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Foison Metal Manufactures High Durability Metal Products in China

Foison Metal is a well-known firm that specializes in high-end bespoke metal goods and supplies. With our metal crafts, we are certain that our service will provide a consistent supply of exceptional quality and durability.

With years of experience and constant innovation in our metal goods and supplies, we are able to fulfill our demanding customers.

Foison Metal’s personalized doggie name tags are made from a variety of high-end materials to best fit your individual needs and unique designs created by our design team, who are always honing their skills.

We work as a team to create outstanding goods for your brand or company.

About Our Service


Foison Metal clients who have seen the quality that we produce always give their delivered outstanding reviews and customer satisfaction.


Foison Metal takes and checks every detail on each step that goes onto the production process.

Variety Choices

We create whatever you need for their doggy name tag. You can choose from any shape, color, print style.


Customers would normally buy products from brands that have an eye-catching doggy name tag from your brand.

Quality Control

Our tools offers unparalleled precision and brilliance on the dog name tag.


With your free quote, we assure you your samples will also be free wherever you want to see our doggy name tag.

Massive Supply

We offer large quantity of raw materials on hand at all times in order to reduce manufacturing time and get your order to you on time.

Quality Materials

Using the finest raw materials in our factory for your doggy name tag with strong durability finished product.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal’s Doggy Name Tag are Made of High-Quality Materials To Be Ordered in Bulk

Dog Name Tags Engraved

Engraved dog name tags can have anything engraved to compliment the personality of the dog or you can put some important information in case the dog gets lost.

Silver Dog Name Tags

Silver dog name tags can be seen more on the color for its reflective look and will look luxurious with a shiny finish.

Gold Dog Name Tags

The gold dog name tag can have some emergency contact information and any medical needs that the pet has.

Dog Name Tags Custom

Dog name tags can be custom-made to any shape, color, and design. You can print any type of words or code for your dog.


Foison Advanced Dog Tag Manufacturing technology

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Know More About Us

Foison Metal is well known for using high-quality materials in an eco-friendly factory that uses 100% post-consumer waste. Our company wants to manufacture the best quality product that can also fit within your price rate.

Foison Metal’s priority is to provide the best customer service that there is in the industry. Let us help you to create a simply captivating metal doggy name tag.

Why Foison Metal Product is Trusted

Sturdy Quality

Foison Metal produces a quality that serves sturdiness that doggy name tag can withstand.

Accessible at Hand

Our customer service is available 24/7 on the clock willing to assist our clients like you with your concerns and inquiries.

Bulk Orders

We can make doggy name tags in quantity, and each one will be of the same excellent quality and durability.

Custom Made

You can custom make the doggy name tag to any type of material and finish process for the quality that you want.

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Foison Metal is in the Lead of Manufacturing Doggy Name Tag

Foison Metal is known to be an eco-friendly workplace. We are committed to being a safe manufacturing process and working environment for producing doggy name tag. Our team always envisions to strive in our principles and ideas of being sustainable, which can impact other brands and companies that partner with Foison Metal.

The Doggy Name Tag Ultimate FAQs Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is a Doggy Name Tag?

Doggy Name Tag
Figure 1. Doggy Name Tag

A doggy name tag is a small-like metallic tag that is purposely designed for dogs for identification. These tags contain essential information such as the dog’s name, the contact information of the owner. It’s also inclusive of the contact address.

All this information facilitates the identification of the dog in case it’s lost. Additionally, the doggy name tag comes in different sizes, shapes, and styles. This allows you to choose the best variety that best suits your dog.

Our doggy name tag also comes with distinctive features that allow them to stand out when worn by dogs. You can easily spot them no matter the proximity distance. The outer surface has high contrast and sometimes others have been reflective making them even more suitable at night.

1.2 Why Should I Use the Doggy Name Tag?

Having a doggy name tag does not mean just an accessory to make your dog more colorful. There is more to this functionality. The doggy name tag is more beneficial in the following ways;

  • In case of lost dogs: imagine your dog and there is nothing you can use to give the description. Not even a doggy name tag. This can be a big hassle trying to locate the dog. To curb this ensure you have a doggy name tag for your dog.
  • Verification: This allows your dog to have an identity it belongs to and that it’s not a stray dog. In most cases, you will find dogs receiving mistreatment if they do not have a doggy name tag.

To avoid this, ensure you have a doggy name tag for your dog.

  • Record keeping: With the advancement in technology, doggy name tag have been equipped with microchips. These microchips not only help in tracking your dog but also keep important information such as the health details of your dog. 
  • Contain contact details: It’s easy to find a dog that has a doggy name tag compared to the one that doesn’t have one. This mostly applies to the playful dogs, it’s easier to be located and brought back to you.

1.3 What Factors Should I Look for While Choosing a Doggy Name Tag?

It is important to always have all the aspects you want on a doggy name tag. This means being able to choose a doggy name that best suits your dog is an essential element. Here are some factors you should consider before choosing a doggy name tag:

  • Size

Doggy name tag come in different sizes as well as shape. You will find a large and bold doggy name tag for large dogs as well as a small doggy name tag. The important thing to keep in mind is to pick an appropriate size for your dog.

For smaller dogs go for the small doggy name tag and the same case applies to bigger dogs.

Additionally, ensure the selected size for your dog can accommodate all the information you want to be included on it.

  • Durability

This is an important aspect that you should constantly look out for whenever you are purchasing a doggy name tag. This saves you the hassle of constantly buying a doggy name tag to replace the worn-out.

To get proof of its durability, a doggy name tag should have a rust-proof coating to prevent rusting. The absence of rust-proof coating makes the doggy name tag too dull or losing its value over time.

This means you can no longer use the doggy name tag on your dog for identification because the information is not visible.

  • Style

The different shapes depict a style chosen for the doggy name tag. For instance, service dogs have a simple doggy name tag engraved with specific information. These doggy name tags are easily recognizable due to their mode of style.

There are no restrictions to the style you choose, with a great team every style is achievable. Such styles include the paw print on the doggy name tag.

  • Materials

It is also important to look out for the materials used in making the doggy name tag. A doggy name tag made of metal is the best. Especially the aluminum and stainless steel. This metal will not only be attractive but also guarantee durability.

  • Appearance

The appearance of the doggy name tag determines the visibility of the information engraved on the doggy name tag. There are a variety of colors to use on the doggy name tag as well as shapes that blend in well.

These colors vary from bright colors with bold fonts, plain doggy name tags, or even pastel colors. From all these varieties, you can comfortably choose what best suits your dog.

1.4 What Are the Common Types of Doggy Name Tag Should I Be Aware of?

Types of Doggy Name Tag
Figure 2. Types of Doggy Name Tag

Searching for different types of doggy name tag should not be a hassle. We have a variety of doggy name tag that are of high quality.

Below are the available different types of the doggy name tag. They include;

  • Slide-on doggy name tag:

They are made of stainless steel. They are also enhanced with a coating that increases longevity as well as shine. They can hold up to 4 lines of characters.

They come in different sizes from large, medium, small, and extra-small. If you also avoid jingling sounds this is the best doggy name tag for your dog.

  • Providence engraving doggy name tag:

This doggy name tag is made from the best-anodized aluminum with an additional layer to ensure they last longer. They come in different shapes and colors. This means you can choose from a wide variety of doggy name tag.

Despite the difference in shape, they accommodate the 4-line character of information engraved on them.

  • Personalized stainless steel doggy name tag:

You can get this type of doggy name tag in 9 different shapes such as star, rectangle, bone, tie among others. This type of doggy name tag comes only in two sizes. That is small and medium.

As small as they look, they accommodate 8 lines of character information on both sides.

Additionally, they are made of steel with an additional coating to increase longevity.

  • Round paw print doggy name tag: 

They are made of stainless steel and the surface is polished protecting it from scratches. Can hold 4-line character information engraved using the laser method. It also has a protective layer to increase durability.

  • Glow-in-the-dark stainless steel doggy name tag:

The fact that they glow in the dark makes them more attractive. This type of doggy name tag is made of anodized aluminum thus guarantees durability. We have them in different varieties of styles such as bone, heart rectangle, and round shape. Information can be engraved on both sides depending on the client’s preference.

  • Laser engraving paw with glitter doggy name tag:

This type of doggy name tag comes with additional features such as glitters embossed on the paw shape. These not only make them beautiful but increase the appearance rate.

We have a wide variety of colors used on this type of doggy name tag. Furthermore, we enhance them with epoxy coating to increase their effectiveness and durability.

1.5 What Should I Include in My Doggy Name Tag?

The information you choose to include on the doggy name tag is fully dependent on you. This information determines how fast your lost dog will be easily noticed and brought back to you. Therefore, it’s wise to carefully think about what information you want to be engraved on the doggy name tag.

Additionally, the information should be accurate and precise to the point. Below are some of the details you should include on the doggy name tag;

  • The dog’s name.
  • contact information.
  • Dog’s owner’s name.

1.6 What Are The Uses of Doggy Name Tag?

Normally, 90% of the doggy name tag we have been designed to enhance the identification of lost dogs. This is the most basic use of the doggy name tag. 

Imagine losing your dog and never finding them again, it can be so heartbreaking due to the existing bond. The good news is if you can use a doggy name tag on your dog, chances are your dog will be brought back to you.

You can also use a doggy name tag to beautify your dog. With a wide variety of colors, you will be able to choose one that blends well or makes it stand out.

1.7 What Are the Unique Features You Will Commonly Find on Doggy Name Tag?

Mostly our doggy name tag is of high quality. Furthermore, we have additional features that will attract you the moment you spot a doggy name tag on a dog. These features include;

  • Different funny shapes and styles such as paw shape.
  • The use of glitters on the doggy name tag makes it fancier and easily recognizable.
  • A glow-in-the-dark feature that allows you to easily spot the dog.
  • Wide variety of colors that can easily blend with a dog’s fur color.

1.8 Is Doggy Name Tag Durable?

Durable Doggy Name Tag
Figure 3. Durable Doggy Name Tag

We ensure that our doggy name tag meets the quality criteria standard. This includes the durability of the doggy name tag. We use materials that have high longevity features, specifically aluminum and stainless steel. Also, we use a top coating to prevent the lasting of the doggy name tag.

Doggy name tag made of these materials can last up to 10 years with clear information as they were while still.

1.9 How Should I Maintain the Doggy Name Tag?

It is important to look out and always maintain the doggy name tag. This reduces the chances you have of replacing them. Below are some maintenance measures you should consider;

  • Always choose a doggy name tag with an epoxy coating to prevent the effects of scratches. Especially if you have a playful dog.
  • Regularly clean the doggy name tag with warm water and soap solution. This allows you to remove stuck dirt particles that may limit the legibility of the doggy name tag.

1.10 What Amount of Information Can a Doggy Name Tag Hold?

The amount of information to be engraved on the doggy name tag depends on the size of the doggy name tag you choose. For instance, the round doggy name tag can accommodate the only 4-line character of information.

A bone shape doggy name tag can hold 8 lines of character since they are double-sided. The more the information you want the larger the size of the doggy name tag will be required.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Can I Get Samples of Doggy Name Tag?

Doggy Name Tag Sample
Figure 4. Doggy Name Tag Sample

Yes, we do have samples that are completely owned by our company. These doggy name tag samples are always available to our clients for wide viewing and selection of different designs.

Visit our page you will be able to select and view all the features we have included for the different doggy’s name tag.

2.2 Which Materials Are Used in Making Doggy Name Tag?

To ensure quality, our team will always be selected among the best materials for designing and producing the doggy name tag.

Our company uses metallic materials to make the doggy name tag. While selecting these metals we ensure to evaluate every feature they possess. You will be informed of this information before deciding on the type of materials used in making your doggy name tag.

Below are some of the materials we use in making the doggy name tag;

  • Aluminum is less light which has a significant effect on durability. Doggy name tags made of aluminum are less durable.
  • Stainless steel has way higher durability than other metals. It’s also considered to be the heaviest metal.
  • Brass. This metal easily tarnishes meaning they can provide longer services as you would want them to.

2.23 How Do You Achieve Information Engraving on Doggy Name Tag?

Normally, engraving information on the doggy name tag depends on how you want the information to appear. The information can be deeply engraved or raised on the doggy name tag.

Both engraving we use the laser engraving technique. These techniques use high power to burn into the preferred metal. This high power causes a discoloration contra on the information thus increasing the longevity.

With this technique, you can feel every letter on the doggy name tag. Note, doggy name tag stamped using this technique last longer.

2.24 How Big Should My Doggy Name Tag Be?

The size of the doggy name tag will determine the visibility of the information engraved on them. Additionally, the size of the doggy name tag you choose will determine the amount of information to be engraved on it.

It is also important to choose the right size that best suits your dog. Our sizes are also dependent on the shapes.

  • Some shapes only have a medium and small doggy name tag. For example, the paw doggy name tag.
  • While others have large, medium, and small. For example, a bone-shaped doggy name tag.

2.25 Do You Provide Customization Services for Doggy Name Tag?

Doggy Name Tag Customization
Figure 5. Doggy Name Tag Customization

Yes, we do provide customization services for the doggy name tag. Apart from the existing features on the doggy name tag, we will include additional details you provide to us. We request you to send/attach the following information you want to be included on the customized doggy name tag;

  • Dog’s name
  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • Additional details such as images, logos, color preference, shape among others.

2.26 Is It Possible to Make Adjustments/Changes on The Font Used on Characters Engraved on The Doggy Name Tag?

Once the information on the doggy name tag is stamped it’s hard to make any changes to the font of the characters. We recommend that you provide all the details that are well-articulated and thought out to avoid such mistakes. Always choose a font that will be visible within a certain proximity distance.

The reason you and we cannot make the changes is that we use laser engraving to stamp the characters onto the doggy name tag.

The only possible solution is redesigning the doggy name tag again, to correct the mistake. If you experience problems selecting what font to use on your doggy name tag, our team will help choose one that fits the description.

2.27 Does The Number of Characters Affect the Appearance of The Doggy Name Tag?

Absolutely yes, the number of characters you provide not only affects the overall appearance but also the visibility of the doggy name tag. We use every information as it is provided to us by the clients with no alternation whatsoever.

If you choose to include many characters, it means more lines thus resulting in smaller engraving options.

We recommend short, clear, and concise information for the doggy name tag. In any case, you want all the information you provide included, make sure you specify the use of a double-sided doggy name tag. This will accommodate all the information you have provided.

2.28 Can I Have Special Characters Engraved on The Doggy Name Tag?

We rarely have requested to engrave special characters on the doggy name tag. This doesn’t mean we do not provide these services.

For such cases make such you enquire with us firstly our team know your requirements first. Our team will evaluate if it’s achievable by checking on the availability of machines required.

If it’s achievable will let you know if not you will still get feedback within the shortest time possible.

2.29 To Ensure Clarity of The Information on The Doggy Name Tag, What Is the Recommended Font to Use?

We normally use three types of fonts on the characters to be engraved on the doggy name tag. The type of font you choose greatly affects the appearance of the information on the doggy name tag. Besides appearance, it also affects the clarity of information.

For these reasons we have narrowed down our fonts to the best three that will not disappoint you after you make the selection. They include;

  • Aerial Font.
  • Arial rounded font
  • Rockwell font.

2.10 What Color Options Do You Have for a Doggy Name Tag?

As much as we design doggy name tag for identification purposes, we want them to be eye-catching to the different people who see them. To achieve these use different color options to bring out this feeling.

Some of these colors include;

  • Pink
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Red
  • Purple

2.11 Can I Get Any Shape of My Preference for Doggy Name Tag?

We welcome all designs including new shapes that you would like designed for your doggy name tag. If it’s achievable we will deliver the doggy name tag bearing the shape you request.

You are also welcome to view the different shapes we have in store for our clients. You will be surprised to find what you have been anticipating in our samples.

Below are some of our common designed doggy name tag shapes;

  • Bone shape.
  • Star-shaped.
  • Paw shape
  • Round shape
  • Rectangle shape.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 What Payments Options Are Available for Doggy Name Tag?

We are working with the best online platforms to ensure safe and secure payments for doggy name tag. Below are the payment options we except for the doggy name tag;

  • Mastercard
  • Credit card
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PayPal.

We welcome any other method that makes our clients feel comfortable while making the transactions.

3.2 Can I Make My Payments for Doggy Name Tag Using the Credit Card?

Payment of Doggy Name Tag
Figure 7. Payment of Doggy Name Tag

As stated earlier we welcome our clients to give suggestions on which mode of payments makes them comfortable. Let us know in advance if it’s not among the stated methods on our payment platform.

If a credit card makes you comfortable, go ahead and make the payments for the doggy name tag using it.

A key point to note, you should consider the maturity of each of these methods you choose. This should not slow down our company’s operating services. For example, constraining expenditures due to insufficient funds.

We recommend you make a down payment as soon as the order is accepted.

3.3 Do You Have Specific Terms for Payments?

Yes, we require all our clients to pay a quarter of the cost of the doggy name tag as a down payment to guarantee the start of production of the doggy name tag. For the remaining amount, we give our clients the option to pay after delivery or settle it after placing the order.

The down payment is mandatory in our company. Contact us, for any assistance on the payments of the doggy name tag.

3.4 What Information Should I Provide While Filing the Doggy Name Tag Order Form?

The information you provide to us on the order form determines the quality and the duration of delivery. You must provide accurate and relevant information.

We require you to provide the following information;

  • Personal information 
  • Description of the doggy name tag products you want. That is size, color, shape, and quantity.
  • Mode of payments. You can select from our existing methods to avoid any technical issues.
  • Mode of shipping the doggy name tag.
  • Provide address location where the doggy name tag will be delivered to.

3.5 How Will I Know That My Order for Doggy Name Tag Have Been Received?

Notification of Order
Figure 8. Notification of Order

Once you submit your order for the doggy name tag, our team will receive it for further review. We must make sure that the information you enter corresponds to the entries provided. Additionally, review allows us to evaluate if whatever doggy name tag you ordered for is viable.

After the review is completed and everything is settled for production, we will send an email to confirm acceptance of the order. This should take 2 to 3 working days to approve the doggy name tag.

3.6 Is Safety of The Online Payments Method Guaranteed?

Yes, our online payment methods are 100% safe. You can comfortably make your payments for the doggy name tag without anyone else having access to the transaction information.

If you experience any technicalities, reach out to our team immediately. We will help resolve the issue for you.

3.7 Is Customization of The Doggy Name Tag Charged Separately?

If you need a customized doggy name tag, it means additional working hours, more labor, and extra materials will be needed. With all these factors, it means spending more than what a normal doggy name tag costs.

Therefore, customization charges are charged separately from the original quotation of the cost given to you. Even though you will make payments for all charges you have been charged as one payment.

3.8 What Should I Do If My Doggy Name Tag Order Is Unsuccessful?

This rarely happens, unless you make a wrong entry choice while filling the doggy name tag order form. Even with this scenario, there is no need to panic since you can reorder for the same doggy name tag.

On normal occasions will send a mail indicating the order was unsuccessful. If you don’t get the mail, make sure to follow up on the possible cause of the event, to avoid the same mistake in the future.

3.9 Who Can Reach Out For Assistance?

We have a customer service desk with a reliable team working 24/7. We believe in paying attention to our client’s needs and having a team that can readily do that is our priority.

Contact us today for information on doggy name tag. We also appreciate being appreciated if our services have been of great help to you. For that, leaving a comment will make us feel better and more motivated.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How Soon Can I Receive My Doggy Name Tag Order?

Doggy Name Tag Delivery schedule
Figure 9. Doggy Name Tag Delivery schedule

Regardless of the distance we always try to deliver the doggy name tag within the shortest time possible. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that nothing slows down the shipping of the doggy name tag to your address location.

Even though our shipping is done within five working days, you can be sure we will deliver within the stated time frame. Normally it will only take us 7 to 10 working days to ship and deliver your doggy name tag.

4.2 Is Shipping Doggy Name Tag Costly? How Much Would It Cost to Ship to My Address Location?

When we talk about cost, it depends on the following factors;

  • The location where the doggy name tag will be delivered to.
  • The weight of the doggy name tag shipment.
  • Mode of shipping to be used to ship the doggy name tag.
  • The size of the doggy name tag shipment.

With the above factors in mind, it’s easy to have an estimation of the shipping cost. We normally sum up the cost and send it to you for further review. You are allowed to disagree or agree with the quotation.

Additionally, we are open to negotiations that will mutually accommodate all parties. If you feel the quoted shipping cost is too high let us know, am sure we can agree on an affordable cost for you.

4.3 Do You Provide International Deliveries of Doggy Name Tag?

International Shipping
Figure 10. International Shipping

We will ship and do deliveries of doggy name tag whenever our clients order from. We also have opened smaller branches in different countries, you can check out if your country has one of our shops. This eases the process of delivery.

Additionally, if you collect the doggy name tag from our branches, you are allowed to inspect the shipment on the spot. In case of any damages, you will just leave the doggy name tag shipment at our branches for further action.

Check on our platform to find out whether your country of residence is among the privileged ones.

4.4 Is It Possible to Make Changes on The Delivery Address Location?

We strongly do not advise our clients not to make changes especially if the doggy name tag shipment is under shipping.

If there is a need to change the address location let us know in advance to make possible arrangements for the same.

If the doggy name tag has departed, we must stop the shipping process and redirect to the address of your issue. Help us avoid the hassle by giving us the utmost and active address location.

4.5 What Should I Do, If I Don’t Get the Doggy Name Tag Order Within the Timeline Given?

This calls for an alarm from the client-side. If you do not receive the doggy name tag within the stated time, contact us immediately.

Our team will track the status of your shipment using tracking no. We install tracking gadgets for these purposes, to clear any status issue of the doggy name tag.

4.6 Should I Be Worried About the Safety of My Doggy Name Tag During the Shipping and Delivery Process?

No, the safety of your doggy name tag should not worry you. We can guarantee safety from our unique packaging options and the carriers we work with.

Additionally, our company has a warranty that safeguards all the doggy name tag. In case of damages, you are guaranteed compensation or replacement of the doggy name tag.

4.7 What Clearance Documents Do I Need to Provide During the Delivery of Doggy Name Tag?

For you to receive the doggy name tag you will need to prove your identity and that the doggy name tag order belongs to you. Our delivery team will request the following documents;

  • Original copies of identification cards.
  • The invoice of the doggy name tag we sent to you after the approval of the order.
  • Any other document sent via the mail with information about your doggy name tag order.

If you present these documents to our team there will be a successful handing over of the doggy name tag from our team over to you.

4.8 Can I Continuously Check on The Status of My Doggy Name Tag?

Yes, there is no restriction. If you wish to track your doggy name tag order, contact our team. They will issue a tracking number that will enable you to constantly check on the status of your doggy name tag.

4.9 How Do You Achieve Packaging of Doggy Name Tag?

Packaging for Doggy Name Tag
Figure 11. Packaging for Doggy Name Tag

Packaging of doggy name tag determines the security. As much as we use packaging to package for transportation it’s also essential for safety purposes to have large packaging options used on bulk orders of the doggy name tag.

While the small packaging box can hold fewer pieces of the doggy name tag. We even have packaging for a single piece of the doggy name tag. This allows us to accommodate all our clients.

4.10 Can I Inspect My Doggy Name Tag Shipment Once Delivered?

This is the first step you should carry out upon arrival of the doggy name tag shipment. This allows you to evaluate the condition of the doggy name tag. For damages found you should report back to us immediately for further directions.

If the doggy name tag meets your requirement, leave a comment on the same, we will appreciate it.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

Our Return Policy
Figure 12. Our Return Policy

5.1 What Doggy Name Tag Can I Return?

The company return policy may sound so normal to our clients whereas that isn’t the case. We have restrictions on what you can return and what not to. They include;

  • Doggy name tag shipment that is unopened with the original packaging.
  • A doggy name tag that is not damaged, especially not after arrival.

5.2 What Should I Do If the Designs Are Unsatisfactory?

We regret that our designs did not meet your requirements. You can send them back to us for redesigning or a refund if you do not want to redesign.

5.3 How Soon Should I Return the Unwanted Doggy Name Tag?

We recommend our clients always adhere to the timeframe given for returning unwanted doggy name tag. Follow all the instructions provided by our team and on the policy sheet and you will be on the safe side.

The given return period is within 15 to 30 days. You can return your unwanted doggy name tag and request a refund of the same.

5.4 What Happens If I Delay in Returning the Damaged/Defective or Unwanted Doggy Name Tag?

We will automatically reject the doggy name tag that is returned after the given period elapses. You will have to pay for all the costs you incur for shipping which is a loss on your side.

Additionally, you will end up losing all the payments since no refunds are done under this circumstance.

5.5 Do You Charge for The Replacement of Doggy Name Tag?

Free Doggy Name Tag Replacement
Figure 13. Free Doggy Name Tag Replacement

If you made the mistake while entering the information on the order form, which results in a mistake on a doggy name tag. You will be liable for the replacement charges.

On the other hand, if the mistake is from our side, maybe omission of some elements on the doggy name tag, we will replace them for free and ship them back to you at our own expense.

5.6 What Happens When the Requested Replacement for Doggy Name Tag Is Delayed?

For delayed replacements of the doggy name tag, contact our team for follow-up. We will help locate your replaced doggy name tag.

5.7 How Soon Can You Replace My Doggy Name Tag?

Replacement of the doggy name tag means a complete start of the production process. We will fasten the process this time since we know where to rectify and how.

This process can take between 7 to 14 working days to have your replaced doggy name tag.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation and Refund
Figure 14. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 When Should I Expect My Refunds for Doggy Name Tag?

Sometimes it’s hard to determine how soon you will get the refunds. This is because the different modes of payment have a different timeframe for cash maturity.

From our end will release the funds immediately after the review and approve the condition of the returned doggy name tag. The refund will be sent to your preferred mode of payment for processing.

6.2 How Soon Can I Cancel My Order?

Our refund and cancellation policy allows the cancellation of orders within 48 hours. If this time elapses you cannot cancel the order since the production of the doggy name tag has already begun.

6.3 How Will I Know If My Order Has Been Cancelled?

If you cancel the order within the stipulated time, we will send a mail or text message to notify you of successful order cancellation.

6.4 Do You Refund for Damages After the Delivery of Doggy Name Tag?

No, no refunds will be made for any damages that occur after delivery of the doggy name tag. You will find this rule in our policy. We strongly advise our clients to handle the doggy name tag carefully to avoid refundable events.

6.5 Do You Refund Via Credit Cards?

Yes, we refund using the mode of payment used by our clients to make payments for the doggy name tag.

Send us a free inquiry request