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Foison Metal produces copper dog tags that are custom designed with your logo and graphics. We have delivered hundreds of customized dog tags every year with positive client feedback. You can benefit from our:

Accurate & Reliable
Production of Dog Tags

Crafting Copper Dog Tag involves precision from start to finish. High-quality copper is carefully selected, cut into the desired shape using advanced techniques like laser cutting, and treated for a polished finish. Engraving, hole punching, and shaping contribute to the tag’s unique design. Thorough cleaning, quality control, and protective coatings ensure durable and distinctive copper dog ID tags.

Featured Products

Foison Metal offers custom Copper Dog Tag in a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, and platings.

Copper Dog Chain

This chain provides a sophisticated and sturdy option for daily walks, combining fashion with function.

Copper Dog Name Tag

The dog's name is printed on a stylish copper dog tag in both lowercase and uppercase letters.

Copper Dog ID Tags

These tags not only feature clear and durable engraving but also boast a distinctive copper finish, adding a touch of elegance to pets collar.

Copper Dog Tags for Pets

Tailored for longevity, these tags showcase the warmth of copper, providing a unique and stylish identification solution for pets

Copper Military Dog Tag

Classic and rugged appeal with our copper military dog tags. These tags offer a distinctive nod to military style while ensuring pet's identification is secure.

Copper Pet ID Tag

These tags showcase the enduring beauty of copper while providing a reliable means of identifying.

Basic Production Processes

Below the step by step process on how your custom metal product is made.
Design Submission

Provide A Design

All you have to do is provide us with your unique copper dog tag design and the quantity of the product, and we'll promptly get back to you with an estimate tailored to your specifications.
Approving the Design

Sample Approval

Prior to beginning mass production, we will create custom samples to verify the overall product quality once the copper dog ID tags design and price quotation have been agreed upon.
Mass Production

Large-Scale Production

Once custom samples are approved, we begin mass manufacturing. The amount of copper military dog tags and the intricacy of your design will determine how long it takes to complete.
Quality Checking

Quality Assurance

After mass manufacturing, quality inspection is done to make sure that every component is flawless and free of defects or design flaws. Before packing the copper dog name tag, this step is completed.
Quality Control & Packaging

Dog Tag Packaging

Copper Pet ID tags are packaged in the style that you have selected. Standard packaging is provided free of charge, and custom packaging made of the materials of your choice is priced separately.


We send out your copper dog tag, ensuring they reach their destination on time after inspecting and packing them. We exclusively collaborate with DHL and FedEx, two renowned worldwide courier services.

Surface Finish Options







Crafted To Your Specifications

From unique Copper Dog Tag design  to specific finishes and dimensions, Foison Metal collaborates closely with you to bring your visions to life. The customization process encompasses a wide array of metal products, ensuring that each copper dog ID tags creation is precisely crafted to meet your exact specifications.

Whether it's personalized engravings, specialized coatings, or custom shapes, Foison Metal's commitment to quality and attention to detail shine through in every bespoke project. Our custom services empower you to achieve distinctive and innovative metal solutions for various applications.

Surface Content On Different Production Process

Laser Cutting


Laser Cutting




Hight Light Product Details



Using this method, an oxide layer of protection is formed on the copper surface by an electrochemical process. This not only enhances the tag’s resistance to corrosion and wear but also provides an opportunity to introduce a range of colors to the copper military dog tags, adding durability and visual appeal.

Laser Cutting

This process is employed to intricately carve out designs and shapes from the copper material with unparalleled precision. This process ensures clean edges, intricate detailing, and customized patterns for a unique and personalized copper dog tag.

Laser Cutting


After laser cutting, the copper dog ID tags undergo a meticulous polishing process. This process produces a mirror-like finish by improving the surface’s sheen and smoothness. The polished copper not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also contributes to the tag’s durability.


Involves the application of colorful, durable enamel coatings to specific areas of the copper dog name tag. This process adds vibrant accents and can be utilized for both aesthetic appeal and functional purposes, such as highlighting text or decorative elements.



It involves depositing a thin layer of another metal onto the copper surface. This process not only enhances the copper dog tags for pets’ durability but also introduces different metallic finishes such as gold, silver, or chrome.

The Finest Quality Copper Dog Tags Produced by Foison Metal Ensure Durability and Originality

Here at Foison Metal, we pride ourselves on producing Copper Dog Tag of the highest caliber and long-lasting durability via unmatched craftsmanship. We use the best engraving techniques to engrave letters on the front and back of a tag. Carefully crafted, these copper dog ID tags not only survive the test of time but also have a distinctive appearance that makes them stand out as a timeless and distinctive mark.


View a few of our certifications below for proof of our ability to create premium dog tags in large quantities.








IATF 16949

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FAQs & Ultimate Guide

1. Can I personalize the engraving on the copper dog tag?

Yes, most copper dog tags offer personalized engraving options. You can typically include your pet’s name, your contact information, and other essential details.

2. Will copper dog chain tarnish over time?

Yes, copper can naturally tarnish, developing a unique patina. Some people appreciate the rustic look, but if you prefer to maintain the original shine and polishing are recommended.

3. Can I order a copper dog tag without any engraving?

Absolutely. We offer blank copper dog tags for those who prefer simplicity or plan to engrave the tags themselves at a later time.

4. Are copper dog ID tags suitable for use in extreme climates?

Copper is generally resilient, but extreme conditions can accelerate tarnishing. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and polishing, can help preserve the tag’s appearance.

5. Can I include medical information on a copper dog tag for pets?

Depending on the size and customization options, you may be able to include brief medical information. However, for comprehensive details, consider a dedicated medical alert tag.

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