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Foison Metal is a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to mass-producing excellent quality customized black metal stickers. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with top-quality metal products at the most competitive wholesale prices. In order to ensure your satisfaction, we prioritize:

Effective Mass Production For Excellent Branding Solutions

Black metal stickers are produced through a combination of your custom design, printing, and cutting process. We use UV printing and screen printing to allow full-color black printing with high resolution. To cut through the sticker material, we use a die-cutting machine to create a clean and precise cut. Advanced techniques such as foiling, embossing, or spot UV can also be incorporated to add visual effects and texture to the custom black metal signs and stickers.

Featured Products

Foison Metal – Expert Manufacturer Of Customized Black Metal Stickers Of Different Shapes & Sizes

Sticker Black Metal

Weatherproof design and quality that boosts the value of your brand and your bottom line.

Black Metal Band Sticker

These stickers serve as badges of honor for devoted metal heads, embellished with striking, intricate designs and the logos of legendary bands.

Black Metal Decal Sticker

These are provided with a pre-masking sheet and are intended for long-term outdoor use; therefore, after application, they are switched from one sheet or medium to another.

Black Metal Stickers

Customized black graphically detailed adhesive metal sheet. This sticker has good adhesion and won't come off easily.

Basic Production Processes

Below is the list of production processes that are used to create your customized metal stickers.

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Design Approval

We accept completed and partially finished designs. For partially finished designs, our professional designers can provide free assistance to finish or elevate your design.
Sample Production

Sample Production

Upon approving the design, we create custom samples with your logo/artwork. If necessary, we can also provide custom samples with different platings or textures.
Large-scale Manufacturing

Mass Production

Once custom samples are approved, we mass-produce your design within 15-20 days. This lead time may change depending on the complexity of your design and quantity.
Quality Checking

Quality Checking

Each metal sticker is individually checked to inspect for design errors, color mismatches, or any inaccuracy. By this, we ensure customer satisfaction with the product quality and attention to detail.
Quality Control & Packaging


We use standard plastic packaging to protect each metal sticker from unwanted scratches or dust during the delivery. You can also request customized packaging with your choice of material.
Packaging & Shipment

Shipping & Delivery

Immediately after packaging, we send your orders for shipment to ensure that your deadlines are met. We accept international or domestic delivery that is available to deliver your orders wherever your location is.

Surface Finish Options







Custom Crafting Excellence

When you work with us, you have the advantage of personalizing your black metal stickers to match your taste. On each metal sticker, you can add personalized text, distinctive logos, and distinctive characters that can be permanently colored or imprinted.


While staying within your budget, we make a concerted effort to consistently meet your standards for product quality. You can improve your metal sticker designs by choosing different platings and surface finishings. Here at Foison, we are dedicated to ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

Surface Content On Different Production Process

UV Printing
Laser Engraving


UV Printing


Laser Engraving


Hight Light Product Details


UV Printing

UV printing produces vibrant, sharp, and high-resolution prints that are highly resistant to fading, scratching, and moisture. This makes UV-printed surfaces withstand the outdoor environment.


The polishing method is used to create a smooth surface with improved durability against unwanted scratches. This surface finish effectively conveys a sense of quality and attention to detail.



The stamping technique creates durable designs that are highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing. This surface technique is used if a raised or recessed appearance is required in the design.

Laser Engraving

The process of treating a surface with laser beams to create substantial, long-lasting markings. Laser engravings on metal stickers can be done at different depths to create different effects.

Laser Engraving


The electroplating method is used to create platings such as gold, silver, nickel, and brass to give an additional aesthetic appeal to meta stickers. This surface plating also helps increase surface durability.

Modern & Intricate Black Metal Stickers Printing Brought To You By Foison Metal

Here at Foison, we produce high-quality black metal stickers that are stylish, modern, and 100% customized to meet your branding needs. Our black metal signs are effectively crafted to embody your design vision whether you desire something classy or a more unique and eye-catching design. 


Furthermore, product durability is another topic. We make sure that these metal stickers are durable by using anodizing or electroplating that creates vibrant and fade-resistant colors that retain their brilliance even when exposed to extreme weather conditions.


Here are a few of the certifications we have received attesting to our reliability in creating sturdy, high-quality custom metal stickers that can be produced in large quantities:








IATF 16949

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FAQs & Ultimate Guide

1. Are metallic stickers waterproof?

Metallic stickers are not always permanent. However, it still depends on the quality of the adhesive used. Some metallic stickers may have stronger adhesives that make them difficult to remove without damaging while some are designed to be removable or repositioned.

2. Can you put stickers on stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a smooth and durable surface that is perfect to stick on metal stickers. However for permanent application, here are some factors to be considered:

  • Clean surface
  • Placement and alignment
  • Way of application
  • Long-term care/maintenance

3. How are metal stickers protected?

A protective layer like lamination is added onto the top of the surface to make them more scratch-resistant. Adding lamination will also provide UV protection and make the print stay vibrant.

4. Are metal stickers durable?

We use screen printing to create the most durable print with an outdoor lifespan of 3-5 years without fading. Also, a protective layer is added to enhance durability and lifespan.

5. What are metal stickers used for?

Metal stickers have strong adhesion that can be used for car surfaces, glass, phones, computers, metal equipment, or any other flat and smooth surface.

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