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Foison Metal is a direct manufacturer of wholesale custom stamped dog tags. We have more than a decade of experience crafting dog tags and other metal items that satisfy clients around the globe. You can count on us to deliver:

Excellent Production Technique for Dog Tags

Discover excellence in custom stamped dog tag production with Foison Metal. Our techniques ensure precision and durability, creating custom tags that stand out. To create stamped tags with unique textures and stunning finishes, we utilize techniques including anodizing, electroplating, and polishing. Let us know your design, and we’ll help you produce one-of-a-kind metal dog tags for your brand.

Featured Products

Foison Metal is a reliable mass producer of custom stamped dog tags that are durable, stylish, and effective.

Custom Stamped Dog Tags

Each Custom Stamped Dog Tag is a blank canvas awaiting your creative touch. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to create a tag that perfectly reflects your brand.

Stamped Dog ID Tags

The information on your pet's ID tag is stamped with precision, ensuring legibility for years to come.

Metal Stamped Dog Tags

Our dog tags guarantee longevity in any environment. The metal stamping process ensures clear and legible engraving, allowing for the personal touch that sets these tags apart.

Stamped Brass Dog Tags

The stamped brass construction not only guarantees longevity but also adds a touch of timeless elegance.

Stamped Military Dog Tags

The classic design and sturdy build make these dog tags suitable for military applications. The lightweight yet robust construction ensures comfort during extended wear.

Stamped Pet Tags

Whether it's stainless steel for durability or aluminum for a lightweight option, our range of materials offers versatility for different customer needs.

Basic Production Processes

Below is the list of production processes that are used to create your customized dog tags.

Design Submission

Send Us Your Ideas

Send us an original file of your stamped dog id tags or your ideas for us to generate an initial quote.

Generate a Quote

We generate a quote based on your design and the quantity of stamped id tags needed.
Mass Production

Approve Sample

Upon your request, customized samples will be produced. Custom samples will have your design or logo printed, to check if the quality passes your standard.
Quality Checking

Bulk Production

Once samples are approved, we proceed with the mass production of stamped pet tags. We produce the exact quantity needed for your orders with the exact design required.
Quality Control & Packaging

Quality Control

Each stamped dog tags for pets is checked to ensure quality. We do this to eliminate dog tags that are damaged during mass production.


Once everything is done and packed, we proceed with the shipment. You can choose shipment via express to have your items delivered within 5-7 days.

Custom Colors Options


Gold Dog Tag




Black Dog Tag


Custom Color Dog Tag


Surface Finish Options







Excellent Custom Service

Experience unparalleled excellence with Foison Metal's custom service. As a leading provider, we specialize in crafting custom stamped dog tags, available in diverse shapes and sizes. Our commitment extends beyond customization, offering a broad spectrum of plating options and surface textures to enhance the aesthetics of each dog tag design. 


With Foison Metal, elevate your brand or commemorate special moments with a unique touch. Our dedication to quality and customization ensures that you will receive outstanding service tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Surface Content On Different Production Process







Hight Light Product Details



This technique is perfect for stamped dog id tags bulk production. This process allows for the creation of complex forms with a minimal possibility of errors.


Through the anodizing process, stamped pet tags are turned decorative and durable. The colors form through anodizing guaranteeing no fading and flaking even on long-term use.



This technique is a process that increases the wear resistance and aesthetics of stamped id tags. Some of the platings available with this process are copper, gold, and silver.


The brushing technique gives a professional look to metal stamped dog tags. This creates textures that help hide scratches, dents, and other surface imperfections.



The method of sandblasting stamped id tags creates a rough texture that enhances the surface adhesion. This results to a long-lasting finish with improved resistance to wear and tear.

Foison Metal Delivers Custom Stamped Dog Tags With Excellent Material and Design Quality

As a reliable custom stamped dog tags producer, we help you elevate your brand with precision and style. These stamped pet tags are crafted with premium materials like brass, aluminum, and stainless steel that boast exceptional durability. Your designs and custom graphics withstand wear and tear through our stamping technique.


You can check the list of our certificates below, which shows our capability and excellence in mass-producing high-quality metal crafts.








IATF 16949

Our clients

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FAQs & Ultimate Guide

1. How do I know what size is perfect for my custom stamped dog tags?

Our standard dog tag size is 1.125”x2.0” but you can choose whatever size you like. The perfect size will be determined by your design if it sits well on the dog tag surface.

2. Will the color on my metal stamped dog tags rub off?

Our colored dog tags are made of anodized aluminum. The anodizing technique makes the surface more resistant to corrosion and produces rich colors that won’t rub off even in water. The anodizing color won’t crack or flake either.

3. Are my stamped dog id tags made of pure stainless steel?

The material to be used depends on your design. Some of the materials used are stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. It is important to send us your material and design requirements for us to produce your ideal stamped pet tags.

4. Do you provide stamped id tags attachments?

Yes. Attachments or accessories are available upon your request and will be quoted based on the material used and quantity needed. Some of the attachments available are split ring and S-hook.

5. How thick are stamped dog id tags?

The thickness of a dog tag depends on its size. Large and medium-sized dog tags have the same thickness which is ⅛”. However, for smaller dog tags the ideal thickness is 1/16”. Although, you can let us know if you have a preferred size or thickness.

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