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Why are Business Metal Cards Worth Your Time?

Businesses are continually looking for ways to make themselves stand out and shine amidst their competition. One of the ways to do so is by having unique business cards, and business metal cards is a wise option to go for in this regard. Getting business metal cards made is indeed quite an investment, but it’s also one that’s totally worth it.

When you hand over a business metal card to a potential client, it gives the impression that you’re serious about your work. This is why we, at Foison Metal, believe entirely in this creation and are always available to provide you with the most magnificent business metal cards. Other advantages come along with business metal cards too.

Let’s take a look at why getting business metal cards is worth your time:

Reflect Your Brand’s Psychology

Imagine you’re at a conference and you’re talking to a client you’ve wanted to meet for quite a while. Once the conversation is over, you take out your business card and hand it over to them. If it’s a regular business card, they will tuck it inside their wallet and probably forget about it among the sea of other business cards they have already received. However, if it’s unique and looks different, they will comment on it before reading its contents.

A metal business card, therefore, reflects your brand’s psychology in more ways than one.

Making a great first impression is the primary job of a business metal card. It makes your brand’s name and ideology memorable to others. It also enhances the image of your company. Something as substantial in appearance as a business metal card proves to others that you value quality above all else. It shows that you’ve devoted sufficient thought to its creation and are invested in projecting a positive image of your brand.

Metal Cards are Durable

Business metal cards have much tensile strength. Besides, you can carve intricate designs onto them without the fear of getting damaged or bent. Die-cut designs can be opted for in business metal cards due to their durability. They can withstand pressure and don’t bend even when stored inside a wallet. Stainless steel business cards, in particular, are also resistant to corrosion. They do not corrode, which is also a factor that promotes your brand identity. Business metal cards don’t get damaged easily, and one thing you can be sure of is that they won’t just be chucked into the dustbin.

Business metal cards are also water-resistant. The details on the card won’t smudge even if they get accidentally dropped in water or inside a washing machine. As they stand out from the remaining business cards in the wallets, it gets difficult for people to lose them.

They are Customizable

Business metal cards are highly customizable. You can choose from a wide variety of metals. Moreover, you can have them into unique shapes and sizes as per your choice. Plus, they come at affordable rates.

You can employ various other metals such as stainless steel, and aluminum, to create business metal cards. They can either have a glossy finish or perhaps a matte one, depending on the look you wish to go for. The customizable options offered to make you look different from the rest.

Striking Texture and Design

Others quickly notice anything that has a striking design and texture, and that’s yet another reason to get business metal cards for your brand. A business metal card clearly stands out among the other normal business cards. Its unique texture and design immediately make someone ask which brand does that business card belong to. They undergo different layers of processes such as electroplating and etching.

The design and texture of a business metal card also serve as icebreakers with new clients and customers. The minute you hand over your card, they are bound to comment on how unique it looks, which is an easy conversation-starter so your interaction won’t feel forced in the least.

Business metal cards indeed are a way to start conversations organically. It’s also an excellent segue for you to bring up the topic of wanting to collaborate with that client.

A Great ROI

One might harbor the misconception that business metal cards are costly. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Indeed, they cost a little more than the traditional business cards, but the return on investment they offer is tremendous as well. They are water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, durable, and help with starting conversations and making your brand stand out.

Although it might not seem so, business metal cards make your clients and customers feel very special. They know that a lot of time and investment has gone into your business cards, and will immediately feel acknowledged when you hand one over to them. This, too, makes business metal cards a great return on investment.

Did you know that business metal cards can be a way of giving back to nature? Yes, stainless steel business cards are often made from recycled metal sources such as car scrap. The consumers of today are continually looking for more eco-friendly and sustainable options. Having business metal cards shows that you care about the environment and are conscious of your choices as a brand. This, therefore, is a way of you giving back to Mother Earth.


Whether you’re an established company, a startup, or an individual running your business as a one-man army, business cards are essential in every regard. Business metal cards are the in-vogue thing of the given era due to the numerous benefits they offer. So, if you wish to get customizable business metal cards that have a unique design and texture, contact us at Foison Metal to get the business metal cards of your dreams.

Mastering the processes over the years, we can bring to you the best custom design. Our experts can help if you do not have any specific design on your mind. Offering truly unique pieces, you get the surface effect, content, design, color and shape that you ask for. Besides, our strong team can also help you with ultimate packaging, transportation and customer service every single time.

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