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What To Write on a Dog Tag

Ideas on: What To Write on Dog Tag

Are you in the business of pet supplies, looking to offer something both practical and customized? When it comes to pet accessories, only a few items strike the balance between utility and sentimental.

Dog tags are one of the few items that are perfect for customization and are also practical. Although, you cannot put out a dog tag that is plain and bland. For business purposes, it is important to consider what to write on dog tag. In this article, we’ll discuss the art of crafting customized dog tag messages that appeal to customers.

Ready up! Let’s discover a wide variety of possibilities in design and messages.

What are Dog Tags

Before we start unveiling some information to put on dog tags, let’s discuss first what are dog tags. Dog tags were originally used for military identification. They are small rectangular metal pieces worn around the neck or attached to military gear. Its main purpose is for quick identification. In today’s modern civilization, dog tags now serve as a fashion statement for people or even with pets. Dog tags symbolize identity and remembrance while being fashionable at the same time.

In the wholesale business, one of the primary attractions of dog tags is the opportunity for customization. Businesses can imprint their logos, brand names, or unique designs on these tags. Dog tag customization can add a personal touch to your branding.

Yet, as a business owner you might wonder are dog tags that essential. Would potential customers click your bait?

What To Write on a Dog Tag

Why Do Dogs Need Dog Tags

Dog tags were once associated with military use and have evolved into a safety symbol and identity for our furry companions. Below are some detailed reasons why dogs need dog tags:

  • Ensuring Quick Identification – Dog tags provide an instant identification tool to display a dog’s name and contact information.
  • Legal Requirements – In some places, it’s a legal need to have your dog wear identification. It’s not about obeying the law; it’s also a responsible choice.
  • Medical Information – Dog tags include medical information about the wearer like allergies or chronic conditions. This information can be useful for emergencies to provide medical help if needed.
  • Decorative Necklace – Dog tags serve as decorative pieces that can be worn on the neck. These dog tags are not only for pet identification but also for men’s fashion statement. 

While in the wholesale market, dog tags are now embraced due to them being versatile. So if you are asking is there a potential sale for dog tags? The answer is yes! The next question is “What do you write on a dog tag?”

What To Write on a Dog Tag

For Dogs:

When deciding what to write on dog id tag, it’s essential to include key information and essential details including:

  • Pet’s Name: The most basic and important information to include is the name. By indicating the name it creates a sense of familiarity.
  • Owner’s Contact Information: Consider including a phone number or an email address.
  • Medical Information: This information can be critical in emergency situations.
  • Pet’s Personality: A brief description of a pet’s personality can be helpful.

For Human:

Consider the specific purpose and what information would be most useful. Here are some common elements to include:

  • Name: Starting with a full name is a fundamental piece of identification.
  • Emergency Contact: Include the name and phone number of an emergency contact person.
  • Medical Information: This information is crucial for emergencies to provide appropriate care.
  • Religious or Personal Affiliation: This is optional and depends on your preferences.
  • Address (Optional): Some individuals prefer not to include their address due to privacy concerns.
What To Write on a Dog Tag

Do’s and Don’ts of Dog Tag Information

To maximize the effectiveness of dog tags it is a must to outline the dos and don’ts of what to write in dog tag. The cornerstone of any effective dog tag is the inclusion of essential details.

Dog tags should have readable text. It’s essential to keep the text clear and legible. Choose a font size that’s easy to read, and ensure that the information is engraved or printed in a way that won’t fade or wear off.

While it’s crucial to include essential information, resist the urge to overcrowd the tag with excessive details. Remember, the space on the tag is limited. Stick to the essentials: phone number, name, and an alternative contact. Avoid including information that could compromise privacy or safety.

What an Effective Dog Tag Looks Like

An effective dog tag depends on different factors. You should choose a tag shape and size that suits comfort and safety. Smaller tags are less likely to get caught on things. Consider comfort when selecting the shape and weight. Opt for durable materials like stainless steel or brass that can withstand wear and tear. This ensures information remains intact and readable over time.

But keep in mind that these factors are useless if the information is illegible. Ensure that the text is clear and easy to read. Engraving is a preferred method on dog tag what to write, as it lasts longer than printed information can fade or rub off.

Creative Ideas to Put on Dog Tags

Beyond the standard identification details, dog tags offer an opportunity to add a personal touch. Below are some creative inputs on what to write in dog tags:

What To Write on a Dog Tag


  • Nickname – This personal touch adds warmth and character to the tag, making it feel more like a cherished keepsake than a mere ID.
  • Funny Quotes – Whether it’s a famous saying or something you’ve coined yourself, a quote can give your dog tag a playful or meaningful vibe.
  • A Positive Message – Why not spread positivity through your dog’s tag? Words like “Love,” “Joy,” or “Happiness”.
  • A Tiny Portrait – For those who are artistic, consider having a miniature engraved portrait. This intricate detail makes the tag truly unique.
  • Emoji Expression – Emojis have become a universal language, and there’s an emoji for every mood. Add a smiley face, heart, or paw print emoji to convey your pet’s emotions.
  • Personal Motto – Consider engraving a motto on the tag as a symbol of a unique connection.
  • QR Code – Embrace technology by including a QR code on the tag. This code can link to a webpage of pet information, photos, and even a blog.

Best Marking Techniques to Write Dog Tag Information

There are many methods that can utilized on what to put on dog tag, some of which are:


Method: Using a machine or hand tool to carve the information into the metal.

Pros: Permanent, resistant to wear over time.

Cons: Shallow engraving can wear off over time, especially in active dogs. More expensive


Laser Etching:

Method: Uses a laser to burn or vaporize the material’s surface to create the design.

Pros: High precision can achieve intricate designs, resistant to fading.

Cons: Surface-level so may fade with heavy abrasion over time; More expensive.

Laser Etching


Method: Stamping the material to create raised letters and designs.

Pros: Provides a tactile feel, resistant to fading since it’s not surface-level.

Cons: Not as common, might not be as legible as engraving.


Thermal Printing:

Method: Uses heat to bond a ribbon material to the tag’s surface.

Pros: Can produce colored designs.

Cons: Not as durable as engraving or etching; can wear off with time.

Thermal Printing


Method: Using individual letter and number punches to imprint the information by hand.

Pros: Gives a handcrafted look, durable.

Cons: Might not be as precise or neat; requires skill for consistent results.


Digital UV Printing:

Method: Dries or cures the ink as it’s printed using UV light.

Pros: Allows for full-color designs and graphics, quick drying.

Cons: Surface-level; may fade or chip with time and exposure.

Digital UV Printing

Can You Make One at Home?

Sure. Going DIY is a good idea, especially for starting entrepreneurs who want to showcase their unique designs on dog tags. Below is a sample video on how to engrave your own dog tags.

However, for businesses requiring bulk items, it is advisable to seek professional help. Foison Metal is a reliable team of experts who have years of experience producing customized metal dog tags for wholesale. Don’t have a design yet? No worries. We can give you insights on how to design your dog tags or what to put on back dog tag.  

At Foison Metal, we offer the perfect blend of quality, design, and durability like no other. Need help now? Send your inquiries today!

Ensure your pet’s safety with style and durability! Foison Dog ID Tags offer the perfect blend of quality, design, and longevity. Don’t compromise when it comes to your furry friend’s well-being. Let Foison Metal’s trusted reputation and superior craftsmanship give you peace of mind. Click now and secure the best for your pet today!

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