon can I get a quote for my asset tracking tags?

Quotation of Asset Tracking Tags
Figure 8. Quotation of Asset Tracking Tags

You can get a quote for your asset tracking tags in about three to five days. However, prices may be subject to change or vary slightly with the original quotation depending on the complexity of the design, sizes, and color of asset tracking tags, including other certain factors.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping of Asset Tracking Tags
Figure 9. Shipping of Asset Tracking Tags

4.1 How long can it take to have asset tracking tags?

Samples delivery for your asset tracking tags takes about 10-12 days. Mass production and delivery for your asset tracking tags take about 14-17 days.

The time taken to ship asset tags to the destination is about 4-5 working days. However, this greatly depends on the availability of materials, workload, and complexity of the design.

4.2 What shipping documents do you need for importing asset tracking tags from China?

Here are some of the documents required when importing asset tracking tags from China include:

  • Bill of lading (B/L)

It must have the consignor and consignee’s name, the name of the ship, point of origin and destination, and the mark and quantity of goods. Bill of landing is an essential document in international shipping.

It is available in two forms, namely:

  • The consignee can only pick the straight bill of lading/ non-negotiable: asset tracking tags recorded in the bill of lading.  The carrier will only deliver the goods to the specified port of unloading or consignee.
  • Bearer bill of lading/ negotiable: in this, the asset tracking tags are delivered to the individual holding the bill of lading. Therefore, as a shipper, you must always have the bill of lading to certify that the asset tracking tag your asset tracking tag shipment belongs to you.
  • Simplify your asset tracking tags bill

This is given to air carriers or their agents that act as a receipt of goods received by the carrier. It also serves as a contract of carriage between you and the carrier because it certifies receipt of the goods by the carrier.

The airway bill serves as proof that the carrier is entirely responsible for handling your goods to the destination.

  • Commercial invoice

It is a document which is produced bat the seller, and it contains the following information:

  •   The name of the parties involved in the carriage of goods
  •   Quantity of the asset tracking tags
  •   Price of the consignment
  •   Point of origin and destination

Commercial invoice describes the agreement arrived at between the parties concerning the purchase of goods terms.

  • Certificate of origin

It is issued by the relevant Government agency of the exporting country as a certification that the goods have originated there. Customs uses a certificate of origin in importing countries for tariff 9mplementation, import quotas, and import tax rates.

  • Import license

Some countries require importers to get a license before importing certain goods to engage in business. Therefore, for foreign companies to import some goods, they will require an import license.

  • Packing list

It is a document that includes the details of the components of a shipment and lists the packing matters as agreed by the parties. A packing list enables customs and foreign buyers to check and inspect goods on arrival at the destination port. 

 The packing list must adhere strictly to the letter of credit where required.

4.3 What information should asset tracking tags package labels contain?

Information on Asset Tracking Tags
Figure 10. Information on Asset Tracking Tags

Information that is contained in asset tracking tags package labels include:

  • Order number
  • Quantity
  • Project or warehouse
  • Supplier’s labeling

4.4 What are the packing materials used when shipping asset tracking tags?

Some of the packaging materials used when shipping asset tracking tags include:

  • Carton boxes: Box cartons that are thick and do not easily bend will be the best choice for protecting your cargo to lessen the effect of the outside forces’ impact. Carton boxes also are a convenient way of packing your item purchases, no matter their size and shape.
  • Pallets: These materials ensure safety when handling the cargo package and placing it in a handy container as you can move hassle-free with mechanical handling methods.
  • Wooden Crates: These are used for easier transportation of high-volume orders of asset tracking tags from one point to another. 
  • Other essential and useful packing materials for asset tracking tags include bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and tape, as these act as cushions between the products and the carton or the box. They are used to isolate the asset tracking tags during transit.

4.5 How are asset tracking tags packed?

Asset tracking tags are packed in the following ways:

  • Each custom metal plaque is put in a separate plastic cover or bag. This practice protects it from getting scratches during transportation.
  • Each carton is packaged with one hundred units of asset tracking tags
  • Each box is packaged with either one hundred, two hundred, five hundred, or one thousand units of asset tracking tags
  • Custom-made color boxes, cartons, or paper bags can also replace arbitrary packaging methods.

4.6 What is the role of a freight forwarder when importing asset tracking tags from China?

Shipping Asset Tracking Tags from China
Figure 11. Shipping Asset Tracking Tags from China

The duties and roles of the freight forwarder when asset tracking tags are imported from China include:

  • They Guarantee the Best Option: Freight forwarders educate customers and enlighten them about the difficulties probably experienced in the delivery cycle of asset tracking tags.
  • They are Aware of the Whole Process: Freight forwarders make the delivery cycle hassle-free as they are well-experienced in the current transportation guidelines, transportation expenses, and banking practices.
  • Reserved Transportation Slots and Space: They secure cargo space and slots for their clients on ships and airplanes. They have wide and extensive connections to make the importation and exportation of asset tracking tags from various countries possible.
  • Organize Processing: The freight forwarder can organize your asset tracking tags’ packing, warehousing, or distribution process once they receive your cargo.
  • Providing Insurance Services: Freight forwarders extend assistance regarding cargo insurance to ensure that all orders are safe in case of damages during transit.
  • Perform documentation and customs clearance: Freight forwarders prepare and submit the necessary documentation required to export asset tracking tags. They will ensure the legal compliance of the goods to required regulations and customs.

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