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Explore Dog Tag Blanks from Foison Metal: Ideal for Crafting and Identification Needs

Foison Metal is a pioneer in developing and manufacturing dog tag blanks and other assistance metalwork products worldwide. We create customized dog tags that we creatively developed for pets and other needs.

Dog tags have become more trendy in the market and are used for different style applications. Since then, our company has promoted the creation of blank dog tags for your needs and specifications. 

Discover a wide range of customization options that is perfectly suited for both crafting and identification purposes. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or in need of reliable identification tags, our blank dog tags bulk offers the perfect solution.

About Our Service

Large Orders

We accommodate large orders. Ordering large orders helps you with providing signs you need for your establishments.


Our dog tag blanks come from durable metals like aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.


We offer a variety of choices of metal, colors, and printing to choose from.

Made To Last

Foison Metal’s products are known because of its sturdiness and flexibility.

Fast Ordering

Our website is specifically created for new users and fast processing of orders.


Foison Metal is one of the leading pioneers for metal works products such as dog tags.

Free Samples

We deliver samples before mass-producing your products for your quality inspection.

Fast Response

Our team and assistance are open to assist you 24/7.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Custom Dog Tag Blanks Are Designed to Meet Our Client’s Standard and Needs

Blank Military Dog Tags

Ultimate canvas for personalization and expression. Crafted with precision and durability.

Blank Dog Tags Bulk

Crafted to perfection. Durable and ready for personalization perfect for engraved names, logos, and message.

Sublimation Dog Tag Blanks

dog tag blanks are great in sublimation to get that durable layout you need.

Blank Dog Tags for Engraving

dog tag blanks are best for engraving for you to get that long-lasting print you want.


Foison Advanced Dog Tag Manufacturing technology

Pet Tag Production Process Fosion Metal
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Our blank dog tags are great with your DIY design or just keeping it simple or plain. When it comes to the best quality dog tag blanks, Foison Metal has been mass-producing this with premium customized designs for you. 

Each product made by Foison Metal has undergone a different preparatory process in providing that shiny and sleek design you look forward to.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Delivery Options

For your courier or delivery business, we provide choices. We spoke with our clients till they received their orders.


We deliver custom-made dog tags from your standard and requirements.

Affordable Rates

Bulk orders prices depends on the amount of order and providing the best rates for you.

Customer Assistance

We ensure excellent customer service and production. We take note of our client’s needs and offer quality results.

Our Factory Audit

Our clients

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Shaping Creativity and Identity: Unleash Possibilities with Dog Tags Blank with Foison Metal

Discover the art of expression and branding with premium dog tag blanks by Foison Metal. We produce high-quality blank dog tags bulk that empowers you to craft with distinction. As we shape your visions into reality, we guarantee durability and style that exceeds your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Are Dog Tag Blanks?

Dog tag blanks are metallic discs with no printed information on them that are worn on pets’ collars. Dog tag blanks are ready for personalization.

1.2 Why Should I Choose Dog Tag Blanks?

Dog Tag Blanks in Different Colors
Figure 1. Dog Tag Blanks

Some of the reasons that you should choose dog tag blanks include:

  1. They are durable –Dog tag blanks are made of materials that are known for their longevity and thus giving you 
  2. Corrosion free-Materials used in making dog tag blanks are resistant to corrosion and any kind of scratching and are also friendly to the weather.
  3. Light-weight materials –Dog tag blanks are made of m that are light and not a burden to either the dog, pet, or the person wearing them or even not heavy to handle as an order.
  4. Easy for personalization-Dog tag blanks are made in such a way that they are easy to personalize in any way that you would like it to be personalized.
  5. High-quality graphics-The process for imprinting the graphics is permanent and does not rub off easily thereby giving you as the customer a long life span.
  6. The maintenance cost is low– The materials used to process dog tag blanks are easy to maintain i.e., easy to clean using local cleaning detergent. They are also easy to repair.

1.3 What Are the Materials Used in Making Dog Tag Blanks?

Deciding to order dog tag blanks for whatever you need requires you to choose a specific material for it is creation. As Foison Metals we use metals thus your choices are limited to metals.

The options that you will be able to access from us include Aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. You may also request dog tag blanks that are made of other expensive materials such as gold, bronze, etc.

We allow you as our esteemed customer to dictate the metal or the material that you want us to use in making your dog tag blanks. Choice of materials depends on the cost, usage, and design.


Corrosion resistance-it naturally generates a protective thin oxide coating that keeps the metal from making further contact with the environment. Anodizing or painting aluminum-made dog tag blanks can further improve this property.

Lightweight-Aluminum is a very light metal and a strong one thus it can adjust to any kind of modification done on it. It is suitable for making dog tag blanks since it exerts no weight on the dog/ pet or the person wearing it.

Stainless steel

It is one of the toughest materials that are hard resistant to corrosion.

Longevity span-It is well known for its durability.

Malleable-Stainless steel dog tag blanks are resistant to any kind of scratch


Dog tag blanks that are made of brass are also corrosion resistant and have a classic look.

1.4 How Much Dog Tag Do Blanks Cost?

The cost of dog tag blanks differs depending on some factors. The factors include;

The type of materials used

Some materials used to make the dog tag blanks call for higher prices since the cost of acquiring such material is high.

Design and customizations

Complex customization and designs call for higher prices while that simple design will cost fewer prices. 


Small size dog tag blanks cost low prices compared to large size dog tag blanks.


Some shapes may require a special production process such as stamping to convert your dog tag blanks into your desired shape. Some of these desired shapes call for higher prices.

1.5 What Processes Work On Your Dog Tag Blanks?

Dog tag blanks are eligible for many processes and that would be done according to our specifications. The processes include chemical etching, laser engraving, embossing, screen printing, UV printing, and stamping. These processes are described as follows:

  • Chemical etching 

Chemical etching can also be referred to as chemical milling or photo etching. Chemical etching is a subtractive sheet metal machining process that mainly uses chemical etchants to create complex and highly accurate precision components from metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.

This process involves process works by printing a component design onto a photoresist which is usually laminated to a metal. Those areas of photoresist that have not been printed are removed thus this will expose the metal which is eventually etched away.

  • Laser engraving

 Laser engraving is a process where we use a high heat laser beam which we use to melt the surface of the target metal. Part of the melted materials expands and causes a slightly raised mark that brings out the desired markings while the other part vaporizes creating a cavity thus revealing the desired beauty.

Laser engraving machines have three parts: the laser, the controller, and the surface. The laser is like a pen or a pencil which is the object that creates the desired designs by concentrating high light-powered lights onto the surface which in this case the surface is the material that you are engraving.

The controller in this case refers to the part of the engraving machine that controls the laser to move over the surface to bring out the intended design as per the instructions. The power of the laser and the controller movement is controlled by the data in the design file that you created. 

The software in the laser engraving machine converts the design into a map with X and Y axes. Once this has been created the controller and the laser is now able to read the vector on the map and translate it to the desired design.

  • Embossing

Embossing uses two main things: a die and a stock.  The die is a personalized metal image that is cut into the image that you intend to emboss.

 One of the dice has a design raised surface while the other has the same design recessed into it.  To create the intended design, the paper is pressed between them, and they are heated thus the combination of pressure and heat will re-shape the dog tag blank.

  • Screen Printing

Screen printing is the process by which ink is pressed through a stenciled mesh screen to create a printed designed dog tag blank. It involves the following steps:

Step 1. Design is crested. The printer takes the design that they want to create on the dg tag blanks and prints it out on a transparent acetate film which is later used to make the stencil.

Step 2. Preparation of the screen-This step is where the printer chooses a mesh screen that suits the complexity of the design being printed. The mesh screen is later coated with a layer of light reactive emulsion which is exposed under a bright light to harden.

Step 3. Exposing the emulsion-the dog tag blank is laid on the emulsion coated screen which is then exposed to very bright light. The light will harden the dog tag blank and the parts not covered by light design remain in liquid form.

Step 4. Washing off the emulsion creating the stencil-After exposing the design to a highlight some areas of the dog tag blank will have turned hard. The unhardened emulsion is rinsed away thus leaving a clear print of the design on the dog tag blanks for the ink to pass through.

Dog tag blank will then be dried, and the printer will make any necessary corrections to make it accurate as compared to the original design. The dog tag blank will now be ready for use.

Step 5. Preparing the dog tag blank for print-The dog tag blank is laid down on the printing board underneath the screen. Printing will differ depending on the type of printer. For instance, there are manual and automatic printers.

Step 6. Pressing through the ink onto the item-The dog tag blanks in this step are lowered on the printing board. Ink is then added to the top end of the screen where a squeegee is used to pull the ink along the full length of dog tag blanks.

This will then press the ink through the open areas of the stencil in printing the design on the dog tag blank underneath.

Step 7. Drying of the product, check and finish-This is the final stage where the dog tag blank is passed through a drier to “cure” the ink. The final product is washed to remove any residual before it is sold to the owner.

  • Stamping

Stamping can also be as pressing Stamping is the process whereby, we place a flat sheet metal into a stamping press to convert the flat metal into specific shapes. 

Stamping involves 6 processes that include punching, blanking, bending, coining, embossing and flanging. Stamping could be on a single stage operation where every stroke produces the desired form of sheet metal part or it can be subjected to a series of stages to bring out the desired design

1.6 Why Should I Consider Foison Metal in Mass Producing My Designs?

You can consider buying from Foison Metal as it is;

Efficient-We us Foison Metals strive to make our products and achieve maximum productivity while using cheaper means of the product thus incurring less expense in production.

EconomicalWe manufacture products that are of high quality but are less expensive thus customers pocket friendly.

VersatileWe have specialized in metals and thus we have explored so many designs that we can use in the metals. The metals are cut into different sizes and shapes to fit any desired task and customer’s taste and preferences.

Easy accessibility-Our Company can be easily reached either through physical visitation of the company or use of email or direct call from the comfort of your house. 

Customer careOur company offers exceptional customer care service by offering;

Fast delivery– To ensure that we deliver our product as fast as seven days we use the fastest means of delivery.

Safety control– we as Foison Metals have a social responsibility in that we ensure that we have healthy working conditions, and are environmentally friendly.

Quality system-We use the latest machines and technology.

1.7 What Is the Longevity Of The Dog Tag Blanks?

Foison Metal uses durable materials to make dog tag blanks, you may consider stainless steel dog tag blanks that are waterproof and resistant to any form of scratches or chemicals.

1.8 How Do You Ensure Quality on Your Customized Dog Tags?

Hundred Pieces Metal Dog Tags
Figure 5. Quality Dog Tag Blanks

We as Foison metals conduct different tests to ensure that the materials we make are of the best quality. The testing process includes:

  • Mechanical testing

Mechanical testing can also be referred to as destructive testing. Mechanical testing involves several tests which include the following: 

  • Tensile testing

Tensile testing is used to ensure that the raw material meets the minimum strength and ductility requirement. Confirming that the raw materials are within the acceptable limit is the easiest and cost-effective assurance against future problems.

  • Chemical analysis

Chemical analysis is ideal in identifying the content and quality of materials used in manufacturing and product development. It ensures that there are no in-service failures.

  • Hardness

Hardness is used to determine product conformance. It is an easy and inexpensive process that does not require the dog tag blanks to undergo a destruction test.

  • Resistance to corrosion testing corrosion 

Materials can resist a reaction with advanced elements that corrode the material. This method of testing is used to determine the resistance of materials to corrosion under certain environmental conditions i.e., temperature, humidity, and saltwater. Corrosion testing methods include ASTM B117salt spray test.

1.9 Are The Metals Used Corrosion Free?

We as foison manufacture products that are corrosion-free, that is products that can withstand harsh and mild weather conditions.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Can My Orders Made According to My Design And Specification?


We can produce dog tags blanks according to the designs and specifications that you give us. We are aware that different customers will have different tastes and preferences and we strive to derive maximum satisfaction.

2.2 What Shapes Do Dog Tags Come with?

Dog tag blanks come in different shapes to meet the customers’ defined purpose. The different shapes would include; oval-shaped dog tag blanks, round-shaped dog tags blank, rectangular-shaped dog tag blanks, and bone-like shapes.

Dog tag blanks can also come in curved-edge shapes.

The need for these different shapes is to ensure that we as foison metals derive customer satisfaction.

2.3 What Color Choice Do You Offer?

We offer multiple color choices that you can choose for your dog tag blanks.

2.4 Would I Get a Free Sample For My Dog Tag Blanks?

Yes. Our customers can reach us through the email address and request a free sample while at home or abroad. We offer these services to help you obtain the best-customized dog tag blanks.

2.5 What Format Do I Use to Submit My Designs?

We as Foison Metal recommend our customers to submit their design in vector file format. We accept designs in pdf, eps, ai, dwg, png, cdr, Dxf Jpg, files.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 How Do I Make an Order?

Customers can make orders at any time regardless of where they are. Our esteemed customers can visit our website or call the customer care desk to make an order. The ordering process involves the following steps

We as Foison Metal have addresses and customer help desks where customers can call to make any inquiries. When making an order you need to contact and inform them about your order. You can also contact us to inquire whether the dog tag blanks that you need are available.

  • Confirm the design that you want

The customer can confirm the design that he or she wants so that we can have it customized and designed as per their qualification.

Our company has interior designers who can also help in the design and customization of your dog tag blanks. We can also send you free samples for you to choose the best and the one that is appealing to you.

  • Provide us with information

The customer should give clear details about their desired design. The information should include the shape, size, color, or material that you want your dog tag blanks to be made of.

  • Negotiate the price

We as Foison Metals give our esteemed customers room to bargain for their best prices.  Once the customer has specified the design, he can then negotiate for the best price that they feel comfortable with.

  • Verification

Once the customer has negotiated for the price, they should then check over the order to make sure that everything is as they want it to be.

  • Make payment or deposit

Once the customer has verified that the details are correct then he or she can make the payment. The customer can decide to make the full payment or make the partial payments. 

  • Production 

After the customer has done the verification and made the payments, we then embark on making the dog tag blank as per the customer’s specification.

  • Production feedback

It is important to keep the customer informed about the production and the shipping process of the dog tag blanks. Once the dog tag is complete, we inform the customer.

  • Shipping feedback 

When the product has been manufactured, we embark on shipping preparations. We use the details provided by the customer to track the destination of the dog tag blank. Once the shipping is ready, we inform our customers to keep him or her informed.

The customer then makes the rest of the payments. The customer can make full payment now so that the product can be delivered to them.

Tracking of shipments until the dog tag blanks are delivered. The company provides a way for the customer to track the shipment of the product until the product reaches the customer.

3.2 How Long Will It Take Before I Receive the Order?

Once the order has been made when the product is ready it will take 7 days for the order to reach the customer.

For those orders that require the dog tag blanks to be manufactured, they will require time to be manufactured. Normally it takes two weeks for the product to be manufactured then it is shipped to the customer.

3.3 What Methods of Payments Are Acceptable?

We accept payment with any major credit card, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and telegraphic Transfer (T/T).

Payments can be made in full and be made in installments. In all the two conditions the deposit or full payment is required before the order being processed through production.

3.4 When Do I Make the Payments?

You submit your payments as soon as you make an order. As soon as we approve your payments, we begin your work. 

To ensure that there are no delays made in delivering your order of dog tag blanks ensure you have made timely payments and provided the necessary information required.

3.5 Can I Pay For My Order Using Multiple Credit Cards?

Yes, as our customer you can pay for your order using multiple split payments. For more information kindly contact us through our customer care support who are going to guide you more.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 What Constitutes the Cost of Shipping and Delivery?

The cost of shipping dependent on the shipping destination, size, and weight through the following:

  • The quantity of dog tag blanks-You will incur more cost when you order in bulk
  • The heaviness of dog tag blanks-The heavier the order is, the more cost is incurred.
  • Shipping destination-Different shipping destinations will have different costs.

4.2 How Long Does It Take For The Shipping?

It takes about 7 to 10 days to deliver dog tag blanks. Please contact us on any issue related to shipping and we will serve you.

4.3 Is The Price of Dog Tag Blanks Inclusive of Shipping Charges?

No, the total amount is inclusive of the shipping charges. At times when you want your order to reach you earlier than the stipulated time of the company; you need to pay freight charges in advance before the shipment starts.

4.4 How Can I Monitor My Order from The Day the Shipment Starts?

We do have regular updates and alerts of Dog Tag Blanks while on transit. We achieve this by regularly updating our customers’ accounts for them to make a follow-up and pick them once the Dog Tag Blanks are delivered to their preferred station.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 What Steps Do You Follow When Returning?

The following is the procedure followed when returning the Dog Tag Blanks.

  • The Dog Tag Blanks is fully examined to make sure it is the original product.
  • The Dog Tag Blanks is also examined to ensure there is not any damage and it is in stable condition as it was originally,
  • After all these checks, the Dog tag Blanks will be returned to the manufacturer through the same means it was delivered.

5.2 How Long Does It Take for A Replacement?

Some replacements take shorter periods than others, this depends on the type of defect a dog tag blanks has.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Do You Allow Cancellation?

Yes, we do allow cancellation of Dog tag Blanks ordered.  You can freely contact us once you make a wrong choice.

6.2 How Do I Cancel an Order?

Our platforms provide cancellation options on wrong choices made by our clients. We encourage cancellation in case of wrong choices made while ordering.

6.3 What Challenges Are Faced During the Process of Cancellation and Refund?

We do face challenges during the refund, for example, a refund on dog tag blanks can never be abrupt due to higher numbers of cancellations and refunds being requested by our clients globally.

6.4 What Would Happen If I Received Incomplete Order?

On rare occasions where you have confirmed that the order you have received is incomplete, you are required to contact us. The packing slip sent to you through email will assist in counting through the received order.

6.5 How Long Does It Take for the Process of Cancellation and Refund To Be Complete?

Bone Shaped Dog Tag in Different Colors
Figure 15. Cancellation process

We do ensure that the process is short and reliable, the process starts immediately after it is initiated. You just contact our customer care on the issue regarding refund and you will be satisfied.

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