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Foison Metal Creates Customized Premium Quality Dog Tag for Men Available in Aluminum and Stainless Steel

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Foison Metal: Your Top Global Source of Wholesale Dog Tag for Men

Discover the best wholesale dog tag for men at Foison Metal. We’re the leading worldwide manufacturer, specializing in crafting personalized designs that stand out.

Our custom dog tag necklace are made from top-quality materials like stainless steel and aluminum ensuring durability that surpasses other metals. With Foison Metal, you’re guaranteed exceptional quality and style that matches your requirements. 

Explore our wide range of customizing options and make a statement with mens dog tags that reflects your unique identity. Send your inquiries now to know more information!

About Our Service


We are committed to providing quality products and services that enables us to employ strict quality control to ensure customer satisfaction.


Tailoring our solutions to your specific needs is our specialty. We offer a wide range of customization options from materials to sizes to match your design requirements.


We understand the importance of deadlines. Our production and courier services ensure to deliver your orders timely, everytime.

Cost Effective

Our goal is to maximize your ROI. We do everything we can to deliver affordable dog tags at the highest quality.

Free Samples

Generic and customized samples are provided to check the overall quality before we proceed with the mass production.

Free Quote

When you send your orders, we'll generate the best and accurate quote for you. There will be no charge for quote generation.


Our team is dedicated to providing free support that assist you from design customization up to delivery.


We continuously innovate our equipment and tools for a more productive and efficient manufacturing process.

Our Featured Products

 Foison Metal Manufactures Dog Tag for Men Available in Customized Design, Engraved, and Etched Printing

Mens Dog Tag Necklace

Crafted with precision, this dog tag necklace express timeless and sleek elegance that compliments men's style.

Mens Dog Tags

Whether for casual or formal attire mens dog tags effortlessly elevate the look. These tags can be customized according to your liking.

Custom Dog Tags for Men

More than just an accessory, these dog tags serves as the perfect canvas for crafting individual and unique style.

Personalized Dog Tag for Men

Express yourself with custom engravings. Whether it's your name, special date, or a meaningful message.


Foison Advanced Dog Tag Manufacturing technology

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Foison Metal is your go-to partner in mass producing customized dog tags for men. Our years of experience enables us to produce hundreds of dog tag necklace distributed internationally.

Clients trust us to tailor solutions for design requirement and produce world-class mens dog tag necklace using raw materials with matching durability and style.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Our dog tag for men comes in sturdy material made from either stainless steel or aluminum.


As a direct manufacturer, you can guarantee that everything is priced to match your budget.


Mens dog tags are produced only by your requested design and quantity. We do not offer templates or stock items for purchase.

Long Lasting

By using raw materials that are corrosion and abrasion resistant, we guarantee that each dog tag is made to last.

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Foison Metal: Elevating Branding Style with Wholesale Custom Dog Tag for Men

Unlock exceptional branding style with Foison Metal’s custom dog tag for men. Elevate your brand identity with our premium, personalized dog tags that leave a mark. Explore our wide range of customization options today! 

Foison Metal is one of the Top Dog Tag for Men Manufacturer in China

Foison Metal has every dog tag you need, for military or style, in stainless steel or aluminum, we create wide designs of dog tag for men. Aside from our best quality products, our company provides best assistance for our clients. We promote hassle-free transactions all the time, from production to shipment, we ensure that you get your product at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is a Dog Tag For Men?

Dog tag for men are identifications that are considered stylish and normally contain information that the owner wants to be revealed to the public. 

1.2 What are some of the features of dog tag for men?


  • It may have a pair of tabs-These tabs may have wordings or symbols engraved to pass certain information.
  • Word or images-Words can include the names or addresses or certain information that the owner intends to reveal.
  • Ball chain-A metallic ball like that on luggage tags.

1.3 How heavy are the dog tags?

At Foison metal we make comfortable dog tags that are not too heavy nor too light. Dog tag for men needs to be cozy and look pleasant for the weary to feel comfortable in public.

1.4 Apart from dog tags for men, are there other dog tags?

Yes, at Foison Metal we have a variety of dog tags such as:

  • Dog tag for collar
  • Dog tag Lab
  • Dog tag for dogs

1.5 Can dog tag serve as a gift?

Yes, it can be a perfect gift someone can give to you. They are small and can be well wrapped and be presented as a gift.

One can decide to customize it to have specific information for you. Another may opt for a symbol such as heart or love just specifically meant for you.

1.6 How much are your dog tags?

The cost depends on the design, sizes, and materials, and customization processes involved. Our prices are displayed on the ordering channel. However, you are free to contact us to see our price ranges.

1.7 How long do dog tags last?

Here at Foison Metal, we use only the best materials like stainless steel and aluminum. These materials have a natural anti-corrosive material that make your dog tags long-lasting.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 What Are The Processes Involved For Customization?

After contacting us, you can either share with us or we can send you design sample templates to choose from. Once we have the design you want and the information you want to be embossed then we start work on it.

Using a dog tag embosser machine, designed metal shapes as per your preference are inserted to emboss the information.

2.2 What are the materials used?

To produce men’s dog tags, we use durable materials such as stainless steel and aluminum to ensure product durability that lasts for years without corroding.

2.3 Do you have a required size?

Although you can use any size that you prefer, it is important to consider that the size should perfectly fit your design. 

2.4 What are the shapes available?

Gold Dog Tag for Men
Figure 11 Example of white dog tag for men

At Foison Metal, Dog tag for men are available in all shapes. Some shapes include:

  • Classic oval shape
  • Triangular shaped
  • A symbol shaped such as a cross or a guitar.
  • Rectangular classic shape

2.5 Do You Offer Sample Templates?

We don’t offer sample templates for designing dog tags. Customers are required to submit their own design or artwork. If assistance is needed, our customers service support is always available to reach out to.

2.6 Can I share my design ideas?

2 Layer Dog Tag for Men Silver
Figure 12 Dog tag for men with matching black t-shirt

Yes, we accommodate all ideas that can help better your dog tag for men. Either you need some information added, engraving of symbols, or even adding your desired icon.

Contact our customer care support team and they shall direct you on how to send your ideas.

2.7 Are dog tags available in different colors?

Yes, dog tag for men is available in many colors. You can also contact us on your favorite colors we incorporate into your customization process.

2.8 Can I Suggest My Preferred Font?

Yes. Everything is customizable even the font can be modified. You can submit your own font.

2.9 Do dog tags come in 2 plating?

If preferred dog tags can come in 2 plating. We can suggest plating that match your design.

3.0 Order and Payments

3.1 How Do I Place An Order?

Visit our website online and you shall be able to place your order with ease. If you need guidance on the same please do not hesitate to contact our customer care support team.

You can also follow the following easy steps when placing your order in our ordering channel.

  • On the ordering platform, type the name dog tag for men in the search window at the top of our page.
  • Another easy option is by browsing the category window. From here you can choose from the dropdown of any related groupings on dog tag for men shown.
  • Identify dog tag for men you want, and you can also view ranges of materials and sizes available… You shall also be able to view the pricing of every dog tag for men.
  • Choose the quantity of dog tag for men you need and then click ‘’Add to cart”. Finnish the ordering process by making necessary payments.

From the same channel, you can be able to view all other products that are available at Faison Metal.

3.2 How Sure Can I Be That My Payment Is Successful?

At Foison Metal we have a smooth payment process that will make sure your money does not disappear In the air. After payment, you shall be notified via the contact information you provided earlier while placing an order.

In case you having trouble making payment please call our customer care for assistance.

3.3 What Happens When I Place A Wrong Order?

You are required to quickly contact us before any processes have commenced. You shall be advised on how to cancel that specific order and how to place another order.

You can also visit our website to see our cancellation processes.

3.4 How Efficient Is Your Online Ordering Process?

Our online platform is open 24/7. It being open all the time makes it efficient because you can make your order at any given time round the clock.

Our customer care service is open all the time in case you need assistance in making payments.

3.5 What payment options are available?

There are several methods we can use for making payments and that includes T/PayPal and the use of a Mastercard. In case you have other preferred payment modes please reach out to us before making payments.

3.6 Do You Offer Discounts?

As a direct manufacturer, our dog tags are priced to match your budget. Discounts are no longer applicable however, if this is not your first time to order, you no longer need to pay the molding fee.

3.7 Can I Change My Order?

Once the order is placed and confirmed, there is no chance for cancellations.

3.8 Is There Minimum Order Quantity For Dog Tag For Men?

To place an order there is a required quantity of 100 pcs per transaction.

3.9 Can I Use Cash To Pay?

Yes, you can if you can make it to our offices and ensure you get a receipt after making your payment. However, we deeply recommend you use PayPal/T and Mastercard for record-keeping. It also ensures the safety of your money.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Do you have a standard shipping fee?

No, we do not have a standard shipping fee in that shipping fee depends on the quantity of dog tag for men ordered on that consignment.

The shipping fee may also depend on the bulkiness of products ordered. In this case, we do offer a fair deal on the shipment of dog tags for men ordered in large quantities.

4.2 What Is Your Shipment Process?

At Foison metal we use reputable freight forwarders because the safety of your products is of concern. Some of the common freight forwarders we use include TNT, SF, DHL, China Post Group, Corporation FedEx, EMS, Express, UPS, or Amazon.

You shall be notified immediately once the shipping process starts.

4.3 Is There A Way I Can Reduce The Shipment Cost?

Yes, the more quantities purchased means a reduction of shipping cost. At Foison metal we shall make you better deals in doing your shipments.

4.4 What Is The Average Cost For Shipping?

Our shipping fees vary with the quantities being ordered. Contact us and we shall give you a better shipping deal.

4.5 Do You Handle Damaged Products During Delivery?

First and foremost, contact our customer care regarding the damaged dog tag for men.

Examine the damage and probably take a picture for record-keeping purposes.

Send the picture to us and we shall direct you on the process followed while returning the package to us.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 Do You Allow Swapping Of Product?

No, we do not allow swapping of products. However, if you need more details or detailed feedback concerning the exchange of products kindly contact us.

You can also visit our website for detailed information concerning all our products.

5.2 Do You Cater For The Return Cost?

No, we do not cater to the return cost. The return cost is handled by the customer for restocking. Reach out to know the exact percentage charged for restocking purposes.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

6.1 How Do I Cancel an Order?

Once an order is set and confirmed we can no longer cancel.

Send us a free inquiry request