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Why Your Business Should Choose Stainless Steel Cards

Though they’re a relatively new entrant in the business world, metal business cards have become a highly sought-after option nowadays. Among all types of metal cards, stainless steel cards have come out as the most preferred choice among business owners. If you haven’t started using stainless steel business cards till now, their unique advantages should help make up your mind.

7 Key Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Cards

1. Relatively More Affordable

While stainless steel cards are more expensive than traditional business cards, they’re cheaper than many other metal cards. Thanks to the abundant availability of iron, metal card manufacturers have been able to keep stainless steel cards much affordable. Conversely, business cards, which are made of metals such as copper that aren’t widely available, are naturally priced higher. Therefore, by switching to stainless steel cards, you can drastically lower your marketing expenses.

2. Corrosion Resistant

Another major advantage of stainless steel cards is that they’ve high corrosion resistance, which makes them extremely durable. Many other types of metal cards start to corrode over time, making them less durable than stainless steel ones. By giving the clients these durable cards, you can rest assured that they’ll remain intact for a longer time. Eventually, they’ll continue to boost your brand impression for years to come while withstanding extreme weather conditions.

3. Ability to Withstand Die-Cut Designs

In the world of metal cards, die-cutting is a common process to create custom designs. Here, the cards art cut through using a die-cutting machine. Depending on the design you’re looking to have on the cards, the process diminishes the strength of the products. Stainless steel, being a tough metal, is able to withstand the process more easily. It means you get the opportunity to choose any of your preferred designs to make them customized and absolutely unique. And the best part is die-cut stainless steel cards aren’t as expensive as many people think. Just partner with a leading metal card manufacturer and get the most visually appealing cards to improve your brand recognition.

4. Environmentally Friendly

It’s needless to reiterate the importance of recycled materials when it comes to minimizing environmental hazards. Did you know that the stainless steel used in metal cards often come from various recycled metal sources? These sources typically include car scraps, unused steel beams from construction sites, etc. Scraps made of steel, which is a ferrous metal, are widely accepted by scrapyards to recycle them. Businesses across the globe are striving to reduce environmental pollution. And by switching to stainless steel cards, you can also do your bit.

From a business owner’s viewpoint, this decision would help your brand to be positioned at a different level. As present-day consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, they’re supporting businesses that are trying to save the environment. By opting for stainless steel cards, you can show the customers that you truly care about the environment. It’ll eventually help you create a positive brand image, giving your business a much-needed competitive edge. And even if some of the recipients choose to throw away the cards, they can easily be recycled.

5. High Customizability

Stainless steel cards can be customized in different designs and shapes to cater to the exact needs of your business. If you want to cut away some parts of a standard card to give it a unique shape, it’s possible. If you wish to have it etched with absolute precision to create intricate designs, it can be done easily. You’d also be able to choose the thickness of the cards based on your requirements. For instance, if you want the cards to be bulky and heavy, you choose a thickness of 500 microns (0.5mm). If you wish them to be lightweight, you can opt for 200 microns cards. Perhaps you already know the finishing of a metal card can easily make it beautiful and iconic. With stainless steel cards, you get different types of finishing to choose from to help them stand-out.

6. Extremely Tough

You don’t want the shape of your metal cards to get distorted while someone uses them. Therefore, it’s crucial to use a metal that’s able to withstand much pressure even if you do major customizations. And that’s exactly where stainless steel cards remain much ahead of many other metal cards. You can easily get intricate designs made on them without thinking about distortion. Due to their toughness, stainless steel cards don’t get damaged easily. This characteristic becomes especially useful when the recipients keep the card in their wallets. All these mean you’ll be able to leverage all benefits of metal business cards for a prolonged period of time.

7. Outstanding Texture

Stainless steel cards appear with a unique appeal and aesthetic value than most other metal business cards. Whatever method you choose to design them, they ultimately appear with a gleaming surface that’s enough to mesmerize the beholder. This is another reason why businesses are increasingly choosing stainless steel cards when it comes to creating a lasting impression.

There’s one thing that you should keep in mind when switching to stainless steel business cards. You’ll be able to enjoy all the above benefits only when the cards are manufactured and designed properly. So, be sure to choose a top-tier metal card manufacturer to make the most out of your investment. Additionally, some reputable manufacturers offer a free design service to their customers. Therefore, even if you don’t have any particular design in mind, there’ll be a professional team to create it.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, stainless steel cards offer a plethora of unique advantages over lots of other metal cards. When you include some branding elements in their designs, they can easily become one of your most effective marketing materials. They can also help to develop trust in your potential clients and customers by displaying your professionalism. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, building positive brand awareness is a must. And there’s hardly any other metal card that can beat the power of stainless steel cards in that context.

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