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Foison Metal is Recognized Manufacturer of Dog Tag Gold in China

Foison Metal is a manufacturer known for dog tag gold bone in China and has broadened its business and service worldwide. Our products usually come from customized items or designs that are sent or made directly by our clients to mass-produce their desired designs on dog ID tag gold.

We proudly promote personalized items since this gives special uniqueness to the client and their business. Foison Metal has served the market in metal works for years and is still leading the competition for this kind of product.

We are made of professional people that surround the entire business for wholesale manufacturing. Our teams go hand-in-hand in providing quality service and excellent results in each process.

About Our Service

Professional Help

Foison Metal provide recommendations for your dog tag gold designs and invoices without paying more.

Newest Technology

Foison Metal utilized the newest technology in creating your dog tag gold orders.


From colors, materials, and even printing, we offer a wide variety of options for your dog tag gold that you can choose from.


Foison Metal ensure the quality of the dog tag gold before the main production. We give time and study well the design and printing before production.

Speedy Delivery

Our deliveries are made by top courier companies that provide fast and efficient shipping.


Have your dog tag gold orders personalized without paying extra.

Best Price

Foison Metal sells wholesale dog tag gold products at the most reasonable price.

Immediate Support

Our support team is here to assist you any time of the day to give you a quick response to your queries.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Dog Tag Gold Are Specifically Made For Your Designs

Dog ID Tag Gold

Our ID tags can be personalized in the simply classic color gold.

Dog Tag Gold Round

Round dog tags are made for every pet or purpose since the shape is universal.

Dog Tag Gold Bone

This is the commonly ordered shape for a dog tag, especially for a dog pet.

Dog Tag Gold Hexagon

If you are looking for something unique, our dog tag gold hexagon is made to be different.


Foison Advanced Dog Tag Manufacturing technology

Pet Tag Production Process Fosion Metal
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One of the main categories our metal dog tag gold falls into is the durability of the product. We use the finest metal such as stainless steel and aluminum that is best for this kind of use. It consists of waterproof and corrosion-proof quality that is made for changing environments. 

Our product also comes in different unique designs that you can explore and take advantage of without additional charges. 

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Strong Material

Stainless steel and aluminum are both durable and able to withstand different climates.


We create orders from your design. You can be creative in your design.


Our items and even our process in creating order are systematically made.

Free Quote

We offer a free quote before production for your security that you are to receive the same quality as said on the website.

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Foison Metal is the Dominating and Trusted Brand Anodized Aluminum Dog Tags

Keeping animals safe is a priority for all responsible community citizens and pet owners. Foison Metal thought the best way to ensure their safety is by getting them to wear Anodized Dog Tags. These products are always in-demand wherever you are in the world, and we provide the cheapest option, so get ready to boost your business sales now!

Foison Metal is the First-Rate Dog Tag Gold Supplier in China

Ordering a wholesale dog tag gold in a short period is hard, having it customized will cost more money. Here at Foison Metal, we provided the best benefits you can look for, from free quotes and samples to fast production. Our products are made and processed by professionals. We ensure that you get your items the way you want it to be. Do more with Foison Metal.

The Dog Tag Gold FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is Dog Tag Gold?

Dog tag gold
Figure 1 Dog tag gold

Dog tag gold is a tag that has either been coated with gold color or made entirely from gold. Dog tag gold is mostly customized and high-end. 

Dog tag gold is shiny and has a look that is beautiful to the eye. It can be used on pets or for aesthetic purposes such as fashion wear, or by people for different reasons. 

At Foison Metal, we can produce dog tag gold of very high quality and meet your specific needs.

1.2 Why Choose Foison Metal For Your Dog Tag Gold?

You should choose Foison Metal for your dog tag gold because of the following reasons:

  • Very Fast turnaround time: we can produce your dog tag gold in a very short time. We will speed up our production processes, deliver your dog tag gold faster and ensure we provide turnaround service in 24 hours.
  • Sourcing manufacture: we have all the necessary equipment to produce your dog tag gold and professional designers. We can control the entire process of producing your dog tag gold.
  • Quality: We guarantee the quality of the highest level in your dog tag gold as we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. We ensure that your dog tag gold is verified, readable, and displays consistency and this will have your confidence to order from us.
  • Cost-effective price: our dog tag gold is very affordable and we develop and implement new technologies and processes to ensure that we remain competitive. This also ensures that your dog tag gold possesses an added value.

1.3 Why Are Dog Tag Gold Worn?

Military dog tag
Figure 2 Military dog tag

Some of the reasons why dog tag gold is worn include:

  • Identification: dog tag gold is used in the identification of soldiers, pets or even you can engrave on them your name. Dog tag gold can also be attached to industrial equipment, tools, and luggage for identifying them.
  • Medical information: dog tag gold can be worn to give the medical history of a person or your pet. They may state the health condition that you have or even vaccinations and other medical needs for your pet.
  • Fashion: dog tag gold can be worn to display a sense of fashion as they have a beautiful aesthetic look that is attractive to the eye. They are also able to camouflage well with different outfits thus bringing out a very pleasing appeal.

1.4 Is Dog Tag Gold Handmade Or Machine Made?

Dog tag gold can either be handmade or machine made as this will depend on the specifications you want. However, at Foison Metal, our dog tag gold is mostly machine-made using the various options on our website.

1.5 What Is The Best Dog Tag Gold?

Mini dog tag gold
Figure 3 Mini dog tag gold

Example of best dog tag gold includes:

  • Mini dog tag gold
  • Classy men gold dog tag
  • Yellow gold mini dog tag with optional engraving
  • Men gold tag pendant necklace
  • 18k karat solid gold dainty military diamond gold tag.

1.6 How Do I Wear Dog Tag Gold?

Dog tag gold fitted on the collar5 of a dog
Figure 4 Dog tag gold fitted on the collar of a dog

Dog tag gold can be worn in different methods that you prefer.  If you are wearing two dog tags, you can suspend the longer necklace chain to a length of approximately 304.8 millimeters.

The second dog tag gold can be suspended on an extension that is shorter like a 101.6-millimeter chain. It should be in a way that it hangs not further than 63.5 millimeters under the first dog tag gold.

For pets, dog tag gold is fitted perfectly onto the pet’s collar and displays their name and any additional information. 

1.7 Can I Use Dog Tag Gold As A Pet ID Tags On My Pets?

Yes, it is okay to use dog tag gold as pet ID tags for your pets and you can include any details that you need. They serve as very great pet tags because the text included on them is stamped deeply and it does not come off.

1.8 Which Are The Main Features Of Dog Tag Gold?

If you are looking for dog tag gold that is of high quality, then Foison Metal is the right place. 

Features of dog tag gold which you will get at Foison Metal include:

  • Our dog tag gold is made from materials of very high quality and we make them in several styles, shapes, and sizes.
  • Our dog tag gold is not subject to wear and tear and this reduces the chances of your tag breaking.
  • We supply our dog tag gold with accessories that will help in attaching them to chains or fasteners with ease. We can also deliver your dog tag gold when already pre-installed.
  • All the dog tag gold at Foison Metal is made from metals of high quality. We also use the best surface finishing options like laser engraving, etching, sandblasting, and electroplating to enhance their appearance.
  • We ensure that texts and details on your dog tag gold remain always very legible.
  • Dog tag gold possesses features that make it easy to attach and reattach them thus ensuring they are sturdy and strong.
  • We implement the technology of cutting edge in the manufacturing process of dog tag gold.
  • The quality of the surface texture of dog tag gold is maintained by the use of perfect surface finishing options.
  • At Foison Metal, we print our dog tag gold using modern printing technology like UV, laser, etching, and engraving, and thermal heat transfer.
  • Dog tag gold can be customized according to different requirements that you may require.
  • Our dog tag gold is very durable as they are manufactured from materials of high quality. This also ensures that your dog tag gold lasts for a long period and maintains its aesthetic value.

1.9 What Does Dog Tag Gold Symbolize?

Dog tag gold symbolizes different things depending on where they are used. In the military, dog tag gold is used in the identification of the army soldiers who are wounded or killed while in action.

In civilians, dog tag gold tags tend to symbolize several different things like fashion sense, medical information, or physical address.

Dog tag gold may also symbolize elements like the name of your pet, its microchip information, or medical history.

1.10 On What Occasions Should I Wear My Dog Tag Gold?

You can wear your dog tag gold for any occasion. Dog tag gold can also be worn daily as we make them have a very appealing look that brings out their aesthetic value.

1.11 What Is The Best Metal For Dog Tag Gold?

Dog tag gold can be made with very many different materials although the material which is used determines their longevity. The metal used will also determine the quality of your dog tag gold.

Most customers tend to be concerned about the appearance of dog tag gold. This is because they perceive some metals as attractive in comparison with others.

At Foison Metal, we will make your dog tag gold with the best metals available in the market. We will also enhance the appearance of your dog tag gold using some of the excellent surface finishing options.

1.12 What Are The Important Tips To Have In Mind When Buying Dog Tag Gold?

When buying dog tag gold from Foison Metal, you should have the following in mind:

  • Material: you should be aware of the metal material that you want for your dog tag gold. We will make sure that we produce your dog tag gold using the material that you have specified.
  • Size: be aware of the suitable size of your dog tag gold to ensure that the dimensions we give to our designers suit your need
  • Method of production: it is important to specify the method of production you require for dog tag gold whether handmade or machine-made.
  • Cost: have a set budget and ensure that the dog tag gold you select is within your budgetary limit. At Foison Metal, we make dog tag gold that is affordable for any design that you desire.

1.13 What Are The Different Types Of Gold Used In the Production Of Dog Tag Gold?

Most gold used on the surface of dog tag gold tends to be mixed with different metals thereby affecting its color. The most common gold colors of dog tag gold include:

  • Yellow gold: it brings out the color of gold more as it combines silver, zinc, and copper.
  • Green gold: this is not very common, and it comes about by combining silver and gold.
  • White gold: it contains a mixture of platinum which accentuates the white in it.
  • Rose gold: it possesses gold and a mixture of copper that is inexpensive this is relatively affordable.

1.14 How Should I Maintain My Dog Tag Gold?

Some of the maintenance tips for dog tag gold include:

  • Avoid exposing your dog tag gold to chemicals like chlorine as they may be prone to corrosion. Such chemicals can weaken your dog tag gold and even reduce its longevity.
  • Take off your dog tag gold while cleaning as abrasive cleaners may cause damage to it.
  • Prevent skincare products, hair products, and cosmetics from touching your dog tag gold.
  • If the dog tag gold contains spaces, grooves, or indentations, it may capture dust thus you need to clean it very well. You can soak it in water and a mild detergent and then wash the dust off and use a polishing cloth to make your dog tag gold shine.
  • Always store your dog tag gold in a jewelry box or wrap them with a linen fabric or a soft cloth. This will protect them from tarnishing or damage by scratches on the surfaces and ensure that their chains do not tangle.

1.15 What If I Cannot Find Dog Tag Gold?

It is very rare not to find dog tag gold from Foison Metal as we ensure the production is enough to meet customer needs. However, in the case you do not find dog tag gold, we have several different metal options which you can explore, and they include:

  • Copper: it is light in weight, and it perfectly manipulates the outcome of dog tag gold.
  • Pinchbeck (it is a combination of zinc and alloy): it is very similar to dog tag gold and can be easily confused.
  • Silver: silver is light in weight and suited for formal occasions.
  • Bronze: it is produced by making a combination of several different metals, for example, tin, zinc, and copper. These tags are strong and very good for putting on as jewelry and their prices are relatively affordable.
  • Brass: it possesses a gold hue that is distinguishable and serves as an alternative option to dog tag gold.
  • Aluminum: it is light in weight and resistant to corrosion and extreme weather elements such as rain, sunlight, and humidity.
  • Stainless steel: it possesses high tensile strength, is very durable, and is also resistant to corrosion.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 What Information Should I Put On Dog Tag Gold?

Medical information on a dog tag gold
Figure 5 Medical information on a dog tag gold

You can put any type of information that you want on your dog tag fold as Foison Metal will not limit you.  

Examples of information you can put on your dog tag gold include:

  • Phone numbers
  • Your address
  • Medical records or history
  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Your service numbers.
  • Social security numbers
  • Personalized message to a loved one
  • Your individual preferences
  • Microchip information where applicable.

2.2 Can I Include An Address On My Dog Tag Gold?

Dog tag gold with address
Figure 6 Dog tag gold with address

Yes, it is okay to include your address in your dog tag gold. You can contact us with the details that you want on your dog tag gold so that we can produce it to suit your needs.

2.3 Which Surface Finishing Options Can I Use On My Dog Tag Gold?

Engraved dog tag gold
Figure 7 Engraved dog tag gold

We use several surface finishing options to ensure your design of dog tag gold includes:

  • Electroplating

It is an option that entails electro-deposition of a metal coating over the surface of dog tag gold. The metal which is deposited will become part of the dog tag gold and give it a unique appearance.

The use of electroplating technique on your dog tag gold will enhance its aesthetic value and strengthen the base material. It ensures that your dog tag gold builds the necessary thickness by use of the layers of substrate constructed.

Electroplating makes sure that your dog tag gold is protected from damage when exposed to environmental factors. Because of these features, electroplating will increase the longevity of your dog tag gold.

  • Screen printing

In this option, we use ink, mesh, and a squeegee informing of a design that is stenciled onto the surface of dog tag gold. Screen printing is a great surface finishing option as you can use it on dog tag gold which needs inks that are specified.

We make a stencil on a fine mesh board and press it onto ink and create the impression you need. It can make colors that are distinctive on your dog tag gold.

Screen printing is also able to give your dog tag gold a pleasing quality of the material because ink lies outside the textures. 

  • Die casting.

In this option, the molten metal of dog tag gold will be pressed into a cavity using high pressure. Die casting is a perfect option if you require a similar design on several dog tag gold.

It produces a high projecting quality and can be used for the creation of very small dog tag gold up to 1mm.

  • Sandblasting

In this option, we finish the surface of your dog tag gold with the assistance of a machine that is powered. We generally use an air compressor which is in the machine for spraying fragments of abrasive at high pressure.

Sandblasting can make the surface of your dog tag gold smooth as it makes them have a good texture. It also ensures very few defects and deformities in your dog tag gold.

  • Etching

Etching is a very accurate option and is used in several stages of manufacturing your dog tag gold. It offers a very high level of exactness as it controls all elements used in the process like chemicals and temperature.

It can create your dog tag gold in any shape that you desire.

  • Laser engraving

We use this option to change the appearance of the metal for your dog tag gold by use of a laser beam. The laser beam uses heat to dissolve and disintegrate part of the metal of dog tag gold focused on.

It can form an engraved finish that is smooth and permanent on the surface of your dog tag gold. Laser engraving is a very fast method because it makes the exposed surface of the dog tag gold peel when exposed to the laser’s pulses.

Laser engraving can make the surface of your dog tag gold have a very beautiful look.

2.4 Which Shapes Of Dog Tag Gold Do You Have?

We have dog tag gold in several different shapes for example rectangular, square, round, oval, circular, and many more. You can contact us with the details of the dog tag gold that you need and we will design it to suit your specifications.

2.5 What Ad-On Features Are You Able To Offer For My Dog Tag Gold

At Foison Metal, we do provide add-on services to enhance your dog tag gold further. We can customize your dog tag gold using personalized text and any other features which you desire.

Some add-on features that we can include on your dog tag gold include:

  • Pre-assembly: we can make the process of assembling your dog tag gold easier by delivering them when already pre-assembled.
  • Gold plating: we can add a layer of gold to your dog tag gold which makes them stand out.
  • Deboss darkening: we can be able to make your dog tag gold possess a darker vintage using different polish colors according to your specifications.
  • Image engraving: we can include a picture or a logo on your dog tag gold. At Foison Metal, we can also customize the artwork on your tag using the laser engraving technique.
  • Aging of the dog tag gold: we can make your dog tag gold to have a look that is darkened and tarnished. The best way through which our engineers achieve this is by making the dog tag gold having high-carbon rust.

2.6 Do You Have Notched Dog Tag Gold?

Notched dog tag gold
Figure 8 Notched dog tag gold

Yes, we can make dog tag gold in any design that you need. The notch on dog tag gold, can align and hold the tag securely when worn.

Contact us today to get notched dog tag gold or any design of dog tags that you need at Foison Metal.

2.7 Can Dog Tag Gold Stop A Bullet?

This will depend on the position of the dog tag gold, material, intensity, and angle from which the bullet comes from.

2.8 What Religion Can Be Included In My Dog Tag Gold?

Religion dog tag gold
Figure 9 Religion dog tag gold

You can include any religion that you want on your dog tag gold as we do not have any limitations. Contact us today with the specifications of the religious design you want to be included on your dog tag gold and we will produce them for you.

2.9 Can Dog Tag Gold Be Too Heavy?

No, dog tag gold cannot be too heavy. This is because we make them with metal materials that are light in weight.

2.10 What Are The Available Size Options Of Your Dog Tag Gold?

Examples of 50mm by 28mm dog tag gold
Figure 10 Examples of 50mm by 28mm dog tag gold

We have various size options for dog tag gold, and they vary depending on the specifications that you need. Kindly contact us with the size options so that we may make them.

2.11 Is My Custom Text Printed Over My Design For Dog Tag Gold?

No, the custom text which you want for your dog tag gold is printed on its back. The print is made in black text on a background of bright colors like white.

The design which you require for your dog tag gold will be printed at the front as displayed exactly on our website.

2.12 How Long Does It Take To Get My Dog Tag Design Produced?

The period tends to vary as we need to consider some factors like:

  • The size and dimensions of the dog tag gold design.
  • Quality of the design of dog tag gold.
  • The uniqueness of your dog tag gold design.

3.0 Order and Payments

3.1 What Payment Methods Do You Accept For Dog Tag Gold?

Order and payment
Figure 11 Order and payment

You can pay for your dog tag gold using payment methods like PayPal, credit card, or T/T.

3.2 How Can I Change My Order for Dog Tag Gold If It Is Already Placed?

In case your order for dog tag gold has not been dispatched, you can call us to change your delivery address. If your dog tag gold order is already in transit, you will incur some additional freight charges.

You should contact our customer support agent for assistance in changing the delivery address.

3.3 Can I Send My Order For Dog Tag Gold Through Email Or Fax?

Yes, you can place your order for dog tag gold using email or fax. If you need clarification on how to carry out the process you can reach our helpline.

3.4 Do You Charge A Sales Tax For My Dog Tag Gold?

Figure 12 Tax

Foison Metal does not charge tax on your dog tag gold. However, you will incur taxation charges like VAT which are imposed by the Chinese government.

You may also be required to incur custom duties and any other charges which are imposed by some countries or regions.

3.5 Do You Have A Product Guarantee, Refunds, Or Warranty For My Dog Tag Gold?

We guarantee that the information on your dog tag gold will never become unreadable. In case this happens, kindly contact us and we will replace it free of charge.

3.6 Is It Possible To Get A Discount On My Dog Tag Gold Order?

Yes, you can get a discount on your dog tag gold order especially when you buy them from us in bulk.

3.7 How Can I Contact You?

You can contact us through the contacts on our website or our customer support team.

3.8 Am I Able To Read Comments From Other Customers Of Dog Tag Gold?

Yes, you can check our website to see various reviews by our customers for dog tag gold and other products.

3.9 Do You Have A Privacy Policy?

Yes, at Foison Metal, we keep our customer’s information confidential. All the details of your dog tag gold design and any other information that you give us will not be used or leaked to anyone.

3.10 How Can I Track My Dog Tag Gold Order?

You can track your order of dog tag gold using the tracking number which will be sent to your email once you have placed an order. If you do not receive the order tracking number, you can contact our customer service desk so that they may resend it to you.

4.0 Shipping and delivery

4.1 Where Do You Ship Your Dog Tag Gold From?

Delivery process
Figure 13 Delivery

We ship our dog tag gold from our company, Foison Metal in China.

4.2 Can I Collect My Order For Dog Tag Gold Locally?

Yes, you can pick your order for dog tag gold locally. All you will be required to do is to contact us or inform us through email so that we may make it ready for collection.

4.3 Where Do You Ship Your Dog Tag Gold To?

We deliver dog tag gold to several places worldwide and you can contact us if you need clarification of whether we ship to your locality.

4.4 Can I Change My Delivery Address?

You will need to contact our customer support team for the change of the delivery address. The details need to be given to the carrier of the shipment to avoid issues of wrong delivery or products getting lost en route.

4.5 What Shipping Carriers Do You Use?

Shipping carriers
Figure 14 Shipping carriers

We use shipping carriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT for shipping our products. If you need assistance in obtaining a carrier to ship your dog tag gold, do not hesitate to contact us.

4.6 I Have Waited For Over 10 Days And Have Not Received My Dog Tag Gold, What Should I Do Now?

We apologize that your dog tag gold order has not arrived. Kindly take note that some designs take a longer time to be produced than originally anticipated and we will ensure delivery times are kept minimum.

If you do not receive your dog tag order in time, you can check the order tracking number to see its status or contact us for inquiry.

4.7 What If I Am Not At The Delivery Address When My Dog Tag Gold Is Delivered?

If you are not at the delivery address, some carriers may leave a delivery card for you to contact them on your availability. This card will also give details of how you will collect your dog tag gold order from their local sorting office.

4.8 I Have Ordered A Collection Of Dog Tag Gold When Will My Order Be Delivered?

Yes, your order will be delivered but each issue in the collection of dog tag gold is separately invoiced and dispatched to you.

4.9 What Happens If The Website And Handling Are Different To What Is Appearing In My Order Form?

Kindly place your order for dog tag gold in the normal way on our website or contact us for assistance.

4.10 How Will My Delivery Costs Of Dog Tag Gold Be Calculated?

Several factors will determine the shipping costs you will incur for your dog tag gold. Shipping costs most of the time will depend on the weight of your dog tag gold, method of shipping, and distance.

4.11 How Will I Be Aware That My Order For Dog Tag Gold Has Been Shipped?

You must check the status of your dog tag gold order using the order tracking number sent to you in your email. If you have issues with your order tracking number, contact our customer support and they will assist you.

4.12 If Customs Duties Are Incurred On My Dog Tag Gold, Who Is Responsible For Them?

Customs may levy duties on your dog tag gold when entering a given region or country. Therefore, must be cleared before your dog tag gold proceeds.

Foison Metal does not add any hidden charges, VAT, or taxes onto your dog tag gold. In case of customs duties, you will have to pay for them.

4.13 Who Is Responsible For Clearance At Customs If My Dog Tag Gold Order Is Detained?

If your dog tag gold is detained at customs, you will have to clear the detained dog tag gold. In case you need help with the contacts of customs officials, our customer support team can offer you the link.

4.14 What do I Want To Provide Special Delivery Instructions For My Dog Tag Gold?

You can give us the instructions through email or via our customer service desk.

4.15 Is The Packaging For Dog Tag Gold Recyclable?

Most packaging which we use for dog tag gold like cardboard sleeves and shipping boxes is recyclable and can also be reused.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 What Is Your Return Policy?

Replacement and returns
Figure 15 Replacement and returns

Our returns for dog tag gold need to be unused, in the original packaging, and unopened.

5.2 What If My Return Package For Dog Tag Gold Gets Lost Or Is Not Delivered To Your Company?

Foison Metal does not take responsibility for dog tag packages returns that are lost. Most of the time, we recommend you use services that offer at least a tracking method as they will confirm receipt and even room for filing a claim.

5.3 I Have Received Incorrect Dog Tag Gold, What Should I Do?

Please contact the customer support team and we will send you the right quantities of dog tag gold at no cost. However, we will have to do some verification before sending you the dog tag gold.

5.4 Some Of My Dog Tag Gold Have Been Damaged In Transit, What Do I Do?

If you get dog tag gold that is damaged, you need to inform the carrier delivering them upon receipt and ensure they record it. You must then contact us within 48 hours of the delivery of dog tag gold.

We will require you to give a description of the damages on the dog tag dog, and even provide pictures of damaged packaging. This information is essential as we will use it to assess the packaging and prevention of similar problems in the future.

If the damage is due to faults on our end, our customer support team will arrange for prompt replacements of the dog tag gold. In case the damages were due to the negligence of the carrier, contact us

We will assist in following up with him for a refund or replacement of the dog tag gold. You should report damages on your dog tag gold at least within 48 hours.

5.6 You Have Sent Me Extra Dog Tag Gold Which I Did Not Purchase, What Is The Way Forward?

In case you have received extra dog tag gold, you may return them. To return the incorrect dog tag gold, we will send you shipping documents which you will attach to the package.

We can also arrange for courier services to collect the package. Alternatively, you may also send back the package for dog tag gold to the address indicated on the package of dog tag gold.

5.7 How Do I Return Dog Tag Gold That Is Defective If They Are Still Covered Under Warranty?

Foison Metal provides room for warranty coverage so long as your dog tag gold is within the warranty period. You will send back the dog tag gold that is defective and within the warranty period for a replacement.

If you have doubts about whether the condition of your defective dog tag gold is covered in the warranty, you can contact us.

5.8 Is It Possible To Purchase An Extended Warranty?

You should contact us to know the period you want for warranty coverage and any other specifications you have.

5.9 How Will I Get A Refund If I Do Not Have The Credit Card Which Is Used To Purchase My Dog Tag Gold Order?

If you do not have the credit card that you used to pay for your order, we can either do an e-transfer or send a cheque. We ensure that we only refund the money to the same individual who placed an order for the dog tag gold.

You will have to give us the details via your email or our customer support team.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellations and refunds
Figure 16 Cancellations and refunds

6.1 What Is The Status Of My Refund For Dog Tag Gold?

Refunds for your dog tag gold order take about 21 business days before they are made. Contact us to inquire about the status of your refund if you do not receive it within the time stated in the agreement.

6.2 How Can I Place A New Order For Dog Tag Gold After Cancellation?

You can place your new dog tag gold order on our website using the “How To Order Page”. Alternatively, you can email us or contact a customer service agent.

6.3 How Do I Cancel My Pre-Order For Dog Tag Gold?

To request the cancellation of pre-ordered dog tag gold, please reach out to our customer service agent.

6.4 How Do I Make A Return for Dog Tag Gold Order?

You should send back the dog tag gold order to the address which is indicated on top of the packaging. In case you have problems with finding the right courier for sending back the package, you can contact us for help.

6.5 When Should I Cancel My Order For Dog Tag Gold?

We advise you to cancel your order for dog tag gold before they are dispatched for shipping to get a full refund. If you have problems with canceling your order for dog tag gold, our customer support agent will offer the necessary assistance.

Send us a free inquiry request