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Only Foison Metal Produces Top-Quality Metal Products in the Market

In producing top-notch customized identification label, Foison Metal is considered as one of the front runners. We aim to provide you with only the best quality service and products that follows your strict specifications and requests.

We make sure to provide you with the highest quality and latest products available in the market today.

Here in Foison Metal, our Barcode Asset Tags are produced using various metals that best fit your needs and requirements. Guaranteed we have one of the most talented and skillful teams that works together in providing you exceptional customer service with high-quality products that your company deserves.

About Our Service

Standard Quality

Foison Metal's barcode tags have passed the ISO 9001:2015 certification, thus ensures each item is readable and has consistent quality.


You can choose from our wide variety of options on metal types, color, font, and layout that you want to use for your barcode tags.

Speedy Production

We are known to have the fastest production turn around time in the industry. We speed up our metal barcode tags production and delivery time.


Our technology and equipment are 100% the latest version for better competitiveness that adds value to your asset tags.


Foison Metal creates barcode asset tags layouts that fits your specification. We can assure you that the outcome will match your business' requirement and style.

Easy to Identify

We help you keep track of your business assets by providing the most durable and efficient asset tags in the market.

Quality Service

We make sure to provide the best support for your 100% satisfaction rate for your barcode tags.

Sourced Producer

At Foison metal, we have full control of all equipment and people staffing to manufacture your barcode asset tags.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal – The Prime Producer of Barcode Asset Tags That Fits Your Exact Specifications and Requirements

Numbered Asset Tags

Durable asset tags, paired with our top-of the-line barcode scanners and inventory management software, are the best fit for outdoor equipment.

Customized Asset Tags

Custom-made Asset tags that provide several options, making it a highly versatile choice for tracking valuable assets.

QR Code Asset Tags

The best option for indoor equipment, it is light in weight and easy to process. Further, it can meet any special requirements.

Barcode Asset Tags

Combination of QR and Number Asset labels and has a soft texture. They are also durable and environment-friendly. Moreover, our high artistic quality tags offer a beautiful appearance.

Know More About Us

The best quality service and raw materials to be customized in different ways can be found here at Foison Metal. We always want our customers to have an easy life in tracking and managing key assets.

Barcodes are verified with our 25-step quality inspection to ensure 100% scanning accuracy. Barcode Asset Tags are manufactured for extreme durability, readability at a very reasonable cost.

Just tell us how You want it to be, and our most talented in-house teams will get it for you.

Why Foison Metal Product Trusted?


We manufacture the best asset tags without disregarding your value for money.


Our design team with many years of experience works together sharing the same goal in providing the best quality products for you.

Track Assets

Labels are used to track your assets along with the most advanced inventory management software.

High Value

All advanced equipment needed for production are available to ensure 100% precision.

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Foison Metal – The World’s Largest Barcode Asset Tags Supplier in China

Equal treatment is maintained with our talented workers and valued customers. An environment friendly workspace is important for us to guarantee the safety of our team in constructing metal products that is also safe for our customers. Foison Metal, ensures that you will receive products that you wanted for a very reasonable price.

The Barcode Asset Tags FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is A Barcode Asset Tags?

A barcode Asset Tag
Figure 1. A barcode Asset Tag

A barcode asset tag is a way of representing machine-readable information in a visual form. Earlier before, this data was being presented using the variance in width and the spacing of parallel stripes.

The modern barcode asset tag is made of spaces and bars in a way that the machine can read to represent both numerals and characters. A barcode asset tag consists of spaces and bars with different widths that can be read using a barcode scanner.

Barcode asset tags are easy to use and are a cost-effective way of running or managing both small and large businesses. A barcode asset tag can be used for stock and inventory control. They can also be used to monitor and manage the lifecycle of your products. A barcode asset tag is made functional by a barcode label and a barcode reader.

Barcode asset tags come in different forms ranging from 1D barcodes to 2D barcodes. 1D barcodes include code 39 as well as code 128. 2D barcodes include Quick Response (QR) and Data Matrix.

Barcode asset tags are used in the storage of data regarding a given product on which the bar code will be stuck on. It becomes easier to generate all this data using a barcode reader. A barcode can be as small as the user may want it to be. The amount of data defined by the barcode however can be huge making them very useful in any business.

1.2 What Is The Expected Lifespan Of A Custom Asset Tags?

Asset Tag barcodes can be customized to suit different uses by different clients and in different industries. For this reason, the lifespan of a barcode asset tag must be taken into consideration to avoid events where the barcode wears out.

Foison barcode asset tags are made with high precision to ensure that they last to the end of their use. We help advise clients on the best material that will suit them based on what they want to use the barcode asset tags for.

Barcode asset tags are made of different materials and you must get to choose the right material that will last you to the time you want. All barcode asset tags come as self-adhesive for easy sticking on the surfaces. One of the most common barcode asset tag labor-intensive license questions large paper labels.

Paper barcode asset tags are mainly preferred since they are inexpensive. Paper barcode asset tags are however less durable compared to the other types of barcode asset tags. Types of Paper barcode asset tags are:

  • Laser-printed Paper barcode asset tags
  • Coated and uncoated Paper barcode asset tags
  • Gloss or matte coated Paper barcode asset tags
  • Coloured Paper barcode asset tags
  • Water-resistant Paper barcode asset tags

Apart from the paper materials, barcode asset tags can also be customized using other more durable materials such as:

Polypropylene barcode asset tags: Polypropylene provides resistance to tear oil and water thus making it durable even when exposed to chemicals or bad weather. This however makes them more expensive compared to paper barcode asset tags. They work better when low levels of durability are required.

Polyester barcode asset tags: These are the most durable types of barcode asset tags and the best choice when it comes to heavy use in rugged environments. Polyester barcode asset tags have high resistance to water, scratching, oil as well as chemicals. Polyester barcode asset tags are very rigid and are not suitable for use on curved surfaces but ideal for outdoor use.

Polyethylene barcode asset tags: This type of barcode asset tags is less rigid compared to polyester barcode asset tags. It works well even on curved surfaces like bottles. It offers good resistance to chemicals and water.

Polyimide barcode asset tags: This is a type of barcode asset tags that are made specifically for use where long-term industry-setting-term durability is needed. Polyimide barcode asset tags can withstand high levels of heat even more than 250°C. Polyimide barcode asset tags are mainly used in electronics due to their good thermal stability.

Vinyl barcode asset tags: These are barcode asset tags that come with very strong adhesives. Vinyl barcode asset tags are tamper-resistant and may get broken or damage the asset when their removal is attempted. Vinyl barcode asset tags are also very durable and resistant to water.

1.3 Why Is It Important To Have A Custom Asset Tags Especially In Business?

Importance of having a custom asset tag especially in business
Figure 2. Importance of having a custom asset tag especially in business

Barcode asset tags are widely used in different industries for different products from food products to hospital wristbands. They have become more famous due to the many advantages that they offer to businesses to solve some of the problems that may have been hard to fix. The use of custom barcode asset tags is mainly associated with time-saving and profit maximization.

Some of the reasons why you should use custom barcode asset tags in your business include:

Reducing the risk of making errors

Barcode asset tags are used to represent a set of information regarding a given asset. Without Barcode asset tags, the risk of making errors while typing the complex data in the system or whenever the asset is being moved out can be quite high. This risk is perfectly covered by the use of Barcode asset tags in the management of all the company assets. Without a Barcode asset tag, your business then becomes very vulnerable to errors and inaccuracies that may lead to losses.

You run the risk of pressing the wrong key especially when the asset requires regular data entry. It is estimated that with a manual data entry, on average 1 character out of 300 will be incorrect. These inaccuracies are solved through the use of Barcode asset tags.


Manual data entry can be quite slow. Business is all about money and time equates to money. The more time you waste on data entry, the more money you lose in other revenue-generating activities. The speed of a computer cannot be compared to that of a human being. Barcode asset tags utilize the latest technologies to scan the asset, process, and store data through the use of barcode scanners.

Having to key in the product description every time a customer or the asset is being checked out can be time-consuming to the client. Although smaller quantities of the asset may seem easy to handle, large quantities can greatly affect your business.

Reduced costs of operation

The growth and popularity in the use of Barcode asset tags have greatly led to the drop in the costs of the necessary equipment. The cost of implementing a barcode system has therefore grown to become very affordable. The investment is more profitable compared to hiring someone to do the job.

Lower Overall Expenses

The accuracy that comes with the use of Barcode asset tags also brings about lower overhead costs. It becomes easier to evaluate the expenses of your business. For example, if you are renting some warehouse space, overestimating the size of your assets could mean paying more for unused storage space.  This saves you from unnecessary spending.

Efficiency in operations

Part of the work that consumes a lot of time is the pricing of products in the system. It is also a very labor-intensive exercise if every product comes with its price attached to it. Barcode asset tags can save you precious time by simply scanning them using a barcode scanner and the price will be indicated.

The Barcode asset tags can be used on the product while the price can be stored on the system for retrieval. For retail shops, the Barcode asset tags can be put on the products while the price can be placed on the shelves for customers to see and make the decision based on that.

1.4 What Are The Uses And Applications Of Custom Barcode Asset Tags?

Uses and applications of custom barcode asset tags
Figure 3. Uses and applications of custom barcode asset tags

Barcode asset tags have become a very important asset in day to day running of the business. This is especially so when you are dealing with large volumes of fast-moving assets that require regular checks and clearance. The use of Barcode asset tags in any business cannot be overemphasized. Some of the uses and applications of custom barcode asset tags include:

Parsing Driver’s License

Most licences come with a Barcode asset tag that is embedded with all the personal details. This information is used in identifying the driver as well as the car. To help in saving space and production of sizable driving licenses, they come with a Barcode asset tag to help retrieve the required information.

This information is easily used by companies that have the necessary Barcode readers to quickly pick the information. It can be used in offering discounts, issuing credits as well as loyalty applications. The data can also be used to identify users of frequent places.

Patient ID

Barcode asset tags are also used in hospitals and other health facilities. They are normally printed on the wristband of a patient and are used in patient identification. They are scanned whenever a new patient is being admitted and carry all the information regarding the patient. The tags are very efficient in tracking the progress of the patient based on the data.

Collection of Specimen

Every time a clinician collects the medical samples, they need to label them well to avoid any mix-ups from occurring. Barcode asset tags are very important in such cases since they are easy to stick.

Once they are stuck, the clinician will only need a barcode read or an automated system to read and interpret the information. Due to the large number of samples collected, Barcode asset tags offer relief to the clinicians.

Medication Administration

Barcode asset tags are used by medical administrators to identify drugs and also enter the drug information on the system. All this work becomes easy and saves time as well as money. It also reduces any possible errors in drug administration.

The medical administrators can also scan the Barcode wristband to identify the drug required by a given patient before administering it. This reduces the life-threatening errors that may happen in the hospital.

Tracking and Tracing

Barcode asset tags are used in the manufacturing process to identify the progress of a given product. The Barcode asset tag is placed on the container or at a readable place and is regularly scanned at different points to record the state and the stages of the product.

Work in Progress

The Barcode asset tags are placed temporarily on the goods to be able to track them from the raw materials to the finished goods. The Barcode asset tags allow the goods to be tracked at all stages of the production process.

Shipping and Receiving of Goods

Barcode asset tags are very applicable in the shipping industry. They are used to carry the data about the cargo more accurately. This includes the part number, lot number, plant location, quantity, revision, pack date among other important details.

The Barcode asset tags are also used to register the cargo being brought in and those that are being picked by clients. It helps in clearance of goods from the store in a more accurate procedure.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Do You Offer A Free Quote And Sample?

Free Quotation and Sample
Figure 4. Free Quotation and Sample

Foison metal is committed to ensuring that the whole process of ordering Barcode asset tags works for you smoothly and effectively. We do not intend to make any mistakes in your most valuable project. The only thing you may need to take care of is the shipping cost. You will be required to organize with your agent the shipping of the samples.

As such, we always ensure that we provide enough options and samples to all our clients who may want to experience the quality of our Barcode asset tags. We have ready-made samples that can be shipped to you anytime you want. We can also customize the sample of your choice to suit your specific business model, use, or design.

To get our free samples, you are required to send a request through our online contact form or email. Once we get your request, we will immediately start working on it. For customized Barcode asset tags, you will need to pay redeemable $50 in advance. The amount will be part of your payment once you confirm the start of your Barcode asset tags production.

We also give free quotes for Barcode asset tags to all our clients to make sure they are at liberty to make their choices wisely. As you will notice, our prices are the best in the industry. Feel free to request a free quote.

2.2 Can The Barcode Asset Tags Be Easily Erased Or Peeled Up?

The labels cannot be easily erased or peeled up
Figure 5. The labels cannot be easily erased or peeled up

Our Barcode asset tags are made with the best materials to suit the use and guarantee you long-lasting durability. Our Barcode asset tags come with strong and sticky 3M self-adhesive that makes it stick almost forever.

Foison Barcode asset tags cannot be erased by anyone, especially for any theft or burglary reasons. They are very sticky and meet all the industry-set standards. We also work with the needs of our clients to achieve their intended use.

They are very hard to peel up and are made to withstand any harmful conditions based on their use. To prevent any damage, we give proper use recommendations based on the use of the Barcode asset tags.

Some of the Barcode asset tags are meant for use in outdoor conditions while some paper Barcode asset tags should only be used indoors. Always ensure you adhere to proper use guidelines to realize the optimal value of our products. This will also guarantee you a longer lifespan for the Barcode asset tags.

2.4 What Are The Quality Standards For Barcode Asset Tags?

All our Barcode asset tags follow the internationally set standards in the industry. We ensure they are in strict adherence to ISO 15416 for all 1D barcodes, and ISO 14415 for all 2D label barcodes. Our Barcode asset tags are also in strict conformity to ISO/IEC TR 29158 to ensure there are no substandard barcodes that are released to the market.

These standards are used to determine how data is entered, how it is decoded as well as the size of every bar code. The above standards are mainly used in the regulation of the quality of barcodes produced worldwide which are the same standards that all our Barcode asset tags follow.

Some of the features under standardization include:

Minimum reflectance- This is a measure of the amount of reflectance that is allowed whether they are being used in dark or lighted areas. The Barcode asset tags must meet a set ratio of light that they reflect off the Barcode asset tags. 

Edge Contrast The edge contrast will be used to measure the change in spacing distance and the bars on the Barcode asset tags. The distance must follow the recommended guidelines.

Modulation this refers to the local variations in the contrast of Barcode asset tags.

Decode Decode in Barcode asset tags is used in checking whether the code is readable. This is measured using the standard reference algorithm for decoding.

Defects- All our Barcode asset tags are devoid of all errors that may be associated with Barcode asset tags. Some of the defects include dirt, printing errors, colors, and any other markings that may affect a particular space or bar. These are some of the things that you can never experience with our Barcode asset tags

Decodability- Decodability is used to grade the accuracy of the Barcode asset tags. This refers to the size of both the bar as well as the space widths. Any Barcode asset tags that are distorted or bar width growth may end up scoring a very low decodability grade.

2.5 Can Custom Designs Be Double-Sided?

Yes, we can customize all our Barcode asset tags based on the requirements and needs of the client. For any client who may need their Barcode asset tags to be printed on both sides, we will surely do so. Our production team is very experienced and is always willing and ready to take over your special production for double-sided Barcode asset tags.

One thing to note however is that the total cost of double-sided Barcode asset tags will be different. The cost of double-sided Barcode asset tags always tends to be higher than the normal bar codes.

If you need a double-sided Barcode asset tag you must indicate that when ordering. Barcode asset tags will otherwise mean a normal one-sided Barcode asset tag.

2.6 What Are The Color Options Of Barcode Asset Tags?

Colour options of barcode asset tags
Figure 6. Colour options of barcode asset tags

All our Barcode asset tags come in various colors to suit your brand. Depending on which color you need, we will be able to organize its production and deliver as per your requirement. This involves both the traditional black and white Barcode asset tags as well as the mixture of colors.

Some of the colors include black, red, blue, orange, green, yellow among many others. All the requirements about the colors of the Barcode asset tags must be indicated when placing the order.

2.7 What Are Your Standard Sizes And Are There Size Limitations?

Our Barcode asset tags come in different sizes depending on their use. Some of the standard sizes are:

1.5 inches width by 0.75 inches height

These small Barcode asset tags of this site are mainly used for small and movable assets such as phones and other light objects.

2.0 inches width by 0.75 inches height

These are the medium-sized Barcode asset tags mainly applied when there is a need to have a logo on the edge. It can also contain some extra characters on the space making it bigger.

2.0 inches width by 1.0 inches height

These are the large-sized Barcode asset tags that are used in large and non-movable assets. These are large equipment mainly referred to as fixed assets.

The sizes may not be exact but may range within the above measurement from 2 inches in width to 1.0 inches in height.

We also customize based on the use of the Barcode asset tags. If you have any special cases, you can let us know and we will work on them.

2.8 Will You Keep My Designs And/Or Record Of My Order?

We keep proper records and the history of all our customers to allow us to revisit any details in the future. This includes the contact information, shipping addresses, and more importantly the custom design of your custom design.

In case you need a similar design in the questions large-scale colors differs tag future, we will be able to retrieve the design and all other specifications and produce more Barcode asset tags for you.  This will greatly help in reducing the time taken to design and redesign your Barcode asset tags.

This will also mean that your ordering process will be smooth as you will only be required to indicate the required quantities.

2.9 What Types Of Materials Do You Print On?

We use quite a wide range of materials in the production of our Barcode asset tags. The materials mainly differ in durability and usage. Some of the materials used in making Barcode asset tags can only be used indoors while others may work even in the rain.

Some of the materials we use in making Barcode asset tags include:

  • Destructible vinyl
  • Polyester tamper-evident
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Vinyl or Metallized Mylar
  • Annealed and Anodized Aluminum
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyimide

Other materials can also be made depending on how you want your product to be. It will also depend on how long you want your Barcode asset tags to last and where you intend to use them.

3.0 Order and Payments

Smooth Ordering Process
Figure 7. Smooth Ordering Process

3.1 How Do I Place An Order?

For the production of your Barcode asset tags to start, you will need to first place an order and get it approved. To place your order, follow the steps below:

Contact us: To order your Barcode asset tags, you first need to contact us through our online form. You will be required to fill in the contents of your order on the form and submit it. You can also reach us using our phone numbers or email and we will gladly attend to you.

Confirming your design: In case you have a well-done design that you intend to use, you will be required to submit it for approval. If you are not in a position to come up with your design, there is no need to worry. Our team will be here to assist you with a good design customized to your specific need to your satisfaction.

Confirming your details:  Once your design has been approved, the next thing is to have the final details of your products taken and confirmed. This is to make sure that the production of your Barcode asset tags is correct and accurate.

Negotiating on the final price: At Foison, we understand the need to keep your business growing and reducing expenses. As such, we will try and provide you with the best quotation possible based on your order requirements.

Sample Inspection: During the start of our production, we will keep on updating you and seek clarification. We will send you some of the samples that will be made in the first batch so that you can check and raise any questions if any.  In most cases, we may make you pre-production samples for you to check and confirm.

Barcode asset tags Production: Once you have received the samples and approved them, our production team will be provided with your work. They will then start on large-scale production of your Barcode asset tags.

All the Barcode asset tags will be made as per the approved samples and in line with the international set standards. The production time will be communicated in estimate depending on how your project looks like.

Shipping: After the production of your Barcode asset tags is done, we will organize for safe delivery of your Barcode asset tags to your destination. We can use our shipping partners but you may as well share your preferred carriers that we will work with to ensure successful delivery of your Barcode asset tags.

3.2 What Information Do I Need To Provide For An Order?

Some of the information you provide is very crucial in calculating how much it will cost to produce your Barcode asset tags. As such, you will need to provide very accurate information to help us give you the appropriate quotation for your order. Some of this information will include:

  • Your Full names
  • Your country
  • The size of the Barcode asset tags required
  • The quantity of Barcode asset tags needed
  • The colors of the Barcode asset tags
  • The type of finishing to be applied
  • Barcode asset tags material to be used among others

For customized Barcode asset tags production, you will need to give all the above information and any other details that you may be having. This is very important as any errors made at this stage may result in huge losses.

3.3 What Are Your Prices For Barcode Asset Tags?

All our Barcode asset tags are affordable. We manufacture the best quality Barcode asset tags at the lowest cost possible to give great discounts to all our customers.

The price of our Barcode asset tags differs from one product to the other and every quotation will be different. The difference in pricing is brought about by the different features associated with each Barcode asset tag during production.

Some of the features that determine the price quoted for your Barcode asset tags include:

  • The size of the Barcode asset tags
  • The use of the bar code (indoor or outdoor)
  • The type of adhesive used
  • The colour long-term door-to-door,
  • The quantity of Barcode asset tags to be produced
  • The existing offers and discounts

We welcome you to come and discuss with us what you need and we will surely deliver and give you the best quotation. We also run promotions from time to time and you might get lucky to have one.

3.4 What Are Your Prices For Barcode Asset Tags?

All our Barcode asset tags are affordable. We manufacture the best quality Barcode asset tags at the lowest cost possible to give great discounts to all our customers.

The price of our Barcode asset tags differs from one product to the other and every quotation will be different. The difference in pricing is brought about by the different features associated with each Barcode asset tag during production.

Some of the features that determine the price quoted for your Barcode asset tags include:

  • The size of the Barcode asset tags
  • The use of the bar code (indoor or outdoor)
  • The type of adhesive used
  • The colour long-term door-to-door,
  • The quantity of Barcode asset tags to be produced
  • The existing offers and discounts

We welcome you to come and discuss with us what you need and we will surely deliver and give you the best quotation. We also run promotions from time to time and you might get lucky to have one.

3.5 What Payment Method Do You Accept?

Payment methods
Figure 8. Payment methods

To serve clients from different parts of the world with our high-quality Barcode asset tags, we have implemented different payment methods. To order our Barcode asset tags, you can pay using:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Cash
  • Western Union
  • Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
  • Skrill

You can also discuss with us any other options that you think may be available to you and we will find if we can work with them.

3.6 Do You Offer Premium Membership?

Yes, we do, we have a subscription plan for all our long-term clients. Our premium members include both local and international clients. Part of the benefits that come with being a premium member includes discounts, door-to-door delivery, and payment on delivery among many others.

If you would wish to subscribe and be part of our premium membership, contact us and we will share other details with you.

3.7 How Do I Contact Customer Service?

Contact Customer Service
Figure 9. Contact Customer Service

Our customer service is always available to serve you and answer all the questions that you may have regarding Barcode asset tags. You can reach our customer support by email, phone, or the online inquiry form and they will respond promptly.

You can reach Foison metal by the email address and you will be served. All our customer service agents are properly trained to give you the best and professional support to your satisfaction.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 What Is The Shipping Process?

The Shipping Process
Figure 10. The Shipping Process

Our shipping process is normally easy and fast to ensure that all the Barcode asset tags get delivered to the client within the shortest time possible. Normally when the production process is finished, the Barcode asset tags will be handed over to the department responsible for delivery.

The Barcode asset tags are packed well to ensure they are not exposed to any harm during shipping. We also pack in strict conformity to the rules and regulations of the receiving country to avoid any issues during clearance.

Once the Barcode asset tags have been properly packed, we will then take them to the shipping company’s warehouse. This is why you need to provide us with the correct details to avoid any loss of the package.

The Barcode asset tags will be delivered and information such as the waybill number will be issued. All this information will be shared with you to make it easier for you to follow the package. In case of any problem, we will be ready to intervene and find a solution.

4.2 How Can I Track My Order?

Tracking my order
Figure 11. Tracking my order

Once a package of Barcode asset tags has been handed over to the shipping courier, they will provide us with the tracking information. The same can also be shared with you via mail or text message depending on the courier we are using. They may inform you of a package under your name and the expected date of delivery and collection point.

Although not all couriers do so, we are responsible for ensuring the package gets to you safely. We will therefore share the tracking numbers issued to us with you. We will also follow up and update you. We have not had any issues with our couriers and we hope that even when you place an order, everything will run smoothly.

4.3 Do You Ship Worldwide?

Worldwide Delivery
Figure 12. Worldwide Delivery

Yes, we have clients all over the world and we do ensure that all shipping is done as scheduled. We have been growing year after year expanding to reach out to clients across the continents of the world.

We are still welcoming and we can assure you of our full support and quality production of Barcode asset tags. No matter the part of the world you are in, we will make sure we ship your Barcode asset tags without any delay.

4.4 How Do You Protect My Items During Shipping?

We can guarantee you the safety of your Barcode asset tags anytime during the shipping process. To start with, all our packaging is done with much attention to preventing any breakage or damage. We ensure proper sealing with strong boxes. We also reduce any extra spaces inside of the boxes to prevent any movement during the handling of the goods.

Apart from the packaging aspect, we also follow your Barcode asset tags package throughout the shipping process to ensure that it does not get lost. We track the package from the warehouse until it arrives.

We also work with couriers that are reputable and guarantee insurance of goods while in transit. This means that you will be compensated for the loss or damage of the Barcode asset tags in case of any unfortunate incidence.

4.5 What Are Shipping Fees And Rates?

Shipping Fees And Rates
Figure 13. Shipping Fees And Rates

Our shipping rates are highly subsidized considering that we have long partnerships with most of the couriers. No matter where you are, we can offer the best rates in the shipping industry. That is also to ensure that you maximize the profits from your Barcode asset tags business.

4.6 Can I Change My Delivery Address Or Billing Address After The Order Was Placed Or Shipped?

This can be quite challenging because once a package has been shipped, it can hardly be reversed or transferred elsewhere. We highly advise that clients provide us with the correct details from which they will be receiving the goods.

Although such occasions may come up, it is entirely up to the client to pay for any costs associated with such changes. We may intervene to have the courier work out your plan, but it is never a guarantee that it will work.

Any changes can only happen before the order is shipped. It is very much okay to change the shipping and billing details once the order has been placed or as the production goes on.

4.7 What Are Your Shipping Carriers?

Shipping Carriers
Figure 14. Shipping Carriers

We work with different carriers based on the part of the world where the Barcode asset tags are to be delivered both local and international. We also work with other carriers that may be recommended for use by the client. If you have one you wish to ship your Barcode asset tags through, you can talk to us and work together with them for a successful delivery.

Some of the shipping carriers we use include but not limited to:

  • DB Schenker
  • DHL
  • DTDC
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • YRC Freight

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 What is your Barcode asset tags return policy?

Barcode asset tags return policy
Figure 15. Barcode asset tags return policy

Our barcode return policy requires that you first inform us that you have an issue with your Barcode asset tags and would wish to return. Our customer support will then undertake the matter and we will start the process of establishing what may be the reason for the return.

Our return policy also requires that all issues regarding the Barcode asset tags that may warrant a return be raised within 7 days. Any issues that may be brought forward after this period will not be accepted. It will be assumed that the problems have been caused by the client and therefore not qualifying for return.

The first thing you should do after receiving the Barcode asset tags is to check and confirm that everything is in order. Taking longer than usual to alert us in case of a problem may mean that it occurred after delivery.

5.2 What should I do if I receive products other than the Barcode asset tags I ordered?

In case you notice any foreign products as part of the package that we ship to you, you should inform us almost immediately. This will greatly help us in fixing the mistake well in advance. This simply means there was a mix of products for you and another client.

By reporting the issue, we will follow up on where exactly the other Barcode asset tags even as we trace the owner of the products you have. We advise that you keep the products in their original form. Do not unpack them, just report them and we will advise you on what to do.

5.3 If some of the Barcode asset tags are damaged or have defects, what can I do?

We will never wish that any of your Barcode asset tags get to you when damaged but we promise our assistance in having the issue fixed. Normally all our products are made of the highest quality materials and meet all the international standards. We do not have defective Barcode asset tags in our line of production

If in any unfortunate event you discover that part of your Barcode asset tags is not okay, kindly reach out to us. We understand that sometimes the damage of Barcode asset tags can happen in the course of their shipping and we can help find the issue once you report to us. Please alert us as soon as you notice and we will offer you the required support.

5.4 What documents do I do need before shipping the package back?

Shipping the package back
Figure 16. Shipping the package back

To ship back the products that do not belong to you or Barcode asset tags that may be having defects, you will need all the documents that shipped the goods. You will need to have everything intact and visit the shipping agent that came with the goods.

Once you contact the Barcode asset tags shipping company, we will intervene and help out in having the items get back to our factory and take the necessary action.

5.5 Is it okay if I use my packaging or it’s a must I use yours?

Yes, it is allowed to use your package. If you are not in a position to use the package that came with the Barcode asset tags, you can customize a well presentable and properly sealed package that suits you.

5.6 Who will handle the cost of returning the products?

The cost of returning the Barcode asset tags or other products to our factory can be handled by us or by the client depending on the situation. In situations where it is the client who needs changes on the Barcode asset tags that they ordered, then it will be upon the client to pay. The client bears all the responsibility of ensuring that all details and features are clear before the production process begins.

We take time to get all the necessary details and even share samples to get every detail correctly. If any issue comes up later as a result of the client’s mistakes, the client will bear all other costs associated with the return of the Barcode asset tags. Only when it is Foison that resulted in the return of the Barcode asset tags will we handle the costs of returning the goods.

5.7 How can I track my replaced order?

Tracking my replaced order
Figure 17. Tracking my replaced order

You will be able to track the status of your returned Barcode asset tags using the order number that was used in the production of your Barcode asset tags. You will only be required to contact us using the same order number and we will give updates on it.

5.8 Will you communicate with me about my replacement?

Yes, indeed we will communicate. We understand how important communication is and we will abide by the values of good customer service by frequently updating you.  All the information regarding your Barcode asset tags replacements will be made to you and in time.

5.9 I am not satisfied with the Barcode asset tags; can I send them back for replacement?

You can always talk to us if you are not satisfied with what you have. You should however worry less since we have laid enough strategic measure to ensure such cases don’t arise. We make sure there is enough data sharing before we start the process of producing the Barcode asset tags. We cannot deny the fact that such a case can arise and we will indeed allow you to send back the Barcode asset tags for replacement.

This is however not a guarantee as there will be a lot of investigation into the issue. If it is found out that there is a genuine case, we will proceed and do a replacement for you.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

6.1 What is your refund policy?

Refund Policy
Figure 18. Refund Policy

Our refund policy for Barcode asset tags will require you to submit your requirement for replacement within 7 days of receiving the package. We will not accept any late claims that may affect the company operations. e will not accept any late claims that may affect the company operations.

You will need to report immediately indicating that you have an issue with the Barcode asset tags and would need a refund. Any late claims will not be handled. As we said, these are not issues that may have to worry you that much. As professional Barcode asset tags manufacturers, we make sure everything is done the right way.

6.2 How can I request a refund?

You can request a refund by writing to us directly on all our contact platforms indicating that you need to get a refund from returned Barcode asset tags. Your case will be recorded by our accounting department.

You should expect to get a refund within 30 days. The amount to be refunded will depend on the agreed terms as well as our refund policy.

6.3 How can I get in touch with your Customer Support?

Customer Support
Figure 19. Customer Support

You can talk to our customer support team any time as we operate 24/7 to make sure all our customer queries are conclusively handled. We have all our contacts displayed on our contact us page.

You can contact us either using the email address, phone numbers or even chatting with us on Whatsapp. We have one of the best customer support team and you can be sure that all your issues will be handled professionally.

6.4 How can I track the state of my refund request?

Tracking y the status of your refund is quite easy. Once your refund has been classified case, your order number will be activated for refund. Using the Barcode asset tags order number, you will be able to call and get the updated status of your refund.

We will also keep in close communication with you all through the whole process. Where necessary you may be required to provide more information to ensure a successful reimbursement of funds.

6.5 How much am I going to be refunded?

As you may be aware, the amount of money to be reimbursed may not be necessarily full. The amount of money to be refunded will depend on how your case is. We do refund the full amount if the cancellation happens before the production of Barcode asset tags starts.

If you cancel your order when we are in the middle of the production process, you will not receive a full refund.

All the work that went into the production of the few Barcode asset tags will be considered to arrive at the final amount to be refunded. All these terms are clearly illustrated in our terms and conditions. You will be served with a copy of our terms or get a link just to understand the terms when ordering.

6.6 What are the Barcode asset tags cancellation terms?

Cancellation Terms
Figure 20. Cancellation Terms

Cancellation of a Barcode asset tags project is done before our team assembles everything to start the production process. Any cancellation done after this time will attract a 30% commission as damages. 

We fully engage our clients to avoid such scenarios from happening but will also that a client can be justified to cancel their order. As such we will deduct the given fee as compensation.

Apart from the 30% commission, the overall cost of the production will also be deducted. There is no specific figure on this as it will depend on how much of the Barcode asset tags were produced. If the production process is near completion, then you will have to pick the Barcode asset tags or decide to leave them.

6.7 How do I go about cancelling my order?

To cancel your order successfully, you need to make a formal cancellation request. Our team will pick up the issue and act on your request. You can report your case via email, phone call or simply fill the form on our website.

You will be notified immediately that there is an attempt to stop the order for you to confirm on the same. After that, the order will be cancelled and the process of refund will kick in.

6.8 How can I tell if my order was cancelled successfully?

You will know that your order has been cancelled once you receive an email confirming that the Barcode asset tags order has been cancelled successfully. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, then you should follow up with a phone call just to follow up.

If you have a specific agent that is handling your order, you should engage them in the cancellation process. They will be able to follow up on the issue conclusively until you get the refund.

6.9 How do the Barcode asset tags qualify in the cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy
Fgure 21. Cancellation Policy

Some scenarios are acceptable for one to proceed and cancel their order. Some cases may however be too costly for both ends. That is why we clearly define the boundaries for all. We will be lenient enough if we believe that the cancellation of the Barcode asset tags order is not a change of mind but rather a change in business operations.

You will be required to prove that indeed the cancellation is regrettable and was never intended. For cases where the client decides to close the order without any reason, we will not accept the cancellation meaning there will be no refund.

As Barcode asset tags professionals, we have undertaken volumes of tasks and we know what our clients need at any given time. You can trust us that we will drive the production of your Barcode asset tags from the start to the end successfully.

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