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Foison Metal is a known wholesale manufacturer of carbon metal cards. Since 2005, we have been working with millions of custom metal cards with the best quality and style. If you are looking for the easiest way to order metal cards, you are at the right place! You can also expect us to deliver:

The Best Metal Card Production

Carbon metal cards are produced to instantly catch attention. To produce your unique designs, we utilize different surface methods such as CNC milling, UV printing, and chemical etching. These methods guarantee permanent marks and logos to be printed on your carbon metal credit cards. You can expect to receive the best quality for your metal cards as we individually check them after production. We make sure that each piece aligns with your product requirements.

Featured Products

Foison Metal Crafts Custom Carbon Metal Cards That are Laser Cut, Etched, and Printed to Perfection.

Carbon Metal Cards

Make your mark with personalized metal cards. These cards feature engraved initials to customized designs that speak your unique branding.

Carbon Co Metal Cards

Beyond their striking aesthetics, these cards are built to last. The resilient material ensures durability, providing a long-lasting companion for everyday transactions.

Carbon Custom Metal Cards

These carbon cards are meticulously designed to reflect your status and taste. The sleek and modern appearance adds a touch of sophistication and class to every transaction.

Carbon Metal Bank Card

Crafted with precision, these metal bank cards show both luxury and functionality. These carbon cards redefine the standard for sophistication.

Carbon Metal Credit Cards

Say goodbye to ordinary cards and embrace a lasting symbol of your refined lifestyle with these modern metal cards.

Custom Metal Credit Card Carbon

Our custom metal credit cards offer a perfect canvas for self-expression. You can choose to be minimalist or bold, whichever resonates with your personality.

Basic Production Processes

Below is the list of production processes that are used to create your customized metal cards.

Design Submission

Order Submission

Upon sending your orders, we require you to send your customized design in vectorized format. You can also collaborate with our team if you don't have a design yet. Just let us know your carbon metal cards concept and we'll handle it.
Sample Approval

Sample Approval

Before mass production begins, we produce customized samples of carbon co metal cards. This crucial procedure is implemented to guarantee that your product quality is met. Only after your approval shall we proceed with the production process.
Mass Production

Mass Production

After the samples are approved, we can proceed with the mass production. Mass production usually takes about 15-20 days. The production time depends on your carbon metal bank card design and order quantity.
Quality Checking

Quality Checking

Once the mass production is finished, we individually check each carbon metal credit card. This is done to ensure that each card is printed to perfection. We eliminate each piece that is damaged during production.
Quality Control & Packaging


To protect your carbon metal credit cards from any damage during transit, we individually pack them in an OPP bag. You can also request customized packaging and we'll quote them depending on material used.


After everything is checked and packed, we immediately send your custom metal credit card carbon for shipment. We use air freight for international shipment which usually takes about 5-7 days.

Surface Finish Options







Custom Design Service

Unlock the potential of your vision by trusting us with your vectorized designs. You can also collaborate with our in-house designers by sharing your carbon metal card ideas, and we'll take care of the rest. Experience quality assurance as we provide actual samples for your approval, ensuring your satisfaction before mass production. Your ideas deserve the precision and dedication that our process guarantees. 

Elevate your creations with us – where innovation meets craftsmanship. You have the option to fully customize your carbon metal credit cards from artwork to packaging. We ensure that your cards will be received with sophistication and excellence.

Surface Content On Different Production Process

CNC Milling
UV Printing
Laser Engraving
Chemical Etching
CNC Milling
UV Printing


Laser Engraving

Chemical Etching

Hight Light Product Details

CNC Milling

CNC Milling

This technique uses a computerized cutting tool that creates precise cut-through designs in a carbon metal card. CNC cutting ensures numerous production of metal cards with complex shapes and designs.

UV Printing

A UV printing process ensures the quick creation of full-color carbon co metal cards. Compared to other printing processes, UV printing ensures surface is scratch and fade-resistant for over 3-5 years.



You can opt to have some parts of your carbon custom metal cards to be electroplated. This technique is done to create an extra layer of durability and aesthetics for your card.

Laser Engraving

By using a high-powered laser, this technique creates permanent and distinct markings on carbon metal cards. Laser engraving is usually used in creating logos, barcodes, serial numbers, and other intricate designs.

Laser Engraving
Chemical Etching

Chemical Etching

A chemical etching process involves the use of chemical acid to etch away some portion of the carbon cards’ surface. Using this technique results in a light-colored etched surface.

Foison Metal Prints Customized Carbon Metal Cards Featuring Unique Style And Identity

Carbon metal cards from Foison feature a unique carbon fiber surface. This surface adds a sensory feel for receivers which leaves a lasting impression. More than the texture, these business cards add a cool and modern aesthetic. Although the carbon surface may add to the thickness of the metal card, we ensure that these cards are lightweight.

Each carbon metal bank card is customized based on your design requirements. Several techniques like etching and UV printing are utilized to make sure that your designs are achieved.


Below are some of our certificates to prove our ability to mass-produce custom metal cards.








IATF 16949

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FAQs & Ultimate Guide

1. Is rush production available for bulk carbon metal cards?

Our general turnaround time for bulk orders is around 15-20 days. Since we produce everything from scratch, from designing to packaging and shipment. We do not accept rush orders that need to be completed within 24-48 hours.

2. Do your carbon metal credit cards have unique shapes and sizes?

Yes. You can request any shape and size of custom carbon cards. Let us know about the exact specifications you prefer and we’ll generate a quote accordingly.

3. Can I send in an order even if I don’t have a design?

Sure. We only need your design idea to create carbon custom metal cards and we’ll produce them according to your request.

4. What is the maximum order for carbon metal bank card?

Although we do not have a maximum order quantity, you need to meet our minimum required which is 100 metal cards per order.

5. Can a full-color image be printed on a carbon card?

Yes. We offer full-color printing on any type of metal card.

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