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Foison Metal: Direct Supplier of High-Visibility Construction Safety Signage

Introducing Foison Metal’s construction safety signages crafted with utmost attention to detail and strict adherence to the highest industry standards.

Here at Foison, we create construction site signs designed with bold, eye-catching colors and clear, concise text to ensure maximum visibility even in low-light conditions. The quality and effectiveness of these safety signages are built to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

With our decade of experience, we take great pride in our ability to mass produce safety signs without compromising the quality.

About Our Service

Product Development

Here at Foison, we offer customized construction safety signages that meets your requirements.

Custom Prototye

To validate product concepts, we produce custom prototypes or samples to ensure quality, functionality, and compliance.

Prompt Deliveries

We have partnered with DHL and FedEx to make sure that you'll receive your orders as quickly as 5-7 days.

Custom Packaging

We offer customized packaging to ensure that your orders are packed appropriately for safe transportation.

Quality Control

Our quality control measures guarantees consistent high-quality construction safety signages and other custom safety signs.


We optimize manufacturing processes to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality. This maximizes quick ROI and enhanced competitiveness.

Excellent Support

Our dedicated customer service ensures clear and constant communication, providing you with timely updates.

Design Expertise

Our skilled designers collaborates with you closely to bring your ideas to life by incorporating creativity and practicality.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Construction Safety Signage Complies with the Highest Standards, Designed for the Precise Needs of Your Business

No Trespassing Sign

Limit access to construction areas and keep your site secure from injury or theft.

Men Working Above Signs

Identify overhead hazards for workers and passerby traffic to keep them safe.

Open Trench Safety Signs

Keep hazardous areas identified to avoid fall accidents into an open trench or hole.

Custom Engraved Signs

The best choice to have your signs customized according to your needs and specifications


Foison Advanced SAFETY SIGNS Manufacturing technology

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Foison Metal is a team of passionate professionals, experts in the field of mass manufacturing construction safety signages. Our mission is to provide top-notch solutions to your specific needs. With years of experience, we have honed our skills to perfection.

We have worked with hundreds of satisfied customers around the globe and have trusted us with their projects.  You can trust us to handle your manufacturing needs with professionalism and expertise. 

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Proven Quality

Our products have a proven track record of excellence, trusted by numerous B2B clients worldwide.


Our metal safety signages meets all necessary industry standards and holds relevant certifications.


Satisfied customers vouch for the quality and reliability of our metal safety signs, which reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction.


We constantly seek ways to improve the quality of our custom signages incorporating client feedbacks.

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Foison Metal is the Number One Trusted Brand of Construction Safety Signage

Made with quality materials, our cost-effective products are manufactured to the highest quality standards using large-format printers and heavy-duty laser cutters and engravers. All of Foison Metal’s construction safety signage is individually designed to maintain health and safety by reducing or even removing the health risks and hazards posed on construction sites to workers, sub-contractors, guests, and the general public across the globe

Frequently Asked Questions
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is a construction safety signage?

Construction safety sign in blue
Figure 1 Construction safety sign

You need to contact us as soon as possible using our website or call our customer care agents for assistance before 24hours elapses.

If the shipment process has not kicked off, we will halt the order and start the refund process. If the shipment process has started, you shall be responsible for freight charges

We shall also charge you for the cancellation of products that have already reached the delivery address.

We encourage correct shipment information to avoid charging you extra costs for the incorrect delivery address. You can call our helpline for assistance in filling in shipment information.

1.2 What are examples of construction safety signage?

There is various construction safety signage that includes mandatory construction safety signage, prohibition construction safety signage, warning signs, and danger signs.

  • Mandatory sign –This demands you do not do some things within a particular construction site.
  • Prohibition  sign- There are certain movements that you might be barred from conducting for the sake of your safety. For example, the sign KEEP OUT.
  • Warning construction safety signage-These are meant to alert and make you aware of imminent dangers in construction and maintenance projects. As a staff /visitor this will enable you to take extra caution in the construction site.
  • Danger construction safety signage-Particularly alerts you on the likelihood of fire hazard and therefore makes you get prepared in the event if something goes wrong.
  • We also have fire construction safety signage that bears fire safety signs. These safety signs are red. We also have emergency information construction safety signage.

1.3 What are the quality standards for construction safety signage?

When it comes to keeping construction sites safe, following quality standards for safety signage is crucial. These standards, aligned with OSHA regulations and safety protocols, use different designs and principles to prevent injuries in hazardous areas.

Let’s break down the key quality standards:

  1. Colors with Clear Messages: Colors play a vital role as they convey specific messages. Standard colors are chosen to grab attention quickly, especially during emergencies. For instance, in construction fire safety signs, the color red is used for danger signs and equipment like fire extinguishers.

  2. Uniform Dimensions: Construction safety signage comes in standard sizes. This ensures that these signs adhere to specific height, geometry, and letter size requirements depending on the type of signage.

  3. Consistent Layouts: Standard layouts are employed in construction safety signage. This might include using borders to create contrast, making the signage more visible and effective.

  4. Detailed yet Simple Symbols: The symbols used in construction safety signage are designed to be both detailed and easy to understand. This ensures that anyone can quickly interpret the message they convey.

By adhering to these quality standards, construction safety signage becomes a powerful tool in preventing accidents and promoting a safer work environment. Understanding these standards helps ensure that the signs effectively communicate crucial information to everyone on the site.

1.4 Apart from construction safety signage, what other safety signage do you have?

At Foison Metal, we do have a wide range of safety signs that you can choose from. Some of these include but not limited to:

  • Safety zone signage-Commonly used to protect workers from getting injured at the workplace
  • Laboratory safety signage –Conveys safety information in the laboratories
  • Road safety signage-Found on the roads to prevent accidents from occurring.
  • Emergency information signage-This conveys safety information for an emergency to smoothly take place.
  • Warning signage-This signage alerts on the impending dangers within a hazard area
  • Prohibition signage-This signage prevents you from doing certain things in the hazard area
  • Mandatory signs-It demands you strictly follow certain safety directives when in a hazard area.

1.5 Do you ensure standardization of construction safety signage materials?

Yes, we do ensure standardization of construction signage materials. Different signage materials represent different safety signage. At Foison Metal we manufacture durable quality materials to suit you.

1.6 What materials are used in making construction safety signage?

Below are the materials we use to come up with quality construction safety signage.

  • Aluminum materials-Construction safety signages that are made of aluminum are accompanied by pre-drilled holes for installation.
  • Plastic (PVC) materials-They are light and easy to carry.
  • Permanent vinyl-They are self-adhesive and are placed on curved or flat surfaces.
  • Non-permanent/removable vinyl-They is easy to remove since they are commonly used where temporary signage is required.
  • Lastly, we have magnetic materials-These are placed on metal or machines. The placed area should not be in motion.

1.7 Are there specific considerations for choosing construction safety signage?

Warning Construction Signs
Figure 7 Customized safety signage

Picking the right construction safety signs involves some important things to think about. Here are some considerations simplified for you:

  1. Match the Hazard: Your safety signs should show exactly what kind of danger is nearby. For instance, if you’re moving vehicles from the main road to a different path.

  2. Use the Right Colors: The colors on your safety signs should match the danger they’re warning about. Red is often used for fire hazards, making it clear and noticeable.

  3. Location Matters: Think about where you’ll put the sign. Fields might need signs on stands, while curved surfaces might need flexible plastic vinyl signs.

  4. Timeframe Counts: How long will you need the sign? For temporary needs, go for portable signs with removable vinyl instead of permanent signs that need screws.

  5. Pictographs Help: Signs with pictures can quickly get the message across. Consider using signs with simple images for effective communication.

  6. Where to Place It: Think about where the sign will be. Outdoor and indoor signs might need different materials. Outdoors, reflective aluminum signs are often a good choice. 

Getting the right construction safety signage is key to keeping everyone safe. By thinking about these factors, you can choose signs that get the message across loud and clear.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 What are the various types of construction safety signage?

We have several construction safety signages:

  • Mandatory construction signage-They is very exact on certain directives that should be undertaken in construction sites. For example, you MUST wear a helmet beyond this point. Safety boots must be worn.
  • Warning construction safety signage –This signage alerts and bars anyone from doing certain things within a construction site that may lead to injuries. Text is in black with a yellow background for example SLIPPERY FLOOR.
  • Prohibition construction safety signage-This prevents you from doing certain things in a hazard-prone area. This signage is usually in black text with a white background.
  • Danger construction safety signage-This signage warns of specific imminent danger that is most life-threatening. They are in black text with a red background on an oval shape.
  • Safety construction signage-They convey instructions that are related to health and safety in a construction site.
  • Emergency construction signage signs-They have information on the location of emergency accessories and equipment. The emergency signage is in white text and green background.

2.2 Do you allow customization of construction safety signage?

Yes, at Foison Metal we do allow customization of construction safety signage. You can share with us your ideas of the designs you need. We come up with good signage to suit your needs.

2.3 What is the medium size for construction safety signage?

Medium safety signs
Figure 8 Medium safety signs

Any Medium construction safety signage needs to be 8.5′ by 11′ as per the OSHA size policies and also the text on the signage needs to be read clearly at a distance of 1500MM. We also offer customization and other adjustments to the signage depending on your type of hazard.

2.4 What are the designs and shapes that construction safety signage has?

Different Construction Safety Signages
Figure 9 Safety signs designs

There are many designs and shapes of construction safety signages. However, the simplicity of the designs is encouraged and unnecessary details should be omitted. 

A combination of supplementary signage, an arrow, and graphical symbol signage may be merged to form one-directional constructional safety signage.

A combination of yellow and striped, black can be used to indicate hazard zones. We also have signage with colored borders to boost contrast for better display of contents in the construction safety signage.

Construction safety signage also comes with different shapes such as triangles, circles, rectangular shapes, and oval.

2.5 Do you make construction safety signage with pictograms?

Yes, we do incorporate pictograms in the signage. Pictograms indicate the possible hazard likely to be encountered in the hazard area. You can contact us for more information concerning the same.

2.6 How long can construction signage last?

We manufacture our signage using durable and quality materials. Durability will depend on the type of materials used even though outdoor and indoor signage deter due to different fading rates.

2.7 What are the shapes that come with construction safety signage?

Different kinds of safety signages
Figure 10 Construction safety signage shapes

Various shapes that construction safety signage comes with can be classified with being Regulatory, warning, and information signage.


  • Triangle shape signals motorists to slow down and give way to the oncoming vehicle. 
  • Circle shapes-Circles with red inside stop drivers from coming as construction or heavy machines are on an operation.
  • Octagon shapes-It guides motorists and vehicles on what and what not to do. It can also show WRONG WAY signage.


  • Pennant shapes-Warns vehicles do not overtake due to heavy traffic or signal ongoing construction ahead.
  • Diamond shape-This signals that the road ahead is damaged or road condition ahead very dangerous. Therefore, there is a need to slow down and be extra cautious.
  • Pentagon-Conveys message that pedestrians or children are crossing and hence there is need to slow down.

Information signs

Rectangular shapes –they are mainly used to inform vehicle drivers of certain road directives. For example, Two-way traffic ahead.

2.8 What is the importance of background color in construction safety signage?

The use of color in construction safety signage must correspond to the purpose of the signage. Therefore, background color creates a sharp contrast boosting the clarity of the text inside the shape.

2.9 Does construction safety signage have standardization marks?

Yes, we do use standard marks as stipulated by the OSHA marking regulations. OSHA ensures that specific colors, shapes, and designs comply with universal standards.

It categorizes construction signs into three broad classifications namely: Danger, caution, and safety instruction signage.

It also directs universal symbols such as safety alert symbols that indicate personal hazards exist in case of injury.

Symbols are used to assist those that cannot read and write and also enhance quick interpretation of safety signages.

Besides symbols, colors are used to convey different messages in the construction sites. Red for danger alerts, green for safety information, and yellow for warning.

Construction safety signage pays attention to the letter sizing of these products. The size of the wording should be short and to the point to avoid ambiguity.

In addition, the signage word letter height needs to be 50% greater than the size “H” in the text.

At Foison Metal we also consider the placement of construction safety signage in your workspace. Contact us for customization for higher visibility features.

2.10 Can I share my designs?

Yes, you are allowed to share your designs with us. You can reach out to us via our customer care agents for a better discussion on where to send your designs.

2.11 Does your construction safety signage come as they appear in pictures?

Construction safety sign with caution sign graphic
Figure 11 Construction safety signage appearance

Yes, our construction safety signage appears exactly as you have seen them in the pictures. We value you and we always make sure you receive exactly what is displayed in our portfolio.

You are also free to contact us for free samples if you need one. We shall always be glad to deliver to you.

2.12 Do you offer free samples of construction safety signage?

Yes, we do offer free samples of construction safety signage once you have requested. We would love you to get a real test of our products rather than a theoretical view.

Feel free to request and we shall deliver. We shall also appreciate feedback once you receive the sample.

2.13 Does construction safety signage come with mounting accessories?

Yes, our construction safety signage is accompanied by all mounting accessories making it easier for you to have a smooth installation process. For example, bolts, washers, and fasteners.

2.14 What are the quality expectations of the products?

At Foison Metal, we assure you of appropriate quality and durable constructional safety signage. We follow all quality standards in the manufacturing process.

We also assure you that with our product, you are also going to meet your work/target expectations.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 What are the procedures for placing an order?

Order Placement Procedure
Figure 12 Order Placement Procedure

There are several ways you can use to place an order which you can get on our website. You can follow the following steps to help you make an order with us.

  • Visit our website
  • Type a word in the search window to what corresponds to the product you need.
  • Browse by category window and locate related groupings from the dropdown.
  • Select and view price ranges, type, and sizes
  • Select and click “Add to cart”.
  • Pay by filling a MasterCard pin.

3.2 What payment terms do you have?

You immediately pay once you have placed your order.

3.3 Can I request a proforma invoice?

Yes, kindly contact us or email us and we shall gladly send you a proforma invoice.

3.4 How do I contact your customer service agents?

You can visit our website for contacts or check our customer service agents online.

3.5 What payment methods can I use?

payment methods
Figure 13 payment methods

You can pay fully or make a down payment via credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.

3.6 How much does construction safety signage cost?

Construction safety signage costs vary depending on the type of materials used and the size of the signage. You can also be able to check with us different costs of construction safety signage via our contact.

3.7 What is the minimum quantity before placing an order?

Our minimum quantity for placing an order is 100 pieces.

3.8 Do I require specific information in the ordering process?

No, you do not require specific information in the ordering process. All you need to do is visit our website and everything we have will be displayed by moving the dropdown.

3.9 Can I use third parties to make an order?

We don’t partner with third party vendors in placing an order. We want to make sure that everything will be accurate from the number of items needed, design requirement, and proceed quote.

3.10 What is you production lead time?

Yes, we do have a specific lead time for our products, but we follow up to ensure our products are served well. We provide 15-20 days production lead time which is subject to change depending on the complexity of your design and number of orders.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Do you handle shipping costs on behalf of the customer?

No, we do not handle shipping costs, but we only charge a fair shipping cost. For bulky products, you can contact us to know our shipping rates and more information concerning the shipping of products.

4.2 How do I know if my orders are safe while on transit?

At Foison Metal we help you keep track of the goods on transit. You can also be able to monitor by viewing the status of your product from the manufacturing process, packaging, and transit whereabouts.

4.3 Do you offer warehousing services?

Figure 15 Warehouse

No, we do not offer warehousing services, but you can contact us, and we shall recommend you if you need one.

4.4 Where do I get the invoicing procedure?

You can get our invoicing procedures at our website, or you can also contact us for more information.

4.5 Do you have a minimum shipping order?

Yes, our minimum shipping order is 100 pieces.

4.6 What documentation do I need to have to receive my order?

You need to have personal credentials like a passport or passport number and a payment receipt you received after making the payment.

4.7 Should I have to worry about your packaging?

No, we use high-quality packaging materials that are well cushioned and waterproof to keep your product safe and with no damage.

4.8 What is the average delivery time?

Our average delivery time for a product ordered may take 10 to 15 days excluding weekends. For sampling requests, the average delivery time may take 5 to 7 working days.

4.9 Do you have restrictions on where to ship to?

No, at Foison Metals we ship everywhere and make sure the product reaches our clients to their closest towns as possible. On our ordering channels, you shall be provided for nearest towns to you as your collection stations,

4.10 Do you have a standard shipping fee?

No, we do not have a standard shipping fee in that shipping fee depends on the number of products ordered.

Shaping fee may also depend on the bulkiness of products ordered. In this case, we do offer a fair deal on the shipment of goods ordered in large quantities.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 What are the replacement and return policy?

Refund On Phone
Figure 16 Refund

We guarantee our customers satisfaction and in case of a return or replacement do not hesitate to reach out. We are always here for you.

Replacement policy

Our mandate is to make sure you get your product on time without delays. This is also very important to us to keep and maintain a good reputation.

When you get yourself with fewer quantities of products than requested, we shall replace the same products as per your order. We shall send you the replacements with no shipping charges.

If you need the products faster than normal shipping time some charges may apply.

At foison metals, we shall carry out shipments using the same ordering method and concerning arrival time, please contact us for more information.

Return policy

As our customer, if you are not satisfied with the product, we are flexible to correct the problem. We may remanufacture the product also to suit your needs or even replace it with another new product.

If you need a refund, we shall appreciate it if the products are returned using the same transit process it got to you. The returns need to come back unused and with the exact original packaging 

You can decide to get another product or refund the money however some percentage may be taken out to compensate for the manufacturing process.

At Foison metal we deeply encourage you to contact us when returning a used construction safety signage via our customer care agents.

5.2 Do you offer warranty?

Yes, construction safety signage comes with a warranty. Although you are limited to defective products only that have been placed in the normal working environment.

At Foison Metal we are limited to replacing the defects within 1 month. You are required to return the entire product for the determination of defective parts.

You need to note that we do not necessarily issue a warranty except for the defective parts. You can contact us for more information concerning the warranty through our helpline.

5.3 What happens if I order the wrong safety signage?

Construction safety signage that has been wrongly ordered can be returned to us using the same delivery freight to us.

We do charge 15% of the purchase amount for restocking purposes and you shall cater for freight charges. Please do contact us for more details on returned goods.

5.4 In case of damage during transit, do you cater for the damages?

At Foison Metal we are fully responsible for goods damaged during transit because we are responsible for all goods until they reach you. You are required to take a picture of the damaged goods and send it to us using our formal channels.

You need to be prompt in returning the damaged product for the repair process, replacement or refund to take place.

5.5 How long does the replacement procedure take?

The replacement procedure will take the same speed as the original construction safety signage. You can check our website for more information.

5.6 Will I be notified when the replacement has been done?

Yes, we do send notifications via direct message, or you can check your online freight status.

5.7 Can I be able to know the status of returns?

Yes, you can be able to track any of our products on transit, and if you are having a problem, you are free to contact us.

5.8 How do I notify you in case I get excess products than ordered?

You can notify us using our formal platforms such as our website or also you can contact our customer care agents. We can plan on how to pick it up within a reasonable time frame. Just know that we value such honesty.

5.9 Do I get my money back for missed time deliveries?

At Foison Metal, we try as much as possible to get the products to you on time. We encourage you to check on the status of the product as it is in transit.

 In the event where you paid excess money for you to get your product at a specific time, you can apply for a refund. If you decide you no longer need the construction safety signage you can apply for a full refund.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

6.1 What is the cancellation procedure?

Cancellation of order
Figure 17 Cancellation

You need to contact us as soon as possible using our website or call our customer care agents for assistance before 24hours elapses.

If the shipment process has not kicked off, we will halt the order and start the refund process. If the shipment process has started, you shall be responsible for freight charges

We shall also charge you for the cancellation of products that have already reached the delivery address.

We encourage correct shipment information to avoid charging you extra costs for the incorrect delivery address. You can call our helpline for assistance in filling in shipment information.

6.2 Can I swap products?

No, we do not allow trading one product for another. You can either order another product or cancel an existing order. We suggest you reach out to us on such matters through our contacts.

6.3 What Is your refund policy?

 If you are dissatisfied with our construction safety signage you can also enquire with us on the details concerning our refund policy. 

At Foison Metal, we are confident that you shall always receive a fair value of your money because we are always ready to serve you.

6.4 Can I expect a full refund on returns?

No, we do not offer a full refund of returns because we charge 15% of the purchase price to cater for restocking. You can visit our website for detailed information concerning the same.

6.5 Will I be notified of the cancellation of my order?

Yes, you shall be notified of any order canceled via our call center agents or we can send you a notification in your email.

6.6 Will I be able to make another order after the cancellation of the previous order?

Yes, you can make another order but after the first cancellation procedure has been done. You can call us using our helpline and we shall offer you maximum assistance.

Send us a free inquiry request

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