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The Complete Guide to Metal Card​

Metal cards can help your business stand apart from the crowd and get noticed. Not sure what these cards are meant for? Or what they can do for your business? Or where to order them from? Don’t worry as this guide will provide you with all the answers.

Table of Contents

What Is A Metal Card?

Metal cards are the ideal choice to express your core business values in a visually-appealing and creative manner. As the name suggests, these cards are crafted using metals – usually aluminum or stainless steel. They are made available in different shapes and sizes along with varying visual properties to suit your unique business needs.

Unlike cards made of plastic or paper, metal cards have a classic appeal. Pass along a metal card created by Foison Metal and see how they trigger an awesome response. The best part is that such cards are more durable than their paper or plastic counterparts. They’ll stay in front of your customers’ or business partners’ eyes for long and keep reminding them of your business. And staying on top of their minds would bring you repeat business and even some word-of-the-mouth publicity.


What Materials Are Used To Create Metal Cards?

The most common metals used for creating metal cards are aluminum and stainless steel. Stainless steel cards have many takers as the metal is strong, corrosion-resistant, and known for its dazzling decorative effect. Finished steel metal cards feel luxurious and the mirror effect is known to be mesmerizing.

Apart from being easy to process, aluminum is lightweight and can meet different customization requirements. These features make it a popular choice for metal cards.

A handful of metal card manufacturers may even offer other options like platinum, gold, silver, brass, carbon fiber, nickel, etc. However, finding them could be tough. That’s primarily because their popularity and demand are much lower than that of their aluminum or steel counterparts.

Weed Grinder Card

Where Can You Use The Metal Card?

You can use metal cards in different ways. Let’s take stock of some of the most popular ways people use these cards created by Foison Metal.

Custom Metal Credit Card

Are you tired of using plastic credit cards? Ever wished if your credit card was different from others that made people sit up and notice? If you belong to either of these groups, custom metal credit cards are just what you need. Since they are customized to include your name amidst a stylish setting, they create an aura of exclusivity. Additionally, they exude a sense of status and competence. And that’s why people will treat you differently when you use such cards. But you don’t need to believe our words. Simply whip out your custom metal credit card at the counter of any establishment to make your payments. Just observe the counter personnel’s reaction, which is bound to be different. Don’t miss the reaction of even those standing nearby, who are likely to steal a second glance at your card. All these happen because such custom metal credit cards are one-of-a-kind products.

Metal Business Card Blanks

These are among our most popular products that fly off our shelves. If you need high-quality metal business card blanks, these could fit the bill just right. At Foison Metal, these upscale blanks are available in eight standard colors and different surface finishes. These include matte, brushed, sandblasting, and mirror, among others. These metal business card blanks are ideal for screen printing, etching, thermal transfer, UV printing, or laser engraving processes. With diamond-bright V edges or I edges, your business card exchanges would now become safer and friendlier. If you are looking for premium quality, elegant, and attention-grabbing metal business card blanks, you know where to find them.

Metal Membership Cards

If you want to give your members a certain level of exclusivity, personalizing membership cards is the ideal solution. And you can do it with metal membership cards. Such cards can be custom-made to support different shapes, sizes, and materials. Additionally, you can add your company name, logo, and artwork along with the member’s name, purchase date, serial number, etc. All these elements together will make your metal membership cards extra special and the ultimate statement of luxury. It’s these little touches of personalization that ensure these cards’ recipients are the proud ambassadors of your company or brand. However, you need to consider different elements when creating these metal membership cards. They include the size, color, thickness, surface treatment, and placement of the logo, design, and text, among others. To make the most of these cards, you could either modify your existing design or get one created from scratch. Whatever you choose, the aim should be to create an instant positive impression on your customers’ minds. This is because it’s this impression as well as the exclusivity that would set your business or brand apart.

Weed Grinder Card

These cards are just what they sound like. These strong, sharp cards are designed to shred weed or tobacco within seconds while ensuring your fingers remain painless. Made of surgical-grade stainless steel, weed grinder cards of Foison Metal let you get a coarse, medium, or fine grind. Thus, they make instant gratification a cakewalk. You can carry them easily in your wallet or purse, thus staying ready for any smoking scenario. Whether you are on vacation or traveling, having this slim tool would mean never compromising your smoking needs. Forget carrying bulky grinders and accessories because portable weed grinder cards are just what you need. Since these cards can be customized, you can flaunt them in style. You’ll just need to specify your card size, material, logo, barcode type, etc. to order a customized weed grinder card. And once you have it in your hands, you can shred weed or tobacco like a true champion.

How to make metal cards

How to Make Metal Cards?

The manufacturing process for metal cards is intricate and complex. It’s quite different from the process of creating paper or plastic cards.

To make metal cards, the first step involves choosing the material (say, steel or aluminum). Then, the chosen material is cut into small pieces.

The next step is the first surface treatment. Depending on your precise requirements, it could be sandblasting, or brushing, or mirroring. This gets the material ready for the second surface treatment. Here, you can choose from anodizing, electroplating, etching, CNC cutting, laser engraving, drilling, or printing.

To ensure the most suitable process is used to manufacture your metal cards, you need an experienced provider. When you choose Foison Metal that’s relied upon by several Fortune 500 companies, you can rest easy. After all, a company that has mastered the creation of high-quality metal cards knows how to deliver the desired results.

Metal Cards brushing

What Are The Custom Options Available For Metal Cards?

You’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to the custom options available for metal cards. Some of these are:

  • Colors: You can have almost all standard colors available to choose from. These include black, white, gold, rose gold, silver, green, red, and blue.
  • Surface effects: Your available choices are sandblasting, mirroring, brushing, and matte finish.
  • Shapes: From the standard square, round, and rectangular shapes to other customized shapes that you require, you can have them all.

Other custom options include different choices for your logo, lettering, color printing, etching, and laser engraving, to name a few.

What Are The Advantages Of Metal Cards?

Metal cards bring a lot of advantages your way. Here are some of them:

They Offer a Feel of Luxury

There’s a feel of luxury associated with metal cards that make many consider them as a status symbol. Since not every other person flaunts them, having one in your possession would set you apart from the rest. People these days often choose their homes, cars, clothes, and accessories to project a certain upscale image. Due to their classy appeal, metal cards have found their place in this bracket. They have come to symbolize their users as those belonging to the premium, elite status. Imagine your card’s clank effect or the audible sound it makes when you throw it (lightly) to make a payment. Even this clank effect has an innate luxurious feeling attached to it that would make people sit up and notice. Naturally, it’s believed that having a metal card helps the owner build a high-class perception of himself/herself. And if such a card is used for business, handing it over to others would augur well for the brand. 

They Are Much More Durable

A metal card is much more durable than its paper or plastic counterpart. If you have been using a paper or plastic card for long, you’ll notice the corners getting folded, chipped, etc. Thus, it’s likely that you’ll need to replace it after every few years. Even when you take good care of such cards, it would be difficult for them to deal with accidental damage. These cards can snap or bend easily. Additionally, the information printed on them would typically fade over time. But when you have got a metal card, you won’t need to face these problems as they are more durable. However, it doesn’t mean a metal card is indestructible. It’s just that such a card will have much better chances of survival in the long run. And that too without any chipping, bending, snapping, fading, etc. Imagine dropping your paper or plastic card accidentally in the water or the washing machine. Your metal credit card’s survival rate in a similar scenario will be much higher than its paper or plastic cousin.

They Make You Feel Special and Help Create a Positive Impression

It’s innate human nature to feel special. Since people perceive metal cards as classy and of higher quality, they believe it makes them feel special. At the same time, they also believe such cards would help them create a positive impression on others. And this is true. You can show it to your friends, distribute it among business partners, or hand it over to the waiter to make a payment. But in all cases, you can’t miss the reaction of these people who’ll be mighty impressed with your metal card. They are likely to be blown away by their classy looks and could display their admiration openly. And this usually happens even before they have checked what information the card packs! It’s this ‘wow factor’ of your metal card that would make people remember you moving forward. If you choose paper or plastic cards, you’ll often need to pack a lot of information to make an impression. But with metal cards, you can take a minimalist approach and still create the desired impact.

They Can Act As Icebreakers and Conversation-Starters

“Wow! They look incredible!”

You should get used to hearing these and similar expressions repeatedly when you flaunt or hand over your metal cards. And it’s likely that your customers, business partners, friends, and others who see or hold these cards would have questions. They would want to know where you got them from, their cost, what made you decide to use them, etc. You can thank these people for their reactions to your metal cards and answer their questions. Since these cards will evoke curiosity in people, they would kick start organic conversations between you and others. And such conversations can act as icebreakers since they won’t feel forced. As they’ll flow nicely and naturally, such conversations would make it a lot easier for you to get down to business quickly.

They Make Application of Different Metal Processes Easy

You already know that metal cards can be made of different metals. But another advantage of theirs is the ability to apply more metal processes to customize them. From screen printing, die-casting, electroplating, and sandblasting to CNC cutting, and anodizing, you’ll have a lot to chose from. But the list doesn’t end there. You could even take your pick from laser engraving and etching engraving, if you wish to. If you’ve a specific idea or design or finish in mind, chances are your customized metal card can have it. You’ll just need a team of professionals to employ suitable metal processes to make your wish become a reality. This extensive array of customization options is another benefit that encourages people to say ‘yes’ to metal cards.

Where to buy metal cards

Where Can You Buy Metal Card Blanks From?

You can use the following channels to buy metal card blanks:

  • Alibaba: It’s a Chinese B2B e-commerce platform, where you’ll find a lot of suppliers offering metal card blanks. You can filter the search results based on criteria like supplier types and locations, MOQ, and ready to ship. Simply compare their products, prices, customization options, and other terms before taking your pick.
  • Amazon or eBay: Both these B2C marketplaces have a lot of suppliers offering a wide variety of metal card blanks. Since the prices usually differ based on size, color, and customization options, find suppliers that can meet your requirements. And don’t forget to check customer feedback and supplier ratings before placing your order.
  • Direct inquiry: If you know your desired supplier’s website or factory address, you can ask them for a quote directly. Simply reach out to them via email/online contact form or by sending them a mail using the postal services. Mention your requirements and request them to send their best quotes. Once you have them, you can decide either to go ahead or not.

What’s The Cost of Metal Cards Bought From China?

If you thought ordering metal cards is a costly proposition, think again. You can buy them from a reputed company in China like Foison Metal at affordable rates. The unit price could vary between $0.65 and $1.85, provided your MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 100 pieces.

International clients can be worried about steep shipping costs but by placing bulk orders, you can save on that too. For instance, the shipping cost for 100 metal cards would be around $65. But if your order volume is five times (i.e. 500 pieces), your discounted shipping cost would be around $300. That’s a cool savings of $25, which isn’t bad, right?

How to pack the metal cards

How to Pack the Metal Cards?

The metal cards need to be packed securely to ensure they reach their intended recipients without suffering any damage. A lone piece is usually packed in an opp bag, which is made of stretchable polypropylene. Such bags are known for their versatility, convenience, and good performance.

A pack of 100 metal cards would be packed in a sturdy box. If it’s a bulk order of 500 pieces, it would be stacked in a carton. 

How Can You Check The Quality Of Metal Cards?

Check your metal card for surface cleanliness, uniform color, and smoothness around the edges. Additionally, check if there’s the desired clarity and unity in its customized content. Notice if the metal is scratched and whether the customized packaging matches what the supplier had promised to deliver. It’s equally important to check if your order requirements are met. All these are key criteria to evaluate the quality of your metal cards and their manufacturer/supplier.

Final Words

Now that you know about metal cards, why not order yours from Foison Metal? Get ready to enjoy the superior class, elegance, and exclusivity of these carefully crafted metal cards. And make heads turn your way while you stand apart from the crowd.

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