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Foison Metal specializes in producing custom embossed dog tags for a range of uses. Your unique needs and requirements are taken into account when designing these dog tags. You’ll surely be satisfied with our:

Effective Manufacturing for Custom Embossed Dog Tags

Using our efficient surface and production process, your custom embossed dog tag is created. Here at Foison Metal we help you achieve the best quality metal dog tags that are non-fading and have excellent corrosion resistance.

Featured Products

Foison Metal is known to makes different kinFoison Metal offers a variety of finishes for their distinctive and adaptable custom embossed dog tag to suit your preferences.ds of stainless steel business cards that meets high client standards.

Embossed Military Dog Tag

For a variety of uses, including promotional, personal, professional, and yourself, your gear, and durable stainless steel.

Embossed Dog Tag For Pets

Pet tags can be made in almost any size or shape. Both sequential numbering and unique identification numbering are options.

Custom Embossed Dog Tags

This dog tag style comes in shiny or matte finishes and is a very cool no-color option.

Embossed Stamped
Military Dog Tags

A design that is directly stamped into the traditional military dog tag with a rolled edge to create a striking effect.

Basic Production Processes

Below is the list of production processes that are used to create your customized dog tags.

Design Submission

Submitting An

For us to create a quote, please include the dog tag design, quantity, and packaging when sending us your orders.
Approving the Design

Approving The

If you aren't sure about your initial design, we accept revisions. up until you're satisfied, we'll help you improve your designs.
Supply Chain Control

Manufacturing Production

The actual production of your dog tags starts once your artwork is finished and approved, which takes about 15-20 days.
Quality Checking

Quality Control

To maintain the quality of our custom embossed dog tags, we closely monitor each step of the production process.
Quality Control & Packaging

Dog Tag Packaging

You can select the dog tag packaging that best suits the way your dog tags look and fit by ordering customized dog tag packaging.

Order Delivering

You can be sure your orders will be sent out right away, shipping can vary depending on origin, destination, and transportation.

Custom Colors Options












Custom Color

Surface Finish Options







Excellent Custom Embossed Dog Tags

Foison Metal provides a wide range of custom services that includes customizing the color, size, style, and packaging. We provide the best quality custom embossed dog tags that matches your branding style perfectly and exactly replicate your logo and artwork submitted. 


We make every effort to help you enhance your design until you are satisfied without any extra charges. After making the design revisions, we’ll send you actual samples with your design and preferred plating to make sure that you are satisfied with the quality before we proceed with the mass production.

Surface Content On Different Production Process

CNC Milling
Chemical Etching
Screen Printing


CNC Milling

Chemical Etching


Screen Printing

Hight Light Product Details



A surface is given a distinctive, frosted appearance by being sprayed with abrasive particles using a sandblasting and powder machine under great pressure.

CNC Milling

The material is removed through a computerized process using rotating cylindrical cutters. To give the material the perfect shape for custom embossed dog tags, the tools keep cutting while making details, slots, and holes in them.

CNC MIlling
Chemical Etching

Chemical Etching

Intricate, multi-layered, high-precision metal parts can be produced using this process very effectively. The best way to create round holes and edges that are straight, sharp, or profiled is also by using this technique.


This process gets rid of unnecessary scratches and other production-related flaws. In order to give the dog tags a more appealing mirror finish, the shine and surface appearance are also improved during this process.


Screen Printing

We screen print in the solid-coated PMS color that was specified on the digital proof, either onto the surface of the dog tags or into specific etched areas of the dog tags.

The Best Custom Embossed Dog Tags For Promotional Purposes Are Offered By Foison Metal

Foison Metal creates well made custom embossed dog tags with excellent quality and durability that last for many years without breaking. Your logo and customized texts are permanently embossed on these metal tags which can also be colored to match your style.


The certifications listed below attest to our dependability in producing custom embossed dog tags in large quantities.








IATF 16949

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FAQs & Ultimate Guide

1. How big are the embossed dog tags?

Our large tags are 3.18 cm (1 1/4 inches) in diameter. The tiny tags are 7/8 inches (2.2 cm) long. Both are roughly 1mm thick. A strong steel split keyring for hanging is included with each tag. Additionally, custom size is not a problem.

2. Which font works best for dog tags?

We have a default font for embossed texts however, you may use whatever font you would like for your custom dog tags.

3. Do you have a maximum order quantity?

No, as long as you meet our minimum of 100 units per order, you can order as many dog tags as you can.

4. Can I customize my personalized dog tags?

You can completely personalize your order whether you are purchasing personalized dog tags to use as military dog tags, pet tags, nameplates, or id tags.

5. What are the primary customization options for my embossed dog tags?

The tag’s design, font selections, text, dog tag silencers, and dog tag attachments.

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