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Foison Metal is the Top Manufacturer of Dog Tag for Men Worldwide

Foison Metal provides wholesale items for our guests in different products and specializes in customized metal works goods. Our dog tag for men necklace comes in personalized designs provided by our clients in giving their layout for each. 

It comes in different sturdy materials such as stainless steel and aluminum that are made to last longer than regular metal material. Foison Metal is the leading manufacturer of dog tag for men and other metal products. 

We provide excellent quality every time that is why we gain recognition for being the top supplier of metal work products. Our production are thoroughly examined by skilled professionals in providing excellent results.

About Our Service


We stick on being the best personalized manufacturer of dog tag for men.


We picked the best metal sturdy enough for our dog tag for men while giving the best results in printing and texture.

Round the Clock Assistance

Foison Metal’s customer assistance team is here to assist your request at any time of the day.

Globally Competitive

Our company has received different awards for topping metal works dog tag for men.

Skilled Personnels

We make sure that clients get what they need. Every process done in our company is held by experts in providing you best dog tag for men.


We offer different choices of color, metal, texture, and printing for you to choose from your dog tag for men.

Fast Production

Each successful order is directly sent to production for mass creation of dog tag for men.

Free Quotes

With every order, we provide free quotes for quality assurance to our clients.

Our Featured Products

 Foison Metal Manufactures Dog Tag for Men Available in Customized Design, Engraved, and Etched Printing

Mens Gold Dog Tag

Looking for gold dog tag? We have it. We customized dog tag in different colors

Mens Dog Tag Engraved

Dog tags for men are available in customized engraved design.

Silver Gold Dog Tag

Silver is our basic color for dog tag. You can have it in different textures and prints.

Mens Dog Tags Custom

Our custom dog tags for men are made from stainless or aluminum metal material.


Foison Advanced Dog Tag Manufacturing technology

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Dog tag for men have become popular and still a trend today. Foison Metal specialized in creating customized dog tags in different styles. We provide mens dog tags engraved that acquire durable materials needed to withstand harsh environments in the field. 

We offer a variety of colors and printing styles that you can choose from. We value your ideas and promote customized designs for your dog tag orders. 

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Our dog tag for men comes in sturdy material made from either stainless steel or aluminum.

Hassle Free

We ensure that each of the ordering processes in Foison Metal are fast and efficient.


Our personalized dog tag for men is made for you. We curate according to your designs and requests.

Long Lasting

All of our products come in strong corrosion resistance to last.

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Foison Metal is the Dominating and Trusted Brand Anodized Aluminum Dog Tags

Keeping animals safe is a priority for all responsible community citizens and pet owners. Foison Metal thought the best way to ensure their safety is by getting them to wear Anodized Dog Tags. These products are always in-demand wherever you are in the world, and we provide the cheapest option, so get ready to boost your business sales now!

Foison Metal is one of the Top Dog Tag for Men Manufacturer in China

Foison Metal has every dog tag you need, for military or style, in stainless steel or aluminum, we create wide designs of dog tag for men. Aside from our best quality products, our company provides best assistance for our clients. We promote hassle-free transactions all the time, from production to shipment, we ensure that you get your product at your convenience.

The Dog Tag of Men FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is a Dog Tag For Men?

Example of dog tag for men with two plates
Figure 1 Example of dog tag for men with two plates

Dog tag for men are identifications that are considered stylish and normally contain information that the owner wants to be revealed to the public. 

1.2 What are some of the features of dog tag for men?

Dog tag for men may have these features.

  • It may have a pair of tabs-These tabs may have wordings or symbols engraved to pass certain information.
  • Word or images-Words can include the names or addresses or certain information that the owner intends to reveal.
  • Ball chain-A metallic ball like that on luggage tags.

1.3 What Information Is Found On Dog Tag For Men?

Example of dog tag for men
Figure 2 Example of dog tag for men

Dog tag for men contains personal identification information such as names, address, and security number for the case of service members.

1.4 How Heavy Should Dog Tag For Men Be?

At Foison metal we make comfortable dog tags that are not too heavy nor too light. Dog tag for men needs to be cozy and look pleasant for the weary to feel comfortable in public.

1.5 Apart from dog tags for men, are there other dog tags?

Yes, at Foison Metal we have a variety of dog tags such as:

  • Dog tag for collar
  • Dog tag Lab
  • Dog tag for dogs

1.6 How Do I Wear Dog Tag For Men?

Dog tag for men worn on a tshirt
Figure 3 Dog tag for men worn on a tshirt

Since dog tags for men are stylish and mostly meant for fashion, there are no exact specifications on how they should be worn. However, for the identification to be well seen, we can give suggestions.

Dog tag for men should be designed to be with the level of a shirt pocket. Shirts with collar, straighten up the collar and place a dog tag. You might need to leave some buttons open for higher visibility of your dog tag for men.

1.7 Why Should One Wear Dog Tag For Men?

At Foison Metal we have different dog tag for men that can match perfectly with your wardrobe. For fashionable reasons, you might need something that complements your outfits, and a dog tag for men serves the purpose.

Dog tag for men will make you comfortable before people because you will look stylish and trendy too.

We can also wear them when we want to commemorate special people in our lives. At times we also commemorate the best events that happen in our lives such as graduation ceremonies.

Dog tag for men has certain identifying information that you might want to be revealed to others.

Dog tag for men especially in the military contains carries has vital information such as blood group type. This is so important because in case of hemorrhage it will be easier to accord emergency help.

Some people may wear dog tags for men to commemorate someone special in their lives. For Example, for people whose members served in the military, their dog tag is treasured and is at times worn to satisfy nostalgic emotions.

1.8 Is Military Dog Tag Also a Dog Tag For Men?

Military dog tag
Figure 4 Military dog tag

Yes, although military dog tag is specifically meant for people, both men, and women in the forces. This is just not worn for fashion, but it also contains vital personal information required by the military.

Some of the information includes vital military information such as blood group and ID.

1.9 Can Dog Tag For Men Be Presented As A Gift?

Yes, a dog tag for men is the perfect gift someone can give to you. They are small and can be well wrapped and be presented as a gift.

One can decide to customize it to have specific information for you. Another may opt for a symbol such as heart or love just specifically meant for you.

1.10 What Is The Cost For Dog Tag For Men?

Dog tag for men with matching tshirt
Figure 5 Dog tag for men with matching tshirt

Dog tag for men cost may vary depending on the design, sizes, and materials, and customization processes involved. Our prices are displayed on the ordering channel. However, you are free to contact us to see our price ranges.

1.11 Why Are Dog Tags For Men So Popular And Trendy?

Dog tags for men will for a long time be trendy. This is because it matches closely with the kind of fashion and perhaps maybe the only jewelry associated with men.

Ancient or modern they will all be considered stylish because of their durability and their versatile character of defining personality.

1.12 What Are The Considerations Before Buying Dog Tag For Men?

Dog tag for men can be bought by anyone depending on their taste and preference. This is in terms of maybe color, design, or customization choices.

Allergy reactions are another important aspect before buying dog tags for men. People react differently to metals. This is important especially if you are buying it as a gift.

One may consider the information displayed. The information should vividly reflect certain personality traits.

1.13 How many dog tags for men can I wear?

Example of plain dog tag for men
Figure 6 Example of plain dog tag for men

Wearing of dog tag for men is an individual choice. You can wear as many as you can so long as you feel comfortable. If you are going to an occasion, you may prefer wearing one or two.

1.14 Where Can I Buy Dog Tag For Men?

At Foison metal, we provide you with a modern, fashionable, and stylish dog tag for men. Visit our website to check on how to place your order.

At Foison Metal you will find a variety of dog tags for men available in different sizes, styles of shape, and color. You can also see all our products including dog tags for children.

At Foison Metal we not only offer personalization of dog tag for men but also multiple engraving options

You can also contact us through our customer care support team, and we shall make sure you get your desired dog tag for men.

1.15 Is Dog Tag For Men Specifically For Men Only?

They are considered for men but can also be unisex. Some women may wear it depending on their outfits.

For example, denim jeans and a t-shirt can match well with a dog tag for men. It is all about fashion!

Some women may wear their husband’s dog tags because there is that special connection, especially if they have been away for longer periods.

1.16 On What Occasions Should Dog Tag For Men Be Worn?

You can wear a dog tag on very formal occasions such as informal meetings. A short sling that is just above the shirt pocket is recommended.

You can wear dog tags for men at weddings. This can complement your wedding dressing code since you will outstandingly look awesome.

For men in the military, they are required to always wear them while they are actively in the field.

You can also wear them on informal occasions such as when going for road trips, hikes, and when meeting friends.

1.17 What Is The Importance Of Wearing Dog Tag For Men?

Dog tags can just be worn to compliment clothing for fashion.

Dog tag for men carries identification documents that can help in times of emergencies.

Dog tag for men can be used to inspire someone special in your life. Others convey some inspirational statements that are meant to elevate someone such as, yes, you can do it or Keep going on.

Dog tag for men has an emotional connection between people who love each other. For Example, when handed as a gift.

It also carries nostalgic memories for our departed souls such as those men and women who served in the military.

1.18 How Long Can Dog Tag For Men Last?

Dog tag for men is made of high-quality and durable materials. At Foison Metal, dog tags are made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel is the most durable material for making dog tags for men since it does not oxidize. Therefore, a dog tag for men made of stainless steel will still serve you for long.

1.19 Is Quality Of The Dog Tag Important?

Yes, the quality of the dog tag will tell you how long your dog tag for men will last. A good dog tag for men should be made from long-lasting materials such as stainless steel.

A good quality dog tag for men should not oxidize under any circumstance. It is important to note that poor quality materials often cause allergy and therefore, choose Foison Metal, choose good quality.

1.20 Is Dog Tag For Men A Jeweler?

Yes, dog tag for men can be categorized as jewelry, perhaps the only jewelry for men that is worn on the neck.

1.21 Are There Standard For Production Of Dog Tag For Men.

The standard quality of production of dog tag for men is that all products should be made of durable and high-quality materials.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 What Are The Processes Involved For Customization Of Dog Tag For Men?

After contacting us, you can either share with us or we can send you design sample templates to choose from. Once we have the design you want and the information you want to be embossed then we start work on it.

Using a dog tag embosser machine, designed metal shapes as per your preference are inserted to emboss the information.

2.2 How is dog tag for men designed to be?

  • Dog tag for men is designed to be serviceable.
  • Dog tag for men is also designed to be utilitarian.
  • It is also designed to be rugged.

2.3 Why Do I Need To Customize My Dog Tag For Men?

Dog tag for men with engraved cross
Figure 7 Dog tag for men with engraved cross

Personalization of dog tag for men is the perfect way to portray not only your personality but also to express your passion.

By customization you choose to what extent to divulge and to what extent people will discover about you.

Customization of dog tag for men allows you to grow either economically or even religiously. Some information such as “Thank you God” or “Pushing to Greater Heights” is a motivation. Some people choose to express directly to faith or to inspiration to make them grow.

2.4 Can I Get My Personalized Dog Tag For Men?

dog tag for men
Figure 8 dog tag for men

Yes, you can get your personalized dog tag. Whether you want an icon to put, information embossed or even making it have your favorite color. All you need to do is contact us.

You can opt to share with us your desired designs or even you can make a request of getting a sample template of designs we have. Do not hesitate to reach out to us, at Foison Metal, we make it happen.

2.5 What Material Is Used To Make Dog Tag For Men?

One of the best materials for making dog tags for men is Metal. The type of metals can be aluminum, brass, or stainless steel.

Aluminum is a very great metal material for making dog tags for men. This is because it is available in various shapes and sizes. Aluminum is affordable and because of its lightness, it is easy to customize.

Another best material is stainless steel since it does not oxidize. It is durable and is of very high quality.

Another material is plastic such as acrylic. Acrylic is mostly liked because it is found in different colors. It is light as well and it is easy to customize.

Brass can at times be used for people who love vintage fashion because of its rustic look.

With all these materials, the jeweler can design them into having different fonts and information.

2.6 What size should dog tags for men be?

Dog tag for men should not be too small or too big; that is a nuisance to the wearer. It should be sizable enough to fit the details required.

At Foison Metal you shall get different sizes of dog tag for men. You can contact us on the specific size you want, and we shall deliver.

2.7 Is dog tag for men machine-made or handmade?

Everyone needs a high-quality and durable dog tag for men. For the engravings to last long and to resist fading, a machine must be used to engrave the details.

2.8 What Methods Are Used To Print Mementos On Dog Tag For Men?

Example of dog tag for men with engraving
Figure 9 Example of dog tag for men with engraving

There are various ways in which dog tags for men are printed but the most common are the following:

  • Engraving
  • Stamping
  • Printing

2.9 What Are Some Of The Designs That Dog Tag For Men Can Be Customized?

Dog tag for men with scripture
Figure 10 Dog tag for men with scripture
  • A cross dog tag for men-Portrays spiritual connection.
  • A guitar pick-Love for music
  • A skull dog tag for men-A skull symbolizes danger.
  • BOLD –Propel someone to be courageous and go for something he wants.
  • RISK-Bold choices need to be bold for success.
  • CALVIN-A person’s name might also be engraved as part of the design.

2.10 What Are Shapes That Come With Dog Tag For Men?

Example of white dog tag for men
Figure 11 Example of white dog tag for men

At Foison Metal, Dog tag for men are available in all shapes. Some shapes include:

  • Classic oval shape
  • Triangular shaped
  • A symbol shaped such as a cross or a guitar.
  • Rectangular classic shape

2.11 What Does The Different Information And Engraved Symbols Mean?

By use of a dog for men, you can communicate perfectly on what inspires and motivates you.

We have various engraved information and symbols, and all have different meanings depending on the owner. Some of the common symbols include:

Guitar pick-The guitar pick dog tag for men is mostly worn by people who either sing or love music.

Go big words-These words inspire you to be bold and brave. Follow your goals without hesitations and you shall achieve.

Take the risk phrases-These phrases is to boost your commitment that you need to make some decisions however tricky they are for you to make it. Be it making an investment or going out to fend for your family.

The risk phrase on your dog tag for men reminds you every time that you need to get out of your comfort zone and aim high.

Dog tag for men with a cross is worn mostly by men who find refuge and wisdom from God. They trust and believe that God is the sole provider and wearing the prevailing cross, they speak directly to their faith.

2.12 How Much Does Customization Of Dog Tag For Men Cost?

At Foison Metal, dog tag for men prices varies depending on several issues.

First, the choice of material used to make dog tags for men-Some materials are cheaper compared to others. For instance, brass is quite cheaper compared to stainless steel.

Secondly, the size of materials used. For bigger materials, it will be a little expensive compared to a smaller used material to make the tags.

Thirdly, the process that shall be involved in customization depending on customers’ preferences.

Here at Foison Metal, we offer you a moderate fee for customization. Contact us for detailed information concerning customization charges.

2.13 Do You Offer Sample Templates Of Dog Tag For Men To Choose From?

Yes, kindly make a request and we shall deliver it to you. We have a variety of designs and samples of already customized dog tag for men. Feel free to contact us of your choice.

2.14 How Long Does Customization Of Dog Tag For Men Take?

Dog tag for men customization process takes at least 21 working days and that excludes weekends. You shall be able to be notified of the progress we are making.

You can occasionally contact us, and we shall be glad to inform you of the progress we have made.

2.15 Can I Share With You Ideas On Dog Tag For Men?

Dog tag for men with mathcing black tshirt
Figure 12 Dog tag for men with matching black t-shirt

Yes, we accommodate all ideas that can help better your dog tag for men. Either you need some information added, engraving of symbols, or even adding your desired icon.

Contact our customer care support team and they shall direct you on how to send your ideas.

2.16 For gifting someone a dog tag for men, what are the things I can make it to feature?

  • We can make one that features the name of your special person.
  • We can include a sweet message such as ‘’I miss you’’.

2.17 Does Dog Tag For Men Available In Different Colors?

Dog tag for men with engraving on both sides
Figure 13 Dog tag for men with engraving on both sides

Yes, dog tag for men is available in many colors. You can also contact us on your favorite colors we incorporate into your customization process.

2.18 Can I Suggest My Preferred Font Or You Have A Specific Font?

We do not have a specific font to be used in making dog tags for men. You are allowed to send us your font choice in the customization process of your dog tag.

We do recommend a font that is visible and readable at least from a shorter distance.

2.19 Must Dog Tag For Men Come With Two Plates?

No, dog tags can come with one plate. However, in the case of military dog tags, it comes with two plates just in case a soldier passes on.

One plate is taken off and preserved for honor and in memory of him. The other plate is left with the body if the war is so serious that can prevent the body from being recovered again.

2.20 What Makes An Archetypal Dog Tag For Men?

An archetypal dog tag for men is made up of two metallic plates and an all-around ball chain. The plates normally are made from stainless steel.

3.0 Order and Payments

3.1 How Do I Place An Order For Dog Tag For Men?

Visit our website online and you shall be able to place your order with ease. If you need guidance on the same please do not hesitate to contact our customer care support team.

You can also follow the following easy steps when placing your order in our ordering channel.

  • On the ordering platform, type the name dog tag for men in the search window at the top of our page.
  • Another easy option is by browsing the category window. From here you can choose from the dropdown of any related groupings on dog tag for men shown.
  • Identify dog tag for men you want, and you can also view ranges of materials and sizes available… You shall also be able to view the pricing of every dog tag for men.
  • Choose the quantity of dog tag for men you need and then click ‘’Add to cart”. Finnish the ordering process by making necessary payments.

From the same channel, you can be able to view all other products that are available at Faison Metal.

3.2 How Sure Can I Be That My Payment Is Successful?

At Foison Metal we have a smooth payment process that will make sure your money does not disappear In the air. After payment, you shall be notified via the contact information you provided earlier while placing an order.

In case you having trouble making payment please call our customer care for assistance.

3.3 What Happens When I Place A Wrong Order?

You are required to quickly contact us before any processes have commenced. You shall be advised on how to cancel that specific order and how to place another order.

You can also visit our website to see our cancellation processes.

3.4 How Efficient Is Your Online Ordering Process?

Our online platform is open 24/7. It being open all the time makes it efficient because you can make your order at any given time round the clock.

Our customer care service is open all the time in case you need assistance in making payments.

3.5 Why Should I Order Dog Tag For Men Online?

Placing your orders one of the most efficient ways of making orders because of the following reasons:

  • It is the fastest and easiest way for placing an order provided you have internet access.
  • You can be able to monitor the status of your order. From the start of the manufacturing process until delivery.
  • The online method keeps your data of all orders made.
  • By online also, you can be able to view all other products we have at Faison Metal.

3.6 What Happens When There Is Underpayment Or Overpayment?

At Foison Metal we try so much this does not happen by placing all prices of dog tag for men. The pricing is just under the product you are buying.

However, if underpayment or overpayment happens please contact us for assistance. For overpayment, we have a great refund policy for the extra amount.

3.7 What Payments Method Can I Use To Pay For Dog Tag For Men?

There are several methods we can use for making payments and that includes T/PayPal and the use of a Mastercard. In case you have other preferred payment modes please reach out to us before making payments.

3.8 Do You Offer Discounts For Dog Tag For Men Bought In Large Amounts?

Yes, we do offer discounts for dog tags for men ordered in bulk. The more the order, the more it attracts discounts. This enables us to keep our customers close.

Contact us to see the discount rate of your ordered dog tag for men.

3.9 Can I Change My Order?

Yes, you can change your order, but you need to be prompt enough before the manufacturing process begins. This will make you avoid being charged for materials already used.

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance concerning changing your order.

3.10 What Information Do I Need Before Placing An Order For Dog Tag For Men?

Designed dog tag for men
Figure 14 Designed dog tag for men

You need to be aware of the choice of material to be used, pricing, and the scheduled delivery dates to be comfortable when placing that order.

3.11 Is There Minimum Order Quantity For Dog Tag For Men?

No, you can place as many dog tags for men as possible. More quantities for you means huge discount rates. Therefore, the more the orders the less the payment.

You can contact us further for detailed information concerning order quantities and the interests it accumulates.

3.12 Can I Get an Affordable Dog Tag For Men?

Yes, at Foison Metal, we offer pocket-friendly dog tag for men. You are assured affordable pricing for durable products.

3.13 Can I Use Cash To Pay For My Dog Tag For Men?

Yes, you can if you can make it to our offices and ensure you get a receipt after making your payment. However, we deeply recommend you use PayPal/T and Mastercard for record-keeping. It also ensures the safety of your money.

3.14 Does Foison Metal Allow Higher Purchase As A Method Of Payment To Dog Tag For Men?

No, we do not allow higher purchases as a method of making payments. However, you can contact us we give you alternative payment modes.

3.15 Am I Allowed To Bargain For Dog Tag For Men?

No, we do not allow the bargaining of dog tag for men. What we do is that we give affordable pricing to all our esteemed customers and grant them discounts for dog tags for men ordered in bulk.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Does Foison Metal Offer Warehousing Services?

Delivery process
Figure 15 Delivery process

The safety of your product is of our huge concern. We do not offer warehousing services, but we can assure you of the safety of your dog tag for men from the beginning of the manufacturing process up to delivery.

4.2 Do you have a standard shipping fee?

No, we do not have a standard shipping fee in that shipping fee depends on the quantity of dog tag for men ordered on that consignment.

The shipping fee may also depend on the bulkiness of products ordered. In this case, we do offer a fair deal on the shipment of dog tags for men ordered in large quantities.

4.3 What Is Your Shipment Process For Dog Tag For Men?

At Foison metal we use reputable freight forwarders because the safety of your products is of concern. Some of the common freight forwarders we use include TNT, SF, DHL, China Post Group, Corporation FedEx, EMS, Express, UPS, or Amazon.

You shall be notified immediately once the shipping process starts.

4.4 Is There A Way I Can Reduce The Shipment Cost Of My Dog Tag For Men?

Yes, the more quantities purchased means a reduction of shipping cost. At Foison metal we shall make you better deals in doing your shipments.

4.5 What Is The Average Cost For Shipping Dog Tag For Men?

Our shipping fees vary with the quantities being ordered. Contact us and we shall give you a better shipping deal.

4.6 What Guarantees Do I Have For The Safety Of My Dog Tag For Men During Shipment?

Your shipment is secure since you can be able to monitor your products while they are in transit. Please reach out if you are having problems with your online status.

4.7 Do You Handle Dog Tag For Men Damaged During Delivery?

First and foremost, contact our customer care regarding the damaged dog tag for men.

Examine the damage and probably take a picture for record-keeping purposes.

Send the picture to us and we shall direct you on the process followed while returning the package to us.

4.8 Who Is In Charge For Dog Tag For Men That Are On Transit?

Transit process
Figure 16 Transit process

You are advised to liaise with your freight forwarder in matters concerning your products on transit. Also, make sure to have a copy of the transit and safety policies they have.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 Are There Procedures Followed In Making Returns Of Dog Tag For Men?

Yes, we require the dog tag for men to be unused and should still be on its original package. We shall not accept the damaged package for the returns.

Kindly contact us for assistance concerning returns.

5.2 What Are Some Of The Replacement Procedures Followed?

For replacements, Contact us if you get yourself with fewer quantities of dog tag for men than requested. We shall replace the same products as per your order. We shall send you the replacements with no shipping charges.

Note that if you need the products faster than normal shipping time some charges may apply.

Our mandate as Foison Metal Is to make sure you get your product on time without delays. This is also very important to us to keep and maintain a good reputation.

At Foison Metals, we shall carry out shipments of replacements using the same ordering method.

5.3 Do You Allow Swapping Of Product?

No, we do not allow swapping of products. However, if you need more details or detailed feedback concerning the exchange of products kindly contact us.

You can also visit our website for detailed information concerning all our products.

5.4 Do You Cater For The Return Cost Of Dog Tag For Men?

No, we do not cater to the return cost. The return cost is handled by the customer for restocking. Reach out to know the exact percentage charged for restocking purposes.

5.5 Do You Have Limitation For Replacement Of Dog Tag For Men?

No, we replace items so long as the damage was not intentional. Replacement or repair occurs when products are in normal working conditions.

5.6 Does Dog Tag For Men Come With Warranty?

Yes, at Foison Metal we are very confident of the quality of our products that is we offer you great warranty terms.

5.7 Can You Ship Only Defective Spare Part Instead Of Following Replacement Procedures?

Yes, upon your request we shall make it happen provided you shall cater for fixing charges.

5.8 Will I Be Notified Of A Successful Return?

Yes, you shall be notified upon arrival of the return. In case there are delays, please contact our customer care staff for assistance.

5.9 Can I Be Able To Know The Status Of The Returns?

Yes, by our online platform you shall be able to check the returns. You can also call us directly and we shall accord you the assistance needed.

5.10 What Happens If the Return Process Is Not Successful?

At Foison Metal chances of a failed return is very low. However, if this happens, please call our customer care for assistance and we shall be glad to help you.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

6.1 How Do I Cancel Dog Tag For Men Order?

Order cancellation process
Figure 17 Order cancellation process

You need to contact us as soon as possible using our customer care helpline for assistance before 24hours elapses.

If the shipment process has not started, we will stop the order and immediately start the refund process. If the shipment process has started, you shall be responsible for the freight charges.

We shall also charge you for the cancellation of products that have already reached the delivery address.

We encourage correct shipment information to avoid charging you extra costs for incorrect delivery addresses. You can call our customer care support staff for assistance in filling in shipment information if need be.

6.2 On What Occasions Will Refund Take Place?

A refund will occur if there is an overpayment, and you need the extra money back. Or else you may choose to add the extra amount and get yourself another dog tag for men.

A refund also takes place when you are dissatisfied with a product, and you need the money back. At Foison Metal, we shall be with you in all steps of customization to help come up with your desired dog tag for men.

6.3 How Do I Get Refunded For Dog Tag For Men?

The refund will be sent back to the account used to pay for your order. For example, if Pay Pal was used, we shall refund the money back to your PayPal account.

If you are having alternatives, it is good to contact us before the refund is made.

6.4 Will I Be Notified Of A Successful Cancellation Of Dog Tag For Men?

Yes, you shall be notified of a successful cancellation process but in case you are experiencing delays, please contact us and we shall be able to assist you.

6.5 Should I Expect a Full Refund?

This depends on certain conditions. If it is about the overpayment, then you shall be refunded fully. For the return goods, some percentage might be taken out for restocking.

Please feel free to contact us and we shall give you exact percentages as per your return.

6.6 Can I Make Another Order After Getting The Refund?

Yes, you can make as many orders as possible. All you need to do is to make sure the previous refund procedure was successful.

If you are also experiencing delays and need to place another order, kindly reach out to our support staff.

6.7 Is Cancellation Of Dog Tag For Men Immediate?

With good internet access, the cancellation process should be fast, but please call our customer care for assistance in case you are experiencing a problem.

6.8 Can I Make Another Order After Cancellation?

Yes, you can make another order. After successful completion of cancellation, go back to the ordering platform and place another order.

In case you need the assistance of the same, please do reach out to us and we shall be able to accord you the help you.

Send us a free inquiry request