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Foison Metal is the Leading Global Supplier of Dog Tag Funny

We curate dog tag funny custom designs from our customers’ requests. Our client’s design enables us to create the perfect dog tags funny they need. We want you to feel special by offering jolly dog tags that your pets would surely enjoy. 

Our items are made specifically to last, just like the trust that you provide us. Here at Foison Metal, being one of the leading suppliers and producers of dog tags and other metal works products, there is no getting wrong in the quality. 

We provide quality products from your customization and unique designs. We have specifically structured a systematic process in creating your order, from design to production. 

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Same Time Assistance

Our customer service team is open to serve you 24 hours a day. We are here to give you support any time and anywhere.

Newest Machines

We create your orders and process your dog tag funny designs using high-end machines that always give accurate output.

Professional Team

Our team is made of professional individuals that process your orders by providing exceptional quality every time.


Not only Foison Metal is known internationally but also globally. We are here to provide your orders from miles away.

Creative Production

Our production team is made of experts that offer different dog tag funny products for you.

Custom Designs

We continually specialize in custom-made dog tag funny orders for our clients.


Not only Foison Metal is known internationally but also globally. We are here to provide your dog tag funny from miles away.

Free Quotes

Free Quotes are provided for every successful order for your dog tag funny forquality checking.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Customized Dog Tag Funny Are Available For Bulk Orders and Etched, Engraved, and Brushed Printing

Unique Dog Tags

We uniquely made dog tags are openly available for different pets and use.

Funny Dog Tags Engraving

Engraved dog tags are one of the best printing design since it gives permanent printing to the product.

Funny Personalized Dog Tags

Our personalized option gives you the power to create your design and requests.

Dog Tags Funny Custom

These cute dog tag funny customs can be used for your female and male pets with a funny quote.


Foison Advanced Dog Tag Manufacturing technology

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Either you are looking for your business products of a dog tag, Foison Metal is here to serve. We operate in providing wholesale products for your business. Our dog tag funny custom are created to be durable and long-lasting so you won’t worry about how long the product will last.

We also offer a variety of choices that you can choose from, starting with metal and others. We create customized orders to input that special touch of your request. We’ve created a user-friendly website for the best experience. 

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


We create not only quality but unique products for you.


Our products are made to serve clients around the globe. We offer different delivery choices.


Our company makes personalized dog tag funny for our clients. This gives them the ability to have designs from their personalize touch.


All of our products are made from cruelty-free materials, from raw material to production.

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Foison Metal is the Dominating and Trusted Brand Anodized Aluminum Dog Tags

Keeping animals safe is a priority for all responsible community citizens and pet owners. Foison Metal thought the best way to ensure their safety is by getting them to wear Anodized Dog Tags. These products are always in-demand wherever you are in the world, and we provide the cheapest option, so get ready to boost your business sales now!

Foison Metal is One of the Leading Dog Tag Funny Manufacturer in China

From stainless steel to aluminum dog tag funny orders, Foison Metal has it. Our company offers an array of different designs and choices for you. We have formulated the best quality dog tag products that are indeed incomparable. 

Even in assistance, our company is here to comply with that. We offer 24-hour service assistance for your query so that we won’t miss any of it.

The Dog Tag Funny FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is Dog Tag Funny?

Example of engraved dog tag funny
Figure 1 Example of engraved dog tag funny

Dog tag funny are tags that are creatively engraved for humor. For any person or pet with a great personality, the inclusion of comic slogans in the tags makes it look fantastic.

A little comical attitude that comes with laughter from dog tag funny is everyone’s desire and at Foison Metal we got you covered.

1.2 What Is Dog Tag Funny Composed Of?

Dog tag funny has the features below:

  • It may have a pair of tabs or a single plate -These tabs have engraved comical wordings either on both plates and one plate may have a comical symbol.
  • Word or images- One of the plates may have Words that include the names or addresses or details that the owner intends to reveal.
  • Ball chain-A metallic ball like that found on luggage tags.

1.3 How Dog Tag Is Funny Made?

Dog tag funny is made by either the printing, engraving or stamping process of the funny quotes onto the metallic plate. An Embosser machine is also used to come up with long-lasting funny wordings that do not fade easily.

1.4 Why Should I Wear Dog Tag Funny?

Dog tag funny a very comical attitude that not only entertains you but also the people you meet on the way. With the funny slogans displayed on the dog tag funny be sure to make somebody’s day.

Dog tag funny are considered stylish hence can match with any clothing.

Above all, dog tag funny are and will be trendy for the longest time. At Foison Metal we make sure you stay trendy too.

1.5 What Are The Funny Things Put On A Dog Tag Funny?

There is a lot of funny information that can be found on dog tag funny, and they include:

  • Oh Crap!
  • Do Not Follow Me, I Am Also Lost.
  • “Not All That Wander Are Lost. Except Me”
  • I Escaped

1.6 How Do I Put On Dog Tag Funny?

At Foison Metal Dog tag funny are designed to be of the level of a shirt or t-shirt pocket. Shirts with collars are straightened up and dog tag funny is placed carefully.

You may unbutton the first to the third button to ensure clear visibility of the funny dog tag. Since dog tag funny are stylish, the design of wearing them depends on the owner however of importance is clear visibility.

1.7 How Do You Make Dog Tag Funny Not to Jingle?

Example of getting lost dog tag funny
Figure 2 Example of getting lost dog tag funny

Jingling or constant metal to metal clanging of dog tag funny is at times a nuisance. This is not only to the wearer but also to the people they meet on their way. For this not to happen, a rubber is placed around the plates.

1.8 Is There Standard Quality for Dog Tag Funny?

Example of engraved dog tag funny
Figure 3 Example of engraved dog tag funny

At Foison Metal, we provide standard dog tag funny with the following considerations:

Material-Material used to make dog tag funny should be compatible with the skin of the owner so as not to create an allergic reaction.

Size-A dog tag funny should be of correct size depending on the neck size of the wearer. It should not be too loose or very tight for comfortability.

Visibility-The font type and font size on dog tag funny should be readable from a distance.

1.9 What Is The Price Range For Dog Tag Funny?

Dog tag funny on a dog
Figure 4 Dog tag funny on a dog

The price of a dog tag funny is largely dependent on a variety of factors.

The type and size of material used are a great factor in determining the pricing of dog tag funny.

The number of letters used in customizing humor. More letters will occupy a larger plate as compared to fewer stylish wordings.

1.10 How Heavy Should Dog Tag Funny Be?

Example of dog tag funny for dogs
Figure 5 Example of dog tag funny for dogs

At Foison Metal we make comfortable dog tag funny that are not too heavy nor too light. Dog tag funny needs to be as comfortable as possible not to cause restlessness or irritation to the wearer.

You can also contact us on the weight you would love your dog tag funny to have and we shall make it happen.

1.11 How Many Plates does Dog Tag Funny Come with?

Example of colored dog tag funny
Figure 6 Example of colored dog tag funny

Dog tag funny may either come with one or two plates. However, you are free to contact us on the number of plates you might need during the customization process.

1.12 How Comfortable Is Dog Tag Funny When Worn?

At Foison Metal, we ensure the comfortability of dog tag funny by focusing on some key elements. One is by making them light in weight, secondly making sure it is of the correct size and thirdly we minimize the jingling effect by use of a silencer.

1.13 Does Dog Tag Funny Cause Any Allergy Reactions?

Some may cause allergic reactions. You are advised to contact us if your skin reacts to a particular metal, and we shall give you other good quality materials to choose from.

1.14 Can Dog Tag Funny Be Wrapped as A Gift?

Yes, a dog tag funny is the perfect gift to wrap for somebody or even your pet. They are stylish hence the one being gifted the chances of liking it is fully guaranteed.

We also do customization to directly suit the one being presented with the dog tag funny. Also, it is small and lights hence fitting into the wrapper making it a good surprise gift.

1.16 How Many Dog Tag Funny Can I Wear at the Same Time?

You can wear as many dog tag funny as you can provide you are comfortable depending on the setting. For official functions, one or two might be okay.

1.17 Is Dog Tag Funny Unisex?

Yes, dog tag funny can be worn by any gender, and it does not have an age limit. Fun and comic cut across every age group and sex.

1.18 How Durable Is Dog Tag Funny?

Dog tag funny is made of very high-quality materials that are durable and you can be assured of long-term service.

1.19 What Are Some Of The Materials for Making Dog Tag Funny?

Example of round dog tag funny
Figure 7 Example of round dog tag funny

The durability of dog tag funny depends largely on the choice of materials. Therefore, the following materials are a very important aspect when it comes to durability.

One of the great materials for making dog tags for men is Metal. The type of metals can be aluminum, brass, or stainless steel.

Aluminum is a great metal for making dog tag funny because of its lightness and the ease to customize it. Aluminum metal is available in various shapes and sizes, and it is affordable.

Stainless steel is another great material for making dog tags funny since it is durable, high quality, and does not oxidize.

  Acrylic is a plastic material that is sometimes preferred because of the beauty of its colors. It is available in many different colors, and it is easy to customize.

Brass is another great material for making dog tags funny simply because of its rusty look. Because of this, it is best for vintage fashion.

1.20 Is Dog Tag Funny Trendy And Popular?

Example of dog tag funny with icons
Figure 8 Example of dog tag funny with icons

Yes, dog tag funny will remain to be trendy for a long time. The comical slogans displayed will never get old and every time we meet them it triggers humor.

It is popular because everyone wears dog tag funny be it in formal or informal settings. With us, at Foison Metal, do not get left behind.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Can I Customize My Dog Tag Funny?

Example of dog tag funny on dog tag collar
Figure 9 Example of dog tag funny on dog tag collar

Yes, you can customize dog tag funny. All you need to do is send us your customization preferences in terms of material choices, color, and size.

You can also send us the font size and font type and we shall ensure we come up with your desired dog tag funny.

2.2 What Color Is Dog Tag Funny?

Example of blue colored dog tag funny
Figure 10 Example of blue colored dog tag funny

Dog tag funny is available in different colors. From black, white, silver, golden, and many more colors. You can send us the color you want and we shall make sure it comes with your favorite color.

2.3 What Sizes Does Dog Tag Funny Come With?

Dog tag funny is available in different sizes. We have very small ones that can fit kids, medium-size and large sizes for grownups.

We also have room for adjustments if you prefer either fitting a sling or a longer sling on the dog tag funny. Contact us with the correct measurements if you need any adjustments.

2.4 What Are Some of the Recommended Materials For Making Dog Tag Funny?

Example of getting lost dog tag funny
Figure 11 Example of getting lost dog tag funny

The most recommended material for customization and make dog tags funny is metallic.

Some of the metals used include stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. All these can be incorporated with gold or silver if need be. Feel free to reach out if you might have any alloys of the above metals.

2.5 What Are Some Of the Customization Designs That Come With Dog Tag Funny?

Dog tag funny is available in many designs such as:

  • A dog tag funny that has one plate. The plate may be embroidered on both sides with funny quotes.
  • A dog tag with one plate may have a funny symbol and comical information on the other side of the plate.
  • A dog tag can have two plates with a mixture of funny symbols and comical messages.
  • Dog tag funny might also come with funny icons that can trigger humor.

At Foison Metal, we allow room for customization, and you are allowed to share your ideas.

2.6 What Is The Average Cost Of Customization Of Dog Tag Funny?

Example of bone shaped dog tag funny
Figure 12 Example of bone shaped dog tag funny

At Foison Metal, dog tag funny customization fees depend on several factors:

The material used to make dog tag funny-Not all material prices are the same for example brass is quite cheaper compared to stainless steel.

Material size- There are dog tag funny that might require bigger materials and others will require fewer materials hence the difference in costs.

Lastly, the processes involved in the customization of dog tag funny depending on customers’ preferences will cause cost differences.

Here at Foison Metal, we offer you a moderate fee for customization. Contact us for more information concerning customization charges.

2.7 What Shapes Of Dog Tag Funny are There?

Dog tag funny can be available in many shapes depending on the number of letters you want to be engraved or font. You can also have a preferred shape of your own choice.

Dog tag funny can be available in a square shape, diamond-shaped, rectangular, or even triangular shaped provided your comical information fits in well.

2.8 Do You Allow Customization of Dog Tag Funny?

Yes, we do allow customization of dog tag funny. Please share with us your preferred customization designs, color, shape, and size.

We also customize font size and font type on dog tag funny.

2.9 What are the Processes Involved When Customizing Dog Tag Funny?

After reaching out to us we can send you sample template designs of dog tag funny. Or else you can share with.

 Once we have the design you want and the information you want to be embossed then we start working on it.

By use of a dog tag embosser machine, designed metal shapes regarding your specification are inserted to emboss the funny slogans provided.

2.10 Is There a Maximum Limit For the Letters Being Engraved on Dog Tag Funny?

No, we do not have a maximum number of letters that should be used when engraving comical information. After contacting us, you can either share with us or we can send you design sample templates to choose from. Once we have the design you want and the information you want to be embossed then we start work on it.

Using a dog tag embosser machine, designed metal shapes as per your preference are inserted to emboss the information.

Funny quotes vary in letters, some have more wording than others.

2.11 How Do I Check the Quality Of Dog Tag Funny?

It is important to note that poor quality materials often cause allergy and therefore, choose Foison Metal, choose good quality. We offer good-quality dog tags that cannot oxidize under whatever circumstance.

2.12 Can I Request Dog Tag Funny Sample Template?

Yes, at Foison Metal we do offer sample template designs of dog tag funny upon request. You can visit our website or call our customer care support team to help know where to send your ideas if need be.

2.13 Do You Charge for Dog Tag Funny Sample Templates?

No, our sample templates of dog tag funny are issued for free. This is to enable our clients to come up with a designed dog tag funny that will serve their intended purpose.

Visit our homepage online and you shall be able to see the sample templates we have.

2.14 How Long Does Customization of Dog Tag Funny Take?

Dog tag funny customization process takes at least 21 working days. Feel free to always enquire about the progress we are making on the customization of your dog tag funny.

 You shall be able to be notified of the progress we are making via the contacts you had provided while placing customization orders.

2.15 What Features In Dog Tag Funny Do You Customize?

We customize the size of the dog tag funny. Either you want a bigger one than normal or a small one we can customize to fit your requirement.

We also customize colors. Give us the color you want, and we shall make it exactly as you have asked.

We also customize font style and font size. Others prefer larger fonts and others prefer smaller fonts.

We also customize shapes. The shape determines the number of wordings be fitted. For example, a triangle normally limits the number of funny information.

Lastly, we also customize materials if you prefer another material as opposed to the original material.

Please contact us for any of the features needed to be customized on dog tag funny.

2.16 Can I Add My Desired Icon to My Dog Tag Funny?

Yes, we allow the addition of icons. We have different icons that can suit you. If you need one, please reach out and we shall share with you some of the icons we have.

2.17 Do You Have A Specific Font to Be Used During Customization?

No, we do not have a specific font for dog tag funny information. All fonts are available and for customization purposes, you are free to engage with us on your preferred font.

You may also suggest font size if need be.

2.18 While Making Dog Tag Funny Is Color of Any Importance?

Yes, the color gives the dog tag funny a fantastic look. Almost all metals accept colors for a better look. Others may prefer a normal silvery look or golden or others can prefer the vintage look brass metal has.

2.19 What Are Some Of the Attributes That A Good Dog Tag Funny Must Have?

A good quality dog tag funny should be made from durable material. Dog tag funny should be of good size depending on the neck size and should not react to the wearer’s skin or the pet’s fur.

At Foison Metal, all our products are of good quality and can serve you for the longest time possible.

2.20 Is Dog Tag Funny Handmade or Machine Made?

Here, the durability of the funny quotes is of the essence. Machine-made dog tag funny does not fade easily as compared to handmade dog tag funny.

The machine allows deep coloration and hence the rate of fading is very minimal. At Foison Metal we use machines in the manufacture of dog tag funny.

3.0 Order and Payments

Pay now sample image
Figure 13 Pay now sample image

3.1 How Much Is Dog Tag Funny?

Dog tag funny prices vary a lot regarding:

  • The choice of materials used.
  • The size of materials
  • The complexity of customization involved.
  • The number of letters or funny wordings used.

To enquire more on our various pricing on different dog tag funny. Please reach out to us and we shall be glad to serve you with an updated pricing list.

3.2 How Do I Place An Order For a Dog Tag Funny?

Visit our website and you shall be able to see all our products and from there you can place your order.

You can also follow these steps on our ordering channel:

  • On the ordering platform, type the phrase (dog tag funny) in the search window at the top of our page.
  • Browse by the category window. From here you can choose from the dropdown of any related groupings on dog tag funny.
  • Find dog tag funny and you can also view ranges of prices available depending on size and material used.
  • Choose the quantity you want and then click ‘’Add to cart”. Proceed to make payments.

3.3 What Is The Payment Process For Dog Tag Funny?

For payment method and process kindly contact us for assistance.

  • Through the search category, you shall be able to see pricing.
  • After correct selection and adding to cart. The payment method should be automatic concerning the payment method chosen.
  • From the payment method for the case of MasterCard, you shall be required to enter may be a MasterCard pin.

3.4 How Long Do You Take To Process An Order On Dog Tag Funny?

Dog tag funny customization process takes at least 21 working days. We also notify our clients of all the progress we are making at the factory.

You can occasionally contact us, and we shall be glad to inform you of the progress we have made concerning your dog tag funny.

3.5 What Mode Of Payment Can I Use To Pay For My Ordered Dog Tag Funny?

At Foison Metal we encourage the use of MasterCard, T/T, and PayPal. If you are having other alternatives please contact us before making payments so that your money does not disappear in the air.

3.6 How Effective Is Your Online Ordering And Payment Process?

Our online platform is open 24/7 and that is what majorly makes it effective.

Placing your orders and making your payments online is efficient because of the reasons below:

  • It is the fastest and easiest way for placing an order provided you have internet access.
  • You will be able to monitor the status of your order. From the start of the manufacturing of dog tag funny process until its delivery.
  • The online method keeps your data of all dog tag funny made.
  • By online also, you can be able to view all other products we have at Foison Metal.

3.7 Whom Do I Contact When I Am Experiencing Delays In Paying For Dog Tag Funny?

You can directly call our customer care support staff and they shall assist you where necessary. You can also email us or visit our website for more help.

Our customer service helpline is open all the time.

3.8 What Happens When There Is Overpayment of Dog Tag Funny?

At Foison Metal we try so much this does not happen by placing all prices of dog tag for men. The pricing is just under the product you are buying.

However, if overpayment occurs, please contact us for help. We do have a great refund policy for the extra amount.

3.9 Can I pay using cash for dog tag funny?

Yes, you can pay in cash for your dog tag funny if you happen to be within our factories. However, we recommend the use of T/T, PayPal, and use of MasterCard in making payments.

You can always contact us if you are having problems making payments and we shall be able to assist you.

3.10 Is Higher Purchase An Option For Paying Dog Tag Funny?

No, we do not allow the use of higher purchases as a method of payment for dog tag funny. Please contact us to know our payment methods and other alternatives that we can use other than higher purchases.

3.11 Do I Get Discount On Dog Tag Funny Purchased?

Yes, at Foison Metal, we do offer great discounts. You can get high accumulative discounts for all dog tag funny purchased in large amounts. More products obviously will attract very high discount rates.

Contact us to check our discount rates for all our products if need be.

3.12 How Long Does The Payment Process For Dog Tag Funny Takes?

Dog tag funny payment process is very immediate as soon as you have entered your pin. You shall receive a notification of a successful payment.

Please contact us if you are experiencing delays in getting the notification back.

3.13 Why Should I Use Online As A Way Of Ordering And Making Payments To Dog Tag Funny?

  • The online method is one of the fastest ways in making payments as compared to cash.
  • It is easy to make a claim of the amount paid if you have not been served with the right dog tag funny.
  • You can also keep a record of your payment for a long time other than having a physical receipt.
  • It is also easier to retrieve receipts.

3.14 Do I Get Money Back For Missed Time Deliveries?

At Foison Metal, we try as much as possible to ensure this does not happen. We shall keep you posted through all our stages of manufacturing, transit process of dog tag funny, and delivery.

Please contact us if there are delays in contrast to the stipulated delivery schedule time.

3.15 Pricing For Dog Tag Funny Is Placed Under Which Currency?

Our pricing of dog tag funny is in dollars, but you can contact us for correct conversion to your currency. We shall be very glad to assist you.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Delivery process
Figure 14 Delivery process

4.1 What are Some of the Delivery Processes for Dog Tag Funny?

  • During shipping, we use a very high-quality packaging bag to secure your product.
  • Notify you that your product transit has commenced. 
  • You shall be able to check the status of your package when it is in transit via any freight you might want the package delivered to you.

At Foison Metal we normally utilize some of the reputable freight forwarders for the safety of your product. Some of the common freight forwarders we use include EMS, Express, Amazon China Post Group Corporation, TNT, SF DHL, and UPS or FedEx.

4.2 What Are Some Of The Delivery Process For Dog Tag Funny?

The delivery process kicks in when your dog tag funny has arrived at the delivery address, and you are notified that indeed it has arrived.

You are required to come with identification documents for signing purposes.

You are required to inspect your dog tag funny and if it is okay, you can proceed and sign and take your dog tag funny home.

4.3 What Is The Average Time That It Takes To Ship Dog Tag Funny?

Please contact us and we shall give you full information on the duration of your dog tag funny consignment.

4.4 What Is The Cost Of Shipping For Dog Tag Funny?

Contact us through our customer care agents and we shall accord you the necessary assistance. You.

4.5 Do You Offer Warehousing Services For Dog Tag Funny?

No, we do not offer warehousing services on dog tag funny, but you are assured of the safety of your product.

4.6 How Can I Reduce the Cost Of Shipping Dog Tag Funny?

You can be able to reduce the cost of shipping by making more orders in the same shipping consignment.

4.7 Do You Cater For International Shipment For Dog Tag Funny?

Shipment process
Figure 15 Shipment process

Yes, we do our shipments all over the world. Request whatever place and we shall be glad to deliver.

4.8 What Are The Available Guarantees For My Shipment Of Dog Tag Funny?

At Foison Metal, the safety of your dog tag funny is our huge concern. We assure you 100% safety of your product.

4.9 What Is The Minimum Quantity For Shipping Dog Tag Funny?

No, we do not have a minimum number of orders of dog tag funny to be shipped. We do shipping of every product requested. You can reach out to us if you have more orders, we make early arrangements to facilitate your bulky dog tag funny.

4.10 How Am I Guaranteed That I Will Get Dog Tag Funny That I Requested?

Yes, at Foison Metal we guarantee you that you shall get the exact dog tag funny that you have requested. We value product choices that our client’s order and doing the opposite is against our work ethic.

4.11 How Will I Know My Shipment Of Dog Tag Has Arrived?

You shall be notified immediately once the shipment of dog funny has arrived. You shall also be able to view all the stages of your shipment via your online status.

You are free to contact us if there is any delay in getting a notification.

4.12 What Happens If I Am Not Satisfied with The Dog Tag Funny That Has Been Delivered?

At Foison Metal, we make durable and high-quality dog tag funny that will impress you. To make sure this does not happen we make sure we involve you in all the processes we are making in the customization of dog tag funny.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 On What Occasions Does Replacement Of Dog Tag Funny Take Place?

  • Replacement of dog tag funny takes place when there are damaged goods on delivery. When the correct procedure is followed, a replacement can take place.
  • Replacement of dog tag funny may also take when we have a defective client’s part.
  • Replacement of dog tag funny can also take part when you need a different dog tag funny as previously requested.

5.2 Is There Any Return Policy On Dog Tag Funny?

At Foison Metal, we value your feedback regarding the kind of services we offer to you.

As our esteemed customer, if you are feeling dissatisfied with our dog tag funny feel free to reach out to us. We can opt to make necessary adjustments, replacement or even manufacture a new dog tag funny.

In cases where returns of dog tag funny are involved, they need to come back unused, and the original package should not be tampered with.

You can decide to get another dog tag funny by simply adding the other amount on top. At Foison Metal, we value your feedback regarding the kind of services we offer to you.

You can contact us for more information regarding our Return policy.

5.3 Do You Warranty Dog Tag Funny?

We are very confident of the quality of our dog tag funny we produce and all products available here at Foison Metal. Therefore, we give a great warranty period to dog tag funny.

Regarding the terms of our contract, we shall be able to render services such as replacement and offer free repair on defective dog tag funny.

5.4 What Happens When I Wrong Dog Tag Funny?

We have a smooth process of how to cancel that order before the manufacturing stages kick in. You are requested to be prompt in matters of cancellation to avoid being charged for late cancellation.

In the event when you realize the mess after receiving the dog tag funny, we have a great return process, however, some fees might be applied.

5.6 In Case Of Damage Of Dog Tag Funny During Transit, Do You Cater For The Damages?

You are required to liaise with your freight forwarder concerning terms and conditions regarding dog tag funny. Get to know also the insurance policy provided by the freight forwarder.

5.7 How Long Does the Replacement Procedure of Dog Tag Funny Take?

The replacement may take approximately 21 days. Contact us for detailed information concerning replacement duration.

5.8 Will I Be Notified When Replacement Has Been Done?

Yes, you shall be notified using the very contacts provided while placing the order on dog tag funny. Please call our customer care support staff in case you have not received any notification.

5.9 Can I Be Able To Know the Status Of Returns?

Yes, you shall be able to check the progress of the returns once it has been fed in the system. Kindly contact us for any information concerning returns.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

Cancelled Order
Figure 16 Cancelled Order

6.1 What Documents Do I Need Before Getting A Refund?

You are required to have original payment receipts. Please contact us for assistance concerning a refund.

6.2 What Causes Refund Of Dog Tag Funny To Take Place?

  • Refunds take place when you return dog tag funny.
  • Refunds may take place when the prepaid order on dog tag funny is canceled.
  • It may also take place when there is an overpayment and you pay the extra back.
  • It may also take place when there is an underpayment of the dog tag funny which means the amount you paid is not enough. Therefore, the only option is that you add the balance to get the product or be refunded the amount you paid.

6.3 What Percentage Of The Initial Price Do You Charge For Returns?

Please contact us to know the percentage we charge for the returns.

6.4 Do You Offer A Refund Policy For Dog Tag Funny?

If you are dissatisfied with dog tag funny you can also enquire with us on the details concerning our refund policy. 

At Foison Metal, we guarantee that you will receive a fair value for your money because we give the best services.

6.5 Do You Refund For Damaged Dog Tag Funny?

A refund of damaged products may occur on goods damaged on delivery as per the insurance policy of your dog tag funny with the freight forwarder.

Damaged dog tag funny while in normal wearing conditions as per the warranty contract can be fixed for free.

6.6 How Do I Cancel An Order On Dog Tag Funny?

The following are cancellation procedures in the cancellation of dog tag funny. At Foison Metal, we have a smooth cancellation procedure.

  • At Foison Metal, we have a smooth cancellation procedure.
  • Contact us as soon as possible using our website or call our customer care agents for assistance before 24hours elapses.
  • If the shipment of the dog tag funny process has not commenced, we will stop the order and begin the refund process. If the shipment process has started, you shall be responsible for freight charges
  • We charge for the cancellation of dog tag funny that have already reached the delivery address.
  • We encourage correct shipment information on dog tag funny to avoid charging you extra costs for incorrect delivery addresses.

6.7 Do You Accept Cancellation Of Dog Tag Already In Transit?

You shall be charged for all expenses incurred in all the stages and some percentage will be charged for restocking purposes. Kindly contact us to make sure you have entered the correct information concerning funny slogans and delivery addresses.

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