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Foison Metal Gives You High-Quality Badges Exactly How You Want It

If you are looking for high-quality custom enamel badges, Foison Metal is the way to go. We manufacture them in different shapes, sizes, designs, and textures to include your company logo and name.

Our customer service team is engaged in the production process and is committed to helping you every step of the way. Guaranteed, you will receive the perfect high-quality badges that you desire for your business. 

We make millions of unique badges through the years and keep the same and individualized approach. This line of expertise proves that we can cater to anything with regards manufacturing premium badges.

About Our Service


Foison Metal ensures to deliver high-quality enamel badges at an affordable price that enables you to make more profit


Designs by our skilled graphic designers are detailed and customized to match your requirements


We embrace innovation in technology especially when it guarantees to fasten our enamel badges production and lessen waste materials


Our customer service is available 24/7 to assist you with your questions, requests, or complaints in regards to your orders


Materials used in manufacturing high-quality badges are guaranteed to last for decades without losing their original appearance


You can choose from our wide variety of options in designing and manufacturing your personalized metal badges


Foison Metal hire professional graphic designers and skilled craftsmen to manufacture the perfect badges for your business


Foison Metal makes sure that you will receive your order within 7-10 business days to meet your deadlines

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Foison Metal produce soft enamel pins that can be stamped to any material including steel, iron, and brass

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Enamel pins by Foison Metal are affordable using high-quality materials to help you build up your business

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Foison metal’s enamel pins with superb appearance as they are individually polished by our skilled craftsmen


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Foison Metal combines transparent and fair pricing with high-quality materials in producing premium enamel badges that are customized depending on your requirements.

Guaranteed every transaction is personal to ensure clear communication about deadlines and scheduling and for your positive experience along with the quality of each product. We can work with the simplest to the most intricate design.

If you are looking for premium quality badges used for corporate or awards purposes, then we got you covered!

Why Foison Metal Product is Trusted?

Custom Shapes

Foison Metal’s badges are available in different shapes to fit your business brand


Foison Metal manufacture badges out of fine materials that are made to last for decades


Our company makes sure that you will receive high-quality metal products that fit your budget


These metal badges are smooth and glossy making them noticeable which is important for your business

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Foison Metal is Committed to Deliver Superior Quality Enamel Badges with Exceptional Customer Service

Foison Metal’s vision is to be the leading company in China that distributes premium quality metal products at a low price rate. We can do so by continuously offering high-quality products at a very reasonable price with mass production. We are focused on maintaining our unbeatable track record on on-time delivery as we are interested in building a long-term relationship with you.  

The Enamel Badges FAQs Ultimate Guide

Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What are Enamel Badges?

Figure 1. Enamel Badges

Also known as enamel pins, enamel badges are pints made of metal and worn on clothes. Have you ever seen someone with a price of shaped metal in their suit? If yes, that’s an enamel badge. 

Enamels badges can be attached to different places when wearing them. For example, you can attach an enamel badge on a tote, a cloth, or even in the label of your jacket. No matter how you wear it, an enamel pin will always add to your sense of fashion and class. 

There are different kinds of enamel badges. As stylish as they appear to be, you need to choose the most suitable one for you. This is because once it matches your style, it will get the best out f your outfit. 

1.2 What are the Different Types of Enamel Badges?

There are two types of enamel badges. Each of them has distinct characteristics that distinguish them from the others. 

The first one is soft enamel badges. These are among the cheapest options that you can find in the market. In addition to being less expensive, these enamel pages are also characterized by a ridged finish. 

Soft enamel badges have long been deemed the most economical option among the enamel badges. If your budget is tight, it would be advisable for you to get the soft ones. Additionally, these types of pins are known to contain and display clearer and more detailed images.

There are hard enamel badges that you can also buy. This type of enamel badge is known to be tougher and more durable compared to soft ones. Additionally, the material used offers resistance to scratches and minor damages that might come to the badge. 

Hard enamel badges have a hard-wearing. Additionally, you will realize that they are more expensive compared to their soft counterparts. They also have a smooth surface accompanied by a crisp finish. 

1.3 Which Enamel Badges are the Best to Use?

One of the things that distinguish your choice on enamel badges is your preference. Therefore, we cannot recommend a specific type of enamel badge for you. Additionally, your pick will also depend on the function you want to put it in. 

For example, if you are looking to buy enamel badges for your business promotion, we would recommend you go for the Hard Enamel badges. This is because they look more formal, expensive, and stylish, compared to the soft ones. Therefore, they provide you with a wow factor like no other. 

On the other hand, if you are looking to buy enamel badges for relatively less formal use, it would be best if you went for soft enamel badges instead. For one, they are cheap and can still accomplish the job for you. 

As we have seen, it all goes down to your personal preference, requirements, spot, and the function you want to use the badges for.

1.4 How are Enamel Badges Used?

Figure 2. Use of Enamel Badges

Enamel badges have been used over the years for different purposes. For example, these badges can be used just for decorative purposes. You can just opt to buy one and be stocking it in your suit any time you go to work. 

Additionally, these enamel badges can be used to show your association with a particular organization or institution. This, however, is done using branded enamel badges. 

Enamel badges have also been used as a way of showing certain achievements, especially in an institutional setting. For example, a business can choose to use them as a way of showing employee recognition. They can offer these badges to the employee of the month, the most hardworking employee, and many other achievements within the business. 

Another way businesses use these enamel badges is by handing them over to employees as a way if increase employee engagement within the business. This will boost their morale, which will be translated into success during productivity. 

1.5 How are Enamel Badges Made?

It takes a series of processes before the enamel badges can be a complete thing of beauty. The first stage of producing these enamel badges is when the manufacturer molds the metal surface. This is done to create a specific design that can be used later. 

After molding, the molds are generated through cutting. Enamel badges come in different sizes. This stage will determine the final size of an enamel badge. 

The next step is where the metals are attached animated. This is done with absolute care to ensure that the final result is a sight to behold. 

The surface of the badge can then be polished and cleaned until it has a smooth shiny final appearance. From here, colors can now be added. 

After the coloring, the enamel badges will need one final touch before they can be deemed fit for sale. All the extra paint, impurities, and other dirt are eliminated from the surface of enamel badges. This will give you a clean and attractive enamel badge with a shiny smooth surface. 

The last stage of production involves baking. The enamel badges are baked for ten to fifteen minutes at 400° F. This will be for polishing and durability purposes. After the enamel badges have been fully baked, they can then be coated using the clear epoxy coating.

This is done to reduce the chances of the enamel badges fading or develop cracks. Therefore, the final piece is a badge that has gone through a series of aesthetic and protective procedures. 

1.6 What Options are There for Enamel Badges?

We understand that different people use enamel badges for different reasons. Therefore, there are some specifications and opportunities available for you. For example, there are

  • Pin on the pin enamel badges. These are badges with a three-dimensional look.
  • LED enamel badges. These are badges that produce LED light when activated. However, it is important to note that if you decide to go for these types of enamel badges, you will have to be ready with regular battery changes. However, these badges are very aesthetically pleasing!
  • Spinner pins. These are enamel badges made in a way that incorporates a stunning mechanism. The enamel badge can soon be at 360°.
  • Lenticular enamel badges. These are enamel badges that have two or more pictures oriented in them. They are made such the pictures printed in them change when you tilt the enamel badges at a certain angle. 
  • Digitally printed enamel badges. These are badges that have pictures and images digitally printed on them.
  • Additional types of enamel badges include danger pins, noble pins, slider pins, and flocking pins

1.7 What is the Main Difference Between Hard and Soft Enamel Badges

Figure 3. Hard and soft Enamel Badges

One of the biggest differences, as we have seen, lies in the cost. Soft enamel badges will cost you much less than hard enamel badges. Dir the soft enamel badges, the paint might appear not to be level and the surface might not be quite appealing compared to the hard enamel badges. 

This is not mean that soft enamel badges are not good. It only means that if your distinction is to be made in quality alone, it would be better to go for the hard enamel badges. 

For many designers, the look of the enamel badges matters the most. Therefore, whether it is a hard or soft enamel badge, they will try as much as possible to create something appealing. 

Hard enamel badges are mostly used in formal attire such as on uniform. They can even have institution logos installed in them, giving them that prestigious look overall. 

1.8 How Much Do Enamel Badges Cost?

The price of enamel badges is heavily dependent on several factors, one of them being size. You do not expect a bug enable badge to cost the same as a smaller one, do you? The most common size if you are out there looking for affordable enamel badges is one whose measurements fall somewhere between 0.75” and 1.5”. 

Another thing that dictates the price of enamel badges is the print on t. The art requires a special process to print it on the enamel badge. Therefore, the bigger (or more complex) the art, the higher the price. 

The complexity of design also plays a part in the cost. 

1.9 What Materials are used to Make Enamel Pins?

Most are the times when enamel pins are made from Zinc metal. The metal has to run through several complicated processes before it can be deemed suitable for making the pins. 

Different factories have adopted different methods of making enamel badges. The most common ones used across most factories are either the die-cast it die struck manufacturing methods. Every method here has a specific requirement in terms of Zinc quality.

It takes an average of twenty steps before the enamel badges can be fully processed and ready for purchase. Yeah, we might already be in the technological era l, but it takes a lot of manual work to get it done. It involves processes such as electroplating, buffing, stamping, tool and dies, and many others. 

1.10 What are Keylines in Enamel Badges?

Some enamel badges have fine metal barriers incorporated into their designs. These barriers at mostly used to separate the different colors in the enamel badges. These lines are known as keylines. 

During coloring, the colors are added in liquid form, just as is the paint case. Therefore, the key limes are there to ensure that the colors do not run into each other and end up mixing. 

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 4. Design and Customization of Enamel Badges

2.1 What is used to Make Enamel Badges?

Badges are primarily made of Zinc. However, some badges are made of iron, bronze, and even copper. It depends on the factory making them. 

Additionally, it is important to note that these enamel badges are later coated using materials such as hold, or add, chrome, silver, and other finishes. This is used to give the badge an attractive finished look. It would be best to contact us and discuss your options before you make a purchase. 

2.2 Do You Have Any Customization Services?

Yes, we do. With us, you can show your elegant taste in art and designs by freezing the ideas into wearable enamel badges. From here, you can show off your designs on a backpack, a jacket, or even a cap. 

Enamel badges are customized by stamping them into a plating of your choice. The gaps can later be filled up with colored enamel. For it to match, you can ask the experts for color combinations. 

There are different plating options. These include

  • Antique hold
  • Antique copper
  • Antique silver
  • Antique bronze
  • Black dye 

2.3 How do You Stop Enamel Badges from Falling off Your Clothes?

Different methods can be used to secure enamel badges in the positions that they have been pinned. An example is the use of a lock pin back. This will hold the enamel badges in place for as long as you want them held. 

You can also decide to get a deluxe clutch for the enamel badges. Once you find a compatible clutch, you will always be admired if safety and your badge will be intact at all times. 

However, one thing about the lock pin back is the fact that they are more of a permanent type of attachment. Yes, it has a good locking mechanism to hold the enamel badges. However, they are not the ideal option if you are looking for a pin to out in and off occasionally.

The deluxe clutch, however, is a handier option if you want a pin that you can regularly put n and off. This is because it is easier to lock on and off and is also designed for additional security. 

There is a Thurs locking option that involves you putting two posts on the back of your badge. Even though this method is not so popular, it goes a king way in securing the badges tightly. For the badge to fall off, both posts have to first come off.

The downside of this method is that it will always leave your clothes with double files in them. 

2.4 Where Can I Put Your Enamel Badges On?

Figure 5. Wearing Enamel Badges

Enamel badges are one of the few items that you can wear on anything and everything. The fact that they are small in size means that they can go with any of your outfits and attire. Just get the right one for you. Enamel badges can be used on vests, coats, backpacks, caps, jackets, pin bags, purses, lanyards, towels, belts, shoes, and even shirts. 

If your clothing can allow holes to be poked in it, you are good to go. You are just supposed to look for a suitable place to poke these holes for the badges to be attached. 

Additionally, enamel badges are not necessarily designed to be used in clothes only. Their outlook allows them to be placed on flat surfaces too! Therefore, you can just put them on your work desk, vehicle dashboard, or any other suitable surface. 

2.5 What Has Made These Enamel Badges So Popular?

You might have realized that these enamel badges are gradually growing in popularity. For one, they are small in size and can therefore be out in anything. Their size allows them to minimize any inconveniences that might arise when wearing them.

 For example, even if the colors do not match with the attire, the enamel badges account for such a small space that wouldn’t matter anyway. It does not affect the overall style. 

Another thing that makes them popular is how they tube you that elegant look without you having to break your bank. For such prices, they are one of the best ways to raise awareness of a particular issue or make a statement. 

Maybe you want to promote a product. Enamel badges are good conversation starters that can get you results easily. This makes them the best option if you have something to share with the public. 

For advertising, enamel badges can come in handy. When compared to other forms of advertisement, enamel badges have shown consistency in delivering results. For example, for the case of other advertisement methods (such as banners), they can only be used once then ditched into the garbage. This does not happen with enamel badges. They last a lifetime. 

2.6 Will Your Enamel Badges Damage My Clothes?

The general answer to this question is both a yes and a no. Wearing enamel badges means poking holes in your clothes for them to be held. However, there are some clothes where the holes will disappear after removing the badges. 

Additionally, you might choose to be wearing the enamel badges every time. This will make it easier for you since you can use one whole that will never be visible. Only you will know that the suit it jackets has a puncture. 

Clothes can be damaged by these enamel badges if the pins have rusted. However, this is a rare occurrence since the materials used to make the badges aren’t susceptible to corrosion. 

Lastly, how you poke holes in the clothes matters. When wearing your enamel badge, it is recommended that you poke the miles carefully and slowly. Do not be in a rush to just get a hole to fix your badge; you will end up destroying your attire. 

2.7 How Do Your Enamel Badges Work?

Enamel badges are a great invention. One good thing about them is that they do not feature any moving parts. All you have to do is on it and you will be good to go. Imagine the clutch being the most complicated of all parts. 

2.8 Is It Possible for Me to Share My Designs with you?

Figure 6. Sharing Enamel Badges Designs

Yes, it is. We always encourage our clients to get included in the badge-making process. This goes a long way in making them personal and acceptable to you. You will even appreciate the badges more since it was your idea. 

You can specify the designs you would like your final badges to have. We have designers who can help you and advise you accordingly. This will ensure that even though you have your designs, they are still compatible with the basic design and can work out perfectly for you. 

2.9 What Do I Have to Deliver (artwork) for you to produce my enamel badges?

There are different ways of ensuring that your desired designs reach us. First of all, you can send us a ready-made design of what you would like created for you. From here we will try to replicate the design for you. 

Additionally, you can also provide a preexisting badge that you would replicate. You can send it to us with the specifications you would want to be changed. We will try as much as possible to provide you with what we think is right for you. 

If you have neither of these, it is still possible for you to share your designs. All you have to do is send is your specifications in terms of size, shape, designs, and what you would want to be written on them. Our graphics team is equipped with the necessary skills to interpret these requirements and mold you a badge that meets all your expectations. 

You need to share high-quality artwork (pictures, art, etc.) when you want customization services. This allows for easy interpretation and contributes towards a good final look of the badges. 

2.10 Will I Have the Chance to Approve the Designs After you have created them?

Yes, you will. If you sent us your specifications and designs, we first have to create a visual and share it with you to ensure that it is what you wanted. Additionally, we can also offer you a pre-production service, especially if you are ordering them in bulk.

2.11 Do You Change or Alter with the Designs Provided?

Even though we can alter the designs, this is not always the case. However, you have to be flexible to ensure that all your designs are satisfactory before submitting them. This is because sometimes you might think a design will work just because it did so in the paper.

However, this might not always happen when expressing it on a metal badge. Therefore, do not be surprised when you notice few modifications. 

2.12 Do You Offer Regularly Shaped Badges Only?

No, we do not. In addition to round, square, rectangular, and I am enamel badges, we also have badge’s unique shapes. With different metal solutions in the offing, you are free to request enable badges in different shapes whatsoever. 

2.13 How Long Does the Designing Process Take?

Figure 7. Enamel Badges Designing Process

This will depend on several things. The first is the number of enamel badges that you would like produced. The more you want, the more the time taken to produce them. 

Additionally, the designs you want might also contribute towards the time taken for production. Complicated designs with fine details take longer to get done compared to others. 

However, the approximate time that can be taken will be two to three weeks. These tome frames can shift depending on the tome, production schedule, and number. 

2.14 Can Tinted Images Work for Enamel Badges?

Yes, they can. However, the quality of the final product might not be the best as you would have hoped for. Therefore, you can instead opt for printed badges. 

However, if the tinted pictures can be divided into colors, then good for you. 

2.15 Is It Possible for You to Match the Enamel Colors with My Badge?

Yes, it is. We try as much as possible to come up with a design that you can resonate with. It is possible to us to match the enamel colors used during manufacturing. 

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 8. Order and Payment of Enamel Badges

3.1 Where Do I Place my Enamel Badges Order?

We have a website where we display all the items that we have on our inventory. Once you have opened it, you can navigate through and choose the one that you think will get the job done. 

3.2 Do You Limitations in the Tome that I Can Place My Order?

No, we don’t. You can place your order any time you feel like it. Our ordering platforms are open for orders twenty-four a day throughout the week. This allows you to place orders only when it is convenient for you. 

3.3 How Long Does it Take for an Order to Go Through?

Once you have placed your order, we will start working on it right away. Additionally, we will deliver it as soon as we are done customizing. 

The time you wait for the badges depends on the number of pages you want as well as the customization to be adhered to. 

3.4 Do I have To Be Present in The Factory for An Order to Go Through?

No, you do not. We have an online ordering website that is easy to use. 

Additionally, ordering online gives you the chance to enjoy benefits such as

  • Fast- You don’t have to wait till you get the time to come to our factory. On click and that’s it!
  • Accuracy-The charges are added automatically before checkout. This means that you will be aware of your final sum by the time you are done placing your order. 
  • The peace of mind-Once you successfully place an order, you will be notified through a confirmation notification. 

3.5 Will I Be Notified Once My Order Has Been Successfully Placed?

Figure 9. Notification of Order for Enamel Badges

Yes, you will. We will send you a notification that confirms that your order has successfully been placed. 

3.6 Do You offer any Free Samples and Discounts on Orders Placed?

We try as much as possible to make things easy for you both physically and financially. As a result, we have several policies lit in place that you can utilize and get the most out of your budgeted money. To enjoy this, it would be best if you contact us before you place the order. Our customer service will explain to you how everything works. 

Additionally, we can offer free samples to you, especially if you are buying the enamel badges in bulk. This will allow you to have a taste of the quality that we offer as well as the style and material used. This will increase the confidence that you have in us. 

3.7 What Information Should I Have Before Placing an Order for the Enamel Badges?

Just like any other online business, we will require some information from you before you can place an order. For one, we will need the quantity of the enamel badges that you want to be delivered. 

Additionally, we will also ask for residence information and details. This will be used for delivery services. 

Your email address and phone number are also key details. We might need to contact you with issues concerning your order. 

3.8 How Do I Pay for the Enamel Badges?

We are a diverse company that welcomes people from all walks of life. In this regard, we have tried as much as we can to include as many payment options as we can. This will allow people from different regions of the world to access our services. 

You can pay with cash, card, or through the bank. Additionally, we accept money transfers through platforms such as Alipay and WeChat. 

3.9 Is Your Ordering Platform Easy to Use?

Yes, it is. We have tried to come up with a user-friendly website where people can easily access our services. This means that you won’t have to struggle with your orders. 

Additionally, our website is so straightforward that people from all age brackets can easily use it. To top it off, it is open 24/7 so you can order whenever. With our support team stand by, you can contact them and get help in case you need anything clarified. 

3.10 Do I Have to Pay for Designs I Provide?

No, you do not. As we had stated earlier, we welcome our customers to be involved in the decision-making of the final outlook of the enamel badges. As such, you won’t have to pay any extra money.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 10. Delivery Period for Enamel Badges

4.1 Do You Have Delivery Services?

Yes, we do. After placing an order, you will move to a section where the shipment location will be required. Once you input the location, the shipping fee will be indicated for you. 

However, before placing an order, we encourage our customers to first check with us and confirm whether our delivery services are in their residence. We have tried as much as possible to include different regions and locations, but it would only be fair to you to confirm. 

4.2 Do You Package the Enamel Badges Well?

We have been in the business for quite a long time now. Over the years, we have tried different types of packaging to ensure that all our badges reach the owners in one piece. Therefore, our packaging staff has already mastered the art of packaging.

4.3 Do You Recommend Freight Forwarders for the Enamel Badges Shipment?

As we all know, freight forwarders can come in handy I recommending the perfect route to be taken when delivering the package. Additionally, they are in a position to recommend the best possible mode of transport to be used before delivering your packages. 

However, this is a matter of personal preference. We do not take part in the freight forwarding recommendations. 

4.4 How Much Time Will It Takes for The Delivery to Get to Me?

Figure 10. Delivery Period for Enamel Badges

Again, the time taken will depend on several factors. 

One of them is the distance being covered during the delivery. The further it is from us, the more time it will take for the shipment to reach you. However, we try as much as possible to make things work faste

4.5 What If My Shipment Does Get Delivered?

In our years in the profession, this has been one of the rarest cases that our clients have experienced. However, in case it happens to you, reach out to us and we will correct it for you.

4.6 Will I Be Notified Once the Delivery Arrives?

Yes, you will. Our team will send you a notification once your delivery arrives. 

4.7 Will I Pay the Delivery Guys?

Figure 11. Enamel Badges Delivery Charges

No, you will not. All the payments are covered after you have placed your order, and therefore no need to pay more.

4.8 What about Enamel Badges Damaged During Transit?

If they were damaged before reaching you, we will take the blame. Your order will still be active and you will receive a new delivery. 

4.9 Is It Possible to Inspect My Delivery on arrival?

Yes, it is. You can inspect them and confirm whether that is what you had ordered. 

4.10 What If I Receive the Wrong Shipment?

If this happens, please contact us as soon as possible. 

5.0 Return and Replacement

5.1 How Soon Should I Return Faulty Enamel Badges?

Figure 12. When to return Enamel Badges

The probability of getting faulty badges delivered is very low. However, if it happens, you should try as much as possible to contact us right away. 

To avoid this, you can inspect your shipment on arrival. This gives you a chance to notice any inconveniences and faults on tome. 

5.2 Who Should I Contact for Replacements and Returns?

We have a very functional customer service desk. They are always ready to receive your complaints and work on them accordingly. Therefore, you should ensure that you contact them in case of any problems

5.3 What Qualifies Enamel Badges Fir Return?

Our return policy is very clear in the enamel badges that can be replaced. If there is a problem with the badges and we are to blame, then the badges are eligible for returns.

However, if the badges get damaged after we have delivered them to you, then they cannot be eligible for the return policy. 

5.4 Will I Pay Extra for the Returns?

Figure 13. Payment for Return of Enamel Badges

No, you won’t. If your enamel badges have been passed as eligible for a return, then we will do everything for you without charging a cent. 

Let us say you had received the wrong shipment. In such a case, the delivery will be picked up and the correct one has been done for you right away. 

5.5 Are the Enamel Badges Insured?

Our company has bought all the necessary insurance policies according to the risks posed to the badges. All our assets and products are also covered; even the ones that might get damaged on transit. 

5.6 Is It Possible for Me to Return Enamel Badges if the Design isn't Satisfactory?

Yes, you can. However, you will have to contact us first so that we can discuss the way forward and give you the necessary guidelines. 

5.7 What if I Don't Receive the Enamel Badges Return Package?

This is another occurrence that might have low chances of occurring. However, if they do, please contact our customer care desk. 

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 14. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Do You Have a Cancellation Policy?

Yes, we do. Some situations will just force you to cancel the order, and we understand. 

6.2 Do you have a Cashback Policy in Returns?

Yes, we do. Once your order has been canceled successfully, we will refund you all the money you had earlier paid. 

6.3 Is It Possible to Get A Refund if the Enamel Badges Get Damaged after Delivery?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot offer cashback services if you damaged the badges yourself.

6.4 Will I be Notified that My Cancelation Has Gone Through?

Figure 15. Notification for Cancellation of Enamel Badges

Yes, you will. We will send you a notification as confirmation.

6.5 Can I Place Another Order After the Previous One Has Been Cancelled?

Yes, you can. You can place it as soon as you get the confirmation notification that the order has been successfully canceled. 

6.6 How Long Does it Take To Cancel an Order?

After you have submitted a cancelation request, we will begin processing it right away. It can be canceled as soon as you requested. However, the time frame will vary too!

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