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Only Foison Metal Manufactures the Most Durable High-Quality Products in the Market

Foison Metal is one of the top leaders in supplying high-end custom label identification products and services. Here at Foison Metal, we make sure that we provide the best and unmatched service to comply with your requests.

We are continuously broadening our expertise to provide you with the best and most advanced tags in the market.

Our Custom Asset Tags are manufactured using various materials that best suit your needs and requirements. Our skillful and intelligent team works together to provide you stellar products with high-quality customer service.

About Our Service

Quality Assurance

Foison Metal have passed ISO 9001:2015 certification. Custom asset tags are verified, thus, ensures readability and consistency.


We offer you a variety of choices for metal types, designs, and colors depending on your custom asset tag needs.

Fast Production

Foison Metal has the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We speed up our production and delivery time and guarantee quick delivery.


We fully innovate with new technologies. Newer technology means better competitiveness, and also adds value to your asset tags.


We can assure you that the outcome will match your asset tags as we create logos that fits your exact specifications.

Easy Identification

Our custom asset tags help you track and protect, and maintain your assets.

Excellent Service

We value you the same way as we value our tags. We provide the best support that you can get to ensure your 100% satisfaction.


Our staffs controls all the production links including the equipment and materials to be used for your orders.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Produces Premier Top-Quality Custom Asset Tags That Fit Your Specifications and Requirements

Aluminum Asset Tags

This asset tag can meet any of your special requirements with additional strong corrosion resistance.

Engravable Asset Tags

Rust resistance, sturdy and polished look. Stainless Steel tags gives a mirror like effect that adds to a more luxurious feel.

Printable Asset Tags

Our durable tags offers high-quality performance and readable labels. Printable tags are the number one choice for die-casting suitable for dimensional badges.

Metal Asset Tags

The tags are highly flexible and ultra-thin. Available in bright silver and bright colors. Additionally, these affordable products have smooth edges and are easy to install.

Know More About Us

Having not just one but five choices of metals here in Foison Metal offers a great balance between cost and durability in producing custom asset tags. Being able to choose what kind of metal to use ensures that whatever condition/factors there may be, our product maintains a high level of cleanliness and durability.

Each type of metal has its distinct characteristics which will surely fit either indoor or outdoor environments. Each metal can withstand exposure and different weather conditions and any other environmental contaminants such as sand.

Why Foison Metal Product Trusted?


To guarantee precision, we have all the latest technology and materials needed for production.


You can request to personalize your logo with your specific needs and wants.


Our in-house design team has many years of experience sharing the same goal; to provide the best products for our customers.

Easily Shaped

The metal used in creating top-quality asset tags are easy to bend and shape.

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Foison Metal – The World’s Largest Provider of Custom Asset Tags in China

Foison Metal’s goal is to create an environmentally safe asset tags manufacturing process and a safe place to work.  We make sure to instill our guiding principles and to help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility whose impact can reach far beyond our own business.

The Custom Asset Tags FAQs Ultimate Guide

This guide will help you to know the best custom asset tag.

It contains every aspect of the asset tag you have searched for, such as types, size, advantages, and cost.

Before you plan to buy a custom asset tag, have a look at this guide.

Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is a custom asset tag?

Custom Asset Tag
Figure 1. Custom Asset Tag

Custom asset tags are a form of asset labelling that is customized to achieve a given requirement or need. Normally, most asset tags are standard and may not be suitable for every client and every need. It is for this reason that the asset tags are made to ensure the unique features are met.

Generally, custom asset tags are used as unique identifiers for goods owned by organizations and businesses. Custom asset tags help businesses keep a record of all their assets and track them easily. It helps them maintain a proper record of purchase, maintenance dates and procedures as well as their repair.

1.2 What is the expected lifespan of a custom asset tag?

Our custom asset tags are made to last you for the longest period possible. We make custom asset tags using some of the best materials to ensure the longest possible durability. You can expect our tags to last you for close to a lifetime considering they are metals.

Unless subjected to harmful environmental conditions, we always guarantee our clients up to 50 years or more of service. We make our products using some of the best technologies in the asset tags industry that ensures that quality is guaranteed. If you realize any fault on any of our products, we would encourage you to report to us for proper quality checks.

1.3 Why is it important to have a custom asset tag especially in business?

Custom asset tag in business
Figure 2. Custom asset tag in business

You must have custom asset tags in your business. Some of the reasons you should introduce custom asset tags in your business include:

  • Custom asset tags make it easier to trace the assets you are looking for at any given time. This is especially so for assets that may look so similar.
  • Apart from custom asset tags being a good way to identify your assets, they can also be used as a show of ownership. This can be done even better when the custom asset tags come with your company logo.
  • It is very easy to conduct an audit for all the assets when using custom asset tags.
  • Custom asset tags with QR codes can help you scan your assets even with a phone or a barcode scanner and be able to access all the details within seconds.
  • Custom asset tags are very helpful whenever an asset management system is to be taken into account.

1.4 What are the uses and applications of custom asset tags?

Custom asset tags can serve both small medium and large businesses. Some of the main uses of Custom Asset Tags in business include:

  • Equipment Tracking

Custom asset tags are used to track assets as they move from one part of the manufacturing process to the other. Custom asset tags are put on every product to identify the product both the check-ins and the check-outs.

  • Controlling inventory

Custom asset tags are used to conduct frequent audits on the business assets. They help in calculating the asset value in the course of its lifetime. 

  • Prevention of Theft

Custom asset tags are very important in guarding the assets of the company. This is achieved through the proper identification of all the company’s asset. Any attempt to take away the asset can be easily identified.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Do you offer a free quote and sample?

Free Quote and Sample
Figure 3. Free Quote and Sample

Yes, we do provide free quotes to all our customers to allow them to make the right decisions. Free custom asset tag quote will help our clients choose on whether to proceed in ordering our high-quality tags. We welcome you to proceed and send us a Request for Quotation (RFQ).

We also provide free samples to any client who expresses interest in our custom asset tags. We have ready-made samples that we can ship to you at your request. You will however need to pay the shipping cost to the shipping line.

For clients who may need fully customized asset tags, we will help you achieve a clear view of the original product you expect. You will be required to pay $50 that you can redeem later once your order has been approved.

2.2 Can the custom asset tags be easily erased or peeled up?

We make custom asset tags with the best technology and machinery to give you the best and long-lasting tags. Our custom asset tags have a high reputation of longevity with breaking, fading, peeling up or even getting peeled up.

Our custom asset tags come with a very strong adhesive that makes them stick permanently. Any attempt to remove them can only lead to the damage of the asset or the custom asset tag itself. Our custom asset tag comes with a guarantee just to help you feel confident that indeed we understand what we produce is the best in the Industry.

We will also supply you with samples that will help you test and understand how well our custom asset tags work. Talk to us and we will organize the same for you to test and we are sure you will like our custom asset tags.

2.3 Can custom designs be double-sided?

Yes, indeed they can be double-sided depending on the intended use of the custom asset tags. Custom asset tags are meant to accommodate the special use of the product. With asset tags, we can customize them depending on how you intend to use them.

The double-sided custom asset tags do not come with adhesive and may only be hanged on the asset for clear visibility on both ends.

2.4 What are your standard sizes and are there size limitations?

Custom Asset Tags sizes
Figure 4. Custom Asset Tags sizes

When it comes to custom asset tags, we do not have any limitations on the sizes that we can make. We can make custom asset tags based on the size that you indicate to us during the ordering process. The only thing you may need to note is that the price difference will change depending on the size of the material used.

Large-sized custom asset tags will attract higher charges compared to small-sized custom asset tags. If you are not able to decide on the right size for your custom asset tags, you can get in touch with us. We have a lot of experience that may help us understand your use and advise you on the recommended size for that use.

2.5 What types of materials do you print on?

We use a variety of materials to print our custom asset tags. At Foison metal, we produce according to the customer’s specifications. Some of the metallic materials we use in making our custom asset tags include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Brass

We implement different custom asset tags with different materials and different customizations all depending on your needs. Some of the custom asset tags making process include:

Ø  Embossing

This involves pressing the metallic material that crates a raised text on the other end. The embossed text is easy to read in long distances and also in dim places. The embossed text on the custom asset tag is also clearly visible even with dust.

Ø  Engraving

Engraving is the most common process of producing stainless steel custom asset tag. Engraving stainless steel provides you with a lot of options when it comes to customization. This can be done either using a laser engraving machine or a specialized rotary tool. Stainless steel allows us to create deep cuts that can last long.

Ø  Stamping

The custom asset tags can be made by stamping to produce a durable design. Stamping can allow us to easily add your company logo or even design additional characters.

Ø  Etching

Laser etching of custom asset tags is done using a high power laser that removes the required areas of the asset tag. You can also choose to have a more colourized custom asset tag to make it even more beautiful. Etching of custom asset tags has moderate durability.

2.6 What types of asset tracking tags do I need?

Types of asset tracking tags
Figure 5. Types of asset tracking tags

The type of custom asset tags you need will depend on your specific application. Among the things that will determine the custom asset tags you need include the material, size and shape. Others include the pace of use whether indoor or outdoor. The outdoor custom asset tags are highly exposed to harsh weather conditions and may need a durable material to withstand.

You may need to worry less about the harsh weather conditions if you intend to use the indoor custom asset tags. The type of material used in indoor custom asset tags need not be highly protected like for outdoor use.

Another thing to consider on the type of asset tracking tags consider is the price. Some custom asset tracking tags may mean digging more in your pocket.

2.7 Do you sell software to go with the custom asset tags?

At Foison Metal we do not supply softwares for the custom asset tags. We however have reliable partners that we work with to ensure that all the custom asset tags get the best readers. If you need your custom asset tags to come complete with the softwares, we will organize and give you a quotation for both.

2.8 What is your most durable custom asset tags?

Durable asset tags
Figure 6. Durable custom asset tags

We cannot say that there are one specific custom asset tags that we would recommend against the other. All our custom asset tags are manufactured with the best machines in the world thus guaranteeing you the longest durability, best strength, sticking capacity and safety.

We also boast of the best human resource that has many years of experience. We have a well-trained team of experts that engages in research and development to give you some of the latest custom asset tags. You can be sure that by purchasing your asset labels and tags from Foison Metal, you will be getting the best products.

That is why we give you the longest warranty to guarantee you durability. If any of our custom asset tags have any defects, we will recall them and replace them for you.

3.0 Order and Payments

3.1 How do I place an order?

Placing an Order
Figure 7. Placing an Order

To start working with us for the production of your custom asset tags you can follow the process below.

Get in touch with us

First, you should contact us. Fill in your details on the form or you may also jot us an email and we will get back to you. You can also visit our contact page and reach us through the indicated details.

Confirmation of the artwork

In situations where you don’t have a finished design, we will engage our designers to come up with a beautiful custom asset tags design for you. If you already have your piece of art to be used, you will need to send it to us so that we can look at it and advise.

Project details

Once we have your design either from our team or you, we will need to confirm the details. It is these details that will assist us in coming up with a quotation for you. From the design, we will be in a position to have the sizes, shape and any other features that may affect the overall cost of custom asset tags.

Price Negotiation

After getting all the factors that will help us determines the price, we will issue you with a quote from which you can engage us. From the quoted price, you will be free to negotiate or agree to the quoted price as the final price. Once we have agreed, the production plan will be issued and the production process will kick in.

Inspection of the sample

Once the production process begins, you will be provided with images of the sample product for you to check and confirm. If the samples sent to you represent the exact product, we will continue with the production process.

Production process

The production process will continue after you have approved the continuity of the process. We will make all the custom asset tags as per your order requirements or even better. We will strive to ensure that the deadline is met. The delivery time is never specific considering that every order is unique.


Once all the work has been done and the custom asset tags are ready for delivery, we will start organizing for delivery. We can use any means that is best for you to make sure that the custom asset tags get to you safely.

3.2 What are the modes of payment available?

We offer you many options to choose from when it comes to payment. Some of the available payment options include:

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Skrill
  • Visa card
  • Master card
  • Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) among others

3.3 Do you offer cash on delivery?

Cash on Delivery
Figure 8. Cash on Delivery

Yes, indeed we do accept cash payments on all our products. If you can visit our factory, you will able to check, order and pay in cash for the custom asset tags that you want.

3.4 Do you have promotional vouchers?

Yes, we do run promotions from time to time to help our customers enjoy our custom asset tags at reduced prices. To enjoy our offers or grab a promotion, please subscribe to our newsletter with your email. You can also subscribe to our premium membership for extra benefits.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 What is the shipping process?

The shipping Process
Figure 9. The shipping Process

Our shipping process is handled by our logistics department. They are responsible for ensuring that the custom asset tags package gets to you safely and in the stipulated period. Once your custom asset tags have been produced and packed, they will be forwarded to them together with the shipping details.

Based on your location, the custom asset tags will be packed as per the requirements of your country. The package will also be labelled correctly to ensure there is no loss of custom asset tags along the way. They are also responsible for ensuring proper packaging to avoid any destruction of custom asset tags during the handling and clearance.

To ensure the smooth and safe delivery of custom asset tags, we will pack the tags in boxes. They will also be filled with shock absorbers or other materials that can guarantee reduced movement. If you have a preferable packaging requirement, we will also adhere to them.

4.2 How can I track my order?

Once our logistics team delivers the custom asset tags package to the shipping company, they will be issued with a waybill number. It is this waybill that we will share with you to allow you to be able to check on the shipment process of your custom asset tags.

From our end, we also track the package to ensure that everything is okay. We will keep track and make all updates. If there are any issues with the shipment of the custom asset tags, we will let you know and seek clarification from the shipping company. We can however guarantee you that such problems do not occur but in case they occur, we will update you.

4.3 Is the delivery handled through your company logistics or just third-party couriers?

No, we do not handle the shipping ourselves. We have partnered with some of the most reliable shipping companies to ensure your custom asset tags get to you safely. By using third party shipping companies, we can fully concentrate on the production of your custom asset tags. It also makes things easier for both you and us.

We can also partner with your shipping agent to make sure we give you what you deserve. If you have your preferred shipping agents or courier, please let us know. Our goal is to ensure we deliver your custom asset tags in the most efficient way possible and without delay.

4.4 What couriers are recommended?

We only work with established shipping companies that are known to handle and deliver packages safely and efficiently. Some of the shipping companies that we outsource the shipping of custom asset tags to include:

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Australia Post
  • Canada Post
  • Royal Mail
  • DB Schenker among others

4.5 Do you ship worldwide?

Worldwide shipping
Figure 10. Worldwide shipping

Yes, indeed we ship our custom asset tags worldwide to help businesses around the world enjoy the quality of our products. Since its inception, our custom asset tags have been shipped to almost every continent across the world. This is because of the high quality of our tags that are made with high precision.

In case you are not sure whether it is possible to receive our custom asset tags in your country, please get in touch with our team. They will direct you on what you can do as well as find means to make sure the custom asset tags can be delivered to you.

4.6 What are your shipping rates?

Due to the wide range of products that we deal with, it is not possible to put a particular figure on our shipping rates. Our custom asset tags are shipped to different countries to mean that the shipping cost will vary depending on which country you come from.

Another aspect that will determine how much you may pay for the shipping is the number of custom asset tags you are purchasing. If you are going to have a large package, you can be sure that the cost of shipping will be high.

We however work with some of the most affordable shipping companies that can offer you the best rates in the industry. If you are not able to estimate the shipping rates to your country, you can inquire from us and we will help you. With the right shipping figures, it will help you greatly in calculating the total cost of your custom asset tags.

4.7 Are my purchases insured with the courier companies?

Yes, we ensure that all the custom asset tags are insured while in transit. We understand the risk involved in moving goods from one point to the other and the loss you may experience. That is why we commit ourselves to only ship your custom asset tags with reputable agents.

Your custom asset tags will be insured and you will be compensated in case of loss. If the goods get to you while damaged, please report to us immediately so that we can reach out to the shipping company for answers. We will also follow up to ensure you are compensated.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 What is your return policy?

Return policy
Figure 11. Return policy

We observe very friendly policies in the sale of our custom asset tags. Our return policy allows for the change and/or replacement of the custom asset tags in question. This requires immediate reporting once you receive the package for immediate follow up.

Our return policy is however capped at 7 days within which you can qualify for a return. Any returns done after this time will not be accepted back and will mean that the defects arose from the client’s side. As such, we encourage our clients to report any issues with their custom asset tags immediately they notice an issue.

5.2 Do the received products have some defects and damages? What to do?

Not at all, you should not expect to receive any defects from us. We have not received any feedback associated with our custom asset tags having any defects. Our custom asset tags production department is led by very experienced personnel who ensure that all our products are made to last.

We produce our custom asset tags based on internationally set standards. We do not attempt in any way to compromise on the quality of custom asset tags we produce. For this reason, Foison has continued growing to distribute our custom asset tags to all continents around the globe.

In any case that the products have defects, you are advised to contact us and we will recall them for replacement.

5.3 I have received extra products aside from my main purchase, what do I do?

Extra products aside from my main purchase
Figure 12. Extra products aside from my main purchase

Sometimes a mix-up may happen during packaging and you end up with products that are not yours. This is never intentional and we understand how disappointing this can be and the delay it may cause you.

In any case that this happens to you, you are advised to report and we will plan on how to have them back. We will also take care of any financial damages that may occur as a result of this.

5.4 What documents should be included before shipping it back?

Shipping back incorrect or defective custom asset tags will normally attract some duty exception when entering China. However, you need to ensure that you have all the documents that were accompanying the custom asset tags during shipping.

Once you have the documents together, ensure that the products are as received. You will then have to visit the company that shipped the custom asset tags. We will get in touch with them and we will pay for any costs associated with the return of the package.

5.6 Do I need to use your packaging, or can I use my own?

It is not a must that the custom asset tags are packed with the same package that they came with. In either way, it may have been destroyed while opening. You will however need to ensure that the package is well sealed and clearly labelled.  You will be free to use your means of packaging as long as it guarantees safety to the return package.

5.7 Should I handle the shipping expenses?

Shipping Expenses
Figure 13. Shipping Expenses

When returning the custom asset tags because of defects or having wrong items in your package, you will not be responsible for the associated costs. This cost will be handled by Foison to relieve you from any losses arising from our own mistakes. The only thing you will be required to do is to facilitate the arrival of the goods through the shipping agent.

If you are shipping back goods because of the issues that came up due to wrong product details, you will handle the cost of shipping. We will only be responsible for mistakes committed by ourselves.

All errors and mistakes arising from the client’s end will be handled by the client. Although we will highly sympathize with any such situations, we also need to reduce our losses.

5.8 How to track my placement order?

To track your order during production, you will be issued with an order number which you will be expected to quote anytime you have an issue regarding your order. It is the same order number that you will be required to provide for follow up on the production progress of your custom asset tags.

For any queries regarding your custom asset tags, please send an email with the order number and you will get assistance from our team that operates 24/7.

5.9 Will I be notified of my replacement?

Yes, indeed you will get the notification to alert you that the returned goods have been received and are being checked. If the custom asset tags are deemed to be okay for replacement, we will also let you know. If after verification and proper analysis the custom asset tags do not qualify for replacement, we will communicate and inform you on the way forward.

5.10 What is the time period of returning products?

Period of returning products
Figure 14. Period of returning products

The period allowed for one to report about an issue they have with the custom asset tags will be strictly 7 days. After this period, no complaints about the custom asset tags will be accepted. Any report of damage or defect of our custom asset tags will be deemed to have been caused by the client.

This is however with the exemption of the warranty that covers the custom asset tags. If anything beyond what is covered by the warranty is reported after the 7 days, we will not take responsibility. This includes activities such as the loss of items and many others.

5.11 How can I track the status of my replacement product?

The status of your replacement order can be tracked using the order number. This is the first that you received for your custom asset tags order confirmation. It is the same number that will be noted down as having an issue. Anytime you inquire about the status of your replacement order, you will have to quote the number for easy tracking.

5.12 What do I do if I receive an incorrect/defective item?

In case you receive defective or products that are otherwise incorrect from what you had ordered for, you will have to immediately raise a complaint. The issue will be noted and preliminary investigations will start.

As the investigations go on, the custom asset tags will be recalled and we will facilitate their safe delivery to our factory. We will then find out where the problem occurred and fix the issue by simply replacing the custom asset tags for you at no extra cost.

5.13 What if I am not happy with the product? Can I send it back and get a replacement?

If you are not happy with the products that we have made for you, you are allowed to report them to us. Apart from receiving praises for the good work that we do in the production of quality custom asset tags, we also accept criticism. For this reason, we will take your feedback and probably fix the issue.

If you are not happy with what you ordered based on the requirements you shared as well as approving the sample, we will not be responsible. It is upon the client to choose what they would want us to make. We may only come in to advise on your choice of custom asset tags but not to change your mind. We produce what the client wants.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

6.1 What is your refund policy?

Refund policy
Figure 15. Refund policy

Our refund policy is pretty simple, once your order has been approved for a refund; it will be done so within 30 days. It can be a shorter period but we always give the maximum time that we can accommodate you.

If you do not receive your refund within this time, you are advised to follow up with our accounts team. You can also speak to our customer service team and they will be able to assist you.

6.2 How do I request a refund?

To request a refund, you should write to us via email or contact us via phone indicating that you need to get a refund for returned custom asset tags. This happens once the goods have been returned and cleared for a refund by our team.

That is the time you will be able to inquire about anything concerning the refund. It will be possible to get the information you need at that time as all the information will be on our system.

6.3 How do I request Customer Service or Assistance?

Our customer service is always available 24/7 to serve you. You can reach our customer service using our online form or via email. If you have an urgent issue that you may want to address, you may also call us directly.

Our team is very professionally trained and you can be sure that they will handle your issue with the utmost professionalism you deserve.

6.4 How do I track the status of my refund?

Track the status of my refund
Figure 16. Track the status of my refund

To track the status of your refund, fill in the form on our page and you will be updated on the status of your refund request. It will only take a few minutes before you get the feedback. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team who will look and update you on the status.

6.5 How much will I be refunded?

We normally refund based on the issue at hand and depending on who caused the issue. If the issue at hand has been caused by our team, we carry full responsibility and at that point, we will refund the full amount.

If the issue was caused by the customer, then we may not be able to refund any money. Unless it is proved that there are still other benefits in terms of products and materials that we stand to benefit from.

For orders cancelled after the production of custom asset, tags have started, we will calculate the losses and refund that applies to the client.

6.6 What are your cancellation terms?

Our cancellation terms dictate that all orders should be cancelled before the start of the custom asset tags production process. We do not advise customers to come in the middle of the process and request for cancellation.

If this happens, we only refund 70% of the money and deduct any other expenses accruing from the produced custom asset tags.

6.7 How do I cancel my order?

Custom asset tag
Figure 17. Custom asset tag

If you need to cancel your order, you are supposed to do so either by phone or email. You can use any convenient form of communication to you and your order will be cancelled. We advise that all cancellations be done early enough before the process begins.

6.8 How will I know if my order was successfully cancelled?

Once you request the cancellation of your order is done successfully, you will be notified via email. You will also be guided on how the refund process should work. If this is not indicated, you can follow up with us and we will guide you.

6.9 To what extent should the product be included in cancellation policies?

The production of custom asset tags can be cancelled anytime you wish to. The cancellation will however cost you more if it is done after the work has already begun. It is only good if you can cancel your custom asset tags order before we start the production process.

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