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Foison Metal, The Master Craftsman of Superior Quality Custom Dog Tags

At Foison Metal, we work hard to produce high-quality custom dog tags for men using the most durable materials. Clients have recognized our reputation throughout the years and have remained our main philosophy – Customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to offer you with exceptional benefits, choices, and value for you to experience high-quality service and products essential for everyday life. We help you decide easier by providing broad options in customizing dog tags.

Our custom dog tags are not only for men but also for every gender. Guaranteed we have everything that you need with how you want it and when you want it.

About Our Service


Foison Metal is ready and proactive to take responsibility in creating the most functional custom dog tags for men.


We guarantee that each client would receive world-class customer service that sets us apart from our competitors.


We acknowledge the needs of every client is different with their custom dog tags. We make sure to attend to their needs accordingly.


Our customer service team is available 24/7 ready to assist you with everything you need.


Customer satisfaction is our priority. We provide convenience in our online transactions and make sure that your information with us is safe.


Company protocols are strictly followed to ensure product shipment within 7-10 business days.


Our custom dog tags for men are guaranteed to be long-lasting at a wholesale price.


We make sure to address all the concerns and provide extraordinary benefits for our customer’s satisfaction.

Our Featured Products

Choose From a Wide Variety of Custom Dog Tags for Men That are Durable and Affordable Only Here at Foison Metal

Custom Dog Tag for Men

Our custom dog tags are guaranteed made from durable material and long-lasting print

Silver Men Dog Tags

We can make a silver dog tag for men that feels luxurious feel and classic

Personalized Dog Tags for Men

Personalize your dog tags with unique characters and numbers or both

Steel Men Dog Tags

Our metal dog tags are made with high-quality materials including stainless steel that is durable, sturdy, and stylish


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Here at Foison Metal, we take great pride and gratification in our diverse and wide assortment of high-quality custom dog tags for men. Our trained and skilled staff are committed to providing our customers with the best custom dog tags they can get in the market.

We work hard to provide our clients with world-class dog tags made with the most durable material that can be customized from various shapes, sizes, and colors. We also offer distinct finishes that make every product unique including, matte and shiny.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


We make sure that all our metal dog tags are convenient for our customers to use whenever they want to


The materials that are used in manufacturing are durable and is easy to manipulate into different shapes and sizes


Custom dog tags for men requires zero effort to maintain and the quality of the product will remain for decades


You can purchase your durable custom dog tags at a wholesale price

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Foison Metal is the Dominating and Trusted Brand Anodized Aluminum Dog Tags

Keeping animals safe is a priority for all responsible community citizens and pet owners. Foison Metal thought the best way to ensure their safety is by getting them to wear Anodized Dog Tags. These products are always in-demand wherever you are in the world, and we provide the cheapest option, so get ready to boost your business sales now!

Foison Metal in Consistently Extending Limits and Production Competence for Custom Dog Tags for Men

We envision engaging in the continuous innovation of technology in meeting one goal – customer satisfaction. We want to ensure that we keep on providing sustainable and high-quality custom dog tags that meet global standards of quality assurance only here at Foison Metal.

The Custom Dog Tags for Men FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Custom Dog Tags for Men
Figure 1. Custom Dog Tags for Men

1.1 What Are Custom Dog Tags For Men?

This is a personalized dog tag specifically designed to soot and is worn by men of all races and groups. Custom dog tags for men are beautiful, expressive, and adaptive. Whether you buy it for yourself or a loved one, they are great for your style. 

Granted they don’t go well with tuxedos, but they do add flavor to the look of dress worn. Custom Dog tags for men are mostly worn with t-shirts at night parties and are part of good conversations creating a taste of style.

1.2 Where Can Someone Find Custom Dog Tags for Men?

In most cases, custom dog tags for men are found generally all over the world. The tags are worn by men of different races of different social classes and different age groups. 

Generally, custom dog tags for men are found all over the world.

1.3 What Is The Significance Of These Custom Dog Tags For Men?

The importance of these custom dog tags for men is for fashion and beauty. Again, the importance of custom dog tags for men is to identify one social class if need be. 

To identify a certain group of people. These custom dog tags for men mostly are worn for identification purposes. 

1.4 How Do You Know This Is A Customized Dog Tag For Men?

It is easier to know a customized dog tag for men because of the design used to create the tag. Most custom dog tags are made from different types of materials unlike the dog tags for the army that are made from only one type of material. 

Again, custom dog tags for men are made from different types of colors that match their tastes and preference.

1.5 What Do You Need To Do To Get A Custom Dog Tag For Men?

All you need to do to get yourself a custom dog tag is to identify your preferred design, color, and shape and share with us. We make custom dog tags for men according to client specifications.

1.6 Since These Custom Dog Tags Are Associated with Military Does It Mean Only Military Can Get It?

Ok, the narrative of dogs tags comes way far through the lineage of battle and wars in very different states that engaged in war.  Indeed, the dog tags for men were originally worn by the servicemen but through time things changed and life happened. 

Today no law forbids people from wearing dog tags, be it men or women or even children. The dog tags were customized and were able to be worn by different types of people based on their taste and preference.

1.7 What are the materials used in making custom dog tags for men?

Unique Custom Dog Tags for Men
Figure 2. Unique Custom Dog Tags for Men

Most materials used in making the custom dog tags for men are metal. The different types of metals used in making the custom dog tags include:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Nickel
  • Iron

1.8 Are There Any Rules To Be Followed In Making Custom Dog Tags For Men?

There are a few rules and procedures that are followed in the making of the customized dog tags for men. The rules here are not that strict as compared to the rules used in the making of dog tags for the military.

1.9 What Information Do Custom Dog Tag Contain?

These custom dog tags for men are made for personalization right from the start. They are ready to help everyone find out what you need. 

This is why there is such a demand for custom dog tags for men. They are a sign of a way of communication. Dog tags are a great option when you need a way to remember a special person or event. 

Slightly smaller than a cage or bracelet, but not that much. So the information contained on a custom dog tag for men varies a lot and can be anything depending on the customer specifications.

1.10 How Available Are Custom Dog Tags for Men?

The custom dog tags for men are very much available and readily accessible in the market. You just need to order and in no time you already have it. Or rather pass by our retail branches and get to see the variety of designs showcased.

1.11 Are There Specific Colors Used in Making Custom Dog Tags for Men?

When it comes to custom dog tags for men there are no specific colors to be used in their production. The tags go with any color of your choosing and thus making it unlimited to the number of colors it can be available.

1.12 What Factors Are Put into Consideration Before Getting Custom Dog Tags for Men?

So many factors are considered in the making of the custom dog tag for men and this include:

  • The material to be used
  • Shape and design
  • Color
  • Information being engraved
  • Texture also

1.13 Is It Necessary To Have Sample Models Before Producing Real Custom Dog Tags For Men?

Sample Models
Figure 3. Sample Models

It is very necessary to have model samples during production. This helps in correction and achieving the best-finished product. It also helps in avoiding mistakes that could be corrected. Also, the model samples are used for advertising.

1.14 Is there any online platform that I can see the different varieties of custom dog tags for men available?

We have a website that allows clients to see and peruse through pictures of different types of custom dog tags for men. This helps you to choose a specific design, color, and shape of your liking. 

Keep in mind that what you see from our website is the actual representation of the real product that you will purchase and be delivered. It’s only that what you see is in picture form.

1.15 Are the pictures on your website a real representation of the custom dog tags you produce?

As earlier discussed, the pictures you see on our website are the real representation of the actual product we produce.

1.16 Can custom dog tags for men be accessed easily by members of the public?

The custom dog tags for men are very much available and accessible to members of the public. This is because they are specifically produced for civilians irrespective of age and gender.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 How long-lasting will custom dog tags be?

Durable Custom Dog Tags for Men
Figure 4. Durable Custom Dog Tags for Men

The time and period a custom dog tag for men need to last entirely depends on the material it was used. But most custom dog tags from men last for a very long time because the metal materials used to make them are resistant to very harsh conditions. 

Some have extreme resistance even in the worst conditions of corrosion. That’s how durable our custom dog tag for men is.

2.2 What are the sizes of custom dog tags?

Sizes depend on the customer specification and liking. But we also produce custom dog tags for men of different size types.

2.3 What color of design for a custom dog tag for men is the best?

The best color depends on the customer’s taste and preference. We normally do not have the power to give specific colors to our clients. It all depends on the client.

2.4 Does the size of the font used in making custom dog tag for men differ from one to another?

The font size used on custom dog tags for men also varies. The font size varies because of the following factors:

  • Shape
  • The amount of information to be engraved
  • The font size itself to be used

2.5 How crucial is the role of customization and design as far as custom dog tags for men is concerned?

It is very important when design and customization is put into consideration during production of custom dog tags for men. This is because most clients prefer uniqueness and this can only be achieved by customization and sharing of ideas which is a fundamental component.

2.6 Are your design styles chosen randomly or is there a process of getting to a design?

Personalized Unique Design
Figure 5. Personalized Unique Design

Most of our designs are chosen specifically and with purpose. It is important we chose categorically because of the taste and preference. This taste and preference vary from client to client from different social classes and denominations.

2.7 What is the essential design that custom dog tags for men conform to?

There is no essential design that custom dog tag for men conform to, it all depends on the customer. But most men find it attractive to simple and precise custom dog tags with just the normal colors.

2.8 What is the best way of presenting custom dog tags for men?

The best presentation is through gifts. Most custom dog tags for men contain images of love, inspiration, and sweet memory that make it more attractive when presented. 

Also, they carry messages of congratulations and hope. Most custom dog tags for men contain prayers which have meaning to many people.

2.9 Are there any limits to customizable design for custom dog tags being made?

There are no limits when it comes to customization and design. The floor is usually open and any client can table his idea for comparison for a better outcome. Customization cuts across so many designs, that’s why it is wise to seek cancellation before arriving at your conclusion.

2.10 What materials can one use in making custom dog tags for me?

As discussed earlier, materials are used depending on the type of order and what the customer wants.

  • Gold is used for the able clients who live large and maybe want something unique and expensive.
  • Silver mostly is used for attraction because of its shiny nature but has a very high resistance to corrosion
  • Bronze also is resistant to corrosion but very durable
  • Aluminum having the characteristic to withstand any weather condition gives it an advantage and also is not susceptible to theft.

2.11 Can custom dog tags for men fade over time?

As a question of fading it depends on the maintenance of the customer dog tag for men. most of the materials used for custom dog tags for men are durable and reliable, meaning that chances of them fading is almost null.

2.12 Are sample models of paramount importance before coming up with a real thing?

This is a very important part of production. You can’t produce perfect custom dog tags for men without a sample, it is basic knowledge to produce samples first that guides us through the whole process.

2.13 What is the printing technique used in custom dog tags for men?

Printing Techniques
Figure 6. Printing Techniques

The main technique used in custom dog tag for men is engraving. Where information is printed on the metal plating mostly by use of the laser beam.

2.14 What are the forms available for custom dog tags for men?

Custom dog tags for men come in different forms as far as shape and material is concerned. Mostly it comes in metal form because of durability concerns. As for the shape, there is no specific shape that is used; it all relies on the client orders.

2.15 What are the measurements of a standard custom dog tag for men?

There are no specific measurements to the standard custom dog tag design. It all depends on the client because as the rule may put, if the shoes fit wear it. But again the custom dog tags for men should not be exaggerated to abnormal sizes. A client must feel comfortable when he puts on.

2.16 Are the design types available for only men or do they favor both genders?

They are called custom dog tags for men because they are made with the nature of men’s specifications. But are not just limited to men wearing them because in other cases men give them to their spouses and children. Thus, making the customer dog tags for men be unisex, anybody can wear it.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 How do you order and make payment for custom dog tags for men?

Ordering Custom Dog Tags for Men
Figure 7. Ordering Custom Dog Tags for Men

This is a very simple procedure that does not require complex technical know-how. In the Order and Payment tab on our website and follow the instructions provided. 

Once you place an order, you will receive an email asking for confirmation. It will then wait for your order to be processed and successful, with a confirmation email to your mail.

3.2 What are the challenges encountered in making an order and paying for custom dog tags for men?

Most challenges encountered when a client is making an order and payment is the last procedure of email confirmation. Many clients do not check the instructions given to confirm the goods are being ordered and payment is done. Another challenge is that most clients confuse the identity of goods purchased.

3.3 Which are the most convenient means for ordering and paying for custom dog tags for men?

The most convenient way for ordering and payment is through our online platform. This is a secure way of payment where the security of your money is ensured. And again through our website able to interact with our customer care for any help, you may need.

3.4 How long can you take to make an order and pay for that order?

The whole process of order and payment just takes a minimum of 30 minutes. It is that fast. There is a window period for a review of what you are ordering to avoid mistakes. After this then the process of transit commences

3.5 While making an order and subsequently paying for the order how is one secure from persons of malicious intent?

Our website is the most secure online site ever. It has the latest security features in the market thus guaranteeing safety at high levels.

3.6 What are the price determinants for Custom Dog Tags for Men?

Discounts for Custom Dog Tags for Men
Figure 8. Discounts for Custom Dog Tags for Men

We charge differently depending on several factors.

  • Order size
  • Frequency of orders from customers.
  • The cost of work on the purchase of custom dog tags for men
  • Type of material

3.7 What are the prerequisites for ordering and making payment for custom dog tags for men?

The conditions requiring for order and payment include:

  • Providing your details and address of delivery
  • Agreeing to the terms and conditions
  • Confirmation of order and payment made

3.8 Are there any limits to order being placed?

There are no limits to the orders placed. We encourage bulk ordering which is effective economically. This is because the larger the number of orders the more the discount and the cheaper the transit charges.

3.9 Can I pay for custom dog tags for men after delivery?

There is always a policy governing the order and payment procedure. A client pays 70% of the total price of the product before delivery and the remaining 30% after delivery is made. This policy has helped us remain viable throughout the years we have been in business. And also for the sake of security of goods.

3.10 Are there any after sales services that I can get after a successful order and payment process?

The after-sale number services offered are fixing services. There is the door to door delivery. We also do follow-ups for customer reviews.

3.11 What are the terms and conditions in place for ordering and paying for custom dog tags for men?

Terms and Conditions for Order
Figure 9. Terms and Conditions for Order

The terms and conditions are that:

  • A client must give full information details before making any order.
  • A client must have played the agreed amount before any delivery is made.
  • In case of damage of goods or theft in the custody of the client, we will not be held liable.
  • In case of fraud by a third party while transacting we will not be held accountable.

3.12 Can an order be placed online or are there other means stipulated?

As previously discussed, we offer an online platform where all services are found including the order and payment service.

3.13 Are there any extra charges and costs incurred in the process of making an order and paying for the order?

There are no extra costs incurred during this process except for the amount required for the goods being ordered and the agreement of the transit charges.

3.14 Is there any method you prefer in ordering and payment? What are its good and shortcomings?

Apart from our website means of order and payment, there is the direct method of order and payment. But this direct method is cumbersome and energy-wasting. Apart from this there is no other method involved or recommended for a client to use.

3.15 Are there any payment plans that can be accorded to customers that are favorable to them?

When it comes to matters of relation between us and the client Is where we draw the line. We treat every client with almost dignity and fairness. We do not favor any client over the other one because everybody purchases in accordance with his reach. 

But again, we got membership subscriptions where certain services are not accorded to every client. But this membership option also requires charges.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery of Custom Dog Tags for Men
Figure 10. Shipping and Delivery of Custom Dog Tags for Men

4.1 How secure are the Dog tags during shipment?

The dog tags are shipped in good customized boxes to reduce damage during shipment and each shipment is insured.

You are also allowed to track your shipment while in transit only for international orders.

4.2 Do you offer any shipment offers for international orders of dog tags for men?

International orders receive discounts for bulk orders of dog tags for men. This helps to encourage bulk purchasing.

4.3 What are your shipment and delivery options?

We have different shipping options by the destination of the shipment

for local orders we have delivery trucks and also door-to-door deliveries

international orders we ship using sea and air and the orders are to be collected at designated stations. International orders have to choose their shipment method (airplane or cargo ship)

4.4 Any measures you have put in place to ensure that the delivery of orders to wrong destinations is minimized?

Once making your order and applying for shipment to whatever device you are logging in to the website to make your order of dog tags for men you need to ensure you activate the location of your device to receive and reduce the risk of entering a wrong destination.

4.5 How long does the shipment take?

 Local orders take 48 hours from the time of order to the delivery of your package.

 International orders take a minimum of 7-10 working days to a max of one month according to the shipping option selected

4.6 How do you ensure that your time stated for delivery is adhered to?

For local orders, the company’s trucks cover different routes and they are scheduled to ensure there is a backup in case of a delay in a certain route.

International orders the company has dog tags pieces for men that can be used as a backup in case of a delay in delivery.

4.7 How Much Does The Shipment Cost?

Local orders shipment is free within the company’s host city and one dollar outside the city.

International orders cost min of USD 3 to USD 10 per 10boxes, the minimum requirement for international orders according to the bulk of the order.

4.8 What Is The Operating Time For Your Pick Up Stations?

Local stores operate from 0800hrs to 1930hrs every day. International pick-up stations operating hours are from 1000hrs to 1900hrs Monday to Friday.

4.9 What is the expected minimum order for dog tags for men shipment?

 For international orders, a minimum of 10 boxes of dog tags for men is required per order. No order of fewer than 10 boxes will be processed.

Local orders there is no minimum you can even order for one dog tag for men. You can order as much as you can require.

4.10 How Do You Handle Defective Shipment?

Since our shipment is insured in case of a defective shipment, we can reimburse your money (excluding shipment fee) or give you another dog tag and we cater for the shipment cost.

If an order of dog tags for men is defective you get your replacement or refund and once replaced, you can be allowed to stay with the defective pieces at a price.

Local orders the defective pieces of dog tags for men you can remain with your defective piece after replacement with no extra charge.

4.11 Is There Any Return Policy on The Shipment?

Yes, you can return the order only if the order is not what you wanted or if the order is defective and the defect was caused during shipment.

The return policy for international orders has a time limit of 48hours from the time the dog tags for men were delivered to customers. Local orders return policy time limit is 24 hours after delivery to you.

4.12 What delivery and shipment option can you recommend to a new customer?

For local orders for a new customer, the best option is a door delivery as they have an option for pay on delivery.

International orders the best option is by air as it is fast and reduces the risk of damages to the goods in transit. Via ship is also safe as the orders are insured but it will take longer for the delivery. Though the delivery timeline is adhered (24hrs to one month).

4.13 How does the client track the progress of their shipment?

You can track your shipment via our website using the order number you received once you purchased the dog tag for men.

The tracking system we used is internationally approved. It is activated once you make your order for dog tags for men. It’s available only for international orders that are made by ship.

Local orders you only get the tracking option once your order is 20 boxes of dog tags for men.

4.14 In case of delay how do you handle the situation?

In case of any delay, you shall be notified using the contact details you gave while purchasing the Dog tags for men.

You can also track your shipment through our website and get live updates of the shipment of your order. We work hard to make sure that no order is delayed and this is made possible by our reliable shipping and transit company.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Return and Replacement
Figure 11. Return and Replacement

5.1 Are there any timelines for replacement and returns?

You can place your replacement order 24hrs for local orders and 72 hrs for international orders after receiving the Dog tags for men. But also a standard order is observed where failure to return goods within the stipulated time you risk chances of being replaced.

5.2 How does your refund system work?

Once you are not satisfied with the order you initiated your refund claim it takes only 48 hours to know if your refund has been approved. When the refund is approved it will take another 48 hours for your refund to reflect on your portal. 

If the order was in transit the refund will not include the fees you’re paid for the shipment.

5.3 What are the guidelines for replacement and returns?

In case of a replacement, you can put the dog tag in the shipment box it came in and place your replacement order via our website using the order number you used to purchase the Dog tag.

In case of a return order, you place the dog tag in the box it was delivered in and place the return claim on our website.

Return and replacement orders for local customers can come directly to our store’s international orders and can go to the point of delivery and return the Dog tags for replacement or return.

5.4 What happens if the replacement and returns claim fails to go through?

When your replacement order fails to go through within the 24hrs stipulated in our guidelines, you can write an email with your concerns on our website or call our customer care numbers available on the website.

If you do not get a response on your email after 72 hours you can go to our outlets to follow up this option is for local orders.

International order you follow up on the claim at the point where you picked up your order for dog tags for men.

5.5 What do you do to minimize the number of replacement and refund claims?

To minimize the number of claims, the company has a data collection process that collects your information, and you are given a chance of correction during the duration of making your order and confirming your order is ready for shipment.

5.6 Documents required for replacement and return?

For replacement, you require your order number and transaction number for proof of payment.

For return, you also require your order number and transaction number. No physical document or presence required for international orders. Local orders you need any document to prove that you are a local.

5.7 How long does the process of replacement or return take?

Replacement Period
Figure 12. Replacement Period

When done on our website the process takes a few minutes to register your claim either for return or replacement

From the time of processing your claim to the time you receive your replacement it will take not more than three weeks.

5.8 In case of replacement do you get the same dog tag that you ordered?

Yes. you get the same dog tag for men you had ordered before. If there are any changes in your order you can include the changes you want while you are applying for the return or replacement on our website.

If there are any changes to be made you shall wait a little longer for the order to be processed and the duration will be communicated to you via your email address.

Mark that verification is a must for any refund to be initiated. Once we notice that the goods cancelled and were initially in the customer’s custody are defective, we can’t refund the money. 

But also, if goods are cancelled while on transit the client will have to pay for the accrued charges.

5.9 What are the challenges expected during the replacement and returns process?

The greatest challenge you may get in the replacement and return process is adhering to the timelines. For a successful application of your refund and replacement claim you need to initiate the process within 24 hours and 72 hours after receiving your dog tag for men.

For local orders you cannot cancel orders once in transit. If you cancel a local order while in transit, then you will pay half of the freight fees.

5.10 Will there be extra charges after a replacement of the dog tags for men?

No additional charges for replacements return you have to pay the shipping fee which is usually half the initial shipment fee.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Order Cancellation
Figure 13. Order Cancellation

6.1 What are the procedures to be followed during cancellation and refund?

Cancellation of an order takes only three easy steps:

  • Check if your order is already in transit
  • If not go to the company’s website and enter your account where you placed an order and cancel if its already in transit write and email and attach your order number and transaction code and
  • Confirm your claim.
  • The claim will be processed and the feedback sent to your email.

6.2 What Can Make You Cancel and Claim for A Refund for The Dog Tags?

You can cancel your order of dog tags if the details you entered to be written on the dog tag for men need correction. 

You can claim a refund if the dog Tag doesn’t meet your expected standards. If the order takes too long to arrive and has raised your concerns they haven’t been met yet.

6.3 How long does it take for the cancellation process and refund for your client to receive their money back?

Once your cancellation is confirmed your refund will take at least 48hrs to reflect on your account.

If the 48 hours’ elapsed without reflecting on your account you can contact our customer care through the contacts provided on the company’s website the refund will exclude 50 percent of the shipment fee for international orders.

6.4 Can a cancellation and refund claim be denied?

Yes, if the order of the dog tags for men is 24 hrs. to delivery, then the cancellation claim will be denied. If the product is not returned to be verified, then the refund claim may also be denied. 

Mark that verification is a must for any refund to be initiated. Once we notice that the goods cancelled and were initially in the customer’s custody are defective, we can’t refund the money. 

But also, if goods are cancelled while on transit the client will have to pay for the accrued charges.

6.5 Can you cancel an order once in transit?

Cancellation while in Transit
Figure 14. Cancellation while in Transit

As discussed earlier. You can cancel an order in transit provided it’s 48 hours in transit any hour past 48 hours of transit then the canceled claim is not applicable. But keep in mind the customer will be charged for the fee accrued during transit

For local orders you cannot cancel orders once in transit. If you cancel a local order while in transit, then you will pay half of the freight fees.

6.6 Challenges faced during a cancellation and refunds process?

For the cancellation of an order to be successful, you need to adhere to the timelines. You also need to ensure your details to be entailed on your dog tags for men are correct and if you want them plain you also need to be specific and clear in your order.

You also need to know that the refund is not sent directly to your bank account but it’s remitted in the portal you opened while making your purchase. From the portal then you can transact it back to your account.

6.7 How will the customer know about the cancellation and refund option?

The cancellation and refund options are available for your access once you access the company’s website and go to the terms and conditions options.

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