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Key Advantages of Metal Cards over Paper Cards

When business owners think about business cards, many of them plan to order average-looking paper cards in bulk. Having a large number of business cards for just a few dollars may sound like a smart business decision. But does it actually add any value to your business? Probably not! This is because busy clients get to meet countless people and receive lots of paper business cards regularly. Therefore, it’s quite difficult for them to relate a particular business to a particular business card. And this is exactly where the importance of beautifully crafted metal cards comes into the picture.

Here, we’ve jotted down seven key advantages of metal cards over paper cards to help you make an informed decision.

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Demonstrate More Professionalism

This is the first thing that keeps metal cards much ahead of their paper counterparts. When you give a stylish metal card to someone, he/she will certainly get amazed by its look and feel. Therefore, your business will remain at the top of his/her mind for a long time to come. In today’s world, metal cards are still relatively uncommon. Thus, such cards recipients will immediately notice how much importance you give to your business. Additionally, they’ll realize how serious you’re about promoting it.

More Durable

Metal cards are built to withstand the test of time. While paper cards are useful for quick interactions, they cannot get you more than a few phone calls. In contrast, if you want the cards recipients to remember your business for long, nothing can beat metal cards. These long-lasting cards will remain undamaged even if they come in contact with dirt, water, or adverse weather conditions.


Long-Term Investment

While it’s generally true that a cheaper product typically lowers expenses, it may not always yield a high return on investment. Businesses tend to spend a large amount of money to advertise their products or services on various mediums. So, why should a business card be made of a cheaper material like paper? Obviously, metal cards cost relatively more than their paper counterparts. Yet, they leave an unforgettable impression, which is simply beyond the capacity of paper cards. Even if paper cards don’t look cheap, they’ve become absolutely normal. To trigger a positive reaction, you’ve to come up with something unique. And this is where metal cards help your business to stand out.


When you partner with a top-tier metal cards manufacturer, you’ll be able to come up with appealing metal cards. Such cards will have outstanding creativity and unique design. With different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, these cards let you explore your inner artistic talent to wow the recipients. With the help of advanced technologies and metal’s versatility, it’s possible to make unique card patterns. Additionally, you can have spectacular images, exclusive lettering, and catchy etching. And when you merge all these factors to create metal cards, the result is an unforgettable product. Even if you don’t have any particular design ready for the cards, you won’t need to hire a third-party designer. This is because a leading metal cards manufacturer will most likely have its expert in-house team. Professionals on board this team will take care of the design part for free.

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Promote Conversations

Unique design, outstanding creativity, and rarity are three key factors that typically help to attract people’s attention. By handing out immaculately designed metal cards, you can easily extend a small business talk to several minutes. It’ll eventually open up a window to promote your business when the recipients are complementing your choice. If you offer products/services that might interest them, it won’t take much time to develop a healthy business relationship. This may help you make significant profits for a longer period of time. Even if you cannot close a deal immediately, chances are high that the person will retain the card for long.


Give Competitive Edge

Standard paper cards appear with certain limitations when it comes to overall finish and design. But metal cards with their unique finish and design encourage the recipients to share the word about your business. Paper cards are more likely to get thrown away without generating any advantages for your business. But metal cards demonstrate sophistication and leave a unique impression of your brand with their exclusivity. Thus, when trying to promote your brand to a targeted market segment, it won’t be wise to choose paper cards.

A slightly bigger investment to make unique metal cards will go a long way to help expand your business. It’ll also let you build long-term business relationships. Remember that in today’s extremely competitive world, standing out from the crowd is the top-most priority for any business. If you want to outshine your competitors, don’t hand out average-looking paper cards that don’t offer you significant benefits. Instead, invest in metal cards that’ll act as one of your most effective marketing tools for years to come.

Environment-Friendly Solution

Probably you already know that a huge number of trees are cut to fulfill the requirement of papers. By switching from paper cards to metal cards, you can contribute toward preserving nature. It’ll not only help you save the environment but the recipients of your metal cards will appreciate your effort too. It might also help your brand get word-of-mouth publicity, which will eventually strengthen your marketing campaign in the long run.

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Summing Up

Partnering with Foison Metal doesn’t mean that you’ve to cut down on your profitability. In fact, metal cards become cheaper than paper cards if you consider the long-term value you receive vs. the cost. We offer transparent and honest pricing without any scope of getting nasty surprises later on. Thus, you can forget about hidden prices or any sudden price escalation. Considering the top quality of our metal cards, you’ll see that we truly offer highly competitive rates. By investing in our metal cards, you’ll do your business a great service for sure. If you want to learn more about our products, contact us today, and we’ll take it from there.

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