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Foison Metal Home of the Premium Quality Nameplates for Years of Dependable Service

Since 2015 Foison Metal has proved to manufacture the most durable and high-quality custom metal nameplates that serve as the solution for thousands of businesses worldwide. Since then, we have been adhering to high-tech development.

We have been certified and passed the ISO9001 quality management system for efficient production and operation that delivers the quickest even the most complex metal product you can think of.

Foison Metal’s graphic designers, engineers, and other work personnel work with clients to determine the best product design and materials that would be suited for the environment in which the nameplate will be used.

About Our Service


We specialized in making high-quality custom metal nameplates that get your company noticed.


Technology plays a big part in promoting the efficiency on our products, which is why we make sure to use only the latest equipment in the market.


No matter how complex the metal nameplates designs are, we have an innovative process to make your idea come to life.


Simple ordering process is ensured to get the exact custom metal nameplates for your business.


We are always up for challenges, as we understand that some projects have tight deadlines and we always deliver your metal nameplates.

Meeting Expectations

Foison Metal have a proper understanding of customer expectations on custom metal nameplates which gives us the edge in this industry.

Customer Driven

Custom metal nameplates are manufactured not for profits but for your 100% satisfaction.

Lasting Solutions

Custom metal nameplates are manufactured to solve your identification problems long-term.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal a Company that You Can Trust in Producing High-Quality Custom Metal Nameplates

Silver Metal Nameplates

Make your brand name unique and classy looking on your company desk or anywhere.

Engraved Metal Nameplates

Metal nameplates with engraved label are malleable and are ideal for high-risk environments.

Brass Metal Nameplates

Nameplates that are made of brass are very durable and is good for decorative purposes.

Custom Steel Nameplates

These nameplates allows you to provide identification and classification at a very low cost.

Know more about us

Foison Metal is the leading supplier of high-quality custom metal nameplates in China and is a proud passer of the ISO9001 quality management system to serve clients better.

Our fully functional industrial unit is located in Shenzhen City China that has a full service of in-house experienced graphic designers and engineers that are capable of designing and creating metal nameplates depending on the needs of your business.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Premium Quality

Premium-quality materials are used to develop nameplates that contemplate the brand that you want to represent.

Outstanding Designs

We create metal nameplates that make an impact and ensure that your brand gets noticed.


High-quality premium products are produced at a low-cost price.


Our metal goods at Foison Metal are guaranteed to be long-lasting and sturdy.

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Foison Metal The Most Advanced Manufacturing Company for Custom Metal Nameplates

Every project is special with Foison Metal that is why we’ve established to have access to advanced technology and skills to improve our productivity and service to each client. We aim to provide all the options that clients are looking for when it comes to custom metal nameplates.

The Custom Metal Nameplates Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Custom Metal Nameplate
Figure 1. Custom Metal Nameplate

1.1 What is a Custom Metal Nameplate?

Customizing a nameplate is a way of making your nameplates stand out. The size, shape, and color of your nameplates can be fully customized to perfectly match your brand’s identity. You can visit our website here so you can know more about our nameplates.

1.2 What are the advantages of utilizing a custom metal nameplate?

  • Aluminum

This material has a protective oxide layer that makes it resistant to corrosion which can still be enhanced by anodizing. By anodizing, any kind of graphics, logo, and text can be printed underneath the anodized layer.  

  • Stainless Steel 

This material requires less to no maintenance at all due to its capability to resist rust and stains that leads to future deterioration of the metal product. Stainless steel has a natural sheen which makes it more noticeable than other metals. 

  • Brass

This material offers a distinctive look that makes it ideal for decorative purposes compared to aluminum and stainless steel. Also, brass is corrosion-resistant that can withstand harsh environments.

1.3 How do you choose a nameplate material that is right for you?

Metal name plate material
Figure 2. Metal name plate material

Picking the right material for your nameplate is not an easy task. You need to consider your environment, place of application, and budget. Whether or not you need a material that could last for decades or materials that are only for use for a short period. 

If you need a material that is long-lasting and cost-effective you might want to consider using metal nameplates. We offer different metal materials that could last for decades, eliminating the chance of purchasing nameplates every year. If you are not sure on what material you should use, you can seek assistance from our customer service team to know which material would be the best fit for your environment.

1.4 Is it advisable to use a custom nameplate than a standard one?

The environment and the purpose where the nameplate will be used are essential. A standard nameplate is usually made out of plastic since it’s affordable and easy to use, with a typical size of 2 inches by 8 inches or 5.8 centimeters by 20.32 centimeters.

Plastic nameplates are recommended to use in offices under cool temperatures to indicate the name of the brand or the name of the equipment. On the other hand, custom nameplates can be manufactured using durable materials such as metal. Depending on the needs and demands of your company, we can customize the design, color shape, and size of your nameplate.

Compared to the standard nameplate, custom nameplates that are made out of metal are more expensive though they will surely last longer. Our metal custom tags are ideal for outside use or for those environments that are prone to extreme temperatures.

1.5 Is metal nameplate more versatile than plastic?

Both metal and plastic nameplates are versatile, meaning both of the materials can be resized and reshaped depending on your preference. Metal nameplates though are more durable and can last for decades with proper maintenance compared to plastic.

This is an actual video clip of our custom metal nameplate:

Your nameplates can be fully customized from different colors to shapes and sizes with our high-quality materials. Anything is possible by reaching out to our customer service team.

1.6 Is metal nameplate more flexible when it comes to labeling than plastic ones?

When it comes to labeling, you have more options to choose from in comparison to plastic nameplates. Metal nameplates can be etched, embossed, stamped, engraved, and silk-screened. We encourage you to visit our website to check the labeling process that best fits your business.

1.7 What kind of industries use aluminum nameplates rather than stainless steel?

Compared to dense stainless steel, here is the list of industries that use aluminum nameplates because of their durability and delicate weight : 

  • Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Government
  • Defense
  • Power Source
  • Manufacturing

These industries have a strict and detailed standard that must be reached thus aluminum nameplate has proven to be useful. You can know more about our aluminum nameplates by visiting our website or you can contact our customer service for further assistance.

1.8 Can direct sunlight affect the finish of a metal nameplate?

The labels on plastic nameplates will be damaged especially when the material is placed directly into sunlight. That is why using metal nameplates is popular these days mainly because of its durability and the ability to withstand harsh environments including exposure to direct sunlight.

1.9 Can you provide me with material options that are used best when customizing a nameplate?

In customizing a nameplate stainless steel is highly favored due to its durability and flexibility. This material is easy to modify in the heat without breaking or damaging the product. Though other materials are available including aluminum, brass, and many more. You are free to contact our customer service for you to be advised on what material suits best with your company. 

1.10 Is stainless steel nameplate more sturdy than aluminum?

Stainless steel and aluminum are equally durable but both are unique in their way. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion and could last for decades due to its protective layer of aluminum oxide.

Though this material has an extra layer of protection it can dent more easily and is susceptible to abrasion. While stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and extreme chemicals. This material can repair itself up to 10.5% and is very low-maintenance.

In conclusion, Stainless steel may be the best choice for your nameplate whereas it can handle physical pressure.

1.11 How can I benefit from using a custom nameplate?

There are many different ways to benefit from customized nameplates in whatever industry you are in. These benefits include brand identity, information, originality, company or product advertisement, and ownership. You can experience these advantages by:

  1. Customizing the size of the nameplate
  2. Customizing the color of the nameplate
  3. Customizing the shape of the nameplate
  4. Adding graphics or personal design to your nameplate

From the simplest custom nameplate to the most complex one, our online support team is available 24/7 to help you with your customization needs.

1.12 How do I know if a nameplate is effective?

Effective nameplates should be legible, and pleasing to the eye of the readers. Nameplates should be able to communicate and deliver important information to avoid errors and confusion.

1.13 What are the things to consider in manufacturing an effective custom nameplate?

Metal Nameplate Factors
Figure 3. Metal Nameplate Factors

We acknowledge the importance of having a successful nameplate that communicates with the customers, that is why we list some things to consider when customizing a nameplate:

  • The kind of material to be used

Each material has different and unique quantities that you need to understand to manufacture your perfect customized nameplate. Materials including aluminum, stainless steel, and brass have different pros and cons depending on the needs of your company. You may contact our online support team to know which material suits best for your needs. 

  • The shape and size

Knowing the right size and shape for your nameplate is important as it will determine the number of characters or information you can imprint on your nameplate.

  • Type of the attachment

Here at Foison Metal, we help you determine what kind of attachment goes well with your metal nameplate application. We need to consider what type of application you will be used to determine if we are using adhesives or physical attachments. 

  • The design and color of the nameplate

Important information about the company can be delivered using the design of nameplates. The design and color should speak your brand identity, it has to be unique and striking for you to make a good and lasting impression on your potential clients.

1.14 What are your labeling processes for customized metal nameplates?

  • Chemical Etched – By chemical etching a multi-layer of material of .0015 inches-.008 inches of depth is removed to form your desired graphic or letter. 
  • Stamped – Graphics and characters are dented into the material under deep inkling.
  • Engraved – This is a labeling process that is expensive since it is time-consuming.
  • Screen Print – A durable ink is applied on the surface of the material that creates an extraordinary look.
  • Embossed – Characters are pushed up giving it a three-dimensional look.

Let us know what is your preferred labeling process by clicking here.

1.15 What are the material options to choose from in creating a custom nameplate?

Our durable nameplates come in aluminum, stainless steel, and brass material. Any material is available from aluminum, stainless steel, and brass to choose from given that it would meet the requirements of your company. 

If you are not familiar with the qualities of each material you can reach out to our support team for you to be guided in choosing the right material for your needs.

1.16 What are the factors that damage the surface of the nameplates?

 Several factors damage the surface of the nameplate, different factors require different treatment and prevention, which is why it is important to consider all of these factors separately. 

  • Abrasion

This factor is damage caused by the contact surface which creates scratches, and or scrapes to your nameplate. Since nameplates require a lot of contact from the end-user this damage is susceptible to happen. To prevent future damages to your nameplate, it is best to choose a material that has abrasion-resistant properties.

  • Corrosion

This gradual disintegration of the nameplate is a chemical reaction to the environment. If your facility is hot and prone to moisture, corrosion will certainly occur. You can control the environment’s air to avoid corrosion on the material.

  • Harsh Chemicals

Gasoline, alcohol, and acetone are just some of the chemicals that may cause damage to your nameplates. Choosing the right material that can resist harsh chemicals is important. You can ask our customer service team to help you choose the right material and avoid future damages.

  • Extreme Temperature

Any type of extreme temperature may cause damage to your nameplates. Before the manufacturing process of your nameplates, it is best to inform your metal specialist about your facility’s condition and help you pick the material that best suits the environment and to avoid product failure.

2.0 Design and Customization

Metal Nameplate Design
Figure 4. Metal Nameplate Design

2.1 Do you offer a free sample?

We will send you a generic sample for your inspection for free, just simply send us an email so we can accommodate your sample request.

2.2 How Can I Provide Special Instructions?

We accommodate special instructions if you want your tags to be fully customized. You can message us your requirements here on this page.

2.3 I prefer to use my design corrosion resistance how can I submit it?

We prefer you send us a vector graphic in .pdf, .ai, .dwg, .dxf, .cdr, and .eps format. Please submit your design here.

2.4 Are your custom layouts free of charge?

Yes, our custom layouts are free, you don’t need to pay for anything. For a free quotation, you can send a direct message to our email. We can provide custom layouts for customers at home and abroad.

2.5 I want my nameplate to have a sophisticated look, what kind of material do you suggest using?

Any material used on a nameplate can be unique and sophisticated depending on the design and print. If you prefer to have those antique-looking designs for your nameplate we suggest using brass. Brass has a golden color that comes from mixing copper and zinc.

This material is perfect for decorative purposes which can also withstand harsh environments.

2.6 What are your finishing options on manufacturing a brass nameplate?

Nameplates that are made out of brass can be polished to a mirror-like appearance of a satin finish.

2.7 I am using the nameplate where it is prone to moisture. Do you have an option to waterproof the nameplate?

Metal nameplates are water-resistant. Though you will need to clean the surface now and then to make sure the shine remains.

2.8 What are your adhesive options for metal nameplates that are used in a harsh environment?

Adhesive for Metal Nameplate
Figure 5. Adhesive for Metal Nameplate

Security of nameplate attachment is important because you want to make sure that the nameplate won’t fall off. Here are some attachment options if you’re placing the metal nameplate into a flat surface or equipment:

  • Holes

One of the most common attachments used in mounting metal nameplates is by utilizing holes. These holes are cut directly from the production, making it simple for the installation process.     

  • Wires/Chains

Wires and chains are used when a nameplate is placed into pipes, valves, and fire hydrants. 

  • Adhesives

The easiest method to attach nameplates is by using back adhesives. This metal adhesive is a thin paper that is peeled off to uncover the high-grade adhesive. After peeling the paper at the back you can place the nameplate to your chosen surface and wait for 24-48 hours for it to be completely dry.

2.9 I will be using the nameplate in an outside environment, can I request extra nameplate protection?

Yes! We provide an extra layer of protection to your nameplate to help the print and the material itself last longer. Different protections offer different material finishes. Since our layered protection not only offers anti-corrosion, and abrasion but also gives the nameplate either a matte or glossy finish. 

You can choose your metal protection here: 


  • Laminate Coat – This type of protection gives the nameplate added protection from moisture, UV rays, harsh chemicals, and abrasion. This protection coat can be matte or glossy. 
  • UV Coat – Compared to laminate coats, this protective layer is more expensive. The protective layer is applied right after the printing process is done and is dried with the use of ultraviolet light. This coat only comes in a glossy finish but can be applied on a single spot for a unique look. 
  • Varnish – Though this coating is the cheapest option it still does its job at protecting the underneath layer of the nameplate from moisture, abrasion, and dust but it is not as durable as the UV coat or even the laminate coat. This coating can be glossy or matte depending on your desired finish.
  • Urethane Dome Coating – From all the protection options, this is the most expensive of them all. Urethan dome coating gives the nameplate a three-dimensional look and gives extra protection on print deterioration, moisture, grease, and harsh chemicals. This coating also has a self-healing property that whenever an abrasion occurs the nameplate will go back to its dome-like shape. 

Choosing the right protection layer is as important as choosing the most appropriate material for your nameplate. Future nameplate damages caused by harsh environments can be avoided by adding a protective layer. Though there will be some additional charges, you can guarantee that your nameplate will last longer than expected.

2.10 Do you have a standard size for nameplate design?

None. Any graphic design size is possible with our nameplates. Simply coordinate with our team regarding your required size for the graphic.

2.11 I want a colorful nameplate. What are my options?

If you choose to have a colorful nameplate, then aluminum is for you. We offer to anodize your aluminum where you can add the color of your choice while adding protection to your nameplate. Any color is available with anodized aluminum, kindly message our team so we can accommodate your requests.

2.12 I want my complete name to be imprinted on my nameplate. How many characters are you able to print?

You don’t need to worry about how many characters to put on your nameplate, since our nameplate is fully customizable. For long characters, we adjust the size of the characters or the size of the actual nameplate. Send us your requirements here or reach out to our team.

2.13 What fonts can be used for labeling a nameplate?

Any font of choice is available but you can also consult our professional graphic designers if you are not certain about the font you want to use.

2.14 I made my font. Can I use it for my nameplate?

Font used in Metal Name plates
Figure 6. Font used in Metal Name plates

Yes! We can use your customized font to imprint on your nameplate. You can send us your desired font here and send it under a vector graphic in .pdf, .ai, .dwg, .dxf, .cdr, and .eps format.

2.15 I want my nameplate to be lightweight, what are your options?

 Aluminum is a perfect material to be used if you are looking for high-quality and lightweight material. This material is durable yet lightweight which is why it is used in military and aerospace industries.

2.16 I will be using the nameplate in an environment that has extreme temperatures and is close to explosive elements. What material can you recommend?

We recommend using a brass nameplate. Brass is appropriate to use indoor and outdoor, it is corrosion-resistant, has anti-abrasion properties, non-tarnish, and can withstand extremely hot or cold temperatures. The brass nameplate can be used in environments that are prone to explosions since this material does not initiate sparks.

2.17 I am in the military industry. What type of material do you recommend for my nameplate?

We recommend using aluminum since it’s durable and lightweight. Aluminum is ideal for outside use that requires high resistance corrosion. This material can be stamped, etched, engraved, or embossed. Additional protection may also be added to aluminum by anodizing.

3.0 Order and Payment

Ordering Metal Name plate
Figure 7. Ordering Metal Name plates

3.1 I am ready to place my order. How can I do this?

You can place your order by going to our website by scrolling down. A form is located below our website where you can fill out the information needed. If you prefer to give us a call, please do so at +86 185 6560 2031 or send us a direct email on this page.

3.2 How much does a custom metal nameplate cost?

The cost of a custom metal nameplate depends on the agreement we make with our clients but the standard price is $0.45 – $1.85. The costing will be determined after we confirm the size, design, and volume of your orders, then we will provide you with the most cost-effective quotation that includes the material used, labeling process, product details, and packing. Negotiation is always possible.

3.3 What is the order procedure?

  •  Get in touch with us with the contact  from the website
  • o   Conversation for process, price, quantity, etc.
  • o   Design making and revising
  • o   Make jpg proof and approve
  • o   Make the payment or deposit
  • o   Start production
  • o   Production feedback
  • o   Shipping feedback
  • o   Make the rest of the payment
  • o   Tracking of shipment until the products are received

3.4 What information do I need to provide for an order?

On the order form located on the website under “how to order” fill in your username, email address, and upload the file you wish to have produced and any other additional information regarding your product. We have our onsite graphic designers to help you with your desired layout if you don’t have a finished design.

3.5 What are your prices on custom metal nameplates?

We can determine the price of your custom nameplates depending on the size, quantity, and product details. You can send us an email and request a free quote now.

3.6 What payment method do you accept?

We accept payment through visa, master card, T/T, online transfer, apple pay, and western union.

3.7 What are my payment options?

The payment options we provide are cash, checks, debit cards, credit cards, mobile payment, and electronic bank transfers.

3.8 Who are your partner distributors?

We partnered with DHL or FedEx, UPS, or TNT on our shipments. You can contact our sales representative at [email protected] if you have a UPS account that you would like to use. If you have other shipment requests kindly call us at +86-185-6560-2031 to see if it’s possible.

3.9 What is your minimum order?

Discounts for Metal Name plates
Figure 8. Discounts for Metal Name plates

We recommend you to order at a minimum of 100 pcs to ensure the quality of products at a wholesale price.

3.10 Do you charge for custom layouts or designs?

Custom layouts are free of charge. We have our in-house graphic designers that will work with your desired layout until you are satisfied. Kindly email us with your concerns and requests and we are more than happy to accommodate.

3.11 Can I receive an invoice after I place an order?

After we confirm the size and the design of your product request we will provide the most economical quotation based on the agreement.

3.12 Do you have customer service that I can reach?

Yes! We have online support that’s available 24/7. You can reach them here or email us directly at:


We respond within 12 hours

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping Metal Name plates
Figure 9. Shipping Metal Name plates

4.1 What is the shipping process?

We have several couriers to deliver our products worldwide including DHL or FedEx, UPS, or TNT, and freight is paid by the customer in advance. If a customer has a FedEx account that they prefer to use they can send us the information through our sales representative at  [email protected].

4.2 What are your shipping options?

We ship through DHL or FedEx, UPS, or TNT. You can also contact our sales representative [email protected] if you have a UPS account that you would like to use. If you have other shipment requests kindly call us at +86-185-6560-2031 to see if it’s possible.

4.3 Do you ship nationwide?

Yes. Our courier partners can get you the products to wherever you are.

4.4 How soon can I get the items after I placed an order?

Every product is made to order, the standard delivery time is two to three weeks upon placing the order. Please note that complicated designs and the volume of your order can also affect the production time.

4.5 How much does shipping cost?

This varies with the size and amount of products being shipped.

The larger the number of products being shipped to you will mean that there will be a slightly higher cost involved to get the products to you.

4.6 What are your shipping rates?

Metal Name plates Shipping Rates
Figure 10. Metal Name plates Shipping Rates

Samples and prototypes cost around $30-$35

100 pcs cost around $60-$70

500 pcs cost around $90-$120

It also varies to different sizes, weights, and destinations of your order. For a free quote, you can request it here.

4.7 Is free shipping possible?

As per our policy, the freight charges are covered by you in advance or through your courier account number.

4.8 How long does delivery take after shipping?

Usually, the delivery takes 7 – 10 business days to reach you.

4.9 Can my order be shipped in less than 7 days?

Unfortunately, our turnaround time for shipment is 7-10 days, a replacement, but you can contact us directly at +86 185 6560 2031.

4.10 During weekends and holidays are you able to ship my items?

Unfortunately, our courier partners are only able to deliver your orders Mondays-Fridays, also holidays are not counted.

4.11 What are the options for receiving a package when I’m not available?

If you are not available when the package arrives you will be able to choose the most convenient option for your product to be delivered to.

4.12 Why was my order partially shipped via sea?

When you order your items in multiple shipments you are likely to encounter a partial shipment.

4.13 How do I calculate international shipping?

We recommend for you send your inquiries here or call us or email us directly at

Sales: [email protected]

Tel Phone: +86-185-6560-2031

Landline: +86-755-2308-9667

We respond within 12 hours

4.14 I think the tracking number I receive is not working, what can I do to resolve this?

Tracking Metal Name plates
Figure 11. Tracking Metal Name plates

Tracking numbers need to be recognized and registered first by the shipping courier and it usually takes up to about 24-hours. Usually tracking numbers don’t work because the courier has yet to pick up the item or has yet to scan it.

4.15 Can I change my delivery address or billing address after the order was placed or shipped?

We understand that there might be some mistakes in placing your order but once it is confirmed the billing address cannot be changed.

4.16 What are your partner distributors on shipment?

We deliver products by using DHL or FedEx, UPS, or TNT only. If you have any special request on the shipment of your items please contact us and see if it’s possible.

4.17 My order is delayed, how can I get it sooner?

In case of delayed delivery, kindly contact us at:  

Tel Phone: +86-185-6560-2031 / Landline: +86-755-2308-9667

Or send your inquiries or concerns here. We respond within 12 hours

4.18 The status of my order was already delivered but I have not received my package. Can you help me with this?

If the tracking information shows as delivered and the package has yet to arrive within 24-48 hours, immediately reach out to us here and we will help you to locate the package.

4.19 Is bulk shipping on a single ship address available?

If the tracking information shows as delivered and the package has yet to arrive within 24-48 hours, immediately reach out to us here and we will help you to locate the package.

4.20 Is bulk shipping on a single ship address available?

Yes. Please contact our support on this page to assist you further with this information.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

Replacement of Metal Name plates
Figure 12. Replacement of Metal Name plates

5.1 What is your policy on returning an item?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product after 30 days, you may reach out to our online support team and we will help you investigate and resolve your claim, we can also reimburse your payment if needed.

5.2 I placed an order incorrectly, can I still replace it?

If you receive a wrong, defective or damaged product you can contact our support and request for a replacement for this. You are liable for the replacement of products sold by Foismetal only.

5.3 I want to return the product, is the address on the label valid for return?

Yes. The address on the label is our factory address.

 Make sure however to contact support or your salesperson to ensure that the company knows that you are returning the product.

5.4 Do I need to use your packaging or can I use my own?

Products being shipped from our factory always have Foismetal packaging. However, you can still contact our support here to discuss this further.

5.5 I received an item by mistake, how can I return the package?

The product comes with our address which you can return the package to. Kindly contact our 24-hour online support team here, they respond within 12 hours.

5.6 Some of the products I ordered were damaged in shipment, can I still return these?

If some of the products are damaged in transit, the first thing you need to do is take a photo as evidence and liaise with our support for further handling.

Most courier services offer insurance services so you need not worry too much.

5.7 How can I return the extra product that I received?

Immediately contact our support or sales personnel and inform them of this.

Sales: [email protected]

Tel Phone: +86-185-6560-2031

Landline: +86-755-2308-9667

We respond within 12 hours

5.8 What documents should be included before shipping it back?

The order slip has to always be included just as a list confirmation of the products you ordered.

5.9 How to track my placement order?

Our support is always keen to communicate with the client when their order is ready and processed.

5.10 Will I be notified of my replacement product?

Yes. We have our 24/7 online support team that will contact you once your product replacement is on its way.

5.11 How to track the status of my replacement product?

To track your product replacement you can use the tracking number that our support team provided. You still have an option to send us an inquiry here if you failed to track the replacement using the tracking number.

5.12 Can I get a replacement if I’m not happy with the product?

If your order does not correspond with the quality of the sample we sent you in the order processing stage, feel free to contact us to be assisted accordingly. You can also call us directly at Tel Phone: +86-185-6560-2031 or Landline: +86-755-2308-9667.

5.13 I wanted to return a Foison Metal product, can I be informed about the turnaround time?

You can be assured that we will process your replacement within 7 business days after you report to us.

5.14 Do you have any handling fees when returning an item?

Our trade assurance covers return fees to us from you. We will contact our courier partner to facilitate this.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation of Metal Name plates
Figure 13. Cancellation of Metal Name plates

6.1 What is your policy on refunds?

We usually need confirmed samples before mass production, once you approve, we will start mass production.

 If the mass production product differs from the samples approved by both parties we support a 100% refund. Otherwise, it will be a process dependent on the actual situation.

By any chance that the item is damaged or defective in shipping, kindly email us your order number and you will receive your refund authorization.

6.2 How do I request a refund?

You can contact our online customer support here and you are also free to contact us directly at +86 185 6560 2031.

6.3 I placed a refund request, can I get an update?

Contact us through our 24-hour online support team or send us a direct email here :

6.4 How much will I be refunded?

If the mass production product differs from the samples approved by both parties (the client and the company), we support a 100% refund.

6.5 What are your terms of cancellation?

We request that if you cancel your order please contact us and provide more than 24-hour notice.

6.6 I’m not satisfied with what I ordered. Is there any way to cancel?

Kindly reach out to our customer support using the information provided below to assist you with your cancellation.

Telephone numbers

  •   Tel Phone: +86-185-6560-2031
  •   Landline: +86-755-2308-9667


6.7 Can I get a notification once my order is already canceled?

Kindly contact our 24-hour online support team here or email us directly at :

Send us a free inquiry request