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Foison Metal Guarantees Long-lasting, High-quality Products Made of the Finest Materials.

Foison Metal is a well-known supplier of customized credit card grinder and other products for metalwork market. Our mission is to deliver unmatched service to meet our client’s needs.

We are continuously expanding our expertise and research to provide you highly developed products. Our custom credit card grinder are manufactured utilizing a variety of materials to better meet our customers’ specific needs and demands.

We specifically curate designs with precise materials that can provide accurate results for products. Our business is focused on working together to achieve our goal of delivering satisfactory results.

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Easy to Use

Foison Metal design this product for its objective. We created a simple yet classy design that is apparent for its use.


Foison Metal offer options for credit card grinder. Steel and aluminum, both metals, have distinct attributes that will surely fit your needs.

Excellent Quality

Our credit card grinders are checked and tested thoroughly before shipping. Our manufacturing team ensures that the product is of the highest possible quality.


Foson Metal guarantee secure handling, free and prompt delivery, the best bulk credit card grinder deal rate, and the highest quality material.


Provided that it is a credit card grinder, the main benefit is its portability. Made from high-quality material, it is made lightweight for you to carry anywhere in your pocket.


We specifically chose materials for credit card grinder that will last and not degenerate. Sturdy and solid materials with a lightweight quality.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Foison Metal ensure to meet your standards and provide adequate results from our product.


We can make a customized credit card grinder based on your design and in line with the product standards.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Creates Customized Credit Card Grinder Made to Fit Your Needs and Ideas

Grinder Card with Sleeve

We promote protection from our products. Our credit card grinder has a pocket sleeve for proper storage and safety.

Credit Card Grinder Wholesale

We cater wholesale orders for pre order with your design and specification.

Custom Credit Card Grinder

Fully supports a custom-made credit card grinder with control of the material, logo, barcode type, and even label size for your preference.

Stainless Steel Grinder Card

Stainless steel material is durable and solid, with a luxurious feel-finish and strong corrosion resistance. It is also lightweight and has oxidized properties for harsh condition resistance.


Foison Advanced METAL CARDS Manufacturing technology

0000 Metal Cards Productioon Process
Play Video about 0000 Metal Cards Productioon Process

Know More About Us

Steel and aluminum are popular materials for credit card grinders. Both execute a durable characteristic made to last longer in strong corrosion. Specifically made for you to carry anywhere in your pocket, made compact and easy to use.

Our credit card grinder comes with the best price guarantee for retail and bulk orders. Each of the products is inspected with durable and resilient results. This is run on high-quality equipment that ensures each quality and is customized by our skilled craftsmen.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Quality Control

Our credit card grinder is being put through its paces to ensure that it is of quality.

Good Price

We use high-quality materials at a reasonable price in our goods to provide the best product output.

Let Us Know

You can have your personalized credit card grinder with control of your preference and requests.


We maintain similar attitudes and are focused on collaborating to accomplish our clients' aspirations.

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Reason Why You Can Only Trust Foison Metal, the World's Largest Provider of Credit Card Grinder

We are committed to growing eco-friendly manufacturing activities and working in a sustainable environment. At Foison Metal, we believe in providing the security that our clients expect. We make sure to meet our client’s expectations by providing excellent customer service, secure transactions, and the best deals for our product.

The Credit Card Grinder FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Grinder Cards
Figure 1. Grinder Cards

1.1 What are Credit Card Grinder?

Credit card grinder are thin-sized metal cards that are used for grinding herbs. Grinder cards are mainly made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable and easy to sharpen making it the most common material for making grinder cards.

Grinder cards are also referred to as credit card grinder due to their size which is equal to that of a credit card. It is easier to carry grinder cards around compared to the traditional bulky options.

1.2 What is the expected lifespan of credit card grinder?

Different grinder cards tend to have different lifespans due to the differences in the manner in which they have been made. The longevity of different grinder cards will depend on the following:

  • The type of material used in making the grinder cards
  • Maintenance of the grinder cards
  • The thickness of the grinder cards

 Grinder cards made of stainless steel have a longer lifespan. It is the most preferred material for making grinder cards as it is possible to sharpen it and is durable.

Well maintained grinder cards tend to have a much longer lifespan compared to those that are poorly maintained. Regular cleaning after use is essential in ensuring your grinder cards serve you long enough.

Thicker grinder cards tend to last longer than thin ones. Their strength can keep them strong even after many years of use.

1.3 Why is it important to choose the right material for credit card grinder?

Important of choosing the right material for grinder cards
Figure 2. Important of choosing the right material for grinder cards

Choosing the right material for your grinder card is very important as it determines its performance and durability. The grinder material also determines the cost and weight of your credit card grinder.

Strong materials are easy to sharpen and stay for long. They do not break easily like the light grinder cards. They however cost a lot more than the cheap and light grinder cards.

1.4 What are the main uses and applications of credit card grinder?

The main use of a grinder card is to grind herbs of any nature. It is mostly used to grind marijuana while on the move. It is easy to carry around, therefore, making it the best choice for grinding herbs from any place you are in.

1.5 What is the advantage of using a credit card grinder?

Grinder cards are very important and require very simple maintenance procedures and cleaning that ensures no clogging occurs.

The use of grinder cards has the following benefits:

High Consistency

Good weed grinder cards come in handy when you need an even consistency for the vaping of the herb. Weed grinders are crucial in obtaining a consistent extraction of the important chemical compounds that are contained by the herb.

The flavour of the herb will be affected by the herb’s consistency more than the kind of vaporizer that is used in vaping The grinder cards ensures that the herb has been evenly grounded thus allowing it to burn even more consistently. This is what will result in a continuous flow of flavoured vapours.

Thick Vapours

During vaping, a lot of people tend to complain so much due to the absence of vapour clouds. Basically, most vapers prefer having large vape clouds. The truth however is that the manner in which the herb gets ground greatly determines other than the vaping devices being used. The texture of your herb will determine how thick the vape clouds will be.

Using a grinder card to grind your herb works magic in generating thick clouds. The use of grinder cards also guarantees a perfectly grounded herb that has strong hits and a better taste.

Intense and natural hits

It can be quite difficult to have the potential mixture of different chemical compounds available in the herb. Grinder cards however are able to achieve this with ease by ensuring all the herbs are evenly mixed.

Grinder cards are made with an easy way to fill in herbs. You should therefore grind the herbs consistently using the grinder cards. This will guarantee you richer flavours as well as thick vape clouds.

Trapping the kief

Kief is very important when it comes to the longevity of your herb. Kief forms part of the herb and is responsible for making the herb very potent. Using grinder cards will help you get hold of the kiefs which may otherwise have been lost if grounded using hands. This will also help increase the longevity of the stash.

Slower Burn and Better Rolling

Unlike the herb that is grounded using hands, herbs grounded using grinder cards tend to be fine making it easier to roll tightly. Grinder cards will enable you to pack rolls that may take longer to burn.

1.6 How effective is a credit card grinder?

Grinder cards are very effective when it comes to grinding the herbs. It works better just like a 2 or 4 piece grinder. Using grinder cards is much more effective than using bare hands to ground the herbs.

2.0 Design and Customization

Free quote and sample
Figure 3. Free quote and sample

2.1 Do you offer a free quote and sample?

Yes, we welcome our clients to sample our grinder cards by providing free samples. Our team will also give you a free quote for any customer who intends to buy from us. All our grinder card samples will be provided based on your request both in design and shape. Our grinder card samples will reflect the final product that you will buy from us.

Normally, our team will make grinder card samples which they will share with you. In case your order requires some customizations, you will be required to place an order for your grinder card. Once the order has been received, we will proceed and customize your samples to your full satisfaction.

2.2 What are the material options for credit card grinder?

Some of the most common materials used in making the grinder cards are:

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium

We can still make a customized unique material based on your market demand and preferences.

2.3 How long is the lifespan of its labels/text?

The lifespan of grinder cards labels
Figure 4. The lifespan of grinder cards labels

The labels and the text of our grinder cards can stay for up to 7 years. This greatly depends on how frequently the grinder card is being used and the manner in which it is used. Our labels, drawings and texts on the grinder cards are made to last long. They are well embedded with high technology to make sure the grinder cards do not lose their beautiful look with time.

2.4 How many business days should I wait for customized credit card grinder?

Our production team works hard to ensure that all grinder cards orders are worked on fast enough. A customized grinder card may take between 2 to 3 weeks before completion.

The time taken to complete a customized grinder cards order will however depend on the complexity of the work. More complicated grinder cards will require extra work and time.

The volume of work or quantity of the customized grinder cards will also affect the delivery schedule. Smaller quantities of grinder cards may be finished fast while larger quantities may take a bit of time.

In all this, however, we continuously communicate with our customers giving them updates on the work progress.

2.5 Would there be any additional charges if I change the size and colour of the credit card grinder?

Yes, indeed the charges in the grinder cards are bound to change. Every grinder cards’ quotation is based on the work and cost associated with its production. To arrive at the cost of a single grinder card, the size must be considered.

The size of the grinder card will ultimately affect the material used and the overall cost associated with the extra material added.

If you come up with additional changes other than the initially agreed upon sizes and colour, a new quotation will be issued. The new quotation for the grinder card factors in the cost of the additional materials.

2.6 Is there any minimum number of orders for customizing credit card grinder?

Minimum number of orders for customizing grinder cards
Figure 5. Minimum number of orders for customizing grinder cards

Yes, there are minimum order quantities for customized grinder cards. Customization is usually expensive in terms of adjusting machines for a unique design. This is done to balance between the additional costs associated with the customization of machines.

For example, more than $50 can go into customizing the equipment being used in a new and unique design. To maintain an affordable cost of the grinder cards, a minimum order quantity must be set.

2.7 How does an aluminium Grinder card compare to Titanium credit card grinder?

Aluminium grinder cards are much lighter compared to Titanium grinder cards. They are easy to carry around and make your wallet much lighter. Titanium grinder cards are two thirds heavier compared to the weight of aluminium grinder cards.

Titanium grinder cards also cost more compared to aluminium grinder cards. This is because of their unique features. They are more durable and stronger than the aluminium grinder cards.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 How do I place an order for a credit card grinder?

How to place an order for a grinder card
Figure 6. How to place an order for a grinder card

Placing grinder cards order with us is pretty simple. There are various options that you will have when you want to order. To start with, you need to have a few consideration factors. These include:

  • Grinders card colours
  • The thickness of the grinder card
  • The shape and design of the grinder cards
  • The finishing of the grinder card

Depending on the complexity of your design, you need to confirm a few other customizations. This will include:

  • The grinder card material
  • Your Logo
  • The size of the grinder cards
  • The grinder card patterns

Once you have everything in place, you can place your order through our contact us form. You can also call us or write to us an email.

Your order must contain all the details and specifications of your grinder cards.

3.2 What are the modes of payment available for credit card grinder?

Modes of payment available for grinder card
Figure 7. Modes of payment available for grinder card

There are several payment methods that you can use to pay for grinder cards. They include:

International wire transfer or Telegraphic Transfer


Western Union

Cash Payment

Credit cards or debit cards

You can choose the payment method that best suit you and we will start working on your project right away.

3.3 Do you offer cash on delivery?

Yes, we do accept the cash on delivery when goods. This however occurs if we are responsible for the delivery of the grinder cards to your place. The grinder cards must also be having a paid deposit before we can proceed to produce and deliver.

Our cash on delivery will also work more efficiently for repeat clients with whom we have an ongoing relationship.

3.2 Do you have promotional vouchers?

Yes, we do have promotional vouchers. This is part of making sure people get to enjoy our quality grinder cards at the discounted prices. Our promotional vouchers however are issued from time to time by our marketing departments.

To enjoy a promotional voucher for our high-quality grinder cards, you are advised to contact us. We normally have discounts from time to time and this is shared with all our customers on our database.

3.3 Do you offer premium membership?

Yes as a company we really value our customers. Our long term grinder cards customers have the opportunity of being considered for premium membership.

There are several benefits that come along with being a premium member which includes cash on delivery, discounted rates.

To be considered as a grinder cards premium member, you are advised to write us an email with some of your latest purchasing details.

3.4 Can I get a discount through grinder cards wholesale orders?

Discount for grinder cards wholesale orders
Figure 8. Discount for grinder cards wholesale orders

Yes indeed. As a company, we have very good prices for our grinder cards wholesaler buyers and distributors. We offer our grinder cards wholesale buyers up to a 30% discount margin to enable them to grow their business.

We also strive to maintain a good relationship with our buyers for a long term partnership.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 What is the shipping process?

The shipping process
Figure 9. The shipping process

Once the grinder cards have been produced and packed for shipping, the client must be consulted. It is upon you as the client to decide on your preferred shipping method. You will advise us on which courier to use as well as your preferred packaging.

 The grinder cards package will then be transported to the warehouse of the shipping company. Once the waybill number is issued, it will be shared with you to be able to track your shipment. All communications from the shipping company will be shared with you to ensure the package gets to you safely.

4.2 Is the delivery handled through your company logistics or just third-party couriers?

All our shipping is handled by the third-party couriers that we work with in ensuring safe and reliable delivery of the grinder cards.

Our main responsibility is ensuring that the grinder cards are well packed and labelled for shipping to your destination.

It is very important that you provide us with the correct details to enable the third party couriers to plan and deliver the grinder cards well. Incorrect labelling can lead to the loss of grinder cards, something we will never want to occur.

4.3 What couriers are recommended?

Recommended couriers
Figure 10. Recommended couriers

We have partnered with some of the leading shipping companies worldwide to ensure that grinder cards arrive safely. Some of these logistics companies include:

  • FedEx
  • TNT
  • UPS
  • DHL

When using these third party logistics companies, it is upon the client to ensure that they communicate and pay the required shipping charges. We ensure that the grinder cards are well packaged and delivered to the company.

You can also request us to facilitate the shipping of the grinder cards using your account and we will do so. It is our responsibility to ensure that the grinder cards package is properly sealed and protected from any harm before shipping.

Other than the mentioned shipping companies, customers are at liberty to suggest their shipping

4.4 Do you ship grinder cards worldwide?

Yes, we ship our grinder cards to any country. Our grinder cards meet all the set industry standards which allow them to be used anywhere around the world. If however your specific requirements for your card to allow it meet certain standards, we do adhere to that.

4.5 What are your shipping rates for grinder cards?

The shipping rates of grinder cards are very affordable. The grinder cards shipping rates are determined by:

  • Size of the grinder cards
  • The weight of the grinder cards
  • The destination country of the package
  • The method used in transporting the grinder cards

On average, the total freight charges of 100pcs of grinder cards can range from $70 to $80. At the same time, 500 pieces of grinder cards can cost from $100 to $120 of freight charges.

For freight charges, if you need to have your grinder cards shipped, please contact us and we will help you get the actual figures.

4.6 Are my purchases insured with the courier companies?

Yes, your grinder cards will be insured just like any other cargo. We ensure that we work with couriers that can guarantee a safe and reliable manner for our grinder cards. In case of any loss or damage of goods by the courier, we are able to follow up for compensation.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 What is your grinder card return policy?

Grinder card return policy
Figure 11. Grinder card return policy

Our return policy is “Return to Shop”. This will only occur if there are issues to do with defects or the quality of the grinder cards. If there are violations to the agreed terms of production, sizes, design, shape, colour etc. the grinder cards can be returned.

Any mistakes arising as a result of misinformation from your side regarding the production of grinder cards, our return policy will not apply. Always make sure you give all the details and in a correct manner to allow for smooth and correct production of your grinder cards.

5.2 Will the received products have some defects and damages? What to do?

No, all our grinder cards are made with utmost precision to details. Our experienced team of professionals can guarantee excellent product quality with no defects. From colour, shape, design and even functionality, we manufacture our grinder cards based on the client’s specific needs.

If you however receive grinder cards that have defects far from what you expected, you can contact us immediately. We accept returns and exchange grinder cards with the correct ones. We will undertake the necessary steps of redesigning and improving the grinder cards.

5.3 I have received extra products aside from my main purchase, what do I do?

If you happen to get products that you had not ordered as part of your grinder cards package, it may mean that the products were mistakenly packed. If this is the case, we also encourage you to get in touch with us to find out how it happened.

If you didn’t receive the required quantity of grinder cards due to the extra products, we will exchange and ship the deficit. If you received extra grinder cards more than you had purchased, we can negotiate for you to keep the grinder cards. If not so, you can ship the grinder cards back to our factory.

5.4 What documents should be included before shipping it back?

If you need to ship defective or extra products back to us, you will need to have all the documents that you used to ship the grinder cards. It can be a complicated process if any of the documents are not available.

You will also enjoy the tax waivers once if you decide to ship the grinder cards back. Make sure that all the paperwork submitted is what we issued.

5.6 Do I need to use your packaging, or can I use my own?

Packaging is fully dependent on your preferences. If you need to have the grinder cards packed in a different way, you can let us know.

If you have no specific way of packing the grinder cards, we will pack them our way to ensure the safety of the goods.

5.7 Should I handle the shipping expenses?

For defective and extra goods other than your order, we will handle the costs of shipping the goods back to our stores.

The mistake is never intentional and as such, we take the full responsibility of ensuring that the goods get back to us. They will then be replaced by the correct grinder cards based on your previous order.

If the grinder cards are returned as a result of the wrong description and requirements by the client, then they will bear the associated costs. However, we take measures to ensure that our customers understand what to expect before the process begins. This prevents any chances of producing grinder cards that do not satisfy your needs.

5.8 How can I track my grinder cards order?

Track my grinder cards order
Figure 12. Track my grinder cards order

Once you place your grinder cards order with us, you will be able to track the progress of your order. You will receive a tracking number by email once there is a successful order placement. You can inquire about your grinder cards using the number anytime.

5.9 Will I be notified of my replacement?

Yes sure. You will receive the order information regarding the grinder cards via email. You will go through the order notification notice to see if the quantities and customizations of the grinder cards have been captured.

Order placement notification is important as it will help you raise any questions about the grinder cards before the production starts. It is also a channel for ensuring customer engagement throughout the production process.

5.10 What is the time period of returning the Grinder Cards?

Immediately you receive the shipment of your grinder cards, we advise you to check and confirm that everything is in order. If there is a problem with your grinder cards order, you should alert us immediately.

We will find out where the problem is and if there is a problem that requires the return of the goods, the process should start immediately. If there is no immediate complaint on the nature of the grinder cards received within 7 days, it will be assumed that everything is okay.

In that case, no returns or complaints will be accepted regarding the grinder cards. Any late reporting after 7 days will be considered as an afterthought and we will not be responsible.

5.12 Where can I track the status of my replacement Grinder Cards product?

In case you receive grinder cards that are not correct or are defective, the first thing should be to contact us. You should not tamper with the package if it contains the wrong products.

You should then arrange for a return before we proceed to exchange with the correct grinder cards. To qualify for the tax waiver as a result of goods returned, you should maintain the package as it arrived.

For incorrect grinder cards, we shall undertake to replace the grinder cards with your correct order. In a situation where the grinder cards were defective, we will then replace the defective ones with good grinder cards.

5.13 What do I do if I receive an incorrect/defective Grinder Cards item?

In case you receive grinder cards that are not correct or are defective, the first thing should be to contact us. You should not tamper with the package if it contains the wrong products.

You should then arrange for a return before we proceed to exchange with the correct grinder cards. To qualify for the tax waiver as a result of goods returned, you should maintain the package as it arrived.

For incorrect grinder cards, we shall undertake to replace the grinder cards with your correct order. In a situation where the grinder cards were defective, we will then replace the defective ones with good grinder cards.

5.14 What if I am not happy with the Grinder Cards I received? Can I send it back and get a replacement?

Grinder Cards replacement
Figure 13. Grinder Cards replacement

Yes, you can send the grinder cards for replacement if it is not what you had ordered, or your requirements were not met. To get a replacement, you may need to confirm that indeed what you had ordered is not what was delivered.

Although this scenario will hardly occur, to prevent it we make sure we obtain all the necessary information regarding your order. We encourage clients to share as much information as possible regarding their grinder card preferences.

This way, we are able to produce the best and world-class grinder cards that satisfy the needs of our clients.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

6.1 What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy for grinder cards is “Return to Factory” for replacements in case of anything. The return period should be within 7 days of receiving the grinder cards. Our grinder card return policy covers incorrect goods as well as defective goods.

You should do proper checking and verification once the grinder cards are delivered to your store. This prevents late reporting, especially for defective goods. Any complaint about the condition of the grinder cards should be reported immediately it is noticed and initiate a refund process.

6.2 How do I request a refund?

To request for a refund, write to us an email requesting for a refund. You should state the reasons for the refund and attach all the necessary documents relating to your order. Once it is received we will process your refund and send it within 7 working days.

Please note that only qualifying grinder cards orders will be refunded. Any mistakes occurring from the client’s side or not caused by us will not qualify for a refund unless otherwise.

6.3 Who should I contact for a refund?

If you need a refund, you should contact our sales person via email by writing to They will handle your grinder cards refund issue with the utmost professionalism and forward it to our accounts department for processing.

6.4 How do I request Customer Service or Assistance?

Request Customer Service
Figure 14. Request Customer Service

If you need any assistance regarding your grinder cards, our lines are always open for you. Our customer service operates 24/7 to receive queries and answer your questions about our grinder cards. You can contact us through email, phone calls or our online inquiry form.

If you have samples in form of images or documents for grinder cards, you can attach them via email attachments or on our website form.

6.5 How do I track the status of my refund?

To track the progress of your grinder card return progress, we will issue you can use the order number you received. This will help you know what stage your grinder card order is in at any given time. You can also follow this issue with our sales team to understand the progress of your refund.

6.6 How much will I be refunded?

The amount of money that can be refunded is dependent on the case at hand. This can be defective grinder cards, incorrect grinder cards or wrong designs of the grinder cards. The refund rates for our grinder cards ranges from 30% to 80% as the case may be.

Depending on the situation, there may be negotiations to determine the best rates to ensure that both sides are satisfied. This is however a rare scenario as we strive to ensure that all orders are done perfectly and as per the client’s specifications.

6.7 What are your Grinder Cards cancellation terms?

Cancellation Policy
Figure 15. Cancellation Policy

Our grinder cards cancellation terms are that the cancellation of grinder cards production should happen before the start of the production process. Any cancellations done after the production has started will mean unnecessary losses to the company. As a result, such cancellation for grinder cards productions will not attract any refunds.

If however the cancellation is done upon payment of the required fees, the company will organize for a percentage of refund. The total cost cannot be refunded in full.

6.8 How do I cancel my Grinder Cards order?

If you need to cancel your grinder cards production process, you should contact us and make your intentions clear. This can be done via all our communications channels including phone call, email or our online forms.

You should cancel your grinder cards earlier enough to avert any losses accruing from such a decision. A lot of investment will normally go into preparing your grinder cards. That is why we encourage clients to make any changes the earliest possible.

6.9 How will I know if my Grinder Cards order was successfully cancelled?

The cancellation of your order will be communicated through the email or any other communication channel that you had initiated the cancellation with.

 Once the grinder cards order has been cancelled, the refund process will then kick in immediately. You will be notified of the progress of your grinder cards refund as soon as it is initiated.

6.10 To what extent should the grinder cards be included in cancellation policies?

The grinder cards will only be considered for cancellation there are enough reasons to do so. Only then will there be a discussion on the refund for the grinder cards meant for production. The need to stop the production of grinder cards should also be discussed earlier enough.

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