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Foison Metal trademarks in creating diverse metal products in the business world! Inspiring to serve our millions of clients with the best that we can, our company produces only the quality-assured products!

Enamel Pin Set can be used in different organizations such as school name tags or just to upgrade attires.  Even if sold in sets, we make sure that each pin has the best quality and low cost price perfect for your business! 

Foison Metal’s  team guarantees a fast and smooth translation, so hasten up and try our world-class and premium quality products and services

About Our Service

Design Variety

Foison Metal offers enamel pin set with various options for daily use

Detailed Outlines

The enamel pin set that we have is scrupulously made to mesmerize you and your business.

Clear Engravings

Our name tag enamel pin set is visible to prevent the loss of the pin.

Targeted Purpose

Each product that Foison Metal sells is assured to function at a hundred percent.

Budget Friendly

Foison Metal always wants our customers to be free of the burden of expensive things so we offer deals such as enamel pin set.

Timely Designs

Foison Metal offers designs of enamel pin set perfect for our generation today to make our clients happy.

Global Reach

Foison Metal’s services and products are available everywhere to provide you of the best enamel pin set

Sturdy Materials

Foison Metal uses first-rate materials for Enamel Pin Set to assure the quality of the products that we sell.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal is the Most Well-Known Brand for Generating the Best Selling Enamel Pin Set Over the Years

Trendy Animal Pin Set

This product features the mainstream design for that OOTD goal.

Shaped Enamel Pin Set

A cool and innovative pin set perfect for millennial people!

Name Tag Enamel Pin Set

A professionally looking enamel pin set that can be used for different institutions.

Customized Enamel Pin Set

If you like to go your own way, this will be perfect for you!


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Foison Metal is the world’s best label in making and marketing high-class metal products! Devoted to give a five-star transaction experience to our clients, we guarantee that all products are only the best that you can find!

Our company is leading in making Enamel Pin Set that are bought by entrepreneurs and online resellers that are best-selling and making millions of demands! Have a good deal  with us in easy steps!

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Original Design

The designs printed and carved on your enamel pin set are original and exceptional.

Quality Price

Our team always guarantees that we produce the best at an affordable price.

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We always hear out our clients on every transaction to live up to their expectations!

24/7 Service

We always address the concerns of our clients politely anytime and as soon as we can.

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Foison Metal is the Leading Manufacturer for High-Standard Enamel Pin Set ​

Foison Metal is dedicated to plate up Enamel in Set that are of best-quality! In our company, we always want to grow so we are always open for suggestions! Our team has the most trustworthy people that will make sure to accommodate you and propose the best deals!

The Enamel Pin Set Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Figure 1. Enamel Pin Set

1.1 What is an Enamel Pin Set?

Enamel Pin Set is a very minute pin that is often put on a piece of fabric to portray creativity and shows design or fashion on clothing.

Enamel pin sets are normally made of zinc alloys and are placed on clothing such as shirts, t-shirts, jackets, or bags. 

1.2 Where Can I Find an Enamel Pin Set?

To get an enamel pin set, you can visit our warehouse where you can purchase one or more and pay them instantly.

You can also place an order through our website shop whereby we have issued guidelines that are stated on our website.

1.3 What is Enamel Pin Set Used for?

Enamel Pin Set can be used for various reasons such as:

  • The enamel pin set can be used on knitted hats during the winter seasons. During cold seasons, it is almost certain you start putting on hats to prevent you from contracting cold.
  • They can be used to decorate and add more beauty to a bag
  • Enamel pin set can also be used as a means of dressing up a pet
  • The enamel pin set acts as an extension.

This gives those using them some self-confidence and enhances their personality. They can be used to accessorize jackets, trousers, hats, or shirts.

1.4 Who Can Use an Enamel Pin Set?

Anyone can use an enamel pin set as long as they have a reason to use them. They can be used by children, youths, or even the elderly.

They can also be used on domesticated animals that people use as pets.

1.5 What are some of the Significance of the Enamel Pin Set?

Figure 2. Significance of Enamel Pin Set

Enamel pin sets are considered so important because:

  • Enamel pin set can be used to promote a brand

  • Enamel pin set has promoted unity between sellers/suppliers and the targeted buyers.

  • Enamel pin set has helped in creating awareness through promoting the products. Enamel pins are one of the products that are universally promoted across all countries.

1.6 When Should I Use an Enamel Pin Set?

Enamel pin sets can be used for several purposes and in very many situations. Some of this involves:

  • The enamel pin set can be used to add more beauty to the piece of fabric, bag, or other clothing.
  • You can use the enamel pin sets to avoid placing holes that may cause the fabric to spoil
  • An enamel pin set can also be used for jewelry and beautifying purposes.

1.7 What are the Common Types of Enamel Pin Set?

  • The Soft Enamel Pin sets

Soft enamel pin sets are very popular because of their texture and their general appearance. They are identified by their design that has soft edges that prevent the dye from mixing.

  • The Hard Enamel Pins

The hard enamel pin set is produced when the enamel coloring agent is added. This will raise the enamel higher so it’s level with the metal edge, to create a flat finish.

A high temperature is then recommended to harden the enamel after which it is smoothed through polishing.

  • Die struck enamel pin sets

Die struck enamel pin sets give good looks at the designs of the metal parts that are being curved. The part of the metal area that is slightly high is then enhanced making the finished product very attractive.

1.8 What are the Main Components of Enamel Pin Set?

The major components of enamel pin set include metals such as:

  • The Zinc alloys
  •  Iron metals
  • Aluminum metals
  •  Brass 
  • Copper.

1.9 What Should I Consider When Selecting the Enamel Pin Set?

When selecting the correct enamel pin set, you should consider several important factors. Some of these factors you consider include:

  • The materials used to make an enamel pin set.
  • Consider checking on reviews of the company to ensure you have quality products.
  • You can also try to make an order and see how long it takes for the delivery process.
  • Check on the delivery process.
  • You should also take note of the shipment fee.

1.10 Is It Advisable to Clean My Enamel Pin Set?

Figure 3. Cleaning Enamel Pin Set

Yes, although it is not advisable to use various synthetics and cleaning agents that may decompose. You should dry the pin immediately when you are through with cleaning the enamel pin.

For effective cleaning, we advise the use of dry and very soft fabric to rub dirt that may remain on the pin.

1.11 Why Is the Cost of an Enamel Pin Set Considered Slightly expensive?

In producing an Enamel pin set, ensure you consider the cost because a mold is created to form an enamel pin. The majority of the people order enamel pin sets in little amounts hence the cost becomes higher.

1.12 Does the Rule of Law Allow Me to Make My Own Enamel Pin Set?

No, the rule of law does not allow one to create their own enamel pin sets. Our able team has a good quality enamel pin set displayed through our website.

We, therefore, encourage you to make your orders with us through our online website or otherwise visit our warehouse.

1.13 What is Making Enamel Pin Set So Common Apparently?

Enamel pin sets have gained popularity lately because of their good quality and how they are long-lasting.

They have accommodative and very desirable designs that are very pleasant to the users. They are found in all shapes considering the taste of the customers.

Some people also use them as trading items in sports like baseball, football, soccer just to list but a few. 

1.14 What Are the Necessary Requirements During Making of Enamel Pin Set?

Figure 4. Making of Enamel Pin Set

When making an enamel pin set, you to be well equipped with the machine such as:

  • The Shrink Film.
  • A Sharpie is important.
  • A Sand Paper 
  • Some Craft paint.
  •  Very hot glue guns.
  • A Brush that can be used for painting.
  • Pin Backers are also very important.

1.15 What Are Some of the Advantages of Enamel Pin Set?

Enamel pin sets are so advantageous because:

  • Enamel pins set are manageable to afford and they are also versatile
  • Hard enamel pins are durable since they last longer.

1.16 What Harm Can Enamel Pin Set Cause To The User During Functionality?

Enamel pin sets have not done much harm to the users as they have a big impact on the users. Although when mishandled, they could cause harms such as:

  • You may get some little physical injuries from the edges of the enamel pin set.
  • Some little damages may occur on the piece of fabric or the clothing.

1.17 How Does Enamel Pin Set Work?

Figure 5. How Enamel Pin Set Work

Enamel pin sets are not very easy to put on. Their durability varies from the enamel pin parts. 

When you want to make an enamel pin set, you apply the enamel paints in more layers on areas of the pin. The paint will then equalize and flatten the raised metal walls and the surface that is created will be smooth.

1.18 Are Enamel Pin Set Harmful to the Environment?

No, the Enamel pins are made from metals such as bronze, gold, aluminum, and copper.

The ability of these metals to be recycled and reused is more advantageous to the environment. Therefore, the effects of these metals can be managed as they have no harm to the environment. 

1.19 Is There a Possibility of Enamel Pin Set to Fade?

In some cases, when there is excess sunlight, the enamel pin set may fade due to the excess UV light. Sometimes this can be removed by cleaning with a piece of clothing and water.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 6. Design and Customization of Enamel Pin Set

2.1 What Are the Common Designs of the Enamel Pin Set?

The designs are so many inclusive of:

  • Butterfly Enamel Pins Set

  • Skeleton enamel pin set

  • Animated enamel pin set
  • Mixed enamel pin set

2.2 How Is Color Significant to The Design of Enamel Pin Set?

The color of the enamel pin set is generally to enhance beauty. It can also be a way of showing fashion.

Some people would prefer gradient colors while others would prefer a solid color. Some of these solid colors can be black, white, pink, yellow among many others.

You can also use transparent colors which many prefer to use.

2.3 What Materials Are Used in The Design of the Enamel Pin Set?

When designing an enamel pin set, you can use some of the metals such as:

  • Copper metals
  • Zinc metals 
  • Alloys 
  • And you can also use aluminum

2.4 Why Should I Consider a Transparent Enamel Pin Set?

  1. Transparent enamel pin set Provide good quality products at a completive price.
  2. The transparent color will contain only one precise color which is easy to spot.
  3. The transparent enamel pin set enables your designs to have an outstanding look and be more fashionable

2.5 Does the Design of Enamel Pin Set Require Experienced Personnel?

Yes, you need to get some knowledge about the enamel pin set. It does not necessarily require many skills or more tutoring but you have to enhance yourself with some necessary information.

2.6 What Kind of Diagrams Does an Enamel Pin Set Have?

Figure 7. Diagrams used in Enamel Pin Set

Some of the things contained on enamel pin sets involve:

  • Some use butterfly on the Enamel Pins Set 

  • You can use Skeleton diagrams on an enamel pin set
  • Some use animated diagrams on enamel pin set
  • Others use mixed colors on the enamel pin set
  • Other enamel pin sets use other portrait diagrams
  • Some also use flowers

2.7 Does the General Appearance of Enamel Pin Set Matter?

Yes, you need to check on the general outlook of the enamel pin set. We advise our customers to check on the different samples according to their desired tastes and preferences.

When you log on to our website, we have various samples with different designs and you can make your orders with us

2.8 Why Should I Use Base Metal as a Design Element for Enamel Pin Set?

Most people prefer the soft enamel pin sets because it allows you to use some pure metal. By doing this, you get a chance to spot dark linings and get information with pleasant nature.

2.9 Why Should I Utilize Different Electroplate Finishes in Designing Enamel Pin Set?

This will enable you to know the electroplate which suits your artwork and on the fabric, hat, or your artwork. Choose the dyes that match your lines.

Most people prefer soft enamel pin sets because the dyed are majorly found on the soft enamel pin sets.

2.10 What are some of the Identifiable Features on the Enamel Pin Set?

Figure 8. Features of Enamel Pin Set

The popularly known characteristics that are easy to spot include:

  • The 4 pins
  • The size of the enamel pin set is almost the same
  • There are designed graphics on the enamel pin sets
  • The little quantities which are available.

2.11 Why Should You Ensure That the Designs of Enamel Pin Set Works at Actual Size?

When selecting an enamel pin set, you should check on the size of the pin. It should have the correct size to fit in regarding what the customer prefers and should have correct measurements. 

It is not to have a size that does not make sense, either too large or too small however it needs to be very strong. 

2.12 Is There a Format for The Decoration of the Enamel Pin Set?

There isn’t a specified format to decorate Enamel Pin Set since they have different designs and use different shapes and colors. They are all decorated in different styles.

2.13 Why is it Important to Use Solid Colors for Metals in Designing Enamel Pin Set?

Some of the contrasting colors may get a chance to look better together and the faded colors are not found easily. 

It is therefore important to choose solid colors for your designs for better compatibility and good outcome.

2.14 Is it Important to Consider the Simplicity of Enamel Pin Set Before Purchase?

A complicated design takes more time to produce your pins and the result may not look as clear as you desire. Kindly ensure your design is very simple to create beautiful pins for you that are exactly like your design.

When we receive an exaggerated design we may have to simplify it for you, an option that may not please you. Make your designs original and the simplicity should be at its best. 

When your designs are simple it’s much easier and your enamel pin set can be made faster according to your taste.

2.15 How Are Enamel Pin Set Made?

Enamel pin set can be produced by die-struck iron metal. The metal has to be heated thereafter at some high temperatures. Polishing is then done afterward to enable them to be strong and have good quality.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 9. How to order Enamel Pin Set

3.1 Is It Possible to See the Enamel Pin Set Before I Order?

Yes, it’s crucial to observe Enamel Pin Set to guarantee that the order placed is correct. The attributes are designed to ensure that the orders are correct and can accomplish the duties they’re supposed to.

3.2 What Are Some Limitations When Making an Order of Enamel Pin Set?

Orders based on Enamel Pin Set may have the following drawbacks:

  • The orders of Enamel Pin Set may be unsuitable.
  • There are chances the number of orders of Enamel Pin Set may be incorrect.
  • There’s a chance that the orders of enamel Pin Sets have qualities that aren’t in order.

3.3 How Can I Make Orders Enamel Pin Set?

This process begins when you contact our company website or just send us an email. Immediately your information is received, we begin going through your order.

This process takes a short time.

It will be very okay if you also come to our shops physically. You can pay according to our payment terms, which are elaborated on our website to guide our customers.

We allow methods of payments such as Cash, PayPal, visa cards, and master cards.

3.4 Why Should I Order an Enamel Pin Set with You?

We would appreciate it if you ordered an item with us because of the following reasons:

  • We are legit and give good quality Enamel Pin sets to our customers.
  • For our esteemed clients, we have always been troubleshooting their problems.
  • Our pricing is affordable and reasonable since they are not exorbitant.
  • We assist our consumers in making informed decisions that benefit them.

3.5 What Requirements Must I Meet in Case I Want to Order an Enamel Pin Set?

Figure 10. Requirements for ordering Enamel Pin Set

To satisfy the requirements before placing an order, you need to ensure that the very important concepts are considered;

  • The laws and regulations of the Enamel Pin Set supplier firm
  • You should consider the period during which orders for Enamel Pin Set are placed.
  • Check for the costs associated with placing an order for Enamel Pin Set.
  • Consider the maximum number of orders that can be placed in a single day.
  • Ensure you have the right delivery location.

3.6 What Are the Payment Methods That I Can Use for Payment of Enamel Pin Set?

Payments for Enamel Pin Set can be made using a variety of methods, including:

  • You can make your payments in cash
  • You can use Credit cards and Debit Cards 
  • You can also use Visa cards 
  • Master Card is also allowed
  • You can also use money orders to pay. 

3.7 Which Method of Payment Is the Most Convenient Mode of Payment for Enamel Pin Set?

The most convenient method is to visit one of our stores, place your order, and pay on the spot through the stated methods of payment methods stated.

It is also cheaper for international orders because you may place them directly on our website. To be clear, we recommend online purchase and payment because it is convenient and quick.

3.8 Can I Pay for My Orders of Enamel Pin Set on Delivery?

We allow payments of Enamel Pin Set on delivery.

Meanwhile, before any shipment or delivery operations, we recommend paying for Enamel Pin Set to be made during the ordering process.

3.9 Do You Offer Warrants for Orders of Enamel Pin Set That Are Spoilt for A Specific Duration?

Yes, it is largely determined by the seller’s rules. The majority of vendors have warrants whose validity is set for a specific duration of time.

3.10 Is There a Specific Time for Making Orders for Enamel Pin Set?

No, the time for making orders of enamel pin sets is not limited to a specific time.

Our website is always available, and you can place your order at any time as long as you follow our policies. However, if orders are placed late, the shipment of the Enamel Pin Set can take some time before delivery.

3.11 Are There Some Documents That You May Need When I’m Placing an Order of Enamel Pin Set?

You do not need any documentation for our online orders, and you do not need any evidence for orders placed in our stores.

The only information we require from you is the customers’ individual information, such as your date of birth and real names. When giving out your information, it’s also crucial to include your delivery address.

3.12 How Do I Know That My Order for an Enamel Pin Set Is Successful?

Our customers will receive an email confirmation of the Enamel Pin Set once you have completed your order and payments. You will know that our order was not successful if you do not receive an email confirmation or text message.

3.13 What Means Can I Use to Track My Order of Enamel Pin Set?

You can use the tracking link message that is sent immediately after the orders have been paid and are awaiting shipping. This aids in knowing the location of the Enamel Pin Set.

We also recommend that you sign up for our website notifications so that you can keep track of your order.

We offer contact information on our website that you may use to send us messages, make phone calls, or send emails.

3.14 Is There Limitation to The Number of Enamel Pin Set I Can Order?

Figure 12. Minimum Order Quantity for Enamel Pin Set

There is no limit to how many Enamel Pin Set you may get from us. We encourage the purchase of more Enamel Pin Sets by our customers.

3.15 What Are the Terms and Conditions Regarding Ordering and Payment of Enamel Pin Set?

The terms and conditions state that:

  • Before placing an order, a customer must provide all necessary information.
  • Before any deliveries are performed, a client must pay the needed amount.
  • Our team is not supposed to be blamed if the Enamel Pin Set in the customer’s possession is damaged or stolen.
  • We shall not be held liable in the event of a third-party scam.

3.16 What Is the Procedure of Writing a Refund Request If I Don’t Like an Order?

In such cases, a refund letter should precisely state the product’s specifics, including the price, delivery location, and relevant date. The required contact information should also be included in the refund letter.

A refund letter may also provide options such as product substitution.

3.17 Can I Pay for My Orders of Enamel Pin Set in Installments?

Yes, you can pay for your Enamel Pin Set in installments if you can’t afford to pay for it all at once.

We don’t encourage installment payments, even if we allow them. Here’s why:

  • Other customers may be unable to finish payments within the specified time frame.
  • Considering that death situation may occur if the client has not completed payments Enamel Pin Set 
  • And some customers may choose to lie.

3.18 During The Order and Payment Process, Do You Offer Customer Care Service?

We do have a customer service department. Our customer service contact information is available on our website and we also do emails after you place orders with us.

3.19 How Much Do Custom Enamel Pin Sets Cost?

Our able team is here to advise on the cost of a custom enamel pin set. The price largely depends on several factors although we advise you to purchase more of them.

To increase the order of value of the enamel pin set, make sure you choose multiple designs in your batch. Before making orders in batch, ensure you order a sample so that you are sure other orders you will make are quality and desirable.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 13. Shipping and DElivery of Enamel Pin Set

4.1 What Are the Means That I Can Use for Shipments of Enamel Pin Set?

We generally send to every section of different countries using several means. Depending on the location of our customers, we consider using a variety of methods to make the finest deliveries possible.

Available different methods that we use for delivery of Enamel Pin Set include the following: 

  • It can be done through Parcel shipping
  • Another method that can be used is Full track for local shipments
  • There is also use International shipping
  • Using Transportation by water transportation methods such as sea or boat.

4.2 Are You Offering Tracking of Shipment Services for Enamel Pin Set?

Yes, we have an adorable able customer service team that is knowledgeable in their duties.

Our customers are also assisted to track the status of their package during the shipment process to provide better services. Tracking your shipment of Enamel Pin Set enables our customers to inquire.

4.3 Are Shipment Costs Included During the Process of Ordering Enamel Pin Set?

This cost of payment for an order’s delivery services can also be called the shipment fee. Our company has provided instructions on how to pay for shipping on our website.

Shipping costs vary from one buyer to the next and this can be done when different means are used. These factors can include the distance traveled, the shipping method employed, and the quantity of the Enamel Pin Set.

4.4 What Do You Use to Package Enamel Pin Set for Shipment?

Figure 14. Packaging of Enamel Pin Set

Enamel Pin Set can be packaged in materials such as

  • A Packaging Tissue
  • Using of Packing Peanuts
  • By Bubble Wrap
  • Through Styrofoam Inserts
  • You can also use Cardboard inserts

4.5 Is it Possible for Enamel Pin Set to be shipped and delivered to other countries?

Yes, we have agents all across the country who assist us in getting the Enamel Pin Set to our consumers.

We deliver to our customers from anywhere in the world, while delivery costs are slightly more than deliveries within other states. This is stated explicitly on our website.

4.6 When My Order of Enamel Pin Set Has Taken Time What Am I Supposed to Do?

When a complaint arises, you can contact our customer service department via the contact information on our website.

You can also reach us by sending an email to us and indicate the order number or attach it to the email.

4.7 Are There Legal Documents That I Need to Have to Pick My Order Enamel Pin Set?

Yes, we recommend that you utilize some of the necessary documents to pick orders, which include Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Customer Declaration for Import, Arrival Notice, and Identification Card

4.8 Suppose I’m Not in a Position to Pick My Order of Enamel Pin Set, Can I Send Someone Else to Pick Them for me?

Yes, as long as whoever you assign the task to pick the orders has legal documents, you are good to go.

It is very okay to send anyone to pick up the orders of Enamel Pin Set with the help of legal documents. This can happen if the person picking up the package is over the legal age limit.

4.9 How Long Should I Wait to Get My Deliveries of Enamel Pin Set?

Figure 15. Delivery Period for Enamel Pin Set

Apart from time-definite deliveries, Enamel Pin Set shipments can be completed in as little as 24 hours if necessary. Some shipments of enamel pin sets may require a specific amount of time, such as four, five, three, or two hours.

Others may take a day, but this varies based on the destination the enamel pin set is shipped. 

4.10 Which Criteria Are You Using When Charging Shipment Fee for Enamel Pin Set?

In most situations, the criteria used is the dimensional weight used to determine shipping charges. Shipping zones are also used by shipping carriers to calculate charges based on the origin of your cargo.

4.11 In Case of Any Damages of Enamel Pin Set Cool During Shipment, Do You Offer Replacement?

Yes, we must replace any defective Enamel Pin Set in our possession for our customers. We replace the Enamel Pin Set that has become spoiled, damaged, or faulty while in our care. 

We do not offer a replacement only when the damages caused are self, as stated in our replacement policy on the website.

4.12 How Should I Know If the Deliveries of Enamel Pin Set Have Arrived?

It’s pretty easy to see when your Enamel Pin Set order has arrived.

  • When you place an order through our online retail shop, you can turn on notifications to keep you up to date.
  • You may also sign up for our notifications to keep track of the Enamel Pin Set order.
  • You can also send us an email or call us at the numbers shown on our website.

4.13 Which Is the Most Convenient Shipping Method for Enamel Pin Set?

All of our shipping methods are easy for our clients. We can also employ the customer’s preferred method of shipment as long as the underlying expenses are agreed upon.

4.14 In Which Way Can Government Policies Affect the Shipping and Delivery of Enamel Pin Set?

Foison Metal adheres to all government policies and ensures that our products comply with all applicable laws. If there is any infringement, we will allow you to cancel the order and receive a refund.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 16. Enamel Pin Set Return and Replacement

5.1 Will You Give a Refund If the Enamel Pin Set Is Returned?

A refund will be given if;

  • If the Enamel Pin Set is damaged. 
  • If the enamel pin set is as ordered.

5.2 Are the guidelines for replacement and returns of Enamel Pin Set?

Yes, in case of a replacement, you can put the Enamel Pin Set in the shipment box it came in. You can then place your replacement order via our website using the order number you used to purchase the Enamel Pin Set. 

You can package the product on the delivery box and place the claim to us in case of a return order.

Return and replacement orders for local customers can come directly to our stores. The international orders can go to the point of delivery and return the Enamel Pin Set for replacement or return.

5.3 What Is Your Replacement Policy of Enamel Pin Set?

The replacement of the enamel pin set can only take place under the following circumstances:

  • When the Enamel Pin Set is confirmed to have been lost during transit
  • When there is a lack of stock in the specific or similar product in an appropriate condition as requested.

5.4 How Long Does Your Replacement Process of Enamel Pin Set Take?

When you apply for a replacement on our website it takes only a few minutes for the replacement process to be done.

From the time of successfully placing the order to you receiving your item, it will take a few working days.

5.5 In case of replacement do you get the exact Enamel Pin Set that you ordered?

Figure 17. Extra Enamel Pin Set

Yes, you get the same Enamel Pin Set you had ordered before.

In case of changes in your order, you can include the changes you want while applying for the return to our website.

Should there be changes you shall wait a little longer for the order to be processed and the duration will be communicated

5.6 What Happens If I Am Not Happy with The Quality of Item I Have Received?

Since we are a company that values our customers, we ensure that our quality is as the client desires.

In case the client is not happy, you can contact our customer care for a return or replacement.

5.7 What is the Process of Initiating the Return and Replacement Process of the Enamel Pin Set?

The steps are listed in the following order:

  • Go to our website and select the return option.
  • Ensure you identify the underlying reasons for the return or replacement and confirm.
  • Then take the Enamel Pin Set to our store or registered distributor.

5.8 What Happens If My Return Item of Enamel Pin Set Does Not Reach Your Warehouses?

If your return doesn’t reach our warehouse yet you successfully applied for return, we incur the cost of the lost return.

5.9 How Do I Return a Defective Enamel Pin Set?

Figure 18. Returning Defective Enamel Pin Set

You are supposed to report within the time limit agreed in the terms and conditions section, from the date of delivery. This is within 21 working days from the delivery.

  • You can package your return items in one box and make sure the items are secure to avoid further damages.
  • Then go to our website and apply for the return or replacement of the goods. 
  • Eventually, take the package to our store or warehouse for return or replacement.

5.10 What Challenges Are Faced During the Replacement and Returns Process of Enamel Pin Set?

The main challenge we face for replacement and return is most of our clients tend to feel that it takes longer.

For that reason, we have remedied it by ensuring that our stores and warehouses have stock for replacement

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 19. Cancellation and Refund of Enamel Pin Set

6.1 Are There Any Process to Be Followed While Applying for A Cancellation or Refund?

  • Canceling an order is very simple when you are buying your Enamel Pin Set from our online shop. To cancel your transaction:

  • Log into our website and log onto your account that you made the order for the Enamel Pin Set.

  •  Go to the menu and press the ‘cancel request’

After you request cancellation, you will receive an email to confirm your canceling of the order.

6.2 What Can Make You Cancel and Refund and Order an Enamel Pin Set?

The following are the reasons why an order may be canceled:


  • Our customers are allowed to cancel orders of enamel pin set at their interest provided the order is not in transit.

  • If the merchandise will be delivered to a different location.

  • You can also cancel your order if the order of Enamel Pin Set was made wrongly.

  • You can also cancel your order if the expected delivery date has changed and the new date isn’t good for you.

  • We can cancel the order if you take too long to provide details or if your payment methods have a problem then we can cancel the order and send you an email confirming the same.

6.3 How Do You Ensure That Your Clients Have Knowledge About the Cancellation Option?

When you access our website, you will see the terms and conditions button. Which you are expected to read before doing any transaction of ordering our products.

The able team we have has always performed their tasks appropriately for the available placed orders and always ensures they fix the problems likely to occur.

6.4 Can You Change Your Order Before It's Dispatched?

If you want to change or cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible. Once you cancel after dispatch you shall incur an administration fee.         

6.5 Can You Incur Other Charges When You Claim for Refund?

No, our customers have the right to a refund for the Enamel Pin Set.

Refunds normally vary depending on the agreement between us and the customer.  You don’t incur charges for a refund but other fees such as shipping fees as stated in our policy. 

6.6 How can I cancel an Order for an Enamel Pin Set?

Figure 20. Cancelling Enamel Pin Set

When purchasing Enamel Pin Set online, it is quite simple to cancel a purchase. You can access our online store by logging into our website. 

To cancel;

  • Log in to our website and log into your account from where you placed your order of Enamel Pin Set to cancel your transaction.
  • Navigate to the menu and select the “cancel” option. 

6.7 How Long Does It Take for The Process of Cancellation and Refund to Go Through?

Our teamwork smartly makes sure that the cancellation requests go through successfully but this never happens in all situations.

To ensure the cancellation process goes through, we ask for your patience because it’s not fast enough due to some processes. This is because we need time to contact our distribution partners to halt any processing and shipment.

When you get your returns and they have been carefully checked, we give notifications through an email or by sending a message. You will also be informed of whether the return has been approved or not approved. 

When your cancellation process has been approved then immediately the refund process is processed. When all this process is done then you will be successfully refunded your money. 

Also, our able team always ensures that our client’s order is not shipped or delivered. This will take between two-five working days. 

6.8 What Are the Charges for Cancellation of Orders of Enamel Pin Set?

We have favorable rates for our services that cater to the cost of processing. The cancellations should have final proof from us through writing. 

Your request for an enamel Pin Set cannot be canceled before you get a message consenting to the request from our team.

To facilitate the cancellation process, please email, call or contact us through our website.

6.9 If the Order of Enamel Pin Set Has Already Been Shipped, Can You Cancel the Delivery?

No, it is not possible to cancel the delivery if the enamel pin set has been delivered. Once you place your orders of Enamel Pin Set, you need to consider following the correct process of return.

6.10 Is There a Refund Policy for Enamel Pin Set?

To guide our customers on the right procedures and other legal requirements, we have a policy.

Some of these requirements involve:

  • You should have a refund letter which should precisely indicate the product’s information including the price, delivery location, and relevant date. 
  • The required contact information should also be included in the policy.
  • It should also indicate the product substitution.

6.11 What Documentation Need to Be Completed When Processing a Refund of Enamel Pin Set?

For refund processing, you will have to attach some of the documents for easy identification. They include:

  • The original price paid
  • The reason for return
  • The number of Enamel Pin Set returned
  • The credit amount is planned at a certain time for retaliation. 

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