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Foison Metal is the Leading Enamel Pin Manufacturer Worldwide

Foison Metal is the leading enamel pin manufacturer, and we specialize in customizing bulk orders for your business. we develop quality and fantastic products, our staff is purposely one of the top quality enamel pins on the market. 

During production, quality testing, and shipment, professional staff test each method used in the fabrication of your orders. Foison Metal goes to great lengths to ensure that its goods are of the greatest possible quality. As a result, we are able to create long-lasting products. 

Our low-cost enamel pins can also be customized to your needs; we have a team ready to meet your needs in the finish of your choice. We provide free estimations and samples with every order you place with Foison Metal.

About Our Service

Always New

Foison Metal values your ideas and strives to provide innovative and high-quality enamel pin manufacturer over time.

Top Quality

Foison Metal as top enamel pin manufacturer are subjected to a quality check and individual inspection of your items before being delivered to your door.

Innovative Machines

Foison Metal has advanced machinery that can produce hundreds of enamel pin manufacturer in a short period of time, thanks to modern technology.


Foison Metal ensures that you can acquire enamel pin manufacturer from any location on the planet. Your purchases will be delivered via couriers.

Always 5-Star Ratings

Foison Metal is a certified and trustworthy enamel pin manufacturer that strives to provide high-quality products.

Fast Shipping

With the best courier for your region, you'll have your products in less than two weeks! Foison Metal, the best enamel pin manufacturer, has the best shipping procedure.


Made of high-quality materials that withstand heat, chemicals, and a wide range of weather conditions. Foison Metal is the top enamel pin manufacturer.

After-Sale Benefits

Before mass production, Foison Metal gives free quotations and samples with your enamel pin manufacturer.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal is the Best Enamel Pin Manufacturer With Over Billions of Products Sold Through the Years

Soft Enamel Pins

Get your soft enamel pins in individual designs and customizations at Foison Metal.

Enamel Pins Bulk

Perfect for startup business and restocking, enamel pins bulk comes in very friendly rates with lots of benefits!

Cheap Enamel Pins

Cheap enamel pins with high-quality materials made for your business.

Enamel Pins Set

Looking for the best way to print your business logo? Enamel pins set provides that cute and aesthetic way of having your logo printed for various uses!


Foison Advanced PIN BADGES Manufacturing technology

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Foison Metal is continually striving to improve its goods by using cutting-edge technologies and trendy enamel pin manufacturer designs. We are committed to providing you with the greatest quality possible for your bespoke requests.

Our company is dedicated to helping clients who want to start their own business by selling trendy things that meet their needs. Foison Metal always provides metalwork items at the lowest price and the best quality for your demands.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


We offer business-friendly items that will undoubtedly be beneficial to you.

Finest Market Deals

Get the best bulk order under low prices! We offer the best possible market rate.

Easy to Reach

Our company wants our customers to be stress-free during transactions so our hotlines are always open for you!

Fast Delivery

Get your items for less than two weeks! Foison Metal also provides you options for your delivery couriers.

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Foison Metal is a Trusted Enamel Pin Manufacturer in the Market

Foison Metal provides the highest quality merchandise at the most competitive pricing. Our enamel pins comes in a range of materials, colors, sizes, and other characteristics. You can also commission us to make a unique design for you!

To ensure that you are delighted with each of your orders, we provide free samples and rates. Please use our email address to get in touch with us.

The Enamel Pin Manufacturer FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 Who is Foison Metal?

foison metal factory

Foison Metal is the best metal craft factory and enamel pin manufacturer in China. We as an enamel pin manufacturer assure you of making a unique enamel pin to be used in whatever setting you plan. As an enamel pin manufacturer, free samples and a wholesale price rate.

1.2 Are there reasons I should order from Foison Metal as Enamel Pin Manufacturer?

Yes, Foison Metal is the lowest priced enamel pin manufacturer in China offering the best quality of products. Apart from all this, at Foison Metal, we offer the following advantages:

  • We have a friendly ready to help customer service support. As an enamel pin manufacturer, we pride in our customer support who are always ready to answer to your queries.
  • We Foison Metal enamel pin manufacturer, also offer after sale services for products which include delivery to wherever the client orders from.
  • We Foison Metal, pride ourselves in being efficient as an enamel pin manufacturer by making enamel pins that can withstand all weather conditions.
  • We, as an enamel pin manufacturer, use high quality metals and materials in producing the enamel pins.

1.3 As Enamel Pin Manufacturer, what materials do you use to manufacture the enamel pins?

At Foison Metal, we as an enamel pin manufacturer produce products using the best materials and metals which are of high quality which include;

  • Steel: This metal is mainly used to make enamel pins since it can stand against corrosion from weather. It is as well used since it is long-lasting and durable. As an enamel pin manufacturer, Foison Metal promises to make long-lasting enamel pins for you.  
  • Copper: This metal is rarely used but upon a client’s request, enamel pins can be produced with this metal. As an enamel pin manufacturer, we are keen to make products according to user and client’s requests.
  • Zinc alloys and iron: Foison Metal as an enamel pin manufacturer manufacture most enamel pins using zinc and iron metals. Zinc can easily be shaped to any shape, which is the same case with iron.  

1.4 Where is my order going to be manufactured at?

Foison Metal enamel pin manufacturer is based in China.  Despite this fact, we can easily deliver all orders from and to any part of the world. Foison Metal as an enamel pin manufacturer assures you as our client of flawless delivery to wherever you are. 

1.5 What is the best thing about Foison metal as an enamel pin manufacturer?

Figure 2. High Quality Foison Enamel Pin Manufacturer

Foison Metal as an enamel pin manufacturer ensure that we use the best technology in the production and manufacture of the enamel pins. From surface treatment processing to using ultra violet and etching to bring out the unique features required in an enamel pin design. 

1.6 What are your recommended metals for my enamel pins?

Foison Metal as an enamel pin manufacturer recommend different features according to our clients needs. If you as a client want long lasting enamel pins that can be recycled after they have outlived their usefulness then we do recommend stainless steel. For those clients that want products that have well defined 3D and 2D designs, we as an enamel pin manufacturer recommend using either zinc or iron for their enamel pins. The malleability of zinc and iron as well as the easy to shape feature make it possible for us as an enamel pin manufacturer to make sophisticated design features for our clients. We assure our clients of producing the highest quality of products for them.

1.7 What products do you manufacture?

satisfy clients’ requirements. We feature a variety of products which include the following:

  • Soft Enamel Pins: Order your soft enamel pins from Foison metal at friendly prices.
  • Enamel Pins Bulk: Order your bulk enamel pins be it for business or organizational setup from us Foison Metal as your trusted enamel pin manufacturer.  

However, you can always contact our customer support team whenever you have queries about products you may need and we will be sure to manufacture them for you.

1.8 Is there a manufacture Process you follow as an enamel pin manufacturer?

Definitely. Our manufacture process consist of 4 main processes which include the following: 

  • Mold Improving: This involves polishing the metal molds into stable dimensions of the best and high quality.
  • Surface Coloring: As an enamel pin manufacturer, this involves the standard processing of the mold and metals to bright colors of high quality and satisfaction to our clients. 
  • Mold Making: By using precise techniques, we carve the mold and clear the edges of the metals making and bringing out the fineness from the design.
  • Surface painting: As an enamel pin manufacturer, this involves coverage of designs and smoothening the enamel pin surfaces.

1.9 What are the defined most common uses of enamel pins?

As an enamel pin manufacturer we strive in manufacturing enamel pins that are usable in different ways, some of which include:

  • Enamel pins can be used to decorate or used as accessories attached to either clothes or bags.
  • Enamel pins can as well be used to signify achievement.
  • For business, enamel pins are mostly used for brand recognition and employee identification as well as their seniority in the business or organization.

You can be assured that Foison Metal as an enamel pin manufacturer will produce and manufacture enamel to suit whatever the intended uses you as client requires.

1.10 What do I need to consider before purchasing enamel pins for foison metal as an enamel pin manufacturer?

Figure 3. Considerations for Enamel Pin Manufacturer
  • Price:  Before making a purchase, please make sure to go through our prices for our products. In case anything is not clear however, contact us at Foison Metal. We as an enamel pin manufacturer strive to have fair and reasonable prices for enamel pins focusing on high quality long lasting products.
  • Production material: Just in case you have a suggestion you want your enamel pins to be manufactured from, kindly contact our customer care at Foison Metal to communicate that. We as an enamel pin manufacturer pride ourselves in having and using the best metals to manufacture enamel pins. 
  • Production methods: As an enamel pin manufacturer, we pride ourselves in using the best production methods in manufacturing. We at Foison Metal as well allow clients to choose their preferred production methods for their enamel pins. 
  • Customization: In case you as a client require any customization features made to your enamel pins, we as an enamel pin manufacturer require you to communicate that with us. Please contact us at Foison Metal in case you have any custom designs you might you’re your enamel pins made in. 

1.11 Why should I not opt for other enamel pin manufacturers?

We Foison Metal are best enamel pin manufacturer in China and are a global brand. From using high quality metals and materials, here are some reasons why you should choose us as your preferred enamel pin manufacturer. 

  • We offer the best prices for enamel pins. By offering the best market prices and rates, you can be assured of quality with great price. 
  • At Foison Metal, we manufacture enamel pins using the most durable and high-quality metals assuring you of long lasting products.
  • We as an enamel pin manufacturer assure you of fast delivery of your enamel pins to any part of the world.  Our delivery through our trusted couriers take less than two weeks to get the products to you. 

1.12 What ways as an enamel pin manufacturer do you recommend I should use to maintain my pins?

There are several ways you can use to maintain the enamel pins. As an enamel pin manufacturer, some of the ways we recommend are:

  • Since most enamel pins pile up tarnish with time. We advise you cleaning the enamel pins regularly to prevent that.
  • Whenever enamel pins catch on mud stains and food, we recommend immediate wiping off the stains though gently.
  •  Repairing the lose and damaged backing posts of your enamel pins could also prolong the enamel pins. This could be by using superglue or hot glue and even soldering for metal backings. 
  • Your enamel pins should also be stored properly in a suitable place not prone to scratches ad well as extreme weather conditions that could lead to discoloring. 

1.13 Do Foison Metal as an enamel pin manufacturer offer variety mounting specifications?

Yes we do. As an enamel pin manufacturer, we provide a variety mounting methods ranging from locking pin backs to using adhesive backings. Whichever the mounting methods, we always ensure it being long lasting. If you require specifications in mounting methods for your enamel pins, kindly contact us at Foison Metal.  Our customer care support is always ready for your mounting ideas, if any, that you may need for your enamel pins 

1.14 Do you have a price range for enamel pins?

As an enamel pin manufacturer, we assure you of a pocket friendly pricing for the enamel pins. Despite us not having a fixed pricing for the products, we ensure that we make high quality enamel pins for you. The prices however depends on the following: 

  • The size of order: As an enamel pin manufacturer, Foison metal offers discount with the size of order for enamel pins.
  • The material used. The material used to manufacture the enamel pins for you also determines the price. The material you as a client want your enamel pins to be made in majorly factors in the price. In case of any queries, kindly contact our customer care team for more information.
  • The customization process involved in designing the enamel pins. Your specifications in customization in will determine the price you will pay for your enamel pins. As an enamel pin manufacturer, we give the clients the liberty of choosing their preferred design options or even come up with them. We advise you to contact our customer care team for more information about pricing according to your customization. 

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 4. Enamel Pin Manufacturer Customization

2.1 What designs do the enamel pins come in?

As an enamel pin manufacturer, we have various designs that your enamel pin can come in. Kindly check on our official website some of the designs we have at Foison Metal. We as well encourage our clients to suggest designs that their enamel pins should be made in. If you need to suggest designs or find trouble locating the most popular designs we offer, kindly contact our customer care team. 

2.2 Can you customize my enamel pins according to my liking?

Yes we can. As an enamel pin manufacturer, we can customize your enamel pins according to your liking. Foison metal has a wide range of customization techniques ranging from laser-tech engraving to etching to define customer specifications. We just require you to choose us as your preferred enamel pin manufacturer then proceed to make an order at foison metal official website. We assure and promise to deliver quality enamel pins according to your suggested design likes. 

2.3 Do you have a defined process I have to follow when making my customized enamel pin order?

Yes we do. You need to contact us through our contact numbers at contact us and give us your customization specifications in terms of the shape, color and material you would like them made in.

Upon receiving the design description you like, as an enamel pin manufacturer, we proceed to production by first doing a sample for you to either approve or correct. Upon approval we proceed to do your order to completion. On completion, we will inform you to arrange how the delivery will be done. 

2.4 What information do I need to give for customization?

As an enamel pin manufacturer, In order to process your customized order, we require the following:

  • The number of enamel pins you require,
  • Customization features you need e.g. the size, color, and material
  • Your name and address information

2.5 Do you have surface finishing options during customization?

Figure 6. Enamel Pin Manufacturer Finishing

As an enamel pin manufacturer, we offer a variety finishing options for your enamel pin surfaces.

  • Laser Engraving: This entails on using a laser beam on the enamel pin surface to peel off the metallic surface giving it a shiny and smooth effect. 
  • Etching: This entails exposing a favorable heat condition or active chemicals on the enamel pin surface to inscribe graphics on it. The heat or chemicals work by creating pores on the enamel pin surface. It is in these pores that the ink used for installing graphical elements is absorbed. 
  • Thermal Heat Transfer: We also do surface finishing by passing a heat-activating material over a print head. The coating surface of a thermal paper or heat-activating material eventually turns black after heating. The enamel pin features are produced when the thermal material turns black. 

2.6 Do the enamel pin have a defined standard weight?

Yes they do. As an enamel pin manufacturer, our enamel pins have a standard weight. However, if you need the enamel pin weight customized to a specific weight, kindly contact us at foison metal official website. Our customer support team is always readily available and happy to help.

2.7 Do have a variety of shapes I can choose from?

Yes we do. Having done different enamel pin shapes, we as an enamel pin manufacturer have various shapes your enamel pins can come in. Kindly visit foison metal official website to check through the various design shapes we have. You can as well contact us at foison metal for more information.

2.8 Do you have manufacture the enamel pins in a specific color?

We as an enamel pin manufacturer can produce enamel pins in any color. You as our client can suggest a color for your choice to be used to produce your enamel pins. For any other enamel design color you cannot see on our site, you can contact us on Foison Metal and let us customize your enamel pins according to the color that suits you. 

2.9 What metals do you use in customization of enamel pins?

Figure 7. Metal used in Customizing Enamel Pin Manufacturing

We as an enamel pin manufacturer pride ourselves in using high quality metals to make long lasting enamel pins. The most common metals we use are:

  • Stainless Steel: Steel being very brittle makes it easy to cut into different shapes and pieces. Enamel pins made using steel are also long lasting and durable. 
  • Zinc: since zinc is malleable, it is very effective when it comes to customizing the enamel pins in the shape that a client prefers. It is also effective in cases where the clients wants 3D designs for their enamel pins.

2.10 What do I do if I do not like my customized enamel pins?

If there comes a time when the customized pins delivered to you are not made to your liking and design, e as an enamel pin manufacturer allow you to return it for re-customization and redo of your order. You are always advised to contact our customer support team if you feel your enamel pin is not customized the way you’d want it to be. Moreover, we always send the client a sample first for approval before the order is officially shipped.

2.11 How much do I pay for customization?

Foison metal as an enamel pin manufacturer prides itself in offering reasonable prices for customization of enamel pins. You can check official website at Foison Metal to get a more accurate customization price. However, you are always free to contact us regarding issues related to customization fees. 

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 8. Order and Payment

3.1 Do you allow orders in wholesale?

Definitely. As an enamel pin manufacturer, we offer orders in both retail and wholesale basis. The minimum order you can make however at Foison Metal is 500 pieces of enamel pins. For whatever enamel pin design you may have do not hesitate to make an order with us. In cases where you may have queries about your order, kindly contact us through the contact form on our official website at Foison Metal. Our customer care support is always ready and happy to help. 

3.2 Do you charge any sales tax for orders made?

NO we do not charge any sales tax on orders made to Foison Metal enamel pin manufacturer. For every order made however, you may incur Custom Duty as well as Value added Tax. Contact our support team for more information on Enamel Pin’s additional charges on your order.

3.3 Is my private information safe with you?

Yes it is. As a globally recognized enamel pin manufacturer, we do not share your information with any third party. You can be assured that your information is secure and safe with us. As you make your enamel pin order, our customer care team will explain to you how we collect, utilize and store personal information given to us by clients. 

At Foison Metal we value the information clients provide to us. This is why we guarantee your safety when you place an Enamel Pins’ order. 

3.4 What ordering process do you have present?

Figure 9. Ordering Process

 As an enamel pin manufacturer, we pride ourselves in a seamless, fast and easy to use order process.  We have a toll-free contact line through which you can always contact us if you encounter a problem related to placing your Enamel Pins’ order.

3.5 Is there any specific information you need when making an order?

Definitely. As an enamel pin manufacturer, you need to be aware of various things. Which include:

  • Type of enamel pin you need.
  • Enamel pin prices for your preferred design.
  • Our ordering process.

You can find all this information on our official Foison Metal website at Foison Metal.

3.6 How much are the enamel pins?

Our pricing is pocket friendly and is not definite. Foison metal as an enamel Pin manufacturer offers enamel pins at different prices all depending on certain features. The pricing vary from the number of enamel pins needed to design and customization required by the client. 

 Visit our official website, Foison Metal, or you can contact us  directly through our service lines for additional information on the cost of Enamel Pins. 

3.7 How is Enamel Pins order processed from the Enamel Pin Factory?

After manufacturing is complete, we pack your ordered Enamel Pins in our high-quality packaging materials before we ship them to your preferred destination, based on how you place your order. We as an enamel pin manufacturer have partnered with reliable courier partners to ensure seamless and flawless shipping to wherever you are. You will need to ensure that you provide the right information when placing your order for efficient processing. In case of any queries, always contact us at Foison Metal.

3.8 Is there a way I contact you?

Definitely. You can always contact us through the official contact toll free lines at our official website Foison Metal. Our 24/7 customer service support lines are always ready to help. You can also reach us at our official social media pages as well for more information concerning the placement of orders. Our customer support team is always willing to assist you on matters regarding the placement of your Enamel Pins orders as your preferred enamel pin manufacturer.

3.9 How do I confirm the order I made is the right one?

Figure 10. Confirming Enamel Pin Manufacturing

We as the best enamel pin manufacturer in china pride ourselves in satisfying and ensuring our customer designs are met. We at Foison Metal as well provide samples to you as our client for approval before your order is manufactured.

We also keep in touch with the client during the order process by sending photos of the products for satisfaction. Kindly contact us at Foison Metal whenever you feel the order being produced is not the one you ordered. 

3.10 What will happen if I am dissatisfied with the Enamel Pins I have ordered?

We assure you that the Enamel Pins we will produce as an enamel pin manufacturer are exactly as per your order design and specification. You can always contact us however at Foison Metal whenever you have complaints regarding your enamel pin order. 

3.11 Can I make a partial payment for my order?

We as an enamel pin manufacturer provide room for negotiation for your order payments and pricing. Always contact us at Foison Metal through the contact numbers and let us know how you as our client would wish to make payment for your enamel pins.

3.12 Are there specific payment methods you recommend?

We as enamel pin manufacturer accept a variety of payment methods for your order. These payment methods include MasterCard and PayPal. However, you need to contact us if you have your preferred payment method so that we may advise you accordingly. 

3.13 Do you offer a refund if I miss my delivery?

Figure 11. Refund on Missing Enamel Pin Delivery

Having been present for 10 years, we as an enamel pin manufacturer assure you that you will never miss your delivery. Foison Metal always keep in touch constantly from the order process to the delivery schedule and process. 

Keep on contacting us once you have placed your order to avoid missing your Enamel Pins’ delivery. However, in case you miss the delivery, you can contact our customer support team for further assistance. 

3.14 Are there any payment terms for the enamel pin order I make?

Yes there are. Kindly visit our official website at Foison Metal where our payment terms are openly displayed. Visit our website page or directly contact our customer support team for more information related to Enamel Pins’ payment terms. 

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 12. Shipping and Delivery of Enamel Pins from Manufacturer

4.1 How long does shipping from the Enamel Pin Factory Take?

We as an enamel pin manufacture deliver sample Enamel Pins within 5-7 days from making the order. Our mass whole order delivery takes around 7-10 days. The shipping time for Enamel Pins from our enamel pin factory is averaged at 4-5 working days excluding weekends and holidays. You are allowed to contact us at Foison Metal if you have queries related to your Enamel Pins’ shipment. 

4.2 What do I do? My delivery has not arrived?

Despite cases of clients’ enamel pins not reaching to them being rare, providing wrong information and loss during shipment can cause such. Regardless, our customer support team is always ready to assist you in such scenarios. 

You need to contact us at Foison Metal as soon as you realize your enamel pins have not reached your location. We will always keep you in touch with your Enamel Pins shipment processes to prevent such occurrences. 

4.3 Do you have a specific FedEx account for Enamel Pins shipping?

Unfortunately since we use our clients’ FedEx, DHL, TNT and UPS account numbers to process Enamel Pins shipment. The client is however responsible for the freight charges. You can always contact us at Foison Metal to our customer care team in case you have a preferred shipping method for us to help you accordingly. 

4.4 Do you offer the international shipment from your Enamel Pin Factory?

Yes we do. Despite being an enamel pin manufacturer located in china, we deliver enamel pin orders to all parts of the world. We assure our clients on time delivery which is efficient and affordable. 

4.5 What happens during the delivery from the Enamel Pin Factory?

Figure 13. Enamel Pins Manufacturing and Delivery

Upon being notified the start of the delivery process through our trusted delivery couriers, you will also be notified upon arrival of your enamel pin order to the destination of your choosing. You will then be expected to scan the packaged Enamel Pins to ascertain that it has not been tampered with. The process will end with you signing the delivery record book. 

4.6 When is the shipping fee paid?

Despite our Enamel Pins’ prices incorporating the shipment fee, you may be required at times to pay the shipping fee before your delivery commences. Contact our support center for more information on your shipping charges. 

4.7 Who do I contact regarding my shipment?

Our 24/7 Customer Support Team through the toll-free numbers at our official website at Foison Metal is always ready to help. You can as well visit us if you happen to be around our manufacturing site in China. We are always ready to listen to your concerns.

4.8 Can I track my shipment?

Yes you can. The enamel pin package being shipped always has a reliable online tracking system that allows the client to keep track of their shipment during transit. Our freight agents will also ensure you are kept in touch regarding your Enamel Pins’ shipment. 

4.9 Can I change my shipment information after shipping Enamel Pins?

Unfortunately upon start of shipping you cannot change any information you provided on order. You need to be sure that you have provided the correct shipping information before shipping commences because you may incur some extra costs if you provide the wrong information that leads the freight agent to deliver to the wrong location. 

To prevent such occurrences, please ensure you give the right information before the freight agent starts the shipment process of your Enamel Pins’ package(s). 

4.10 Does my enamel pin package have tracking numbers?

Yes they do. Tracking numbers ensure you can keep an eye on the progress of your Enamel Pins’ shipment progress up to the time they reach you.

4.11 Do I need any documentation for the road freight shipment of my Enamel Pins?

You do not need any documents for road freight shipment of your enamel pins because the freight agent is fully responsible for all the shipment processes. You only need to provide directions and other important information that can help the freight agent to deliver your Enamel Pins to your preferred location on time.

4.12 Can I get custom warehousing services on Enamel Pins ordered in bulk?

Figure 14. Warehousing Services for Enamel Pins

Unfortunately we do not offer warehousing services. However, we can connect you to some reputable warehousing agents who can store your bulk Enamel Pins’ shipment. Kindly, contact us on time to let us know your warehousing concerns. 

4.13 What is the role of forwarding agents on my Enamel Pins shipment?

Forwarding agents perform the following roles:

  • Forwarding agents assist shipping services providers by advising them on shipping routes and such-like information to enable your Enamel Pins’ order reach you on time. 
  • Besides documenting Enamel Pins on transit, forwarding agents perform custom clearing services. 
  • Because forwarding agents are mandated to be in charge of all goods on transit, they hold the responsibility of providing insurance policies to freight agents. 
  • Forwarding agents also ensure the correct packaging of your Enamel Pins’ order. 

4.14 What factors affect my shipping costs?

As an enamel pin manufacturer, some factors that determine the cost of shipping your Enamel Pins include but are not limited to the following:

  • Quantity of the Enamel Pins being shipped
  • The weight of the Enamel Pins being shipped
  • The size of the Enamel Pins under shipment

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 15. Return and Replacement of Enamel Pins

5.1 Are there procedures I need to follow when returning enamel pins?

We have the following procedures for returning Enamel Pins:

  • Examination of the Enamel Pins packaging to ascertain its originality
  • The Enamel Pins are returned to the manufacturer after we have ascertained that the Enamel Pins are unused. 

You might incur additional charges for returning Enamel Pins to cater for production costs. 

5.2 Is there a limit to the time for return?

Yes there is.  Return of the products shouldn’t take time after you have received your enamel pins. You should contact us if you have any issues related to returning Enamel Pins. 

5.3 Is there a warranty for my order?

Yes there is. Since we guarantee our clients the most genuine enamel pins, we offer warranties on all our Enamel Pin products. 

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 16. Cancellation and Refund of Enamel Pins Policy

6.1 Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can. You are allowed to cancel the Enamel Pins you have ordered whenever you feel like cancelling. Our customer support team will assist you to cancel your order if you have some problems with the cancellation. 

6.2 When do I receive a refund my cancelling my order?

We will send your refund to the account number you used to process the payment. You must contact us before the cancellation if you want to receive the refund in an alternative account. 

6.3 How can I cancel my Enamel Pins order?

Our online platform features a cancellation option that you can rely on if you want to cancel your Enamel Pins’ order. You are allowed to cancel your order 24 hours after placing the order. You may incur extra charges if you attempt to cancel your order past the 24hours time limit. 

6.4 Can I place another Enamel Pins order after cancellation?

You can swiftly place another order if you successfully cancel your previous order. Contact us if you have problems placing another order after cancelling a previous Enamel Pins’ order. 

6.5 How long does the refund of Enamel Pins Take?

You should contact our 24/7 customer support team if you want more information about the refund of your cancelled Enamel Pins’ order. 

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