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Foison Metal is the Global Supplier for Distinctive and Creative Name Plates

Foison Metal is a pioneer in developing blank name plates and other metalwork products. Fulfilled with skilled workers and updated equipment in producing quality products. We are known for delivering high-quality metal nameplates with the assurance of longevity and durability.

Blank nameplates also come in customized orders that you can recreate for featuring your business. When it comes to finding a company that offers not just great value products and affordable pricing, then Foison Metal is the way to go.

We create a wide array of items that businesses, even startup companies will be benefited. Every successful purchase with Foison Metal gives you enough benefits before mass production to give you the ease of purchasing.

About Our Service


Coatings include acrylic and epoxy overcoats, which are often applied for increased durability and give a high-quality finished appearance.


Offers custom blank nameplates in a variety of metals, sizes, and shapes so you can find the perfect match for your specific needs.


Made from raw materials for our well-experienced craftsman. We produce high-quality products best for you.


Blank nameplates to show equipment model names, labels, and characteristics specific to a piece of equipment.

Product of Choice

Manufactured to your exact specification Supplied in a wide range of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, or metal.

Trust Worthy

Dedicated to make you satisfied with our blank name plates and services. We think that by making a product you need, we also become part of your success.

We Work as One

Foison Metal teamed up to provide you with the ultimate compound for nameplates for any milestone.

Excellent Value

We value your success, milestone, achievements, and breakthrough as much as we value our metal products.

our Featured Products

Foison Metal’s Blank Name Plates are Manufactured to the Best in Unique, Custom, or Handmade Pieces.

Blank Aluminum Name Plates

These blank nameplates are perfect for a wide range of applications including Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Sports & Lifestyle, and Rail.

Blank Brass Name Plates

Other sizes can be supplied, as well as many different metal gauge thicknesses. We also do large quantities of the standard parts or bespoke sizes.

Blank Metal Name Plates

These brass nameplates are strong, corrosive resistant, nonmagnetic, electrically and thermally conductive, and have low friction properties.

Blank Metal Name Plates

With blank metal nameplates from Foison Metal, you will benefit from increased visibility and durability that you won’t find with most other materials.

know more about us

Foison Metal is an expert manufacturer of blank name plates and labels. Our nameplates come with a customizable design that exhibits your company.

We also offer a variety of raw materials including, aluminum, stainless steel, and brass, and even customizable shapes for your orders.

With the best materials equipped for every product by Foison Metal, we are dedicated to giving you long-lasting and sturdy items that actually lasts.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Weather Resistant

Our high-quality blank nameplates can withstand any type of weather.

Solid Dedication

We operate with a common mindset and we are obsessed with working together to progress.

In Demand

We only use high-grade materials to ensure that we provide you with the best quality product.

Visually Striking

Can be used on-site and on the go to display essential information such as equipment data, serviced dates, health and safety warnings.

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Worlds Largest Provider of Blank Metal Name Plates located in China

With Foison Metal, every order is special. We deliver excellent standard service to your requiring quantities as small as 100 or as many as 1 million. These products we produce in every imaginable size and shape. Our blank nameplates are crafted with such passion and dedication, not just to meet your needs but also to be part of your success.

The Blank Nameplates Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Are Blank Nameplates?

Blank Nameplates
Figure 1. Blank Nameplates

Blank nameplates are flat metal plates with no information on them and are ready for engraving. Blank nameplates are very versatile and can be used in a variety of factories.

1.2 What Material Is Used to Make Blank Nameplates?

Foison Metal has a great variety of metallic material for blank nameplates and it includes:

  • Aluminum-Aluminum is great because of its being lightweight and its malleable characteristics which makes it easy for customization.
  • Stainless steel-It is one of the best materials because it is durable, resists all manners of corrosion, and cannot oxidize. It is also resistant to temperatures.
  • Bronze-It is great metal especially in areas where volatile materials are found. It is characterized as being more malleable, resist corrosion of all kinds, and does not sparkle.
  • Copper-Copper is a durable and beautiful-looking metal that makes it ideal for making blank nameplates.
  • Brass metal-Brass is great for making blank nameplates because of its nature in resisting heat, moisture, and some chemicals.

1.3 Can Blank Nameplates Be Produced According to My Specifications?

Yes, at Foison Metal we guarantee that we shall provide blank nameplates that are per your expectation. This is made sure by the following services we provide:

  • We do supply our blank nameplates in a wide range of metallic materials which is inclusive of aluminum, copper, and stainless steel.
  • We provide blank nameplates with alternative mounting styles, either with fixing holes or with adhesive backings.
  • At Foison Metal, we provide both embossing and debossing for the customization of shapes.
  • We do our delivery worldwide. Just place an order with us and we shall deliver.

1.4 Why Should I Choose Aluminum for Making My Blank Nameplates?

Aluminum metal can be anodized to perform a variety of functions:

  • Apart from producing blank nameplates, at Foison Metal, we also use aluminum to produce labels, blank metal plates, and decals.
  • It is available in different colors that give it a long-lasting effect even when used in outdoor environments. Aluminum when sealed with an anodic layer, it becomes resilient to temperatures and chemicals.
  • Aluminum is quite cheaper compared to stainless steel.
  • Anodized aluminum is available in different sizes, thickness, and finish.
  • It provides an option to use with back adhesive. Aluminum provides the capability for adding more holes to mount blank nameplates.

1.5 Are Blank Nameplates Great for Engraving?

Yes, blank nameplates have the huge capability for engraving options. This is made possible by the wide range of metallic materials we use in the production of blank nameplates.

The metallic materials are great for laser engraving and thus providing the perfect finish for your blank nameplates.

Whether you want gold or silver engraving options on the blank nameplates can be provided for here at Foison Metal.

Please contact our customer care support team for further discussion on the same.

1.6 What Can I Do with Blank Nameplates?

There are many things you can do with blank nameplates such as:

  • You can put your name on the blank nameplates.
  • You can put your job occupation.
  • You can engrave your company’s name.
  • Awards are also put on blank nameplates.
  • You can also put your office position such as “Assistance Manager”.

1.7 What is the Merit of Blank Nameplates?

  • Blank nameplates attract prosperity when used on office doors.
  • Blank nameplates have aesthetic value for instance when used on office table wedges.
  • Blank nameplates may be engraved with names and therefore when worn properly, it minimizes a lot of verbal questioning.
  • Blank nameplates can be used for interns and other turnover positions in various institutions.

1.8 What Are Some of the Finishing Options for Blank Nameplates?

At Foison Metal we have great finishing option, and some includes:

  • Brushed finish
  • Commercial brush finish
  • Light grain finish

1.9 Where Can I Use Blank Nameplates?

Blank nameplates can be applied in various areas including:

  • In sporting functions and activities such as Cycling branding, Toy’s branding.
  • Executive desk edge, Chairs, and doors.
  • Lifestyle application such as branding fishing equipment and brass rubbings.
  • Blank nameplates can be used in automotive such as branding vehicles, vehicle converters, and spare parts for example vehicle lamps and roofs.
  • Blank nameplates can be applied in the industrial sector such as naming machines. Provision of safe use and caution reminders on the very machines.

1.10 What Are the Attributes to Be Considered before Buying Blank Nameplates?

  • The choice of material-At Foison Metal we have a wide range of metallic materials best fit for producing blank nameplates. Our materials are also of a good standard and of good quality that can last for a long.
  • The size and thickness of blank nameplates-We make blank nameplates of good size as per your expectation.
  • Prices-We offer very affordable pricing for blank nameplates. At Foison Metal our prices are pocket-friendly, and you can be assured of good quality blank nameplates.
  • The shape of the blank nameplates-At Foison Metal we offer various types of shapes for blank nameplates such as the classical oval, rectangular, and icon-shaped products. However, we offer customization, and you can share with us your desired shapes.
  • Method of production-We has better methods of manufacturing blank nameplates. You can also share with us how you want your blank nameplates to be manufactured.

1.11 Do You Make Standardized Blank Nameplates?

Yes, At Foison Metal we make blank nameplates that are of good quality and good standards. However, there is room for customization, if need be, as per your wish.

1.12 Why Should I Choose Foison Metal for Blank Nameplates?

  • At Foison Metal we offer a wide range of customization features from shape, color and size, and thickness. Feel free also to contact us for any customization choices.
  • At Foison Metal, you are guaranteed high-quality blank nameplates made of durable materials.
  • We offer affordable prices for blank nameplates which come with great discounts when purchased in bulk.
  • We do worldwide shipment even though we manufacture our products from China. We use reputable FedEx service providers who make sure you get your blank nameplates on time.

You can find us online @FoisonMetal or visit our website to check all our products.

1.13 How Can I Maintain My Blank Nameplates?

  • Avoid exposing blank nameplates to corrosive solvents and chemicals for a better long-lasting effect. Corrosive solvents weaken and wears out blank nameplates faster and hence reduce their longevity.
  • Use fewer abrasive materials when cleaning surfaces with blank nameplates.
  • Always clean blank nameplates to make sure it stays polished and sparkling for its effective performance.
  • Repaint occasionally to avoid your blank nameplates from acquiring rust.

1.14 What Are Some of The Features for Blank Nameplates?

Blank nameplates have different features that come with such as the plates, self-adhesive accessories, and mounting bolts.

1.15 Do Blank Nameplates Come with Mounting Accessories?

  • Yes, our blank nameplates come with mounting accessories such as bolts for walls and wooden surfaces.
  • Some blank nameplates come with an adhesive-backed magnet that is used with metallic surfaces.
  • Some blank nameplates have self-adhesive materials to be stacked on clothing and surfaces.

To enquire about mounting accessories for your blank nameplates please call our customer care support team.

1.16 How Do I Install Blank Nameplates?

You can Screw the bolts on the provided holes in your desired surfaces. There is also room for adding more holes on blank nameplates if the provided are not enough.

For metallic surfaces, you may request we include a self-adhesive backed magnet for mounting purposes.

You can also request mounting clips, magnets, and other mounting accessories needed for mounting your specific blank nameplates.

1.17 What Materials Can I Mount onto Blank Nameplates?

Aluminum Label Plate ​

Blank nameplates can be mounted to almost all surfaces such as:

  • Metallic surfaces
  • Concrete surfaces
  • Wooden surfaces
  • Plastic surfaces

1.18 Do Blank Nameplates Have Any Aesthetic Value?

Yes, at Foison Metal we make good-looking blank nameplates that you will be proud of. When used at different places such as pocket shirts, doors, or office desks at times they may serve as decorations.

Blank nameplates can be designed to have flower frames of different types as per your request. Also, blank nameplates can come in different colors hence providing aesthetic value to your surfaces.

1.19 What Is the Price Range For Blank Nameplates?

Our price range varies differently depending on several factors such as:

  • The type of material used when making a blank nameplates-The choice of material can affect the price range, for example, stainless steel is quite expensive compared to aluminum or brass.
  • The size of material used-Bigger and wider materials will be a little higher as compared to small materials used in making blank nameplates. However, this may only apply during customization as all prices are listed before placing an order.
  • The customization process involved Customization of blank nameplates does not have a standardized fee. Therefore, the cost will vary depending on the customization ideas you share.

2.0 Design and Customization

Design and Customization of Blank Nameplates
Figure 4. Design and Customization of Blank Nameplates

2.1 What Are Some of The Designs That Come with Blank Nameplates?

Many designs come with blank nameplates, and they include:

  • Stylish outdoor designs may feature gold frames. 
  • Gold/silver-colored texts after customization.
  • The blank nameplates may come in different shapes, such as flowery curves in the margins.
  • The blank nameplates may come in different colors.

2.2 Do You Offer Customization of Blank Nameplates?

Yes, at Foison Metal we offer customization of blank nameplates. Our customization fee is pocket-friendly.

Please contact us on how you going to share with us your customization ideas or you can even request sample design templates. We shall be glad to send you for free.

2.3 What Processes Are Followed During Customization?

The ideas can be from what shape you like, size and thickness and maybe finishing options.

Once we have this, we commence working on your blank nameplates. Once it is done, you shall be contacted back concerning shipment options available.

You can also contact us if you have your preferred freight forwarder concerning your shipment.

2.4 What Information Must I Provide Before Inquiring About the Customization of Blank Nameplates?

The following information is vital for making inquiries.

  • You need to provide the number of blank nameplates you need.
  • You also need to provide the sizes and thickness of blank nameplates in your inquiry.
  • Provide the choice of colors and in what numbers you need.
  • Other crucial information includes your name, telephone number, and email.

2.5 What Are the Features You Work on During Customization of Blank Nameplates?

Surface finishing
Figure 5. Surface finishing

We work on the following features of blank nameplates during customization.

  • Size and thickness of blank nameplates.
  • The shape of blank nameplates.
  • Color of blank nameplates.
  • Finishing options of your blank nameplates.
  • Framing designs.

2.6 What Surface Finishing Options Do You Have for Blank Nameplates?

At Foison Metal we have a wide range of surface finishing options for blank nameplates:

Laser engraving- Laser engraving is one of the fastest finishing options available since it uses a laser beam. The laser beam normally uses high heat to disintegrate the specific area focused by the beam.

The laser pulses cause peeling of that area causing a smoothening effect and good-looking blank nameplates. In addition, the laser beam enables the change of appearance of blank nameplates.

The etching-Etching finishing option uses either heat or chemicals. Your desired lines or wordings are incised into metal using acid or high heat. The acid or the heat used causes cavities that allow the retention of ink.

It is a great method because of its perfection in making shapes hence it ensures you get the desired shape you want.

Die casting-Die casting is normally achieved using non-ferrous metals such as tin tin-alloys, aluminum, and magnesium.  Mold recess is made using steel made tool since steel is hard and that makes it ideal for injecting mold cavity

Molten metal materials are then pressured into the mold recess. This is an effective method if you require more sets of blank nameplates.

Sandblasting –Sandblasting is also known as abrasive blasting. Abrasive fragments are sprayed forcibly onto blank nameplates using an air compressor machine which emits very high pressure. 

These abrasive fragments polish surfaces until they are very smooth. Further, abrasive blasting can be used to form your desired shapes for your blank nameplates.

Electro-plating- In electro-plating, the process of hydrolysis is used where subsequent layers are deposited on blank nameplates to form a coating. This coating ensures blank nameplates are durable by preventing corrosion and have aesthetic value. 

Also, electroplating ensures the base material is fully leveled. This is made possible since the electroplating method uses electricity hence reducing the number of metal cations.

Screen printing-This method an ink, a mesh, and a sponge are key essentials for coming up with great finishing. The mesh is used to shift ink into the stratum.

 The squeegee is then moved across the mesh to fill the spaces in the mesh with ink. Using reverse stroking onto the mesh makes the stratum touch intended lines creating whatever impression you desire.

Note that in screen printing not more than one color can be printed at the same time. If you need multicolored blank nameplates, then there is a need to have more than one screen.

 Screen printing is a great surface finishing option for blank name tags that need ink.

2.7 Are There Any Ad-On Features for Blank Nameplates?

Yes, we do provide Add-on features ranging from shapes, thickness, and ad-on frame techniques. You can request a sample design template to check our latest features.

Kindly, feel free to contact us for any specifications you may want for your blank nameplates.

2.8 How Heavy Do You Make Blank Nameplates?

Weight of Blank Nameplates
Figure 6. Weight of Blank Nameplates

At Foison metal we make normal weight for all our blank nameplates. If you want exact specifications concerning weight, then you are free to contact us we do manufacture your order differently.

2.9 What Shapes Do Blank Nameplates Come with?

Blank nameplates come with different shapes such as rectangle, classical oval, or even circle. Feel free to contact us on the kind of shapes you want for your blank nameplates.

2.10 Is There Specific Color For Blank Nameplates?

No, we do not have a specific color for manufacturing blank nameplates. We produce blank nameplates almost in all colors.

 If you may require a different color from the ones available on our online platform, kindly contact us and we shall be able to sort you out.

2.11 How Long Does Customization Of Blank Nameplates Take?

The customization period will largely depend on several factors such as:

  • The number of materials to be customized-More quantities of blank nameplates will require more time as compared to fewer quantity materials.
  • Customization finishing options-Some finishing options such as electro-plating and etching will need more time, unlike screen printing.
  • The size of materials being customized-big and longer materials used for making blank nameplates will take more time compared to small-sized blank nameplates.
  • The shapes-Some shapes may be complex and hence will require more time. Simple shapes such as rectangles and circles will take less time.


However, you are free to engage our customer care agents concerning the progress we are making for your product. At Foison Metal, shall always be glad to update and even share with your pictures of our progress.

2.12 What Materials Are The Best For Customizing Blank Nameplates?

At Foison Metal, all our materials are best for customizing blank nameplates. Our materials include:

  • Aluminum-It is light in weight and very malleable making it great for customization.
  • Copper- Copper also lights and is very malleable. Besides, copper has aesthetic value.
  • Stainless steel-Stainless steel is preferred mostly because of its durability. When cut well it allows for deep coloration within the text cavities lowering the fading rate.
  • Brass- Brass has a rusty look which makes it awesome for vintage lovers.
  • Zinc and other metals are great because they are malleable.

At Foison Metal, all our materials are recyclable.

2.13 What If I Do Not Like My Customized Blank Nameplates?

At Foison Metal we produce good quality materials that last long and can sustain in all environments be it indoors or outdoors. However, if you feel dissatisfied with blank nameplates, you can always return them for customization.

Feel free to give feedback and we shall be glad to engage you in all the customization processes for your blank nameplates.

2.14 How Much Do You Charge For Customization of Blank Nameplates?

Our price listings are available on our website. However, you can contact us for customization fees depending on the ideas you have for customization.

3.0 Order and Payment


3.1 Can I Get Blank Plates in Wholesale?

Yes, at Foison Metal we provide blank nameplates at wholesale and wholesale prices. Note that, with more purchase orders you shall be provided with great discount rates.

Feel free to be in contact with us regarding your wholesale purchase inquiries and we shall be glad to serve you.

3.2 Do You Charge Sales Tax on Ordered Blank Nameplates?

No, at Foison Metal we do not charge for sales tax of blank nameplates. You shall be charged customs duty and Value added tax for all goods.

Other charges might be imposed by the specific countries you are doing your shipment to.

3.3 Do You Have Private Policies Concerning Information Provided During Placing Orders?

Yes, at Foison Metal we secure your information given to us and we do not share your information with any third party whatsoever. You are guaranteed that your credentials are 100% secure with us because at Foison Metal your confidentiality is of our concern.

3.4 What Happens If I Order Wrong Blank Nameplates?

At Foison Metal such cases are rare since we are always available and in contact for any areas of discussion. However, if this happens, we have a smooth cancellation process which should happen before 24hours elapses.

You can cancel your order of blank nameplates before manufacturing starts to avoid being charged. If you cancel blank nameplates late then some charges may be applied.

3.5 How Can I Place An Order On Blank Nameplates?

At Foison Metal, we have easy steps on how to place your order.

Visit our website and you shall see How to order blank nameplates and all our products available at Foison Metal.

We also have a toll-free number on our web which you can contact us directly. There is also room for negotiation, and we promise to give you a great cost-effective quotation.

3.6 Do I Need Any Information Before Placing An Order For Blank Nameplates?

Yes, you need to know a few vital information.

  • First, you need to have product knowledge for the blank nameplates you want to purchase. This will help you know the kind of product you want.
  • It also enables you to make wise decisions when it comes to customization choices.
  • You need to be aware of the pricing of blank nameplates for you to make a correct transaction. This is important if you are using an online payment method.

3.7 What Is the Cost For Blank Nameplates?

At Foison Metal, we offer affordable prices for our blank nameplates. There is also room for negotiations if you can contact us through our toll contact before paying for blank nameplates.

3.8 How Is Blank Nameplates Order Processed?

Blank nameplates order processing commences from the manufacturing stage. Blank nameplates are later picked and packed into quality packaging materials.

Blank nameplates are then transported to a shipping carrier where you shall be notified when the shipment process starts.

3.9 How Can I Contact You Concerning An Order on Blank Nameplates?

You can contact us by directly calling our customer care agents or through our website. You can still call our toll number directly and we shall be able to offer the necessary help required.

At Foison Metal, we are very accommodative for ideas and any feedback concerning blank nameplates ordered from us.

3.10 How Sure Can I Be That the Order of Blank Nameplates I Have Place Is Exactly What I Want?

Your sample for Blank Nameplates
Figure 8. Your sample for Blank Nameplates

At Foison metal we try our best to give you exactly what you have ordered with the exact specifications you have provided.

This is enabled because we give you a wide range of sample design templates. We also make sure we keep you in the loop on all progress we make during customization.

In case of any diversion from your intended design please reach out and we shall rectify it.

3.11 What Happens If I Am Not Satisfied with Blank Nameplates I Have Ordered?

We guarantee that forever you shall be grateful for the product of blank nameplates that we have produced. We have a good workflow that ensures we do not miss any detail during the manufacture of blank nameplates.

3.12 Do You Allow Partial Payments When Paying For Blank Nameplates?

There is always room for negotiations concerning payments. All you need to do is contact us early enough before making any payments.

3.13 What Reputable Payment Methods Do You Utilize When Paying for Blank Nameplates?

Foison Metal tries to use well-known payment methods such as the use of MasterCard and PayPal. However, if you have another preferred method to pay for your blank nameplates, please contact us we advise you accordingly.

3.14 Can I Be Refunded for Missed Time Delivery For Blank Nameplates?

At Foison metal we make sure you are involved in all the processes of transit by constant communication with your freight forwarder. This will avoid any chance of missed time deliveries of blank nameplates.

3.15 Do You Offer Discounts on Blank Nameplates?

Yes, at Foison Metal we offer great deals when it comes to discount rates. The more nameplates purchased to attract huge discounts.

Kindly contact us to know the exact figures for your blank nameplates.

3.16 What Payment Terms Do You Have for Blank Nameplates?

Our payment terms concerning blank nameplates are well stipulated on our home page. Please visit our online platforms for more details.

3.17 Do You Accept Purchase Orders on Blank Nameplates?

Yes, we do allow purchase orders for blank nameplates. Contact us for more details concerning purchase orders.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery
Figure 9. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How Long Does Shipping of Blank Nameplates Take?

Shipping of blank nameplates will take about 2 to 3 weeks excluding weekends. At Foison Metal, we encourage you to contact us concerning shipping-related questions.

4.2 What Happens If My Blank Nameplates Do Not Arrive?

At Foison Metal, such cases are very rare since you are enabled to monitor your blank nameplate on transit. However, this might happen due to several reasons below.

  • Provision of wrong shipment information-You is required to countercheck the shipment information provided before making payments.
  • Loss of products during shipments-Blank nameplates may get lost or get stolen on the way however these cases are rare here at Foison Metal.

4.3 Do You Have Specific FedEx Account Number For Shipping Blank Nameplates?

No, we may use customers’ FedEx, DHL, TNT, and UPS account numbers. All this freight is paid by our customers in advance. You can also contact us if you have alternative shipment methods you may prefer.

4.4 Do You Offer International Shipments For Blank Nameplates?

Yes, at Foison Metal we ship blank nameplates all over the world even though we manufacture our products in China. With us, you are assured of timely delivery.

4.5 What Happens During The Delivery of Blank Nameplates?

During delivery, you shall be first be notified that your blank nameplates have arrived at the delivery address.

You shall avail yourself to examine the packaging to make sure it is not damaged, and the condition of your package is okay.

If you ascertain that your blank nameplates are okay, piece by piece then you can proceed and sign the delivery book.

4.6 Do You Charge Separately Shipping Fees of Blank Nameplates?

Shipping of Blank Nameplates
Figure 10. Shipping of Blank Nameplates

No, at times shipping fees are incorporated in the total amount paid. However, at times you shall be required to pay your freight fees in advance before shipment starts.

4.7 Whom Do I Contact Concerning My Shipment of Blank Nameplates?

You can call us directly using our toll number. You can contact our customer care agents and they shall be able to accord you the help you need.

You can also opt to visit us in person if you are within our factory environs.

4.8 Should I Be Worried of My Blank Nameplates on Transit?

No, our online platforms are well enabled in that you can track down your blank nameplates on transit. You can always call the responsible freight forwarder to check on where your shipment has arrived.

4.9 Can I Amend Shipment Information after Shipping of Blank Nameplates?

No, we encourage you to confirm shipment information before shipping starts. It is very costly to the freight forwarder if it happens, they ship to the wrong address.

You shall be liable for extra charges incurred for wrong shipment information. Please confirm such vital information before placing the order.

4.10 Does All Shipment of Blank Nameplates Come with Tracking Numbers?

Yes, all our shipments come with tracking numbers. These numbers will enable you to get to know the transit stage of your blank nameplates.

4.11 Do I Need Any Documents for Road Freight Shipment of Blank Nameplates?

No, the freight forwarder is responsible for all blank nameplates on transit. All you need to know is maybe the freight address and the routes to be followed for timing.

4.12 Do You Offer Custom Warehousing Services on Bulk Blank Nameplates?

No, we do not offer any warehousing services for blank nameplates. However, you can contact our customer care agents we recommend some reputable ones you might want to store your bulk blank nameplates.

4.13 What Role Do Forwarding Agents Play on My Blank Nameplates?

  • Freight Forwarder works closely with the shipper by providing shipping advice on route planning to ensure you get your delivery on time.
  • The freight forwarder books space for blank nameplates by checking on the quantity of the consignment to be shipped.
  • Freight forwarder ensures correct packaging of blank nameplates.
  • A freight forwarder is responsible for all goods on transit and therefore oversees providing insurance policies.
  • The freight forwarder oversees customs clearance. Freight forwarders also document blank nameplates on transit.

4.14 What Determines the Cost of Shipping of Blank Nameplates?

The cost of shipment is determined by the following:

  • The size of blank nameplates.
  • The weight of blank nameplates.
  • The quantity especially if they are bulky products.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Return and Replacement
Figure 11. Return and Replacement

5.1 What Return Procedures Are Followed When Returning Blank Nameplates?

The following is the return procedure followed for returning blank nameplates:

  • The blank nameplates are examined carefully to make sure the package is still as original as it was during shipment.
  • The blank nameplates are also checked to make sure it is unused. It is also checked to ensure there are no damages.
  • The blank nameplates will be returned to the factory using the same courier service used to make the delivery.
  • Note that for returns some fees might be applied to cater to the production cost involved. Please contact our customer care support staff to know the exact amount charged for returns.

5.2 How Long Does Replacement of Blank Nameplates Take?

Replacement of blank nameplates takes 5 to 7 working days. Contact us for more Information concerning replacement duration for your blank nameplates.

5.3 What Should I Do When I Receive Blank Nameplates that I Did Not Order?

At Foison Metal we have a smooth workflow from ordering, manufacturing, and even transit process. This is made possible using the same tracking numbers for the orders.

5.4 Do You Handle Return Cost for Blank Nameplates?

No, our customers handle return costs for all blank nameplates. You can contact us for information concerning the return policy and our able agents shall be ready to help.

5.5 Do You Have A Minimum Time For the Return of Blank Nameplates?

Yes, return should stay long. You need to contact us immediately if you need to return blank nameplates. At Foison Metal, we are always ready to serve you.

5.6 Do You Offer Warranties on Blank Nameplates?

Yes, we do offer great warranty terms because we are fully confident of the kind of blank nameplates we produce. At Foison Metal you are promised a long-lasting product that is going to serve you efficiently.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation and Refund
Figure 12. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Do You Allow Cancellation Of Blank Nameplates Ordered?

Yes, we do allow the cancellation of blank nameplates. Feel free to cancel your order whenever you make a wrong choice.

Feel free to reach out to our abled customer care support team if you have a problem canceling your order.

6.2 Where Is My Refund of Return of Blank Nameplates Sent to?

Your refund of return will be sent to the same payment account used to pay for your order. For example, if you used PayPal then the refund will be sent back to your PayPal account.

If you have an alternative account, please contact us early enough before we do the refund.

6.2 How Do I Cancel an Order?

A cancellation is provided on our ordering platforms. In case you are having trouble canceling your order please free to engage us and we shall be glad to help.

6.3 When Can I Cancel an Order For Blank Nameplates?

You can cancel your order within 24hours of the time of placing your order. Late cancellation may attract some charges since the production of blank nameplates may have started.

6.4 Can I Place Another Order after Cancellation?

Yes, you can place another order after cancellation. Ensure your previous cancellation was successful before placing another order.

Feel free to engage us if you are having a problem getting notifications.

6.5 How Long Does Refund of Blank Nameplates Take?

Contact our customer care support staff concerning refund and they shall be glad to serve you.

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