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Foison Metal Has the Legacy in Manufacturing Exquisite Cheap Enamel Pins

Wanting to always make good lasting impressions on Your customers? Foison Metal produces only the best and polished metal products that accurately meet your business needs!

Our team has professionals that you can contact anytime for help with your designs, and we will ensure that it will be delivered on time! Cheap Enamel Pins are needed to step up OOTD these days, or maybe to have identification of your affiliation.

Whatever the reason it is, we have various options that you can choose from! Foison Metal can cater to your requests in just a few clicks. Grow your business now!

About Our Service


Foison Metal always thinks outside of the box and considers what is best for you and your cheap enamel pins!


If you have a business or organization, you can create and buy customized cheap enamel pins that suit your taste!


Foison Metal always manufactures products that are long-lasting and can be durable!

Detailed designs

From prints to cut out edges, we polish everything to exceed your expectations and still provide cheap enamel pins!

Deluxe Materials

Our cheap enamel pins are always guaranteed only to be made of premium materials but we always make sure that they are affordable!

Vast Options

From colorful to gold plated cheap enamel pins, we have them for you, choose anything you want!

Flexible Service

Foison Metal offers all of our services wherever you are in the world! We always make sure to reach all our customers.

Fast Production and Delivery

After finalizing a deal with Foison Metal, we create your orders and deliver them to you as fast as we can!

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Provides the Marvelous and Finest Cheap Enamel Pins to Meet Your Business Expectations

Gold Plated Enamel Pin

If you want to be classy instantly, this product would be your best partner!

Silver Plated Enamel Pin

A rust free enamel pin for those who want a clean but stylish look.

Colorful Enamel Pin

Out of the classic, but trendy contemporary designed pins.

Customized Enamel Pin

If you have your own taste in fashion, pins that you customize may add spice!


Foison Advanced PIN BADGES Manufacturing technology

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Foison Metal trademarks in distributing top-rated metal products all over the globe that are useful and of the best quality! Our company does its best to serve all our customers like you.

Foison Metal is the leading merchandiser for Cheap Enamel Pins to all businesses that are always sold out! What are you waiting for? To have a stress-free transaction, hurry and contact us in easy steps!

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Authentic Materials

Our company is around for decades because our customers trust the quality of our materials.


Our products are vouced to last forever by millions of clients!

Professionally Designed

We only want what’s best for our clients so we have a professional team for making remarkable designs.

24/7 Service

We always address the concerns of our clients politely anytime and as soon as we can.

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Foison Metal is the Most Trusted Brand of Cheap Enamel Pins​

Foison Metal always offers only the highest-quality products in the marketplace! We always put our client’s trust in line so we make sure to give them a hassle-free bargain with products that are guaranteed the finest. Lose no time and call us for your perfect and polished Cheap Enamel Pins for your business!

The Cheap Enamel Pins FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Figure 1. Cheap Enamel Pins

1.1 What are Cheap Enamel Pins?

These are pocket-friendly enamel pins that are made from enamel paint and metal pieces. Cheap Enamel Pins are considered to be trendy and they are used as a powerful branding tool.

They can be personalized to express someone’s own beliefs and expressions towards a thing or someone they treasure.

1.2 Where can I find Cheap Enamel Pins?

At Foison Metal, we provide Cheap Enamel Pins that are trendy and stylish to suit your needs. We use high-quality material that guarantees you long-term use of the product.

We ship our products to all corners of the world despite manufacturing the enamel pins in China.

We also offer great warranty terms to all Cheap Enamel Pins purchased from us. Visit our website to check quick procedures on how to place an order with us.

1.3 How do you produce Cheap Enamel Pins?

We manufacture Cheap Enamel Pins following your specifications that suit your taste. Contact us with your splendid ideas on cheap enamel pins for customization through our various contact channels such as emails.

We also use great surface finishing effects that ensure your Cheap Enamel Pins appear glossy and classy. We have a team of professional designers who can help you choose the right finish and accessories for your product.

1.4 What are the merits of buying Cheap Enamel Pins?

  • Cheap Enamel Pins are very affordable and they are available in all stylish designs that you might want.
  • Our Cheap Enamel Pins come with backing accessories that match your product. Some of the backing pins include Magnet pin back, butterfly clutch, and safety pin backing.
  • Cheap Enamel Pins can be used as presents for gifting your loved ones or anyone who deserves a reward.
  • Cheap Enamel Pins are very important identifications in any workplace.
  • You can also use Cheap Enamel pins to promote your brand and besides make your employees look awesome.
  • Cheap Enamel Pins are used to boosting morale and pride for anyone who fancies enamel pins.

1.5 Where can I use Cheap Enamel Pins?

Figure 2. Use of Cheap Enamel Pins

You can use Cheap enamel Pins virtually in almost all aspects of life and they include:

  • In a corporate setting, they are used as identifying objects for all employees working inside the facility.
  • You can use Cheap Enamel Pins as a decorative item in your clothing to enhance your confidence and pride.
  • Cheap enamel Pins can be used in events when rewarding achievements. You can award students or employees excellent performance using Cheap Enamel Pins.
  • Cheap Enamel Pins can be used in the event you want to communicate something to the public. At Foison Metal, we provide good engraving options that will guarantee recognition and an easy vivid display of information.
  • Cheap Enamel Pins give a sense of belonging to all employees in any organization. By this, it ignites the spirit of unity.

1.6 What specific materials do you use when producing Cheap Enamel Pins?

Metals are great materials for the manufacture of Cheap Enamel Pins. The most common materials are made from Zinc and iron alloys which combine perfectly well with enamel paint.

We also use anodized aluminum which makes your Cheap Enamel Pins resistant to almost all elements of corrosion.

Other metallic materials include copper and aluminum which are effective when it comes to shaping customization. Stainless steel is a durable material that can serve you for a long since it is resistant to almost all forms of corrosion. 

1.7 What surface finishing options do you utilize when producing Cheap Enamel Pins?

We offer a broad range of surface finishing choices for your Cheap Enamel Pins which includes:

Sandblasting: This technique is also known as abrasive blasting which applies the use of an air compressor machine. The powered machine forcefully emits abrasive fragments onto the metallic material creating a smooth finish.

Etching: Cheap Enamel Pins that have gone through the etching process are very high accuracy levels when it comes to shaping. The etching technique involves the use of controlled temperatures or chemicals.

In acid-based etching, waxing is done on the metallic part leaving a space where the etching process should take place.

Laser Engraving: We use a laser beam to change the appearance of the Cheap Enamel Pins according to your preferred specifications. The laser beam focuses on an area on which it dissolves and disintegrates to achieve the perfect finish.

Die casting technique:  This process is achieved by forcing molten metal into a cavity. The mold is commonly obtained through the use of melting non-ferrous metals such as an alloy of tin, aluminum, copper, and zinc.

Electroplating: The electro-deposition process occurs which allows metallic material to be covered with another metallic coating. This process occurs when both the cathode and anode are inserted into an electrolyte solution creating the required layers.

1.8 I want to buy Cheap Enamel Pins. What metal option is available?

We have a variety of metal options you can choose from which determines the final outlook for your Cheap Enamel Pins. They include:

  • Shiny gold metal finish: These Enamel Pins have a polished and shiny gold display.
  • Polished Nickel: Cheap Enamel pins can have smooth nickel that is silver-colored.
  • Copper shiny finish: Enamel Pins can also have an antique metal finish that can make them acquire an old-school effect.

Other metal finish options include antique brass, shiny copper, shiny rose gold, and antique silver. 

1.9 What metallic material is best for my Cheap Enamel Pins?

Figure 3. Metallic Cheap Enamel Pins

The choice of materials is essentially a matter of the buyer’s taste and preferences. The best material for your Cheap Enamel Pins will depend on the following: Your preferred choice of material, Choice of enamel color, intended design, and also the beauty that comes with it.

 Since enamel pins require bright colors for aesthetic purposes, you might want to try materials that blend with your design.

It is important to note that hard Cheap Enamel Pins are incompatible with metals with antique finish or with black coating. Cheap enamel pins that are soft are compatible with nearly all metals.

1.10 Do Cheap Enamel Pins come with any backing attachments?

Yes, our Cheap Enamel Pins come with high-quality backing attachments that can assure you of great functionality. Your Cheap Enamel Pins need to have a strong backing attachment to avoid falling off which can be so embarrassing.

We offer backing attachments that equally give the correct perception of the quality of your Cheap Enamel Pins.

1.11 What backing attachments are available for Cheap Enamel Pins?

We offer durable backing attachments that are rust-proof and can assure you a long time of service.

The following are some of the backing attachments available for Cheap Enamel Pins: Different colors of clutch backings, magnetic backings, bent legs, and safety pins backings.

1.12 Whom do I contact concerning inquiries on Cheap Enamel Pins?

You can enquire about Cheap Enamel Pins through our various official platforms such as emails and websites. You can also call our customer care support team directly for more information concerning the cheap Enamel Pins.

You can also drop your feedback about the customer service provided by us.

1.13 Are your Cheap Enamel Pins hard or soft?

At Foison Metal, we offer both Hard and Soft Cheap Enamel Pins. The hard ones are made by inserting metal pieces into a metal mold with a die. Then followed by the addition of a backing attachment after which polishing is done to achieve a smooth and flat enamel pin.

Soft Cheap Enamel pins are made by pouring enamel paints into metallic plate grooves before hardening and baking take place. This results in not only a smooth textured finish but also a glossy one. Soft enamels are great especially if you need detailed Enamel Pins.

1.14 Are Soft cheap enamel pins hard or soft?

Figure 4. Hard and Soft Cheap Enamel Pins

All cheap enamel pins are” hard” textured. This is because when we manufacture, we harden the soft resin in a kiln.

1.15 I need to understand. Are Cheap Enamel Pins metals?

Yes, cheap enamel pins are metal that has been dying struck and painted using enamel solution.

1.16 Are Cheap Enamel Pins long-lasting?

Yes, we manufacture our Cheap enamel Pins using high-quality materials such as stainless steel and anodized aluminum. Making them anodized ensures they can resist both heat and chemical corrosion and thus serve you for longer periods.

1.17 What plating options do I have for my cheap Enamel Pins?

Cheap Enamel pins may have the following plating options which include: Antique gold, gold, antique silver, silver, and black color finish.

Nonetheless, we are not just limited to the above plating options, contact us to check other available finish options.

1.18 What elements do you combine to come up with Cheap Enamel Pins?

There are two important components that we use to manufacture Cheap Enamel Pins. We combine enamel paint and metal of your choice which ensures your product lasts long, hard and glossy.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 5. Design and Customization of Cheap Enamel Pins

2.1 Can I customize Cheap Enamel Pins?

Yes, you can do so, we have a wide range of customization options to customize the appearance of your Enamel Pins. This is to favor your desired appearance by making it look beautiful and also enable them to reflect your personality.

We, at Foison Metal, guarantee that your Cheap Enamel Pins will match your organization criterion.

2.2 How will you charge me if I want to customize Cheap Enamel Pins?

The cost of customization will hugely depend on several factors such as:

  • The number of Cheap Enamel Pins required to be customized.
  • The complexity of the customization process.
  • The choice of materials is preferred to manufacture Cheap Enamel Pins.

2.3 In what designs can I find Cheap Enamel Pins?

We manufacture Cheap Enamel Pins of the following types:

Soft Cheap Enamel Pins: They blend in well with almost all vibrant colors and are so open to all kinds of design customization options. They are characterized by having raised metal edges which allows them to have a smooth surface.

Hard Cheap Enamel Pins: Hard Enamel Pins are characterized by being long-lasting, shiny, and take a longer period to be manufactured.

2.4 What specific features do you customize in Cheap Enamel Pins?

You can customize nearly everything in Cheap Enamel Pins. From the choice of color, material choices, weight, and dimensions. Feel welcomed to customize your Enamel Pins with us.

We can also customize backing attachments for your Cheap enamel pins such as rubber and butterfly clutch. Note that some backing can come with extra cost.

2.5 Can I submit incomplete artwork for Cheap Enamel Pins?

Customized Enamel Pin
Customized Enamel Pin

You do not have to worry if you have unfinished artwork. Cheap Enamel Pins artwork because we have a team of talented designers. We are well equipped with all the necessary tools for the manufacturing process and design templates you can choose from.

We also ensure we take you through a thorough revision of artwork for a better result of Cheap Enamel Pins.

2.6 How long can I wait to receive my custom Cheap Enamel Pins?

On average, the customization process takes about 21 working days. However, this may vary depending on several factors such as the complexity of the manufacturing process.

Distance is also another factor but we always try our best to get your Cheap Enamel Pins within or earlier than the scheduled time.

2.7 Do you offer free design templates for Cheap Enamel Pins?

Yes, we do offer Cheap Enamel Pins design templates to enable you to come up with the artwork that you would love. All you need to do is reach out to us and we shall send you the design template in whatever country you are in.

2.8 What colors come with Cheap Enamel Pins?

Our Cheap Enamel Pins come with high quality and durable brilliant colors. We have over 1000 colors that you can choose from and if you need a color chart we shall be glad to serve you with one.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose a brilliant color blend for your Enamel Pins. Always feel free to ask and we assure you we can choose colors that can eventually be the most brilliant.

2.9 Apart from backing attachments. Are there any other add-on features for Cheap Enamel Pins?

Yes, you can be able to add other desired materials for your Cheap Enamel Pins such as:

  • You add aluminum metals to make your Cheap Enamel Pins light in weight.
  • Addition of protective coating.
  • You can add reflective material to make it glow in areas with low light.
  • You can add optional materials such as extra attachments for a firm hold.

It is important to note these additional add-on features will come with additional cost.

2.10 How can I reduce Cheap Enamel Pins weight?

Figure 7. Weight of Cheap Enamel Pins

We make Enamel Pins that are of moderate weight but still, you can make yours lighter by adding aluminum core material. Contact our customer care support staff to give you more options on how to reduce the weight of your product.

2.11 In what sizes do you produce Cheap Enamel Pins?

We manufacture Cheap enamel pins with moderate dimension and weight. However, you can get in touch with us for customization options when it comes to sizing and weight.

2.12 Why do I need to custom my Cheap Enamel Pins?

Custom cheap enamel pins have several benefits. You can use the custom to boost your brand promotions. You can also use it to appreciate and reward people for achieving something.

You can decide to incorporate a logo, quotes, and even funny characters to communicate on your behalf.

2.13 Can I change the look of my Cheap Enamel Pins?

Yes, we have a lot of ways you can change the appearance of your Cheap Enamel Pins. They include:

  • Coloration: We have nearly all kinds of bright colors you can choose from.
  • Embossing and debossing techniques can help change the appearance of your Cheap Enamel Pins.
  • We can perform engraving and sandblasting techniques on your Cheap Enamel Pins.
  • You can also decide your cheap enamel pins to have a spinner pin for an impressive wonderful view.

You are also welcomed if you have new technological ideas that can enable your cheap enamel pins to have that “Wow!” effect.

2.14 How have you incorporated technology in the production of Cheap Enamel Pins?

  • Yes, we always ensure we stay modern and trendy. You can choose your Cheap Enamel Pins to have LED lighting which is very ideal for highlighting your brand, phrase, or even companies’ logos.
  • We can use lenticulars that drastically keep changing depending on the viewing angle.

2.15 Can I engrave my personal information on my Cheap Enamel Pins?

Figure 8. Engraving Cheap Enamel Pins

Yes, you can, engraving your details on your Cheap Enamel pins is the best way to make it memorable. You can engrave your employee’s name and job description to make it easy for customers to get help.

Provide us with the engraving details and we shall send you a layout before the actual engraving for approval.

2.16 How do you color your Cheap Enamel Pins?

Normally, we utilize robots with proper reference to design files since they are so effective. The robot can be able to see the recess that needs to be filled using enamel.

2.17 Do you offer a multi-tonal base finish option for Cheap Enamel Pins?

Yes, if you are unable to choose between different metal colors finish and you need them all. Foison Metals offers you an option to mix the different metal finish which in the end creates a multi-tonal finish.

Note that they must be of a similar metal finish to create a perfect finish. For example, shiny gold and shiny silver and not shiny silver and antique gold.

2.18 Do I need to update my Cheap Enamel Pins?

Everyone needs flawless curation. Therefore, with the change of trend every day, you surely need to update your cheap Enamel Pins.

We, at Foison Metal, ensure our cheap Enamel Pins remain trendy to make us highly competitive in the market. 

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 9. Order and Payment for Cheap Enamel Pins

3.1 What ordering process is followed when placing an order for Cheap Enamel Pins?

  • You can pop into our homepage and fill a form that will enable us to get back to you. You can alternatively send us an email or hit the “Contact Us” interface on our website.
  • You shall be required to confirm your artwork in terms of design, color, dimensions, and material.
  • Confirm all the information concerning artwork and shipping information. 
  • Price negation will follow suit on which we promise to reach at a cost-effective quotation for all cheap Enamel Pins.
  • Make a request for samples and we shall send you via Express for confirmation purposes. Once they meet your design criterion, we can go ahead with the manufacture of the desired quantities.
  • Production will take approximately 21 days however this might vary depending on the volume and complexity of production.
  • We shall ship Cheap Enamel Pins through various reputable courier service providers.

3.2 What payment options can I use to pay for my Cheap Enamel Pins?

You can utilize the below payment methods to pay for Cheap Enamel Pins.

  • The use of a MasterCard.
  • PayPal.
  • Use of TNT.

3.3 Do you allow partial payments for Cheap Enamel Pins?

No, all Cheap Enamel Pins should be paid using our various payment options which include PayPal, TNT, and the use of MasterCard. For any other alternative payment options please speak to our customer care team for guidance.

3.4 Can I pay for my Cheap Enamel Pins using a cheque?

Figure 10. Discounts on Cheap Enamel Pins

We encourage you to use our preferred payment methods listed on our official websites. For any concerns about payment methods kindly reach out to discuss with our customer support team.

3.5 When can I place an order for Cheap Enamel Pins?

We use online systems which operate 24/7 and thus you can place your order at any given time at any place. We also have an online assistance team to give you support whenever you experience difficulties.

Our toll number is also open for you to call when you need help placing an order.

3.6 I want to pay for Cheap Enamel Pins. How safe is your online payment process?

We use well-known and secure payment methods to protect your money transfer and personal data. We use multi-layered encryption protocols that will request you for authentication before making payments.

Our payment platforms use modern fraud detection protocols and besides we provide secure log-ins.

3.7 Should I worry about my personal information given when ordering Cheap Enamel Pins?

Not at all, we ensure your data is secure from any fraudulent activities since we use multi-layered encryption policies. We do not also share your details with any third parties.

3.8 Can I pay for Cheap Enamel Pins using any currency?

After entering the payment information, you shall be directed to the various currencies our payment options support. You can freely set the default payment currency using the currency selector on that very page.

3.9 What things should I be keen on when placing an order for Cheap Enamel Pins?

Ensure the quantity or the number of pieces of Cheap Enamel Pins correctly tally with the amount being paid. Also, ensure the shipping information is correct to avoid the wrong shipment which can attract some charges.

3.10 Do you allow payment by cash on delivery?

Figure 11. Cheap Enamel Pins Cash on Delivery

It is important to note that all Cheap Enamel Pins are made to order and payments are made before the production process starts. Apart from the utilization of PayPal, TNT, and Mastercard, we encourage you to speak to our support team for guidance.

3.11 Do you allow refunds and exchanges to take place when I purchase Cheap Enamel Pins?

Yes, we provide a return policy for all non-faulty Cheap Enamel Pins. Exchange and refund can also take place after the assessment of the returns. Kindly visit our website to check our return policy.

3.12 I want to buy Cheap Enamel Pins. Who will cater to customs costs?

Our customers are responsible for all customs duties imposed by their specific country of shipment. You shall be required to facilitate clearance fees for your products to get into your country.

3.13 Will I be charged for backing attachments for Cheap Enamel Pins separately?

No, our Cheap Enamel Pins come with free backing attachments. You shall be required to choose your preferred backing attachment design during the confirmation of your artwork.

You are allowed to make requests for backing attachment design templates and we shall be happy to be at your service.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 12. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How can I ship Cheap Enamel Pins?

We will use our well-known service providers such as DHL, UPS, and TNT. It is important to note that freight fees are paid in advance by the customer.

You can also provide the DHL, TNT, or FedEx account numbers to be used for shipping. Your preferred method of shipment is also accepted provided you contact us before shipping time.

4.2 After how long can I expect delivery of Cheap Enamel Pins?

The delivery time of Cheap Enamel Pins is approximately between 14 to 21 days since the day of production. Delivery time varies depending on the production time, the weight of products, and distance from the area of production which is China.

4.3 What freight forwarders will you use to ship my Cheap Enamel Pins?

We engage the following freight forwarders to ship your Cheap Enamel Pins to your specific country: DHL or FedEx, UPS, and TNT. We can also utilize their respective account numbers to ship your products.

4.4 How secure is your packaging of Cheap Enamel Pins?

We use very secure packaging to ensure your Cheap Enamel Pins arrive in perfect conditions. Our packaging is tight to ensure Cheap Enamel Pins do not move during transit.

When confirming your product information, confirmation of the packaging materials will be included.

4.5 Do you handle shipping costs for Cheap Enamel Pins?

No, customers handle their shipping fees for all Cheap Enamel pins ordered. When Using DHL or FedEx, TNT and UPS you shall be required to pay the shipping cost in advance.

4.5 What happens to Cheap Enamel Pins that are damaged during delivery?

We encourage you to be familiar with the insurance policy given by your choice of courier service provider. You can also initiate return and replacement plans after a detailed examination of the cheap enamel pins.

We can also facilitate the repair process of cheap enamel pins at zero cost.

4.6 Can I be able to trace my Cheap Enamel Pins that are in transit?

Figure 13. Tracing Cheap Enamel Pins

Yes, you can do so. We provide tracking numbers Cheap Enamel Pins to enable you to trace them while on transit. You shall also be able to view the transit process of your cheap enamel pins through your online status.

4.7 I have not received my Cheap Enamel Pins ordered. What is taking long?

Several factors can cause delays when expecting your product. They include:

  • The weight of Cheap Enamel Pins. Heavy Enamel Pins will require more time for loading and quite reduce the shipping speed.
  • The distance that needs to be covered by reaching the delivery address. Some countries might be far from our production zone and thus there will be some delay in delivery time.
  • Transit hurdles such as traffic, delay in landing, and harbor issues at the port may delay delivery time.

4.8 Can you ship Cheap Enamel Pins to my country?

Yes, we do our shipments of Cheap Enamel Pins all over the world. We understand that some shipping options may have limitations getting into the delivery destination but we have overcome the challenges over time.

Feel free to place your order in whatever country you are in and we shall be glad to serve you.

4.9 Can I be compensated for missed time delivery of Cheap Enamel Pins?

At Foison Metal we seldom experience missed time deliveries since we incorporate you in the entire shipping plan of your product. Furthermore, you are enabled to view the status of your Cheap Enamel Pins on transit until they get into the delivery destination.

4.10 How do you calculate my shipping cost of Cheap Enamel Pins?

Our shipping fees are very moderate. However, different variables are considered which include the weight, cheap enamel pins dimensions, and distance that needs to be covered.

Getting to know the exact shipping rates allows you to make an appropriate budget before shipping time.

4.11 How can I know that you have shipped my Cheap Enamel Pins?

We normally send notification messages via the contact details provided to us. We shall also update our online system that the shipping process has commenced.

This will enable you to track the movement of your Cheap Enamel Pins from shipping to delivery.

4.12 What happens when my Cheap Enamel Pins have been detained by customs?

You need to clear custom fees for your Cheap Enamel Pins to be freed by the customs office. Note that Tax levied on products and custom fees may vary depending on the type of items and specific country.

4.13 Do you offer last-mile delivery for Cheap Enamel Pins?

Yes, our various freight forwarders will try their best to get the Cheap Enamel Pins to your address. When there are hurdles you shall be communicated in advance and arrangements made on where to pick your product.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 14. Return and Replacement policy

5.1 What is your return policy for Cheap Enamel Pins?

We seldom receive returns since we engage our customers in all the stages of production. Which includes confirmation of artwork information and sending of exact samples for approval.

However, in case you want to initiate a return the following are key things to check.

  • Ensure the original seal and package are not tampered with.
  • Cheap Enamel Pins should not have been subjected to any use.

5.2 What is the Cheap Enamel Pins replacement policy?

We do offer a replacement for cheap enamel pins in case the ones supplied proved to be defects. Once you have received the defect, we advise you to reach out to us within the shortest time possible.

You can take a picture and send it to us after the assessment that it is indeed a defect.

5.3 Do you charge for the return of Cheap Enamel Pins?

Yes, some charges might be incurred for restocking purposes of Cheap Enamel Pins. You are requested to check with us to know the exact return cost for your products.

5.4 Can I track the return of Cheap Enamel Pins?

Yes, you can be able to check the return process of your Cheap Enamel Pins as it transits back to us. Our online systems are enabled and you can access them freely at your own convenient time.

5.5 For what period must I wait to receive it replaced with Cheap Enamel Pins?

Figure 15. Replacement Period

Replacement of cheap enamel pins will vary depending on several factors such as:

  • The duration is taken for the defect to get to us for approval.
  • Distance between our factories and the delivery destination.
  • The replacement or manufacturing process has taken to come up with Cheap Enamel Pins.

5.6 Do Cheap Enamel Pins come with warranty terms?

Yes, at Foison Metal, we offer great warranty terms for all our Cheap Enamel pins. We are highly confident of the standard of the cheap enamel pins we sell to our clients.

This will cater to the replacement and repair of the faulty parts.

5.7 How can I initiate the return of Cheap Enamel Pins?

You can initiate a return process of Cheap Enamel Pins by directly contacting our customer care service team. Our support team will be able to direct you on how and on which courier service provider to use.

You can also initiate the return process through our online ordering platform.

5.8 I have received the incorrect product. How do I initiate its return?

First, you need to contact us. You can take several pictures and email us and you shall be directed on how to send the product back to us.

Feel welcomed to ask for assistance from our able customer care team if the need arises.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 16. Cancellation and Refund Policy

6.1 How do I cancel an order for Cheap Enamel Pins?

You can cancel an order for cheap enamel pins by contacting us and we will assist you with the process.

You can also cancel an order for cheap enamel pins on our platform directly by using our online platforms.

6.2 After how long can I expect a refund for Cheap Enamel Pins?

Our refund process is very immediate once you have just requested the refund. You can also remind us if it is taking longer than the time you are expecting it.

Note that refunds will be sent back to the same payment options used to pay for the order unless otherwise.

6.3 Do I get charged when I cancel an order for Cheap Enamel Pins?

No, we do not charge our customers when they cancel an order. Cancellation of order is free of charge and gives you a good opportunity to rectify your order.

We encourage you to counter-check the shipping information before submitting the ordering form.

6.4 Where will you send my refund of Cheap Enamel Pins?

We send the refunds directly to your previous choice of payment method used to pay for Cheap Enamel Pins. For an alternative account to receive the refund ensure you reach out to us before we make the transfers.

6.5 Is there a specific time to cancel an order for Cheap Enamel Pins?

Figure 17. Refund Time for Cheap Enamel Pins

You can place and cancel an order at any time round the clock. Our online system operates 24/7 and enables you to perform everything you need without difficulty.

Our able team is always on standby to accord you the necessary help you might want.

6.6 In what instances can I get a refund of Cheap Enamel Pins?

You can get a refund if the return of Cheap Enamel Pins was approved and is back in our warehouse. You can also request for refund of the overpaid amounts or else you can top up and get extra pieces of Cheap Enamel Pins.

6.7 Am I allowed to place another order when I cancel an already existing order of Cheap Enamel Pins?

Yes, you can place another order after you have canceled an order. We recommend you ensure the previous cancellation has been successful before requesting another ordering form.

Visit our website to check our ordering process if in need of assistance.

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