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how asset tag work

Importance of Asset Tags for a Business

When your organization has multiple physical assets, it’s essential to know their working condition and the status at which they are under operation. From PC screens to mechanical instruments, identifying, and managing your assets is a crucial factor. Also, this is taken care of by asset tags.

When it comes to physical assets, most of them are used out in the field. That is to say, there is a high chance of them going through regular fixes. However, with asset tags, it becomes easier to maintain such assets.

What are asset tags?

Asset Tags are one of the few tools necessary for an effective asset management system. These metal asset tags are printed labels on metals and placed on assets. Certainly, they effectively track the entire journey of an asset. These tags consist of a barcode and equipment ID number. Moreover, it also has the organization name and logo.

Combined with an asset management system and barcode scanners, you can accumulate, sort, and maintain data about your physical assets. This data empowers you to control the process of acquisition, utilization, maintenance, and disposal of physical assets.

Types of Asset Tags

Asset Tags come in a wide assortment of types. Here are a few to consider.


Barcodes are the most broadly used asset tags. They are categorized into Code 39 and Code 128. Perceived as 1D scanner tags, code 39 is an alpha-numeric barcode. That is to say, it utilizes seven exceptional characters. Code 128 uses each of the 128 ASCII characters. Nevertheless, Code 128 is more precise, space-effective and less inclined to issues when scanned.

QR Codes

Somewhat derived from barcodes, QR codes can hold significantly more data. They comprise little dark nodes organized within a square space. Also, it is possible to scan it effectively by a cell phone camera.


RFID asset tags are a decent alternative for associations who work with costly hardware and are eager to explore different innovative avenues. Plus, these labels communicate data as radio waves. Plus, they don’t have to be checked at the receiver’s end.


GPS labels are the most developed and help organizations to peruse and record real-time data continuously. These nitty-gritty experiences additionally make them costly and hard to set up. However, they work the best in tracking any asset label and preventing thefts.

The Need for Asset Tagging

Asset Tags play a crucial role in every organization that deals with physical assets. Majorly, they maximize equipment and employee efficiency, and increase the life of the equipment through better planning. Besides, they enhance security and prevent theft of items. Thus, asset tags help meet the compliance standards of the industry.

Here are some other prominent reasons you need asset tagging for.

Tracking of equipment

Metal asset tags effectively help to track your equipment and other assets. Whether they leave the manufacturing unit or are operating at the site, these tags stay with assets for a lifetime and help to timely gather its condition.

Asset Valuation

Asset Tags can help perform periodic reviews of the asset engaged with the business and figure out the asset over its life cycle.

Burglary Prevention

Asset tags or asset labels give real-time data about the assets. With the recent technological innovation, such as GPS, one can track where the asset is at present and its movement.

Prevent Wear and Tear

The metal asset tags are tags made out of stain and rust proof metals. Moreover, they are durable and resistant to unfavourable weather conditions.

MRO Information

Scanning an asset tag can remind you about the maintenance and repair schedules from the information base. So, you can have timely “maintenance, repair and overhaul” for its longevity.

Importance of Barcode on Asset Tags

Barcodes are essential and fundamental in organizations with a variety of inventories and assets (physical assets). As a result, they can use asset tags to monitor, maintain and track.

Bar codes give error-free, machine-intelligible recording through their scanners. Therefore, it decreases manual record mistakes.

The barcode readers/scanners decipher the details and data present in the bar code. Further, this information is tracked in the asset management software for any future use.

The barcode asset tags or asset labels give safer access to records and data across the whole floor.

Where can asset tags be used?

Asset tags are used across all types of organizations that need tracking of the assets. For example, many of the companies commonly use it for inventory management. Here are some of the major sectors that use asset tags.

1.   Medical services

Biomedical architects use tags to screen clinic equipment and clinical gadgets. Such a framework lets medical care places to run their day-to-day tasks proficiently.

2.   Education

Schools and universities use asset tags to keep asset use under check. Likewise, they place tags on IT gadgets like tablets, PCs, digital books and hard copies as well.

3.   Warehousing

Warehouses make the best use of asset tags to track stock location. Most importantly, distribution centres use these labels for controlling inventory and smoothing out extensive work processes.

4.   Oil and Gas Industries

The oil and gas industries assets withstand the toughest environmental conditions. Some of these include caustic chemicals, prolonged UV radiation, moisture, and salt spray. In addition, asset labelling and tracking easily facilitates the entire procedure of tracking, and maintaining.

5.   Telecom and Cable Companies

Telecom and Cable Companies need to keep up with various and scattered assets. They need to guarantee that they are working in the best and the most ideal conditions despite environmental factors. It is challenging to manage without asset tags as they can help them maintain the stock record and an alert when an upgradation is needed.

6.   Defence Industry

Defence industry requires a severe degree of exactness for asset tracking and asset labels. Their resources need recognition even after exposure to unsafe conditions.

With similar other sectors, asset labels prove to be a fundamental factor influencing the importance of assets.


Metal Asset Tags work the best with an asset management system, giving a dependable technique for identifying assets and keeping a record for multiple uses.

With Foison Metal, you can get the best range of metal asset tags for any industry. You can track the assets and collect data that help in making the processes faster and more accurate than the regular procedures. Keeping it readable even during the worst conditions, you can customize it according to your needs for material and design.

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