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Why Businesses across the Globe Are Increasingly Offering Metal Cards

These days, metal cards are becoming increasingly popular among some people. As a result, companies are increasingly switching to these sleek and sturdy cards despite their relatively higher costs. At Foison Metal, we understand the business card is one of the most important marketing tools for your business. It’s the main and most common marketing piece that your potential clients will take home with them. Being the country’s leading metal card manufacturer, we frequently receive questions from businesses about why they should use metal cards. Instead of answering them individually, we’ve created this post. It’ll help you understand the true advantages of offering metal cards from a business’s viewpoint.

Let’s take a look at the top five benefits.

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They Improve Your Brand’s Image

When we talk about physical branding, plastic and paper cards have become omnipresent. You can see them everywhere and hence, people forget them easily. Therefore, giving your potential customers an average-looking business card often fails to bring the desired results. On the contrary, metal business cards are still relatively rare. Thus, they demonstrate your true passion for the business and your commitment toward quality. This helps your brand get a competitive edge and develop a unique image that’s hard to forget.

Additionally, it’s a fact that most of the traditional business cards ultimately get thrown away. But the recipients will hardly think about disposing of your metal cards, thanks to their value and rarity. It’ll also help your brand to stay on top of their minds whenever they need something related to your products/services. Moreover, if your business deals with upscale or lavish products/services and you want to demonstrate that image, using metal business cards would be your best bet.

They Make Recipients Feel Special

Metal business cards appear with a much more expensive feel and look compared to their plastic and paper counterparts. So, the recipients will most likely get an impression that you’ve invested quite a hefty amount to craft and hand them out to select persons. This’ll automatically make them feel special by thinking that you genuinely want their business by giving them these expensive cards. They’ll naturally become more curious to know more about your brand, which will increase your possibilities of getting their business. With traditional business cards, you’ll never be able to give your potential clients this kind of special feeling.


They Last Longer

Extreme durability is one of the biggest advantages of using metal business cards instead of standard ones. Metal cards practically last a lifetime and can withstand any adverse weather conditions and reasonable damages. They’ll also never get scrunched up, which is a common occurrence with plastic and paper cards. The recipients can drop your metal business card into the sink or in the swimming pool, but it’ll remain undamaged. Moreover, unlike standard business cards, metal cards don’t fade. This means whatever you put on them will remain legible and clear always. This also communicates the impression that you are serious about the business and that you’ve created something that’ll last forever.

Metal-vs-Paper-Comparison-Card-OEM-Test (1)

They Offer Design Flexibility

When it comes to metal business cards, there’re different types of metals that are used to craft them. From brushed stainless steel and copper to brass and aluminum – you’d have a wide range of choices. However, for this, you’ll need to partner with a leading metal card manufacturer. Unique designs in accordance with your preferences can also be created. You can choose a customized design to promote your brand’s creativity that will impress both present and potential clients. Clients who’ve got your metal business cards can show them to others, who might become enticed by its uniqueness.

Another notable thing is that you can choose custom-shaped metal cards. Standard business cards typically come in a rectangular shape. However, metal cards give you a lot more flexibility in terms of their shapes and sizes. Imagine that you’ve received eight business cards at a business conference. Will you be paying more attention to the seven standardized business cards having a rectangular shape? Or to one card having a unique shape? Custom-shaped metal business cards not only promote your brand’s uniqueness but help it get a robust competitive edge as well.

They Offer Tactile Advantage

In today’s digitized world, handing your potential clients a personalized business card helps to leave a great first impression. And when you hand out unique metal business cards, they help you enjoy a tactile advantage. By adding texture to the cards, you can add interest to their tactile experience. Advanced print techniques can add interest and depth, which will automatically compel the recipients to notice your brand’s uniqueness. Thus, metal business cards bring you the ultimate opportunity to use unique designs that look good and feel nice too.

There’re several other advantages that metal business cards bring your way. However, the above-mentioned ones are most commonly enjoyed by businesses across the globe. And there’s one thing we want to mention here. At Foison Metal, we’ve worked with many clients who initially thought that switching to metal business cards would be expensive. It’s true that metal cards cost slightly more compared to their standard counterparts. However, the additional cost is worth paying when you consider the above advantages. And if you can partner with the right metal cards manufacturer, it won’t be difficult to get an affordable price.

Parting Thoughts

In case you haven’t started using metal business cards already, this is probably the best time to do it. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, you can start using metal cards right away. That’s because they can give a solid boost to your brand’s exposure and help it stand out from the competition. Are you still feeling hesitant? If yes, we’d suggest you to have a small batch of them crafted and distributed among your potential clients. And based on the overwhelming reaction, which we’re sure you’ll get, you can always proceed with ordering a bigger batch. Once you start using metal cards, we ensure that you’ll love the experience and the benefits they bring.

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