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At Foison Metal, we are dedicated to being your source of creating metal dog tag for army. We provide a large selection of raw materials and finishing methods that are ideal for any large order.

We are confident to say that you have advocated your trust in us in producing and crafting your products at our factory for we give the satisfaction of the quality and process that we do. 

Foison Metal is the best company to get your dog tag custom-made for the with the highest quality of service to offer.

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Foison Metal is known for having the recognition of providing world-class quality dog tag army for your name recognized in the market.

Outstanding Reviews

Foison Metsl's clients who have seen the dog tag army that we produce always gave their delivered products outstanding reviews and customer satisfaction.


To suit your brand, you can customize the shapes, sizes, and colors of your dog tag army.


Customers purchases dog tag army from a business or company with a distinctive look to them.

Production Process

Foison Metal treats you just the same value we treat our production process. We always want to make sure every step of our process for dog tag army will be taken with utmost care.


With your free quote, we assure you will free samples you are and we have a policy return if anything happens with your dog tag army.

Quality Materials

Foison Metal usse the finest raw materials in our factory for manufacturing dog tag army. To minimize the cost price but also have an eco-friendly factory.


Foison Metal can create whatever you need for their dog tag army to have a custom-made design.

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Foison Metal Dog Tag For Army, Designed with the Creativity of Our Clients

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Personalized military dog tags include the wearer’s vital information, for example, the name, social security number, blood type, and other information.

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Military dog tags used primarily to identify troops who have been injured or killed while on service. Stainless steel tags are ideal for these sorts of dog tags.

Army Tags For Dogs

The dog’s name tag should have some emergency contact information and any medical needs that the dog needs.

Personalized Dog Tag For Army

Some safe options to engrave on your dog tags emergency contact information and/or any other information about the dog.


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Foison Metal is well known for using high-quality raw materials in an eco-friendly factory that uses 100% post-consumer waste.We strive to present you the highest-quality product that is still affordable.

At Foison Metal, our team creates finished product requirements efficiently while taking on multiple due times without flaws. Our dog tag for army guaranteed high-quality service. Foison Metal is the leading metal manufacturer and supplier in the industry.

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Premium Quality

Foison Metal manufactures premium quality dog tag for army in the market.

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We set ourselves apart from the competition and provide our customers a competitive advantage.

Fast performance

Constantly improve and consolidate our capabilities to develop unique dog tag for army.

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We prioritize the premium service of the needs of our clients that will also increase the growth of their brand or business.

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Foison Metal is the Number One Trusted Manufacturer for Dog Tag For Army

Foison Metal maintains to manufacture unique and one-of-a-kind products for our clients and their businesses. Our company’s vision is to produce world-class client service with our finest quality metal products. Foison Metal creates dog tag for army that’s 100 % stainless steel with its strong durability can hold up its finish.

The Dog Tag For Army Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is a Dog Tag For Army?

Dog tag for army
Figure 1 Dog tag for army

A dog tag for army is an old term but very common for a particular mark identity worn by military personnel.

The dog tag for army is used for the identification of the fallen soldiers in the line of war.

1.2 Why Is Dog Tag for Army Called This Way?

The term dog tag for army gained its popular name because of the close resemblance to the animal identification tags.

According to history, the term dog tag for army came from the world war II draftees who usually called themselves dog tags. They said that they were mostly mistreated like dogs.

Another history rumor states that the dog tag for army looked so identical to the metal tags on the dog’s collar.

1.3 Is The Dog Tag for Army Pocket Friendly?

Dog tag for the army is very pocket-friendly. Typically, dog tags for army prices range from 3 US dollars to 21 US dollars.

Depends so much on the design specification and engraving on the material used.

1.4 How Durable Is the Dog Tag for Army?

Dog tag for the army is usually fabricated from materials that have very high resistance to corrosion 

Mostly the materials used consist of aluminum, copper, or alloys.

1.5 What Kind of People Use the Dog Tag for Army?

Since dog tags for army are mostly used as a form of identification, many sects, religions, and organizations have adapted to this.

They include:

  • Servicemen especially the military forces
  • The police
  • Militia groups also use dog tags for identification
  • Some religions also have adapted to this kind of identification
  • The civilians too also wear the dog tag for army as a form of fashion and style

1.6 Where Is a Dog Tag for Army Found?

Dog tag for army is generally found worldwide mostly with servicemen of a nation.

They are widely spread because it is a culture that has in practice over a very long time

1.7 What Size Should a Dog Tag for Army Be?

Dog tag for army ranges in size from say an inch or two inches got to be of large standard for clarity purpose but also not too large for comfortability purpose.

It should not be irritating when worn.

1.8 Must Two Copies Be Used in Each Set of a Dog Tag for Army?

Two copy tags for identification
Figure 2 Two copy tags for identification

The purpose of having two copies in each set of dog tags for army is to allow one tag or half of it to be collected from the dead body. It is for the reason of identification.

The duplicate one remains with the body if the conditions deem it impossible to be collected from the battlefield.

One is kept as a souvenir when a soldier dies in battle.

1.9 What Materials Are Used in Making a Dog Tag for Army?

stainless steel dog tag
figure 3 stainless steel dog tag

Dog tag for army is made from stainless steel that has resistance to corrosion

Also, copper is used in making dog tags for army

Militia prefers a dog tag for army made from the normal iron sheet because it comes in handy in times of danger as a weapon.

1.10 Is A Dog Tag for Army Safe to Be Worn?

Yes, the dog tag for army is very much safe to be worn.

It has been tested and authenticated safe for human use without any side effects.

1.11 What Are the Laws That Control the Production of Dog Tag for Army?

The laws that control the production of  dog tags for army are;

  • All dog tags for army are composed of Monel and other adoptive metals.
  • Should be approximately 2 inches wide and about an eighth inch thick.
  • Corners should be round and the edges smooth.
  • All dog tag for army should contain:       
  • the name
  • Service number
  • Blood group
  • Religious preference
Information contained in a dog tag for army
Figure 4 Information contained in a dog tag for army

But it is a different rule that applies to members of the normal civilians. Their dog tag for army comes with specific design customization and as per the order.

1.12 Is It Allowed for Civilians Also to Have Dog Tag for Army?

It is very much allowed for civilians to have dog tags for army. This is because most of the civilians wear the dog tag for army for different purposes including: 

  • Identification to a certain group
  • feeling of belonging, to fit in in the society
  • For fashion and style where most musicians wear

1.13 What Are the Significance of the Dog Tag for Army?

It is significant to know military symbols in the army. The sole reason for dog tags for the military is to identify soldiers who have been wounded or killed in the war. 

These dog tags for army are designed to replace plastic print identification cards for soldiers against bad weather and endurance. Each soldier usually gets two dog tags for army. One is put around the neck like a string and the other in military shoes.

1.14 Is Dog Tag for Army Only Used to Communicate the Same Message?

To the military personnel, it is used to communicate the same message but to civilians, it is used to communicate different messages.

To the civilians, it is used to pass information also and as a sense of style.

To the militia group, a different message also is passed.

1.15 What Is the background story of the Use of Dog Tag for Army?

As earlier mentioned the dog tag for army were used way back since the 1st world war by servicemen. Soldiers were afraid that when they died they would not be recognized and be buried in a mass grave.

Some of the soldiers in battle started using carved wooden sticks to write their names and hang them around the neck. Some used stencils to mark their clothing and some used old coins of copper. Those who had money bought metals that were engraved from sellers and organizations. 

After the end of the civil war, more than 50% of the soldiers who died were unidentified. More than 1400 troops were buried in a mass grave raising concern for identification procedure.

First, the identification type that came into play was the introduction of the circular disk. as time went the round disk was modified to become the shape it is today. The dog tag for the army was modified to make it possible for specified information to fit.

the earliest form of dog tag
figure 5 the earliest form of dog tag

1.16 Is Dog Tag For Army Used As The Identification Document In The Military?

Yes, the dog tag for army is used as the identification document for the military but is not the official main document for the identification of a serviceman. There are other identifications such as the plastic identification card, the badge, and the paper documents mostly used.

Dog Tags with Army Nametape
Figure 6 Dog Tags with Army Nametape

1.17 What Is The Standard Quality As Required By Law For Dog Tag For Army?

Standard quality as required by law for a dog tag for army is the material used and the specific information required.

As discussed earlier, dog tags for army follow a specific procedure by use of a machine called EMBOSSER.

1.18 What Color Do Dog Tag For Army Created?

Most color used for dog tag for army is the original color that exists with the material used to make the dog tag for army. Stainless steel material which is a bit of grey is commonly used.

stainless steel material
figure 7 stainless steel material

1.19 Is Dog Tag For Army Sold In Retail Shops?

Dog tag for army is found in retail shops only if they are of the purpose of style and fashion. The fashion and style dog tag for army are purchased by order design specifications.

But for the military design Dog tag, they cannot be found in retail shops.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Can I Get A Customized Size Of Dog Tag For Army From You?

Customization and design are produced according to the client’s specifications.

Every dog tag is produced with an order of design and liking.

2.2 What Are Some Of The Samples Of The Dog Tag For Army?

Every dog tag for army has distinct information which makes it different from any other type of tag.

The information engraved on them matters in terms of design and customization.

Different design samples vary from each other depending on the target audience.

2.3 In Case Of A Dog Tag For Army, Gets Spoiled Can It Be Remade?

Dog tag for army is majorly used by military personnel for identification purposes which makes it hard for remakes to be done. But the only way a dog tag can be remade is by melting it making another new dog tag for army

2.4What Is The Font Used In Dog Tag For Army?

Aerial font style is the type of font used in making almost all dog tags for army. but again, there is a range of other fonts that we offer that you can choose according to your liking.

2.5 Can Dog Tag for Army Only be Used as A Mark Of Identification?

Dog tag for army as much as is used as a form of identification to most military personnel cannot be the only mark of identity.

There are other marks of identity that are even much preferred than a dog tag for army.

But the dog tag for army so far remains to be the most efficient, durable, and reliable means of identification in the military.

2.6 How Do You Differentiate A Military Dog Tag For Army From That Of A Civilian In Design?

A military dog tag for army is different from that of a civilian design from the information it carries’ military dog tag for army will contain the name, service number, blood type, and religion of the soldier. But a civilian dog tag for army, most of the information it carries does not mean anything of importance, or neither does it follow any chronological order.

information conveyed
figure 8 information conveyed

Mostly a dog tag for army used by the military is made from stainless steel that is high in corrosion-resistant. But a civilian dog tag for army is mostly made out of copper, aluminum, and sometimes iron.

Dog tag for army used by the military is used as a mark of identity in cases of death on the battlefield. While the dog tag for army worn by civilians does not represent a mark of identity in case of death.

2.7 Does Clarity Matter In The Engraving Information On A Dog Tag For Army

In the military, the clarity of information engraved on a dog tag for army matters a lot because it is used as a mark of identity. In case of death at the battlefield and the information on the dog tag for army was not clear a soldier risked being unidentified.

But a dog tag for army worn by civilians, clarity is not much put into consideration as long as the design stands out that is all that matters.

2.8 Can I Share A Customized Design Idea With You To Get A Unique Dog Tag For Army For Me?

At Foison Metal, we encourage clients to share their customized design ideas so much because it helps us in coming up with even more unique designs of dog tags for army. You may not like that much what we produce but will like even much what is produced after sharing the idea of your design.

2.9 What Is The Basic Design Used In Dog Tag For Army?

The most basic design used to make dog tags for army design is the military design that is made of stainless steel.

But also the metal design of copper and aluminum is used but the engraving design is much too different from that of the military.

2.10 Are There Sample Models Produced Before Arriving At The Final Product Of The Dog Tag For Army?

Every good thing requires proper planning and strategy. We come up with prototypes of the actual dog tags for army before we proceed to make the real dog tag for army. 

We do this for adjustment, rectifying mistakes, and to choose between the best designs. All this is done for the sake of hitting the high ground in the market and achieving higher sales.

2.11 If I Happen To Order One Of The Dog Tag For Army Will I Receive The Same Dog Tag For Army As Seen In The Picture?

The pictures you see on our website are a true and exact representation of the actual product we make. We do not post pictures of the products that we do not make to lure customers but put pictures of the real thing. We believe in the principle of transparency and quality.

2.12 Can Dog Tags Contain Images On Them?

Dog tag for army used by the military does not contain images on them as required by the laws that govern its production. But the dog tag for army worn by civilians contains all sorts of images as per the client’s wish and specifics. 

Most clients share their ideas of how they would like their dog tag for army to appear and proceed to produce a dog tag for army of their liking.

2.13 Do All Military Across The World Use The Same Design Of Dog Tags For Army?

Military across nations have slight variation protocols as to the kind of information that is supposed to be engraved on the dog tag for army. Though the information engraved on the dog tag for army is the same, the protocol is the only difference. This is because every nation has specific rules that control them.

2.14 Do The Design And Material Use For Dog Tags For Army Able To Withstand Harsh Conditions?

The first identification dog tag for army used brass and moved to an alloy of copper and nickel that is corrosion resistant. But over time things evolved and came to use stainless steel because of its high resistance to corrosion, harsh weather conditions, and can resist being consumed in fires and explosions.

stainless steel resistance for corrosion
figure 9 stainless steel resistance for corrosion

2.15 Are You Limited To A Specific Design And Customization?

We are not restricted to any type of specific design and customization. We produce dog tags for army in any design of shape, color, and style. 

Our sole purpose is to reach customer satisfaction. To us, it takes up to three business days to design and customize a client dog tag for army to come up with a perfect design. There is no room for incompetence when it comes to our production.

2.17 How Much Information Can A Dog Tag For Army Carry?

A dog tag for the army can carry a lot of information depending on the design, shape, size, and font style used. Also, the size of the text engraved matters a lot.

In military dog tags for the army, the information engraved is not that much because of the protocols involved.

When it comes to the civilian dog tag for the army it can contain pretty much information with the inclusion of images. Sometimes the information contained in civilian dog tags can be so much that even loses meaning but the sole purpose is how flashy the dog tag for army.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 10 Order Dog Tags

3.1 Do You Have Any Free Samples Of Dog Tag For Army?

We have put a policy in place that handles matters concerning dispatching free samples.

But we do give free samples according to the amount purchased.

And for convincing clients what we produce is the best we give free samples also.

3.2 Must I Come To The Company In-Person To Place An Order?

No, you do not have to come to the company to place an order. We have an online platform put in place to handle orders and payment purposes.

Our website runs on a time frame of 24 hours through the 7 days of the week. Any services required by a client can be found here.

3.3 What Prices Do The Dog Tags For Army Range?

All our dog tags for army are offered at an affordable price. Prices on each dog tag for army design will depend on factors like; the material used.

  • The size of the dog tag for army
  • Distance to be covered during transit.
  • Labor design used in creating it.
  • Time is also a significant aspect that determines the price of a dog tag for army.

Our prices range from 4 USD to 20 USD on the maximum

3.4 What Is The Procedure For Making An Order For Dog Tag For Army?

It’s a simple and clear process that requires no prior knowledge. You go to our website at the order and payment tab and follow the instructions given. 

After placing an order, you will receive an email that requires you to confirm. Then will wait for your order to go through and be successful. This is assured by an email of confirmation to your inbox.

3.5 How Much Of The Dog Tag For Army Can I Order?

Your needs dictate how much you can order. We got no limitation as to the quantity of purchase one can place. It is even more economic to make bulk orders because of the costs of shipping. It is more economical to ship bulk orders of the dog tag for army than to ship only one dog tag for army.

3.6 Do You Have Online Services Where One Can Make An Order And Payment Of The Dog Tag For Army?

As discussed earlier one can make an order at our website online services. The online services run all day and all night with the efficiency of services. Our online payments are secure and safe from online malicious activities and fraud.

3.7 Do You Have Discounts In Case Of Bulk Purchase Of The Dog Tag For Army?

We offer a variety of discounts depending on several factors.

  • The number of orders made
  • The frequency of orders made by a client
  • The price of the dog tag for army being purchased 
  • The material used

3.8 How Long Does The Order For Dag Tag For Army Take?

After making an order either through our website or personally coming to us it takes a minimum of 20 minutes before an order is successful. When there is slight traffic, it delays for 30 minutes.

3.9 After Making An Order For The Dog Tag For Army Will I Make The Payment First Or After Delivery?

There is a policy concerning the payment term after every order.

We usually agree with a client to pay 60% of the total price of the goods before and the remain 40% after delivery of the goods. It has worked well over a long time and efficiently corresponded with the ways of our customers.

3.10 Do You Have A Variety Of Payment Methods Or Is It Just One?

paypal method of payment
figure 11 paypal method of payment

Diversity has been and always has been our mission and goal. In a quest of expanding a target market, we managed to establish a variety of payment methods that over time have served our customers well.

The different methods of payments we embrace include; 

  • Cash
  • Visa pay
  • Wave send money
  • Paypal

These options are efficient to use when matters concerning payment are involved

3.11 Do I Require Any Form Of Documents When Placing An Order?

On our online services, you do not require any form of documents to place an order.

Same to direct placing of an order from us. the only information needed is your address, delivery location, and bank details to facilitate transactions, your name and age also are vital information.

3.12 What Is The Remedy When I Place An Order For The Dog Tag For Army And It Fails To Go Through?

The solution that is given when there has been a failed order in place is re-order again. The system at times may experience a technical malfunction and fails to capture your order which happens rarely. 

But in case an order fails to go through and has been paid you are requested to contact the hotline numbers provided on our website for assistance. Rather you can also come to our offices and make a complaint concerning the same.

3.13 Are Custom Layouts Charged

No, we do not charge custom layouts. You can view our custom layouts as many times as possible with not even a single cent charged. We target to attract our customers through the different unique custom layouts.

3.14 How Safe Is Your Online Payment?

Our online payment system is protected by high-end anti cybersecurity encryption. which makes it impenetrable to any hacker or unauthorized personnel who may have malicious intentions to commit theft. 

Also, we ensure we follow up with a client after every transaction to ensure there is no impersonation.

3.15 How Do I Reach Your Customer Care?

You can reach our customer care through the hotline numbers provided on our website. Also, you can text our customer care through the chat tab we have provided on our website. This makes sure you understand everything with keenness.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

shipping and delivery
figure 12 shipping and delivery

4.1 What Methods Do You Use For Shipping Of The Dog Tag For Army?

We use different means of shipping including brokers in freight companies. Moving and forwarding companies are our major collaborators.

We often use the road as a means of transit to places that are accessible

Wee shipping companies to move goods over the sea b shipping companies

We use air companies for urgent orders across the world.

4.2 How Long Does It Take For Shipment And Delivery?

It takes at least 2 days for an order to reach a target destination. Mostly the many placed orders that require shipping by sea take a minimum period of 1 month to reach their destination. Movement by sea is a slow means of transport but very reliable to the amount of heavy bulk it can handle.

Movement by air is the fastest and most secure and reliable. This is because you are assuring safe delivery and prompt delivery.

4.3 Are There Middle Men Involved During Shipment Of The Dog Tag For Army?

Some middlemen rely on shipment and delivery of our cargo.

Many freight companies offer good services as long as shipping and delivery are concerned.

Brokers mainly take part in making sure our clients get their deliveries on time and intact.

4.4 How Safe Is Your Shipping And Delivery Process?

We assure you we take utmost concern and care to whom we place the responsibility of our client’s goods.

Goods are always insured and guaranteed until delivered to a client.

Also, most of the goods ordered are put into transit by security companies that ensure most safety of goods.

4.5 Will I Incur The Cost Of Shipping Or Transport When I Make An Order Of The Dog Tag For Army?

Normally we include most of the transit charges on the goods you order. But there are special cases where a client may need goods earlier than this case, the client bears the burden of charges required either by air or road depending on the distance covered.

Also, a client incurs charges of goods transported by air because at times air charges can be pretty expensive. Most clients are advised to make large purchases when they know their goods will be shipped utilizing air for economical sake.

4.6 What Papers Do I Need To Have To Receive My Order After Delivery?

There are no documents required so as for a client to receive goods. The only information required is for the client to verify the information given is true and to sign. Because during the time of placing an order the client submitted the required information to the target destination.

4.7 Is Shipping Of The Dog Tag For Army Done Worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide because we are a worldwide brand.

We ship overseas mostly than we transit cargo locally.

4.8 How Do I follow up with The Shipment Of My Cargo?

On our website, we enable a client to track the status of their shipment. This has been made possible by the GPS tracking devices we attach to the cargo that enables tracking any part of the world.

4.9 Do Shipping And Delivery Of The Dog Tag For Army Done Over Weekends?

now don’t ship or deliver cargo over weekends. Shipping and delivery are only done over business working days.

4.10 What Shipping Companies Do You Rely On Your Shipment And Delivery?

We rely on some shipping companies and they include:

  • DHL
  • Sheffield Cargo Logistics
  • Qatar air
  • Maersk
shipping company
figure 13 shipping company

5.0 Replacement and Returns

replacement and returns
figure 14 replacement and returns

5.1 If My Order Is Not As Per My Specification Can I Get A Replacement

If you get delivered an order that you never placed, you as the client have the right to reject the delivery and replacement be done.

5.2 What Period Does It Take For One To Make A Return And Get A Replacement?

It takes a minimum of 20 days for one to get a replacement since the return process was initiated.

This only happens when the returned cargo has not been tempered whatsoever.

5.3 What Policy Of Replacement And Return Do You Use?

If you are not content with your dog tag for army, we quickly correct the problem. We gladly exchange, replace or refund in full of faulty items. Wrong delivery. Or tempered cargo.

Most are the cases where we don’t replace an item when the cargo delivered is not returned on stipulated time, tempered, or faulty.

5.4 In Case Of A Faulty Good Delivered Can I Make A Complaint Through Online?

Most of the complaints are made through online platforms. We do our best to correct the mistakes, replace goods on time or even offer extra services.

5.5 Will I Pay Extra Charges For Replacement?

Extra charges only incur when a client returns goods tempered from what she originally was delivered. But this does not apply to clients whose goods were damaged on transit or wrongly delivered.

5.6 What Are The Steps Taken When I Fail To Get A Replacement?

We follow to the latter your replacement process ‘there is a stringent measure in place when a client fails to receive his replacement.

We also make exclusive costs to such cases, certain waivers are imposed where a client gets to buy below the normal price.

5.7 Is Your Company Insured?

We are insured by two reliable and competent insurance companies. Our goods also are insured in case of theft or damage by natural calamities.

5.8 How Do I Follow Up With the Process Of Replacement?

You can follow up with the process of replacement through our online services to know the status of your replacement.

Also, you can call our customer care to ask about the same and get help.

We also have readily available customer care agents at your disposal in case of any complaint they are of assistance.

5.9 What Happens When I Get A Wrong Replacement?

In a case where a client gets a wrong replacement, we are obliged to do a follow-up on the matter arriving at such incompetency.

But we also do a redo replacement where the clients get to have discounts on the goods ordered. Or else gets the price slashed down from what she had previously paid.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

cancellation and refund policy
figure 15 cancellation and refund policy

6.1 What Terms And Condition Do You Use During Cancellation Process

A client may be eligible for a refund based on the cancellation of unused goods delivered but under one condition; that he do the cancellation before goods are put on transit.

When a client cancels goods on transit, she is liable for the charges incurred for transportation

When a client cancels goods before putting them in transit, the refund is 90% of the total money paid.

If a client cancels an order before the process is successful, she has the right to a full refund of her money.

6.2 How Do I Go About My Cancellation Process Online?

On the tab of cancellation and refund, follow the directions, you will be guided on how to go about canceling an order.

When an order has been canceled successfully, you will get an email to confirm the same.

6.3 After Cancellation Of My Order Do, I Expect To Get A Full Refund Of My Money?

As earlier discussed; a full refund of money is only done when the cancellation is done before the goods are not put in transit.

Failure to that there is no guarantee of a full refund of money because of the charges incurred.

6.4 How Do I Know A Cancellation Process Has Gone Through?

You will only know a cancellation process has gone through only when you have been sent an email by us.

Failure to get an email from us never be too sure the cancellation was a success.

6.5 Will I Be Charged For Cancellation Of Order Of The Dog Tag For Army While On Transit?

Pretty much, cancellation of goods on transit attracts fines to the client. Canceling an order on transit is so much discouraged because it only costs the client money not planned for.

6.7 How Long Does It Take To Get A Refund After A Successful Cancellation Of Order?

It takes 20 to 30 days before the maturity of a refund is made. 

Mark you in case of theft or goods damaged, it takes slightly more time than normal to get your refund back.

If the goods get damaged while in the client’s custody, we as the company do not fall liable for any refund or replacement.

6.8 How Do I Follow Up With My Refund Process?

There is a system put in place that handles tracking and status of goods in transit, a refund in process, and many other processes.

More so you can always reach our always available customer care who gives guidance and assistance on whatever complaint brought to the table.

Also, you can come directly to our offices and file a complaint which we shall act upon.

6.9 Can I Make Another Order Of The Dog Tag For Army Immediately After My Cancellation?

Yes. You can always make another order after cancellation. There are no limitations to the number of orders you can make from us.

Moreover do not expect an immediate refund for a cancellation made recently. That’s why for each middleman to rely upon new orders you make you will have to pay afresh because we will treat it as a fresh order put in place.

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