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Foison Metal Produces High Durability Metal Crafts Using Premium-Quality Materials

Foison Metal has years of expertise in the metal manufacturing industry. We can be your source for producing some metal crafts and supplies. 

Foison Metal is confident that you have cosigned us with your products to be made in a factory you know the quality and production we do. We has a wide range of raw materials and finishing processes. 

Foison Metal offers a creative specialist design team with 100% satisfaction assurance, with an ultra-fine manufacturing process. We are the best company to get your dog tag personalized and be custom-made to your liking in the industry.

About Our Service


Foison Metal is known for having the recognition of providing world-class quality dog tag personalized for you to be recognized

Marvelous Reviews

Our clients who have previous multiple transactions with us always gave our dog tag personalized marvelous reviews and customer satisfaction.


You have your own choice of picking the style and size of dog tags to match the identity of your brand.

Product Quality

Foison Metal has passed ISO 9001:2015 certification, making our dog tags well-known and trusted.

Production Process

Foison Metal treats you just the same value we treat our production process. We always want to make sure every step of our process will be taken with utmost care.

Within Reach

Our customer service is available 24/7 on the clock willing to assist you with your questions and requests for your high-quality dog tags.

Quality Materials

We use the finest raw materials in our factory for your premium dog tags, to minimize the cost price but also have an eco-friendly factory.


Our company can create whatever you need for your dog tag personalized. To have a custom-made design for your business or workplace.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Dog Tag Personalized, Designed Customarily with the Great Creativity of Our Clients

Custom Dog Tags

Personalized military dog tags include the wearer’s vital information, for example, the name, social security number, blood type, and other information.

Personalized Dog Tags

Dog ID tags include the dog's name, your phone number, your address, and if the dog has any medical needs or allergies. In case your dog gets lost or ran away.

Dog Customized Tags

The dog’s name tag should have some emergency contact information and any medical needs that the dog needs.

Custom Dog Tags for Pets

Some safe options to engrave on your dog tags emergency contact information and/or any other information.


Foison Advanced Dog Tag Manufacturing technology

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Foison Metal showcases the finest quality you need, delivered on time and within your budget frame. We always put the priority on serving our clients the best. 

Foison Metal can be the perfect place for you to order wholesale products at cost-effective pricing.

At Foison Metal our expert team creates finished product requirements efficiently. Our dog tag personalized is sure guaranteed with premium manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.

Why Foison Metal Product Is Trusted

Premium Quality

Foison Metal manufactures quality dog tag personalized customarily made to fit your precise ideas and requests.


Foison Metal is a company known for being environmentally friendly, being made in our factory is made from 100% post-consumer waste.

Large Quantity Shipping

Foison Metal can provide large quantity orders, fit for your business needs.

Favorable Reputation

We always prioritize the premium service you need, that will also increase the growth of their brand.

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Foison Metal is the Leading Manufacturer for Dog Tag Personalized

There is no mistake in picking Foison Metal to manufacture your wholesale and retail products, for we put care and high-end quality into every item that we produce. The whole creative team and production team use Foison Metal each time to apply any innovations and creativity to every product within our company’s expertise.

The Dog Tag Personalized FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is a dog tag personalized?

Dog Tag Personalized
Figure 1. Dog Tag Personalized

Dog tag personalized is a metallic tag with more advanced information such as specific names, images, or symbols that describe a person or even a pet.

They are attractive because of enhanced surface finishing and an all-around gem. There is no limit to who can wear them and who cannot because they are even made for pets.

You can use them to personalize because they bear essential details concerning you, even when you are not communicating top anyone, they will speak for you.

1.2 What information is included in a dog tag personalized?

Dog tag personalized communicates who you are to the world. Therefore, there is a need to include only relevant information. These are what you can include on a dog tag personalized;

  • Names can be pet names or person names.
  • Images/photos normally apply to dog tags personalized designed for people.
  • You can also use symbols to display feelings.
  • Contact information is also an important element that should be included. This allows traceability back to the owner of the dog tag personalized.

1.3 Is the dog tag sizable to fit in a pocket? What is the importance of a silencer in a dog tag personalized?

Yes, Mostly the dog tag personalized is two inches wide which means they can perfectly fit into a pocket when you are not wearing it.

The size of the dog tag personalized will greatly affect the readability of the information engraved on it. Therefore, it is important to factor in the readability as much as you are considering the size and how you can secure it when not wearing it.

They are easy to wear and remove due to the choice of the chains you request before the production process.

1.4 What is the reasoning behind attaching two dog tags personalized?

shows the importance of two sets of dog tags.
Figure 2 shows the importance of two sets of dog tags.

Attaching two dog tags personalized has the following significance.

They can be used for keeping individual records, especially for military men. If in any case they are injured, one will be given back to the high operating offices while the other one will be for identification by family members.

1.5 How long can I stay with my dog tag personalized?

Offering quality and effective dog tag personalized is our goal to meet our client’s needs. For us to achieve this longevity of the dog tag personalized, we use the best quality materials. 

Additionally, it’s dependent on the use of dog tag personalized. For instance, if you are using it to serve short-term purposes, we will not use materials with long durability.

The type of surface finishing we use during production will also affect how long the pendant will last. Our team will always choose the best surface finishing upon request.

Normally a dog tag personalized can last up to 10 years without fading, maybe a constant change of the silencer, but the pendant will remain intact.

1.6 How are dog tags personalized used?

shows the use of dog tags personalized.
Figure 3 shows the use of dog tags personalized.

As much as dog tags personalized may appear stylish and can be worn by anyone, some will wear them to accomplish different purposes. You can use a dog tag personalized to;

  • Express different feelings. For instance, remembrance of a lost loved one.
  • They are good indicators of the address location. Most of the dog tags personalized are engrave with address location, especially for the poets. This allows you to return them to the specified address location.
  • You can also use the for identification especially on the military ground when a soldier has injuries, the family can use the dog tag personalized to identify them.
  • You also use them for stylish purposes. you wear them with no intention of sending any message.

1.7 Are there any drawbacks for dog tag personalized?

Yes, dog tag personalized has a negative side. Let us look at some of the drawbacks posed by the dog tag personalized.

  • They are costly due to the different materials used. 
  • If not worn well they may cause death, especially to the pets. that is, they can strangle pets to death.
  • In some cases, there is too much exposure of the information to the public.

1.8 Can I use a dog tag personalized as a form of identification?

Yes, it is the primary purpose that a dog tag personalized if intended for while we are designing them. To achieve this purpose we engrave the name, address location, in some cases the blood type and contact number. 

If I read the address on the dog tag personalized can determine where you are from or in case the pendant is lost, I can easily trace it back to the owner.

1.9 How are dog tags personalized worn?

As indicated earlier, dog tags personalized save different uses for different people. Majorly we focus on how military soldiers should wear the dog tag personalized.

For visibility purposes, the soldier will wear the dog tag personalized to the position of the uniform shirt pocket. The side that is engraved with information should always be visible to everyone. The other dog tag personalized is placed on the show which in case of an emergency the family will use for identification.

1.10 Does the material used in making dog tags personalized have any side effects on the skin?

If you have allergic reactions, we cannot guarantee wearing the dog tag personalized will be a good option because some of the elements we use might cause sensitivity.

We recommend you first seek clarity from a specialist before wearing the dog tag personalized.

For instance, a latex silencer normally causes reactions to the skin and is not highly recommended.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Do you provide free samples to guide while selecting the best design of dog tag personalized

Yes, we do provide a wide variety of dog tag personalized samples for our clients to choose from. These samples are not chargeable even after deciding you want to use our design.

We have also included the different colors and the sizes of dog tag personalized that we have on the free sample section, all you must do is pick as many as you want.

If you need assistance in selecting the design our team is readily available to take you through the process.

2.2 Is the product of the dog tag personalizing the same as the prototype provided?

We can guarantee you 100% similarity of the sample you have selected, and the product of the dog tag personalized. We have the best team who put every little detail of the dog tag personalized into consideration.

Before we begin production of the final dog tag personalize, we first design a sample of the design you choose from our free sample. This allows you to check for any mistake and if there is a need for adjustments especially the size and shape.

We will make corrections and make the adjustments while producing the final dog tag personalized.

If in any case there is a shortcoming, we all know a human is to error please contact us, we will make the right adjustments for you. We are happy if our client is happy and satisfied with the product of the dog tag personalized.

2.3 Do you provide surface finishing for dog tag personalized?

Yes, we do provide surface finishing on dog tag personalized. This brings out the factor of readability and it is always eye-catching; therefore, anyone can notice it when it’s worn.

We have two types of surface finishing for dog tag personalized. They include.

  1. Dull surface finishing
  2. Shiny surface finishing

2.4 Can I send my sample of a dog tag personalized for a referral from your team?

Yes, we are open to different samples apart from what we provide as a company. You can send the samples to us by uploading them to our pictorial interface. we will receive and analyze if we can achieve the specific design on the sample. We can assure you that our team is always working to produce the best quality.

You do not have to panic if we can achieve the design.

2.5 Can I get a double-sided dog tag personalized?

shows some of the free samples of dog tag personalized we provide
Figure 4 shows some of the free samples of dog tag personalized we provide

Yes, we design both single and double-sided dog tag personalized. Double-sided dog tag personalized allows the inclusion of more information therefore, you do not have to squeeze it on one side.

To prevent distortion of the information we use thick metal material which enhances the deep engraving of the information. Deep diamond engraving is the most suitable process of lettering. This double-sided dot tag is personalized because it’s more effective and does not rear down easily.

2.6 What fastener options do you have for dog tag personalized?

shows a personalized double-sided dog tag personalized.
Figure 5 shows a personalized double-sided dog tag personalized.

The fastener options allow the dog tag personalized to stay in position when it’s worn. We allow you to choose from our different options on which type you want.

Every fastener/chain has a different type of ball chain, and they have different color options. We also provide information on the possible effects on the sick if you have an allergy condition.

We have the following fastener options.

Stainless steel long-chain They are 30 to 32 inches long with dull surface finishing.

Examples of the balls used on these chains are.

  • Aluminium
  • Nickel-plated
  • Ball bar, among others.

Stainless is still a short-chain.

2.7 Which is the best between stamped font or laser engraved fonts that are used on dog tag personalized?

shows a stainless steel chainfaster
Figure 6 shows a stainless steel chainfaster

We use both fonts but in different instances because of their distinctive features. Below are notable features of each of the fonts.

Stamped fonts

  • We use uppercase to stamp the information on the dog tag personalized.
  • The information can be engraved above the dog tag personalized surface (embossing) or into the surface which is also known as debossing.
  • The embossing technique allows easy readability of the information thus we use this engraving method.

Laser engraved fonts.

  • The information is burnt into the surface of the dog tag personalized. 
  • Use of both lower and upper case can be used to engrave the information.
  • It offers a wide option to choose characters therefore it will be easy to determine how you will align the characters.
  • It is possible to achieve engraving information on both sides because it allows the use of lower-case characters that have space.

With all this information provided to you, it will be easy to use which type of font you want our team to use to engrave information on the dog tag personalized.

For more information call us, we will refer to our experts who will guide you on what to select.

2.8 I want my dog tag personalized enhanced with add-on service such as gold plating; can you achieve this?

shows an example of an engraved image on a dog tag personalized.
Figure 7 shows an example of an engraved image on a dog tag personalized.

Yes, any additional information to be included on the dog tag personalized is welcome. We go beyond our measures to ensure we design what our clients desire.

The first thing we do is to ensure if the service you are requesting is achievable and will notify you of the same.

We can enhance the dog tag personalized with this add-on service though it comes at an extra cost from the actual amount.

We have other add-on services such as 

  • Pre-assembly
  • Image engraving

2.9 Can you design any type of dog tag personalized especially different shapes or are there a restriction?

Sample of the different shapes we can achieve for dog tag personalized.
Figure 8 Sample of the different shapes we can achieve for dog tag personalized.

We are here to accommodate every client’s needs and our team goes the extra mile to ensure you get what you want including inventing new shapes to meet the requirements.

You will see a wide variety of the different shapes we have for the dog tag personalized.

The most common are. 

  • Rectangles
  • Circular
  • Star-shaped
  • Bone-shaped dog tag personalized.

If you want a customized shape like the one above, just let us know and provide the design sample, and will deliver it to you.

2.10 Is there a standard size for a dog tag personalized?

hows the standard dimension of a dog tag personalized.
Figure 9 shows the standard dimension of a dog tag personalized.

We design different sizes of the dog tag personalized. These sizes include. 

  • Monster/large size
  • Standard size 
  • Medium size

 Each of these sizes has different dimensions including the hole size.

3.0 Order and Payment

Discount offers.
Figure 10 Discount offers.

3.1 Under what condition can I get a discount for a dog tag personalized?

We show our appreciation by offering special treatment such as a gift inside the package or a cut-off of the total amount. Mostly we specialize in discounts and gifts come as a priority. We offer discounts.

You purchase dog tags personalized in bulk. This results in our company gaining a huge margin from the sales.

We also consider first-time clients to order dog tags personalized in our company. This acts as a motivation to allow you to make consecutive orders and increase the quantity you order.

We offer a 7% discount if you order more than 1000 pieces of dog tag personalized.

If you are ordering for the first time, we offer you 4% of all the pieces you order. Sometimes we will offer a gift.

3.2 Can I get a sample of a dog tag personalized?

We have samples that are readily available to you. You can use them to decide what you want and visualize how the product of the dog tag personalized will be. We do not charge for these samples, therefore always feel free to request one if need be.

If you need any help or have questions on where to get the samples, reach out to our team. We are always on standby to offer any help.

3.3 Do you accept cash, or should I pay through online payments?

different online payments used to make payments for dog tag
Figure 11 different online payments used to make payments for dog tag personalized.

Our biggest percentage of the payments are online payments. We mostly factor in this mode because of the distance.

Under special cases when you visit our company and make the order physically, we might accept the cash payment.

You can wire the money through the following online payment platforms.

  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Shopify
  • 2check out

3.4 Do you accept payments on order or payment on delivery for dog tag personalized?

We do accept both payments if there is an agreement on when and how to make the payments. Even though we accept both payments, we recommend you to mostly make the payments after you receive the delivery. 

This allows you to inspect and ascertain that you have received the right dog tag personalized and all are in good condition.

3.5 Do you approve of dog tag personalized orders immediately?

Normally, the determinant of the duration is which day you choose to place the order. Our team works six days a week, so if you make the order within these days, the review and approval will take 2 to 3 days.

If in any case, you place an order on non-working days the order will be put on hold until we resume back. This means we will review the order form Monday and maybe an approval issued after 3 days.

3.6 Do you have a limit on the quantity of dog tag personalized orders?

We are open to everyone who approaches us for a dog tag personalized order and therefore we must meet every client’s need and meet the stipulated schedule. We can produce dog tags personalized for a single individual, businesses, and corporations.

We do not favor one party and leave others out. If you need one piece, we can comfortably achieve this, but it will be a little bit expensive. For businesses and corporates, the order is bulk hence low charges for dog tag personalized.

At the end of it all, we accept orders from one piece to bulky orders.

3.7 Are add-on services charged separately from the original cost?

We charge an extra cost if you need more enhancement on the dog tag personalized. These services include add-on services.

Different add-on services have different costs, therefore if we charge you, we will factor in what type of add-on you want.

For instance, for gold plating, the charges are from $60 and for image, engraving costs $ 14. The difference in cost is notable.

3.8 Can I upload my image on the order form or is there a separate interface for uploading images to be engraved on the dog tag personalized?

The format we have for the order form does not allow you to upload an image. Due to the increase in demand for dot tag personalized that are engraved with images, we have created a separate page where you can upload the image. We have also included how you will upload the image.

Our team on the other side will receive and download and resize the image before printing it on cardstock.

3.9 How much do you charge to produce dog tag personalized?

We are guided by ethics and therefore you do not have to worry if the costs are higher than what you expected. We do not over or undercharge for the dog tag personalized but rather we offer fair prices that are achievable.

And for clarity will provide you with a breakdown of the cost during the whole process of production.

Mostly, we consider the following factors to determine the cost.

  • Materials
  • Labor
  • We also include the shipping cost. 
  • Quantity of dog tag personalized.
  • The size of the dog tag is personalized.
  • Additional features such as an add-on if you want one.

3.10 How secure is the online payment method?

shows the security features of online payments.
Figure 12 shows the security features of online payments.

We guarantee you that our online payment platform is secure to protect you from online fraud. We have enhanced its features that are only known to you and us, therefore there is no cause for an alarm.

Some of these features include.

  • Encryption which prevents access by unauthorized persons
  • A safe login screen that protects sensitive information and prevents fraud/theft from unknown persons.
  • Address verification system verifies who you say you are. Therefore, another person cannot take your identity and claim the payments.
  • The payment card industry (PCI) regulates all the transactions when you make the payments to how the payment is processed. Therefore, there is close monitoring of the continuous process of the transaction.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How long do I have to wait to receive my dog tag personalized shipment after it is dispatched?

The time frame of shipping and delivering dog tag personalized orders depends on the following factors;

  • The distance of the address location
  • Mode of shipment. For instance, dog tags personalized via the air, water, or on local roads if the location is within the surroundings.
  • Environmental conditions change from time to time. For instance, storms in the oceans may lead to delayed shipping.

Even though these factors will have great effects on the shipping process, we do not let them deter us from achieving our goals which are to make on-time shipping and delivery to you.

We can take 7 to 14 days to deliver a dog tag personalized shipment to you.

We can also provide you with a tracking number to keep you up to date with the shipping of dog tags personalized.

4.2 How do you package dog tags personalized to ensure safety?

We have the best packaging options that guarantee the safety of dog tags personalized. We package depending on what packaging you request from us. 

Other factors include the quantity of dog tag personalized your order.

If you make a small order, we use the little boxes that allow intact fitting of the dog tag personalized while for a large quantity of the dog tag personalized, we use large boxes to ensure they perfectly fit well.

Some of the packaging options we have are;

  • Polybags specifically if you are within the locality.
  • Foiled sealed bags.
  • Paperboard boxes.

Occasionally, we get requests for packaging the dog tag personalized as gifts, which is achievable with the help of our team.

4.3 Do I need to produce my original documents before receiving the delivery?

Verification of the receipt is normally a smooth flow. Our delivery team will not authorize but rather request you to produce the original documents to verify if you are the right recipient of the dog tag personalized.

This also prevents unknown persons from receiving the dog tag personalized shipment which may result in theft or loss of the shipment.

The following are the documents you should produce;

  • An original identification card that proves Identification.
  • The approved order form that we issued to you
  • In case you made the payments on order, they will require you to produce the receipts for payment verification.

For security purposes, you should not worry we have verified our delivery team therefore the information you provide is safe and secure.

For inquiries on this, you can contact us through our platform.

4.4 Can I trust the shipping companies you refer to me?

Best of the shipping couriers we work with.
Figure 13 Best of the shipping couriers we work with.

Yes. We refer you to the best shippers because we have earned their trust over the number of years we have worked with them.

As indicated earlier we have had a long partnership with these shipping companies and during this time we have conducted reviews on the services they provide, and we can assure you they can be trusted to ship the dog tag personalized shipment to you.

You can trust us on this. If there are any shortcomings during the shipping process, they are liable for it.

If you are having any doubts, reach out to us, we can arrange to ship the dog tag personalized through other ways.

Some of the best shipping couriers we recommend to you include.

  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • TNT
  • UPS
  • Fastway

4.5 Am I liable for the shipping and delivery charges?

Yes. You are liable to pay the shipping charges for the dog tag personalized to be delivered to you. Even though you do not pay directly to the shipping team, we include it on the total amount you should pay for dog tag personalized.

We always enquire with the shipping company for the charges by sending the destination address. In return, they will analyze and send exact charges which will be deducted from the payment you made.

From the breakdown of the prices, we issue to you, you will be able to see how we do it.

4.6 Is it safe to involve a third party to assist in shipping and delivery of dog tag personalized?

The decision of using a third party to ship for you depends solely on you. Although we can offer basic steps on how to go about it in case it is for the first time.

You should get to know the third agent first before entrusting them with dog tag personalized shipment. Conduct a background check to know how they work, how much shipping they have achieved, are they involved in any anomaly.

If you ascertain they are clean, then you can approach them for the shipping services.

Below are some benefits of using the third party during the shipping of dog tag personalized;

  • The fasten the process of shipping.
  • They better understand the best modes of shipping.
  • You can directly engage with them; this allows you to ask a question at every stage of shipping.
  • They might be a little bit shipper compared to other couriers.

4.7 Are you restricted to deliveries in certain locations, or do you do deliveries around the world?

No. we do not have restrictions on the different locations we can deliver. Different clients from all over the order and we assure to deliver within the stipulated time.

Due to the gradual growth of our company, we are reaching out to different clients across the continent to supply the best quality of dog tag personalized and to increase sales on our side.

We are open to everyone, and we can assure you the production of quality dog tag personalized and the fastest timeframe for delivering dog tag personalized.

We are also open to inquiries; you can send us a mail. We are more than glad to offer more information.

4.8 What is the importance of inspecting dog tag personalized orders before shipping?

After complete production and packaging of the dog tag personalized, we dispatch them to the shipping agents also known as couriers.

Before loading the shipment on the containers, a thorough inspection is conducted to determine the following;

  • If the dog tag personalized is in the right condition, that is there are no damages that are caused by the company side.
  • Determine if the quantity of dog tag personalized is the same as the indicated on the paperwork.
  • To ensure you have the right shipment of dog tags personalized to avoid shipping and delivery of the wrong shipment.
  • To ensure that the dog tag personalized has been examined by the relevant bodies to prevent holding at the destination port.

If these criteria are achieved, we will have a smooth shipping process and we can guarantee to deliver dog tags personalized in the right condition.

4.9 Can I use another party to receive deliveries if am not available now?

No. You cannot use another party to receive dog tag personalized delivery. We send you a notification before the delivery of the dog tag personalized to confirm your availability.

As stated earlier our delivery team will request the original documents for verification. We need you to be present to inspect the dog tag personalized to confirm if it is really what you ordered.

In case we agreed on payment on delivery, you should be present to fulfill the end bargain after you receive the shipment.

There is a higher risk of losing dog tags personalized if you use another party to receive the shipment.

Note, we do not surrender any shipment if you are not available.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

shows our company return policy.
Figure 14 shows our company return policy.

5.1 Do you have a company return policy for dog tags personalized?

Yes, we do have a return policy that guides you on how to return damaged, unwanted, or excess dog tags personalized orders. In this policy, we have also given the timeframe on which you can return the dog tag personalized order.

We have included our term for refusal of the dog tag personalized order.

5.2 What does a return policy of dog tag personalized include?

Normally, a return policy contains several elements that guide how to return dog tag personalized shipment in case of any abnormality. These elements include;

  • Stipulated duration for returning dog tag personalized.
  • Status of the dog tag personalized before we accept the return.
  • Requirements for returning.
  • Mode of refund in case you need refunding.
  • The number of charges you should pay.

5.3 Do you charge for the replacement of a dog tag personalized?

We have different circumstances that lead to charging the replacement of the dog tag personalized. For instance, if you make a wrong entry of details. This results in the production of dog tag personalized that is not up to the standard of the requirements.

At his point, we are going to charge you for the replacement since we must go back to stage one.

On the other hand, if the mistake is from our side, for instance, defective dog tag personalized. we will not charge you anything rather will manufacture new pieces of dog tag personalized to replace the damaged ones.

5.4 What should I do if the dog tag personalized shipment does not meet my requirements?

If you realize the dog tag personalized does not meet the requirements you can contact us or write a complaint mail and send it to us. We will give you further r instructions on how to return the shipment to us.

After we receive the dog tag personalized, we will start production of a new batch of the dog tag personalized and we involve you directly to make sure we are doing the right thing.

We feel accomplished if we meet our client’s requirements and for that, we allow room for improvement too. Reach out to us if the dog tag personalized does not meet the requirements.

5.6 How long should I take before returning my dog warning personalized?

Normally, we advise our clients to first conduct a thorough inspection on the dog tag personalized to prove if the package contains what they have requested. this should be within 24 hours.

In case the dog tag personalized package does not meet the requirements, you only have 3 to 5 days to return the dog tag personalized back to us.

We will decline the dog tag personalized if you exceed the stipulated company timeframe.

5.7 I have received excess pieces of dog tag personalized, what should I do?

You should contact our team who will give you instructions on how to return the excess pieces of dog tag personalized. Mostly this is a mistake from our side and if there are charges incurred, we are liable for the 100%.

You can package them in one of the boxes and seal them appropriately. Our shipping agents will collect them and return them to the company.

6.0 Cancellation and refunds

6.1 Do you have terms for the cancellation of dog tag personalized orders?

Order Cancellation
Figure 15. Order Cancellation

Yes, at Foison Metal we operate under a tight schedule and the materials we use for production are quite expensive. For instance, if we allow cancellation of orders while the dog tag is personalized in the final stage of production, we will incur a huge loss.

At this juncture, we always decline the cancellation request.

If we are yet to begin the production process, we will accept the cancellation request immediately since there is no cost incurred.

6.2 Do you refund the whole amount if I cancel my dog tag personalized order?

We refund the amount using two criteria;

If we are in the advanced stages of production, we do not refund the full amount. We will deduct the cost we incur during this process, and we will refund the rest of the amount to you.

If we are yet to start the production process, we will do a full refund of the payments made.

6.3 Can I place another order of dog tags personalized after the cancellation of the original one?

Yes, we are open to new orders every time even after the cancellation of the previous order. You will follow the same procedure as the first, nothing has changed. 

In case you are not in a position to better interpret the order form contact us for assistance which will prevent the recurrence of mistakes.

6.4 How can I request a refund?

We have an easier and quicker way for you to request for refund. It follows the following stages;

  • Write an email to us requesting a refund. 
  • You should indicate the reasons for the request for the refunds for dog tag personalized.
  • Include all the relevant documents to support the above reasons.
  • Our team on the other end will accept the request and verify the reasons and process the refund to you.

6.5 How long do you take to make a refund for the dog tag personalized?

First, we must evaluate why you are requesting the refund and whether you have the right documents to support this. if it is the case, we will do an immediate refund. Even though you will not get the amount immediately.

Send us a free inquiry request