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How Custom Metal Labels Benefit Branding and Marketing?

A custom brand label awards your product with a unique identification to stand apart from the other available products. The label tags generally carry the core information of your particular product, i.e., product’s name, barcode, brand’s logo, measurement units, etc.

These days Metal Label tags are quite popular in the market than polyester and vinyl tags. Those tags are attached mainly to items that go through substantial outdoor exposure or get easily affected by corrosion. 

Custom Metal Labels comes in diverse designs that give a sense of professionalism to your product. They enhance your brand awareness as well as your product’s sales.

Let’s dig deep into the various benefits of Custom Metal tags:

1. Quality-Made Product

You must be knowing that tags are the foremost thing your consumer looks for in your commodity.

Customized Metal tags will let your customers know how top-notch quality your products are. Buyers are usually convinced to purchase a product that has professional-looking labels.

A tag of high-quality material, beautiful designs, colors, decorative fonts will make your customers remember for a longer time.

You can customize the label surface by adding data such as bar codes, logo, serial numbers on the metal label tags. These will help your customers get accurate information about the product and increase the chances of purchasing it.

Moreover, some products require specific labels with variations that go beyond size and structure. Some marks must have particular characteristics. For example, you can include whether it is waterproof, oil-proof, UL approved, and the food grade.

The custom-designed labels bring another layer of security to the consumers. You do not have to monotone it throughout. You can add a spark of its own to make it stand out from the rest. At last, your product as a whole must be saleable. For this, you should leave no stone unturned.

2. Intricate Designs

Using Custom Metal Labels for your products will help to catch your customer’s attention quickly. The intricate label designs provide a remarkable resemblance to your product.

To make your brand’s label more convincing and attractive, you have to consider a variety of design features. Here are a few of them that can bring the much-needed audacity.


Make sure to choose a color that gives an appealing look to the product you sell. This increases the chances of persuading your buyer to pick your product over others.

Moreover, label tag colors that set off from your rival’s brand make it easy for the customers to differentiate your item.

Note that the tag colors should fit with the package colors and the content of the product. Nevertheless, it may look less appealing.


Graphics impact the overall efficacy of the design. A well custom-designed label decreases the amount of information that the consumer may have to read to understand your product.

The graphics you choose should be very intriguing and polished.


Your label’s font should offer proper readability to your customers. Don’t use excessively decorative fonts. You may also opt to indulge in a unique font that suits your brand’s attributes.

Size and Shape

The product’s label size should adhere to packaging features, such as the packaging box’s size. Certainly, try to make a label that’s different yet unique.

Your customers used to get more attracted to a product that has some exclusivity in each.


Products of the same category should have tags of a similar theme. Differently designed themes might create confusion among the buyers regarding its variety.

Contact Details

By adding contact details, such as a phone number or website, you can take advantage of the free advertising offered by product labels. Your customers can personally contact you, if required.

3. Durability

Metal label tags are usually among the best and most reliable solutions you can buy for product labeling.

Most of them undergo custom tooling, CNC, shearing, laser cut, engraving and many other processes. Each process level brings to you a finesse metal label tag with an increased longevity. Indeed they are mainly crafted to persist in the product’s lifespan.

4. Unique Branding

Custom metal labels have a significant impact on your product’s branding and marketing. That is to say, products with high aesthetic value would typically draw customers’ attention than the product with a dull look.

Also, add perfect graphics, finishes, texture to your mark to uplift your product sales.


Your uniquely labeled product will eventually push you to excel in the market. Choose an extraordinary custom-designed label to encourage your shoppers to make the purchase straight away.

With Foison Metal, you get a range of custom metal tags that can bring a different look to any product. With years of experience, we offer you products that can give a competitive edge to your items. Plus, each of our designs come with a protective layer. So, you do not have to worry much about its wear and tear.

Now, don’t miss the chance and opt for metal product labels for better branding and advertising.

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