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Choose Foison: Your Best Enamel Pin Manufacturer

Worry no more with the quality of your orders bought for a minimal capital! Foison Metal is the Best Enamel Pin Manufacturer that you can find worldwide that guarantees premium products at the lowest price!

Foison Metal is devoted to catering to you five-star service and production! We always put in line the growth of your business all the time. 

 Stop spending money with products that are cheap but easily break and make your orders with us! Hasten up and experience the best transaction with our team!

About Our Service


Foison Metal is an enamel pin maker that offers the lowest price for bulk custom enamel pins.


Enamel pins are produced with your customized designs that can be modified with different colors, shapes, and sizes.


Our team is available anytime you need us. We provide free design assistance that helps you elevate your creations.

Bulk Production

Here at Foison, we offer the lowest MOQ for enamel pins which is 500 pcs per transaction.


We have an in-house designers and engineers with years of experience in designing and manufacturing enamel pins.


We have collaborated with trusted couriers that able to deliver international orders within 5-7 business days.


As a known enamel pin maker we value our integrity. Each product goes through strict inspection to ensure quality.


To secure each enamel pin, we use strong plastic material to pack your orders. Customized packaging is also an option.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal is the Best Enamel Pin Manufacturer With Over Billions of Products Sold Through the Years

Custom Enamel Pins Cheap

Budget-friendly option for high-quality custom enamel pin that combines style and durability.

Best Custom Enamel Pins

Crafted using premium materials and precision techniques to create an unbeatable enamel pin quality.

Enamel Pin Badge

If you’re looking for enamel pins that are fit with your school or organization clients, this will not be down to you.

Cute Enamel Pins

These products are trendy and can go with anything else, guaranteed sold out for your business!


Foison Advanced PIN BADGES Manufacturing technology

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The scout for the Best Enamel Pin Manufacturer ended after Foison Metal joined in the production! We mass produce your orders with long-lasting quality in a stress-free and easy transaction!

Foison Metal can meet your expectations and requests as soon as you want to contact us! What are you waiting for? Experience premium service from the best place to make enamel pins!

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Experts Tested

Before releasing our products, we make sure that they are very safe for our users!

Five Star Reviews

With millions of customers, our company is a trusted brand making top-rated products!


We only use the most durable material to produce enamel pins that are corrosion and tarnish resistant.


A wide array of customization options are provided including colors, shapes, textures, finishings, and sizes.

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Foison Metal : Continuously Aim To Be The Best Enamel Pin Manufacturer in China

Here at Foison Metal, we have an unwavering commitment to set industry standards being the best enamel pin manufacturer. With an endless pursuit of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we consistently strive to redefine what it means to create exceptional enamel pins as the best enamel pin maker.

Frequently Asked Questions
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Are Enamel Pins?

Enamel pins are small pins that are usually worn at the lapel of a jacket. Enamel pins are also sometimes referred to as lapel pins. 

Enamel pins are usually used for aesthetic value or to ooze class. They can also be used to advertise products or advance an ideology.

Although they may seem pretty easy to make, enamel pins require intricate manufacturing processes. This makes it important for you to choose the best enamel pin manufacturer when buying your enamel pins.

1.2 Who is the Best Enamel Pin Manufacturers?

Figure 1. Best Enamel Pin Manufacturer

Enamel pins are intricate items that require intricate manufacturing processes that meet international standards. A metal items manufacturer such as Foison Metal will be among the top to go to manufacturers when it comes to enamel pins.

Some of the considerations that you might keep in mind when choosing the best enamel pin manufacturer include:

  • The best enamel pin manufacturer should be dealing with other small metal items manufacturing. These include enamel pins, lapel pins, weed grinders, metal cards, etc. 
  • The manufacturer should have a production line dedicated to enamel pins.
  • Best enamel pin manufacturers should adhere to international standards on enamel pin manufacturing.
  • The best enamel pin manufacturer should have a continuous quality check mechanism from the material acquisition to the final product. 
  • Best enamel pin manufacturers should use quality material in their manufacturing processes and are known for durable and high-quality products. 

Some of the different types of materials used for enamel pin production include:

  • Shiny gold – shiny gold pins have a metallic gold finish with a polished surface.
  • Shiny gunmetal – shiny gunmetal pins have a metallic dark gray finish with a polished surface.
  • Shiny silver – shiny silver pins have a classic silver finish with a polished surface. 
  • Black paint – black paint pins have a metal base coated in black paint for a full matte effect.
  • Shiny nickel – shiny nickel pins have a silver-colored finish with a polished surface.
  • Antique gold – antique gold pins have a gold finish with a distressed surface for an aged effect.
  • Antique silver – antique silver pins have a silver finish with a distressed surface for an aged effect.
  • Shiny rose gold – shiny rose gold pins have a rose gold finish with a polished surface.
  • Shiny brass – shiny brass pins have a brass finish with a polished surface.
  • Antique brass – antique brass pins have a brass finish with a distressed surface for an aged effect.
  • Antique nickel – antique nickel pins have a silver-colored finish with a distressed surface to add an aged effect.
  • Shiny copper – shiny copper pins have a copper finish with a polished surface.
  • Antique copper – antique copper pins have a copper finish with a distressed surface for an aged effect.
  • Brushed brass – brushed brass pins have a brass finish with a brushed surface for a rough, aged look. 

1.3 What Type of Enamel Pins Can You Import?

Some of the different types of enamel pins in the market include:

  • Identity enamel pins: these are mostly used by individuals to identify with a certain group or occupation. 
  • Enamel pins collection
  • Decorative enamel pins
  • Art enamel pins

1.4 Which Documents Do I Need to Import Enamel Pins?

Enamel Pins in Paperback Packaging
Figure 4. Importing Best Enamel Pin Manufacturer

Before importing from China, there is a requirement that you should follow. Be ready with all the necessary documentation required to import enamel pins from China.

The documents are to be presented to the appropriate authorities when and as required. 

The following are some of the essential documents used in importing enamel pins from China:

  1. Commercial invoice
  2. Bill of lading (B/L, BOL)
  3. Packing list (Waybill, Shipping List)
  4. Pro forma invoice
  5. Certificate of origin
  6. Import/Export Declaration

1.5 Do I Need a Sourcing Agent to Import Enamel Pins?

The importance of sourcing agents when importing enamel pins from the best enamel pin manufacturer from China include:

  • Sourcing agents come in handy when the buyer needs a go-between and has no time to visit China to meet with the enamel pins manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Sourcing agents will assist you if you encounter communication issues or inconsistent quality.
  • Sourcing agents who are well specialized in your trading area may help you plan to expand or launch new products.
  • Sourcing agents will reach various manufacturers and suppliers on your behalf and find the enamel pins you need.
  • In China, a sourcing agent is a legal entity, and this is enough assurance that it is legally valid to incorporate them into your importation process.
  • After finding the best enamel pin manufacturer you need, the sourcing agent will make a commission on the sale.

2.0 Design and Customization

Enamel Pin Coloring Process
Figure 5. Design and Customization of Best Enamel Pins

2.1 Do you produce customized designs?

Yes, the best enamel pin manufacturer produces customized enamel pins. Customization varies from one enamel manufacturer to the other. However, this may vary depending on several factors such as the complexity of the manufacturing process.

Distance is also another factor but we always try our best you get your enamel pins within the production lead time.

2.2 Do you offer confidentiality in setting orders?

Yes, the best enamel pin manufacturer will guarantee confidentiality for your enamel pins designs. Best enamel pin manufacturer respects the principle of confidentiality at the workplace and with our clients as well. We are not eligible to share any designs unless the client is willing to let us upload them on our website.

This is the main reason why we accept custom designs in any format to counter such doubts from our clients.

2.3 What Enamel Pins Base Colors?

We usually use the base color white for custom color stand out and remain vibrant.

2.4 Is There a Specific Number of Pinbacks?

Yes, there is a specific number of pinbacks that best enamel pin manufacturer applies in their enamel pin production. Enamel pins can use one or two pin-backs. We encourage our clients to use two pins as it enhances the stability and holds it tightly.

 Unlike one pin which can easily open and lead to loss of the enamel pin.

2.5 Do you provide two-sided enamel pins?

Yes, the best enamel pin manufacturer produces two-sided enamel pins. We have double-sided enamel pins for our clients. It is mostly used in weddings and as gifts. They are pricey compared to the normal ones.

 Check our variety of designs found on our website.

2.6 Which Type of Engraving Is Used on Enamel Pins?

Colorful Enamel Pins with Hearts and Donuts
Figure 7. Types of Engraving

We have various types of engraving that we apply to enamel pins. They include:

  1. Etching: It is where acid is used to create designs in the metals. The remaining part is covered in wax that is unaffected by acid.
  2. The process is simple and cost-effective and there is no heat required. 
  3. Laser engraving: it’s a process whereby the mold is created by high heat to stamp on the is usually done by a laser machine. It gives a shrill contrast and clearness.
  4. We have pulsed fiber lasers which are the best because they curve metals using high power. 
  5. Manual engraving: this is done by making deep cuts onto the metal and the finishing is not so smooth.
  6. Rotary engraving: this is where the cutting tool is rotated to produce an exact deepness in the metal. It is used for hard enamel pins for sale.
  7. Mechanical engraving: the milling cutter moves on top of the metal to produce perky letters.

2.7 What Are the Different Finishing Options?

When working with the best enamel pin manufacturer, be assured of broad finishing options to choose from. We combine different methods to come up with unique and stunning enamel pins. 

  • We have the sand frost texture that brings a blurred look. Before adding another layer of metal to the product, sandblasting is done. 
  • Buffing is done so that the raised parts are shiny and the remaining part is dull. We also have an engraved texture background.
  • A given texture is added to the mold before stamping is done and is free of charge. It takes less time and is easy for large orders.

2.8 Do you offer free design template?

Yes, the best enamel pin manufacturer offers free design templates to enable you to come up with the artwork that you would love. All you need to do is reach out to us and we shall send you the design template in whatever country you are in.

2.9 What Sizes are Available?

We produce any size that you prefer for your designs.

2.10 What is the lead time in customizing enamel pins?

Customizing enamel pins is not an easy task, it takes about 13 to 15 working days to come up with the final perfect product.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 How can you ensure that my orders are processed?

After you have gone through all the processes of making your order and submitting it with all the correct information you will receive an email confirming your successfully placed order.

In case this does not happen, it does not mean that your order was not successful. You can simply check this from your online account. You have to do:

  • Open the active order page
  • Look for your active order or simply type the order code
  • In case it is not visible refresh the page
  • If you did not get an email you can click on the order code and you will be able to get an email, and then compare the codes if they correspond.

3.2 What Personal Information Is Needed Before Making An Order?

When making an online order with us all you need is to give us is:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Your identification numbers
  • Your names as in the identification card
  • And your credit card information

Note that our site will never ask you for your social security number in case this pops up you will not be using our site.

3.4 Do you offer samples?

There are samples of enamel pins on our website. Check through our wide variety of designs and styles. We also have samples that we send to clients upon request at no cost.

3.5 How safe is my credit card In setting an order?

Even though you can never be 100% confident that your personal information is safe online, credit cards are said to be the most secure payment method for online purchases.

This is because only the card information can or may be compromised and not the physical card itself, you are not liable for any unauthorized transactions.

During any transaction make sure to take proper precautions because no form of payment is 100% guaranteed.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Do I Need To Be At The Pickup Point During Delivery?

No, immediately your enamel pins arrive you will receive a message or an email informing you that your goods have arrived at the pickup point.

4.2 Do You Make Deliveries During The Weekend?

No, even though the shipping process might take place during the weekend all the enamel pins are supposed to be collected during a working day.

4.3 What Should I Do In Case My Enamel Pins Are Damaged During Shipping?

Immediately you find out that your enamel pins from the best enamel pin manufacturer are damaged, you are supposed to contact us and have proof of the damaged goods so that we could organize for a replacement or refund.

4.4 Is It Possible To Change My Delivery Address During Shipping?

No, you cannot do that as the goods are already in their way. You can only change your address when the enamel pins arrive at the pickup station that you have chosen.

We would advise you to cancel your order but you will not get refunded on the shipping charges for the earlier order.

4.5 In case I didn't receive my orders on time, what should I do?

You can contact our customer service department via the contact information on our website or by sending us an email with your order number.

5.0 Return and Replacement

5.2 Do You Accept Returns?

At the moment we accept returns from clients who received the wrong packages and are not willing to apply for a replacement.

 In such an instance, the client is allowed to request a refund of the enamel pin. However, we do not accept returns for customized products.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Who Qualifies For A Refund?

A refund is issued to clients who have filled the refund form on time and have all the needed documents. They should also place a cancellation order before dispatch of the enamel pins. 

Additionally, those who received the wrong packages and are not willing to apply for a replacement.

6.2 Will I Receive A Notification When I Cancel An Order For Enamel Pins?

Yes. You will receive a notification on your email within 24hours whether the cancelation was successful or not. In case of delays, call us anytime for assistance.

6.3 Can I Be Able To Cancel My Enamel Pins?

Yes, you have to log in to your account, go to your order menu and click on the cancellation button. You will then get an email showing successful cancellation.

6.4 How Long Is The Cancellation And Refund Process?

The cancelation and return process only takes up to 5 working days.

6.5 Can You Cancel An Order During Shipping?

Always make sure your orders are canceled before goods are shipped out in case this happens you will incur some charges.

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