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Foison Metal Guarantees creation of the Finest Dog Tag Bone

Dogs are unique, and their supplies should be too! Foison Metal offers full personalization on all Dog Tag Bone to meet your brand’s high standards and precise specifications. 

Foison Metal’s products are made from the best quality materials and our range includes a huge variety of different materials, shapes, bone-shaped, blue-colored bone-shaped every time, and sizes to suit every type of dog.

5-star customer ratings from our company’s products and services are now one tap away with Foison Metal. Our customer reviews assure you that you are in the right place! The sky’s the limit with your ideas and specifications, and make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Foison Metal Dog Tag Bone Complies with the Highest Standards and Designed for You and Your Furry Business Needs 

Bone Shaped Dog Tag

Celebrate the personality of your dog with cute Bone Shaped Bone Tags!

Gold Dog Tag Bone

Make your fur baby look expensive and classic with gold-colored, bone-shaped dog tags.

Dog ID Tag Bone

Make your dog tags last a lifetime with silicone dog tags, perfect with a vast range of colors

Blue Dog Tag Bone

Create a playful vibe with blue-colored, bone-shaped dog tags!


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Foison Metal’s loyal customers love our high-quality workmanship, the ability to personalize your Dog Tag Bone to your exact specifications, and our unparalleled customer service. 

At Foison Metal, everything is curated and guaranteed to help your company and business.

Don’t just take our word for it! Explore 5-star reviews from hundreds of companies ands business owners just like you!

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For your courier or delivery business, we provide choices. We spoke with our clients till they received their orders.

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Choose from matte, glossy, or eco-friendly dog tag quieter made from 100% post-consumer waste material.

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Bulk orders are eligible for a higher savings. Our prices depend on the amount of order and providing the best rates for you.

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As our products are intended for dogs, we do not use chemicals that may harm your fur best friends.

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Foison Metal is the Trusted Brand Producer of Premium Dog Tag Bone ​

Many dog tags come with some annoying and cheap quality. Luckily, Foison Metal offers a workaround to make dog tags less annoying that looks classy so it’s easier to keep dogs safe just in case it manages to make another escape. Foison Metal offers full personalization on all Dog Tag Bone to meet high standards and precise specifications and needs.

The Dog Tag Bone FAQs Ultimate Guide

Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Dog Tag Bone
Figure 1. Dog Tag Bone

1.1 What Is Dog Tag Bone?

Dog tag bone is a classic bone-shaped dog tag on which pet ID information is put. At Foison Metal we use metallic materials for durability purposes of your dog tag bone.

Dog tag bone can be customized with engraving on both sides to meet your desired expectations.

1.2 How Unique Is Dog Tag Bone?

Our dog tag bone is unique because of the following reasons:

  • We use durable metallic materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and copper which will ensure your dog tag bone lasts long.
  • We offer double-sided engraving on our dog tag bone.
  • Our dog tag bone has a deep engraving to ensure maximum absorption of ink. This makes your dog tag bone to be visible and readable from a distance.
  • Our dog tag bone is available in many different colors.
  • Our dog tag bone is unique because it comes with a split ring attachment.
  • It is unique because we use perfect surface finishing options to enhance aesthetic value for your dog tag bone.

1.3 What Is the Importance of Dog Tag Bone?

  • Dog tag bone contains pets Identification information which enables the pet to be located easily in case it gets lost.
  • Dog tag bone is important when unexpected things happen, for example, an accident or natural disaster. It will be easier to identify the pet and the owner of the pet was wearing a dog tag bone.
  • People will tend to help pets with dog tag bones than dogs with no tags since it is considered a family pet.
  • Dog tags bone is one of the surest ways to get your dog or pet fast as compared to micro-chipping.
  • Dog tag bones are beautiful. The shape itself looks amazing and contributes to the beauty of the dog when worn. 
  • Dog tag bone can have medical information for your pet. In case it is found astray and feels sick it is easy to administer emergency treatment with ease.

1.4 What Materials Are Used To Make Dog Tag Bone?

Materials used in making Dog Tag Bone
Figure 2. Materials used in making Dog Tag Bone

At Foison Metal we use metallic material which guarantees you 100% durability. Some of the metals used includes:

Anodized aluminum-This is aluminum that has been made by the electrochemical process making aluminum acquire an anodic layer, hence creating high resilience. Aluminum lasts long and can be customized easily to come up with your desired dog tag bone.

Stainless steel-Stainless steel is used to make dog tag bone that has higher durability because stainless steel cannot oxidize easily.

Copper-Copper is used to make dog tag bone because of its malleability characteristic. Copper is beautiful and contributes to the aesthetic capability of dog tag bone being produced.

Brass-Brass is affordable, and it is malleable. Even though it has limited shape options it is durable and has a vintage look. This makes it great for customization processes.

1.5 Can I Engrave My Dog Tag Bone?

Yes, at Foison Metal we have great experts when it comes to engraving your dog tag bone. We make cavities on the metallic plates which can hold ink thus reducing fading rate.

Apart from engraving we also have printing and stamping as alternatives for engraving your dog tag bone.

1.6 My Dog Loves to Play in Muddy Areas. How Can Your Dog Tag Bone Be of Help?

At Foison metal we offer sleek and glossy dog tag bones that are water and dirt resistant. For dogs and pets that are so playful, we have a better solution.

The glossy nature makes it easy to clean as that will be the only maintenance needed for the dog tag bone of your pet. Further our deep engraving technique ensures your dog tag bone is not subjected to rusting in wet environments.

1.7 What Surface Finishing Options Are Available for Dog Tag Bone?

We have several great surface finishing options that are available here at Foison Metal. They include:

Laser engraving-Laser engraving is one of the fastest ways to achieve a smooth and glossy finish for dog tag bone. A laser beam is used to disintegrate the area focused by the beam by peeling off that specific region.

Using laser pulses can change the appearance of your dog tag bone exactly the way you want it. You can be able to customize dog tag bone into desired shapes, text sizes, and fonts that you want.

Etching-This method is efficient using chemicals such as acid or heat to create desired cavities within a metal plate. The deep cavities or lines are used to retain the ink.

When the ink becomes dry it enhances the ID information on the dog tag bone.

Die casting-Die casting makes use of non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, magnesium, and brass. A tool made purely of steel is used to make mold recess through the process of injecting through a mold cavity.

Thereafter, molten metallic materials are injected into the cavity.

Sand blasting-This surface finishing option is also called abrasive blasting. An air compressor machine is used to forcibly spray abrasive fragments onto a metal surface of the dog tag bone.

These abrasive materials due to the high pressure smoothen and polishes the dog tag bone. This technique can also be used to create your desired shapes.

Electroplating technique-This method uses electricity and therefore helps minimize metallic cations resulting in smooth finishing. Hydrolysis takes place in which the base layer is flattened by the addition of subsequent layers.

The coating prevents the dog tag bone from corrosion and weathering. It also makes the dog tag bone beautiful.

1.8 Is There a Specific Event For The Use Of Dog Tag Bone?

No, there is no specific event when a dog tag should be worn. The dog tag can be worn every day for identification purposes. However, there are some events such as sporting competitions where a dog bone is engraved to fit such events.

1.9 Do You Make Standard Quality Dog Tag Bone?

Standard Quality for Dog Tag Bone
Figure 3. Standard Quality for Dog Tag Bone

Yes, at Foison Metal we make standard and quality dog tags because of the following reasons:

  • We use durable materials such as stainless steel to produce dog tag bone for longevity reasons.
  • We also make standard sizes for your pet although we offer customization for sizing adjustments.
  • Dog tag bone should have adjustable buckles preferably buy use of quick-release buckles for emergency reasons.
  • Our dog tags have deep-colored engravings to make sure they are legible from a distance.

1.10 What Safety Precaution Should Be Observed before Putting Dog Bone on Pets?

The following are some of the safety measures to be checked when putting on dog tag bone onto your pet:

  • Ensure your dog tag bone is not too tight nor too loose on the neck area of your pet. Those two conditions can be very dangerous to your pet in that they may cause self-hanging to your pet.
  • Check regularly the space between your pets’ dog tag bone and the neck. With time pets grow and there will be a need for adjustments.
  • The choice of material matters in that pet bone remains to react differently to different materials. Be keen to know the material that best fits your pet.

1.11 Is Dog Tag Bone Only Meant for Dogs?

No, dog tag bone can also be worn by puppies, cats, and kittens. It is good to have them on your family pets not only for security reasons but also for aesthetic value.

1.12 Can I Get Dog Tag Bone Made Of Stainless Steel?

Yes, at Foison Metal we have almost all metallic material suitable for engraving and production of dog tag bone. Stainless is steel is available because of the following reasons:

  • Stainless steel is one of the most durable metallic materials and they make dog tag bone last long.
  • Dog tag bone made of stainless steel is beautiful, sleek, and glossy. It is attractive because they accept all surface finishing options available.
  • Dog tag bone made of stainless steel can be used perfectly indoors and outdoors despite the weather. This is because there is no worry of your dog tag bone acquiring rust.

1.13 Does Dog Tag Bone Come with Dog Tag Clip?

Yes, at Foison metal we offer dog tag clips for easy collar attachment. For dog tag bone with a jingling effect, we can also make you dog tag bone with silencers to minimize the noise.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

1.14 What Information Can I Put On My Dog Tag Bone?

Information put on Dog Tag Bone
Figure 4. Information put on Dog Tag Bone

The following are some of the information you can put on your dog tag bone:

  • Your pet’s name.
  • Your family name.
  • Your contact address.
  • Medical information.
  • Your favorite symbols such as footprints.
  • Dog tag bone may also have funny quotes.

1.15 Does Your Dog Tag Bone Have an Aesthetic Value?

Yes, a pet wearing a dog tag bone looks attractive and this gives you confidence when walking your pet in public. Our dog tag bone is glossy and is available in different bright colors for aesthetic reasons.

1.16 How Heavy Is Your Dog Tag Bone?

Our dog tag bone heaviness depends on the choice of materials used. For example, dog tag bone made of stainless steel is thick and heavy and considered tougher.

On the other hand, a dog tag bone made of aluminum will be a bit light in weight as compared to a dog tag bone made of steel. These subtle differences can be vividly seen in some of the pictures displayed on our page.

1.17 Is Dog Tag Bone Machine Made or Handmade?

Our dog tag bone is machine-made to allow for deep engravings and deep coloration of the ID information. Also, machine-made dog tag bone has a lower fading rate than handmade dog tag bone.

1.18 How Do You Ensure Dog Tag Bone Have Long-Lasting Effect?

The following are some of the ways we use to achieve durability on dog tag bones:

  • Deep engraving on the metallic plates allows enough cavities for ink retention. This ensures dog tag bones remains eligible for long.
  • We use high-quality and durable metallic materials such as anodized aluminum and stainless steel.
  • We color our dog tag bone to minimize rusting effect when exposed to external conditions.

1.19 At What Occasions Should I Update My Dog Tag Bone?

There are various occasions in which you shall be required to update your dog tag bone and they include:

  • Selling or donating your pet to another person. There will be a need to change engraved ID information.
  • Introduction of the new medical condition of your pet.
  • The owner is shifting to a new location and therefore there will be a need to change address information.

2.0 Design and Customization

Design and Customization of Dog Tag Bone
Figure 5. Design and Customization of Dog Tag Bone

2.1 Do You Provide Laser Engraving On Both Sides Of Dog Tag Bone?

Yes, at Foison Metal we offer custom engraving on both sides of dog tag bone. You shall be required to choose two designs for dog tag one that can be alternated.

You can choose to have some information on all sides or any other style you may prefer. You may also decide one of the sides to have bold engraving and the other side to have regular lines.

2.2 How Different Is Dog Tag Bone from Ordinary Jewelry Tags?

Our dog tag bone is different from an ordinary dog tag because it is flashy and bone-shaped. We use bright colors making it sparkle and giving it an outstanding look in public.

Our dog tag bone can be customized to your specifications, and it is available in all sizes, small or large.

Our dog tag bone is made from thick metallic sheets and has a mirror finishing giving it an attractive look.

2.3 What Features Are Customized in Dog Tag Bone?

The following are some of the features that are customized in dog tag bone, and they include:

Size of dog tag bone-You can give us your desired dimensions and our professional designers will work on it. Also, our dog tag bone is available in small and large sizes to fit any size of the pet.

Material used-You can choose any of the metallic materials available here at Foison metal. All our materials are standard and are of good quality to serve you for long.

The shape of dog tag bone-Our professional designers can make any shape that you want for your product. Feel free to contact us for specific shapes that you may want.

Color-All colors are available here at Foison. Choose any color for double engraving and we shall ensure it gives a flashy look to your dog tag bone.

2.4 How Do You Customize Dog Tag Bone?

Customization of Dog Tag Bone
Figure 6. Customization of Dog Tag Bone

At Foison Metal we customize dog tag bones according to your specifications. Talk to us about your preferred dimensions, shape, and color, and material choices.

Once we have all these in our production plant, we use an embosser machine to finalize the process. A bone-shaped metallic sheet is inserted into the embosser machine to emboss the required details.

2.5 Do You Customize Dog Tag Bone to Fit My Pet’s Personality?

Yes, you need a dog tag bone that is fashionable which portrays the unique personality of your pet. You can decide to choose colors.

Colors can be very instrumental in showing pets’ personalities. For example, for a calm pet, you may use blue color whereas for a fierce pet you might use a bright red color to notify strangers.

You can also engrave details on the dog tag bone to compliment your dog’s personality.

2.6 What Designs Are Available For Dog Tag Bone?

Several dog tag bone styles are available, and they include:

Dog tag bone with slide on tags-This prevents loose tags from making unnecessary noise in cases where you have more than one hanging tag. It is important for pets that are very active and playful.

Riveted dog tag bone on the collar-Instead of using holes to hold dog tag bone, the bone-shaped tag is attached to the pet’s collar with rivets.

Dog tag bone information can take any type of font and style. Alternate use of different font styles can also be considered as part of a unique design.

2.7 Is Dog Tag Bone Available in All Colors?

Yes, dog tag bone is available almost in all colors. Share with us the unique colors you may want your dog tag to have.

You can also get multi-colored dog tag bone.

2.8 Do You Have a Minimum Number Of Lines Of Custom Engraving For Dog Tag Bone?

No, we do not have a minimum number of lines for custom engraving. However, the number of lines will be dependent on the size of the dog tag bone. Small dog tag bone will take fewer lines as compared to large dog tag bone.

2.9 Do You Have a Minimum Number of Letters to Be Used When Putting Id Information on Dot Tag Bone?

No, we do not limit the number of words on the ID information; this will largely depend on the size of the dog tag. A large size dog tag bone will accommodate more letters than a small-sized dog tag bone.

You can contact our customer care support staff to check the number of letters that can fit your preferred dimensions.

2.10 Do You Have Specific Materials For Customization Of Dog Tag Bone?

At Foison Metal we use metallic materials to produce dog tag bone that is cost-effective and accept all customization options.

Metallic materials such as aluminum, brass, and stainless steel are good options because they can be easily found. They come in different shapes and colors.

2.11 Apart From Id Information, What Else Can I Put On Dog Tag Bone?

Information to add on Dog Tag Bone
Figure 7. Information to add on Dog Tag Bone
  • You can put funny quotes in your dog tag bone which can trigger comics.
  • You can engrave words such as “I have anemia” or “I am deaf”. These messages are very vital for strangers who find your dog before you are reunited with them.
  • Some dog tag bones may contain awards just in case a pet gets lost.

2.12 How Long Can You Take to Customize Dog Tag Bone?

The customization period of dog tag bone may take approximately 21 working days excluding the weekends. Customization processes can in one way, or the other be affected by the following factors:

  • Customization process involved for dog tag bone. This may touch on certain surface finishing options that can be used to smoothen your product.
  • Material choice also can affect the period taken to complete customization. For instance, tough materials such as stainless steel will require more time for engraving as compared to anodized aluminum.
  • The number of materials being customized will also affect customization time. Large and bulky quantities will demand more time whereas few quantities will take a shorter time to complete the process.

2.13 How Much Do You Charge For Customization Of Dog Tag Bone?

At Foison Metal you are guaranteed cost-effective quotations for all customized dog tag bones. All you need to do is contact us and we shall come up with a fair quotation for you.

Note that you will get an even better deal when you request dog tag bone in bulk.

2.14 Can I Be Charged For Sample Proofs Of Dog Tag Bone?

No, we supply our customers with free sample proofs whenever they need them. We have professional designers who will also help in redesigning your dog tag bone to reach your satisfaction.

All these services are offered at Foison Metal-free of charge. Feel free to discuss with us any queries concerning dog tag bone.

3.0 Order and Payment

Order and Payment
Figure 8. Order and Payment

3.1 How Can I Place An Order For Dog Tag Bone?

  • First, you contact us intending to custom your dog tag bone. You can do this by hitting the “Contact Us” interface available on our website.
  • After contacting us you are required to confirm your artwork and designs in matters of color, shapes, and dimensions. However, you do not have to worry if you have incomplete artwork designs because we have professional designers.
  • At Foison Metal you are guaranteed free designing services as long as you request assistance in designing the artwork.
  • Confirm the shape and dimensions that should be applied to your dog tag bone. We shall provide you with a product plan for you to confirm.
  • At Foison Metal we allow you to negotiate the overall price for dog tag bone purchased in bulk. We promise to give you a friendly and cost-effective quotation.
  • We shall send a sample proof for you to make amendments if need be. If it is okay, we proceed with making the required quantities.
  • All our products are made to order, and shipping will be 7-10 days after the day of placing the order.

3.2 Which Specific Credit Cards Are Accepted for Payment Of Dog Tag Bone?

The fooling is some of the cards that are accepted here at Foison Metal: China Express, MasterCard, and VISA. You may contact us if you have alternative credit cards that you want to use to pay for your dog tag bone.

3.3 What Methods Can I Use to Pay For Dog Tag Bone?

We utilize some of the well-known online payment methods such as PayPal, TNT, and the use of MasterCard. Note that we are not just limited to these methods.

 We also try to explore other forms of payments such as the use of checks. Our able customer care support team will be able to direct you to the specific address to send your check.

3.4 Is Your Online Service Concerning Order And Payment For Dog Tag Bone Open 24/7?

Yes, our online platform is open all the time to make sure you are served and delivered your dog tag bone. Our customer care support team is also on standby to accord you the necessary help you might need.

3.5 How Long Do You Take To Process Invoice For Dog Tag Bone?

Invoice processing happens as fast as possible if you have confirmed the product plan of dog tag bone. After negotiation and getting a quotation, your invoice shall be processed immediately.

3.6 Who Is Responsible For All Payment Made For Dog Tag Bone?

At Foison Metal your payment of dog tag bone is fully secure with us because we use accredited payment options. You shall receive a payment notification via the contact details provided during the placement of the order.

Feel free to contact us if you are experiencing difficulties

3.7 Do You Allow Negotiation When It Comes to Payment Of Dog Tag Bone?

Our dog tag bone is very affordable and very pocket-friendly. You shall be involved in the quotation forming process to ensure you get a better deal on dog tag bone ordered.

3.8 Do You Allow Partial Payments For Dog Tag Bone?

We do not allow partial payment as a method of payment. You are allowed to negotiate with us to achieve a cost-effective budget for your dog tag bone.

Contact our customer care support staff for more information concerning payments.

3.9 Can I Pay For My Dog Tag Bone Using Cheque?

Yes, you can pay dog tag bone using checks but please first contact us we advise on the various channels available for sending a check. You will also be served with a direct address to send the check.

Please send queries concerning checks to Foison Metal.

3.10 Who Can Contact for Invoice Enquiry and Payment Related Issues for Dog Tag Bone?

You can contact our customer care support staff directly by calling our toll number available on our website. Our customer support team service is available all the time round the clock.

3.11 How Secure Is Online Payment Of Dog Tag Bone?

At Foison Metal payment of dog, tag bone is 100% secured. We utilize very reputable payment processing providers.

We ensure your money does not get lost or stolen using electronic payment processing security protocols in place. This also guarantees protection of your details when paying for dog tag bone.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery
Figure 10. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 What Shipping Options Are Available for Dog Tag Bone?

At Foison metal all standard shipping alternatives are available. Please feel free to contact us about your preferred shipping options.

The following are some of the standard shipping options available here at Foison Metal: DHL, TNT, UPS, and FedEx.

4.2 Can Be Provided With Shipping Information Cost For Dog Tag Bone?

Most shipping costs will depend on the size of consignments being shipped. Get in touch with us to enquire about shipping costs and shipping alternatives available for dog tag bone.

4.3 How Long Will You Take To Dispatch Dog Tag Bone?

Our production time takes approximately 7-10 days. Therefore, you should expect your dog tag bone to be in transit immediately after production.

Please contact us if dispatch information has not been reflected on your online monitoring status and we shall be able to help.

4.4 What Shipping Information Is Needed For Dog Tag Bone?

Contact details are one of the most vital shipping information required from you. That includes your name, identification numbers, and address location.

Ensure that you feed correct shipment information to avoid being charged for dog tag bone that has been delivered wrongly.

4.5 How Much Will It Cost Me To Ship Dog Tag Bone?

Shipping cost for Dog Tag Bone
Figure 11. Shipping cost for Dog Tag Bone

Shipping fees will vary depending on the bulkiness of dog tag bone quantities being shipped. However, you can reduce shipping fees by shipping large quantities 

You can always contact us for more information regarding shipping fees.

4.6 Will I Be Charged with Customs Duties for Dog Tag Bone?

At Foison Metal you shall be charged for only tax imposed by the Chinese government. You shall be required to pay customs fees of your own country and other charges imposed by your specific country.

4.7 How Will I Be Able To Track Dog Tag Bone On Transit?

Our online system is enabled such that you can be able to monitor your dog tag bone on transit. We provide tracking numbers for you to be able to track your product efficiently.

Please reach out to us if you are having difficulties tracking your order.

4.8 What Can Hinder Timely Delivery Of Dog Tag Bone?

  • Feeding wrong shipping information can cause a major delay in the delivery of dog tag bones.
  • Loss of products during the shipping process will consume more time trying to track the order.
  • Stolen dog tag bone during transit because of an attack from robbers or thieves.

However, these cases are very rare, and we assure you that your product is very safe with us.

4.9 Can You Ship Dog Tag Bone to My Country?

Yes, we ship dog tag bones to almost every country in the world. Visit our website and place an order of dog tag bone and we shall be very pleased to deliver to you.

4.10 How Fast Can You Ship Dog Tag Bone?

We ship dog tag bone as fast as we can normally keeping into account the scheduled delivery time. At Foison Metal we also offer rush production and delivery services for our customers.

Note that if you need dog tag bone delivery earlier than the fixed time some fees can be applied.

4.11 Does Foison Metal Offer Express Shipping Options For Dog Tag Bone?

Yes, At Foison Metal we offer express shipping options for larger consignments of dog tag bone. Express shipping means that your dog tag consignment will be shipped directly to you.

Please contact our customer care support team to enquire more about shipping options.

4.12 What Is The Importance Of Order Tracking?

Importance of Tracking Dog Tag Bone
Figure 12. Importance of Tracking Dog Tag Bone

At Foison Metal we provide order tracking numbers or details to enable you to monitor dog tag bone on transit.

4.13 Are You Responsible For Dog Tag Bone Damaged During Transit And Delivery?

No, we are not responsible for damaged dog tag bone damaged during transit. We recommend you get in touch with your specific freight forwarder to be able to be conversant with their insurance policies.

4.14 Do You Handle Sea Freight Charges?

No, our customers handle sea freight charges. Please contact your responsible freight forwarder to know the exact fees for sea freight.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Return and Replacement of Dog Tag Bone
Figure 13. Return and Replacement of Dog Tag Bone

5.1 What Is Your Return Policy for Dog Tag Bone?

Our return policy demands that all dog tag bones will qualify for returns if:

  • The original packaging of dog tag bone is not tampered with.
  • The Seal or label used is not tampered with.
  • The dog tag bone should be unused.

5.2 Where Can I Send Return Dog Tag Bone?

The return is sent to us via the same channel used to deliver the product to you. Send the returns to us if the return has passed required quality checks.

5.3 How Can I Start the Return of Dog Tag Bone?

You can start the return process by contacting our customer care support team. Give the reason why you need to return the dog tag bone.

5.4 When Can I Return Dog Tag Bone?

You are required to return the dog tag bone within 24 hours after the delivery time. Please feel free to contact us if you are having difficulties using the online method to initiate returns.

5.5 In What Instances Can I Initiate A Return Of Dog Tag Bone?

Return of Dog Tag Bone
Figure 14. Return of Dog Tag Bone

You can initiate the return of dog tag bone if you feel dissatisfied with the product. However, at Foison Metal we ensure we engage in all processes so this does not happen.

5.6 Is There a Specific Way To Package Dog Tag Bone For Return?

Yes, we shall be glad if our original packaging is maintained by being undamaged to avoid damage during the return shipping. You can always contact our customer care support staff if you are unsure of how to repackage dog tag bone.

Please note that no refund will take place if original seals and labels have been tampered with.

5.7 Can I Get a Replacement Of Dog Tag Bone That I Ordered?

Yes, at Foison Metal we allow replacement of all products ordered from us. You are guaranteed for replacement if your dog tag bone qualifies for a replacement.

For queries regarding replacement please contact our customer care support team.

5.8 How Fast Are You When Doing Replacement for Dog Tag Bone?

At Foison Metal we try as much as possible to ensure you get the replacement of the dog tag bone on time.  We encourage you to contact us if replacement time seems to be taking longer than usual.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation Policy
Figure 15. Cancellation Policy

6.1 When Is Refund Possible for Dog Tag Bone?

At Foison Metal, a refund is possible if all processes are followed well. We shall also be required to examine the product you have sent to make sure it meets the required quality checks.

6.2 What Mode of Payment Are Available for Refund of Dog Tag Bone?

All standard payment options are available. We shall be required to send the refund into the account used to pay the order.

However, feel free to contact us if you have an alternative account that you need the refund to be sent.

6.3 Can I Change Method of Payment For Refund of Dog Tag Bone?

Yes, you can change the payment method for refunds. All you need to do is to contact us and we shall make that happen.

6.4 Why Have I Not Gotten My Refund of Dog Tag Bone?

Refund for Dog Tag Bone
Figure 16. Refund for Dog Tag Bone

Once you have been notified of an approved refund then you need not worry. At times we experience technical itches which delay payments.

Kindly contact us if you feel the delay is taking longer than expected.

6.5 Can I Be Allowed To Cancel An Order On Dog Tag Bone?

Yes, you are allowed to cancel an order on dog tag bone. However, we recommend you contact us and we assist you in doing the cancellation process.

6.6 When Can I Cancel An Order On Dog Tag Bone?

You can cancel an order on dog tag bone anytime since our online platform is open 24/7. Our able customer care agents are available all the time too to help you through that very process.

6.7 Can I Be Charged for Cancelling My Order on Dog Tag Bone?

No, we do not charge any amount for canceling your order. When you cancel your order after the production process is done or when the transit process has commenced, some fees shall be applied.

Send us a free inquiry request