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Over the decades, our clients put their trust in the quality of the Enamel Pin Wholesale that we sell. We at Foison Metal give our customers the convenience of ordering and transacting with us! If you want to meet your deadlines and expectations, you will never go wrong with your business when you come and contact us!   

The Enamel Pin Wholesale FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Figure 1. Enamel Pin Wholesale

1.1 What Is an Enamel Pin Wholesale?

An enamel pin is a small piece of metal pin that one wears on a piece of cloth. Therefore, enamel pin wholesale is these metal pins packaged in bulk to be sold wholesale.

Enamel pin wholesale comes in different designs, shapes sizes, styles, and colors. This allows the client to choose depending on their taste and preference.

You can display these enamel pins wholesale by attaching them to a piece of cloth, jackets, or even tote bags.

1.2 What Is the Use of Enamel Pin Wholesale?

Enamel pin wholesale may appear to be small but it serves several purposes. Below are the common uses of enamel pin wholesale;

  • They depict someone’s culture or organization
  • Enamel pin wholesale can be worn to symbolize achievements especially among employees in an organization.
  • You can also wear an enamel pin wholesale on your fabric for decoration purposes.
  • Enamel pin wholesale can also be presented as presents/gifts especially if you are collecting them for just a hobby. 

1.3 How Does an Enamel Pin Wholesale Work?

There is no procedural way on how enamel pin wholesale works since there are not many operations involved. Enamel pin wholesale does have any moving parts just attaching it to your fabric and you are good to go.

Remember it’s the same for all the fabrics that you can use to display it. Just attach the enamel pin wholesale and make sure it’s intact.

1.4 Which Varieties of Enamel Pin Wholesale Do You Offer?

Figure 2. Varieties of Enamel Pin Wholesale

Enamel pin wholesale is not only sizable to fit on the fabric you want to attach them to but also brings out a good feel and look.

We have different enamel pin wholesale that our clients can choose from depending on their preferences. They include;

  • Hard enamel pin wholesale
  • Soft enamel pin wholesale
  • Die streak enamel pin wholesale
  • 3D mold enamel pin wholesale
  • Printed enamel pin wholesale

1.5 What Is the Estimated Lifespan of Enamel Pin Wholesale?

With proper maintenance such as knowing where to place your enamel pin wholesale, the enamel pin wholesale should last for a long time.

Durability also depends on the type of metal that the enamel pin wholesale is made from. If the enamel pin wholesale is made from copper metal it has high chances of rusting and the paint will tarnish off. It’s therefore important to place it under favorable conditions for durability.

1.6 How Is Enamel Pin Wholesale Worn?

Wearing enamel pin wholesale is not much work, just choose the fabric you are wearing and attach the enamel pin wholesale. How many enamel pin wholesale you can wear depends on the occasion you are attending at that moment. You can choose to wear one or multiple enamel pins wholesale.

1.7 What Is the Difference Between Soft and Hard Enamel Pin Wholesale?

Figure 3. Difference between Soft and Hard Enamel Pin Wholesale

Ideally, the distinctive feature between soft and hard enamel pin wholesale is the application of enamel/paint. They both use the same quantity of paint but;

The enamel paint on hard enamel pin wholesale has to undergo a hardening process and polishings done afterward to give a smooth feel and look. For soft enamel pin wholesale, the paint is dried using air.

Hard enamel pin wholesale is much smoother as a result of surface polishing. For soft enamel pin wholesale, the surface is not smooth since the air drying method does not allow even distribution of the paint resulting in raised surfaces.

We can say that a soft enamel pin wholesale is 3-dimensional while hard enamel pin wholesale is just smooth and flat.

Due to the heating of the paint on the hard enamel pin wholesale the resulting colors are dull unlike in soft enamel pin wholesale.

1.8 Will The Enamel Pin Wholesale Tarnish Over Time?

This effect depends mostly on the type of material and under which condition you keep the enamel pin wholesale. For instance, you are aware Iron is prone to rust which will result in tarnish of the enamel and details on the enamel pin wholesale. This happens when you store the enamel pin wholesale in a moist area.

So yes, the enamel pin wholesale is prone to tarnishing if there is no proper maintenance.

1.9 Where Can I Buy Enamel Pin Wholesale?

You can buy the enamel pin wholesale directly from us using our online ordering platform. Contact us to make the order.

1.10 Are the Enamel Pin Wholesale Heavy?

Figure 4. Weight of Enamel Pin Wholesale

How heavy an enamel pin is wholesale depends on the material used to design it and the size you want. However, the enamel pin wholesale has a manageable weight which is why they are worn on clothes, jackets, T-shirts, or even tote bags.

1.11 Is There a Restriction on Who Can Wear Enamel Pin Wholesale?

Absolutely no. There is no restriction on who and who cannot wear the enamel pin wholesale. From kids, adults, men, and women anyone can wear enamel pin wholesale.

1.12 Are There Enamel Pin Wholesale with Magnets?

If you are looking to protect your fabric from making holes in it, enamel pin wholesale with magnets is the best way to go. However, you should know they come at a higher price compared to enamel pin wholesale with just a clutch.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 5. Design and Customization of Enamel Pin Wholesale

2.1 How Is the Enamel Pin Wholesale Designed?

Designing enamel pin wholesale involves a series of steps. These steps include;

  • Making the mold

This involves heating the metals under high temperatures to obtain the molds. This mold is heated and cooled at intervals until we obtain a hardened mold.

  • Cutting out and stamping the pin

The mold we obtain is placed on a machine that cuts and stamps the mold into the required design. Metals such as iron are most preferred since it is softer for stamping.

  • Electroplating the metal

This involves the addition of the outer layers of metals that can either be silver or gold. Electroplating the enamel pin wholesale occurs at different levels during production depending on which type of enamel pin wholesale a client wants.

  • Painting the enamel pin wholesale 

This involves filling up the enamel pin wholesale with paint/enamel to achieve the client’s requirements. We have a wide variety of colors to enable our clients to best choose what they prefer.

2.2 What Should I Look Out For While Choosing Enamel Pin Wholesale?

You do not want to choose an enamel pin wholesale for the sake of choosing one. You must make up your mind on what type, style, color, and size you want to meet your specifications.

Here are some tips to guide you on what to look for while choosing enamel pin wholesale;

  • Quality of the enamel

Enamel is the paint that is filled up on the enamel pin wholesale. You should always check the paint is clean or are there any remaining specks on the enamel pin wholesale. Ensure that all the colors you choose are in the right place and well filled.

  • Type of material, size, and also thickness of the enamel pin wholesale.

The type of material you choose for your enamel pin wholesale and the thickness of that material determine its quality.

Both hard and soft enamel comes with different thicknesses depending on which size you prefer.

  • Legibility of the enamel pin wholesale

Does my sample design measure the final design of the enamel pin wholesale? All the descriptions of the enamel should be in line with the information you provide to us with no details omitted.

  • Grip and post of enamel pin wholesale.

Does the enamel pin wholesale hold up when you push it back and forth?

  • How the backing has been placed.

It’s important to check how the backing of the enamel pin wholesale has been placed. The backing allows the enamel pin wholesale to hang correctly on the fabric you want. The backing can either be at the center or a little off from the center point of the enamel pin wholesale.

  • Kind of electroplating used on the enamel pin wholesale.

You should check if there are left marks on the enamel pin wholesale depending on the type of electroplating technique you choose.

2.3 Do You Customize Enamel Pin Wholesale?

Figure 6. Customizing Enamel Pin Wholesale

Yes. We do customize enamel pin wholesale depending on the client’s preference and taste. Be sure to provide all the details of how the enamel pin wholesale should look like, size, and any other additional information you may need.

2.4 What Are the Best Practices Observed While Designing Enamel Pin Wholesale?

The following are some of the best practices observed while designing enamel pin wholesale. They include;

  • Size

Enamel pin wholesale comes in different sizes. They can either be small or large. Additionally, the size you choose determines how much information can be included on the enamel pin wholesale. Also, smaller pins are relatively cheaper, saving on your estimated budget.

  • Finishing

We have different finishing options giving our clients a wide variation to choose from. These finishes range from matte gold, polished gold, or black dye. Check for more information before selecting any of these finishes. You can inquire from our team for more information.

  • Color

It’s recommended that the choice of colors to be used on enamel pin wholesale be at least three. The use of three colors saves on cost as compared to using more than three colors.

  • Type of enamel pin wholesale

The important thing to be aware of is how we design and achieve different appearances on soft enamel pin wholesale. More so, on hard enamel pin wholesale.

Hard enamel pin wholesale has a high turnaround time which is important to achieve the enamel filling process.

With soft enamel pin wholesale, we design them in a way that you can be able to tell the difference between the enamel and raised metal. From a touch of the surface, you can tell the difference.

  • Special finishing

We can enhance the look of the enamel pin wholesale by adding cut-out details or even glitters. This makes the enamel pin wholesale stand out even at night.

2.5 What Are the Available Sizes of Enamel Pin Wholesale?

The size of enamel pin wholesale matters a lot. You must choose the right size of enamel pin wholesale. Choosing extra-large sizes means it’s much heavier. This weight affects how your fabric will look, the weight pulls down the attire and the enamel pin wholesale.

Enamel pin wholesale comes in the following sizes;

  • Small: range from 0.5’’ to 0.75 inches.
  • Medium: ranges from 1’’ to 1.5’’.
  • large: they are 1.75 in diameter.                

2.6 Do You Provide Pin Back Options as Accessories for Enamel Pin Wholesale?

Yes, all our enamel pin wholesale come in hardy with all the required accessories that enhance the attachment. Enamel pin wholesale cannot work on their own; they will keep on falling off.

Pinback option is one of the options we have, we also have a deluxe clutch.

If you don’t intend to take the enamel pin wholesale you should use the pin back option. On the other hand, if you constantly remove the enamel pin wholesale you can choose the deluxe clutch. It’s the best option.

2.7 Can I Get Free Samples of Enamel Pin Wholesale?

Figure 7. Free Samples for Enamel Pin Wholesale

We have provided samples on the different types of enamel pin wholesale, sizes, shapes, and recommended colors. You can sample out the designs according to your preference and budget.

These samples are free of charge for all our clients.

2.8 What Type of Paint Do You Use on Enamel Pin Wholesale?

We use acrylic paint. It’s the most recommended type of paint for filling enamel pin wholesale. This acrylic paint comes in a wide variety of colors which enables the clients to choose what best suits them.

2.9 Can I Provide My Samples of Enamel Pin Wholesale?

We welcome different ideas from our clients and also the challenge they pose to us to try non-existing designs of enamel pin wholesale. Make sure you upload the samples in the right file formats for easy accessibility and clarity.

We have provided an outline of steps on how to upload any sample designs of enamel pin wholesale. You can contact us well for assistance.

2.10 In What Shape to Enamel Pin Come With?

There is no restriction on the shape as long as we have the right equipment, we can achieve these shapes. Let us know the shape you prefer for enamel pin wholesale in advance for preparations.

Check out our samples for the different shapes that we have designed in the past.

2.11 What Are Enamel Pin Wholesale Made Of?

Figure 8. Materials Used in making Enamel Pin Wholesale

All enamel pin wholesale is made using metal materials. These metals include;

  • Copper
  • iron
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel

2.13 How Many Details Can You Add to The Enamel Pin Wholesale?

The number of details or information we can add depends on the size of the enamel pin wholesale. The larger the enamel pin wholesale the more information can be included on the enamel pin wholesale.

For smaller enamel pin wholesale too, such information will not be visible making it unreadable. Let the details you desire to include on enamel pin wholesale be precise and onto the point.

2.14 Can I Use the Texture Options Rather Than Paint on My Enamel Pin Wholesale?

Enamel pin wholesale with no enamel offers a whole lot of ideas on how you can bring out a unique design idea. This involves the use of texture overpaints. We have different textures that you can choose from. They include;

  • Sandblasting.
  • Antique electroplating.
  • Engraving textures.

2.15 What Is the Difference Between Antique and Dyed Metal Electroplating on Enamel Pin Wholesale?

Antique electroplating involves dissolving the metal plates that make the enamel pin wholesale into a chemical solution. This solution darkens the metal resulting in three types of finishes which include classic gold, nickel, and bronze.

For dyed metal electroplating, it involves the use of dyes to coat the metal. It’s possible to achieve black, white, blue, and green colors on the metals.

2.16 What File Formats Should I Use While Uploading My Enamel Pin Wholesale Samples?

While uploading the samples of enamel pin wholesale we recommend all our clients to use the following file formats. You can use either of these formats to allow our team to easily access the samples;

  • Graphical interchange format files
  • Joint photographic expert groups.
  • Bitmap image format
  • Portable network graphics files

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 9. Order and Payment

3.1 What Is the Minimum Quantity of Enamel Pin Wholesale Can I Order?

In most cases, we receive orders from clients who run the enamel pin wholesale shops or even artists. These orders are normally in bulk.

The cost of the enamel pin wholesale determines the quantity that a client will manage to order. The minimum quantity you can order from us is 50 pieces of enamel pin wholesale. This implies if a client orders anything above this set quantity, they receive the enamel pin wholesale at a lower cost.

On the other hand, if a client orders 30 pieces they will pay the same cost as that of 50 pieces of enamel pin wholesale.

For more information check out on minimum order quantity criteria on our web page.

3.2 How Much Does Enamel Pin Wholesale Cost?

Our price range for enamel pin wholesale is affordable and pocket-friendly. However, the cost of enamel pin wholesale is not constant for all enamel pin wholesale but rather it differs with the following factors. These factors include;

  • Size of the enamel pin wholesale

The size of the enamel pin wholesale determines how much more or less a client will have to pay for them. The larger the size of the enamel pin wholesale the higher the cost and vice versa.

If a client is a bigger size than the standard sizes we have it will cost even more due to the amount of labor required and equipment.

  • The quantity of enamel pin wholesale a client wants

Ordering in bulk reduces the cost as compared to ordering a few pieces of enamel pin wholesale.

  • The material used in the production of enamel pin wholesale

The cost of enamel differs depending on which material you want for your enamel pin wholesale. As said before, these materials are metals and each metal comes at a different price.

Some are inexpensive such as Iron while copper is brass is a bit expensive. You can choose any of these materials depending on your presence and the set budget.

  • The thickness of the enamel pin wholesale

Enamel pin wholesale has a set standard thickness depending on the size of the enamel pin wholesale. Anything higher than this will incur an extra cost.

  • Type of enamel pin wholesale a client wants

The different types of enamel pin wholesale come at different costs. For instance, the hard enamel pin wholesale is more expensive while the soft enamel pin wholesale is much cheaper.

This allows all our clients to have a choice on which type of enamel pin wholesale they want and the cost.

  • Attachment and add-ons preferences

We have different attachments and add-ons that ease how you attach the enamel pin wholesale to your preferred attire. Danglers, spinners, and magnets attachments come at a higher cost compared to the regular ones that are available for free.

3.3 How Do I Place an Order for Enamel Pin Wholesale?

Figure 10. Ordering Enamel Pin Wholesale

We have a very simple and easy online interface where all our clients can place an order for enamel pin wholesale. You can also contact us via the toll number we have provided to place your enamel pin wholesale order.

You can also write to us via the provided email address, our team will receive the order.

3.4 How Long Does It Take to Process Enamel Pin Wholesale Orders?

We are efficient when it comes to providing services to our clients. Order verification and approval are among the main activities that our team carries out before the order is approved for processing.

This normally takes 2 to 4 days and an order confirmation will be sent to you. For rush orders, we try to speed up, we always go the extra mile to speed up the process to meet client’s expectations.

3.5 What Mode of Payment Do You Accept?

To ease the payment process and for the sake of our client’s data protection, we have an online payment method. These methods are not only safe but they allow seamless transactions and client’s information is protected from theft.

Our payment methods for the enamel pin wholesale are;

  • T&T
  • Master Card
  • PayPal

3.6 How Safe Is My Credit Card on Your Website?

When it comes to client data protection, we do not compromise at all. We value our clients and so is the information they provide and the transactions they make through our website. 

Our website is safe for all our clients to use credit cards while making transactions for enamel pin wholesale. Our online payment platform complies with the following protocols that ensure the security of data, especially on credit cards.

These protocols include;

  • Secure Electronic Transaction: This protocol protects credit cards over a wide range of networks especially while using the internet.
  • Secure Socket Layer: this protocol protects against breaching online security while making online transactions.
  • Encryption of data: This mode allows the data to be concealed using a batch of codes that can hardly be breached. This ensures the safe transmission of data from the credit card to our system.
  • Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol: it integrates information seamlessly to enhance more secure online transactions while the client is using a credit card to make the transactions.

3.7 How Do I Know If My Order Has Been Successfully Submitted?

Figure 11. Discounts for Enamel Pin Wholesale

We do send confirmation emails to all our clients to let them know that the enamel pin wholesale has been received and approved for processing.

This normally takes 3 days, therefore it’s important to always check for this notification. If by any chance the notification does not arrive within this stipulated time, inquire from us.

3.8 Do You Charge Differently for Customized Enamel Pin Wholesale?

Customization of enamel pin wholesale comes with additional elements such as shape, size, and color. This means more materials, more time, and more labor which means more money will be spent to come with what our client needs.

This therefore will result in an increase in cost from the normal quoted price of normal designs of enamel pin wholesale. However, this should worry or deter you from acquiring customized enamel pin wholesale. The price may be high but not as high that a client cannot afford.

You can inquire from our customer care about the price ranges depending on the description you provide.

3.9 Do You Have Any Terms of Payment for Enamel Pin Wholesale?

Yes, once a client’s order has been successfully confirmed, all payments for enamel pin wholesale should be made within 30 days. However, clients must make a down payment before shipping commences if their current address location is not within our locality.

Contact us to get this price range.

3.10 Can I Track the Status of My Enamel Pin Wholesale order?

Our clients can freely track the status of the enamel pin wholesale order using the tracking number we provide. Once the tracking number is activated you can constantly check on the progress of your order from as far as the production process begins.

We issue tracking numbers and send them to our clients via the mail address they provide. Tracking the status of your order not only reduces the risk of worrying if you will receive the enamel pin wholesale but also allows you to ask questions in case of any delays.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 12. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How Do You Ship Enamel Pin Wholesale?

Shipping of enamel pin wholesale mostly depends on the client’s location. We both have local and international clients buy the enamel pin wholesale for us. And for this case, we have to reach every client regardless of the address location.

We can ship enamel pin wholesale via;

  • Air
  • Water
  • Road

4.2 How Do Package Enamel Pin Wholesale for Safe Shipping?

Mostly the quantity and the sizes of the enamel pin wholesale determines what packaging option we will use. Furthermore, while choosing which packaging option to use, we consider the safety of the enamel pin wholesale.

The safety of enamel pin wholesale matters a lot, we do not want clients to receive delivery of damaged enamel pin wholesale.

Normally, we use bubble mailers to package the enamel pin wholesale for shipping. If the order is in bulk, we place these enamel pin wholesale in a bubble mailer and then place them in a large box.

4.3 Which Countries Do You Ship To?

We ship to all our clients regardless of the destination address. Whether the client resides locally or internationally, our team will always make sure that we deliver the enamel pin wholesale.

We also have an outlet warehouse where you can buy from especially if you have a small enamel pin wholesale order. Check-in with us for details and the location of our enamel pin warehouses.

4.4 What Mode of Shipping Do You Use to Ship Enamel Pin Wholesale?

We use a different mode of shipping to ship enamel pin wholesale to the client’s address location. We can use air, water, or roads to ship enamel pin wholesale. More so, we always follow the client’s preferences and instructions to the latter.

Each of these shipping modes charges differently, therefore it’s always wise for clients to choose which method is safe, fast, and above all economical.

4.5 How Long Does the Shipping Process Take?

How long the shipping process takes depends mainly on the destination address. This can either be local or international and each one this destination takes different shipping and delivery time.

For local destination addresses, we take 24 to 48 hours to ship and deliver enamel pin wholesale to the client’s location.

International deliveries take a little bit longer since we have to make sure that we prepare the enamel pin wholesale shipment for shipping. This is mostly via air.

Additionally, we have to prepare all paperwork that is needed at the destination port for purposes of customs clearance. Shipping internationally normally takes 2 weeks.

We also provide rush hour deliveries for our clients.

Figure 13. Modes of shipping Enamel Pin Wholesale

4.6 Can I Change My Address During the Shipping Process?

We do not recommend the cancellation of the enamel pin wholesale order during shipping. If a client has to cancel the order it should be before commencing the production of enamel pin wholesale.

On occasion when the cancellation happens, we intercept the enamel pin wholesale and redirect it to the current address that client provides.

4.7 Are the Shipping Agents You Recommend Reliable?

No doubt about that. We work with the best shipping agents in the world to ensure safe and fast delivery of enamel pin wholesale shipment. For both local and international deliveries, we use DHL couriers.

They are the best in terms of reliability and efficiency. DHL offers express deliveries which are less costly. This courier will certainly deliver within the stipulated time and in case of any delays you can inquire from their offices 

4.8 What Are the Shipping Rates of Enamel Pin Wholesale?

Figure 14. Enamel Pin Wholesale Shipping Rates

The shipping rates of enamel pin wholesale are not uniform for all shipping and deliveries they differ with;

  • Address Location of the clients
  • The quantity and capacity of enamel pin wholesale
  • Mode of shipping

Note, even for local deliveries the charges are not the same, the cost depends on where the client’s active address location is.

4.9 Some of the Enamel Pin Wholesale Have Been Damaged, What Should I Do?

Rarely does this event occur? Since we have the best packaging options for packaging enamel pin wholesale.

In case of this event, contact our team immediately for further guidance.

4.10 What Should I Do If My Enamel Pin Wholesale Doesn’t Arrive Within the Stipulated Time?

As stated, earlier delivery time depends on the address location but this does not affect the stipulated time of delivery.

If you do not receive the enamel pin wholesale within the timeframe we agreed on, let us know immediately for a follow-up. You can also use the tracking number we issued to you to crack the current location and status of your enamel pin wholesale.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 15. Return and Replacement

5.1 What Is the Company’s Return Policy?

If the client wants to return any enamel pin wholesale it should be returned directly to our company. Also, if they are no longer interested in the enamel pin wholesale, they should return them to the company.

Only the following enamel pin wholesale are returnable;

  • Damaged enamel pin wholesale
  • Enamel pin wholesale that is unopened and contains the original packaging option.

Any returned enamel pin wholesale will be replaced or a refund will be made to the client.

5.2 Do You Refund for Returned Enamel Pin Wholesale?

Yes, we do refund for the enamel pin wholesale that has been returned by the client. This mostly occurs if the client doesn’t want a replacement of the damaged enamel pin wholesale.

5.3 Do You Charge for The Replacement of Enamel Pin Wholesale?

If the client receives damaged or defective enamel pin wholesale we do not charge for the replacement. Just make sure that you return the damaged enamel pin wholesale within the stipulated time.

5.4 How Long Should the Return Process Take?

Our set return period is within 14 days. Therefore, if a client needs to return the enamel pin whole it should only be within this timeframe for them to receive a replacement or refund.

Any return past these days is chaotic and does not guarantee a replacement of enamel pin wholesale or a refund.

5.5 What Should I Do If the Enamel Pin Wholesale Delivered Are Defective?

Figure 16. Returning Defective Enamel Pin Wholesale

We recommend that you take a picture of the damages and send it to us while requesting a return of the enamel pin wholesale.

5.6 Can I Return the Enamel Pin Wholesale If They Do Not Meet My Requirements?

It’s always been our aim to design and produce the enamel pin wholesale that meets our clients’ expectations. Somewhere in between, we miss out on a thing that cuts short on the actual design, if this happens return the enamel pin wholesale to us.

We will replace the enamel pin wholesale and make all the necessary adjustments. You can also choose to claim a refund if you do not want a replacement of the enamel pin wholesale.

5.7 Can I Use the Same Couriers to Return the Enamel Pin Wholesale?

We normally recommend our clients to use the same couriers to return enamel pin wholesale to us. We normally cater to the shipping charges so the client doesn’t have to feel burdened.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 17. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 How Much Do You Refund for Returned Enamel Pin Wholesale?

We refund all the payments made for enamel pin wholesale with an exception of the shipping charges. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

6.2 How Soon Should I Cancel the Enamel Pin Wholesale Order?

The stipulated time for order cancellation is within 2 days before any production process begins. In case the enamel pin wholesale has been produced but not yet shipped you can also cancel the order and request a refund.

6.3 Can I Cancel My Order When the Enamel Pin Wholesale Shipment Is on Transit?

Cancellation of enamel pin wholesale order should only take place before production or before the shipping process commences. This guarantees refunds for enamel pin wholesale.

If a client cancels the order shipping commences there are no refunds made for enamel pin wholesale.

6.4 How Long Does It Take to Process the Refunds?

Figure 18. Enamel Pin Wholesale Refund Period

We process all the refunds for enamel pin wholesale immediately after inspection. The processing time of the different modes of payment that clients use mostly affects how soon they get the refunds.

In most cases, the refunds will reflect in your bank account after 5 working days.

6.5 Do You Notify After Processing the Refunds?

After we are through with the inspection of the returned enamel pin wholesale, we do send a notification to our clients via emails. This allows the clients to know that we have processed and released the refunds. This usually occurs within 24 hours.

6.6 Will I Receive Refunds If I Cancel the Enamel Pin Wholesale Order?

Absolutely yes. You are entitled to refunds as long as you cancel the order as indicated on our canceling and refund policy.

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