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Why Foison Metal is Best with Creating Custom Dog Tag Brass

Personalized dog tag brass with the best quality is exceptionally hard to find. With legitimacy and uniqueness, our company aims to create different dog tags that hover the market. Our customized dog tags in brass and different materials are provided with customized assurance from our clients.

We provide a different printing process and production from your request and needs. Foison Metal is yet to be the best company for customized metal works design.

Each of our products and designs is manufactured and developed with quality assurance. With global recognition, Foison Metal is known for excellence in metal works products. We have promoted efficiency and convenience to our clients.

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Our brass dog id tags are made to last with legitimate brass material in creating your design.


We offer brass metal, aluminum, and stainless steel, which you can choose from.

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With quality and recognition, Foison Metal has been widely known worldwide.


Our dog tag brass is produced with the client's design and specification for the product.

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We make sure that each of our customers has an amazing experience with Foison Metal.

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We offer free requests and quotes for each order.

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Foison Metal Manufactures the Best Personalised Dog Tag Brass Available in Engraved and Etched Print Design

Brass Dog ID Tag

For ID Tag for your pets, it’s best to have it in brass. Brass is a very sturdy metal that can last for years.

Personalized Dog Tag Brass

We specialized in creating personalized dog tag brass from your designs.

Brass Dog Tag Engraved

Name printing for dog tags are best with engraved print since it will not fade and diminish later on.

Cool Dog Tag Brass

Have a cool pet? Keep him in style with our dog tag brass, both fashionable and durable.


Foison Advanced Dog Tag Manufacturing technology

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Dog tag brass has been popular because of its longevity and unique quality for personalized dog ID tags. Foison Metal is topping the market by making it in its best quality possible for manufacturing personalized dog tag brass. 

We deliver a variety of colors and metals that you can surely find what’s best for you. We make sure that our personalized designs come with assorted features that our clients can make most of it. 

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


With durable material, our products are known to last for years.

Easy Use

Our products are made simple and efficient to use.


We make sure that you get the designs that you want. We create customized items from your requests and preference.

Quality Assurance

Each product created by Foison Metal is equipped with quality materials and undergoes a different process.

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Foison Metal is the Dominating and Trusted Brand Anodized Aluminum Dog Tags

Keeping animals safe is a priority for all responsible community citizens and pet owners. Foison Metal thought the best way to ensure their safety is by getting them to wear Anodized Dog Tags. These products are always in-demand wherever you are in the world, and we provide the cheapest option, so get ready to boost your business sales now!

Foison Metal is the Best Suppliers of Personalised Brass Dog ID Tag Brass in China

Foison Metal personalized brass dog ID tag that comes from quality materials and the best equipment for printing and manufacturing. We ensure each item made is within standard and best fits our customer’s expectations. We are neat with providing the request and expectations of our client with producing the best and worthy products. 

The Dog Tag Brass Ultimate FAQs Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is a Dog Tag Brass?

Dog Tag Brass
Figure 1. Dog Tag Brass

A dog tag is a type of identification that is put around the neck of a pet; it is also an informal but common type of identification tag worn by people in the military

They give information about the person most importantly his or her medical information like blood type and inoculations history. It can also indicate your religious stand.

Brass is a yellow alloy formed when zinc and copper are mixed. A dog tag brass is an identification put on the neck of an animal giving information of ownership, the pet’s name, the address, and other information that you might find valuable to you.

1.2 What Are the Importance of Dog tag Brass?

Dog tag brass is very important and should never be taken lightly, some of the importance of dog tag brass include:

  • Identification

The main use of a dog tag brass is for the identification of both pets, a dog and soldiers. It identifies soldiers that are killed or wounded while they are in a war.

A dog tag brass gives the name of the soldier and the name of the dog. A soldier is provided with two tags one put on the neck and the other in his shoe.

In dogs, it gives the dog’s name and the address of the owner; in some cases, it contains the owners’ name as well.

  • Tracking

Some of the dog tag brass is installed with tracking devices that can be tracked in case your dog gets lost or stolen.

  • Style

Dog tag brass is not only meant for identification and keeping you and your pet safe but also gives a better appearance and can be used as a piece of July. 

1.3 What Should I Look at When Choosing a Dog Tag Brass?

Factors to consider for Dog Tag Brass
Figure 2. Factors to consider for Dog Tag Brass

Choosing a dog tag brass is not an easy task, you have to be very careful to get a tag that will fit all the information you need to pass.

The following will give you the way forward when choosing your dog tag brass.

  • Durability

A quality dog tag brass should be durable and be able to hold up in harsh conditions, get knocked around on the ground, and when hit or rub against other items on a dog’s collar. 

After looking at our customer reviews on the dog tag brass we had to put them through a series of tests by using on our guard dogs and some of our workers.

 We are now 100% sure that our dog tag brass can withstand any harsh conditions.

  • Space for engraving

Some dog tag brass may have a tiny space, which might not be suitable if you would like an address, phone number, full name, or even the name of the area. 

Some of our dog tag brass are embossed using print while others are engraved. This will affect the size and space of your dog tag brass 

Embossing is raising the letters to be on the top surface of the dog tag brass while engraving cuts the letters into the tag. 

  • Style/ features

There are many ways of putting on a dog tag brass. These styles depend on the height of your dog, if your dog is too short, we would advise a side placement of the tag to avoid darts.

A slide-on dog tag brass might be best for dogs that love water and just for walks at the dog park; a dangling dog tag brass will work perfectly. 

For humans, a simple tag is enough so long as it gives the necessary information, but it can be tied to the wrist or the ankle.

  • Aesthetic

Even though high quality and long-lasting are important, the perfect look for your dog tag brass should be considered. We use different shapes and colors to make this possible.

It should be able to stand out from other tags as the dogs are also considered as part of our families thus they should be provided the best

Dog tag brass meant for people in the military should be eye-catching and easily readable from a distance.

  • price

Some dog tag brass cost more than others depending on the features and design, if a dag tag brass is more expensive it does not mean it’s of the best quality.

You have to pay more attention to the material used to make the dog tag brass.

1.4 What Are the Uses of Dog Tag Brass?

Dog tag brass is not necessarily for military use, they can be used for:

  • Identification tags for your children, family members, and you.

The dog tag brass is to be always worn by your kids for emergency purposes. Having these tags on you or your family members will easily help people identify them.

The one wearing the tag will be safer as the information on the tag like the name and phone number will be important when they try to contact whoever is to be called.

  • Property tags for your items and luggage

Not only is dog tag brass used to identify people but also personal items. You can use a dog tag brass to inform people that a bag is yours.

You can also use it as a key tag for your apartment or office, your car keys, and even your electronic gadgets.

  • Medication tags

 Dog tag brass can also be used to inform doctors or any other medical personnel of any disease, allergies, and medical conditions you might have. 

These tags can also carry information on what medications you might be allergic to or what you might need to be given for certain emergencies.

1.5 Why does Military Dog Tag Brass Come in Two?

Military Double Dog Tag Brass
Figure 3. Military Double Dog Tag Brass

Military dog tags come in pairs because of record-keeping and maintenance, in case a soldier dies on the battlefield, one tag is taken back to the military base while the other is left with the dead soldier.

1.6 What is Used to Hold a Dog Tag Brass?

The dog tag brass is normally attached to a collar of the dog by use of the following.

  • S-hook

Might not be the best way of attaching your dog tag brass but it gets the work done. It is shaped like the letter S so that one side of the hook gets hold of the tag and the other to the collar.

  • Split rings

Split rings act as our default dog tag brass holder, all our tags are shipped while the split ring is included if you were not specific about which holder you want to use.

The split ring looks like two rings have been fused in a position that allows them to intersect.

  • Klippy

This type of dog tag brass holder is only meant to make your work easy when clipping and unclipping your tag.   

That makes it easy to move your tag between different collars or when you want to remove them when your pet is inside the house, and you do not want to hear tags jangling when your pet moves.

In most cases, it is attached directly to the split ring.

When you need a dog tag brass for yourself you will need to hang it around your neck, and this is only possible by the use of a chain.

The chains can be made from different materials so long as they are strong and able to hold the dog tag brass this includes:

  • Black coated ball chain
  • Stainless steel ball chain
  • Mystic red finish ball chain
  • Medieval brass ball chain
  • Gunmetal finish ball chain
  • Brass plated steel ball chain

1.7 What Are The Types of Dog Tag Brass?

Types of Dog Tag Brass
Figure 4. Types of Dog Tag Brass

There are different types of dog tag brass. We offer a variety so that our customers would have options when getting a dog tag brass. These include:

  • Round dog tag brass

Our round dog tag brass comes in both small and large sizes. You have to choose the tag depending on the size of your pet.

The message on the tag will also matter as smaller tags will not give more details 

  • Military dog tag brass

We do not only offer tags for your dog but also you. Our military dog tag brass is the best and can engrave on both sides for more details.

  • Breed dog tag brass

We can engrave either the name of the dog breed or an image of the dog depending on our customers’ wants, we can also put both if need be.

  • Heart dog tag brass

This type of dog tag brass is formed in the shape of a human heart. They have a lot of room so you can write as much information as you want.

  • Bone dog tag brass

This tag contains four lines that you can put your information, you can even write at the bottom of the tag as well

  • Pawprint dog tag brass

This dog tag brass is unique, if you want your pet to have a one-of-a-kind tag this is one of them it contains only four lines to write your information.

  • Call my people dog tag brass

This dog tag brass is meant only to pass information, that you should call the number at the back of the tag in case you find the lost pet.

1.8 How Long Does Dog Tag Brass Last?

Our dog tag brass is well reinforced, the hole so the tag will last for years for even the most active pets. 

For long-lasting writings, it is best to ensure the engraved side of the dog tag brass is not rubbing on other tags, it would be better to have only one tag on at a time.

1.9 How do I Clean My Dog Tag Brass?

There are three steps when cleaning dog tag brass,

  • Making a vinegar solution

In a glass bowl, mix a cup of regular white vinegar, add one tablespoon of salt. Heat the mixture in until it is very warm, but not too hot. Then stir the mixture using a plastic spoon.

  • Soaking the dog tag brass

Place the dog tag brass in the mixture and leave it to soak for a while. Check the tag after every 10 minutes or so. Once it looks clean you can remove it from the solution.

  • Rinse the dog tag brass

Rinse the tag thoroughly in running water; make sure all the vinegar is removed. Then using a soft cloth or towel, dry the tag. Make sure it is totally dry because brass can develop water spots easily.

Finally, you can then polish your dog tag brass to give it that shiny look.

1.10 Can Military Dog Tag Brass be used as A Pet Tag?

Yes, they can be used but not for small pets because of the size of the tags, they make a good tag for big pets as the writing is deeply embossed and cannot rub off quickly.

They come with a tag silencer and a split ring to attach to your dog’s caller.

2.0 Design and Customization

Customization of Dog Tag Brass
Figure 5. Customization of Dog Tag Brass

2.1 Can My Dog Tag Brass Be Designed the Way I Want?

Yes, most of the orders we get have specific directions on how the customer wants his or her dog tag brass to look like and what image is to be engraved.

All shapes and sizes are available, and we can use any font that you will choose from our variety.

2.2 What Information Can I Put on My Dog Tag Brass?

All the designed dog tag brass are required to have the following information:

  • Name 
  • Home phone number
  • Cell phone number
  • Address
  • The area names

In customized tags we get requests of adding medical status, blood group information and some also add some inspirational words.

2.3 How Long Does It Take To Design A Dog Tag Brass?

Designing tags is not an easy task. The time taken depends on the design of the dog tag brass, if a tag is not so complex it may take only 30 minutes while some tags tend to take even 3 hours.

 It even takes longer if you need an image on your dog tag brass. Our designers are well trained and will be able to do the work in the shortest time possible.

2.4 What Colors and Shapes Do You Use When Designing Dog Tag Brass?

Dog tag brass can also be painted; there are different colors available so you can choose the color that goes with that of your pet and its collar. 

Just to mention a few, the colors include:

  • Black 
  • Red 
  • Brown 
  • Blue 
  • Pink 

There are different shapes as well; the common shapes are circle, rectangle, and square, and those that look like bone and heart designs are available in both sizes, small and large.

The paw shape is also available but only in large sizes.

2.5 Can My Dog Tag Brass Have Writings on Both Sides?

Yes, dog tag brass can have writings on both sides. At the front, we can only engrave the dog’s name or the owner’s name and at the back have all the important information like a phone number.

This is applicable when the size of the dog tag brass is small and cannot fit all the information at the front of the tag.

2.6 Are Machines Used in Making Dog Tag Brass?

Machine made Dog Tag Brass
Figure 6. Machine made Dog Tag Brass

There is a specialized machine that is required to produce dog tag brass, this machine is called a dog tag embosser. 

It uses a sheet of brass when cut into the recurred dimension, the sheet is fed into the dog tag embosser then the machine embossed the keyed-in message. 

Different advanced machines provide automated printing for dog tag brass. Some of the best machines used in the manufacture of dog tag brass include: 

  • Mini dog tag brass printing machine
  • Rubber Stamp dog tag brass making machine
  • Hubie key land laser engraving machine
  • SH-K40 dog tag brass making machine

2.7 How Long Does Customized Dog Tag Brass Last?

A customized dog tag brass can last for a lifetime depending on how you maintain it. You must ensure that your tag does not rub against other tags, so we advise you to have one tag on at a time

Always keep your tag clean by washing it using vinegar solution whenever you see it is dirty, you can as well polish it once in a while to make it shine.

3.0 Order and Payment

Order and Payment
Figure 7. Order and Payment

3.1 How Do I Order for My Dog Tag Brass?

Ordering for a dog tag brass now is not difficult, small dog tag brass is available whenever requested by a customer. 

To order a small dog tag brass, you can visit our dispatch offices in person during regular working hours from 8 am to 6 pm or you can simply call through the number on our website.

In case you need to order your military replacement dog tag brass you will have to provide us with the following information:

  • The soldier’s name
  • Social security number or serial number.
  • Blood type 
  • Religion

We only allow the replacement of your military dog tag brass if the tag that got lost is from our company.

3.2 Do you Have a Maximum or Minimum Number of Dog Tag Brass Production?

Minimum Order Quantity
Figure 8. Minimum Order Quantity

Yes we do have maximum order quantities for dog tag brass production; we can produce as many as possible depending on our customers’ requirements.

 However, we have set the minimum number for dog tag brass to be at least 100 tags depending on the types of tags needed.

We also offer mass production of dog tag brass.

3.3 How Much Do Dog Tag Brass Cost?

Dog tag brass is not very expensive. The price depends on the design of the tag. A simply shaped dog tag brass will not cost you much compared to a bone-shaped dog tag brass.

Though the two are made from the same material the prices will differ. The most expensive dog tag brass is those that have a tracking chip.

These are expensive as they give an added advantage of finding your pet by tracking it.

3.4 How Can I Pay for My Dog Tag Brass?

There are different ways you can make your payments for the dog tag brass that is safe, this includes:

  • Mobile money transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit cards
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Visa

These methods are safe, and you are assured that your payments will be successful.

3.5 Can I Pay with Any Currency for my dog tag brass?

Yes, you can pay using any currency for your dog tag brass depending on which country you are ordering from. This will include an additional fee for carrying out the other transactions.

The payment of your dog tag brass using a different currency from ours will only work when you use a credit card or PayPal.

3.6 Can I Be Charged with a Customs Fee?

Custom fees for Dog Tag Brass
Figure 9. Custom fees for Dog Tag Brass

The custom fee varies from country to country; you can visit our website for more information. This is very important as it can cause delays on your dog tag brass order.

3.7 Can I Get a Sample of Dog Tag Brass Before Making an Order?

The only way to get dog tag brass samples is to come to our company. We will be able to show you all the available tags.

If this is not possible you can be able to see all the dog tag brass on our website or you can contact us through the number found on our website.

3.8 Is Payment on Delivery Available For Dog Tag Brass?

No, we do not allow payment on delivery for our dog tag brass. All our dog tag brass is made with experienced personal thus we have to be sure that the payment is successful before we send the tag

You must include the shipping fee most especially when the tags are being shipped outside the county.

3.9 What Personal Information Do We Need To Send You Our Dog Tag Brass?

There are a few details we will need before sending you our dog tag brass. This is a protocol for all our customers. 

This is to help us keep our records straight and ensure that our dog tag brass gets to the right customers. This includes the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your identification numbers 
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How Long Do You Take To Ship Your Dog Tag Brass?

Shipping Time
Figure 10. Shipping Time

When you visit our website you will find all the available dog tag brass has a shipping time under the product detail.

If all the items you ordered are available, the shipping process will take place within 24 hours. This does not include weekends or holidays.

All orders placed during morning hours working days, that’s Monday to Friday are shipped within 3 hours while those in the afternoon are shipped early the next morning.

If the dog tag brass that you needed is not in stock, we will inform you immediately they are ready via email.

4.2 What Safety Measures Do You Take During Shipping Of Dog Tag Brass?

When it comes to safety, that is our topmost priority towards our customers. We will ensure that your dog tag brass arrives at you in one piece.

We ensure that we use the most appropriate mode of transportation for your dog tag brass according to your location.

All the dog tag brass are well arranged in boxes and packed individually to avoid rubbing against each other. The boxes are also labeled so that they cannot get lost

We always make sure that the dog tag brass is secure, and weight is well distributed to avoid toppling the vehicle

Our dog tag brass is normally insured whether they are transported via road or water. This is always included in the transportation price, agreed upon before shipping starts.

All our vehicles are chipped with a tracking chip; we can track our dog tag brass from the time they are dispatched till they arrive.

Warning signs are placed on the boxes to avoid wet objects being placed on top as water damages brass tags. The vehicle also has a wide load sign.

4.3 Do You Offer Free Delivery Services on Dog tag brass?

We only offer free delivery if you are around our vicinity, if not then you will have to incur some shipping fee depending on your geographical location.

4.4 Do You Deliver Your Dog Tag Brass Everywhere?

Yes, we do deliver all over the world. Our service is flexible so long as we have your address be rest assured that your dog tag brass will get to you.

4.5 How Can I Check My Delivery Of Dog Tag Brass?

Delivery Confirmation
Figure 11. Delivery Confirmation

Once your dog tag brass has been shipped out, we will keep notifying you of the destination of your parcel, you will frequently receive emails notifying you where your tags are.

Alternatively, you can use our application that shows the exact location of our vehicle.

4.6 Who is Accountable for the Losses During Shipping of Dog Tag Brass?

We are responsible for the package containing the dog tag brass until it gets to our customer only if he or she uses our shipping service. 

This means if one decides to use a different shipping company, we will not be liable for anything that happens to your dog tag brass you will be responsible for any losses or damages.

In case of any losses during shipping using our services, you will get a 100% refund or replacement.

4.7 Is it Safe to Use Third Parties During Shipping of Dog Tag Brass?

Yes, it is safe to use a third party when shipping your dog tag brass. This will give you a chance to focus on other things as the third party will take care of all the shipping processes.

This will also help our business grow as the third party will act as a guide to a new market. This will save us from spending more resources to advertise our dog tag brass.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Return and Replacement of Dog Tag Brass
Figure 12. Return and Replacement of Dog Tag Brass

5.1 Do you Have a Return Policy For Your Dog Tag Brass?

Yes, we do have a return policy for all our customers, our return policy might vary depending on the agreement that was signed between the customer and our company.

The information provided on our return policy agreement includes the following:

  • How many days do you have to return the dog tag brass?
  • Which method of money transfer will you get your refund, or will you prefer a replacement?
  • Who pays for shipping during the return of dog tag brass?

In case the above agreement is bridged there will be no refund given to the customer.

5.2 Who is to Replace damaged dog tag brass?

In cases when your dog tag brass was insured, then your insurer will cover all the damages on your dog tag brass.

If our company is taking care of the transportation process, then definitely we will take care of the replacement of your damaged dog tag brass.

In cases where you used a different shipping company, we will not be involved in any transaction afterward the dog tag brass will be off our hands.

In case you need to replace your tags, you will have to buy new ones.

5.3 Who is to be Informed When Your Dog Tag Brass Arrive When Damaged?

Even if your dog tag brass was damaged during shipping by the courier you are supposed to report to us and not the courier service company.

This is because the transaction was between you and us, who you bought the dog tag brass from.

As soon as you realize that your dog tag brass is damaged contact us with evidence of the damaged tags via email and attach photos of the damaged dog tag brass.

This complaint should be directed to us, and the damaged dog tag brass sent back the same day the tags arrived to avoid unnecessary complications.

5.4 What is the Maximum Period Set for Returning Dog Tag Brass?

The maximum period of returning a dog tag brass is only 6 working days. In case you ordered a tag, and it was shipped outside the country you have a period of 14 working days.

5.5 Where are Military Dog Tag Brass Supposed to Be Returned and How?

Return of Dog Tag Brass
Figure 13. Return of Dog Tag Brass

Lost and found dog tags do not belong to the finder or the person identified on the tags. The dog tag brass still belongs to the government. 

By law, all found military dog tag brass, or any other item should be immediately mailed to the Secretary of Defense. 

The following stages will guide you on how to return the military dog tag brass to the government;

On a piece of paper, write where you found the dog tags, the date and day you found the tags, your full name, and phone number

Place the paper and dog tag brass in an envelope.

Seal the envelope and address it to the Secretary of Defense, Include your return address on the envelope.

Take the envelope to the Post Office and mail it to the required address.

5.6 What Should You Do in Case You Receive Wrong Dog Tag Brass?

This does not happen often but in case you receive dog tag brass that was not ordered by you, the right thing to do is get in touch with us.

 You can then ask the shipping company involved to take the dog tag brass back to us. All the deliveries that you might receive but did not order are labeled by the shipping company.

Alternatively, you can assume the delivery ones you are called to pick the goods sent to you and we will be informed of the unclaimed dog tag brass that we sent.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation Policy
Figure 14. Cancellation Policy

6.1 Are Refunds Available on Dog Tag Brass?

On military dog tag brass, there are no refunds as the tags are government property.

When it comes to dog tags for pets, yes, refunds are available in case you get to cancel your order for dog tag brass, you will get a refund depending on the time or duration.

6.2 How Much Money Can I Be Refunded?

In case you paid half the money your refund will be less than that. All the refunds depend on our policy. You can get more information from our website or visit our office.

6.3 How do I Cancel my dog Tag Brass Order?

Canceling your dog tag brass order is very simple; all you need to do is; 

  • Sign in to your account and find your order 
  • Click “Cancel” or fill out the cancellation form with your name, email, phone number, confirmation number, order number, and a reason for the cancellation.
  • A pop-up message will appear to verify your cancellation process and fill in the code sent to you.  
  • Write an email to us that includes all these details to the customer service then you will be given more instructions.

6.4 How Would I Know if The Cancellation Was Successful?

If cancellation was successful, we would send you an email informing you. You can also check your account and ensure that all your money has been refunded.

You can also contact us to make sure that the cancellation was successful.

6.5 Can I Track my Refund?

Yes, it is possible to track your refund status using our online application, there is an area where it indicates how the refund process is taking place.

You can also communicate with us directly through our customer care number found on our website.

6.6 Do you Allow Cancellation of Dog Tag Brass During Shipping?

No, all cancellations of dog tag brass should be done before the shipment process starts. Once the tags are in transit it will be difficult to stop the order as it will be out of our dispatch center.