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Top 5 Benefits of Metal Membership Cards

With increasing competition in the business landscape, it has become extremely important to stand out from the crowd. This holds true no matter what your niche is. With metal membership cards, you can do just that. Whether you run a gym, spa, quaint corner café, or a coworking space, you could start using metal membership cards. Apart from making your returning customers feel extra special, metal membership cards can even bring you some added benefits. These include improved business exposure and quick recall, among others. When you hand over such cards, your customers would notice the level of attention given to the minutest of details. When you put such efforts into your business’s mundane aspects, you’ll surely do a lot more for its core aspects. This would make your customers and patrons become more receptive to your offerings. And they could even do some word-of-the-mouth publicity on their own to benefit your business.

If you’re still not sure why you should invest in metal membership cards, here are their top five benefits. Knowing these are likely to help you decide in their favor to ensure your business enjoys their optimal benefits.

1. Enhance Business Reputation by Advertising Your Brand

Metal membership cards aren’t just about making your business look good. Rather, they’ll do a lot more by enhancing the reputation of your business and brand in the market. To understand how they do it, let’s consider the process most businesses adhere to when choosing their membership cards. Most companies these days use such cards in some form to implement a loyalty or rewards program. But they think little about how to choose it. They tend to select whatever option seems to be the easiest to use and doesn’t hurt their pocket much. By choosing bespoke metal membership cards, you can show the level of commitment to quality that your business has. This will boost the image of your business and brand in the market and could even make people talk. This would drum up some publicity for your brand and help others find out what it is that you do.

2. Distinguish Your Top Customers or Frequent Buyers

Loyal customers matter a lot to your business. This makes it important to identify your top customers. These are those customers who have been loyal for longer and spend a sizable amount on buying from you. Metal membership cards capable of tracking member usage (via barcodes, variable QR codes, etc.) let you differentiate your frequent buyers. You could even identify those customers who give you the most business by buying in huge volumes. You can encourage their buying behavior further with such metal cards. This can be done by offering special deals/discounts, an early preview of new launches, or special privileges (like free shipping). And the more these people buy from you, the more boost would your business bottom-line get.

3. Personalized Cards That Offer a Feeling of Exclusivity

Offering a certain level of exclusivity to a handful of your select customers would make others covet the same. If you’re selling something that several other brands sell as well, you’ll need to stand apart from your competition. And you can do it by offering something bespoke like metal membership cards that add value to your offerings. Well-crafted metal membership cards have the holder’s name displayed clearly. They also come with custom-designed logos, graphics, and protective cover to make your top spenders or loyal customers feel special. This would encourage these people to connect with your brand emotionally as they’ll feel part of an exclusive group. Triggering these feelings is likely to encourage these customers to act based more on instinct and feelings rather than logic. Thus, they could engage more with your brand, buy higher volumes from you, etc. These could boost demand and sales to help you take your business to the next level.

4. Boost Customer Loyalty

The more loyal customers your business has, the more strong its market position would be. That’s because it’s your loyal customers who’re more likely to return to your online or offline store to purchase again. Additionally, these people are more inclined to refer others in their network like friends, family, neighbors, etc. to your business. They could even be adventurous enough to try a new offering. Thus, with metal membership cards, you can boost customer loyalty. You can use these cards to make your customers feel special and offer them giveaways occasionally along with some deals/discounts. You may even encourage them to recommend other customers to your business in lieu of special rewards. Several businesses have successfully used metal membership cards for their customer loyalty programs. They have even saved the cost and effort of acquiring new customers by encouraging their existing customers to buy frequently.

5. Increase Revenue by Encouraging Customers to Earn Rewards Points

With metal membership cards, you can give your customers a reason to keep coming back and making purchases from you. By tracking your cardholders’ buying behavior, you can give them a nudge occasionally to let them earn more reward points. Even when launching a new product, you should entice your existing cardholders into buying and earning reward/loyalty points. That’s because it’s easier than getting new customers to buy. Past studies have shown you’ve got a 60-70% chance of selling something to your present customers. This is much better than a mere 5% to 20% chance of acquiring a sale from a potential customer. Thus, with a well-designed, bespoke metal membership card that oozes exclusivity, you can encourage your customers to earn more rewards. And to redeem these rewards, they’ll spend more, which would increase your revenue.

Final Words

To let your business benefit from metal membership cards, you should trust a leading company to create these long-lasting cards. With its expertise in the domain, Foison Metal can be the perfect partner to craft your bespoke metal membership cards.

Start using personalized metal membership cards today with an unmatched appeal to retain customers and encourage them to buy more.

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