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At Foison Metal, We Guarantee Quality Products From The Finest Raw Materials Available

Foison Metal is a well-known producer of highly customized metal goods and services for your prerequisites. In addition, look for new technologies and methods to help your product stand out.

We aspire to continue providing unsurpassed customer support to you, by creating and developing the exquisite metal crafts obtainable anywhere, utilizing our team’s manufacturing experience and research. 

Our cut out metal letters are designed and built using a variety of high-end materials and components to meet your specific needs and distinctive designs from our experienced engineering team, who are deliberately putting their knowledge to use.

We cooperate collectively to give top-notch products to your image.

About Our Service


Our cut out metal letters are guaranteed to be worth the price you pay.


In terms of services and material quality, our products are truthful and identical to what is advertised.


The cut out metal letters are made of durable materials that will last for a long time, allowing you to get the most out of your purchase.

Environment Friendly

Because of their metal properties, Foison Metal's products are guaranteed recyclable and reusable.

High Volume Manufacturing

Our cut out metal letters have a system set up to guarantee that all of your necessities and tight cutoff times are met adequately.

Global Shipping

Foison Metal products can be shipped internationally and anywhere in the world.


Because of the experts and professionals behind the production, Foison Metal's services are extremely dependable.

Sourced Manufacturer

We have complete control over all equipment and personnel. To summarize, we control all production linkages.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Cut Out Metal Letters, Specifically Adapted and Finalized in Top Standard

Thin Metal Letters

Using our high-quality ultra-thin metal letters, you can create a seamless aesthetic that highlights product features.

Small Metal Letters

These are premium letters made with precision on a CNC mill, hand-finished, and available in finishes ranging from brushed to polished.

Metal Letters For Outdoor Signs

Custom metal letters are indeed a great suggestion for colorful metal signs with impact and longevity because they are made to last outdoors.

Metal Script Letters

Script Style metal letters are a great way to make a cursive metal sign and are made from Galvanized Steel or Aluminum to ensure longevity.


Foison Metal is well-known for using high-quality raw resources in an environmentally conscious business that includes 100% post-consumer waste.

Our quality planning to provide all the products of the highest quality even as remaining inside of your expenditure, putting your situations, along with your specific needs and expectations, first.

 Foison Metal’s main objective is to provide exceptional client service in the industry. Enable us to help guide you in creating sensational cut out metal letters for your business.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


You can demand that your plan be tweaked to meet your extraordinary requirements and wants.


Foison Metal has all of the sophisticated technology required to assure the precision of the goods we manufacture.


Foison Metal is an impartial design department with several years of experience that all have the same goal: to offer you the best quality product possible.

Easily Formable

The metal used to make high-quality cut out metal letters is easy to bend and shape.

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Foison Metal – The World’s Largest Supplier of Cut Out Metal Letters

Foison Metal’s goal is to create environmentally safe cut out metal letter manufacturing techniques as well as safe working conditions. We make a point of trying to instill our guiding values and promoting issues of sustainability and commitment, the impact of that may enhance far beyond our own company.

The Cut Out Metal Letters Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Figure 1. Cut-out Metal Letters

1.1 What are cut-out metal letters?

Cut-out metal letters are letter signs that are cut out from a sheet of metal. Cut-out metal letters can come in different fonts and sizes. The metal sheets can be in different thicknesses for up to one inch.

 Cut-out metal letters are cast using specific techniques making them outstanding and an attractive way of branding logos. Cut-out metal letters are available in different designs, shapes, colors, thicknesses, and different finishes. 

Cut-out metal letters can also be available in a range of styles and specifications provided by the client.

1.2 Where are cut-out metal letters used?

Cut-out metal letters can be used both indoors and outdoors to write signs where need be. Businesses use metal letters to make signs and logos stick out.

Some customers use cut-out metal letters for the decoration of rooms and houses.

Cut-out metal letters are a good advertisement strategy for small business owners to boost themselves due to the outstanding and attractive features they have.

Cut out metal letters can be used on outdoor businesses such as;

  • Restaurants
  • Coffee houses
  • Hospitals
  • Outdoor decorations
  • Decorating weddings 

1.3 Which materials are used to cut out letters

We have plenty of options for materials used to manufacture cut out metal letters such as:

  • Stainless steel 
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Aluminum

Each metallic sheet has a unique feature to it that makes your brand logo look good and attractive.

1.4 Which tools are used to cut out metal letters

Figure 2. Tools used in cutting Cut-out Metal Letters

CNC Machining is one of the common tools used to cut out metal letters. CNC is short for computer numeric control. This machine cuts and drills into metals with ease using high driven water jets

1.5 What are the different techniques used to cut out metal letters?

  • Laser cutting

This is a technique that can cut and shape designs from materials like acrylic and metal. The result of the cutting can be 3D depending on the thickness of the material. laser cutting can be used on metal and other materials

  • Water jet cutting

A water jet cutter is a tool used to cut a range of metals using a high-pressure water jet.

  • Die-cut printing

This is a thin sharp razor steel blade that is formed in a particular shape and design pattern. Die-cutting is also an automated process.

  • Flatbed printing

Digital flatbed printers are known to have a flat surface on which the material to be printed is placed. The design of the cut-out metal letters is entered into the computer and then printed on the metal sheet directly.

1.6 Where are cut-out metal letters placed?

Cut-out metal letters can be placed anywhere of preference for example; they can be used to decorate rooms on the walls, decorate restaurants at door entrances, and show signs in hospital corridors. 

They can be used to brand and label a car, they are used to decorate parties and events such as weddings, cut out metal letters can be used in hotel doors to indicate room numbers, they are used in churches to brand the church name. 

Apart from decorating stuff, cut-out metal letters are generally used to brand logos of companies and businesses for advertisement purposes.

1.7 What are the benefits of cut out metal letters to a business?

A business with no sign is assigned no business. Cut-out metal letters enable the business to be attractive and have a bright appearance that promotes the business by capturing the attention of prospective users who see the logo.

The business will be covered in terms of durability since the material used to cut out metal letters is highly durable.

1.8 How are cut-out metal letters hung?

Figure 3. Hunging Cut-out Metal Letters

If the cut-out metal letters are to be hung on the wall, use the construction adhesive on the cut-out metal letter the place them.

Use painter’s tape to keep the cut-out metal letters in place up to when the adhesive sets.

1.9 Can cut out metal letters be hung on walls?

Cut-out metal letters can be placed on walls on buildings for branding purposes. They are hung on walls for decoration.

Cut-out metal letters are hung on all types of walls, both painted walls and unpainted walls.

1.10 Are there outdoor cut-out metal letters?

Yes, there are outdoor cut-out metal letters. Outdoor cut-out metal letters are designed with a special finish to withstand the sun and rain for durability. 

1.11 How are large cut-out metal letters produced?

Large cut-out metal letters are produced using the same technique as small cut-out metal letters.

The flat metal sheet is placed on a table where high-driven water jets or lasers cut through to make each letter.

1.12 Are there 3D cut-out metal letters?

There are 3D cut-out metal letters.

3D cut-out metal letters are thicker and more attractive than the normal cut-out metal letters.

1.13 What are galvanized cut-out metal letters?

Galvanized cut-out metal letters are metal letters that have a modern sign look, they do not rust or tarnish.

 Galvanized metal letters are cut from galvanized steel.

1.14 Where can we find cut-out metal letters?

You can find cut out metal letters at;

  • our warehouse
  • At the retail shops where we supply the cut-out metal letters to.
  • At our online shop by logging in to our website.

1.15 Which difference do flat cut-out metal letters and cast have?

Although cut-out cast metal letters and flat cut-out metal letters have the same finish design, Flat cut-out metal letters have less depth as compared to cast cut-out metal letters. 

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 4. Design and Customization of Cut-out Metal Letters

2.1 What are the finishes of cut-out metal letters?

The finishing of cut out metal letters can be left with a;

  • Satin finish

Satin finishes are usually velvety, they do not have as much light as the glossy finishes.

  • Natural finish 

These are finishes that are cut out from metal sheets and used without any painting or finishes

  • Painted finish

These are finishes that are painted after the designs. They can have natural colorless paint or paint with color.

  • Surface pigmentation finish

Pigments are insoluble particles that have color and gloss. Surface pigmented finishes prevent corrosion to the cut-out metal letters. Hence, this makes it a good finish.

These are finishes that are painted or designed like the walls that they are placed on.

  • Matte finishes

These finishes often absorb light and do not reflect it. Matte finishes are not very durable like other finishes.

  • Glossy finishes

Glossy finishes are usually those finishes with so much lighting and are not as dull and velvety as satin finishes.

  • Brass and copper finishes
  • Steel finishes
  • Bronze finishes

2.2 Do cut out metal letters come in different designs?

Yes, cut-out metal letters come in different designs depending on our clients’ preferences. We have cut out metal letters in the following designs

  • Flat cut out metal letters
  • 3D cut out metal letters
  • Cast cut out metal letters
  • Floating cut out metal letters
  • Backlit cut out metal letters
  • Vintage cut out metal letters
  • Retro cut out metal letters

2.3 Up to what thickness do your cut-out metal letters come?

Our cut-out metal letters are of different thicknesses and we can custom make them depending on our clients’ preferences, budget, and material. But, as from a minimum of a quarter-inch depth and 2 inches height to over 24 inches

2.4 How can one describe the general outlook of the cut-out metal letters?

Our cut-out metal letters have different designs and shapes depending on the type chosen by the client. There are cut-out metal letters that are of different thicknesses, different shapes, and font styles. They are also made using different materials. 

2.5 Do cut-out metal letters rust?

Figure 5. Non-rusting Cut-out Metal Letters

Depending on the materials used to cut out metal letters like rustic steel letters, some cut-out metal letters can rust especially if those that are supposed to be indoor are placed outside without adding a protective coating.

2.6 Can cut out metal letters be customized?

Yes, cut-out metal letters can be customized.

Different clients have different tastes, some prefer unique designs that can be from a distance for advertisement purposes while others prefer to cut out metal letters that do not attract much attention.

Each of our customer’s preferences is catered for since we customize the cut-out metal letters to their individual preference

2.7 In what colors do cut-out metal letters come in?

Cut-out metal letters come in different colors from silver, gold to bronze.

Most metal letters have a metallic look. Cut-out metal letters can be painted black, red, or any color that the client wants.

2.8 Do you make floating cut-out metal letters?

Floating metal letters are designed in such a way that the letters are mounted away from the wall. This gives an illusion of the cut-out metal letters floating by themselves.

For a shadow, an effect spacer is used.

2.9 Which alphabetical letters do cut-out letters come in?

Cut-out metal letters come in all the alphabetical letters, the client can order any letter or suggest the name of the company logo being used or the wording that the client wants.

2.10 How durable are cut-out metal letters?

Figure 6. Durability of Cut-out Metal Letters

Metals are more expensive than plastic and acrylics because they are more durable

Cut-out metal letters are made from metal sheets; this makes them very durable when it comes to both outdoor and indoor.

For outdoors you will want something that will be able to withstand the harsh elements and cut out metal letters at it.

Stainless steel cut-out metal letters are very durable, cannot be scratched easily, and withstand the harshest of all weathers.

On a cost-effective and more durable cut-out, aluminum ones are the best.

2.11 Can your cut-out metal letters be backlit?

Yes, we have backlit cut-out metal letters that are built by 3D metal shells and are attractive and a great logo sign to be placed at indoor and outdoor businesses.

2.12 Is it possible to customize your cut-out metal letters to a client’s preference?

Yes, although this can lead to incurring more charges. It is usually our pleasure to serve and custom makes cut-out metal letters for our clients. Customers can log into our website and check out our new designs or visit our warehouse for new stock.

We also advise our customers to contact our customer care for any inquiries.

2.13What is the difference between light-up cut-out metal letters and the normal cut-out metal letters?

Yes, there is a great difference between the two because light-up cut-out metal letters are drilled into a small hole inside the metal then insert small bulbs to illuminate. light up cut-out metal letters are more attractive than the normal ones, especially at night. This makes them a good choice for signage.

2.14 Can I come up with my new designs of cut-out metal letters and share them with you?

Figure 7. Different Designs for Cut-out Metal Letters

Yes, we encourage new ideas because sharing the new ideas makes us come up with quality products. We will highly appreciate the customer support.

However, we are limited to the choice of ideas to put on our product.

2.15 Can I get a unique color of cut-out metal letters?

Yes, you can get a unique color and design depending on your preference. We custom make our cut-out metal letters according to the customer’s request.

2.16 Can I get oxidized bronze cut-out metal letters?

Yes, we have oxidized bronze metal letters in our warehouses. Bronze metals usually react to oxygen as time goes by and change to a greenish color. The color varies depending on temperature, climate, and humidity. 

Oxidized bronze letters are chemically oxidized cut-out metal letters that are hand wrapped to make a unique look to the metal surface.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 8. Order and Payment of Cut-out Metal Letters

3.1 How can I order cut-out metal letters?

You can make your order for cut-out metal letters through our website or visit our shop physically to place your order.

Preferably, you could talk to our customer care agents to place your order or they can take you through the process of making an order on cut-out metal letters.

Payments can be made through Visa Card, PayPal, American Express, or Mastercard.

3.2 Do I pay for my order on cut-out metal letters before or after delivery?

We do advise payment before delivery to initiate the shipping process and get the funds to ship the order quickly.

We do Payments before delivery because it is more recommended since it helps reduce the risks involved with the production of the cut-out metal letters.

So yes, we recommend payment before delivery.

3.3 What is the process for placing an order for cut-out metal letters?

The process for making an order with us is outlined on our website with the following steps

  • Select the cut-out metal letters you would like to purchase from our store website and add them to your cart.
  • Enter your most important details which are your name, telephone number, and address where the cut-out metal letter order is to be delivered.
  • Select a suitable delivery method that is available and convenient to you.
  • Choose a payment method that you are comfortable with, we accept payment plans like;
  • PayPal
  • Master card
  • American Express
  • Visa 
  • Discover
  • After you have fully placed your order, a confirmation is done to avoid potential issues that may arise with our clients.

If any issues are identified an email is sent to the client to rectify them before continuing with the order process

  • Once all the relevant information is verified and the order is ready to be dispatched, your payment is processed and your order processed officially.
  • Your items are then processed from our shop for transportation to the specific address you provided, with the delivery method you chose.

3.4 Do you have customer services?

Figure 9. Customer Service for Cut-out Metal Letters

Yes, we do have customer care agents to direct you on any issues you have.

Feel free to speak to our customer care service providers any time of the day whenever you want to inquire about our cut-out metal letters.

The customer care number is provided on our website.

We also have an email address provided on our website and talk to our customer care through email when there is a problem with our cut-out metal letters or when asking about our letters.

3.4 Do you offer in-person visits to the warehouse to place an order on cut out metal letters?

We do not offer in-person visits to our shops. However, you can make your order on cut-out metal letters through our website and customer care.

3.5 Is there a limit to the number of orders on cut-out metal letters?

There is no limit to the number of cut-out metal letters you can order, but we would prefer a pre-order process to be followed for customers making large orders to allow us enough time to make the required number of cut-out metal letters.

For the pre-order, communicate to our customer care through the number provided on our website or email us using the address provided on our website.

3.6 What are the policies to be followed when placing an order on cut-out metal letters?

We have policies and terms to be followed when placing an order.

Mostly, our policies are about our payment plans and agreement between us and the clients on the terms and conditions that we follow when placing an order.

Check out the policies on our website and adhere to the payment procedures provided.

3.7 Which documents are required when placing an order on cut out metal letters?

When placing an order on cut-out metal letters only the payment receipts are required, they are sent through our email.

The name and address are very important details that should not be left out when placing an order on cut out metal letters

To know more about the documentation required, check our website for directions when placing your order.

3.8 Is there online help when placing the order?

Figure 10. Online Payment for Cut-out Metal Letters

We provide online help through our emails, talk to our customer care services through our emails to help you through the placement process.

Our customer care responds immediately when emailed and can be relied upon for a successful guide.

3.9 How do I make payment on my order for cut-out metal letters?

There is a number provided on our website for the different payment methods that we offer.

Only the essential information is provided when making payments with us. We have security and privacy for details provided by our clients when making payments.

3.10 Do you offer after-sale services on cut out metal letters order

Yes, we offer after-sale services where our online customer care takes you through the installation process

You could also inquire about any mounting questions you have.

3.11 What are the terms and conditions for placing an order and payment of cut-out metal letters?

Our terms and conditions when ordering and paying are;

  • The client must include the relevant information when placing the order. The relevant information consists of the name, telephone number, and address to where the order is to be shipped.
  • Our orders are only processed during working hours. Check our website to see our working hours or communicate with our customer care to direct you
  • Our orders on cut-out metal letters are only processed within 48 hours from the first working day after the order has been placed.
  • Payments must be made at the time of order. We do not offer payment on delivery; payments are to be made before the order is fully processed.
  • No discount is given to the client

3.12 What is the minimum number of orders on cut out metal letters?

We do not have a minimum number of orders on cut-out metal letters. Our clients can order any number of cut-out metal letters.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 11. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Which agents do you use when shipping?

We have a variety of shipping agents all over the world to choose from.

For those that are shipping to outside countries, you can check our website for shipping agents that are convenient to you. 

4.2 Is the shipping cost included in my order cost?

No, the shipping cost is paid separately and not included in the order cost.

The shipping cost is the cost of transportation and postage for the order to get to the client’s address, the shipping cost is not the same as the order cost.

Check our website to know the shipping prices on the various items you have ordered for, or speak to our customer care service.

4.3 Any recommended type of shipment for cut-out metal letters?

We offer all types of shipment options at varying price rates depending on what the client wants.

Air transport is expensive as compared to the rest but it is the fastest of all. Sea freight is slower but the safety of the shipment is guaranteed.

For shipments of cut-out metal letters, we recommend truck services if the shipment is not international because they are cost-effective to the client and do not delay so much. However, for clients who have urgent need of the shipment and are shipping internationally air freight is the best to use.

We have;

  • Rail services
  • International air freight
  • International sea freight
  • Truck services

4.4 How well is your packaging on cut out metal letters?

Figure 12. Packaging for Cut-out Metal Letters

We prioritize the satisfaction of our clients so much, our packaging on cut-out metal letters is done carefully to avoid mishandling during shipment.

4.5 Which countries do you make shipments to?

We ship to all countries. Contact our customer service to communicate how the shipment is to be made

We ship through international shipping; the client should choose a shipping option that is convenient to them, for international shipments we have sea and air transport.

4.6 Do you offer twenty-four hours delivery?

We do not have a twenty-four hours delivery. Most of the time we make our deliveries between nine and seven AM on any day of the week.

The delivery time varies for each client based on the distance of the delivery address from our warehouse.

4.7 Which third-party shipping agents do you use when shipping cut-out metal letters?

Check our website for third-party agents that are convenient to you, we have different agents depending on the mode of transportation used and the location the shipment is headed.

Call our customer care if you have trouble choosing the type of agent you want for advice.

Third-party shippers help in handling shipment matters like the movement of cargo from one point to the other.

4.8 Do you offer warehousing services?

We have warehousing services for both local and international shipping. Contact our customer care through email or call to book with our warehouses.

4.9 Do you offer physical pickup options from your factory?

No, we do not offer physical pickup options for our orders on cut-out metal letters. All our orders are done online and the deliveries are made to the address provided by our clients.

4.10 Do you offer to track shipments on cut-out metal letters?

Figure 13. Shipment Tracking for Cut-out Metal Letters

Yes, we offer tracking on our shipments. After the shipment is dispatched, you will get a link through your email. 

The link is used to track your email. Alternatively, you can talk to our customer care service to track the progress of the shipment.

Our customer care will notify you once the shipment is available to the selected address. 

4.11 Can I change my pickup address?

Yes, you can change the pickup address on your order for cut-out metal letters but make sure to communicate before your shipment is dispatched.

Once your shipment is on the way, it will be difficult to change your pickup address.

4.12 What happens if I get the wrong delivery for my order on cut-out metal letters?

If the wrong shipment for cut-out metal letters is delivered to you, give our customer care a call immediately.

The earlier the communication the faster the return process will be. To get our customer care telephone number, check it out on our website.

4.13 What if my order goes to the wrong address?

Tracking of shipment helps our clients know the progress of the shipment, if the order is delivered to the wrong address, contact our customer care through mail or call immediately to deliver it to the right address.

4.14 Do you have insurance on shipments of cut out metal letters?

Yes, our customers’ security and safety are our top priority. All our shipments on cut-out metal letters are insured to avoid any risks during transportation.

Our clients are assured of full compensation in case the shipment encounters problems during delivery 

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 14. Return and Replacement

5.1 Do I incur the cost of the return if I received defective cut-out metal letters?

No, the cost of the return is solely borne by us for defective goods. However, if the customer placed the wrong order or changed his/her mind we do not do a full refund for the shipping charges involved.

5.2 Which supporting important documentation should I include when applying for replacement?

When applying for replacement and returns, including the following documents;

  • The original form of payment you used when making your order
  • Delivery address for the new package to be delivered at
  • Your telephone number or email address 
  • All accessories and manuals were in the original pack.

5.3 What is the replacement process for orders on cut-out metal letters?

Packages are eligible for return if; We shipped the wrong item, the items were damaged during the shipment process or on arrival.

The replacement procedure is as follows;

– Communicate within 14 days after the delivery has been made. 

– Fill the return authorization form from our website to start the replacement and return process.

 -We will send you a return authorization number

– After receiving the return authorization number, pack and ship the items back to our stores

-The replacement procedure is explained more on our website.

5.4 What is your replacement policy?

Figure 15. Cut-out Metal Letters Replacement Policy

If our clients are not hundred percent satisfied with the products, they should send them back within the specified days from when the order on cut-out metal letters has been delivered.

  • We will refund the cost fully.
  • We will not refund the shipping costs involved.
  • A return authorization must be requested from us.
  • The serial number of the cut-out metal letters must be verified before the order is returned
  • The refunds are credited immediately after verification to the client’s visa, master card, American Express, or the credit cards and debit cards used to make payment.

5.5 Can the entire order be returned when only a few are defective?

Yes, the entire shipment can be returned if only a few are defective. Returning the whole shipment makes it easier for us to repackage the whole order without errors.

Go through our return and replacement procedure on our website before initiating your return process on your order of cut-out metal letters.

5.6 After how long am I supposed to return an order if it is faulty?

When you want to return your order on cut-out metal letters, you should do so immediately when you realize the order is defective or immediately you notice the goods are not up to the standard you expected.

The earlier the communication about the return and replacement, the earlier the goods will be put back for transportation to your delivery address.

5.7 Do you accept open packages when returning?

We do accept open packages during return and replacement under the following conditions;

  • The cut-out metal letters should be in the exact number as before.
  • The cut-out metal letters should not be defective.
  • The cut-out metal letters are the same as the ones we dispatched.
  • The cut-out metal letters are not tampered with.

5.8 How do I go about the return and replacement procedure?

Communicate within the specified number of days after receiving your order.

Fill the replacement and return form provided on our website.

Give a call to our customer care for guidance or email us through the provided email address on our website.

Follow all the replacement and return policies provided on our website to initiate the return process.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 16. Cancellation and Refund Policy

6.1 What documentation should I accompany when applying for cancellation and refund?

To process a refund and cancellation, some documents have to be attached for easy identification, some of these documents include;

  • The number of cut out metal letters to be returned
  • The original price paid
  • The reason for the return and cancellation of the cut-out metal letters
  • The amount of credit due for the return.

6.2 How do I go about the cancellation and refund of my order?

Cancellation and refund of cut-out metal letters are very easy and simple especially when buying them online. You will need to log into our website on the online shop. To cancel your transaction, you need to;

  • Log into our website and log into your account which you used to place your order of the cut-out metal letters.
  • Go to the menu and select the cancel option request

You need to have legal requirements for the cancellation and refund as required in the cancelation and refund terms. Alternatively, you can contact our customer care for further inquiries about the cancelation and refund process of your cut-out metal letters order.

6.3 Can I place another order after the cancellation of an order?

Ordering immediately after the cancellation of cut-out metal letters is not allowed, especially when the shipment is in transit because the order has already been dispatched. Ordering of a new package can only be done if the canceled order has not been dispatched.

6.4 How long does your cancellation and refund process takes to go through?

The cancellation process takes up to 7 working days for the refund to be credited back to our client account after the cancellation has been done

The cancellation and refund process can take more time depending on the mode of payment the customer used.

6.5 How can I know if my cancellation and refund process has been successful?

Figure 17. Refund Process

Immediately the order has been canceled, you will receive an email, that will notify you that your cancellation and refund request has been received and is being processed. Alternatively, you can track your refund status in the refund history on your account. 

The refunds take seven working days to be credited back to your account after the cancellation has been successful.

6.6 Can I change my order of cut out metal letters before it is placed in transit?

If our clients want to change or cancel their order, they should please contact us as soon as possible. Once you cancel after the order has been placed in transit, you shall incur an additional fee.

6.7 What are the reasons for the cancellation and refund of cut-out metal letters?

The following can be the reasons why a client can cancel an order;

  • If the expected delivery date has changed and the product is arriving at a later date.
  • If the customer finds a cheaper alternative to the cut-out metal letters.
  • If the client gets a bad review about the product from friends and family after placing the order.
  • If the ordered cut out metal letters are not needed anymore.
  • When the seller does not offer cash on delivery.
  • When it’s the customer’s mistake that the package is delivered to the wrong address.

6.7 Do I incur other extra charges when I ask for a cancellation and refund?

Giving a refund to our customers usually varies depending on the agreement between us and the clients. You should not incur other charges for a refund other than the shipping cost. 

You should go through the policy of cancellation before canceling your order.

Send us a free inquiry request