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Only the Best Custom Black Metal Business Cards are made by Foison Metal

Foison Metal is at the forefront of developing and manufacturing high-quality personalized metal cards. Our mission is to continue to provide unrivaled quality and service while maintaining our reputation. 

We carefully deliberate our people and production to guarantee flawless quality products. In Foison Metal, we make sure that we employ the best employees in the industry to provide you with superior goods for your business. 

Our Black Metal Card are produced using high-quality, long-lasting metals that best fit the customer’s needs and desires.

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Best Possible Quality

Our products are durable and neat. Equipped with the best available materials to tailor-fit your black metal card.

Wholesale Availability

We want to help you grow your business by providing bulk black metal card orders.


We make certain that you have options to choose from your black metal card, either from colors to shapes and sizes. We admire your creativity and sense of elegance.

Positive Feedbacks

Our company maintains a great image from our quality black metal card.

World-class Service

We ensure to provide the best service for our customers and generate round-the-clock customer assistance with our best team.

Fast Delivery

We provide rapid and effective delivery while maintaining the safety of each product.


We promote custom-made black metal cards that reflects your brand.


By giving free samples, free quotations, and engaging with our consumers when ordering custom-made black metal cards, our company ensures that they get what they need.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Black Metal Card Are Designed to Meet Our Client’s Standards and Needs

Customized Black Metal Card

Custom from your design and liking. We make sure to provide quality products from your ideas.

Black Metal Card Bottle Opener

We customize from sizes, shapes, and even uses. We customize bottle openers made on your card.

Black Metal Card Blank

Curate your design. We provide blank black metal cards to have it personalized or as it is.

Steel Black Card

Giving you choices of material, the steel metal card holds durable properties in your card.


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Here in Foison Metal, we want to make our clients feel valued by delivering exclusive products of their desires. We promote the best customer experience from ordering to receiving black metal card while maintaining quality service and products.

We were able to acquire these by maintaining the best team to execute our service, premium quality products, and fast production team. We value good customer relationships and proper work ethics.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


We aim to provide products that will last. We want to give you the peace of using our products.


Our company is known for customized high-quality products. We customize products with the assurance of its quality.

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Our products are specifically made from high-quality customer relationship materials aligned with an affordable price.

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We provide round-the-clock customer service around the globe.

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Foison Metal is a Trusted Brand in Producing High-Quality Black Metal Card in China


Foison Metal manufactures a wide range of metalwork goods to stay up with the global market. We continue to strive to provide world-class customer service and provide the best quality products possible, secure transactions, quick shipping, and more. We aim to be a part of your company’s growth.

The Black Metal Cards Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is a Black Metal Card?

Black Metal Card
Figure 1. Black Metal Card

The Black Metal Card is one of the most recommended ways to promote your profession or your brand. These cards are not made from the cheap metal that you may have encountered at your local print shop, but rather metal slabs that are cut from a roll. The foil is embedded in the signature and cut from the same sheet. These cards are not only more durable, but they are also, nonetheless, more visually pleasing.

There are four metal colors to choose from Black, Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver. They also feature a range of finishes: Brushed, Matte, or High-Gloss. These cards are perfect for promoting a business, organization, or even for use as a gift card. Lastly, these cards are available in both horizontal and vertical layouts.

They’re very durable, look and feel luxurious and leave a lasting impression. People will cherish and show their metal cards to future generations.

Details: When designing metal business cards, the first decision you have to make is whether you want metal cards or black metal cards. Black metal cards are the same as regular metal cards except that they are black instead of silver or gold. The main difference between these two types of cards is that black metal cards are not as shiny as regular ones

Foison Metal offers a variety of products that you can choose from, including designs, shapes, and sizes. Our company masters custom-made products, including black metal cards. If you are wondering about the black metal cards, you can go here. 

Our black metal cards come in a custom-made mass production, by custom, we mean anything that you can think of in a black metal card design. We curate black metal card bottle openers and much more. We don’t want you to just establish a brand, we promote your creativity while building a name. 

1.2 Where to use Black Metal Cards?

Black metal cards can be used as a business card, label, or as is. Many of you may be wondering where these black metal cards can be used, they are a generic product and you can use them anywhere you like. They are specifically made to last and are durable so that you can use them as much as you like.

If you plan to create a favor for your guests or clients, this black metal card will do just fine due to its luxurious and elegant look. You can give a black metal card as an invitation to your clients at the same time, they become your labels for your items if you plan on selling some products.

Black metal business cards in the form of silver cards are quite popular these days. There are a variety of reasons for this, including the fact that black is usually elegant and opulent. Our company delivers personalized black metal cards, they are made from stainless steel that equates to the durability of the product itself. They can be used in several ways, not limited to as a business card, label, credit card, bottle opener, and anything that you can think of. 

Some of our customers order a black metal card as is, the plain black card that can be personalized and engraved on your own. At Foison Metal, we make sure to give you options and not limit your creativeness and productivity. 

1.3 What are the perks and benefits of owning a Black Metal Card?

There are many possible uses for metal cards that you need to put into consideration. A portable metal card is perfect for special occasions where you want to give out a special card to someone who helps your business succeed. It’s an inviting statement that can draw attention to your name and business, and it can even get you more customers.

A personalized metal card can be used as a business card and a gift in one. You can place a company logo or a picture of the recipient with the card so that it shows immediately that it is not just an ordinary card.

Your metal card can also be used to promote your business as a marketing campaign. Use it as a tool to increase your business contacts by putting it in places where potential clients are likely to find it at conferences, trade shows, meetings, workshops, or seminars. Another approach to use the card is to use it to generate leads.

For example, you can use them as gift cards, coupons, in-house, and loyalty cards when you want to give out a reward to your customers or coworkers. Another good example is when you’re attending a trade show and want people to remember you as the company with the eye-catching business card. This offers you an advantage over opponents who only have the standard white card.

Try giving out something extra to help maximize your chances of being recognized. People will recall that moment and the experience and how much they loved working with you.

Although metal cards may be quite difficult to make, it’s more than worth it when you see someone’s eyes light up as they pick it up. It’s also a great way to celebrate important occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Since these are meant to last for years, it will be a delightful reminder of the person’s special day.

1.4 Where to get the best quality black metal cards?

Quality Black Metal Card
Figure 2. Quality Black Metal Card

The process of making black metal cards can be taken on in a variety of ways. The design for the cards can be bought online, or it could be done in-house. One thing that is difficult about making black metal cards is ensuring that they are made to the highest quality possible.

Black metals are said to contain a lot of elements in them and so, there is a risk that it may not turn out the way you want it to. Many producers say that buying them online might not be the best idea, and it is better to have someone make them for you instead.

Here at Foison Metal, we understand the importance of creating quality black metal cards that are worth the wait. Each product is professionally crafted with care and excellence by our team of expert designers. A supervisor inspects each order to ensure that everything is in working condition.

1.5 Can black metal cards withstand harsh environments?

The black metal cards are made from stainless steel. They can resist corrosion and other tough environments. Stainless steel as a material is known to have properties that can provide strength, flexibility, and durability.

1.6 Is it possible to preserve my metal cards without rusting over a lengthy period of time?

Black metal cards are made from quality stainless steel. We recommend it to be kept rather than to be exposed. Although the black metal cards are made from stainless steel, storing it will help lengthen the life of the card and prevent it from corrosion.

1.7 Is black metal cards cruelty-free?

Yes. Our company does not tolerate testing our products on animals.

The materials used to create Foison Metal Cards, which includes metal, paper, and ink, are all bought from cruelty-free vendors.

Metal cards are used in many industries for various purposes. It can be used in IDs, membership cards, gift cards, and more. They may also act as a replacement for business cards.

Metal cards can provide the highest quality materials available when making customized business cards, allowing businesses to create a card that reflects their brand and offers an impressive level of professionalism.

1.8 When I order my stainless black metal card, what can I expect?

Stainless Black Metal Card
Figure 3. Stainless Black Metal Card
  1. Original Customized Metal Business Cards: Our cards are designed with the latest technology in design, and they are produced using the finest European stainless steel. Each card is crafted individually, not produced on a mass-production line.
  2. Customer Service: Your satisfaction is our highest priority and we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. We make sure that we are in touch with our customers worldwide by providing staff that is available 24 hours a day.
  3. Multiple Choice: You can choose from the design templates we offer or supply his or her pictures, and you can also add text and change the font according to your need.
  4. Quality Guarantee: All stainless steel cards have passed ISO9001 Quality System Certification, SGS testing, and production process by a professional designer.
  5. After we receive your order, we will offer 100% free pre-production samples within 3 days for you to check the quality before mass production starts.
  6. If anything goes wrong in production or delivery, or if something needs to be changed, we’ll let you know immediately and help you resolve any issues.

1.9 What are the things one should look through When Selecting a Custom Black Metal Card?

It is quite hard to find a business card that will create an impression on the receiver. It is even harder to find a business card that gives you a sense of quality and professionalism. A business card is a representation of your business and brand, so it should be well designed.

The best way to get it designed right is by using black metal cards. They are unlike the regular plastic cards that many people use. Black metal cards have a feel of metallic paper, but they are made with aluminum or steel. This enables them to be highly resilient and able to withstand repeated use.

Even though black metal cards have a beautiful look, they should not be the only thing that one considers when picking out a business card. Another is that you should be able to consider the features of the card. Some things to look for in black metal cards include how hard the material is and its ability to be customized.

One of the main things you should know when selecting a customized black metal card is the purpose of your card. Is it for business or personal use? Your purpose will determine which type of customization you need for your card. Here are helpful tips in selecting a good customized black metal card.

2.0 Design and Customization

Customized Black Metal Card
Figure 4. Customized Black Metal Card

2.1 Do you offer free quotes and samples?

Yes, indeed! Before printing your finalized product, we provide free quotations and samples. We specifically provide samples before mass-producing your black metal card. It’s a wonderful option for you to put our products to the test before mass-producing them.

2.2 Can you give me a standard size of black metal cards for reference?

The card’s size will be determined by the card’s purpose. The black metal card can be customized as a business card, label, or as is. For a business, the standard size is 85.5mm x 54.0mm. For labels, there are different sizes for each shape. You can check here on our custom stainless steel label for the sizes of metal labels. 

2.3 What are the available shapes for my Black Metal Card?

You can choose from several shapes and sizes with our black metal cards. We specifically made our black metal card to have a generic touch that can custom-fit your needs. Our black metal card can be used as a business card, VIP card, member card, label, credit card, and anything that you can think of.

We offer the plain black metal card that is as is, without any designs, and can be customized. However, Foison Metal is specified for custom-made products, you can send us your design with the specifications that you need. 

As for the shapes available for the black metal card, we have the standard shapes which are rectangular, square, 

2.4 Will I get a preview after producing my order before shipping?

Preview of Black Metal Card
Figure 5. Preview of Black Metal Card

Yes, we make sure that you can review your product before finalizing and mass producing them.  In this way, we can prevent any malfunction of the product as well as giving our customer the time to decide whether there is a need for revision and so on.

After the production, you too will also receive a preview from all the product for quality checking reasons, so there are going to be two parts of the with sending previews, that is before the production, where we are going to finalize and see the design and what is the final output and lastly is providing the photos of the final output itself.

This is where we give the product previews before delivering them, this ensures that it will be of the best quality before shipping out and having the right amount of the order created. 

2.5 Do bulk orders have a discount?

Yes, we give the best rates for wholesale orders. Foison Metal offers the best possible rate you can get in the market with the products that you need. We want to give you quality products without breaking your pockets and help you establish your business or even just get what you need. 

With the discount and the full breakdown of the price for your order, you can check that with our customer service team to provide you the rates that you can get, including other miscellaneous expenses if necessary. 

2.6 Is rush production available?

Foison Metal creates quality products that undergo different quality control made by our talented staff in the company. 

The production usually goes through 3-5 days, still depending on the amount of the product we need to create and how long is it going to be for customized designs. However, you can contact our team with this to give you tentative date for the total days of production needed for your order. 

This and other requests, you can go here to have your questions answered. For speedier transactions, you can call us on our hotline or reach out to us through email.

2.7 What are the colors available for black metal cards?

Colours availbale of Black Metal Card
Figure 6. Colours availbale of Black Metal Card

We want to give you options for your black metal cards, we offer the following colors below. 

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Others. 

We specifically chose these colors since it gives a generic output. We want to make sure you get precisely what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it. Our colors are picked to be diverse with different people, establishments and to tailor-fit their needs.

However, since this is a custom-made black metal card, you can also have diversified your colors. You can send this to our design team to make the most of it. 

If you have your design and color now, you can send it to us through email at or click here to contact our hotline.

2.8 What are the artwork requirements?

Our graphics team has its standard with the artwork or the design that you need to send. Customized black metal cards usually require a high pixel quality to maintain the output.

This prevents it from looking cheap or simply having some pixel detail to the print. We offer different printing processes for black metal cards, that includes engraving, etching, UV printing, and others. Not being able to follow the guidelines for the design or artwork may cause some malfunction on the product since this is going to be processed once. 

We recommend supplying electronic vector-based photos or files for the design. However, if that is not possible on your part, you can opt with a high-resolution jpeg or png file to cover it. Make sure that the quality of the photo or the design is high so that when our team converts this into a vector file, there will be no problems. For a high-resolution jpeg and png file, it should be 350-400 pixels per inch. 

For more information about the requirements, you can coordinate this directly with our graphics team here, or email us directly with your design. 

2.9 Where do I send my design?

The design team is located in Shenzhen, China. They will assist you with the design. You can coordinate with our design team for this by calling our hotline or email us by going to our website, click here.

2.10 Can you print my design in full color?

Yes. Our customized black metal card includes full color according to your design. Make sure that you follow our graphics requirement and provide a clear copy of the design you wanted. We encourage you to send your design in our email here or call our hotline to assist your request immediately. 

2.11 Can you make me a design for my black metal card?

Designer Black Metal Card
Figure 7. Designer Black Metal Card

When going out for some networking sessions, one of the top priority items you could always bring with you is the black metal card. These cards are often used by those in the business community and even in the corporate world. 

These cards will help you get in touch much faster as they are often used to convey the contact information of a person or company. These cards should be able to give out your personal information with just a quick look at it. It will usually contain important information such as your name, company or organization, address, phone number, email address, and website.

The black metal business card is one of the favorites that you might want to consider using. These cards are often regarded as one of the classic silver cards that you can use. This is made possible since they look professional and have a distinct design. If this kind of card works best for you, there is no need to worry since it can be easily customized to your liking.

2.12 Is the design free of charge?

No matter how many cards you order, the designs are always free. Foison Metal will personally ensure that your design experience is an easy and lovely one.

Here at  Foison Metal, we offer designs that are designed specifically for each client’s needs, card designs heavy-duty wallets. They use only the finest material and their process is reliable, and this is the reason why many businesses have been using their services for years already. 

Foison Metal create design to their customers with an excellent service, and they wanted us to inform everyone who is thinking about using their services that they are offering a free design service.

2.13 Can you ship internationally?

Absolutely. Foison Metal, based in China, is a well-known international brand for metalwork. Our brand is known for unique designs of business cards, card grinders, and other metal works, and we cover international shipping and orders. Please double-check with our group to improve any necessary changes. 

2.14 Do you specifically customize the size and thickness of the black metal card?

Customized Black Metal Card
Figure 8. Customized Black Metal Card

Yes, indeed. We may customize the card’s size, thickness, design, and even shape. When it comes to size, you can make it any size you desire. The typical or standard size of a card is 3.5”x2”, which is the size of most paper business cards. However, this is still reliant on the card’s required purpose.

If you want to have this as a business card, membership card, and VIP card, you can our products here for the standard size of them. 

For the thickness, yes it is custom-made for you. Our black metal card does offer a bottle opener engraved in the card, for that kind of design, we recommend a thicker metal card. Stainless steel is durable itself, however, these kinds of designs are sort of heavy-duty that’s why we would opt for thicker metal cards. On the other hand, with normal business cards or VIP cards, the standard thickness for that is between 0.6mm to 3mm. 

For professional help, you can contact our team to give you references of your liking. You can reach our email and hotline from our contact information by clicking here. Our hotlines offer a 24-hour service, so you can reach out to us at any time.

2.15 Can I have a unique QR code for my black metal card?

On the custom-made black metal card, we do offer QR code printing. You can contact our graphics team with assistance by clicking here and providing details and instructions regarding the photo quality of the QR code you want to add.

2.16 Will there be an added fee if I request to create my design?

None. We fully personalize our items and even services. You just need to coordinate with our graphics team to create your color designs. Please allow us 1-2 days to process the artwork, and then we will put it into production.

2.17 Can I customize the finish?

Aside from different colors and customized layout, Foison Metal Custom black metal card also provides different textures that you can choose from. Check below for the different textures and finishes.

“Brushed” is a simple texture that has been brushed on with a hand-held metal brush. It is the cost-effective version of the texture.

“Debossed” is the slightly raised version of the text, which is made by pressing letters into the metal, instead of printing onto it as ink.

“Laser” is a texture that is created by using a laser to burn your design onto the surface of the metal. It can make your design stand out as well as creating a solid color pattern in the background.

“Embossed” is a raised texture that is made by pressing the letters into the metal surface with high pressure and temperature so that the metal sinks in on itself to create raised surfaces.

“Matte” is a texture made from grinding and sandblasting that produces a non-shiny finish. Its lustrous finish adds a touch of class to the black metal card.

“Mirror” a metal’s surface is given a highly smooth reflective polish. It gives the card a rich feel.

2.18 What is the metal used in the black metal card?

Black metal cards are made from aluminum, which is a lightweight metal that is easy to engrave and can be produced in a variety of colors. Stainless steel is a very sturdy material but is not the easiest to stamp. Both metals have their unique benefits to consider when selecting your metal card.

Stainless steel is a very durable, strong metal that is relatively light. It is easy to stamp onto and will not rust or scratch as easily as other metals. You will need to have your card cut to fit the metal or insert in our case and that will be specific to the thickness you order.

Black Aluminum is great for daylighting on laser engraving machines. It will not take bluing or stamping wax well because the metal is too soft but we have a laser engraving option you can use for your logo. 

2.19 Do I need to use a scratch guard?

Only if you want to protect the design and keep it looking clean, you can put a scratch guard or clear coat spray on the card to ensure long-lasting.

Is it possible to replace your metal business cards with another set if you are unhappy with them? Yes, we offer one free exchange for our customers.

2.20 What can I do if I mistakenly order an incorrect size?

We can not change the size of your card once it has been printed, however, we can make changes to the text or images of the card. We offer unlimited revisions in our packages, even after printing. Just send us an email at and we are looking forward to talking before with you.

2.21 What do custom black metal cards look like?

There are three surface types on black metal business cards: smooth surface, shimmering surface, and matt satin. For different surface finishes the dimension of the custom black metal card can be different.

At our factory, we have professional designers and craftsmen. We can produce different metal cards according to your requirements. Our company stands with its ideals that we are capable of providing you with excellent service and quality.

Our factory mainly engaged in black metal cards, aluminum metal cards, stainless steel cards, and brushed aluminum cards. All consumers may expect high quality and competitive costs.

3.0 Order and Payment

Ordering Black Metal Card
Figure 9. Ordering Black Metal Card

3.1 How and where do I place an order?

  • To let us know what you’re thinking, fill out the form at the bottom of the page, send us an email, or phone us directly via the “Contact Us” interface.
  • Send us your artwork – If you already have your drawings prepared, you can email them to us and we will confirm them. If not, don’t worry; we have a team of designers who can assist you in creating something truly unique.
  • Confirmation – please stay in touch with our team so that we may make any necessary adjustments. We’ll tell you about the material, the manufacturing process, payment alternatives, and product specifications, among other things. Before completing your order, have you ever heard of a business card? If so, we’ll need your confirmation.
  • Price – We make every effort to provide you with the greatest service at the most affordable prices. If you have any questions, we are happy to provide clarifications and negotiate on your behalf.
  • Production – now that you’ve met all of the requirements for your order, you can sit back and relax while we create your creations!

3.2 Why do I need to receive samples before the production of the black metal card?

We at Foison Metal feel that your thoughts are important. We want to make certain that we can give you exactly what you require and in the manner that you need. We send samples before manufacturing to guarantee that we can protect the aspects of the product that you want while also providing excellent service.

Some of the reasons we supply samples before importing are as follows:

  • To see if the black metal cards produce the same output as the one you’re looking for. We double-check that we can deliver the product according to your specifications.
  • When it comes to etching and other types of surface printing, we want to make sure you get more than you bargained for. We want to let you know how the black metal cards are constructed before they are produced by being upfront with your orders.
  • Finally, a quality check. This is the most crucial aspect of providing samples; we want to assure you that our product meets high-quality standards and that we are willing to make changes if necessary.

3.3 What are the available payment methods when importing a black metal card from China?

All of our goods are created and manufactured by the best metal manufacturer company in China, Foison Metal. Here are the available payment methods you can look through to proceed with your order in continuing your order. 

  • PayPal
  • or Alibaba Trade Assurance.
  • Apple Pay
  • Credit card payment
  • Western Union
  • American Express
  • Union Pay

3.4 What is the most efficient way for me to keep track of my order?

Tracking Ordered Black Metal Card
Figure 10. Tracking Ordered Black Metal Card

Contacting the salesperson or the person with whom you are organizing your orders is the simplest way to track your order. Additionally, we have other options, such as calling our customer service staff and providing them with the information they require to assist you.

For speedier transactions, please contact us.

3.5 What are the things I need to consider when ordering a Black Metal Card?

Following the completion of all order requirements, such as design, layout, color, size, shape, thickness, and others related to the product, you will be prompted to give the essential information for a successful transaction.

  • Specifications for packaging
  • Method of payment
  • Time for delivery
  • Personal/Company Details
  • Contact details 
  • Choose of courier
  • Physical Address of the Destination

3.6 Will they send me samples before the production?

Yes, it was included in the Foison Metal order procedure. Before moving on with manufacturing, our team will present you with samples to ensure quality and provide clear information on how your product will turn out.

3.7 How many is the minimum order of a Black Metal Card?

For this product, we require a minimum order of 500 units. We guarantee that the product will meet your quality standards and will be delivered as soon as possible following production. You have complete control over the couriers and delivery methods you use.

3.8 Can I order less than your minimum orders?

Yes, indeed. However, the cost of the minimum order will still be covered. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, you can contact our support team here.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping of Black Metal Card
Figure 11. Shipping of Black Metal Card

4.1 Is rush delivery available?

The delivery time is around 4-5 working days, and it is still dependent on the destination of the products. You can ask our customer care team to help you with this request.

For immediate assistance, go here.

4.2 What are the available couriers for shipment?

These are the available couriers supported by Foison Metal:

  • DHL 
  • FedEx
  •  TNT
  •  UPS

4.3 Where will my products be delivered from?

Foison Metal is located in Shenzhen, China. All products of Foison Metal will be produced, manufactured, and delivered from this location. 

4.4 Can I schedule the delivery date?

Yes. You can contact our customer service team to assist you with this request. Make sure that you will give a flexible schedule for delivery so that you cannot miss it once it is delivered.

Send us a free inquiry request